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Is there a specific sound that is oddly comforting to you? Like, not the typical nature sounds, water, or white noise, I’m talking about a sound most people either wouldn’t think twice about, or maybe even find annoying. If you do have one, why do you think find said sound so comforting? 😌🥰

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
The tick tock of the clock and my analog wrist watch (yes, I'm ancient😂). The sound is a great reminder for me of time drifting away and that as much as possible to make every second count and take a minute to appreciate the gift of time⌚

What makes you happy?

✨️ Starlight, Star bright, first Star I ser tonight wishes
✨️ My dogs' tippy tappy feet when I get home, or the way they come sprinting through the house to see me
✨️ Drifting off to sleep whilst it rains
✨️ The feeling of looking around a room or a table full of people you love and just feeling so content
✨️ Getting excited about plans - booking trips, organising parties, going on adventures
✨️ The kids I get to work with and the shrieks of laughter
✨️ The warmth that comes from friends
✨️ Loving and being loved
✨️ Belting out your favourite songs in the car
✨️ Going out for drinks or snacks or a walk with friends
✨️ Inside jokes with my little brother
✨️ Fingers covered in mud or paint or stuff that says FUN
✨️ Flip-flop tanlines

Feel like a loser all the time...i guess i'm not good enough in anything.. a complete failure in life and there is something hidden inside me tht is eating me alive.. n i'm drifting away from everything.

Been there I know how its feels but hey listen life can't be perfect as its all about ups and downs.
Why don't you see this way:
Maybe Allah is putting you in difficulty so you can reconnect with Him.
May be you need to change your approach for dealing with things.
Maybe you need to practice patience.
Maybe instead of thinking you need to act more
Maybe you are asking for what's not meant for you
And there could be numerous ways you can fix your life but remember that it can never be fully in your control.

Feel like a loser all the time...i guess i'm not good enough in anything.. a complete failure in life and there is something hidden inside me tht is eating me alive.. n i'm drifting away from everything.

Being slow or achieving you goals a little late is not an underachievement. Plus you're living Your life, no need to prove anything to anyone other than yourself. It's completely fine if you're living a normal life and not doing anything extraordinary. So chin up n be satisfied with your own self. Just try to be better for you.

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170876856048

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
'Our kink' that told Katherine this wasn't a one time thing, the idea both terrified and excited her beyond imagination. She hadn't even confessed to Damon whatever feelings she has for him, mainly cause she wasn't sure herself, but here they are drifting further off the cliff that is the emotions of two unstable vampires.
Katherine tilted her head back, giving him better access to her neck, anticipating the inevitable bite to her neck. The softness of his kisses surprise the Petrova, she couldn't help the soft smile of utter bliss ss she moaned his name almost involuntarily. Her hands snaked under his arms and to his back where she dragged her finger nails across his clothed back, desperately trying to keep him close.
It was impressive how he kept himself from tearing through her neck as fast as the wound healed. His breath on her ear and neck ignited within her a need she didn't knew she had for Damon of all people. His whisper caught her off guard or maybe it was her reaction to it; she felt goosebumps forming on her skin as a chill ran down her spine. Not even grasping how his words had such a physical effect on her.
Her fingers weaved themselves into his dark hair as she pulled his head back, already missing the blue in his eyes. "Damon, I.." She started, a whisper almost into his mouth when she felt the vibration in her pocket. She stopped, steadied herself before pulling the phone out. "Stefan and Klaus are already on their way to Chicago, they'll be way harder to track if we don't beat them there." She announced, sharing the information she received via text message. "We need to move." She explained. It was difficult to even tear her gaze away from his but she couldn't deny, that text had saved her as not even Katherine knew what she was about to utter. As for the rest, they could pick up right where they left off once they reached the hotel.(...)

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▬▬▬▬▬⠀∫⠀Continuation ⊱ https://ask.fm/fangsandstilettos/answers/173003044270

fangsandstilettos’s Profile Photokatherine pierce.
...) returned to the present moment, choosing not to deal with them quite yet. Wondering just how long she could delay them before she would have to face it.
Her gaze again drifting south, lips in a devilish grin as she watched Damon's fingers dancing on her thigh.
Finally, his eyes left hers and his focus was no longer robbing her of air. She quickly caught her breath and took in her surroundings once more.
"Stay in the car." She demanded, her lips a seductive smirk as her eyebrows arched provocatively.
The car had stopped and Katherine exited, making a point of swaying her hips as she moved ahead, towards their chosen victim. Eyeing the blonde man that left the car, she'd dare say he looked close enough to a Matt Donovon type but he lacked his charm.
"Hi," she started, in a voice almost unfamiliar compared to her own, it was nearly Elena-ish. "Any chance you can help me out here?" Just like that she had his attention. Of course she could have compelled him but Katherine would never willingly miss a chance to seduce another man in front of Damon. His jealousy was just too amusing for her, not to mention such a turn on.
The man flashed her a grin, eyeing her up and down almost unconsciously. "I hate to be that girl but my car refuses to start, could you maybe give me a hand?" She continued and lunch was hooked. "Sure thing.. miss?" "Sarah." She continued, offering her hand to shake his but keeping the closure after the hand shake was finished. It was so clear she was seducing him.
They walked closer and closer back to the car as he asked what's a gorgeous woman like herself was doing alone, too intrigued by the brunette to even check the car for another person. Meanwhile Katherine simply wondered if Damon's patience would stretch thin enough till they even reach the car.

