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Why do you enjoy travelling?

But in all seriousness, in our modern society, especially in a city, there is very little outlet for that primal urge in most people for adventure, danger, pitting yourself against nature etc. Travelling gives you that sense of adrenaline the first time you see Kilimanjaro appear in the distance or that time that pretty Colombian woman smiles at you from across the bar in Cali. At least those are my reasons to travel. There is nothing quite like the rush you get from finally summiting a big peak, or dropping into the spectacular depths of a coral reef. Traveling takes away everything you are comfortable with, and lets you expand into your surroundings. I've travel all over the US and parts of Canada and when I first ventured out of the US to Western Europe I was hit by so many simple differences. All over the US our electrical plugs are the same, our toilets flush the same way, you use the same money, etc. In Europe, I would travel to a country that was an hour away and need different money (prior to the Euro), the plug might be different (UK to France), etc. I came back from first trip with a new perspective....just because you did it differently doesn't mean its wrong...its just different. I love that feeling and I love finding it again when I travel along with the wonder sights, sounds and tastes. For me, it's a fascination of how people of other cultures live their lives, what they talk about, what they see on a daily basis. I also love seeing history up close and personal. For example being in the Colosseum in Rome, a couple of thousand year old building, still standing. That, to me, is breathtaking.
I've been traveling domestically since I was 6 weeks and internationally from 9 months. It's honestly how I grew up. Even if we always went to the same places to see family. It's what I know. Plus I love discovering things about history/Archeology.
I enjoy traveling for the ultimate sense of freedom. I have less things with me so I need to worry about less things too. The constant new things that happen and unfold around you make you feel like a child... everything is new and interesting. And by constantly meeting new people and making new friends you are always the person you are right at that moment.. It makes one grow so much! By seeing the same people over and over again (colleagues, friends,...) you don't grow as much... you have unconsciously created a role with those people that you keep following. I also love how travel makes you read between the lines.
When I travel it's always in conjunction with going on holiday, so my primary reason to travel is to relax, get a change of scenery, break my usual routine; I also enjoy seeing, doing, eating and drinking things that I can't see/do/eat/drink at home.

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How hard it is to understand your own self.

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
It’s a long journey, my friend. Sometimes an average person’s whole life isn’t enough to find answer to this. But what matters is you don’t stop in that journey and keep on discovering yourself.

Tum log bi mere qs ko wese hi ignore krhee jse me krti hun? Wth is with me mjje aj pta lga sbko shoutout kse bhjty😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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With more than 12k answers on the wall now you came to know how to piss off people via shoutout. Well should one congratulate you on discovering it or slow claps for finding that out so quick? 🌚

When were you happiest?

When I was in high school. I was doing good in school, my cousin was attending the same school and we were hanging out a lot, my parents were still together and they seemed like the happiest couple ever at the time, constantly going out with my family to dinner or the movies, I was in good shape and dating my very first girlfriend who was my best friend (yes I got out of the friendzone) and we were crazy in love.
Right now, man. Great girlfriend. Good job. Good family, just had the first baby of the next generation. It’s a gift to realize that these days, right now, are going to be “the good old days” 30 years from now.
I'm currently at the happiest I've ever been in my life and it honestly kinda freaks me out. I never knew I had the potential to feel the way I do now and I keep asking myself, "Is this how most people feel on a daily basis?"
Right now tbqh, lately I've designed my daily life to consist 100% of things that I enjoy doing, and even achieve a flow state while doing. Took some soul searching and effort but it's great. There's a quote by Seth Godin, "Instead of wishing you were on vacation, design a life you don't want to escape from."
It helps ease the pain and I don't like to have any regrets which is why I choose to enjoy the time that I have in this life. This may come across as emotionless or even non-serious but I think I care too much at times and that has come back to bite me but I'll still remain hopeful that it gets better. Sophomore year of college. I was getting into my major, so my classes were relevant and interesting. I had a new girlfriend and we were at that "new love" stage of things. I had a little saved money from a summer job, a functioning car and some growing independence. Also, at that point, I finally started making new friends on campus, so there were lots of things to do and experience.
I was 13, walking my dog Mickey before school my dad told me to change into old clothes and forget about school. It was a lovely Irish summer Friday at 25oC the warmth was perfect and we drove to our newly bought Holiday house, which had been abandoned for 7 years, to work in the garden . Myself, dad, and Mickey spent the whole day cutting Ivy and grass discovering rusty junk hidden under all the growth. Had ice cream took Mickey for a big walk on the beach and dad took me for a pub lunch at the local water hole. It was such a beautiful day by the sea.
I had a series of personal epiphanies at this time that seemed to shoot off in sequence, like firecrackers: anxiety isn't who I am, but something that sometimes happens to me, being brave means doing scary things, and the more you face your fears, the less fears you will have, hooking up is a ton of fun, it's okay to be alone, even friendless, because you have yourself and that's enough.

