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Imagine you're curating an art exhibition. What theme or concept would you focus on, and why does it resonate with you?

I would focus on abstract art and patterns/zentangles since I’ve been drawing zentangles for the longest time and it’s the one thing I’m good at even if I’m not good at drawing realistically. It resonates with me because I love doodling and being able to replicate the designs I see online or use those designs as an inspiration to come up with my own designs. I also enjoy water color painting and would have some of those displayed at the art exhibition as well.

What way of learning do you usually prefer? 📚👂

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I am a visual learner so anything with shapes or bright colours help me to take in information, I used to get told off a lot at school because I would be doodling while the teachers were trying to teach us until the head teacher realised that I was actually doodling the work, so like in science if we will learning about plants I would draw what we were learning about as well as write information about it, the head teacher had to explain to my teachers what I was doing, I didn't get told off after that 😊😊
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What are your hobbies and how did you get into them? 🧑‍🎨⚽️🛹🎤🎮📖

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
Equestrian- got into it when I lived in Germany
Art- always loved drawing and doodling, most recently digital painting
Photography and Videography- love of nature and my YouTube channel

Nurul do you have any tips on how to have better memory, please? My short-term memory is really bad and I'd love to have sharp long-term memory.. 😶

dumbshitttttt’s Profile PhotoCurious Butterfly
hey curious butterfry, I'm sorry for answering this so late. I too have a bad short-term memory! I can forget things I've listened to or done within the span of a few minutes depending on the situation. it all makes for hilarious anecdotes to look back at and laugh in the future, though. 😅
I'm thankful for my sharp long-term memory, and I try my best to make use of that in the stories and advice that I write.
my tips to have a better memory are:
📝 write! whether it's journalling or jotting down notes, writing helps me to keep my memory sharp.
✏️ doodle. I find that doodling helps me retain information, and there have been studies done on this. http://sunnibrown.com/manifesto/
🌰 eat foods that improve your memory: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/11-brain-foods
💬 read out loud: I watched my theatre friends do this all the time, when they have pages upon pages of scripts to memorise and learn in a short span of time. rehearsing your points or speeches for whatever it is you have to say/present really works. it builds confidence too!
🛌 get enough sleep! sleep is important for memory and learning.
there are more tips available online too. all the best to you! 😄✨

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Nurul do you have any tips on how to have better memory please My shortterm
+1 answer in: “is there anything specific that inspires you?”

♔.https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/159513755998 & https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/159783423582

【Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ Pɪᴇʀᴄᴇ】
To say detention sucked was a ᴍᴀꜱꜱɪᴠᴇ understatement. Most of the times you just sat there, catching up on missed homework, writing a pointless essay and copying an even more pointless summary sentence thousands of times. Or in the best-case scenario, the whole thing simply consisted of a prep hour where you could draw some sketches, pull out a book and just do whatever the hell you wanted, ────as long you kept your mouth shut. That type of detention was actually kind of nice, useful. Tate liked that, easily preferred the calm atmosphere and ᴀʟᴏɴᴇ ᴛɪᴍᴇ those moments would provide over the literal hell waiting back home. So certainly, this wasn’t the blond’s first time staying at school after classes had ended, n̶o̶r̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶l̶a̶s̶t̶ ̶o̶n̶e. Routinely skipping classes, smoking in the bathroom or buying pot on school grounds were just a few of the many offenses on the list so far, and honestly? It was pretty unbelievable how they hadn’t kicked him out yet. The boy was a lost cause. Though the situation back home, exacerbated by Constance’s mental abuse was just so bad; resorting to such rebellious things was actually one of the only ways that would help the angsty teenager to escape his daily troubles and feel in ᴄᴏɴᴛʀᴏʟ of his damned life. Plus it was easier to do, less drastic than the alternative.
And evidently, stupid detention wouldn’t change his chaotic behavior or attitude towards his studies. However, believe it or not, getting involved in a fight was a first for the loner. Normally, his attitude was more passive in that aspect, preferring to do this own thing instead ❪ as long as he wasn’t ᴘᴜꜱʜᴇᴅ ᴛᴏᴏ ꜰᴀʀ, that is ❫. And especially, sharing such punishment with “little miss perfect.” Now that was practically impossible. ────Only practically though, as there they both were; sitting in an empty classroom, silently staring at each other upon the cheer captain had snapped at his request, going straight into defensive mode within milliseconds. Oh, right... Shit, how dare he offend her. Moving a bit forward on the seat, brows were raised in mute ᴅᴇꜰɪᴀɴᴄᴇ while mainting the previously established eye contact, holding her ᴘɪᴇʀᴄɪɴɢ gaze. Until eventually, the latter was dropped, causing all tension between them to vanish, so the blond did the same; focusing on the paper in front of him and the big ass hole in it, turning the page to continue doodling there. However, suddenly, her voice spoke up again, at a lower pitch this time, only to be interrupted by a loud snore coming from the front desk. Hence shooting the teacher a dirty glance, attention was moved back to Katherine, as she started regretfully apologizing for her boyfriend’s actions, trying to justify the latter by claiming that “he often got jealous,” and turning into a completely different person in the process; someone more discontent and layered. Less shallow, and ridiculously p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t. Huh. Trouble in paradise?

