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tell me about your dog?

Well I have two doggos, Teddy is three years old and a golden cocker spaniel, and a little cockapoo pup called Woody, and I think he’s around eight months old :)
Ted is the most loving being I’ve ever come across, he truly is the embodiment of pure, unconditional love. He’s incredibly smart and extremely caring and devoted to the family, and loves showing/receiving affection. I’ll always be eternally grateful for him ending up in our lives.
Woods is a sweet boy as well, and absolutely worships Teddy. He’s a tad naughty and mischievous sometimes, but it’s typical puppy behaviour, and it’s quite funny when he realises he’s been caught in the act of doing something and immediately runs away, sheepishly! He spins around constantly when he’s happy and squawks like a bird (he hasn’t worked out how to bark 🤣). He adores cuddles, and he always leaps up into my arms whenever he can for a cuddle and to wrap his head around my neck. It’s really sweet 🥹
All in all, they’re two very good bois and I love them both dearly :)

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tell me about your dog

What is the best thing happened to you Olivia ☺️

laxmikanth_cool’s Profile Photolaxmikanth
Probably the connection that I have with my family - particularly my mum, and my doggos as well - both current and the ones I’ve had throughout the years. Their companionship, friendship and love has and is such a blessing in my life :)

How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without your phone? Would it make your day better or worse?

fiezuqa’s Profile PhotoJess
As I wrote in my previous answer I'm addicted to my phone so I don't think I could spend 1 entire day without my phone so if my parents for example took my phone for 1 entire day then I think my day would be probably somewhat better - I'd still be of course on my computer and I'd read my books, well I'd survive without my phone 1 day. I know I should create some limits so I don't spend that much time on my phone + on my computer, I should read more, it's just hard. 😐🤷‍♂️
- Bonus GIF with doggos. 🐶✨
How different would your day be if you could just spend one entire day without

Something that made you smile today?

Some of the resident doggos at work; they’re all very good boys and girls who also love to *subtly* hint to me where our biscuit cupboard is, and I’m not mad about it. By subtle, I mean them trying to walk behind the bar, or continually stare at me from where they’re seated till I get the memo 😆🐶

Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Aha well I’ll try, I can’t promise any of it will be interesting!
~ I studied at uni for six years, and I have a BA in Costume Design for Theatre and Screen, and a Masters in Fine Art.
~ I once had a piece of artwork selected to be shown digitally at the LA premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (ultimately it didn’t in the end, as they only wanted to show American artists 🙈)
~ I had individual and team coaching lessons of tennis every week religiously for 8 years, from ages 8-16.
~ My day jobs are currently being a graphic designer and a barista, to help supplement my art.
~ I have two wonderful doggos, Cody who is 14 (a collie/springer spaniel mix) and Teddy who is 2 (a cocker spaniel) 🐶✨
Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Hello how was your weekend?

Heya, your name made me laugh btw, love it 🐶
It was good thanks, I worked yesterday but I’m now off for a week! I’ve finally been able to book time off aha, so that’ll be nice. I’ll be solidly working on my freelance gig but still, it’s a break :)
I didn’t do much today other than walk one of the doggos and work in the evening. How’s your weekend been? :)

Mögt ihr entweder Fakten zu euren “Fear Babys teilweise oder ein Moodboard zu ihnen erstellen?

Lostgirl_inidenty’s Profile PhotoDonata
Hehe gerne 😊 wobei ich wohl sowohl ein paar Fun-Facts preisgebe als auch ein Moodboard erstellt habe 😂👌
🌻 Cora mag ihren vollen Namen nicht wirklich, da dieser in ihren Augen eher ein "alter Granny" Name ist und sie sich schrecklich alt vorkommt, wenn man sie Cordelia nennt. Sie bevorzugt es eindeutig einfach nur Cora genannt zu werden.
🌻Sie hat von ihrem älteren Cousin den Spitznamen "Dandelion" erhalten, da sie scheinbar mit einem gewissen Barden ein paar nervige Angewohnheiten teilt. Aber sie hat nunmal das Talent für jede Situation den perfekten Song parat zu haben, um dir gehörig auf die Nerven zu gehen und dir deinen ohnehin schon schlechten Tag noch mehr zu vermiesen. Wieso von diesem Talent nicht Gebrauch machen?
🌻Eigentlich sollten ihre "kleinen" Doggos als Wachhund ausgebildet werden. Cora hingegen hatte andere Vorstellungen und hat die beiden mehr zu ihren persönlichen Schoßhunden gemacht.
🌻Cora besitzt einen starken Südstaaten Akzent, den sie zur Not aber auch ganz gut im Griff hat. Sie tut es aber nicht gerade oft, da sie ihren Akzent sehr mag und wenn andere Probleme damit haben ist das ja nicht ihr Problem.

