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Går ju knappt o beskriva dig men hha, den roligaste personen som finns, man kan lita på till 100%, får en alltid o skratta, ser bra ut (när jag ändå skriver så snälla saker), har samma humor som mig typ, dirtyminded mohha ❤️

collenss’s Profile PhotoNicolle
Vi har ingen humor nån av oss men annars så e det nog detsamma tillbaka. Moahahahah

You are literally one of the most dirtyminded person i know(sorry im being honest but its a tbh right) but im so glad we spent amazing times together. your jokes are honestly great okay? Thank you for being there for me all the time and I hope to see you soon someday. I love you so much, miss you??

haha thanks.., I miss you sm ? ily ❤️
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snyggaste killen i din gamla o nya klass, roligaste killen i din nya o gamla klass, mest dirtyminded killen i din gamla o nya klass, stökigaste killen i din gamla o nya klass? snälla svara p alla o tagga dem som d tkr

Snyggaste= @Allan_VM8 i gamla klassen vi skulle hamna i samma klass men dom gjorde om klasserna:(
Roligaste= Anmar
Dirtyminded= Leo helt klart
Stökigaste= Anmar helt klart
Ingen av dom här har ask utom Allan

snyggaste killen i din gamla o nya klass, roligaste killen i din nya o gamla klass, mest dirtyminded killen i din gamla o nya klass, stökigaste killen i din gamla o nya klass? snälla svara p alla o tagga dem som d tkr

Vadå har ju samma klass?
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snyggaste killen i din gamla o nya klass, roligaste killen i din nya o gamla klass, mest dirtyminded killen i din gamla o nya klass, stökigaste killen i din gamla o nya klass? snälla svara p alla o tagga dem som d tkr

Tar bara min gamla klass
Snyggaste- hemligt, roligaste- calle, natti, ludvig, Thom
Mest dirtyminded- Ludvig, natti, calle, Henrik
Stökigaste killen- mirko,,

tbh ngo mm expect you will like 💩💩💩 tbh you ho fei💩 tbh you are shit💩 tbh you singing ho ging💩 tbh you very salt wet and yellow and dirtyminded 💩tbh you always suddenly sing 💩 tbh i knew you since primaryone!💩 tbh nei ho mature 💩 tbh seeyoul8ter

Me is 骨架大nei sik mud💩yiu yellow and salty wet sin horyi mature gahh💩me singing mo nei gum ging wor💩

heyo nuisun chairlady dirtyminded freak☺️ tbh nei d words leng dou harm😭i envy u so much😭 and your style is on point👌your stationary is so leng👌and u is velly have rice gah i know😏also im sorry nei shg chinese lsn bei yun lao ngo yuen chuen ng g dim farn ying anyways gayaubae💓

sewlois’s Profile PhotoLOIS!!!!
Wtf nuisun ah you eatsen😀😀😍 ks I dun mind arh only mm shg nei lao me:(( ur compliments 😅😏🙊 wahh I'm so damn clean you know gayaubae💕😚 love ur bones tbh

Tbh-Don't Really Talk To You Anymore But I Remember Yr8 In Me Lyalls Class Where You'd Tell Me Your Whole Lifestory, Quite Entertaining Really😂You're Just A While Other Level Of DirtyMinded I Swear🌚Blessedd

Safee and i said way too much shit ffs 😂😂
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(con.) person i ever met in my life. YOU KNOW i suck at being 'sentimental' (geddit geddit) buT seriously brO yOU ARE AND YOU'RE NOT ANY OF THE THINGS YOU SAY. YOU'RE SMART AND PRETTY AND NICE (maybe not that) AND EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU HEAPS OKAY OKAY CONTINUE BEING 숑 (noun. to suck) ;-) x

thenk yu bItj😊 "maybe not that" 😊👼👼 ikR i'm such a niCe brat but u my one and only dirtyminded faG OK ILY!!!!11!1!1!1

wallah your dirtyminded bruv?? everyone knows that you want to do that to abdi but you need to calm down b??

curlyybitchh’s Profile Photocurlss✨
bitch pls at least l i share my emotions but u are to scared to tell Ahmed how much u love him and want to bang remove ur self babes
wallah your dirtyminded bruv
everyone knows that you want to do that to abdi but
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hey there can u please stop spamming me spam his sister she knows him best ??
i don't know who you are but you're so dirtyminded with all the questions that you have asked :3 bhayy