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Yes mamser. Season 1 &2 were good but now? It’s off and uninteresting plots. Books and paintings huh? Typical girl stuff. I don’t remember doodling tbh so idk. Yeah piano and guitar

Jessamineisla’s Profile Photo♋️KING SEBASTIAN MONDRAGON♋️
Cheers to that. Yeah, the other seasons felt like ugh, it's dragging. Wow, and your Netflix and chill is typical guy stuff din huh. Eh? My memory doesn't fail me but oh well, I can play a little bit of both too, but for the piano ahh, my left hand sucks.
*inserts Nice to know ya bgm*
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I was clean for 9 months but got really bad again, but you saved me. But now I’m even worse that I was 4 years ago. I’m now covered in scars and I can’t stop. I’m really sorry if I’ve disappointed you.

You can stop love, you just got to really try. Whenever you get the urge, try doodling or writing on yourself. Or snap a rubber band. You can fight this, please don't hurt yourself anymore. I have faith in you. x

[tw possibly?] i too went through this when i was in kindergarten. my parents were and still are extremely against that and even then it was appalling to me. i have adhd and doodling helps me concentrate whenever i dont have a fidget which i didnt that day, and some of the pencil markings--

(cont) ... accidentally got on the table. i erased it and everything but the teacher saw that as a reason to take us both into a closet, have a teaching assistant restrain me, and whoop me with a paddle multiple times. my skin was actually bruised and i was squirming so much that one point she hit me in between my legs. i couldn't even walk for the next few days and sitting h u r t. my parents were infuriated and thankfully both the teacher and teaching assistant were fired.
omg. i'm so happy they were both fired, but that doesn't make their actions any less abvsive. i'm so sorry you had to go through that at such a young age !! this is beyond disgusting to me.
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انا بنت وكان نفسي اكتبلك باليوزر بس مش عايزه حد يفهمني غلط انتي عارفه وبحييكي على شجاعتك وشخصيتك الجميله والقويه دي ?? اني واي بحب رسمك جداً جداً جداً بجد ونفسي اعرف بتجيلك افكار منين وبترسمي كدة على طول ولا في خطوات معينه ؟

Sweetie thank you ? msh fahma eh elmoshkla fl user honestly you can show yourself and I’ll be happy to know u :)
Okay hwa sometimes I get the ideas from nowhere w sometimes I just imitate a pic or someone else’s work tbh, and sure there’re a lot of steps but it’s not necessary if you’re good enough or u r just doodling , this is an example..workin on it
+5 answers in: “مابقيتش تنزلي رسومات ليه وحشنتا والله”

Wah bang ateem, gimana ya biar kita paham konsep konsep fisika sedangkan minim literatur kalau di sekolah yang disuruh ngerja soal doang:( aku mau juga dong, soalnya aku pernah coba nanyain ke kaka kelasku, ka kenapa langit itu biru,aku harepin kayak jawaban di ai, tapi dia bilang itu kehendak tuhan

Kalau di kasus itu, aku akui emang aku sungguh beruntung, karena papaku kebetulan cerdas dan paham teknik, guru fisikaku bisa ngikutin "antics" ku termasuk bikin doodling gua jadi bahan pembelajaran (iya, aku suka banget doodling sewaktu kecil, entah tentang mekanisme senjata, pesawat terbang dsb) fisika, dan aku punya akses internet (itu jaman masih Telkomnet Instant lho, yang sejam bisa habis 10 ribu lebih, dan 10 ribu itu mahal cuk di waktu itu)
Iya, karena dua-duanya, aku seolah hampir gak mengalami masalah dengan fisika klasik terutama mekanika. Bokap dan nyokap bilang aku jenius, guru fisika itu bilang ke sepupuku dan anak sepupuku (btw, ini orang yang sama yang sedang aku hasut pelan-pelan untuk nantinya masuk teknik mesin, ahuahuahua) dengan ekspresi kalau aku "luar biasa". Itu di depan dua orang yang nilai akademik sekolahnya di atas gua. Well, padahal mereka yang membentuk gua. Dibonus aku punya akses internet.
Intinya, senjatamu itu aslinya di minatmu dan pikiranmu.
Ada namanya internet yang sekarang udah murah, itu bisa jadi sumber. Tinggal kamu mau manfaatin atau enggak. Kadang habis baca, coba kamu lihat apakah kamu mengawasinya dengan mencari pertanyaan yang di artikel tersebut gak terjawab. Cari lagi, cari lagi. Kalau kamu bisa mencarinya dengan konstan, artinya kamu sudah ada minat. Kamu gak bakal merasa terbebani dengan belajar.
Bahkan bertanya itu juga perlu mikir. Kadang kamu mencoba memahami suatu artikel, tapi kamu stuck. Di situ kamu diuji. Pertanyaan seperti apa yang akan kamu lontarkan. Kalau pertanyaanmu tepat, kamu nanti juga bakal mencari dengan akurat. Kamu nanti selangkah lebih dekat ke pemahaman. Tapi juga setelah bertanya, nanti kamu juga diuji lagi, apakah kamu paham dari jawaban tersebut? Apakah kamu bisa menjawabnya sendiri? Siklusnya, bakal selalu tanya-jawab, entah ke orang lain atau ke dirimu sendiri.
Tapi, gak ada yang lebih baik daripada ngawasin barang-barang sehari-hari. Fisika itu menjelaskan secara fisik dan mekanik gimana alam semesta itu bekerja. Kamu liat kereta api, kalau kamu iseng, kamu bisa muncul pertanyaan. Kenapa lokomotif di depan, kenapa gak semuanya aja ada motornya, apa fungsi batu-batuan di bawah rel dsb. Di situ, kadang ada banyak prinsip-prinsip fisika yang bekerja sama secara bersama-sama, dan kamu secara gak langsung dipaksa untuk menerapkan hampir semua yang kamu pelajari di sekolah.
Jadi, mulailah iseng bertanya, dan dari pertanyaan iseng, coba dipikir jawaban-jawabannya, karena kadang jawabannya gak sesederhana itu. Kalau bisa terjawab, artinya kamu mulai paham. Pas ketemu jawaban, pertanyakan lagi detil-detilnya dan alasan-alasannya.
Intinya, kamu harus selalu punya rasa ingin tahu, atau "curiosity".