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If you could be granted one wish, what would you wish for? ⭐ 🤞 👍 🙃

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That every child who is born can have at least one truly mature adult alongside them in their growth, able to listen to them and make them feel the wonder of being alive and discovering their real interests. And support them to realize themselves. The whole world would change in a generation like this. Because all those children would become happy adults. And when you are happy you don't need to hurt others because you know how to enjoy life 💗🌠🌌🐾
If you could be granted one wish what would you wish for

Sooo, let's say you're significant other is chatting with the other gender online, nothing too graphic or deep but it still makes you uncomfortable.. should they have to stop?

If you are "flirting" online and your partner is uncomfortable, at the very least, you need to have an honest discussion about it. A valid question might be: Why do you have the need to flirt and what are your intended objectives? If, after the discussion, your partner is still uncomfortable then a decision needs to be made concerning whether or not to end the relationship.
The other scenario, which I find myself in, is when you enjoy writing and you allow your partner to see your writing and you are not involved in any salacious online affair. In my case, askfm users ask some very good questions that motivate me to write and many of my thoughts eventually become poems that I post on my poetry blog. So I have explained to my wife what I am doing and why I do it. Also, I am not interested in extra marital affairs nor am I interested in online virtual affairs.
Now with all that said, I have seen askfm users who are married flirting and making plans to cheat on their partner. Typically the flirting starts as a series of daily questions that gradually become more personal and sexual in content. Once the online couple become comfortable and trust each other, the alpha will obtain the private information (phone number) required to communicate privately using applications such a Snap Chat or Whatsapp. At that point the relationship becomes much more intimate with the goal of meeting and spending time together without their respective partners discovering the sexual affair.
I have explained this behavior to my wife and even provided examples of real people who engage in this type of immoral behavior. And that is why I post poems, songs and do not get involved in the personal lives of my followers. For me, askfm helps me to improve my writing style and is a source of entertainment where I can meet people from around the world without getting too involved in their personal lives.
As to your original question whether your partner should stop, that is a decision that only you can make. If they are not doing anything wrong or hiding any text messages from you, then you probably do not have anything to worry about. Just ask your partner why he has a need to text strangers online and evaluate his reasoning to see if it makes sense or if it is bullshit. You'll figure out what the real truth is, one way or the other. But please don't assume that he is doing something nefarious simply because he likes to write. Always evaluate the content of the writing before forming an opinion. And be sure to check his search history if you still have doubts. Also, consider this, how does he behave when you unexpectedly enter the room and approach his computer monitor? Does he appear nervous and hide his desktop from view? If the answer is yes, then you need to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with him and potential seek professional counseling to repair and save the relationship.
Good Luck.

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*When the car slows to a stop she seems confused for a moment, before she stares at Majima and her pupils dilate to the point of almost eclipsing her irises, terror running deep in her veins as she senses that oppressive presence in his mind, she KNOWS he is 'talking' to Majima*

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀⠀ˊ⠀✦⠀⠀ ̶ᴏ̶ꜰ̶ꜰ̶ɪ̶ᴄ̶ᴇ̶ʀ̶ - ᴍᴀᴊɪᴍᴀ . . . ?⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀He tried to better accommodate his rigid body in the seat, glancing at the rearview mirror looking at Nova, discovering that this was quite serious.
He wasn't quite sure what to tell her, feeling really stressed and worried.
⠀⠀❝Nova-chan… everything's fine… don't worry.❞ ⠀he tried to soften his voice, although it might have a very vague effect.

