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Трек стоящий в плейлисте на репите в студию 🎶🔊

dahikopanda’s Profile PhotoKarrfuck
В последнее время как-то снова подсела на песни 10-15-летней давности, а именно песни Бритни, JLo, The Pussycat Dolls, Шакиры.
Но она👇🏼 моя фаворитка на данный момент.
🖇️Britney Spears - Oops!.. I did it again.
Трек стоящий в плейлисте на репите в студию

I'm lonely I mr lonely I have no body On my own And im single 💔 I need girl in my fucking life

You have "no body" ?
And you only want a girl for your "fucking life"
Well , I suppose at least you're honest . . . .
But , what a fate for some poor girl . . You see, girls are Homo Sapiens . . . . not rubber dolls .
Lucky for girls you don't have a body
Oh! Wait a minute , I think I see . . . . you just want a rubber body ?
~ I believe you can get them mail order . . . . try googling ebay or amazon ?
Im lonely
I mr lonely
I have no body 
On my own 
And im single 

I need girl in

👜 What’s something you collect?

I collect stickers, novelty bags (like bags in the shapes on stuff, like dinosaurs, monsters, fluffy bunnies, donuts, characters etc), I collect bjds (ball jointed dolls), comics, plushies... Sort of. I don't plan to buy any more, but I usually end up being gifted them or occasionally getting one if it's mega cute haha. And also although I don't call it something I collect for the sake of collecting it.. I'd say clothes. Because I have way too many and I need to not be in denial haha

If you game, what got you into it? 🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I was a young kid, I always played games on arcade machines. Tekken was one of my favourites, and mortal kombat.
I then had a game boy, which I played Mario on and such.
Most my friends at that age were all girls and all they were interested in were dolls, nail polish, magazine quizzes and stuff like that haha. So I wasn't really exposed to much info about consoles. So had only payed on the game boy and arcades.
But one day (don't judge, I was super young), my older brother who didn't live with us anymore, had brought round his PlayStation for us to play with him. And he was like lulu do you want to play PlayStation with me? It's new! And my dumb naive ass who happened to also like trains at the time haha was like 'oh cool, yeah! I love trainsets!' I thought the PlayStation was a train station you play with lmao.
And he was like nooo it's a game console. And you can play tekken on it from home etc. And I was like omg what no way! And freaked out at how cool that was. So we played it for ages that day, and then some car games etc. Then he had to go home and took it with him.
I basically then pestered my parents for one for agesss, and they said they wouldn't get me one unless my sister also wanted one, and I got her to ask for one too haha. And then that Christmas we both got one. I was mega excited and was hyper and bouncing around. And my sister broke out in tears because she was so amazed they got her one... Only she like literally never played it haha, it gathered dust haha.
I remember my parents bought us the spice girl game as our first game hahah, it was so bad. But I liked it anyway because I was a spice girl fan haha. They also got us tomb raider so I was really happy with that. My parents couldn't afford to get us games often. So I was allowed to rent one now and then from blockbusters haha. I loved spyro so much back than haha but it was rented, so I was sad when I had to give it back haha.
But yeah, my gaming life was a weird one growing up.

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Welche Band/Musiker hörst du gerne? Was sind deine Lieblingslieder?

Mayonym’s Profile PhotoMayonym
Momentan höre ich unglaublich gerne alle möglichen Lieder von Grimes; bin erst vor ein paar Monaten auf ihre Musik gestoßen und seitdem absolut obsessed.
Auch Melanie Martinez zählt immer noch zu meinen absoluten Favs, genau so wie viele K-Pop Groups (momentan ganz aktiv Stray Kids und Ateez) und noch einige weitere Solo-Artists wie Bella Poarch, Jay Park, HyunA, Jackson Wang und B.I 🌸
Ach ja, die Lieblingslieder!
Von Grimes:
💫 Player Of Games
💫 We Appreciate Power
💫 Kill V. Maim
💫 World Princess Pt. II
💫 Idoru
Von Stray Kids 🌙 & Ateez 🌸:
🌙 Maniac
🌙 Venom
🌸 The Real
🌸 Thanxx
🌸 Guerrilla
🌸 New World
Und von den restlichen Solo-Artists sind es zurzeit diese Lieder: Nabillera (HyunA); No Man's Land ft. Grimes, Villain, Living Hell, Dolls und Inferno (Bella Poarch); Cruel und Blow (Jackson Wang); BTBT und Illa Illa (B.I). 💫

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Czy Britney pojawiła się kiedyś w czyimś teledysku?