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Continuation  httpsaskfmfangsandstilettosanswers173003044270

Ever felt yourself drifting apart from every single person? As if no one in the world understands you!?

afiyah_khan’s Profile PhotoAFIYAH
This won't sound good on my behalf but that's what I've been told by them. They said I failed to understand them. I made them to drift apart. log majority numbers main hote toh asar ziada na hota but few of them complained and they held the most weightage on the majority even them being in minority. I tried to make things better with them, apologized and acknowledged I was wrong but I guess I was too late and acceptance was the only way for me. For everyone out there who can feel me let me suggest you one thing, go and apologize, try, do it right now even if failure is certain. You will have to carry that burden around and it will kill you literally but it is the right thing to do. who knows you may able to make things better? and if not, ahsaas rahega tumhein that you at least tried. Because then you will realize that of all the people we might have hurt, the truth is we have hurt ourself the most, we owe ourselfan apology. But this feeling can't be felt until you make it happen. Growth is painful. Change is painful but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong.

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Why do you think I drifted away from your ask when I used to come here so often?? *Good answer wins my full time return (only sent to 19 people)

Next time, please be kind enough to make it 18 people and leave me out of your case studies. Keep drifting further away and make use of the block feature. It still works. Feel free to follow my example whenever it is *deserved*:
Why do you think I drifted away from your ask when I used to come here so often

How would you describe yourself?

I am a naturally sane and good-natured person who always looks on the bright side of life. I look out for everyone. Shy, honest, anxious, determined, cat lover, antisocial, pluviophile, funny, boring. I try to bring out the best in people. Caring, oblivious, vindictive, creative, trustworthy, indignant, self-pitying, verbose, introspective, affectionate. I am a very caring person who's looking for making people's days a bit brighter and
Insecure, shy, reserved, distrusting, understanding, ride or die, funny, witty, intelligent, chunky but funky
Empathetic, self-motivated, nonjudgmental, endlessly curious about the human condition, introspective. Empathetic, dog-lover, insecure, easy-going, wine-lover, intelligent, sensitive but strong, hard working, perfectionist. How would I describe myself? Three words. Hard-working, Alpha male, Jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable. You and me both. Worst part is knowing it and knowing that I'll suspect tremendous potential until the day I die, having achieved nothing to measure up to what I suspect could have been.
I'm happy and funny and smart and good looking and radiant and medium build and brown eyes and well read and I love rock and roll and I live in the city but I wish I lived on a farm but not too far out 'cause I like to party and socialise and go to movies and shows and i like shoe shopping and sometimes I feel a bit guilty for eating all the ice cream but mostly I'm OK with roast beef for dinner but I also like pizza for a change and I like Reddit a lot and I sometimes play Guitar Hero but only when there isn't any Mock the Week on repeat on Dave and sometimes I like to cycle to the park and sit and check all the hot mommas out and every time I go home and touch myself I die a little inside.
I got asked this in a job interview not too long ago. It completely threw me off guard (it was my first real job interview) and I really had a hard time coming up with a good answer right away. I was literally slurring my words. Needless to say, I didn't. Visionary, I suppose. I have the habit of always drifting off into thought and coming up with ideas, theories and explanations randomly in my head based on stuff I see. It's a habit of mine, I guess. I always like to come up with my own solutions for things. Check out the synonyms: admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, attractive, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, easy on the eyes, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy*, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful.

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I need an advice: I got married like ten years ago, and I'm not happy with my wife .. we started drifting apart and now more than ever I feel hate rather than nothing .. the only issue is that she's so attached to me and loves me so much and divorce will somehow destroy her .. what shall I do?

Try to love yourself first , then discuss about this situation with her not here st##!# , try to solve all the problems and miss understanding with her kindly ..

tell me about your day ☺

I’ve just reviewed my lecture notes (Forming Relationships in Young and Middle Adulthood) for school and these are worth noting:
1. Sternberg’s basic components of love includes passion (intense physical desire), intimacy (feeling of being able to share one’s thoughts and actions with the other) and commitment (willingness to stay with the person through the good and bad times).
2. Relationships one experienced as a child affect our definition of love and actions in romantic relationships.
3. Some common causes of divorce include micro -level (interpersonal issues, extramarital affairs, violence, substance abuse, financial issues, conflict over children’s upbringing, lack of communication, irritating personality, annoying habits, lack of quality time and drifting apart) and macro-level (changing social institutions , low social integration, changing gender roles, cultural values , demographic variables, parental divorce , aged marriage and pre-marital childbearing) reasons.
4. Co-habitancy (unmarried couples living together) is preferred by some due to less complications (financial support/alimony, child custody etc) in the event of separation.