╱⠀⠀ALEX⠀⠀×⠀⠀CARLA⠀⠀; https://ask.fm/bitchedblonde/answers/163354506230

bitchedblonde’s Profile Photo— ALEX.
║▌⠀⠀»»⠀⠀carla & alexia⠀⠀««⠀⠀ @bitchedblonde ⠀⠀━━━⠀⠀003
⠀⠀matter of fact, if there was something true inside her sister's words and explanations, was definitely that their parents would FREAK OUT if they found out what Carla had just discovered due to Christian's confession. ━━ Carla's gaze remained cold and unmoving, eyes fixed on Alex, in a way that seemed as if she were judging her in court.⠀⠀❝you are lucky to have me as a sister❞⠀⠀ the blonde finally spoke, proceeding with a notable eye roll.⠀⠀❝your secret is safe with me. Mom and dad will never find it out❞⠀⠀
⠀⠀her head turned to look at Christian, her eyes then shifting to focus on her boyfriend Polo, mischievous smile curving her pinkish lips all of a sudden.⠀⠀❝but... I'll need you to help me with a plan❞⠀⠀ truth be told, Carla and Alex were the kind of sisters who always helped and trusted each other, and therefore, the marchioness knew that this time it wouldn't be an exception, especially after discovering Alex's secret.⠀⠀❝tell me everything you know about your friend Christian❞⠀⠀ her smile grew bigger, eyes shining with enthusiasm.⠀⠀❝is he single?❞⠀⠀the million dollar question, she finally asked. Would Alex understand her intentions?

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ALEXCARLA httpsaskfmbitchedblondeanswers163354506230

تعمل إيه لو لاقيت حد بيحبك وبايع الدنيا كلها وشاريك ومكتفي بيك ومش عاوز في الدنيا حد غيرك ويهمه راحتك وسعادتك ردة فعلك ايه

“Discovering that one is loved in return really ought to disenchant the lover with the beloved. 'What? this person is modest enough to love even you? Or stupid enough? Or-or-”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

First they ignored him, but soon the red-eyed one turned its head. The others followed shortly after, and the lead one let out a single caw. They stared, but it wasn’t long before they focused on something else. There was an odd mist forming from the alleyway, a wave of deep crimson rising.

InvokeMe’s Profile PhotoȺ Ӏ ì ç ҽ

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀⠀⠀ˊ⠀⠀⠀⠀✦⠀ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛ.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛⠀ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ; @ ᴀʟɪᴄᴇ ᴍᴀʟɪᴄᴇ ❜
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📁⠀⠀───⠀❯❯ ⠀❯❯⠀ ❯❯⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀⠀* The man's eyes were devoted to paying attention to those singular crows during his only moment of calm, following the rhythm of their gaze as bese could to end up discovering an event even more disconcerting. A slight surprise showed at his relaxed expression, the cigarette ending up between his fingers and his rested figure firming up again.
He could tell that had been acting out of prompt curiosity, however it really wasn't much of an impulse. Goro just watched from a distance, taking advantage of what little bit of nicotine had left to keep his tension low.
After all... stress was very common.

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First they ignored him but soon the redeyed one turned its head The others
Liked by: ⊹ S O K O L

Why does it feel like my life is a lie and everything I know or been taught has been a lie to. How can I find out if I am next to the truth? Everything about everything except what I am feels strange/weird/wrong.

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoKeepYourEyesPeeled
I think discovering truth is a lifelong process, and we might never be fully there. Also I wonder if there really is an objective truth...? What's true for someone might be a lie for someone else. It's essential however to keep an open mind about everything and be willing to question things that you were taught growing up. A person must be able to look at different perspectives from a neutral point of view.

If you like steak, how do you prefer to have it? Rare, medium rare, well done? 🥩 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Bloody as hell, with a five dollar shake.
Bloody or burnt black I would eat it anyway.
I rarely eat steak but it must be well done.
At a restaurant - medium because if you say rare they will send you a raw steak, then a warm raw steak, then a rare cooked steak...
Boiled for several hours in beef stock and an entire bottle of red wine with onions and mushrooms
I worked in a kitchen as a youngster and the chef would always get slightly annoyed at a paying customer having the gall to ask for a well-done steak. I can see where they're coming from; it's a good piece of meat and them having it charred, blackened (and probably smeared with ketchup) seems like a waste, but it's their money.
I like mine well-seared. Once I get that nice dark caramelization going on, it's all over - I can take it from rare to well-done in the oven once the sear is right. Simple salt and pepper works great, ripping hot pan or grill required of course...
Medium rare. I've not had it any other way. I was a vegetarian for 16 years, and just started trying meat again about a year ago. I'm still discovering what I like/don't like. I've only had the option to try steak twice since, and the person sitting next to me ordered theirs medium rare, so that's what I ordered. It was pretty good, so if I get another chance to try steak, I'll probably order it the same way again. If the people around me order theirs done differently, I'll try a bite of theirs as well if they're amenable.
Med rare if I am cooking it, rare if someone else is.... Because I assume someone else is going to suck and over cook it so my med rare will actually be medium soooooo gotta be prepared. I can eat a rare steak, I enjoy rare steak, but If I am cooking it I go for that perfect Med rare because its beautiful. A rare steak looks almost raw in the middle, but a mid rare looks fucking beautiful.
Medium to medium rare. If I'm going to eat raw meat, I'd actually fix it up like proper tartare. I want my steak cooked a bit, seems juicier that way. Maybe a pat of garlic butter and some pepper. I love steak sauce, but not on steak. Haha, I've tried it when he's cooked himself a rare steak (and maybe blue?), but it's the texture that gets me. With it being warm from the pan, that soft fleshy texture..It's an odd association, but i feel like I'm trying to chew on someone's arm :/ I think the closest I'll get to him trying anything 'well done' is my slow cooked brisket, But tbh I don't think I could go back to a steak cooked beyond medium rare because of the flavour loss. The usual steak debate now is: "how often can we afford the luxury of organic/free range fillet cuts from a reputable onine butcher", because the taste difference in comparison to a supermarket cut (supermarket butcher or shelf) is so vastly superior, it's honestly like unlocking a whole other bonus level in the Steak Game.