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min atm, lebih milih hidup tenang di desa dengan uang pas2an atau hidup di perkotaan dengan pekerjaan yg gajinya bagus, tapi terus2an dapet stres?

Tergantung stress macam gimana.
Bahkan ngelakuin hal yang kamu suka bisa bikin kamu stress. Contoh, gua kadang iseng doodling bahkan sesekali buka AutoCAD (AutoCAD gua gak bajakan btw) buat ngedesain sesuatu, dan gua bisa stress sendiri kalau desainnya fail, gak masuk akal, atau gua gak bisa, biarpun gua suka beut ama aktivitas macam kayak gitu.
Kalau kasusnya karena gua stress akibat sesuatu yang gua suka, berarti aku pilih opsi dua, karena, aku ngerjain yang aku suka biarpun tekanannya tinggi, plus, jarang orang bisa kerja yang dia bener-bener suka dan digaji tinggi.
Terus, kalau stress nya karena emang gak suka kerjaannya?
Kalau aku ada tanggungan, entah keluarga, adek atau siapapun, aku tetep pertahanin kerjaan kayak gitu, karena ada orang yang tergantung ama gua. Sampai ketika mereka dah gak tergantung atau guanya udah mapan, mungkin baru opsi satu kalau emang dah waktunya untuk retire.
Kalau gak ada tanggungan, well, mungkin tetap opsi dua karena ada duit setidaknya kamu masih bisa bangun sesuatu yang bisa ngeredain stress mu, atau mungkin bisa dipakai foya-foya. Kalau enggak, ya ditabung, nanti kalau dah sedikit lebih ringan beban kerjaan atau dah retire, kan dah enak.
Ya, jawaban gua emang berasa kayak orang mata duitan atau orang yang gak sesuai ama romantisme hidup tenang di pedesaan.

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Pesimis dgn prospek pernikahan kenapa min ? Apa gara2 statistik macem 50% pernikahan ujung2nya cerai dsb gt ? Aku msh dlm tahap mikir indah2nya menikah dr akun2 dakwah terutama itu klo diukur bakal brp persen yg bener2 kejadian. atm bkn mantan muslim ya,tp tau gak soal janji allah tentang itu ?

1. Sifatku lumayan abrasif. Mungkin sekarang lebih terkontrol, tapi aku gak mau tiba-tiba aja kalap ke orang yang gak pantas jadi target, seperti mungkin pasangan. Kalau aku masih gak yakin bisa ngontrol ini sepenuhnya, aku mending gak usah dulu.
2. Aku jarang punya soft spot ke lawan jenis. Mungkin iya, kalau sudah berteman, tapi that's it. Cuma beberapa orang dari lawan jenis yang aku kasih soft spot biarpun aku abrasif macam gini. Adek ku yang cewek dan mamaku udah jelas, toh aku dan adek ku juga sama-sama open ke satu sama lain. Di luar keluarga, soft spot ke cewek cuma mungkin ke Y, mungkin ke admin "Aerith", beberapa cewek grup "Su********", salah satu teman main League of Legends. Sisanya, aku gak yakin bisa dapat cewek, kalau mentalitasku seperti itu.
3. Aku butuh personal time yang lumayan banyak, itupun juga isinya kalau gak baca-baca masalah engineering, masalah teknologi, ngedesain sesuatu (seperti riser busur panah buat @arjunawijaya), doodling senjata gak jelas (kebiasaan yang persisten dari umur 9 tahun), nulis cerita yang gak jadi-jadi karena revisi terus, ngegame sama Gen, Marmar, atau si Oxy, kadang sama admin Oracle. Atau mungkin, ngebir sama kafirun-kafirun Malang. In fact, karena aku lebih pengen diskusi sama kafirun-kafirun tersebut, aku gak terlalu nyari pasangan, karena kebutuhan personalku sudah terpenuhi dengan aktivitas-akvitas tersebut. Kalau ada pasangan yang kebiasaan intervensi itu, mungkin responku "My hobby is none of your fucking business".
4. I trust my sister's judgment about girls. Well, aku gak mau punya pasangan yang sifatnya kontras banget dengan adek ku yang cewek, apalagi sifat yang sama bisa bikin keduanya bertengkar terus. If my sister don't like that particular girl, then, it's a no go. Lagipula, aku sendiri lebih milih siding ke adik ku kalau ada kasus macam gitu.
5. Bakal awkward ke diriku yang terbiasa "loner" di kamar kalau ada pasangan.
Jadi, problemnya ada di diriku sendiri kenapa aku pesimis dengan prospek pernikahan.
Terus, masalah janji pernikahan, macam surat An-Nur: 32 kan? Yang diberi rezeki kalau nikah? Padahal, di surat yang sama An-Nur: 26 diimplikasikan kalau mau dapat pasangan yang bener, dirinya harus dibenerin dulu.
Sesederhana itu kan?

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So I'm stuck for theme ideas, I want to practice some more sketching and doodling... Any suggestions would be helpful!? (not anything inappropriate please) ??