Nie, Britney miała wystąpić w teledysku do "When I Grow Up" The PussyCat Dolls, jednakże z nieznanych przyczyn wycięto jej scenę w fazie montażu.

* kolejny fun fact: "When I Grow Up" zostało napisane z myślą o Britney i miało trafić na album "Blackout", z czego ostatecznie zrezygnowano

Why do people always run behind beautiful fair complexion faces, I mean even the brown skin people are attractive

I think it's probably because of the fact that more recognition was given to fair skins; I don't know about the rest of the people, but I grew up in a world, where people praised fair skin more. Fair skinned dolls. Fair skinned women in advertisements. Fair skinned women in movies. Fair skinned women in cartoons.

People have got either pretty face or good body. Why not both? 🤔

That's not true, i've seen who have both from the start. Or me, who has neither face nor bоdy☻
I'm not just talking about athletic or slim bоdies, but about those that look natural with their hеads. For example, cheeks with a thin bоdy look very strange, or cheekbones with a curvy bоdy. But this is already my professional fоrmation) I collect dolls, and sometimes I have to change 2-5 different bоdy types for one head until it's perfect. Frаnkenstain time!
People have got either pretty face or good body Why not both

So old sport, butter bei die fische; teil‘ mal den spears jedem einen pink floyd song zu c:

Hanna_Blub’s Profile Photohanna
I tried my very best!! PFs Diskografie ist umfangreich, aber well, es hat etwas Überlegung gebraucht:
Lance: Time
"Far away across the field / The tolling of the iron bell / Calls the faithful to their knees / To hear the softly spoken magic spells"
Heracles: Julia Dream
"Sunlight bright upon my pillow / Lighter than an eiderdown / Will she let the weeping willow wind his branches round / Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams"
Graham: Fearless
"You say the hill′s too steep to climb / Chiding / You say you'd like to see me try / Climbing / You pick the place and I′ll choose the time / And I'll climb the hill in my own way"
Josiah: Young Lust
"Will some woman in this desert land / Make me feel like a real man? / Take this rock and roll refugee / Oh, baby set me free"
Camille: Matilda Mother
"For all the time spent in that room / The doll's house, darkness, old perfume / And fairy stories held me high on / Clouds of sunlight floating by / Oh mother, tell me more"
Tadgh: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
"Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun / Shine on you crazy diamond / Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky / Shine on you crazy diamond"
Virgil: Hey You
"Hey you, out there in the cold / Getting lonely, getting old / Can you feel me? / Hey you, standing in the aisles / With itchy feet and fading smiles / Can you feel me?"
Sidonie: Eclipse
"And all you destroy / And all that you do / And all that you say / And everyone you meet / And all that you slight / And everyone you fight / And all that is now / And all that is gone / And all that's to come / And everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon"
Oscar: Wish You Were Here
"How I wish, how I wish you were here / We're just two lost souls / Swimming in a fish bowl / Year after year / Running over the same old ground / What have we found? / The same old fears / Wish you were here"

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คุณพิมมม เราขอชื่อหนังสือทั้งหมดที่คุณพิมพูดในสเปซได้ไหมคะ พอดีเราหลุดตอนนั้นค่ะㅠ0ㅠ เอาเท่าที่จำได้ก็ได้ค่ะ🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

ได้คร่ะ อิอิ จำได้ ๆๆๆๆ คิดว่าน่าจะทั้งหมดเลอ มี ลอนดอนกับความลับในรอยจูบ, ไส้เดือนตาบอดในเขาวงกต, A doll’s house, sea of strangers, the universe of us, อาจไม่เหมาะหากเปราะบาง, ดั่งใจปรารถนา ค่าา เย่่่่่><
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Напиши пару строчек из любимой песни🎼

How do you feel? That is the question
But I forget you don't expect an easy answer
When something like a soul becomes initialized
And folded up like paper dolls and little notes
You can't expect a bit of hope
And while you're outside looking in
Describing what you see
Remember what you're staring at is me

Do jaké míry vás zajímají texty písniček? Respektive překládáte si je/hledáte překlad nebo radši posloucháte jen ty, kterým rozumíte?