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Ten things you love about Spring or other season 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Spring is perfect because it's like summer but not as warm. Spring is when butterflies fly around. They are so beautiful and birds sing beautiful songs. Spring is a great season for kids to play outside with their friends and dogs.
The first thing we all love about spring is that it is warmer and people can spend more time outside. "The weather is warmer and the trees get leaves." "It's nice to be able to spend more time outside." Spring is a good time to do things outside - to enjoy the long evenings, have a barbecue or take a walk in the park.
Spring is the fulfillment of nature’s promise to once again provide. It marks the ending of the frozen winter with the beginning of new life and growth. It hints at the possibility of the renewal of all things.
The flowers are beginning to bloom, as the leaves begin to bud on the branches.
The sky, it is painted in a beautiful light blue, speckled by the birds singing as they return home and the occasional cloud.
The air is crisp, not too warm but not too frigid or cold. It brings a calm; it takes out of reality and into a calmer world, one in a state of everlasting serenity.
The weather is getting warmer, trees and flowers are getting green...
My favorite part of Spring is sights and smells of everything blooming. The most exciting part of Spring is watching animals with their new babies especially ducks and swans.
The lovely scent of flowers drifting on the air as I walk. The little swallows harvesting mud to make their nests, they flutter their wings and work in large family groups. The sound of a woodpecker early in the morning. Brief spring showers. The hills turning green.
Just seeing nature come alive with fresh leaves and blossoms. It’s such a glorious awakening given to us by nature.
And much more... 🍃🌱

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Ten things you love about Spring or other season

Write a love letter to your ex boyfriend.

Our song came on as I was sitting in the restaurant that was once our spot. Fluorescent lights the gleam of silverware touching the lips of strangers mouthing words of their stories
She is a spectator of those who inhabit their spot about to be engulfed by her own thoughts she cannot silence. Our song is not romantic or cool. The rhythm the beat the sway that is all so fleeting the wind that sweeps the girl off her feet sends her flying into the wind unwillingly. Our song had made us cry tears of overwhelming laughter. The voices of young boy and young girl rumble through the night it is the sound of letting go all judgement all face all tension it is the sound that haunts young girl young boy tonight the night before tomorrows to come. Our song we sang in the car as you drove me home. When the night was dark and the streets were dim and quiet when hands were intertwined the roots of a tree once called us scrambling to grow not realizing the silent retreat. Our song I bopped to as I sang along off key to make you smile. The corners of your mouth stretch off into infinity she is at the end of her universe. Our song we listened to as we stayed on the phone drifting off into our own fantasies and fears. She screams her hands stretching out her whole body moves to the rhythms of her deepest darkest insecurities a world without you. Our song must be the song of others but today our song sends me straight back to when we you and I only us only us only us exist in this world when we were in love. Darkness swallows the bed she lays on the streets she walks through the dreams she runs through the darkness of space she tries and tries and tries to avoid the fall but she cannot for she cannot see she cannot she where she is going she is so lost. Simon, I promise we'll never ever live a dull moment. I won't let our friendship slowly die away. I'll always find a way to keep it alive. If I have hurt you by the past, please know that I wasn't in the best of moods and that I was angry with myself. I apologize for that. I just lost my temper and got a little carried away. I blame myself so much for having done that to you because you didn't deserve any of that.
Simon, you have to know that I'm living a fairy tale by your side. I've never been happier in my whole life since I've known you.
Simon, I promise that when you're tired, I will go to battle for you. Whether that's against an angry lover, the antagonistic voices of enemies, the weight of too many deadlines and demands, or the doubt in your own mind, I promise that I will find silly things to make you laugh. I promise that I will tell you stories that distract you. I promise that I will hold you in my arms until the weight feels just a little lighter, until you remember, once again, your inner strength. I want to see your inner strength shine out. I'll do everything in my power to make you feel better when you're feeling down in the dumps. My biggest wish is for you to be happy.

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Why do you think people drift away?

MalikShaheer’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Shaheer
Because we give them the hold of the wheel of our life that belongs to us and they carelessly use it like it doesn't have a value, so drive safe and if someone drifting their own vehicle so they're definitely going to crash and you can't stop your vehicle for anyone to safe them it's just one vehicle you have if you lose the control of it trying to save someone who didn't cared about your vehicle then nobody's going to save you or stop for you this is a race you can't let anyone crash your vehicle so let them drift away that's better for your clear way to the destination and you need to be there by yourself in the end alone don't let them ruin it.