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What were some of the turning points in your life? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Deciding on what sort of job sector to go into, then discovering a job vacancy that I'm intrigued by, and deciding to commit to the process of working towards getting this job.
Deciding to cut someone off who was unhealthy for me, and refusing to let them back into my life.
Allowing myself to participate in self-care in order to feel better and think better about myself and everything else. Prioritising things better to suit me and my needs🙂
What were some of the turning points in your life

Do you think humans will stop innovation ever?

No, Humans always wants to show their creativity & want to bring new technology so as to make life more interesting, easy & technologically advanced,
Innovation also gets promoted depending on the need of situation whether this will help humans or not, like drones, military advancements, use of artificial intelligence in robotics industry, more tight security updates in smartphones, etc.
Even now certain experiments are being conducted like to restore eye vision, self-driving cars, discovering the space, and thinking deeply whether a new planet can become habitable or not,
So, Innovation should keep progressing for the betterment of society ☺️
Do you think humans will stop innovation ever

Are bookstores a dying industry?

Demise of bookstores? What are your thoughts?
Let me ask you what would happen if you woke up tomorrow and there were no more bricks-and-mortar book stores? How would that affect your purchasing habits? I know that there's an intimate bond between some readers and the hallowed ground of their local bookseller. Perusing the stacks, running a hand over the spines, getting the clerk's recommendation, weighing a book in each hand like a scale only to eventually put both in your bag, being there for author events and getting to meet your favorite author (do you know how many amazing authors I have met at my local book store?). There's like a tiny glimmer of magic that's added to every page when you buy a book like that. But we have so many other means today of getting books. It feels like we're at a pivotal point in our evolution where the commodity of books has moved to the front seat. Pretty soon it'll be driving. Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about that, and I wonder if anyone out there envisions a different outcome, like maybe there's a third option we're all not thinking about. What do you think? I'm sure bricks-and-mortar bookstores will never disappear completely, tho there will be fewer of them. A situation I regret.
Whilst I have bought a few e-books, nothing compares to the experience of walking into a bookshop and discovering a new book. I've spoken about this more than a few times, but I'm absolutely heartbroken by the collapse of the secondhand bookstore industry. Tech can make things convenient, but sometimes enjoyability is taken out.

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How does someone who you barely know well and don’t talk to that much know you better than you know yourself?

Simple. That person follows you and reads and analyzes everything you write and post and then is able to understand your personality, your motives and can predict your behavior and decisions before you even make them. So for example, let's assume that you are a married 45 year old woman who likes to ask questions on askfm in order to socialize and meet new people, but you also utilize this social network to flirt,, seduce and develop clandestine long distance relationships, right? All of this flirting, cheating and unabashed desire for attention can be predicted simply based upon your previous behaviors and what you think, what you write and what you do. So in this example the behavioral pattern is simple: (1) post question, (2) meet young men, (3) flirt, (4) seduce, (5) fall in love and (6) go incognito by ceasing to communicate using askfm and instead utilize a secure application like whatsapp or snapchat to continue your clandestine long distance relationship without your husband, wife or partner ever discovering your secret online love affair.
Unfortunately, I have seen too many middle age couples who participate in this type of immoral behavior because they enjoy role playing, sexting and they honestly believe they are NOT cheating and will NEVER get discovered. Sad.. but true.

