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If you live together with someone else may it be your partner, parents, roommates etc. how do you choose to divide household chores among you? What is it that you do? 🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My brother and I are both pretty good about cleaning up after ourselves, and not letting things sit waiting for the other to do it. That said, I do the bulk of the cooking, because he doesn't really like doing it. He cleans the bathrooms because I REALLY hate doing that. We normally walk our dogs, but when instead we let them out in the yard to do their business, I'll usually be the one to clean it up. Whichever one of us is up earlier empties the dishwasher, and throughout the day we both put our dishes inside, and whoever's closest when we're done for the day starts it. Floors, laundry (communal stuff, we each do our own), garbage, counters, etc., we just do as needed.

I've seen a video where a person is letting a beetle type insect fall into hot water or oil. He records the video instead of saving it. A video where a dog rips off a cat and the person just records it. People can take a living being's life for content & money.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
i used to watch nat geo as a kid, that love for watching documentaries grew with time.
i had same issues, why would they let the loin tear a baby deer?
i came to know.. mechanisms of food chains are designed by almighty.
you can't let the loin die starving cuz you think eating a deer is unethical.
the number of dead / alive creatures, is planned. all WELL PLANNED.
we eat chicken have eaten trillions of them, they are still enough to feed non veg humans,
but the loins/elephants/giraffes they are not exceeding the numbers. they are still in controllable number on this planet.
so if he let if fell/ but not threw it in it. i don't mind filming it.
cats and dogs fight ... even if we don't record they do.
do not worry just try limiting the content you want or do not want to see.
good day.

Do you watch BGT or AGT? We were recently told to watch this (i don't own a TV, so I had to drive to work and watch it). Here is the link. whats your thoughts? https://youtu.be/pJSqTPDDhlc

Luv_freckles’s Profile PhotoM. Adam
I watch BGT/AGT on YouTube now and then.... And this is AWESOME sh*t. Funny you showed me this... My company just hired a group of people with drones to help us out in K9 Search and Rescue.... We're having drones follow our dogs to get a bird's eye view on what's happening in the field.... Thanks for sharing.

If I get a female cat I think I'll name her Serena. If I get a male cat I think I'll name him Neo! Does this sound like a good idea?

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photoneo's future roommate :)
Call either of these places:
Indy Animal Care Services
Indy Humane Society
Here is what you say:
“I’m interested in looking at your cats and dogs for possible adoption. I haven’t had a pet before, so I’d like to stop by and talk to someone about what it would entail and to see if there is an animal that would be a good fit for me. What is a good time for me to come over?”
Also fyi they both offer volunteer opportunities to care for the animals. You could also apply to be a temporary foster home if you’re not ready for a full on commitment just yet.
You can do it! It would be fun and you can post lots of pictures here.

If animals could talk, which one do you think would be the most boring? 🦥 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
In my opinion, everyone would agree on interests and lifestyle, there is nothing boring, there are people who are not interested ^^ each is unique in its own way, it is not for nothing that they say that cats and dogs have their own characters that are not similar to each other on each other, like people ^^ each is unique in its own way, but not everyone is the "missing puzzle" to each other💫🔥
Вот по-моему мнению, все бы сходились по интересам и образу жизни, не бывает чего-то скучного, есть не заинтересованные люди^^ каждый по-своему уникален, не даром говорят, что у кошек и собак свои характеры ни чем не похожие друг на друга, как и у людей^^ каждый по своему уникален, только не каждый друг другу является "недостающим пазлом" 💫🔥
If animals could talk which one do you think would be the most boring

It's always hilarious when ppl think popular opinions are "unpopular", in their heads they are being "controversial". buut 99% of their friends hold the same views. That's like joining a cat lovers group on facebook and say "unpopular opinion: cats are better than dogs xD". Just shows how boring U r

I don’t rlly find it hilarious.
I don’t even pay attention to this kind of trivial stuff anymore.
The opinion of strangers doesn’t concern me tbh.

Yar aj me ATM gaya to thora door side pe kr k ek car khari hil rahi thi me oaisay nikal k oas gya dekhne to,, Larka larki lagay hue thay full time, Me thori dair dekhta raha 😂 phir me ne knock kiya mirror aur chala gya 😂😂😂 yar waise kabi socha ni tha i would witness this dil kharaab ho gya

Reminds me of the time a two dogs were going at it and a safaid darhi wala uncle was staring at them. I was so disgusted.