Have you ever made pictures in mind of your spouse like how he would be and how you'd both spend your life together? Describe those pictures, and also tell the looks you imagined of that person. Staif.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
I always have image of a person somewhere in mind.... Who is sitting while facing me... With his crossed arms... And complacent face✨.... smile on lips and eyes stays in mine💟.... Listening my wordz with such a attention as these would be the last wordz of someone♟️... Absorbing my voice in his ears and my wordz pentrating directly into his heart♥️....and carved in his memory...♣️
I have image of someone who enjoys even the silence of me🎑.... Who relish the moment of sitting on the edge of some rock with me in complete silence while eyes drifting away on some farthest point while mind drowning in pleasent silent around us⚓... Who could feel those vibes... For whom theres no need to find out wordz and give them shape🌖.... The one who could understand me by the furrow of my brow and transiting colors of my face.... 🍃🍂

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WELCOME ❀ TO ❀ THE ❀ NEW ❀ A G E ❀ MY ❀ 「 ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ 」

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photoʜᴏsᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ғᴏʀ sᴏᴜʟs. ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡
что же это такое, любовь к себе?любовь к себе — это забота о себе. но настоящая любовь — это не просто забота, а забота радостная, когда заботиться хочется, когда в душе радость от самого процесса заботы. если этого нет — забота о себе есть, а любви к себе нет, есть просто самообслуживание. так, некоторые люди о себе вроде бы заботятся﹕себя умывают, себя развивают, себя кормят, лечат — вроде бы заботятся. но посмотришь на такого﹕нет, не похож он на человека любящего. кто-то умный и здоровый делает вроде бы для себя все, а любящим его не назовут. чего ему не хватает?света и радости в душе. он заботится о себе — без радости, а когда нет радости, нет и любви. один из секретов любви к себе — в этой внутренней радости и в ее простой формуле, а именно﹕тепло, свет и энергия. когда в душе есть тепло, когда в душе есть свет и солнце, когда у вас в душе и теле есть энергия — вы чувствуете любовь в душе, вы живете с любовью. это — прекрасно. но иногда в душе бывает холодно, и когда вы чувствуете в душе холод — у вас нет любви. иногда во внутреннем мире бывает темно, и когда гаснет внутренний свет, гаснет любовь. и если у вас кончились силы жить, ушла энергия — вместе с этим уходит и любовь. если человек описывает картинку своего внутреннего мира как — серо, ну какая-то зима, какой-то вечер, может быть лампочки погасли, и в голосе нет ни радости, ни энергии — такой человек живет без любви.
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ drifting lights — afterthought feat. puzzls ﹙lyrics﹚
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ jay aliyev — maybe that's a lie ﹙original mix ﹚

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WELCOME  TO  THE  NEW  A G E  MY   ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

WELCOME ❀ TO ❀ THE ❀ NEW ❀ A G E ❀ MY ❀ 「 ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ 」

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photoʜᴏsᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ғᴏʀ sᴏᴜʟs. ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡
⠀⠀• ⠀⠀наша планета земля удивительна и неповторима. красота нашего мира просто очаровывает, нельзя не восхищаться ее. яркое голубое небо над головою, так и хочется вспарить вверх, подняться высоко над землею, чтобы насладиться красотой нашего мира﹗а как красиво небо ночью, когда можно наблюдать за бесчисленными огоньками, зажженными каким-то волшебником. возможно, где-то среди этих звезд есть планеты, похожие на нашу, такие же удивительно красивые. четыре стихии обитают на нашей планете﹕земля, вода, воздух, огонь. ими нельзя повелевать, их нельзя приучить, подчинить, с ними можно только дружить. как не пытался противостоять человек стихиям, у него ничего не получается. люди очень сильно заблуждались, думая, что они смогут повелевать природой. романтики, путешественники разных времен пытались раскрыть все тайны нашего мира, однако многое до сих пор остается неизведанным и тайным. многие из них отправлялись в путешествие, чтобы еще раз побывать в тех живописных уголках нашей земли, которые оставили в их душе неизгладимое впечатление. высокие горы, бескрайние степи, жаркие пустыни, неизведанные океаны не могут не притягивать к себе человека. люди должны жить в гармонии с окружающим миром и не пытаться подчинить его себе. мир удивительный, мир — рай.
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ starlyte — still beating ﹙lyrics﹚
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ throvn & holly terrens — see you go ﹙lyrics﹚
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ drifting lights — make it through feat. ghosthands

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WELCOME  TO  THE  NEW  A G E  MY   ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

WELCOME ❀ TO ❀ THE ❀ NEW ❀ A G E ❀ MY ❀ 「 ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ 」

MazenukeaTrekaila’s Profile Photoʜᴏsᴘɪᴛᴀʟ ғᴏʀ sᴏᴜʟs. ⌠ ℬℊ ⌡
⠀⠀• ⠀⠀настоящее счастье есть. и есть здесь, на земле. оно не что иное, как путь, по которому мы идем вперед. только в той мере, в какой мы умеем давать, мы и получим. потому что бог иногда мучает нас, но и воздает сверх меры. играет с нами, побуждает хотеть большего, желать для себя большего, становиться чем-то большим. счастье — это не нечто данное, не легкая нажива, не окаменелость, которая вдруг сваливается на тебя. статичное счастье раздавило бы нас своей страшной скукой. счастье зарабатывается, оно приобретается каждый день. оно — постоянное восхождение, динамика, всё время адаптирующаяся к нашим потребностям. счастье — это становление..
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ last heroes & runn — knowing how to break
⠀⠀⠀⠀♬ drifting lights — empty feat. ohon ﹙lyrics﹚
WELCOME  TO  THE  NEW  A G E  MY   ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ

How can you make your relationship with your partner happier and healthier??

