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Hey! Does anybody know how to gain weight?

aswafatima’s Profile PhotoFatimaa shah
Healthy fats , protein n carbs ko include kro apni diet m ..oats, whole wheat, lentils
Eat whole egg , 6 ounce red meat include 3gm of lucine(sb sa imp amino acid ha muscle mass bananay k lye
Peanut butter ka use kro
Full fat milk ly skti ho dairy tolerant ho to full fat yogurt ly skti
Caloric enriched vegetables(potato,sweet potato,corn etc)khao aysay he fruits b caloric enrich khao ( banana, mango,grapes,pineapple)
Granula khao nutrient dense hota es sa b hota weight gain
Agr tou apka weight loss kisi anorexic illness, diabetes,infection,stress ki waja sa nai ha tou phr ye sari techniques bauth helpful hain healthy weight gain krnay k lye

What's a difficult life situation that you've encountered so far?

I was in add-math class (10th grade) and my phone went off like crazy. I answered the phone and Mamu said "driver bhej raha hn, Asif hospital mein hai. Doctors ne btaya ke minor heart attack tha. He is safe" . I froze for a moment. My principal came to recieve me from the class. She announced "everyone please pray for Abeel's father, he's suffered a minor heart attack". A good friend of mine, sitting behind me starting crying because her father passed away a few years ago cuz of heart attack . Pehlay osse chup karwaya and told her everything's going to be fine. While going to the hospital I was constantly telling myself if things go south and my father doesn't survive, I'll have to be strong and look after my family, if not like my father then atleast close to what he's done for us all these years. Honestly speaking, this was the most difficult situation of my life. I was preparing myself for all outcomes, specially for the worst ones. All this time, I didn't shed a single tear because I wasn't able to process anything or feel any emotions.
Alhamdulilah my father have survived 1 major and 2 minor heart attacks and is doing good. He quit smoking, time pe medicines letay hain and is very conscious about his diet.

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Poproszę ciekawostki na temat Adriany Limy 👑

bieberjustinfacts’s Profile PhotoJustin Bieber Poland
• | W 2012 roku dieta Adriany Lime znajdowała się w piątce najczęściej wyszukiwanych diet wśród celebrytów w Google. Oprócz Limy pojawiły się takie osoby jak Beyonce czy Michael Phelps.
Poproszę ciekawostki na temat Adriany Limy

Diet or regular exercises, which one is more difficult for you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Hah. Interesting question. I have never followed a proper diet plan in my entire life, neither did I ever try for once. But, work out has been my favourite way of relaxing and getting my body in shape. I tried doing that for a while, and got really good results. But, there comes the sad part. I’ve never been persistent with it. So yeah, I suck at both the things. 😩

Diet or regular exercises, which one is more difficult for you?

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Proper diet isn't much of an issue and I usually eat five to six small meals per day. With exercise, things have been more of a challenge and I've been forced to make adjustments, especially over the past few years. Prior to my surgeries a few years ago, I practiced T'ai Chi regularly but that was about it. After my surgeries, I had many sessions of physical therapy which included Yoga. I've returned back to T'ai Chi after my therapy was over and I started training with free weights. When I fully regained my mobility, I started skiing again and I took Aikido for a brief period. Currently, I work out with weights, I still practice T'ai Chi, meditate daily and I've moved to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I would ski every day if it were possible but I can only enjoy it in the Winter months. Maybe I should embrace my inner hermit and move to the mountains... 🤣

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Diet or regular exercises which one is more difficult for you

Is "diet coke" basically a sugar free coke? I don't know how people can drink that crap tbh its basically a regular coke thats been left open in the sun for too long. It tastes funny. Just drink a good old vintage regular coke or drink water. Yucky in addition to unhealthy.

tell me you don't think about disabled people or people with diabetes who might need a sugar alternative without telling me you don't think about disabled people or people with diabetes who might need a sugar alternative
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What is your opinion regarding of non-mandatory use of uniform by DepEd?

daniquuee’s Profile PhotoDanica
Ang hirap kasi sa ibang ahensya sa Pilipinas, imbes itaas ang pasahod sa mga guro at ayusin ang mga school facilities aba'y ang nasa isip ay tungkol sa uniform.
I've read some answers here regarding this question and I agree with them. Hindi ko ifo-focus ang sagot ko about sa it will serve as a school's identity if students are wearing uniforms.
Today, mataas ang inflation (which is the most effective diet today, lol) kaya dagdag gastos sa parents. Pati confidence ng mga students ay at stake rin dahil sa ganiyang age ayaw nilang pagtatawanan sila dahil sa paulit-ulit nilang suot ng jeans or shoes nila (which is para sa 'kin walang mali kung nilalabhan naman). Pupusta ako na tuksuhan iyan malala.
Agree ako sa sinabi ni @notyoureden na dapat DepEd na may sagot sa uniforms. Tang ina ang laki-lako ng tax na nakukuha ng gobyerno tapos mapupunta lang sa mga gagong korap na pulitiko.