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How does someone who you barely know well and dont talk to that much know you

What makes you worthy?

o6ogold’s Profile PhotoAdil
what is worthy exactly? for whatever it matters, all of us our discovering ourselves every minute, it shall be a total mess to pick out only the worthy part of you and rather not accept the unworthy part of you. nothing’s worthy, just try to be the better version of you.

What do you like about the Star Wars universe?

In terms of the original trilogy (I lost motivation to continue watching after The Last Jedi), I think it was very innovative for its time, in all senses of the word - the costumes and sets, how they filmed the space scenes in using small miniatures, the storyline, having an empowering female as one of the leads, etc.
It’s an enjoyable story, and it follows the classic Jungian, Bildungsroman archetype of a hero’s journey, of discovering who you are, growing as a person and facing your destiny. As a child, I always related strongly to Luke, and I think that played heavily in enjoying the films - finding a character where you felt you could see yourself in them. Especially in young childhood, that meant a lot to me, when I felt very isolated. Being able to escape to a galaxy far, far away and see different planets always intrigued me! The optimism of Luke, the snark of Han and the general badassery of Leia made a good team! (Honourable mentions to Chewie and the droids too ofc).
I haven’t watched the prequels in a long time, but I do feel sorry for Hayden Christensen, he played the role absolutely fine, it was the script that let him down, imo.
I haven’t watched the shows (Mandalorian, Star Wars Rebels, etc), but I’ve heard they’re very good :)

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Is having that bond better than discovering someone or is one not preferable to the other for you?

I crave deep, emotional attachments, so for me I love both getting to know people and attaching myself to them. The only problem is when others take my attachment to them as a weakness and treat me like a doormat.

Where was the last place you traveled to? Was it for business or pleasure?

"Mind Over Matter" by Nico, Illustration by Robert Collins
The last place I traveled to was a place called, "The Mind." It is a place where I go seeking answers to questions that are complicated and difficult to understand. My most recent excursion was when I traveled into The Mind searching for the meaning of my existence. The question was, why do we exist? And so I traversed that rabbit hole searching for an elusive concept that isn't interested in being found.
I searched high and low.
I searched up and down.
I even searched right, left and back and forth.
But... nothing!
And as darkness descended and all light seemingly extinguished, I began to lose hope of discovering the reason for my existence. But alas, an imperceptible light appeared off in the distance as the nights brightest star illuminating a path to follow. And follow it I did! With reckless abandon, I ran, bounced and jumped over each obstacle that appeared in my path. No way... I was not going to be denied again. Not this time!
No, I was finally on the right trajectory and path to victory. Finally, after a lifetime of traveling into "The Mind" I would find the reason for my existence, or at least that was my hope, prayer and objective. Now as I approached the light, I heard the sound of voices talking as if there was a celebration of sorts. I began to panic. Was this heaven? Did I die? Who are these people in odd looking white gowns? Then I heard one voice announce: "It looks like the anesthesia is wearing off and our patient has returned to reality."
Then I heard another voice say: "Alex, welcome back. Your heart transplant was successful." Suddenly it dawned on me, perhaps the reason for my existence is to live life and to appreciate every moment and not waste the finite amount of time that I have been blessed with. Maybe life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be lived.

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Where was the last place you traveled to  Was it for business or pleasure

What makes/make life worth living at this point of your life?

hamzah_alhjry’s Profile Photo⚜️ Hamza ⚜️
🌷 Discovering and accepting my purpose in life gave me a better understanding of what I live for and for what it's worth. My life isn't just mine. I believe that I lived and still living for many reasons why. Some of them I have yet to discover.
- akciMMicka -
I came across this beautiful poem. I reckon it's spot on. As each and everyone of us are all connected☺
Nothing in nature lives for itself.
The rivers don’t drink their own water,
Trees don’t eat their own fruits,
The sun does not shine for itself,
And flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves.
Living for others is a rule of nature.
Life is good when you’re happy,
But it is much better when others are happy because of you.
Just as the rivers do not drink their own water but flow for others’ benefit, just as fruit-bearing trees do not eat their own fruit but bear it for others, and just as clouds do not drink their own rain but shower it down for others, so saintly devotees live simply for others.
- Unknown -

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Do you consider yourself an interesting/boring person? How so?