🌻She is dramatic af und irgendeine seltsame hybrid-Version von einer Drama Queen, chaos Goblin und einem Barden-Warlock Multiclass, welcher mal wieder eine short/longrest benötigt bc please take a nap... Humans need more sleep than 6 h in 2 Days...

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Mögt ihr entweder Fakten zu euren Fear Babys teilweise oder ein Moodboard zu

What brings happiness to your life?

My doggos. I’ve been out of the house today since around 6:30am and I got back at 8pm (work and then a trip to London), and my little pup insisted on holding my hand the entire time I had supper. As soon as I’d move my hand away, he’d instantly reach for it again so I could hold his paw. Cody is an angel as well, I’m just so grateful for both of them 🥺🥰

Last time you 1. Called a relative 2. Ordered food 3. Cooked 4. Had your blood tests done 5. Read a book 6. Played a game 7. Get drunk 8. Get high 9. Fought someone physically 10. Told someone you loved them

1. I called my mum yesterday
2. I ordered fish and chips last night 🍴
3. I mostly help with food prep as opposed to full on cooking, but if that counts, then it was the other night!
4. Within the last year or two, but I honestly can’t remember when!
5. Audiobook wise, it would have been a week ago. In terms of reading a physical book, it’s probably been within the last month! 📚
6. I play a mobile game daily
7. N/A
8. N/A
9. N/A (unless you count having squabbles with my bro when we were very young!) 😅
10. I struggle with articulating that in truth… I seldom say that to anyone, if ever - other than to my doggos maybe 👀

What is your favourite animal?

Dogs, without a doubt.
Every time the doggos see me (on the very rare occasion I leave my room briefly as I’m isolating), they’re both absolutely ecstatic!! I think this is what fame feels like 🤣
I miss the boys!! I asked Teddy if he feels like I’ve abandoned him and he started screaming at me for ages, so I don’t think he’s too pleased about it all - even Cody is trying desperately to get into my room 😆🙈

I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year!! 🎉 I hope it’ll be full of happiness, good health and bountiful opportunities for you! 🤗💫

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
Thank you Livi and I wish you too a very happy new year. 🥳✨
I hope you'll have mainly at least good work days, spend only amazing days with your doggos and I hope you'll find some time to get back to art creating, I hope you have more good days than bad days. 🤗😁✨
I just wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year 
I hope itll be full of

What is the best kind of physical affection for you? Does this differ to the kind of affection you like to give the most? 😊

It kind of depends on who it’s from. If it’s from someone I’m seeing, I prefer hugs/cuddles, but from anyone else, I’m not *too* wild on physical affection, as it can make me a little anxious and uncomfortable, but I’m getting better at dealing with it (which sounds mean to say and I don’t intend it that way, I mean as in it doesn’t panic me as much as it used to). This isn’t the case for my mum, but it’s so for everyone else :)
But ultimately, the best kind of physical affection for me is hugs/cuddles with my doggos, as that’s always been very relaxing and grounding! :)

What do you do to relax? What's the most relaxed you've ever been? 😌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Paint, embroidery, watch a show or film I enjoy that’s calming, sleep, cuddle with one of the doggos, commuting by myself (I find it really enjoyable just having that space to myself!), being out in nature, go to a coffee shop, browse an art gallery or museum, etc.
The most relaxed I’ve ever been… I’m not sure, but probably whenever I’m on holiday and I’ve travelled to a different destination. Being able to focus on being in the present and not worry about issues back home, while having the excitement of being somewhere different, I find that relaxing. Particularly if it’s somewhere near the sea :)

What is the best thing about having a job?

It gets me out of the house, it’s independence (both literal and financial), social interaction and hopefully if it’s a decent job, you can get some satisfaction out of it, even if it’s just having a laugh with coworkers. The best part about one of my jobs is how frequently I get to see and pet doggos, I can’t deny! ☕️🐾
What is the best thing about having a job

Tell one short term and one long term goal of yours?

RidaSabeen’s Profile PhotoMean Angel
A Samoyed or a Shiba Inu.
I kinda like Corgis too. They’re cute but they don’t look like a dog but it’s cute that they’re tiny 🥲
But I won’t have one till I can build a nice comfy dog house for them in the front yard but we really want a doggo. 🥲💗
But cats can roam around anywhere but most of them don’t give a fk. Doggos are all nice. 🥲 Anyway it’s comforting to have a furry frend.