LauraLightbody’s Profile PhotoLaura
Oooo maybe if you have mastered drawing, sketching, doodling simple things, maybe try to draw dragons, aliens, dinosaurs or something nice like maybe draw something abstract or draw a dream you had once. I have no idea to be honest as you might be able to tell, but I always loved drawing and doodling cars, cities and beasts when I use to draw, haven't drawn or doodled or sketched anyone in so long! I doubt I would have the patience to get back into it either as I probably suck at drawing now, bet your amazing at it though sweetheart! :D <3

✏️Nombre completo🍁Edad📏Estatura🎉Cumpleaños✡️Signo zodiaco👭Mejor amig@😻Novi@?❤️Enamorad@?😈Alguien te gusta?💋Último beso🙇🏼♀️Último abrazo Pasatiempo favorito

🌻Elisa Aixa Cenobio López
🌻 1.50 ):
🌼 15~02
🌻 Acuario ♒
🌼 Emilio & Edgar/ Mariela y Fer
🌻 No.
🌼 No.
🌻 No.
🌼 Eso no se dice. 😈
🌻 Hoy.
🌼 Escuchar música, bailar, cantar, doodling (?) y tomarme fotos 😂✨

https://ask.fm/agnosindo/answer/139860435544 min atm , lo belajar bikin senjata itu dari internet doang kah?!! apa punya kenalan yg paham sama senjata2??? atau menyimpulkan sendiri dari pelajaran kimia di sma?? gw ga terlalu penasaran sama pembuatannya sih , cuman dapet sumber infonya drmn gitu..

Berarti, kita bicara kronologi saja. Aku pertama kali tertarik persenjataan itu waktu umur 10 tahun, dan langsung kepikiran, kalau bakal keren jadi desainer senjata. Dan ya, waktu itu aku saja belum kenal internet, kenal senjata dari internet. Internet aku baru pegang waktu umur 12 tahun, tapi karena iseng aja, koko sepupuku nyuruh coba TelkomNet Instan (080989999). Tapi, bayangkan dengan TelkomNet Instan, kamu bisa apa? Susah mau gimana-gimana dan juga mahal untuk pengoperasiannya, dan karena aku lebih banyak habiskan waktu di rumah dengan ke warnet cuma sesekali, ya, aku baru bisa pegang internet rutin waktu umur 15 tahun. So, ada 5 tahun di mana aku belajar senjata sama sekali gak dari internet.
Tapi, guru les fisika ku lumayan tertarik juga. Karena mata pelajaran fisika kebanyakan dah aku selesaikan dengan cepat, jadwal les ku juga pasti ada nganggurnya. Aku kadang iseng tanyain masalah mekanika senjata sambil doodling, dan guruku juga bakal jelasin mungkin atau enggaknya (btw, guru les yang sama entah kenapa masih bicarain diriku di depan anak cece sepupuku). Plus, pernah iseng nanyain skripsi papa ke guru les, dan ya dijawab.
Begitu ada internet, jelas aku mulai kenal macem-macem. Tapi ya, jelas gak mungkin detil. Aku terusin kebiasaan doodling ku, sambil baca-baca hal lain. Lama kelamaan terbiasa. Terus, masalah bom, itu juga baru fascinated karena aku ngeliat di internet, tentang blackpowder. Nah, kebetulan aku dekat dengan salah satu guru kimia ku (orangnya dah meninggal btw, aku sempat mute selama seminggu tahu beliau meninggal). So, aku makin tertarik dengan kimia, dan itu jadi mata pelajaran yang menyelamatkan raport ku waktu SMA.
Terus, aku ikut suatu kegiatan waktu aku masih di Bandung. Pada umur 19, baru satu impian ku dah checklisted. Menembakan senapan api, SS2V4 lebih tepatnya. By that time, aku dah ngerti bagian-bagian dari senapan, karena gak cuma ngeliat di internet, tapi juga secara konstan mikir, gambar, bayangin (dan aku juga terkesima saat pertama kali aku lihat mekanisme senjata, mirip seperti yang pernah aku gambar waktu jaman SMP). Kegiatan yang sama memang diawasi sama tentara. Jadi, dengan serangkaian waktu dihabiskan dengan tentara, jelas aku kurang lebih ngerti masalah demikian.
Intinya, sebelum aku bersentuhan dengan senjata beneran (termasuk bom), aku sudah ngerti teori-teorinya dari guru-guru SMP dan SMA, karena mereka yang mengajari ilmu-ilmu dasar yang aku pakai untuk membayangkan hal-hal tersebut.
Jadi, kalau dari kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang kamu sebutkan, ya, semuanya benar. Btw, ini aku lagi istirahat sebentar habis dari pasar cari-cari bahan untuk bikin tungku peleburan baja. I want to forge my knives, sesuatu yang juga ingin aku lakukan dari kecil.

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Yes I hv picsart but I cant find the same type of doodling as urs like the neon glow type. Instead, I can only find the opaque colours. Can u show me how to do it? thankqq

when editing your picture , scroll to find a paintbrush looking picture ( at the bottom ) then press on it . there wld be 3 pages , swipe to the second page . select the middle one from the bottom row & press set . after that , you can choose your preferred colour from the box that is beside the paintbrush . hope this helped :)

have you ever had those days where youre just thinking about ur bf like 24/7, and basically drawing or doodling things of you and him and just listening to love songs?? me some days..

loss of love
I write little short stories of Dante and I sometimes but I always end up throwing them out because they're so bad lol.
There are days where I will listen to Such Horrible Things by Creature Feature on repeat because it reminds me of the first time I ever really hung out with Dante, too.
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kak, itu kalo mau dateng ke acaranya yang di jogja harus hubungi cp dulu ya? gabisa langsung dateng aja gitu?:(