Happiness is something you tend to make, it can not be made for you, the best advice I would have is to always be open with each other, spending time together but remember spending time apart also doesn’t mean you are drifting being with them is good but everyone needs a little space once in a while. Try telling or asking about each other’s feelings.

If you had a chance to write a poem to someone special to you what would you write ?

The first snow of the year falls around me.
I stare out my window. It never fails to astound me
How each flake is different. None are the same.
None try to be like others, just stay how they came.
And the frozen rain falls from the sky with no sound,
Gently drifting to rest and to sleep on the ground.
A cool white blanket hides the scars of the earth,
Covering the ground in a winter's rebirth.
And I wonder, is this beauty what you see every day?
This peaceful wonder that you overlook and say,
"This happens around me. So I walk away."
This is the beauty you overlook every day.
Outside, snow is falling. A beautiful white.
Pressing my face to the window. A beautiful sight.
All around me is beauty. But inside me is pain,
So I watch the snow falling. The frozen rain.
The surface untouched by small children's shoes.
They watch in astonishment from their window views.
Heavy flakes fall from a calming grey sky.
I'm hurting, so the sky continues to cry.
I still miss you. I miss you every day that goes by,
Knowing that I am the reason why.
So I watch the snow fall...hiding what I'm regretting.
I'm sick of remembering what you are forgetting.
I still miss you. I miss you every day that goes by,
Knowing that I am the reason why.
I still love you. I'll love you till the day I die,
Knowing that I am the reason why.

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roshanealikhan’s Profile PhotoRoshanay
1. Join a racing or drift school and get the FIA Super License for pro racing or pro drifting. 🤩😍
2. Drive on Nürburgring, Autobahn and Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway.
3. Participate in rally racing.

These falling tears, they don't heal no more.. I feel so numb, I'm drifting bring me back to shore..I've been judged, I can hear their words..I need ur luv, cuz I'm breaking up..And I've had enough, I need you to fix me ..🦋..

U're The Only One, Who Keeps Me Strong, U Forgive My Wrongs, U Never Leave Me...🥀
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✴Ad ogni parola associa una canzone. -Rabbia -Euforia -Vacanze -Tristezza -Erotismo -Mancanza -Famiglia -Solitudine -Bacio -Libertà -Fedeltà -Amicizia -Catene -Speranza -Paura

DobbellaInside’s Profile Photo~Dobbella~
Amo alla follia questa domanda e specifico che farò collegamenti molto personali, non necessariamente comprensibili, sulla base delle mie esperienze di vita🧑🏼‍🦰
Rabbia = Voglio solo farmi male - Management del dolore post operatorio;
Euforia = Miasmal smoke and the yellow bellied freaks - Wintersleep;
Vacanze = Te boté - Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Ozuna;
Tristezza = Drifting - 4 non blondes;
Erotismo = Dona nobis pacem - Max Richter;
Mancanza = Sbatti - Gazzelle;
Famiglia = A te - Jovanotti;
Solitudine = Spirits - The strumbellas;
Bacio = Each time you fall in love - Cigarettes after sex;
Libertà = Toxicity - System of a down;
Fedeltà = La musica non c’è - Coez;
Amicizia = Quando nasce un amore - Anna Oxa;
Catene = Sad but true - Metallica;
Speranza = Down the front - Talos;
Paura = Summer overture - Clint Mansell.

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Humans don't have the strength to cope it. It'll be the end of our race. Tell me why they are teaching to stay calm in any situation in all the meditation practices, These brain frequencies like Alpha and Theta work when you are calm and relaxed. They have been teaching us since the beginning why?

EnugAmbrosia’s Profile PhotoEnug
Your default is the beta brain wave, in which you are awake. There are three different types of beta brain wave: high-, mid- and low-range beta.
High-range beta: jacked up ok hormones of stress, anxiety, depression
Mid-range beta: “good stress”, new unfamiliar situations like introducing yourself to a group of new people
Low-range beta: reading, no threats, relaxed
Alpha brain wave: relaxed, calm, creative, intuitive; daydreaming, imagining, trance
Theta brain wave: mind is aware, body is drifting to sleep; state of meditation
Delta brain wave: deep, restorative sleep (sometimes accessible through meditation)
The goal is to slower your brain waves from what’s often high-range beta to alpha, theta or even delta brain waves. To call your energy back from the outer environment to your inner environment. Now you have available energy to heal yourself of to create a new experience in your life.