I have nicknames for my pets what cute, odd or funny nicknames do you have for your pets?

KittyMissyxo1’s Profile PhotoKittyMissyxo1
I have a few for my doggos!
For Teddy, I often call him Teddo, Bean/Baked Bean (as he literally looked like a baked bean as a pup, hence the name!) and Baby (as he acts like one, ahah).
For Cody, it’s mostly just Codes, Babe/ Baby again, as he seems to be quite happy at being referred to as one! 😂

What you will do if it's your last day.?... like there will be no tomorrow ...what you will do in your last time

arshzz’s Profile PhotoH
Ill get high and go around to see and pet doggos and vibe w them all day long because this would be the last thing i would love to do before i see my death caz Dog is my favourite creature on this universe.
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Well...actually I just sad that people arn't as loyal as doggos. XD So I'm not "an anti fur buddie" xD I also want to spend my next life as a stone. lol. XD

Lady_Eloquent’s Profile Photoʟᴀᴅʏ ᴇʟᴏQᴜᴇɴᴄᴇ
Ahah it’s okay, I knew what you meant!! No beings on this earth are anywhere near as loyal as sweet doggos 😄
Hahah, I don’t know why but that genuinely made me crack up - life would be so much easier just being a stone!! 😂😂
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A Biography on me, Sweet Bella. Anything listed below in this answer is something of an idea that you can ask me any question as long as we don't get too personal about it I don't mind talking about it or answering a question.

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
My name is IsaBella. Spelled like that. With a Cap I & B.
Everyone usually just calls me Bella or Bell or Sweet. Call me any of the 4 above. I don't mind.
I have been on Ask.fm for a reeally long time. From the start 10 years ago.. pretty much. Welcome if your new! or if not new.. well then just welcome to my bio extension! 🤙🤛✌
I am 25 years old.
I am happily married.
Been together with my wonderful husband for 7 years. I am not interested in being in another relationship with another. I am happy with my husband & do not want another partner at all. He is my best friend.
I am Cajun, from the South in the 🇺🇸 US, I am from Southern Louisiana. Was born and raised in a small town next to a big city and now I currently live in Mississippi out in the sticks far far from civilization. It's nice & it is quite & I like it.
Tomboy at heart. Always have been. 🤙🤘
I have a huuge family. But my inner family, no kids. Yet. Just me my husband & our 3 pitties. Doggos 🐾💙🙏😊🐾Ask for pictures. I will post them up! We 💙 them! My life mascots! 😍
What I do for work.
I work in retail. Been for around 10 years.
On the side.
I do work in the Paranormal field. Help people & answer questions & go to different locations. Been at this for about.. 14 years? Awhile.
I have always had a deep interest in the Paranormal. If you ever have any questions you're more than welcome to ask. I will do my very best to help.
My other loves & hobbies & other topics we can have discussions on are...
Cars.. Gaming... Art.. Wood burning.. Painting... Wood carving... Geography.. Travel.. Animals... Relationship advice... Paranormal advice... Positive talks... Tattoos... Cooking.. Southern stuffs.. Cajun stuff.. Mardi Gras.. Sports.. Weather.. Gym stuff... Lifting weights... Henna.. Festivals... Vacations.. And other things.. This is just some.
Hope you enjoyed reading & got to learn a little bit more about me! Now come & ask away some questions to me on my wall! & thx again! Have a good day!😊

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A Biography on me Sweet Bella Anything listed below in this answer is something
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Merry Christmas!! 🎄🌟 I hope you have a wonderful day, however you’re spending it! Wishing you much peace and joy 🤗✨

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
That's very kind of you. Hope you and your family plus doggos had a wonderful relaxing time on Christmas as well!
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can u tell me (& people who don’t know u well) a little bit of the basic stuff abt u? like where ur from, how old u are, how many kids you have, etc?

I’m from a small town in the south east of England. I’m 25 and last year I graduated with a masters of fine art. The end game is to hopefully be able to sustain myself full time as an artist, but for the mo I did have a part time job (past tense being that it was affected by COVID, so I haven’t been able to work), and currently doing some freelance stuff on the side. I have two doggos whom I love more than anything else, and anything fantasy based is my jam. 🕯✨

Ah haha. Yung doggy ba? Haha

chelzkie15’s Profile Photo✨ Ms. Frappe ❤
Pansin ko mas napapa amo ko mga doggos eh kesa sa pusa nagdadalawang isip pa ko kung lalapitan ko ba o hindi.? may pusa kami, ang attitude nya kahit pinapakain ko ayaw magpa hawak. Tas biglang galit pa sakin kahit di ko naman inaano.?
Ah haha Yung doggy ba Haha
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That means we are all bad, because it seems to be our nature. In fact there must be many people that are evolved, because they are absolutely correct also in arguments ?