Zulidea Auliyya
Besok sore di ambarukmo plaza jogja bakal ada kelas doodling loh! Buat yang suka corat-coret buku paket sekolahan ato yang baru-baru mulai ngambar tapi masih malu-malu buat pamer karya cocok banget nih!
Yang belum daftar bisa langsung kontakin kak Joditha (083849376759, WA only)
Tapi kalo mau langsung ikut on the spot juga boleh, tapi harus bawa alat tulis sendiri, paling ngga pensil 2B sama drawing pen 2 ukuran (preferably 0.05 & 0.3)

halo Riss, apaa kabar? kalau kuamati, Rissa suka ya nulis/ gambar doodles2 gt, lucu. tulisan tangannya juga lucu. boleh liat yg lain gak? aku juga kalo lg gabut suka nulis kaya gt (quotes and doodles).

halo, aku sangat amat baik! terima kasih sudah bertanya ya. oh iya dari kecil emang aku suka doodling gitu sih hehehe cuma yang paling baru cuma iseng iseng dan biasa banget:
halo Riss apaa kabar 
kalau kuamati Rissa suka ya nulis gambar doodles2 gt lucu

Om, biasanya orang2 (termasuk Om sendiri) butuh S-Pen di Galaxy Note untuk apa aja? Mohon pencerahannya Om, sedang mempertimbangkan hape pake S-Pen apa ngga hehe makasih Om

Shidqi Dewantoro
Hi Shidqi,
Pertama, saya pecinta tulisan tangan. There is something romantic and old school about handwriting. Kalo bikin "e-card ucapan", saya bisa pakai tulisan sendiri seperti contoh di bawah. Lebih personal dari copas atau ngetik.
Kedua, saya suka mencatat ide kreatif dengan cepat. Dengan Galaxy Note5, begitu cabut pen langsung notes terbuka. Saya bisa cepet nulis ide di situ. Dan saya lebih cepat menulis tangan/doodle daripada mengetik.
Ketiga, saya memang senang sketsa/gambar, jadi kemampuan S-Pen untuk doodling sangat berguna.
Keempat, untuk editing foto seperti cropping, S-Pen lebih nyaman karena lebih akurat.
Begitu deh alasan kenapa saya pernah punya Note 2, Note 4, dan sekarang Note5. ☺️
Om biasanya orang2 termasuk Om sendiri butuh SPen di Galaxy Note untuk apa aja

Oh no, how come?? Is everything alright? 😁 I'm good, just doodling lol but you must tell me what's wrong! Maybe I can help? 😟

Aww Rihab you're so sweet ily 💓 idk really, I think it's just one small bad thing, leading to another until the point where I felt down :( I guess we all have those days? I'm sure I'll be alright tmr 😊 thanks so much for caring tho, it means so much, you're honestly lovely ❤️ooh whatcha doodling? I would doodle too, but my artistic skills are horrendous 😂

OMG seriously? Thank youuuu!!! <3 Aw I'm good. Just doodling right now, planning a book cover from one of my old novels. :) You?

Katie Cruz
ofc! i'll have it up in a few weeks after my trip :) that's good to hear! which book and what does the cover look like so far? also i've been meaning to tell you that i just added what vincent wants to my library so i'm looking forward to reading it ^_^
and i'm doing some last-minute cleaning around the house while looking after my little brother who can't stay home alone bc he neglects to eat for six hours or more due to his video game craze haha x) but other than that, things are looking up and i'm stoked to travel soon :D
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Hiiiiii guyssss ! We have more people joining us this time yay!!!!! Qotd(13/06): List 5 facts about yourselves that most people dk about you

daily questions
1. Im v cheerful (not)😂
2. l love love dancing💃
3.I love doodling and do calligraphy work?😂
4. Im v crazy
5. Im v annoying

Gorishaaa? (ur new name)😂 Bhn kaha se laati hai itna talent tu? Doodling kabse shuru kar di? I love ur doodling 😍😍 Too good 💕

Tu bas mere naye naye naam hi rkhti rha kr🙄👊🏻
And doodling toh bahut pehle se krti thi😛
Thankss muchhh tho💋
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💭 IMAGINE. what if all faith members are customers of ikea, what kind of antics would be seen throughout ikea? how do you imagine yourself as a customer?

@byunbaeq loses all his kids when he arrives at the mirror section because * stares at mirror and starts monologuing * hello, handsome!
@rapmeme most likely to have very aesthetic photos and updates on instagram when in reality just uses the ikea backdrops.
@wunwoo goes to the bed section and hibernates.
@tacyong probably would join wonwoo or get himself lost at the self service furniture.
@soapwon takes all the ikea pencils and starts doodling on the walls or uses them to throw it at @chandyeolier or @eldiabIo.
@pakjims would actually be that guy who keeps on trying on sofas and suddenly sees the chair that spins, sits down and hides and when @jecngk suddenly comes, he'd say " i've been waiting for you ".
@brianyk gets himself servings of food, alone but most likely to also forget bringing his wallet with him and calls @chitten or @knhyns for help.
@ksohuyn stays away from the plants section. at. all. cost.
@ambereIIa goes to the lights section and plays with all the switches just to see which light changes colour.
also bonus omg ver ↓

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if Faith was a Kindergarden class (for 5-6 year olds) what kind of kid would you be known for in the class? you can also describe what other members would be like if you want.