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Humans dont have the strength to cope it Itll be the end of our race Tell me why
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#Мuнuфлешмоб. • Я пuшу любую букву, а mы nоgбuраешь 27 nесeн, коmорые начuнаюmся на неё. • Всем gрузьям mоm же воnрос, mолько nрu эmом меняешь букву. • mвоя – “D”

badboybadboy9591’s Profile Photoⓑⓐⓓҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳⓑⓞⓨ
⠀⠀А я предлагаю 33 песни 😏
⠀⠀◾⠀blackbear ─ Dead To Me
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Coldsteeze ─ Don't Leave Me Here
⠀⠀◾⠀blackbear feat. Gucci Mane ─ Do Re Mi
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀MAMAMOO ─ Destiny
⠀⠀◾⠀Nexeri ─ Deep End (Original Mix)
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Tanir & Tyomcha ─ Da Da Da
⠀⠀◾⠀Axwell /\ Ingrosso ─ Dreamer
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Carla Morrison ─ Disfruto (Audioiko Remix)
⠀⠀◾⠀Justin Caruso feat. Jake Miller ─ Don't Know You
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Twenty One Pilots ─ Doubt
⠀⠀◾⠀MISSIO ─ Dizzy
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin ─ Don't You Worry Child (Radio Edit)
⠀⠀◾⠀Madcon feat. Dalto ─ Don't Worry
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Orjan Nilsen ─ Don't Need To Know Your Name
⠀⠀◾⠀BLACKPINK ─ Don't Know What To Do
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀BTS ─ Dope
⠀⠀◾⠀Pitbull feat. TJR ─ Don't Stop the Party
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀The Chainsmokers ft. Daya ─ Don't Let Me Down
⠀⠀◾⠀Martin Garrix ft. Usher ─ Don't Look Down
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Dawin ft. Silentó ─ Dessert
⠀⠀◾⠀Alex Aiono, Trinidad Cardona ─ Does It Feel Like Falling
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Janieck ─ Does It Matter (Extended Mix)
⠀⠀◾⠀Aaron Smith ─ Dancin
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Headhunterz & KSHMR ─ Dharma
⠀⠀◾⠀Kirsten Collins, Blake Rose, KHS Cover ─ Dusk Till Dawn
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀Dev ─ Dancing in the dark
⠀⠀◾⠀Stereo Honey ─ Don't Speak
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀prvrln ─ dream
⠀⠀◾⠀Josef Salvat ─ Diamonds
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀xxxtentacion, blackbear ─ demons (ocean mix)
⠀⠀◾⠀Imagine Dragons ─ Demons
⠀⠀▸⠀◾⠀two lanes ─ drifting
⠀⠀◾⠀ nothing,nowhere. ─ dread

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Мuнuфлешмоб  Я пuшу любую букву а mы nоgбuраешь 27 nесeн коmорые начuнаюmся на

you understand why no longer human was the defining work of the author and most read literature in Japan. 2.Under Cherries in Full Bloom: Probably the most bizzare two episodes of an anime I've ever seen in my life.Ango Sakaguchi,the author, tried to tell a tale of how people need to speak their ..

bellmine’s Profile Photoìů ケンガンアシュラ
minds in order to live a peaceful life.However,his idealistic approach on decadence falls shorts in this anime adaptation, because of unnecessary humor, inappropriate chibi animations and dreadfully boring jazzy song.The sudden light-heartedness and lackadaisical pacing feels like a fish out of water after watching the melancholy and sorrowful no longer human.
3.Kokoro:Natsume Soseki is considered the Charles Dickens of Japan for good reason.i felt like I was drifting along in a sea filled with the characters' emotions .when I talked about this anime being the game changer, I was mainly referring to this arc.It waves a bittersweet story of love, lust, trust , jealousy and friendship.
4.Run,Melos! : "Is it more painful to wait,or to make someone wait?"the most straightforward story of the lot.The storyline is very basic and is about a playwright's life,as he spends his life waiting for his childhood friend to come and meet him.once again, this was written by Dazai Osamu and is the retelling of Greek legend (Damon and Pythias)the overall theme of the arc being unwavering friendship.as I said, it's a very simple story and it can get a tad predictable, but since it lasts for only forty minutes, it's an enjoyable ride.
5.The spider's Thread: what starts off as a brutal Assassin's Creed amine, ends up a crude moral story that is far too short to convey any real message.while the basic idea of Ryunosuke Akuragawa was to entertain children with this novel, the anime adaptation is aimed at a much more mature audience because of its gore and profanity . A good story, but 20 minutes proves to be too short to convey the author's ideals.
6.Hell Screen: Penned by the same author as Spider's Thread,Hell Screen succeeds exactly where the Spider's Thread fails.it gets it's point through in a single episode.this arc is about an artist and his struggle to paint his masterpiece, much like " THE LAST LEAF".

