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Weißt du schon mit welchem Programm du das dann machen würdest? Und was du für Musik produzieren möchtest? Was legst du hauptsächlich auf und wie lange bist du schon dabei? Hups, so viele Fragen

Alles easy :D Hab FL Studio Mobile im Moment, kann ich mich in die Grundkenntnisse schonmal so wenigstens einlernen, werde dann wahrscheinlich bei FL bleiben, was genau ich dann mache weiß ich noch nicht, wahrscheinlich Hip Hop, aber mich auch mal an Techno versuchen? Ich lege die ganzen Urban Sachen auf, Hip Hop, Black, Oldschool, Dancehall, Reggaeton und das alles.
Hatte 2011-2012 meinen ersten Auftritt auf ner Kirmes, natürlich noch inoffiziell ? hab mich da aber noch nicht so mit befasst, seit 3 Jahren lege ich jetzt mit richtigen Plattenspielern auf und befasse mich mit der Technik, scratches, der Kunst und Kultur hinterm Djing mehr.
Für Fragen bin ich hier angemeldet, also alles ok ;)
Weißt du schon mit welchem Programm du das dann machen würdest Und was du für
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+2 answers in: “Bist du nur DJ oder produzierst du auch selber?”

Čauko Dame, chcel by som sa ťa spýtať jak bereš momentálne hip-hop kultúru a jak si ju bral dávnejšie. Skúšal si robiť aj viac vecí(napr. Breakin, DJing, Writing) ?

Cau, berem to rovnako stale, neviem ja to proste milujem, maloval som a kbcas nieco namalujem, tanecnik som nikdy nechcel byt, djing som skusal mal som gramce a mam aj konzolu bavi ma to le tak “rekreacne”

I really feel like an old nigga that nobody cares about by saying this, and a nerd too, but, Rap is an element of 4 in Hip Hop, don't get pissed at me dawg I wont sleep well if I didnt tell you this

elkhamery’s Profile PhotoBlack Lip Bastard
Hip hop is characterized by anywhere from four to nine distinct elements or expressive realms. The main four are MCing (orality), turntablism or DJing (aural/sound practice), b-boying (movement/dance), and graffiti art (visual). Other elements often cited are knowledge (intellectual/philosophical), beatboxing, street entrepreneurism, language, and fashion among others.[10][11][12] The cultural critic Greg Tate described the hip hop movement as "the only avant-garde still around, still delivering the shock of the new, and its got a shockable bourgeoisie, to boot."[13] Even as the genre continues to develop globally in myriad styles, the four foundational elements provide coherence to hip hop culture.[3] The term is often used as if synonymous with the rhymed oral tradition known as rap music.[14]
Google makes life much easier dude😂

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duudddeeeee!/!/!/! Ur playlist is MAAAAADDDD HOLYY FUCKKK 👊👏💕👅 Been so obsessd wit seein' u spin lately , such A treat 💞 LOOOV ur hints of deep house It s talentttttt u DJing jst for fun or wna go seriously?

Nah, i have tons of stuff to do rn xD
Don't really have the time to go forth seriously.. Besides, there's sooo many talented people out there
i just love music so..
but thanks ❤

Me too I already got it started with a beer not gonna start on the southern comfort till after dinner tho so i`m not so bad when I start djing live on cam haha

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
That's probably smart! 😂👍🏻 Enjoy!! 😃
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No hang over either lol It takes a lot for me to get drunk very high metabolism maybe explains why it takes me years to put on weight also lol but i`ll be giving it another go at getting drunk tonight and if my wifi holds up on cam on younow djing too lol

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
I'm jealous lol! Awesome, hope tonight turns out better for you then! 😁😜👍🏻🙌🏻
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Yes it does and that is why after so many years not touching a drop I have decided fuck it i`m gonna get drunk this weekend even if i`m alone i`ll have a giggle djing live on cam now that you cant miss lol