Keepromancing’s Profile Photo✝heofáš
Poslouchám většinou anglické interprety, jen občas české.. obojímu rozumím. Texty si vyhledávám hlavně když jsou tam nějaké jinotaje, odkazy na události, o kterých nevím... anebo si k tomu vytvořím vlastní příběh - to se mi hodně stává u Amandy Palmer/Dresden dolls. Její texty jsou hodně poetické, nadnesené až snové, přitom často popisují naprosto nehorázné utrpení a bolest. To, že se do nich nacítím s nějakým vlastním prožitkem, je součástí toho, proč její hudba patří k mým nejoblíbenějším. Rammsteinům rozumím tak napůl, už je taky poslouchám dost dlouho na to, abych sem tam nějaký slovíčko pochytila a domýšlela si obsah... a třeba finský Turmion Katilot poslouchám především pro to, jak industriální skřípání dovedou převýst do chytlavý intenzivní melodie, která "tepe" ve stejnym rytmu, jako já. Texty jsem si u nich nikdy nehledala a naprosto se odevzdávám tomu, jakej ve mně vzbuzujou pocit.

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*The demon laughs before returning to normal* "What y'all never met a shapeshifter before?" *He continues to snicker as he lands on the ground dark magic whipping around him, but not touching any of the patrons* "Now how bout y'all tell me where the human kid is and we'll be outta y'all's hair."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
/The monsters in the bar stare and look around at eachother before responding/

R: Aren't you both humans? We haven't seen any with magic like that but magic weilding humans is what sealed us down here years ago..
DB: I almost forgot that! That's true, I guess it IS possible for humans to do weird $%#t like that, can you actually do voodoo magic? Like the books say, that humans play with these voodoo dolls to take revenge on their enemies?
PH: You seriously want to ask a HUMAN that question? One with magic who could dust us in minutes? We should of evacuated like the others started doing!
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❝When guests drop by for dinner and you haven't had time to shop, you improvise.❞⠀

vexatiousminx’s Profile PhotoℋᎯяℓєуFreakin'Qᴜɪɴɴ! ❖
.˳˳.⋅ॱ˙˙ॱ⋅.˳˳.⋅ॱ˙˙ॱᐧ.˳˳..⋅ॱ˙˙ॱ⋅.˳ TIFFANY & HARLEY .˳˳.⋅ॱ˙˙ॱ⋅.˳˳.⋅ॱ˙˙ॱᐧ.˳˳..⋅ॱ˙˙ॱ⋅.˳
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 1 :
after parting ways and breaking up with CHUCKY due to their different interests and TOXIC relationship, the blonde began to rebuild her life. It wasn't easy, but that's what she needed. To remain young and beautiful, Tiffany changed her body using voodoo magic until finding the right one ; the one she currently had. A sexy blonde who shared a notable resemblance with the one and only HARLEY QUINN. The princess of crime. ━━ Truth be told, TIFF was a huge fan of Harley. Especially after hearing that she was no longer with the Joker. They truly reminded her of Chucky and herself.
⠀⠀⠀as soon as she found out Miss Quinn's whereabouts, Tiffany sent out a personal invitation, asking her to please come to her place for dinner... and luckily for Chucky's ex-wife, Harley showed up, sooner than expected, indeed. She barely had time to shop for dinner.⠀⠀❝Miss Quinn! I'm a huge fan❞⠀⠀the blonde spoke as soon as her crazy clear eyes laid upon the princess of crime.⠀⠀❝I'm Tiffany Valentine... now come in! come in!❞⠀⠀⠀excitement was written on her face. TIFF led Harley through the corridors until reaching the living room.⠀⠀❝wait for me here. It'll only take me a few minutes. You can pick a seat if you wish❞⠀⠀and with that being said, the psycho blonde headed to the kitchen and prepared two dishes of pre-cooked food.
❝When guests drop by for dinner and you haven't had time to shop, you improvise.❞⠀⠀Tiffany said while she served their dinner, also picking a seat.⠀⠀❝alright! Now that everything is ready... Let's talk❞⠀⠀right in that moment, she realized that perhaps Harley had no idea about who she was. Something she had to make clear.⠀⠀❝oh silly me! I know who you are but I might be a total stranger to you, sweetface. It's okay. Let me introduce myself properly. Have you heard about Chucky and his wife, the serial killers whose souls possessed dolls? Well ━━ that's me. The wife, of course. Actually, EX-wife❞⠀⠀

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When guests drop by for dinner and you havent had time to shop you improvise

What was the best christmas gift you've received as a child? Describe it, if you wish. 🙂🌲🎁

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
When I was very little, my mum took me to a shop where they were also selling toys. I spotted a doll, which was the simplest doll ever, basically just made of fabric, it was polka dot blue fabric with yellow hair made out of yarn. I really liked it. There were other dolls next to it, fancy ones, so my mum asked if I'd prefer the other one, so maybe next time, when she has more money she can get it for me. But nah, my little mind was hooked on the fabric one. Soon came Christmas and I opened my present and there she was :) it was my favourite toy for many years to come. It's still sitting on a shelf in my old room.