I think I'm boring. I don't have any hobbies besides reddit and occasionally binging a tv show, I haven't experienced a lot of interesting things (that are positive), there's nothing I know particularly much about, and if you talk to me I don't know what to say most of the time. Regarding the hobbies, there are a few things I'd like to get into (like oil painting and wood carving) but I don't have that much money and it always costs so much initially to buy all the tools and stuff and if I have the choice of either spending my money on lots of takeaway food and clothing or on tools that I don't even know I'll use twice, it's not a difficult decision. Mostly, I'm infinitely curious about the world and people. When I meet someone new I see a chance of learning more, discovering someone and finding out what we might have in common. I've cultivated all this diversity of interests because every member of my family likes different things and we always pay attention to each other and learn from each other (dad's a mathematician and physicist who has a rock band, mom is an interior-design nerd who loves science documentaries and learning about different cultures, big brother is a history-geek, programmer and photographer who rescues dogs, sister in law is an engineer and practices karate, middle brother is a writer and editor who's getting into graphic design and wants to study history, i've even adopted many interests from my little nephews and niece, like some cartoons and videogames). I also have a witty and silly sense of humor (thanks to both my parents) and most of the times feel confident around people (other times I get very anxious) mostly because I know I can handle pretty much any conversation topic (either because I have something to contribute or because I know nothing about it but want to learn a bit). I also try to make other people feel comfortable, specially if they're shy. I'm always respectful. Of course, to some people I would be boring anyway. Some might not like my sense of humor or whatever. Also, most of my hobbies are done inside, so I'm trying to get into something that would take me outside (installed PokemonGo for this reason but I'm considering going back to french classes) because I'm dating someone. But right now? Boring as fuck. I'm a student, and all I basically do is study, party, Netflix and occasional interesting things related to my degree. I can't afford to indulge in my hobbies, or have the time to travel even around my country. I like gaining extra knowledge through reading and stuff, but I'm awful at retaining it, so I'm not very good at contributing to meaningful conversations regarding stuff like politics. I'm good at chatting biology, feminism, climate change and animals, that's pretty much it.

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In light of that recent "fried towel" incident involving fast food chain giant Jollibee, what do you consider your worst food experience when dining out or ordering outside food? Mine was discovering a dead fly in my bowl just when I was finishing what was an otherwise pretty delectable dish. 😂

fourwallsofhome’s Profile PhotoPhilip
I'm not aware of the incident. Loool. The worst experience that I had was being served with undercooked chicken & rice with hair strand

Do you have any music that you like that the lyrics nowadays can be criticized for being controversial? 🎶

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I think Eminem is hugely controversial for all those lil teens discovering him rn. I think it's Love The Way You Lie that got them so offended? 'If she ever tries to fxcking leave again, i'm a tie her to the bed and set this house on fire' which really is nothing compared to his other music🥴 I've been in some extremely abusive relationships & find the song extremely relatable & I love it. It's one of the most accurate songs about abusive relationships imo. These gd kids trying to cancel everything I stg🙄

How long does it usually take for you to fall asleep? 😴 Do you need certain conditions to be met before you can sleep or can you do so anywhere at anytime? 🛏🌡🌚 Have you ever fallen asleep in an unusal place or position? 😆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Any time I'm having difficulty, there's a technique that works for me. If you're drifting, halfway asleep, you'll notice there are certain thoughts and certain movements that will break you out. Try to do maths, or remember details that aren't on the surface, use fine motor control like wiggling a finger, and you will get yanked back to full consciousness. So when you're trying to drift off... try to stay within that bubble. Let thoughts happen, watch them as they float past, free-associate, but don't try to analyze or synthesize or go into specifics. Be a passive observer, not an instigator. Stay in the bubble, let your thoughts chase their own tails as you uncritically watch them, and they'll turn to dream-logic in no time. I've tried falling asleep specifically to a show or movie I've never seen just so I can watch it the next day and try to see what parts I remember and what parts I don't so I can narrow down exactly when I fell asleep. But as I get into the show I'm like "this isn't familiar, I had to have fallen asleep before this" and then a scene comes on that I remember before I fell asleep send I'm like welp, still can't figure it out. My girlfriend has the ability to fall asleep in fifteen seconds, as long as I'm lightly running my fingers along her back (she sleeps on her tummy and I do too). It takes me 2-3 hours every single night to fall asleep. It's a major struggle; like a battle being waged every night, and nobody knows but me. I think it has a lot to do with anxiety; some people are just generally more anxious than others. I also wake up an hour BEFORE my alarm clock every day. There are biological reasons. Everyone's brain is different; none of our brains produce the exact same amount of chemicals. Some people produce much less of the drug that puts you to sleep, and some people produce much more adrenaline and have much more testosterone. I just found out that I am hypersensitive to caffeine (I'm 26 and just discovering this). Caffeine has no apparent effect on me when I drink it at lunch time, but its half-life is like 10 hours in the human body, so if I drink a soda at noon I'm still completely unable to fall asleep by 10PM. I've since quit drinking soda and it has helped me a bit. I can fall asleep fairly quickly, probably 10 minutes.
Sometimes I wake myself up just as I'm falling asleep and then I can't sleep for ages.
I've fell asleep on the kitchen floor holding a loaf of bread 🤔 that was strange. I find the best way to fall asleep quickly is routine routine routine. I ALWAYS wake up at 0545 which gives me about 8 hours of sleep and weekends unless im drunk from the night before is usually 0630 at the latest. I work out 4-6 times a week in the afternoons which probably helps also I live on my own and don't really have anything to distract me...no kids, no pets that make noise...and outside of my career, have little life stressors...oh...memory foam matress...they kick ass. I sleep on a fucking cloud.