Get2Out0Of0My1Way’s Profile PhotoErdenEngel
Humans are inherently good, just not perfect. There do not seem to be many examples in nature where animals restrain themselves. They take whatever they can get, and are ruled mainly by hunger and fear. Pets truly seem to be empathetic and supportive, being more “human-like” than their wild counterparts. If more than just a handful of people really wanted to destroy society, they might succeed. What is extraordinary to me, is not how evil we are, but with all the billions of us on the earth, how civil we are. Our civil society is largely an illusion. It works only because we have all agreed (implicitly) to keep up appearances. Police have no power other than what we as a society have bestowed upon them, for example. With so many of us, being 99% good and 1% bad still leaves us with many problems. But our ability to have motivations higher than hunger and fear is what is inherently good about humanity. And our goodness is what separates us from the animals. In my opinion this will be judged by our net effect on the wellbeing of all creatures in the universe. If we caused pain while we are here and then earth gets destroyed by an asteroid in the year 2300, then we were evil. If on the other hand we get to Mars and take dogs and cats with us and the rest of earth gets destroyed, well, nevermind all the atrocities we've committed we fucking saved DOGS AND CATS. It will henceforth be literally impossible for anyone to ever debate whether humanity was good or evil because obviously we are good. Those doggos would've been screwed otherwise. Other than straight up sadism or similar tendencies, I'd say "evil" can more or less be boiled down to a matter of self-preservation. You hate someone? That feeling makes you want to recede from them, to push them out of your life. Why? You want to make your current life more enjoyable, whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever implications that go along with "hating" someone are what we call "evil'. Not to justify evil in any way though. Personally, I think humans are inherently good. We inherently want to build communities and live together. Who we want to live together with then differs as we've evolved over time culturally. The means we'll go to in order to achieve what we want could be labeled evil. It can really go both ways. Nobody thinks they are the bad guys. Once you realize that things start to fall into place. It becomes more about understanding than changing anyone's mind. But once you understand that you realize that some people have ideas that are pure evil. And God would want you to kill those people.

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Do you miss school/uni? Since it’s back to school week 😁

In a weird way, I kind of miss uni? I miss the campus, the commute, walking through the park every morning and taking in nature, seeing doggos was always nice. Then the social aspects of hanging out with friends in the studio, etc. Things like that I miss, but I don’t miss the stress, the ambiguity of everything and deadlines! Finally now I can make art for me, and not have to worry about jumping through 50 odd hurdles and such :)

K! I'm doing okay. I'm making tea. Other than that, I have some laundry to do and that's about it. Maybe I'll take a walk and get silly with the doggies. I'm glad that you wrote. See ya' luv.

Alicia861’s Profile PhotoAlicia + Jenni
I'm glad to hear you're okay! I have laundry to do as well but I feel way too yucky for that right now. Pet the doggos for me! 😸
K Im doing okay Im making tea Other than that I have some laundry to do and

When was the last time good news wasn't good news for you? For example, today I found out Coca-Cola stopped sponsoring Iditarod, which I didn't know they sponsored in the first place! It's a sled race that makes dogs run a very far distance at very low temperatures in the snow which I don't support.

But surely it's good new for you now that they've stopped sponsoring it? I don't like that either so I'm glad they stopped!!
I don't really have an example of my own, I'm just angry at the people who force those poor doggos to do that :(
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hey bry ich wollt nur sagen ich hab nen leichten Crush auf dich und manchmal träum ich wir wären so ein altes Ehepaar und wir kochen zusammen nice vegan stuff und füttern uns während unsere doggos im garten spielen

lmao kann mir überhaupt net vorstellen wie sich leute sowas mit MIR vorstellen xdd abee danke
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Würdest du gerne in ein Tierheim gehen und Katzen oder Hunden Bücher vorlesen, wenn du eine solche Gelegenheit hättest?

ahmmm jo hallo wer wü bitte neta cute doggos und catos geschichten vorlesen
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Hey you! Please check out my new YouTube video; What I got for Christmas! There are some cute kittens and doggo clips in the end. 💖 Feel free to subscribe and feel free to suggest new video ideas too! https://youtu.be/L-b_rxoBrZ0

kellykitties’s Profile PhotoMoved to @norakitties
Oooh, i like doggos and cattos! Thank you, I'll take a look ❤

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