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you understand why no longer human was the defining work of the author and most

i cant sleep at nights because of random thoughts and when drifting into sleep i wake up im tired and sleepy but i cant sleep whats wrong with me ? im not making it a big deal but its getting on my nerves im sure as hell not depressed that story of mine ended but idk man is it loanliness? or what?!

You can talk to me about it if you want,

i cant sleep at nights because of random thoughts and when drifting into sleep i wake up im tired and sleepy but i cant sleep whats wrong with me ? im not making it a big deal but its getting on my nerves im sure as hell not depressed that story of mine ended but idk man is it loanliness? or what?!

That's a sign of depression.
Focus on your thoughts. Feelings are the relay station to your thoughts. Once you focus on your thoughts and determine your problem, only then would you be able to fix it.

i cant sleep at nights because of random thoughts and when drifting into sleep i wake up im tired and sleepy but i cant sleep whats wrong with me ? im not making it a big deal but its getting on my nerves im sure as hell not depressed that story of mine ended but idk man is it loanliness? or what?!

Ah, loanliness. Financial Inclusion is the root cause of insomnia in Pakistan.

What is the “push pull” game or method that a narcissist would use to control their potential victim?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
A person who can't handle vulnerability/intimacy/closeness self-sabotages healthy romantic relationships thru things like gaslighting, misplaced blame, silent treatment, drifting away, ghosting in attempts to gain control and protect themselves from perceived failure in a relationship...often due to childhood issues. They get triggered constantly. U can't win if ur in a relationship like this. It's like a pendulum swinging back & forth. He/she needs counseling & solid prayer life. Don't blame urself people!
What is the push pull game or method that a narcissist would use to control

What was your first car? (Or dream first car if you don’t drive) I JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST CAR YESTERDAY 🥳🚙

asbeckyis’s Profile Photobecky
A white VW bug. No working heat or air conditioning that I can recall, and (being a new driver, and still learning stick shift) I eventually damaged second gear enough that I had to go straight from first to third all the time. And yes it made that puttputt sound. I had friends who lived up a steep hill. There was a stoplight at the bottom that we always seemed to hit when I was driving them home. We'd be puttputting our way up the hill entirely in first gear while other drivers pulled around us constantly. My friends would be leaning forward and back in sync with each other to "add some boost". It was a 1987 Ford F-150 that my grandfather had spotted and talked to me about. We looked at it and he basically took over negotiating the price. I'm not complaining though. He argued the guy from $1000 to $850. The man could argue that there's a thunderstorm on a clear day. But after that I went to the bank and got a portion of what I'd saved from working at a local grocery store for the last year or so. It wasn't that exciting of a purchase process. But it did have two 10's in the back and we had to cut the E-brake line to drag it out of the guy's lawn. So that was fun. I'll start. When I was 17 I bought a 1989 240sx. I absolutely love drifting and motorsports and the culture in general so I picked up one once I had the money. It ended up sitting in my garage for over a year, and is still currently in the garage but is now running. I figured it needed minor work to get it running in tip-top shape, but after I looked at it for months on end I realized it needed too much work that I wasn't capable of fixing. I had a white 1988 Chrysler New Yorker as my first car in 2003. It was gifted to me. That thing was like a boat. You could comfortably fit 4-5 people in the backseat. It died on me about 2 months after I got it. It's okay though because my mom didn't want me spending money I had saved for college on a car. She bought me a Grand Am. It was much easier to park and it didn't randomly stall. 1980 Chevy Celebrity. She had 100K+ miles on her when I got her from my sister. Her name was "Silver" and she was temperamental as hell. It was stupidly easy to flood the engine and she absolutely refused to start up if it was below freezing out, which it often was. Not long after I got her, the ceiling fabric separated from from the ceiling. Eventually we had the ceiling redone, but before that, I used thumbtacks to hold it up. I called it my Rhinestone Ceiling. The tacks fell out all the time, so you had to check your seat before you sat down. One year for Christmas, I got a 100-disc CD changer that was mounted in the trunk. So the radio really was worth more than the car. And since this was waaaaaaay back in the day, I even had a cell phone MOUNTED ON THE FLOOR (like this) because my parents didn't want me to have any excuse for being out late and not checking in.

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ʀ.ᴋ ️️️️️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️♝️️️️️️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ ️️️ https://ask.fm/nightmcre/answers/160273331638