Share a little about you

My name is Freya but you can call me Frey. I currently live in London. I’m Welsh and was brought up in Cumbria from the age of 5. 🌾 For work, I’m in design engineering, working as a technician in a machine shop.
🌸 Slightly more random childhood facts in no particular order… I grew up camping, travelling, climbing and skiing, catching frogs and building forts in the woods with my siblings. We loved water balloons, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and air soft guns. Cozy coupe cars, jelly shoes, blacksmithing, the stars and alternative rock/grunge bands were my jam. I dreamed of living on a canal/narrowboat. I think the closest things to dolls that I really enjoyed was the doll house itself and Polly Pockets and what I enjoyed equally as much as playing with my toys was organising them 😂 I think I’m a type-A gal.
I want a van life or something like that, it’s actually less about travel and more about simplicity. The less cluttered I keep my external life, the easier it is for me to think clearly. I’m more able to answer cliche but important questions. Knowing myself is something I really value and it makes me a better person to those around me. I feel much more present and at peace. 🤍
I’m probably a classic 90s kid with a love of learning by doing.

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" Is that so? Well then... Let's /see/ about that... " Suddenly the King of Fear would LUNGE at the Reaper, causing the skeleton's vision to go black for a moment, before returning to reveal him surrounded by dolls... Doll versions of himself.

EternianConqueror’s Profile Photoʜᴏʀᴅᴀᴋ
*Oh sh-t xD I'm all caught up with He-Man so uh oh--It was at this moment Reaper knew, he f-cked up*
*Reaper raised his scythe in defense when he was lunged at but seeing his attacker vanish and instead being in a dark area filled with dolls..that caused the Death God to back up with his scythe shaking in his hands* D-Dolls!? ..Of...ME!? G-GENOOO!!!

What toys or games did you have as a child?

Oh sooo sooo many! I used to game and play a lot as a child. I had Lego’s, Playmobil, The Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie dolls, other dolls, figurines, plushies, clay, educational toys.
The games I usually played were:
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue.
Habbo Hotel.
Efteling: Pardoes de Tovernar.
The Sims.
Mario Kart.
Mario World.
Mario 64.
Mario and Luigi.
Lots of mini games on those big websites like spele.nl
Lots of Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance games.
Lots of Playstation 2 games.

🎃 ℬoo! ❜ https://cutt.ly/aRXeiRO ‣ uzupełnij template i załącz link do odpowiedzi na pytanka ‣ https://jpst.it/2Fhrw

YXUR_REVDER’s Profile Photoreisa's place ⋆ ♡
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀oh, yeah,⠀ᵗʰᵉ SCARY STUFF
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀vampires, witchcraft, ⠀creepy ⠀dolls
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀turning their heads, and the worst of
⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀all ┈⠀ᵍᵒᶤᶰᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉʳᵃᵖʸ⠀⠀🎃⠀⠀┈┈┈┈
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do you know how to sew?

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
With the basic sewing tools at my disposal, I can manage.✂️ I'm not an expert but not an amateur either, just don't put me near a sewing machine as I haven't used it since my teen years🙈. I was under the age of 10 when I first started sewing..I used to sew outfits for my barbie dolls. Then back in junior high for one of the art classes, we had to sew our own teddy bear.
do you know how to sew

Would you buy a doll that was suspected to be haunted? 🎎 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
I'm not a superstitious man. I don't need dolls to decorate. I will not buy a doll even if it is a Chcuky doll
Czy kupiłabyś lalkę, która była podejrzana o nawiedzenie?
Nie jestem przesądnym człowiekiem. Nie potrzebuję lalek do dekoracji. Nie kupię lalki nawet gdyby to była lalka Chcuky
Would you buy a doll that was suspected to be haunted