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🍰 I personally like fresh raspberries, however the gross surprise taste and sensation of discovering one baked into a cake is one that I imagine people who get angry about pineapple on pizza could identify with.

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Exactly, it's the surprise I object to the most. I'm not a fan of them, but if I know that's what I'm putting in my mouth I can still enjoy it somewhat. It's the countless undisclosed "red jam" doughnuts and "red berry" whatsits. They go to the effort of making sure we know when we are about to ingest strawberry treats, so why oh why are they so averse to putting raspberry on labels?
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do you speak a second/third language? if yes, what is it? if no, what language(s) would you like to learn, and why? 📚💬

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Well, my mother tongue is Arabic. I can also speak English very well. and If you ever asked about my plans for the previous summer holidays, you will always find learning from another language on the hand, and improving my English on the other hand. The reason is because I have always had this passion for discovering other cultures, and I see language as the golden key for that.
I had many attempts at learning a third language, but my random ways of learning did not make me achieve the goal. I know a little French, Latin and Hebrew, but I am not good at speaking any of them. I could only read and understand some sentences and lines, but now I barely memorize the alphabet for each of them.
nowadays, I'm working very hard to level up my English and Arabic as well to a higher level. because my failed attempts did not stop me, but I learned that I must focus and continue until what I want is achieved. and time management is a golden fish.
by the end, I'd like to mention that I am preparing to learn another type of languages in the second half of this year, that is called Python:).

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If you're from the UK how do you feel about the exit plan that Boris has set out? If you're from somewhere different, are you facing any restrictions or are in lockdown right now? How do you feel?

PlanetShelby’s Profile PhotoShelby
😷 I think Johnson has a wrong-headed attitude towards the whole thing.
🦠 He’s intimated that he personally believes in an almost eugenics-based model that if we just let the virus do its thing it will kill off the weak, the vulnerable and those dependant upon the state and immunise everyone else automatically, thus killing off the virus and saving the country money to boot. There is no science to back this up.
😷 Thankfully though we still live in a democracy, despite Michael Gove not liking scientists and experts, and Matt Hancock giving billions of Covid PPE contracts to friends’ and party donors’ hastily set-up companies, and then discovering much of it was unusable or the wrong type or stored for too long or the companies couldn’t deliver, and was a waste of everyone’s money.
🦠 Anyway, this means we have lockdowns, however they’re not proper lockdowns as Johnson is trying to keep the various so-called “freedom” “anti lockdown” and “eugenics” parties as happy as possible by leaving as much business open as possible, not even quarantining international flight passengers until recently, and in the early days letting huge events ho ahead, and relaxing lockdowns when they get angry.
So what we’re left with is a cycle of weak lockdowns and relaxations which will perpetuate the virus until sufficient people are immunised against it.
😷 We should have done what New Zealand and the other Zero-Covid-Plan countries did, and lick down hard and fully, not relax measures half-way through with a government “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme.
But there you go.

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I never liked someone but i sad for date and for marriage. But learned one lesson from you pple that love is just a Word and Nothing

"There is so much to life than searching or awaiting the person who will want you or being sad over someone who doesn't. There is a lot of wonderful time to be spent on discovering yourself without hoping that someone will fall in love with you some day. Become a whole being on your own by filling 'yourself' with love."