Basically Your My Bestfreind💍 I Tell You Everythinggg💭 Your One Of Dem Ppl I Never Gett Tired Of Talkingg Too 💖 You Mean So Much To Mee&Are My Favee Cuz 💉 Ilysm❤ My Dirtyminded Partnerr 😂😈 We Have The Livest ooVoo Calls 😂✨ Ah Juss Ly💫

Awww b😭😭❤
I love you as well😘💦
My World🌍💍
My dirtyminded partner👅💦✨
Obviously I trust you💏
And yes our calls r just sick😌
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Tbh; u like my answer from 6 months ago so ur really weird, don't know u that well, talked a few times, should hang! Jokes one of my best friends, good to hang with, funny, dirtyminded Ahah, and Yeh

Ashie_O3O’s Profile Photoash
haha cheers btw now you owe me a tbh??
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Only stupid and dirtyminded pigs are missunderstooding it 😉 Don't be cheeky little girl, you are hurting my feelings 😔 Lolz, so what... Are you guys so close to each other or do you love each other so much that you call yourselfs for siblings? 😂 That is cute, keep going.

Are you jealous or what?😂 seems like your life sucks since you are getting into people's business😂 little friend, stfu😘

bf : BOOBS.. akdb? X'D it sounds wrong af.. bas akdb? x'D elmohm :p tbh: MY 3AMOOOOOD *-* SISTER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER WE SHARE LOTS OF STUFF ('balash fadaye7 kfaya enty fahmany;)') I MISS U AND UGH :'( dirtyminded zyada :3 w imagines muzza sara7a xD GOD BLESS YOU W YKHALEEKY LEYYA W Y7FAZEK YARAB❤

someoneyoudonotknow_’s Profile PhotoDeactivated.❌
boob? really nigga pfffffft xD i miss you too sis <3<3<3

uno that question where you was talking about how hard it was to ride ur horse.. if u werent talkin about ur horse then God damn it anna u dirtyminded fuck loool

I was regretting answering that the minute I wrote it???
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likers get ? fi : damn shy, notfriendly(bc u shout at me on 1st few day of sch)super fair !! know u bc of janice and see u b4 during pri sch comps hehe ? ci : slim down alot !! v nice, abit childish dirtyminded hurhur damn good in tt hahaha ????

hahaha I'm not dirty minded Kay thanks!!
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HALLO FELINE LIKERS GET FI AND CI fi : very popular and v dirtyminded tsk i only knew that you needed brainwashing badly when i transferred into the saturday class (cough fsog cough) ci : STILL V POPZ and rumored to be w pz hmm ;-) HAHA ya but hope to know you better throughout the year !!!!

HALLO Christineee:)))) ok first ah I NOT POPZ WTS HHAHAHAHAH oh and I v innocent one okay:> yAh ik fsog ur fav book ritee ik ok :>> im not with PZ!?!1?!?!???!! HAHHAH who even told u that btw I make Saturday class v fun rite;)) anws THANKS ALOT HAHA :))) hope to know u better toooooo

▪Likers get Tbh▪ Tbh, ur above average looking and oso damn friendly i guess. Ahaha :) Ur like damn pop in school please. But quite dirtyminded uhh. Guess u have like damn bad impression of me. AHAHAH. Cuz everytime u see me its all weird and stuff. - Have fun during march holiday yeaah? :)

peishaaan’s Profile Photo●Pei Shan●
thank youu hahaha. no luhh andd wHERE GOT AWKWARD HAHHA is i see you awkward then i also kayy. not popz please haha

hahaha 7otti 7alik makani ... hada behkilik enno 3aglik azghar 3agil bel 3alam .. akeed ma rah teskoti lazem etroddi fa ana daggait feki shwai bs shwai mish kteer :P w you are welcome w a3tareflik e3teraf ... ana jad ma bastahi w i have dirty mind :P so you are right

Exactly thats why dageet feek in return hahaha
And being dirtyminded is not something to brag about anyways -.- so change urself :/

Tbh- we grew closer in drama last year, and, when you're not seated away, you sit next to me in Latin :') You're very pretty and weird and dirtyminded and funny (sometimes ), oh and you're also obsessed with le dimples :') ♥

DIMPLES ARE LIFE, ESTERE, REMEMBER THAT. And bish please I'm hilarious ;) but dankeschön and you're pretty too :* and I know you love my Scottish accent ;))

EHEH . SIMI I DIRTYMINDED . Whose the pedo ' guy ' who come and chat with me and ask me for my pictures arh . // insert pedo moon emoji // .