Do you or did you ever have someone that truly touched your heart? Like no one else has before? 🥰❤

MaryJane214’s Profile PhotoMary Jane
Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh she's a keeper 🥰
This stinker climbed in my car window while I was working and basically demanded I take her with me.... I checked around to see who she belong to... no one came forward... She's been ruling my house with 5 other dogs and 2 cats ever since.... Onyx the Cute Commander o_O
Do you or did you ever have someone that truly touched your heart Like no one

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook? Feel free to post pictures if you have any 😋🥘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My answer is quite lame and I must apologize in advance.
I do not cook but I am an excellent dishwasher. My idea of cooking is boiling water, peanut butter sandwiches, raw hot dogs with mustard and frozen dinners.
I admit that in some areas of my life I am not only useless but also incompetent. I try to compensate by fixing things and understanding how things work. But when it comes to eating? Garbage in --> garbage out. 😂😂😂😂😂

I'm trying to see some subtle and major differences between different INTJs. Describe yourself like telling us about your hobbies, interests, talents, what your personality is like, etc.

I'm complex as hell. No one ever sees the full me because of that. My family sees one piece. People I work with see a totally different piece. People I like/friends see something else. And you people on Reddit see mostly a different piece from everyone else. When people from any of these four elements see me in one of the other elements, they get really confused. Some people think I'm intimidating as hell while other people think the idea that I'm intimidating is completely laughable. I'm old, but I look significantly younger than I am, i.e. at least a decade younger. So, I get a lot of amusement from people because of all of these things. I like dark blue and black and wear those colors almost all the time. I actually love sports, but I treat it like an academic subject. I'm into politics, psychology, reading, research, learning, social issues, pretty much all kinds of music (no "I have eclectic taste" followed by "I hate pop music," though, admittedly, I'm less familiar with modern music--but I just like anything that sounds good to me), old sitcoms. I like philosophical discussions. Great career, but always thinking about what the next step is and positioning for it. "Forever alone"--too weird and different to find someone who is compatible with me and actually wants me. Not "girly." Very calculating and always staying a step ahead of others. Usually have a plan B or a contingency plan. Very unemotional on the outside, more emotional and romantic on the inside. I'm on my early 20s. Very introverted. I find it hard to connect with people. I am picky with my relationships (platonic and romantic). Quite elitistic and arrogant. Loves fine art and the violin. Adores dogs. Pragmatic. Loves money money money! 🤑
I am kind of motivated but unmotivated most of the time. I am a highschool student and I used to go to a boarding school. It taught me a lot about people. And I dream of becoming an engineer and make stuff. I made friends when I used to attend the school, but only talk to one after leaving the school. And I don't really have a person to talk to a lot, but that dosent mean I am alone, have family and friends (2), but just lonely. Closest thing to a friend I have is a random french girl I found on omegle. I rarely talk, to a fistfull of people. I am just shy. Oh and the compliment I get the most by few people I talk to is "weird in an interesting way"
I am also interested in philosophy and psychology, especially applying it to my personal life or analysing the behaviour of others around me. I have grown more confident over time but I still feel very awkward or out of place. I am a very reserved person but I enjoy talking with my friends about meaningful topics. I usually mind my own business but I enjoy giving insightful advice to my friends because I know it will be useful for them. I have two cats. I like iced coffee. I am a good leader.

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Confess something to me😬

hiratanver4560416’s Profile PhotoHiraaaah
Hira ye confession toh nahi but tum achi bachi ho aur agar ye habit adopt nae ki toh karlo, keep two bowls outside your home or garden & fill them with water and bread every other day for the birdies 🐦
Not everyone can help dogs or other animals but at least the birds we must take responsibility for ❤️
Tell your friends too xoxo 💋

If you had your own island, what would you envision it to look and be like?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I'd make it like my Animal Crossing island maybe. xD
I'd have loads of vegetarian/vegan cafés, Kirby stuff, theme park, parks, places to walk, awesome shops, concret places, Safari parks & all that. All cats & dogs will have homes hopefully or at least taken of.
If you had your own island what would you envision it to look and be like

Thoughts on immu jani (IMRAN KHAN)?

laibachoudhry’s Profile PhotoLaiba haha
this political drama had enough of my energies wasted,
even though idc about who ever the Fu** rules this country,
i don't believe any of them. ANY SINGLE OF THEM.
i still have to see their faces, on my wall, on every tv channels, FM, news, hear there gossip come debate come arguments come fights- in every Mf gathering.
they are tracking me down like my worst night mares, where ever i go, what ever i do they are there to make me feel stressed about shit i cant control.
i am just sick of them, tired.
i seek peace.
i have a lot of my mess to clear, and they keep telling me that if i do not follow them generations will face.
so idc who rules,
cuz who so ever we pick, if times get darker they kick our asses at the end of the day, and flew back to some western country.
nobody is staying here for us.
in the end its just us the poor, loyal, innocent nation, waiting for another person to make this nation stronger than russia and japan.
i feel sorry for my ancestors, sorry for my parents, sorry for all those you were once part of this nation.
cuz (political people) they know our needs,
things that would attract us like hungry dogs see a meat loaf through the window at a meat shop,
and once they get elected, the loaf it disappears, and we are left unheard barking, Even if we do it right front of the door, they would throw a stone, and we are out
no body to listen, nobody accountable !