Would you buy a doll that was suspected to be haunted? 🎎 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
No. They always get up to shenanigans. And not the fun quirky kind of shenanigans that leprechauns and the wee folk do that involve mead or magic mushrooms. Nah this is always the kind of skulking around at 3AM shenanigans with cleavers and butcher knives, which really aren’t shenanigans at all. Haunted dolls need to be boiled in holy water, cremated then buried in consecrated ground. It’s the only sensible thing to do. Well, that or just not buy one in the first place. Definitely, cursed dolls and knickknacks make great presents, just don't tell anyone they're cursed. I have always had an interest for the mysterious things in life. Conspiracy theories, ufo sightings, haunted objects and houses and well pretty much anything that someone in a mental hospital has an interest in. I guess you can say that I'm an open minded person that believes in a little bit too much. I usually watch creppy top ten videos on Youtube or watch a movie "based on a true story" as long as it's creppy and within a realistic scenario then I'm interested. My favorite category is ghosts so I like to watch people using ouija boards and all other sorts of communication devices for spirits. One day after watching an allegedly haunted doll video on Youtube I decided to get myself a haunted doll. The video was about a kid that kept on telling his parents how he couldn't sleep cause the doll would always move it's head right to left, up and down. The father and the one who published the video decided to put up a camera with night vision to see if the doll actually moved and well.. it sure as hell did. The video only showed highlights but you could clearly see it's head moving and that was enough for me to waste 30 dollars on a doll from ebay.
Trying to sleep again was hard as this had freaked me out to the point where my body was at a high guard. As I slowly drifted off to sleep I suddenly heard a quiet little knock on my door following cries. I opened the door and the doll was sitting right outside my room. I started to think that the doll wanted to stay inside my room so I thought to myself that I had to be brave enough to let the doll stay right on the place she had always been while living at my place. After placing her on the table I tried to fall asleep yet again only this time there was no cries or anything that interrupted it. I woke up already having a plan of what to do that morning. I went to my shelf in my office and grabbed a ouija board I had bought and decided that I would try to communicate with the spirit that had possessed this doll. After a few minutes of nothing happened (Which is normal when using an ouija board) the planchette slowly started moving and I had a successful conversation with the spirit.

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https://ask.fm/id85728795/answers/167460362803 - You're afraid of ordinary dolls? Why? 😅 Do you suspect they're secretly watching you? 😹

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
I'm just afraid of dolls, because they're creepy. I haven't had a good relationship with them since I was a child

Would you buy a doll that was suspected to be haunted? 🎎 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
if i really like her and price is nice
With vintage ones i'm more afraid of the presence of insects under clothes or cigarette smell or non-removable mould inside😱 - thats'a real curse for restorer)
Luckily, most of the old dolls seem to me huge and ugly.

Did you ever tattletale when younger?

lnr87’s Profile Photospuʎ˥ˢᵖᵒᵒᵏʸ
Depends on whom and for what for...
My lil twerp of a brother (second eldest) was always up to no good. I was once an only child, and then all of a sudden, he came into the picture and got me in trouble ALL THE FREAKIN TIMMMEEE... He was such a spoiled butt, lol.
Then that one time my cousin scribbled pen all over my favorite Jessie dolls face when she was SUPPOSED to be taking a NAP in my room... I wasn't gonna let that fly! xD

Single life vs relationship, what is better and why?

Being single is nice bc nothing holding you back from doing anything. You can travel, relocate for jobs, make decisions without worrying about what a SO might say. Downside is sometimes it can get lonely. Being in a relationship is great, too. You have someone to lean on, share all your emotions with, share the good/bad/fun/sad/happy sides. Relationships are tough, they take work. No relationship is perfect, they just aren't. Depends on the relationship. It definitely comes with demands - you have an additional variable in almost every decision you make. There will have to be sacrifices. The question is how much are you getting back out of it. I forgot about sex. Many people seem to focus their whole lives on acquiring sex. If that's super important to you then definitely relationship. People in committed relationships have the most sex. That bachelor party experience you see in movies is bullshit, unless you are an attractive woman who wants to collect all the STDs. Single even though I’m in a great relationship now. When you’re single you don’t have to take someone else’s wants and feelings into consideration with making certain choices you normally wouldn’t consult anyone about. You can be completely selfless. There’s also less stress. People say being single is lonely and boring but it really isn’t if you have a life and friends.
I eventually became miserable in both. It's been about three years since the second ended and I feel great. I love doing what I want when I want all the time. I haven't even had sex this whole time and it's gotten to the point that I don't even muss it. Porn just keeps getting better and so do sex dolls (don't have one yet due to my current living situation, but it's certainly in the future). And the amount of disposable income I have! Women are expensive. They always want to do things and decorate and shit. Meanwhile, I can have bare walls and play a couple games I get on Steam for sale for weeks.
When I visit my bf/he visits me, we definitely draw away from our friends as we want to use what little time we have together to ourselves as we can spend time with our friends any time. However, I don't really notice this with close distance couples. We can definitely break up and go through a lot of heartache but it's worth the potential temporary happiness we get together as I really love my boyfriend and cherish our time together. I personally enjoy living alone and being able to play video games or go wherever I want to without having to worry if a gf wants to do something else at the time or go somewhere else. Plus, A LOT of relationships aren't that good despite what couple photos on social media might tell you. And most relationships fail sooner or later and more and more marriages end up in divorce nowadays. It's better to be single than being stuck in a shitty relationship. A lot of people are in toxic and abusive relationships out there.