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
Hey as long as you have fun and enjoy yourself who cares if you're a bit drunk lol! 😃😜👍🏻😂
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watch it young lady 😂 you`ll drive me too drink one of these days and I have not had a single drop in a very long time, tho right now I am contemplating buying myself some beers and a bottle of southern comfort in the morning when i go shoping for the weekend so watch out djing live drunk sat night

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
Beers and Southern Comfort aren't that bad! Drunk dj-ing sounds like a great time! 😂😂👍🏻
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Non prendere alla leggera il djing o il produrre, sono cose che si imparano con il tempo e l'esperienza. Ti consiglierei prima di avere almeno piccole nozioni storiche sul genere e sul djing e poi di buttartici sopra per imparare. Prima di tutto la cultura :)

Ma a me della cultura non me ne frega un kazzo..voglio imparare a produrre un genere, al limite conoscendo ogni dettaglio dj quel genere e settore specifico

Yea babe sure i have seen that guy around before was banned appears he`s set up a new account i`ll have to report that when i`m done djing and sorry i shouldn`t interfere but i do worry you can be too trusting at times same as us all xx

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
Honestly I really appreciate it so much. 💖

Yea my usual start to the weekend tomorrow with me djing on Southern Hardcore Vibes Radio link`s will be on my my ask as alway`s and i have more events sat etc might have time to jump on Livestream and be scary on cam haha wbu?

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
Oh that sounds great, full busy weekend! Haha I'll have to catch you on live steam this time lol. I'm probably going to be further relaxing, going to dinner and having drinks with friends Saturday. :D
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oh off work this week then ya might just be able to catch me djing then haha and yea nothing better than a good movie to chill too problem is finding a good horror ta watch or a beautiful lady to hold in your arms while watching it lol

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
Yes hopefully lol ☺️🙌🏻. Agreed, movies are perfect for chilling. Lol aww yeah that can be difficult. What type of horror films? Gory or more subtle suspense?
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Will be starting to use the new livestream on facebook sometime soon so now you can watch me djing live on that instead of just tuning into radio sory just thought id let ya know

djisbak’s Profile PhotoDJK
That's great! 😃👍🏻 But I don't have Facebook (I'm in that 5% lol), can I still watch it without an account?

Are you a DJ? lol You've not even made a single song. You don't have any skills,k? Knowing about edm and making one. there is a huge difference. you aren't a DJ. you are a religious listener.

Hey. Just stfu. You don't know anything about DJing and stuff.
A DJ not only makes music but also does remixing. I love mixing and maybe production is not my thing, you asshole. Untick.

Mina will be responsible for making a cure, if youre gonna be an atheist youll have to be useful w ba3den i also count as swordsman and parkour master 😂😂 Bas DJing for background music is dank asf

AlktrazBars950’s Profile PhotoEl Sadystic
Mina is a good-for-nothing atheist 😂
Plus I defeated you the only time we dueled (Mosta was watching from the securitt camera , remember ?)
Bas brdo mafeesh 7aga dank asf zy el background DJ job :D

*BIIIIIIGGGG HUGS BACK* how have you been?? Life has been a roller coaster since I left! All things are good, I hope 🙈

Awesome, thanks!! Everyone is doing well here. :) I'm not DJing as much and I don't go on here much because people are too judgmental. But it's better for my sanity this way. ;) This doesn't sound good. Is everything OK?
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So I enjoy you. Honestly youre super talented as a musician. Agony is just art. 👌💜 and your DJing is savage+youre just chill& unique& have an infectious smile. so yeah.. bye. 💋✌

sammyrae574’s Profile PhotoSamantha Taylor
Wow that was amazing, thankyou! Possibly the best question I've ever received on this app, and it wasn't even a question 😘 that all meant a lot it feels good to get recognition for my music, I don't get much of it! So thankyou :)

Hi em, sr trước vì a người lạ mà ask em Nhưng mà a thấy em trả lời ask về Edm và DJing chẳng có tí gì giống 1 người yêu nghề cả. Có lẽ em mới vào thôi nên chưa hiểu?