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There is a intruder in your house. You have 3 option; call 911, grab your baseball bat or jump out your 2nd floor window. Which one do you do?

Adamrb23’s Profile Photo《Adam》
Eh, no one would even make it on the edge of the property without the dogs making a ruckus, alerting the 4 of us, regardless of the hour. But I'll let that slide and play...but only so far as to say that in this house, baseball bats aren't what gets grabbed. There are firearms and bladed weapons in secure spots, all over this house...and everyone here is trained to use them, even the guy with Parkinson's.
So I don't see this intruder's chances being very good of making it out, whole, unless he realizes his mistake early and jets the fk out.

💢Post someone's else post that you found worth reading 💘

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
This 🥰
I once observed a dog crashed into a car accident & fell to death suddenly some other dogs surrounded deceased one & stayed calm for a while & stopped moving around I even tried to distract them by throwing some food in front of them but they never got distracted and continued mourning for their deceased companion meanwhile we so called superior humans are at our worst.

Do you like musicals or theatre in general? Do you have any favorites? 🎭🎶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It usually isn't my kind of thing. But I went to this theatre piece about dogs and it was amazing! Unfortunately I forgot it's name.
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Do you like musicals or theatre in general Do you have any favorites

GUYS I NEED HELPPP. Have you got any fave daft videos etc? My little brother is in hospital and I've run out of daft shit to send him xox

origamibirds’s Profile Phototea.
Does your brother like dogs? I know of a meme/video page on insta that post some funny stuff! Here’s a video that made me laugh the other day!
More importantly though, I hope your brother is okay and makes a speedy recovery! Hope you’re alright too 🤗✨

Ok, let's play a game! You pick your most favorite animals, they must be in order from the most to with explanation of what did you like in each one of them. You will be amazed by the results!

Tonsy86’s Profile PhotoAhmed Tonsy
My favorite animal is egrets as they are very beautiful, graceful, and peaceful.
Next, is deers as they have sweet spirits and are pretty animals.
I like tigers as they are athletic and strong animals. They are also beautiful.
Dogs are very sweet, along with being smart and very loyal.
Lastly, I like cats as they are independent, agile, and curious.

What do you prefer cats or dogs?

I love both and I love working with both! But if I really need to pick one, it will be cats. Earlier to maintain, won't bark all the time either.
📷 Taken by me. Petsit kitty Bobby.
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What do you prefer cats or dogs

Appreciation post! Write about someone or something which you appreciate 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I appreciate my pet dog Dakota for FINALLY not having to use the washroom EVERY time she gets in the house ( no joke... After I take her outside to use the washroom and I bring her in the house she wants to go outside AGAIN) Usually she just wants to go outside to play with other dogs though... I just assume she has to go...

🐱 Do you agree if you have a pet, it's part of your family? It's a shame that some people kick their dogs outside or their cats, like pets are part of the family in my opinion & you gotta take good care & show them love.

CazOSX’s Profile Photo☠️ Cazzy. ☠️
I do, all of my animals are shown love and I tell them I do even if they don't understand me. I like to give my animals choices, my cat can come in or go out if he wants. The horses have the shelter that they can use or they can be outside in the field, it's up to them. I'm always trying to find new ways to keep them all entertained, healthy an happy cause that's what they deserve. I don't understand people who get pets to just ignore them?

What makes you angry ???

rafayarslan12’s Profile Photoرافع قریشی
Poisoning stray dogs rather than sheltering should be stopped at once.
I'm so heart broken that KMC is poisoning these unharmful, friendly dogs who cannot even express their pain they face.
It's so traumatizing to see the dead bodies of these dogs lying on diff streets of Khi that is gonna haunt me forever.
Allah hidayat deden hamey,
Hmarey haal pr reham farmayen

DAE find thunder and lightning storms oddly comforting?