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What's your way of saying "Juck you"?🌻

XxHeyRaveNnxX’s Profile PhotoRohma
May your crush finally call you and there be no network.
May your biscuit always fall into your tea.
May you go on a diet and still look fat.
May you get bit every time you pet a dog.
May your parents walk in on you while you are doing it.
May you go to a fancy restaurant and eat a lot only to find that your card isn't working.
May you get diarrhoea every time you go on a date.
May your maid always leave the fan off after doing jhaadu-pocha .
May you have a constantly itchy back.
May you go for a silent fart and make a bust ass noise.
thats it ig.

Tamam Muslims ko Eid Mubarik. Khanay main ehtyat karna sab, flygal, bascopan, entox P pas rakh len. Heart patients khaas tor pe fried meat avoid karen. Meat khanay k bad take a long walk don’t sleep or sit. Avoid beverages and drink water. Eat less and keep diet healthy for at least 10 days.

Yar 4 din ki to zindagi hai us main 2 din b khabay na karay to besuri zindagi ka kia faida and aap logon ki hi eid honi jitnay patients hon q apnay peer bhaiyon k pait pay lat Mar rahi

Tamam Muslims ko Eid Mubarik. Khanay main ehtyat karna sab, flygal, bascopan, entox P pas rakh len. Heart patients khaas tor pe fried meat avoid karen. Meat khanay k bad take a long walk don’t sleep or sit. Avoid beverages and drink water. Eat less and keep diet healthy for at least 10 days.

Bullshit. Firstly no one is celebrating Eid here for the first time. Secondly, people are not that naive that you tell them what to do and how to do. And lastly, we enjoy Eid bbq parties where we drink Pepsi, 7UP, etc. You can avoid them, not for ten days but lifetime, and you're welcome.

aku dhla tak cantik , muka berparut , badan besaq , pernah kena tegur " hg perempuan, awat hg besaq ?" , pastu kwn laki hg sembang pasai girl depa ngorat memang beza dgn aku ibarat langit dgn bumi , aku struggle habis beratus utk kurus dgn skincare , nk mkn kdg duit tak cukup , nak nanggis 💔🥲

Try workout/exercise and diet but slowly lah jangan terus mendadak buat semua, buat sikit². And skincare tu, try pakai yang betul² sesuai dengan kulit muka you, or jumpa pakar or something. Don't give up! Chip up beautiful girlll 💪🏻🤍

my skin has acne nd pores ndddf immmmm just insecure plus I have so much hairfall why should I do

Reason : Excess oil sebum production on face bacteria inflammation, Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells, Control your diet, cut off diary products, avoid broiler chicken, junk food, oily foods etc. if you have PCOS, get the treatment for PCOS, take vibramycin capsule twice a day for 3 month for Acne 1 capsule after breakfast and 1 capsule after dinner, use Kojic acid soap for acne and acne spots. Micro needling with PRP for acne scars, Consult with a good dermatologist

Pas tensi lebih sering darah tinggi atau darah rendah?

Darah rendah as always. Perna sampe dibantu jalan pas ke dokter karna lemes bgt buset 😭 pas itu kondisi lg diet, kata dokternya kalo masih dijalanin diet yg berlebihannya, bisa mati aku bentar lagi 🥲👍🏻.
Besoknya lgsg makan seperti biasa, sedikit lebih banyaksi, minum susu sekotak gede juga 😭 karna kurang karbo + gerd + darah rendah..
Memang hampir lewat sih saat itu🥲

Do you make plan ? How will you spend your day or never bother how to spend day let it be whatever it becomes

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
I plan my day how I will spend my day and it exactly how I imagined in my mind
I start my day with morning hike 2 hours
Then I prepare diet plan breakfast oats yoghurt fruits chia seeds in it
Afternoon : stir fry chicken with roti
Evening : handful cashews
Dinner : brown rice with fried mushrooms some broccoli,yellow bell pepper which cut into stripes ,onion rings , tin 2 tbs peas,spring onion which cut into small pieces salt pepper red chili flake garlic onion powder chicken stock in it fry it serve with roti
Late night I walk on terrace 🤗🤗
Then I google best horror movie then I watch them on net 🤗🤗🤗🌚

Hi, can you please suggest me some multivitamins or smth? I had an immense hairfall and i want my hair to grow back asap :( Btw i was taking some antibiotics prescribed by the doctor from last 2 months. So ig that's why I'm having hairfall.

Hello, well first things first i am not a dermatologist/cosmetologist so I’d advise you to get a consultant’s opinion on the cause/s of your hairloss. Nevertheless if it’s from a medication, the hairfall will gradually stop 6months after cessation of the medicine. Don’t go harsh on your hair with all the fancy chemicals, eat healthy balanced diet and take any good multivitamin with a 100% RDA of Biotin(you can untick to get a specific recommendation).