Nếu đây là thằng ml nào đấy ask troll thì tặng m 1 câu thôi GTFO . Nếu ask tử tế thì em trả lời thẳng thắn em là dj mới vào nghề nhưng âm nhạc nói chung và edm nói riêng thì là máu của em r , nó được nuôi lớn trong em có lẽ rất lâu về trước rồi .Btw để đạt được đến ngày hôm nay liệu anh có biết em phải hi sinh như thế nào k ? bao nhiêu mồ hôi nước mắt công sức em đã bỏ ra anh có biết không ? Nhà em chả có gì khỏi là khá giả , tiền em mua controller tiền em mua laptop đều là do em tự tiết kiệm + có sự giúp đỡ của bạn bè mấy năm r mới có được . Hơn nữa , 1 ngày em dành ra gần 9 10 tiếng để nghe edm , lọc từng track hay , từng genre ra r cặm cụi tìm link down tưngf track về máy r lại cặm cụi ngồi nghe xem có track nào bị vỡ âm k để xoá đi , mà đâu phải nghe không em còn làm 1 đống việc khác , như chuyển bị set nhạc cho các ban ở trường , rồi tập luyện các set đấy cho thuần thục , mượt mà nhất có thể quan niệm của em rằng luôn luôn phải đánh 1 set perfect vì đó k chỉ thể hiện đc tài năng của mình đến đâu mà nó còn thể hiện sự tôn trọng đầu tiên đến khán giả , thể hiện sự tôn trọng đến với chính cái tình yêu lớn nhất của cuộc đời mình .Em xin khẳng định luôn em thà đánh fail còn hơn là em chơi preset . Chính vì lẽ đấy mà em đã hi sinh rất nhiều thời gian côg sức , sưcs khoẻ của chính mình cho edm , trong lúc các bạn ngồi học các bạn ăn cơm cùng gia đình rồi các bạn tập thể dục vui chơi thì em phải vùi đầu vào công việc bên bàn laptop rồi lo việc học hành , ( em ăn luôn ở bàn làm việc nhé ) , tuy nhiên em vẫn kệ em tiếp tục , anh tưởng em sung sươngs à mà làm việc như vậy , tai em tương lai điếc có ai lo được cho em không , tương lai lưng em còng có ai lo cho em k , ngày nào em cũng thức khuya sức khoẻ em bị tàn phá có ai lo , hay mọi ng` mặc kệ em quẩy xong là xong chả còn cái vẹo gì trong tâm trí cả ? Em bh nói thẳng đi đến đâu ng ta cũng bảo em gầy như thằng nghiện , sao nhìn cháu mỏng manh thế , bố mẹ em cũng buồn vì em rất yếu , bố mẹ em buồn anh tưởng em vui ? Nhưng xin thưa với anh và mọi ng em chấp nhận hi sinh hết vì có thể xác của em k lớn nhưng tâm hồn , tình yêu dành cho âm nhạc,Djing của em thì vô cùng lớn nhé . Anh thực sự không nên đánh giá ai khi không hiểu hết mọi chuyện nhất ;) còn về phần em rep ask thì tính em rất tưng tửng nên em rep khá là vui , tuy nhiên em KHÔNG HỀ THỂ HIỆN BẤT KÌ SỰ THIẾU TÔN TRỌNG NÀO ĐẾN VỚI EDM NHÉ .
P/S nếu bạn nào bảo mình ngu học k biết sắp xếp thờI gian hợp lý thì bạn cứ lên tracklist và tập luyện set đấy hoàn hảo nhớ rõ từng cấu trúc tưngf điểm cue từng đoạn dùng sample vv.... trong vòng vài ngày hộ mình nhé , Mà vẫn phải hoàn thành đầy đủ bài tập để thi HK hộ mình .