@pakjims that one kid building a spaceship out of legos then ends up making other random things possibly foreshadowing the creation of faith
@goojunes that one kid using every color of crayon in the box, just doodling all day on paper then later showing everyone his masterpice
@rapmeme that one kid who's hella smart and always volunteers to share his ideas with the class, causing everyone to go "ooooh.... ahhhh"
@yoojus that one kid who plays with the stuffed animals in the room and likes to have pretend tea parties with them, tries to get @rapmeme to play with her
@snaenax that one kid who plays dress up all the time and hogs all the nice accessories
@soapwon that one kid who messes with the other kids
@wunwoo that one kid who all the teachers love because he's always so kind and helpful
@knhyns that one kid who radiates flowers and sunshine but also has a little crush on wonwoo and stares at him when he isn't looking
@meihyn that one kid who thinks she's super cool, tells everyone stories of adventures she's never been on (but they still admire her and praise her for her cool-ness)
@brianyk that one kid that clings onto another kid (me) and cries when he's separated from his parents while @knhyns tries her best to calm him down
@byunbaeq that one kid that's a complete jokester but who the majority of the girls have a secret crush on
@tacyong that one kid who plays with race cars and tries to go inside the coat closet to look for febreeze
@ambereIIa that one kid who is constantly energetic and motivates other kids to have fun especially when they're just sitting there lookin sad
@chtzuyus that one kid who's always loud and enthusiastic about everything, she encourages everyone to sing along during music time
@dahyunah that one kid that loves music and always brings around her cd player that have cute stickers on it
@eldiabIo that one evil, mischievous kid that likes to troll the others
@hriais that one kid that loves sprinkles and and wears a ballet tutu all the time
@jungjaehyuns that one kid who always sticks to @tacyong and i along with johnny, yuta, and mark bc we just made our own kid squad where we wear colors according to our favorite power ranger
@jessjunqs that one kid who likes to play dress up along with naeun and walks around flaunting her new looks
@jecngk that one kid who's really shy and awkward but becomes competitive when it comes to building the highest tower out of blocks or racing cars
@kmyrmi that one kid who's always concerned about her classmates and tries to brighten up their day
@nogums that one kid who always promotes good hygiene and shows off his toothbrush collection (lmfao) and prizes he gets when he visits the dentist
@sungkyvgn that one kid who speaks her mind every moment and sometimes gets in trouble for it. she always takes the crown from the dress up bin and calls everyone her peasants
i tried my best guys-

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hi Mariah, i once read something about why you dont like the semicolon project thingy and i was wondering if you could like write it again and/or with more arguments? im trying to explain to ppl but im not so updated and no one takes me seriously so thats why im asking you im sorry if it bothers u

i think it trivializes mental illness and turns it into something quirky that people can take part in for .5 seconds so they feel like theyre doing something good for people by putting in the least amount of effort possible. like - people are sick. people are dying every day. people are KILLING US and the general publics response to that is "look how much we care we draw punctuation marks on our wrists (:"
like i said in my original post - i was depressed and suicidal at a very young age. i didnt need people doodling on their wrists. i needed actual help. and the semicolon project and any other "project" like that isnt doing any good. it isnt helping poor mentally ill people access healthcare. it isnt helping mentally ill kids get into therapists offices. it isnt giving money to desperately needed funding and research. it isnt educating people on treatment strategies or how to support their loved ones w mental illness. it isnt getting rid of legislation like the baker act, it isnt fighting stigma or combating the rhetoric that we are all violent. it isnt taking out the thousands of mentally ill people in prisons and getting them into treatment facilities.
its slacktivism in its purest form. people dont actually want to help us outside of just drawing on their wrists and its so incredibly insulting.

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What color do u love ? And what is ur fav quote ? How do spend ur day ? I know at these moments u busy with NGA , the other days ? What ur motivation when u applied for IYLEP and which theme u apply for ? All these must be answered no ignoring for any 😂😁 and stay safe 🌺 anon :D 😃

Purple and black
to regret the past to hope in the" future and never to be satisfied
with the present "- tchaikovsky
not The most favorite one but it's the first one that came across my mind.
There are so many stuff I do.Like watching movies, tv shows, reading books and doodling but it kinda depends on my mood.
I've been wanting to apply for a really long time but I couldn't. And somehow it worked out this year, my theme is public policy 😁
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~Valentine related~ If you could spend Valentine day with one of your waifus/husbandos, which one would you pick? ~Happy Valentine guys, I hope you have some plans for today not like me.reading lemon fanfics lol~

Sakata Gintoki. \(^3^)/
I enjoyed doodling him ~ this spart was one of my favourite in the anime !
Sorry for the bad quality of the drawing ;w;
Valentine related
If you could spend Valentine day with one of your

Hai, selamat pagi. Bagaimana cara kalian menggambar ? dan peralatan (pensil, kertas) jenis apa saja yang kalian pakai ? Jika berkenan sekalian pap karya kalian. Terima Kasih.

Ig : @upsmuhamar
Wah maaf tapi aku bukan ilustrator. Waktu sekolah suka sih doodling karakter manga, tapi gak pernah bisa bikin jari sama kuping, haha. Dulu kalau nyontek sih hasilnya bagus, kaya misal aku gambar ngikutin Cardcaptor Sakura (bukan jiplak ya, tapi liat gambarnya), tapi kalau bikin sendiri gak bisa :(
Aku hanya bisa jadi penikmat ilustrasi. Seperti ini, ilustrasi karya Henn Kim yang minimalis.