I found them very comfortable when I lived at a house with no trees. Now I'm out at the country with 100 or so trees that are tall enough to hit my house if they were to fall. Also my dogs freak the hell out. But other than that they're relaxing :) mostly the rain
They can be comforting, but at the same time they are awesome (as in they fill me with awe). I was in Yosemite once, and it started to storm right above me and my group. There was lightning striking everywhere around us, so we got in our car and drove back to camp. There were waterfalls of rain everywhere. There was an especially large one right where we were climbing less than an hour ago. Totally surreal and made me love nature's power.
I love storms. When I was young my dad and sister and I would sit out on the porch swing and just enjoy the rain and cool misty breeze (the porch was walled on three sides, so very rarely did it actually rain onto the porch). I do, in fact every night I sleep through one every night. I have an app on my Ipad which sounds like rain and thunder, so I can sleep and drown out the noise from outside since I live on a busy corner in Manhattan. I dont know what I'd do without it.
There's a big storm here in the Philippines right now. I usually love rainy days spent indoors, usually curled up with a book and a hamburger on my chest. But this time I'm mostly worried :( please send your well wishes to us tonight.
I love storms. It remembers me that this planet is alive, and most of the time it does not give a shit about us. If we didn't have houses and sewers and all this technology we would be on a very bad situation. However, we are the pinnacle of sentient life on this planet. We have achieved the ability to just relax and contemplate the wonder humankind is.
Yes. For some reason, I love knowing that it's hell outside but I'm perfectly safe inside. I'm not quite sure why.
Yes, unless I'm outside or trying to do something having to with electronics and the power goes out. I miss having a covered porch and being able to chill with a beer and grill food while it's storming.
Currently thundering and drizzling here, and can confirm... very soothing. It's the pitter-patter light taps that the rain droplets sound as they hit the surface of the roof/trees/road that really gets me.
I always wondered why that is. I love sleeping during the rain. Id probably sleep outside if it was screened in and there was a comfy bed there. But some people get super freaked out if it's thundering and stuff.

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How many pets do you have?

I have two dogs one male chihuahua, and one female Beagle/basset hound. Both are from local shelters found as strays so we have no idea on their age. Sheldon is an old grumpy man though and Millie Mae seems to be pretty young and funny still.
I have 1 dog named Podo (Poe-dough)! He’s an 8 year old pitbull, rescued him when he was 1.5 years. We had two cats Lenny & Otis for some time but Otis got feline leukemia & passed away & Lenny ran away :( Since then Podo has been any only child.
It's not hard, he gets to bathe under his lamps or run around the garden when the weather is nice. I wouldn't know how much on average but it's not cheap. He's still growing and becoming a big boy fast so he eats alot and his tank does use up some power! The cats are alot cheaper heh.
2 dogs. Molly is a little, fluffy, white, useless dog that my mum and sister found on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere up in the Yukon. Basil is a massive black bear of a dog we got to prevent Molly from being eaten by bears. He is the dumbest animal I've ever met. I love them both so much.
I'd be curious to know what he thought of her before he found out she had 3 cats. If he was feeling it (and he's on a second date, so I'm assuming he was) and then suddenly decided she was weird because she has 3 cats with long names, then maybe the issue is with him. At the end of the day though, you like what you like. If he can't get past the cat thing, it doesn't make him a bad person. Lots of people have dealbreakers that other people would consider weird.
I might get killed by cat owners, but I think so. There are always issues that can change this. But cats tend to be smaller and eat less and can basically be left alone for an entire day because of the litter box. As long as the litter box is cleaned and you have scratching under control, I would argue cats are less maintenance and less of a burden on your life day to day. If you have enough food left for them a cat could be just fine left in an empty house for more than a day.
That's not to say I'd consider this an instant deal breaker, but I'd consider more than a couple cats, or a cat and a dog somewhat concerning.
I have three dogs. The first one chose our house, it was winter he liked us and started to sleep in our garage, some time pass and one day he had a big fight with another dog, after that we kept him inside or in the backyard. That was like 6 years ago, the second one is a hyperactive dog, I met her one year ago in a adoptive event and after falling in love with her I brought her to our house, the first one and she had a bit hard time but a couple of week and some training classes improved their relationship. The last one and the little one, we met him in a park, my first dog doesn’t like other males so it was a big surprise seeing him not attacking one dog in the park, we saw him in that park for one week until one rainy day, we took a decision and went for him.

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like how many guys have seen you naked so far?Must be more than 7.

Are you trying to make me full blown lesbian bc you're doing a great fucking job. This is why women hate y'all men. You're pigs. Crotch dogs. You need to be beat with a newspaper and told no until your tiny brain comprehends it.
Liked by: Anna(: Tal Chloe

Is there an animal that you find cute that most others probably wouldn't? 🥺 / 😱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes! I think bats are really cute looking! I even held a presentation on them when I was around 7 years old lol.
Did you know that they’re really innocent too? Lots of bats only eat fruit, nectar from flowers and lots of insects 😄
One bat can eat up to 300 insects in one night, so they really help keeping the population down.
Besides bats, I also have a weak spot for animals, especially dogs and cats, that have some sort of deformity.
Is there an animal that you find cute that most others probably wouldnt

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