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If I want to become a DJ, can I only cross fade between songs or becoming a DJ means like you will have to make your own music. Would appreciate if you'd answer this :D

There's alot more to djing than just mixing two songs.Its mainly about how you approach the art and what you want to do with it.
As a dj you obviously have to know how to flawlessly mix but you also have to know how interact with the crowd and have a good sense in music.
Making your own music falls under production..which is way harder than djing but it is where you really come off as an artist and it also helps you to build a name and career for yourself as a dj.
For me all the gigs that I've done and all the interviews and contracts are because of producing music and not djing...so basically if you are a successful producer you'll automatically have a successful djing career!
Hope this helps you out man!

🌟Full Name: 😁Nickname: 🔋Battery %: 📞iPhone or Android: 📱Last Person in your texts: 🎈Birthday: ❤Something u love: 👍Someone u trust: 🎵Last Song u listened to: ✏ Favorite Colors: 🍺Favorite Drink: 📺Favorite Movies: 😋Favorite food: 😡Things you hate: ✌Aim in life: 👆Height: ✋Personality type:

NzMgaming’s Profile PhotoJustice's Husband
Full name: Benjamin salu
Nickname: Polo 😂
Battery: 74%
Phone: both android and iPhone
Last person in texts: Shania ❤️
Birthday: 18th of April
Something I love: Shania, djing, family, God, rugby, rap music (all old school),
Art, making music etc...
Someone u trust: my brother and Wesley
Last song I listened to: buffalo Tyler The Creator
Favourite Colours: ❤️ red, orange
Favourite drink: water, Pepsi
Favourite movies: menace 2 society, don't be a menace while drinking juice in the hood, poetic justice, Friday, juice, boyz in the hood, DOPE 😍, ALL OLD SCHOOL HOOD MOVIES
Favourite food: pagi popo, coco laisa, faai, kalo 😍, sapasui, (grandmas food 😍)
Things you hate: try hards, no shows
Aim in life: be a producer making people's music, djing in the US, making my own graphic designing buisness, being a side rugby star, family with Shania, and give money to all the people that have helped me get where I am and showed love ✊😉
Height: 5"8
Personality type: kind, loving, sometimes hard but 😉😉❤️ yeah hehe

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On se comprend, on se dit tout, djing djong tu connais les bails vendredi ces ton anniv, chaque fin d'entraînement ca part en débats et au final on oublie de rentrer bref je vais pas étalé tout nos bails on risque de faire bugger ask...

emilmazenc’s Profile PhotoEmil Mazenc
et de choquer les plus jeune mdrr
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1)Γεια👋 2)τι κανεις; 3)ποσο εισαι;🙌 4)εχεις κοριτσι; 5)ασχολησε με κατι; 6)πιτσα η πιτα; 7)τουρτα η νουτελα; 8)διακοπες η σχολειο; 9)μολυβι η πεννα;😂 10)που πηγες φετος διακοπες; 11)περασες ωραια φετος το καλοκαιρι;🌟 12)ειδωλα;✌ 13)Σ'αρεσει ο νευμαρ;⚽ 14)χορευεις; 15.υψος σου; 16.ακολουθοι;

Giannoua’s Profile PhotoJoanna
1)Heyy ✌2)Μια χαρα^^ 3)15 :* 4)Νοπ :/
5)ναι ασχολομε με Djing :D 6)Πιτσα *-*
7)Τουρτα👌 8)Διακοπες εννοειται <3
9)Μαρκαδορος:( 10)Πηγα κατασκηνωση και αυριο θα παω χαλκιδικη^^ 11) Τελεια😍 12)Justin Bieber,Skrillex Jack U
13)Εμ ελαχιστα :/ 14)Ναι χορευω :') 15) 1,82 :ρ 16) 190 :') ❤❤

Si sé que probablemente sepas eso jajajaja, el HIP HOP es Graffiti DJing RAP y BreakDance, y si te digo la verdad enamoras diciendo lo que has dicho, y más poniendo ese vídeo, conozco a todos los que salen xD Y me parece bastante raro y a la vez alucinante que una chavala, encima guapa-sigo en otra

... oiga esa música. No te enfades que no era en plan así jajajaja y la verdad es que me has soprendido poninendo ese vídeo jajaja OLDSCHOOL a topee jajajaja nada más ver tu perfil, no sé por qué noté que no eras como las demás... RAP PAZ HIP HOP
Jajajajaja gracias
Si te mola la old estoy en proceso de seguir con una web que empecé hara meses

WF: Schreibe mir bitte eine Geschichte. Worüber liegt ganz in deiner Entscheidung wie lang sie wird auch nur beachte so Ausführlich wie möglich zu schreiben.