Hi tita. We're only 10 mos into the relationship. Is it considered a red flag if we're slowly discovering na iba kami ng interests, like in movies, music, etc. Or mababaw ba yun? Kasi how would we enjoy doing things together kung ganun. Huhu enlighten me po pls

If you're only with someone to do things with them, you should find activity partners instead and friends. You're supposed to be with someone because of an intense attraction and emotional bond. That exists even if your interests aren't the same, which isn't even a requirement of relationships. It's similarity in values that's important. Compatibility isn't about hobbies and interests, and if your relationship is falling apart because of those things, then maybe that's all you have and it's time to rethink things.

Here's a real outlandish idea: What if birds are aliens? I mean, they descended from Dinosaurs, they survived the extinction of the Dinosaurs, and they're roaming around Earth acting strange. It's like alien behaviour.

You know, this doesn’t really sound like an outlandish idea. They have said that some dinosaurs probably had feathers. They are discovering that we were wrong about dinosaurs for a long time. I can totally see this being a possibility because an alligator is actually a dinosaur that has been evolving and adapting for YEARS. Scientists say they are perfectly made for Earth.

yep, anxiety & depression, made to keep us away from knowing the truth, but what if you put everything aside like Fk society & then went through all the thinking about your existence keeping the religious debate aside, what would be your answer to that Question?

AskTheDevil69’s Profile PhotoMir Haibatan ~
well tbh the fine purpose i always think about is to better myself . and we cant put aside the society, coz we are part of it. Bettering ourselves is bettering society! In your previous talk you once said that changing is what we need. and i agree to it at some point. we need to change, we need to accept the change, change can be increasing of knowledge , change can be adapting to new things, change can be being hopeful etc. So i feel excited in knowing and discovering the mysteries of this universe, to know different things, to utilize that knowledge in helping me and maybe others. It gives me a push to survive everyday...!
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Let's try to say goodbye to 2020 without focusing on the pain it has caused. — What are 3 positive memories you have from 2020? I know it's been a hard year, but let's try to focus on the happy moments that stood out! ₊˚.༄

sirenic’s Profile Photo• . ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞AͨNͧGͭEͤL
Just three? 2020 is full of positive memories for me! ☺️✨
1. meeting like-minded people with whom I connect with on a regular basis
(some specific memories here and there)
2. started my polyamory awareness Instagram page, which is very successful with 20,7k followers and 1,1k average likes on my posts
3. ended my monogamous romantic relationship in a very mature way, with keeping our platonic connection
4. learning a lot about myself and how I wanna have relationships with people through that Instagram page of mine
5. my Redbubble sales going through the roof!
6. experiencing the 5D energies more and more (synchronicities, angel numbers, etc)
7. having deep and profound psychedelic experiences from which I’m in the process of learning and implementing what I experienced
8. learning new things on a daily basis by reading and watching videos
9. started and finished two adult paint by numbers canvases, which I’m very proud of
10. discovering new beautiful music
11. deciding to stop damaging my hair by dying it and deciding to not do anything permanent with it like cutting, but to just let it grow and flow
12. enjoying my solitude and hermit mode to the fullest (like having a lot of time for myself with as few distractions as possible)
13. watching insightful movies and shows
14. discovering my favorite tv shows (I never had favorite shows before, like here were many good ones, but none deserved that title; well, that changed)
15. buying more and more favorite clothes, that I feel the most comfortable in
16. making walks in the woods a somewhat daily habit
17. making reading a daily habit, so I educate myself more
18. getting more and more into mediation
I’m just realizing that those aren’t really memories, but more like things that I achieved, but I’ll stick with it ☺️💖

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Lets try to say goodbye to 2020 without focusing on the pain it has caused  What

What's your favourite thing to do? Generally speaking.

JoeeeMason’s Profile PhotoJoe Edward Mason
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
❥ hanging out with people, whose personality sparks joy and who make me feel like they're my safe place.
❥ singing
❥ drawing
❥ gaming
❥ reading
❥ discovering new place, feeling like Indiana Jones x'D
❥ cuddling my (bby) cat x'3
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I'm compiling a research for my psychology project. Do give correct answers: When did you start to enjoy the comfort of being alone? ✍️

When i'm alone more often, I truly value the time spent with other people. Whereas once I used to do things out of obligation, now I don’t waste my time like that with other people. I started taking better care of myself. It’s amazing the sort of reflections we start to have about our feelings, the people in our life, or simple interactions with strangers when you let yourself process the everyday details. Even if you really love spending time with friends or family it’s important to give time to yourself. All these things start happening, you’re reaching these little goals, becoming more independent, growing more self-aware and with all of these things combined you start discovering more about who you are. You’re putting more effort and time into yourself so it makes sense that you would feel totally awesome about who you are.

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