WanJunnn’s Profile Photowj
WHO UH WHO HAHAHAH.That one i help one leyh :') muahahahahahahahahaha.^_^
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salah itu kalimat yg "trg butuh burung yg besar blablabla" yg benar itu "trg butuh burung yang bulunya indah" and then trg smua ttwa sama dg gila gr" trg smua itu dirtyminded wkwk :p

niachandra_’s Profile Photonia chandra
ada leh yg butuh burung besar wkwk ada leh yg blg trg butuh burung coklat(?)wkwk dan jason blg pake jimbo pe burung jo kg sapa sto ada blg jimbo pe burung kecil trg cari yg besar, aduhh memang dirty-minded trg kmng._.ckck

tbh syl you're my nigga and someone I cld confide to also a VERY VeRy BuSy mAnn haha you're V hardworking, band nerd, V SELFLESS, my chat buddy~.~, friendly,SMART n also dirtyminded heheh I hope you wont stress yourself too hard over math I know you can do it:b Gambadae×DD sos teach me chem pls×d

Thanks thanks thanks (:
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Sorry queen aku lagi pengin denger impersonate hihihi Impersonate diri kamu sendiri di sekolah coba last koq ini

Siapa sih ini yaampun lol banget.
Aku sering ngomong apa ya HAHHA
"Pede banget sr?"
"iih dirtyminded nya keterlaluan cii"
"biiiaatcchh banget sih"
"Tak sumpahin loh :)"
*minta ampun smua*HAHHAHA
*di mintain jawaban*
"Satu aja yaa yang lain khe nyari sendiri"
"Adrian ngomong fak aja terus"
*diajarin yg dirtymind*
"Kleee apa nih ga mutu banget dihh HAHHAHA"*ketawa jg akhirnya*
*ngomong sma laoshi padahal laoshinha gabisa b indo*
"Doh laoshi nii"
"Yang mana dikerjainn?"
"iihh susah banget sih ngomong sm orang kayak laoshiiii"
"Jangan ne laoshi"
*pelajaran b.ing*
*dicie in*
"Like i care"
"Just shut the f up"
*istirahat kurang lagi 2 menit*
"Sirr udah istirahat mereka loh,kita telatt"
"Ayo ne sir"
"Sy kluar duluan yaaa"
HAHAHA bnyk nonn
Siapa sih ini off anon
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It's not important who I am,but I didn't mean to offense you anyway,just try to be more loyal with girls,nothing more and nothing less.And oh,try to stop being a dirtyminded pervert,just for your own sake wallahy.

you seem like a desperate crusher that got friendzoned and wanting revenge
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Väldigt dirty minded men det är positivt! Du kan gå från att skratta och driva med någon till att vara seriös och engagera dig i ett samtal när det behövs :) ❤

desamma haha due oxå dirtyminded ❤️❤️

Long tbh:Ur one of the weirdest ppl I've none,better take that as a compliment cuz ur cool...Love ur craziness,ur stupidness,ur phone...Love the fact ur dirtyminded and make me laugh with ur weird shit...U r friendly,funny and sarcastic.Love ur crazy high hair...Wish to know u more [';

Thanks alot , that made me smile =') , PS I love my hair too :)

3a seeret el pe elyom mas5ara odam kol 11b me maya and elyazia and a bunch of girls got so dirtyminded infront of them and they all started laughing and then we fought with 7c w we got in trouble u had to be with us

halazaghloul’s Profile Photolulues
offf kan fee fight without me .. yel3an 2abo el 7az .. i adore el mashakel .. kan bady 2akoon mawjooda .. haha awena 9eto dirtyminded .. ya3ni kan lazem 2akoon mawjooda 3anjad

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