DaemondeinerTraeume’s Profile PhotoSchrödingers Katze
Jetzt geht's also los dachte er während der Bus los fuhr.Es ging mal wieder auf Freizeit. Als sie angekommen waren wurden sie gleich von Wespen begrüßt.Dann gings auch schon auf die zimmer. Er war in einem 5er Zimmer. Der erste Tag bestand daraus die andern kennenzulernen. Er kannte schon die meisten aber es gab auch neue Leute. Der Tag war schnell vorbei. An schlafen war nicht zu denken.Er dachte viel nach denn er wollte ein paar Sachen mit ein paar Mädchen klären. Um 4 Uhr morgens gingen die Feuermelder los. In den nächsten Tagen redete er mit den Mädchen und war froh das er das geklärt hat. Außerdem redete er auch mit andern Leuten über Djing und andere Sachen. Es war alles gut. Dann lernte er noch ein paar andere Leute kennen.Bei denen war er dann die meiste Zeit. Ein Mädchen, das Okulele spielt und zwei jungs mit denen man gut reden konnte. Das wetter war zwar nicht immer gut aber durch musik aus der anlage und dem Mädchen das okulele spielte war er trotzdem gut gelaunt.Als es dann wieder nach Hause ging wollte er sich entspannen und hörte musik.Einer der GL's lieh ihm dafür sein Headset.Als er wieder zurück war konnte er auf eine schöne Woche zurückblicken. Das war seine letzte Freizeit als Mitfahrer.

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Come cazzo si fa a dire che il rap deriva dal rock? Il rap è uno dei quattro elementi principali dell' hip hop insieme al writing, Djing e il B-boying conosciuta anche come breakdance e insieme a questi si può considerare anche il beatboxing.. Il rock non c'entra proprio un emerito cazzo anonimo

sisi c'é solo il Rap Rock che é un sottogenere.
comunque sta roba me l'hai scritta 13 volte ajaja

tbh// you have a huge DJing a singing career in front of u. I mean you spit straight flames😂 and ur like amazing at hockey. oh yeah and your gonna be an NHL hockey coach too. we'll your gonna need a manager for all those so I volunteer

griffinwise1’s Profile Photogriffin wise
thanks Griff I'll get u a discount off my new mixtape🔥🔥🔥

Why do u think ur a dj? It dosent make u cool and u don't know anything about edm or djing and your songs suck just stop thinking ull be like tashfain if u start djing hes nt a chutya like u he knows what hes doing and he knows what edm is unlike u -.-

Untick maybe? Its easy to just sit behind a computer screen nd hate on someone cz uk ure anonymous. Actually working on something nd putting it out there requires testicles, which u dont have my friend :) what makes u such an expert on edm anyway? I was listening to dubstep nd house before it was even cool. So ik what im doing cz ive been doing it since u were a sperm u little fucktard.

Sir big fan..followed .. read ur answers liked them too and concluded that u are a goal..man wish was in Islamabad too.I might as well travel to Islamabad to meet u and take a few tips on handling girls, DJing and Rapping..interested in both af ..love for chocolate is mutual..ur attitude(y)..hatsoff

ahmatron1999’s Profile PhotoAhmad Ali
I don't handle girls. We're like a family here.
Thank you tho, Ahmed.