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Вам нравится группа 3 doors down ?

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ненаю. а американцы умеют в бритпоп? the fray, snow patrol, five finger, death punch, nickelback, three days grace, maroon 5, cutting crew, goo goo dolls, three days grace как то все похожи. в сторонке стоит audioslave благодаря бэкграунду ratm, но и они благополучно распались. бритпоперы хоть убитые были, под чем ни будь. а здесь зож. пастеризованные, если честно. но это моё имхо. хотя landing in london неплохая баллада. по типу позднего bon jovi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rguhxKEBlr4gersemm84’s Video 168651627921 rguhxKEBlr4gersemm84’s Video 168651627921 rguhxKEBlr4

ازاي تتقبل اختفاء شخص كان جزء اساسي في يومك.؟

إحنا مش بياعين يا جماعة ولا بنقرر نبعد عنكوا فجأة كدا بدون أسباب، القصة قصة تراكُمات، لإن العِلاقة اللي بيحاول وبيعافر فيها طرف واحد لوحده دي عِلاقة فاشلة ومش صحية بالمرة. «نزار قباني» قال: "أحيانًا نرحل ليس حُبًا بالرحيل، لكن لا فائدة من البقاء" وأظن إن لو البقاء هيبقى مُرهِق ومَفيش منه فايدة يبقى البُعد أفضل قرار .. ف لازم تتقبل ده ، خروج أي شخص من حياتك حتي لو روحك فيه ف ده اكيد خير ليك إنت ، حاول ت move on أي حاجة متعلقة بالشخص ده ، الموضوع بيكون مرهق ومش سهلل بس مع الوقت هتتعود أكيد .. احنا مش plastic dolls ! مش لازم دايمًا نبقى perfect في كل حاجة مش لازم نبهر الناس طول الوقت .. مش لازم نبهر الناس أصلًا ! مش لازم نستموت علشان نعجب حد تاني، مش لازم دايمًا يبقى فيه خطط، مش لازم دايمًا نتصنع إننا حاجة معينة علشان اللي حوالينا بيحبوا الحاجة دي
مش لازم أبدًا الحاجات تبقى صعبة كدة !

🦴💀⛓️ || What's the scariest setting for a horror movie, in your opinion? (Including but NOT limited to: hospitals, forests, amusement parks)

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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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For me its the creepiest thing to watch innocence become evil. So every setting that is for children like school or kindergarden or a childreens room becomes creepy for me. I'm also not fond of dolls. xD

Did you play with Boombie Dolls as a little girl or were you not into that kind of thing?

I actually never played with dolls. I owned Bratz dolls but i didnt play with them - they were used more for inspiration for fashion/style LOL.
I played with cars when i was little, i had the best car collection ever 😍

Se dovessi diventare un angelo custode, su chi veglieresti?

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Ah no, non non avrebbe senso dirlo.
Da quanto mi hanno detto, gli angeli custodi non possono scegliere.
E nemmeno rifiutare.
Perché sono legami tra predestinati che vanno oltre le preferenze, corrispondenze biunivoche che iniziano dal primo battito, senza interruzioni, pause di riflessione o ripensamenti.
Fino all'ultimo bip.
Forse è per questo che non tutti gli angeli diventano custodi.
O che alcuni umani sprigionano una luce di intensità particolare pur non avendo ali.
Ti linko Iris dei Goo Goo Dolls, perché mi hai ricordato un film di cui è colonna sonora.
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5sFHqCWnpd4&list=RDUzvguelte686’s Video 166291473968 5sFHqCWnpd4zvguelte686’s Video 166291473968 5sFHqCWnpd4

Как относитесь к коллекционированию? Собираете что-то? Как давно?

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Безразлично. Ну или без фанатизма. Но мне нравится ставить на полочку bjd dolls высокого уровня работы. Но так как это скульптура по полимеру сами представляете сколько они стоят. Неподъемно

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