اقتراحات بقي للاسبوعين الاجازة 😂😂😂 ادينى قضيت يوم كامل بعد الامتحان نووووم 😂😴😴😴😴😴😴 عايزة اقتراحات اقتراااحات وتبقى جديدة كده وماحدش يقولى هوايتك ولا بتحبي تعملى ايه اعتبرونى كائن الباندا يا جماعة او كائن الكوالا 😂✋

روحى جيم كنوع من التجديد وممارسة الرياضه
ارسمى doodling وتابعى ايفنت فنان مش مشهور يمكن تلاقى موهبتك
اقراى روايات وكتب واقراى قصص عن حياة الرسول صل الله عليه وسلم وكتب زى رجال حول الرسول صل الله عليه وسلم والرحيق المختوم
اقراى كل يوم خمسين آيه قرانيه او ١٠٠ يعنى بعد كل صلاه عشرين آيه ^_^
اتعلمى انجليش على يوتيوب او اون لاين
فيه مسلسلات دينيه تقدرى تتابعيها
اخرجى مع صاحباتك وبرضو صلى الجمعه
احكى مع عائلتك وناقشيهم ماتخليش كل حياتك نت
زورى قرايبك والعبى العاب تفكير زى الشطرنج
روحى ملجا وزعى بسكوت الاطفال هتحسى بفرحه رهييبه
صل على المصطفى

بص يا سيدي انا حبيت واحده اوووي واتعلقت بيها وهيا كمان المهم عرفت انها بتكلم واحد غيري وبتقولي دا صاحبي الواد رن عليا جاب رقمي منها طلعت بتشتم عليا وبتكلمه واتس جابلي كل السكرين شوت م بينهم انا قطعت علاقتي بيها وشتمتها بس تعبان عشان مكنتش اتوقع منها كده طب ليه نصيحتك ليا ايه انا تعبان صدقني موجوع

حلك بالقران
واحمد ربنا ان اللى هى راحتله دا صاحبك ووضحلك حقيقتها انت ربنا بيحبك :))
صلى قيام الليل اربعين ليله بس وهات ورقه وقسمها اربعين مربع وحط صح على كل يوم صليت فيه القيام حتى لو مكنتش بتصلى اصلا وادعى باللى عاوزه فى السجود بس اوعى تدعى على حد وصدقنى هتنساها بمجرد مايعدوا اربعين يوم
وحاول تمنع عقلك عن التفكير فيها نهائى اشغل نفسك باى حاجه ان شالله تقعد ترسم doodling وانت بتسمع اى كتاب على app اسمه اقرا لى واسجد سجدة شكر واحمد ربك انك ماوقعتش فيها ولا اتخدعت وابدا بدايه جديده على نضافه :)))

🙈Full name: 🙊Nick name: 📴Battery percent: 📱Iphone or Android: 💬Last person in your texts: 🎂Birthday: 💙Something you love: 😍Someone you trust: 🎶Last song you listened to: ✏Favorite color: 🍸Favorite drink: 📺Favorite movie: 🍫Favorite chocolate: 👫Relationship status

Osama butt
Inara bhimani
Inu, inara, sweetie pie, jadu(magic).
12th april
Chocolate nd doodling
Soch na sake
Black nd white
Soft drinks
Annabella nd conjuring
Nor single nor committed iam reserved

Tysm ! thank you for giving me such lovely recs :) I have been following Kristina Webb for over two years now ! I am going to check out the others as soon as I get on my desktop! Oh & I can't wait for you to start doodling in that notebook! Show it to me if you may :) p.s. I'll make a rec list soon!

You're welcome, Aashi! :) I surely missed doodling so much. Btw I'm not sure if you know this, but are you aware of pixelling? I used to do that a lot prior to writing online. Like this heart. Not sure if it's working. Anyhoo @sloppily Check out the new booksie profile!! They changed it and idk how I feel about it. LOL They even have a button on your profile where you can show if you're open for read requests. :P
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kenapa kau bisa berteman dengan ku? terus karena seebab apa kita jadi dekat (penjelasan harus rinci, NO MAGER!!)

tiara safitri
Awalnya pas pertama kali masuk kelas x11 laa pastinya, disitu aku telat, terus aku dapat bangku paling belakanglaa yakaan haha. didepan aku orang rasyid sama pai, aku minta tukar karna didepan orang itu ada kau sama putrii, gak mau orang ituu jadi klen ketawa" laa liat aku sama rasyid begadoh😂
eh tiba" tanpa sadar *eseh kita sama" suka doodling yakaan, kaupuun asik nemplok samakuu aja😂 kita banyak bicara" soal doodle, ke kamar mandi sama", teros sama" cerita tentang orang yang disukaa, kau seneng kali kalo udah cerita tentang doi kau😝 eh jadi deketlaa, pokoknya sekarang kita ck, kawan dekat, kawan curhat, kawan begadoh, kawan gilak🙈 tukang bully aku-_- semualaa buat kau tir ya Allah. lafyah❤

tell me your experience about sitting SSSRU please? Is it that easy to get pangkat 1? The important subject you need to score? What is it felt like finished sekolah ugama? ka, I'm sitting SSSRU next year and I'm not ready. :(