Suka dibully karena aku gendut. Sampai orangtua ku bilang kalau aku masih gendut susah dapat jodoh:((

Kurus atau gendut itu gak ngaruh sama jodoh. Banyak temen cowok aku suka cewek yang gendut dan banyak juga suka yang kurus, jadi beda-beda kriteria (penilaian secara fisik ya).
Semua tergantung kamu, kalo kamu happy dengan tubuh kamu yang saat ini itu bagus. Tapi kalo kamu memang merasa sepertinya harus diet dengan hidup sehat. Do it for yourself, bukan karena kemauan orang lain.

Cough, sore throat ka ilaj das deo

irhakhan’s Profile PhotoIrha
-Gargles with luke warm water (salt added) thrice daily (4 times is even better and keep it in contact with throat for as long as you can)
-Hydryllin Cough syrup or Acefyl (in case of sputum)
-Get some rest and have good nutritious diet, have yakhni or soup and don't go for too spicy food or fast food, let your body fight it, Use antibiotics only on recommendation by physician.

Diet tu susah ya 🥲 rasanya mau nyerah, tp bukan yg nyerah terus makan banyak, nyerah pen mati aja. Cape bgt diet ya tuhan

gkn susah sebenernya. diniatin, rutin olahraga, kurangi apa yg harus dikurangi. Targetnya apa. gituu, Smngt!
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Do you think it's right that healthier food is generally more expensive then unhealthy food?

Expensive/inexpensive is out of this question 😕 Lemme explain it in details...
#1 thing: Is it possible to get healthy food from the market?
Can u get unadulterated milk? 😐
Can u get fruits & vegetables which don't have pesticide or fertiliser residue (these are carcinogenic chemicals)? 🤔
The chicken: Didn’t it receive growth hormones in the poultry farms?
Even the water that u drink: R u sure it’s 100% or even 70% free of all contaminants???? 🤔
Eating healthy is actually eating clean, there's a misconception about having everything brown, brown bread, brown rice etc..., but in reality these are absolutely not required to either lose or gain weight! All u need is to track ur daily calorie intake 👀💁🏼‍♀️
#2 thing: For sm1 on the go or at work especially, most food around us which is available outside is industrial mass produced nutrition stripped! Home food is better cuz it's fresher, simpler but labour costs r never accounted for those! So technically not cheap at all, but at the same time it's cheap if u decided to make it urself 💁🏼‍♀️...
I had been discussing such a subject with some of the top functional medicine doctors in Jordan who have put together life-changing diet plans for people on food stamps that r super impactful... Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, though it certainly can be if u have an expensive taste! 🤪😂

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~~ POTENTIAL TW: ED ~~~ why do you think diet culture affects more women than men? most people with an ED are women, especially teenagers/young adult women.

Unfortunately our society is a looks oriented society which I believe sets unrealistic and false expectations for many women. These expectations include height, weight, body type, hips, lips, hair, eyes, clothes, foot wear, and everything else related to physical appearance. As a result, some women perceive themselves as overweight and physically unattractive which results in an array of emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety attacks, eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia), cutting, sleep disorders, attempted suicides and a belief that they are unloved, isolated, irrelevant, outcasts, rejected, abandoned, ignored, neglected and discarded. These conflicting emotions sometimes result in women attempting to lose weight through excessive and unhealthy diets, starving themselves, consuming diet pills and in extreme cases, forcing themselves to vomit after each meal so they can attain the "perfect body" that their peers and our dysfunctional society will accept and proclaim as "beautiful." A tragedy with unimaginable pain, suffering and self destructive consequences.

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Some say that bugs are the food of the future, how do you feel about that? Would you be willing to try out a diet where you get much of the protein from bugs? If you're vegetarian / vegan, does it seem like a good option for those who eat meat? 🍽🐜🦗🐛

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, they do say if we want to save the planet, the future of food is insects.. Personally, I don't imagine it.
And, no, I wouldn't try out such a diet.
Some say that bugs are the food of the future how do you feel about that Would

Czy twój idol myślał kiedyś nad tym by przejść na weganizm? 😁

usafacts’s Profile Photousa facts
Tak. Podczas lockdownu Hailey próbowała wiele diet, ale żadna z nich nie pasowała jej na tyle, by przy niej zostać. Obecnie właściwie wcale nie spożywa mięsa, a jedynie ryby.

Spilll diet kaliaan gue pengen kuruss

- jaga makan, usahakan makan malam jangan diatas jam8
- pake piring yg lebih kecil, otomatis porsi makanmu jdi berkurang
- kurangi nasi, lebihkan sayur
-minum teh + jeruk nipis dipagi hari (bantu ancurin lemak + tambah imun)
- kurangi ngemil, kurangi gorengan/yg berminyak.
- makan²an yg rebus, berserat
- workout di rumah (liat YouTube)
Selamat mencoba, semoga dietnya lancar, bisa lebih fresh juga badannyaa yaa.

What are the few healthy habits everyone should in their diet

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali Baloucch
Drink warm 2) take jug of water add 7 lemon juice apple cider vinegar drink through out the day 3) drink ginger mint lemon green tea 4) Neem mint aloevera juice
5) drink Kali har drink through out the day 6) black coffee in which tsp extra virgin coconut oil

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