Jakie opowiadanie [x1] Jakie Anime [x2] Czymś jeszcze się interesujesz poza anime i pisaniem opowiadań ? c; Niby czytam sporo, mangi głównie, bo z typowych książek jakoś straciłem zainteresowanie przez GoT ~ No i przede wszystkim no.1 muzyka c;

1.FF SasuSasku, no i takie jedno fantasty( ale z tym stoję w miejscu).
2. Naruto, Bleach, FT, SAO (obecnie) i wiele innych..
Po za tym to chyba niczym innym się nie interesuję, kiedyś był Djing ale mi się znudziło ;c

Μαθε μια φορά ορθογραφία και μετά ελα να μιλήσεις ούτε πάτο έχω πιάσει πίστεψε με ασχολουμε με μουσική περίπου 10 χρόνια και έχω ακούσει φωνες και φωνές. Έπαιζα πιάνο και τώρα ασχολουμε με παραγωγές djing και λοιπά και προσεχε πως μιλάς γιατί θα βρεθεί κανένας που θα σε σπάσει στο ξύλο (συμβουλή)

Δεν το άρχισα εγώ αλλά εσύ και επίσης μιλάς ανώνυμα ρε φίλε ;) και εσύ με έκραξες οπότε έχω το κάθε δικαίωμα κάνε ότι θες και μπράβο σου δεν με νοιάζει μην ασχολίσαι με το τι θα κάνω εγώ ;)

fi: I want to strangle this girl why she talk so much ci: yey nameless💝 v nice n caring like mother ( auntia ) great actor loves drawing n djing wuhu

xxclaricee’s Profile Photoclaricee
strangle me siol HAHA eeyer your auntia has spread ehhh :'( and yes for djing woots 🙆🏻❤️
Liked by: gréy vanessa. claricee

Well , people call me navy . Music freak , stage actor , anchor , learning djing , singer . I love to make people happy . Travel . Dream . Sing . Fly . 💃 What about you ? :))

Haha that's a lot of information. :3 Let's see, music is my life, I occasionally cook, I do minor dramas usually in school ._. I love to travel but am cursed with motion sickness and big time foodie ^_^ Oh and I believe that I'll receive the admission letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry real soon.

Tommy is really good at DJing at his age lol, it seems cool lol. but we all know CMA and Tommy doesnt like each other lol

Okay. Either way, who cares about the likes and dislikes at a party or not? There's tons of different kids every year, and most people tuned to enjoy theirselves when at a party even when they know people they will be there. What's your point in all of this?

Damnnnn *_* *_* *_* . Your mixes are so sexy as fuck !!! <3 . I love the second mix of yours <3 . Since when have you been Djing ? . Can you give me few tips please <3 and are you just going to stop with two :/ ? #Fangirl

Thank you :") . Well I've been doing it since a week :p . So far I've done 5 mixes . Uploaded two :") .The rest I will upload it slowly ;) . Tips :p . Figure out how BPM work's :p and mix your song i.e next track just before the drop :D that's what I do . Thanks for the support :) . More to come xD

Ma perché parli in prima persona plurale quando parli del corso di djing che fanno Ronchini e Cattelani? O comunque delle feste che hanno fatto gli Alternative Situations...cosa c'entri tu?

Perché la prima persona plurale riguarda in genere la persona in questione includendone altre che a loro volta compiono l'azione espressa dal verbo
Se fai 2+2 vorrà dire che lavoro insieme a loro ma poi fai tu
Ma perché parli in prima persona plurale quando parli del corso di djing che

abe anon yeh kamayega aur woh bhi THROUGH DJing. LOL. If this guy starts earning through djing then this world can go anywhere lol

Hahaha don't worry bro we will earn and then your mothers gonna come over to have a 3 some with Alpha & Omega.
Then we will record her voice when she's getting fucked and release it very soon as a FREE DOWNLOAD.
Alpha & Omega ft. Horny Mom - SHE GOT FUCKED (Original Mix) [OFFICIAL VIDEO ALSO] [COMING SOON]
Liked by: Rohan Anand Jayant

nice I always wanted to try to dj but my brother never got the chance to teach me .. he is a dj too but not here :)

cool.. it needs alot of practice ive been djing for 5 years now yet i dont consider myself a pro or anything. but i've got the passion to be a pro dj in the future.

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