huhu. sure.
so, sssru is a big exam before you finish ugama. I sit for my SSSRU in 2014. Even I, myself wasnt ready. My marks always go up and down sometimes pangkat 1 or 2 on the normal exam. which is haha. I went to ugama, i would feel sleepy but ive to pay attention on the lesson. But when the teacher were teaching i busy myself doodling around my notebook while listening to what the teacher said. or keep drinking water just get rid of my sleepy mood. When break time i took the opportunity to sleep, either talking to my bestfriend or doing my morning school hw, assignment lah apa lah. macam macam lah skulah pagi ani time org sibuk exam ani jua. sigh. 😪 you have to make your time study for your sec school and ugama. thats my daily life when i was in ugama, sleep or eat just to not fall asleep.
My teacher give me a notes to read, so i just read from the notes and try to understand it. highlight or bullet point will help. after understand it try to hafal. When im revising i like to be alone without any distraction and ill stay far away from people. 😂 hahaha. thats what i do. 🌚
You have to bring your I.C. you need your pen atleast bring a lot more than five kah pen atu, pencil,eraser and all that stuff. but no pencil case. you just have to carry it or put in your pocket.
The first day SSSRU till the end of it, i have a rough day and things gone wrong just split in a sec. i feel like exam weeks was a bad day to me. There is always things happened. I feel like crying.
Firstly, this is my hugen careless mistake i didnt check my timetable. so i was revising tauhid bcs i was so confident the next day was tauhid. So the next day when my dad early drop me to school, i was asking my friend, "why do you bring faraidh? what exam kan today?" then my friend told me it was faraidh. idk what i felt. I started panicking. i did not bring faraidh notes lagi. Like urgh. 😭 then i borrowed someone notes sekajap but the penjaga for our exam already called us to go inside. So i just read through it then go inside the class. But when the exam start i find it a little bit difficult but i managed to answer it. After finished faraid exam, i feel so down. I dont even have a mood to evem talk to my friend, so i just sit down and quite. When i went inside my dad car. My parents ask me how was the exam. idk what to say. I told the truth about what happen they were so mad. But i couldnt do anything about it. I just let it go. Just tawakkal and made doa a lot. Sec things happened when i sit for my exam. I dont really remember what subject. But i find it quite easy, but then theres always something gone wrong. When i was writing it, my pen started to like finished ink. So i used another pen, and the heck the ink doesnt work too! All the five pens i brought just freaking doesnt work. So i feel panick again, i looked around me people were busy. I couldnt do anything, i just write my answer using those pen. Hoping the one who marks my papers will understand it.

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Like: views: hey music lover :* I don't find any reason why I shouldn't love you! You're amazing, girl! Whatever you do be it doodling or quilling I love doing it too! We have so much in common. Stay blessed sweetie and keep doing what you do! <3 lastly do post some of your arts. ^_^

ishani agarwal
Thank youuu so much ❤❤❤
and I have only one good pic of my drawing ryt now..😅...

Hi! May I ask how did you start doing typography and drawing? Did you like took any classes for drawing or its just natural?

Never took any art classes before! I learnt typography myself and taking O level art trained me in drawing and illustration.
I got interested in art at the end of sec 1 and started just drawing and doodling then yea my journey began from there.


Chapter 58 part 1
He was already there, talking and laughing with Roman. Seeing him bought up a mixture of emotions: Anger, sadness, desire, love, lust, pain... I went over to my chair and I grabbed it and sat down. The teacher wasn't here yet so everyone was talking. I took out my book and started doodling and for some reason I cared about how my eyeliner looked which is ridiculous because were not together anymore so why should I care what he thinks?
" What's the date today?" He asked me. Hearing his voice sent waves through my body.
" Friday" I said coolly, acting as if I didn't care.
" Safe" He wrote down the date. " So Aaliyah, who's bae then?"
I looked at him and I regretted it when I saw how much more beautiful he was up close. " Sorry?"
" Your snapchat yday. En route with bae?"
" Not that its any of your business but I was taking about Natalie"
He grinned. " You two friends again?"
" Why do you care anyways?" I was seriously starting to get annoyed now.
" Trust me Aaliyah I don't" It hurt when he said that and I felt like a fool for ever believing he loved me. I looked down and he suddenly got a phone call.
"... Calm I'll be there. Drop off the whip... Sn my g" He got up and grabbed his bag.
" Where you going?" I asked.
" None of your business g. Schools a waste of time anyway"
He left the classroom and I felt so irritated by him that I followed him.
I followed him outside school and he turned the corner and I followed. There was some buff black whip waiting for him and he got in and started the engine. First off he shouldn't be driving and wth was he going?
I ran to the car and I got in the passenger seat. Romeo acc jumped
" Aaliyah wtf get out!"
" Nah" I responded and I put my seat belt on.
" I swear to god Aaliyah you ain't funny. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT"
I smiled. " Nope."
He just stared at if he couldn't believe I could be that brave. " Where you heading Romeo?" I asked innocently.
" Raah your pissing me off now get out right-"
Then a red car slammed into us.

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jadi maksudnya om @manampiring salah gitu atas label alpha female nya? duhh bor, at least om piring itu cerdas dan argument nya valid ga sekedar gembar gembor kosong doang kaya dori, eja, dll

gak salah juga sih... gimana yah. dia suka, prefer alpha female. that much is obvious.
tapi orang2 indonesia ini loh, kalo ngeliat kayak gitu pasti langsung di otaknya "alpha = yes, beta = no" dan pola pikir kayak gini kayak agak diskriminatif sih menurut gue.
gue pribadi ngeliat alpha dan beta person sebagai equally attractive. gue gak mendiskreditkan sisi manapun.
iya, cewe mandiri yang jadi ceo perusahaan, pake short skirt and long jacket, a beast in negotiation and slays like a boss emang keren. tapi di sisi lain, gue juga suka kok ngeliat cewe introvert yang hobinya doodling di kelas atau baca buku di pinggir jendela sambil ngeliatin langit dari kasur dia.
as a counter-argument terhadap opini publik yang mengelu2kan alpha female, let me give you a friendly reminder: mother teresa dan audrey hepburn are both beta female.

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jadi maksudnya om manampiring salah gitu atas label alpha female nya duhh bor at

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