nightmcre’s Profile Photoʀᴏᴍᴀɴ ᴋ.
️ ️
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️R O M A N ️️️ ️ ️ ️K A R K A R O F F
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️he had quite the talent for ️ ️G R I N D I N G ️ ️her bones, for sticking to her brain even when she didn't want him there. even the way he ️ ️G R I N N E D ️ ️up at her made her blood boil. and yet, her own lips etch into a smile, mirroring his. ' don't tell me you want to meet the ️ ️P A R E N T S. ️ ️trust me when i say you'd get ️ ️B O R E D ️ ️very quickly. ' bored. . . or dead. either way. . .
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️it wasn't her business. cass follows him with her gaze, not flinching even as he presses himself lightly to her. jade flutters ️ ️C A L M L Y ️ ️up at sage, expression displeased. gaze is unrelenting as it fixates on his, drifting down to his lips as they curve with every word he speaks───── she ️ ️S C O F F S ️ ️at his lewd retort, head cocking to the side. ' oh, really? '
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️her eyes fall dangerously on his hand, as he runs it down her neck. it sends a ️ ️C H I L L ️ ️up her spine, and cass actually shivers at the feeling of his nails dragging against her flesh. fingers curl around his wrist, jade ️ ️S I N I S T E R ️ ️as she steps even closer. closer until her mouth brushed against the skin of his sharp jaw. ' ️ ️D O N ' T ️ ️get any ideas, ️ ️R O M A N. '
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️cass lets his hand fall from her grip, teeth digging into his jaw, her own hand pressed to his chest. as fingernails claw at his shirt, they ️ ️T E A R ️ ️through it, until she's cutting at flesh rather than ️ ️F A B R I C. ️ ️she moves her face up, jade befalling once more on sage, her cheek brushing against his briefly. ' let me remind you once again, that you're my ️ ️S L A V E. '
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️her lips fall into an ️ ️E A S Y ️ ️smile, dark and twisted. finding him equally as dangerous, she lets him go, though she doesn't step back. ' ─────you do ️ ️M Y ️ ️bidding, do you understand? ' the challenge in the sage ️ ️E X C I T E S ️ ️her, makes her want to bite the bait he laid out. and that was exactly what she did; cass edged forwards, sinking her teeth into his bottom ️ ️L I P.
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️she ️ ️T U G S, ️ ️relishing in the sweet metallic taste as she licks the small tinge of blood she drew from his lip. ' i will ️ ️N E V E R ️ ️belong to anyone. you'd do well to remember that, my pretty little pet. ' she taps her palm against his cheek twice, before running a finger against the small gash on his lip. cass sucks in a deep breath with a ️ ️H I S S, ️ ️stepping back from temptation.
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️she'd ️ ️E N J O Y E D ️ ️that too much, and he knew it.
️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️️ ️️️ ️ ️ ️ ️' or don't. i ️ ️L O V E ️ ️dishing out ️ ️P U N I S H M E N T. '
️ ️️ ️️

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ʀᴋ            httpsaskfmnightmcreanswers160273331638
+2 answers in: “✦ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️ @NIGHTMCRE ️️️️️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️️ ️️️”

Have you ever paid someone to give you a massage? Or maybe when you're walking through the malls & there's those people sitting on the ends on the hallways. Have you ever stopped & paid them to give you a massage before? Or maybe sat in their massage chairs? (Keep this appropriate please)

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
Of course! I used to have a regular therapist I saw each month for a back neck and shoulder massage. It was really relaxing and I used to find myself drifting off to sleep! I actually really miss that since she moved away. I am thinking of perhaps trying reflexology or acupuncture. It's nice to take some time out just for me?
Have you ever paid someone to give you a massage

Or maybe when youre walking

“Either social media is a black hole, sucking all your time, energy, and creativity into a vortex of zero returns. Or social media can create a galaxy of opportunities, relationships, and platforms like never seems before.” — What is it for you?

zy_cv’s Profile PhotoManu
Good question, maybe I’m on the very of the vortex where I still could end up sucked in or drifting off into the galaxy 😁

️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️ ️️️️️️ ️️️ ️️️️️️️❉ ️️️ ️️️️️️️️ ️️️ ️️️️️️ ️️️ ️️️️️️️ https://ask.fm/kowclski/answers/161049870796

kowclski’s Profile PhotoQUEENIE K.
️ ️ ️ ️️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️|| ️ ️ ️ ️SCARLET EVANS. ️ ️ ️ ️|| ️ ️ ️ ️003. ️ ️ ️ ️||
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️max didn't think there was anything else in this world that made him feel quite like the prospect of having to give his daughter UP did. he makes it a point not to look at the steel blues, because he knows they're RIGHT, knows that he won't be able to ARGUE with them. instead, he closes them, hands bringing little alenia CLOSER to him, as she faded into sleep.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️" but her mother doesn't need HER. " she'd proved just that when she'd told him he didn't WANT her; how could max ever bring himself to give his daughter to someone who didn't WANT her? it seemed. . . UNFAIR. but still, her words pierced through his HEART in a way he never thought words COULD. his breathing HARDENS, grows heavier.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️stellar hues follow her as she walks into her closet, returns with a DUFFEL bag with clothes he didn't RECOGNISE, but knew immediately who they were for. he's ready to ARGUE it, but doesn't. instead, eyes finally fall onto her, watch as he FEELS the sadness SEEP from them────── max had been able to tell, from a very young age, how people FELT.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️perhaps that was what had made his such a good FATHER, or at least, he hoped he was. " i know. " he nods, reaching a free hand to place it at queenie's shoulder. bringing her closer to him, max lets his forehead fall against hers, the three of them CRADLED together as he murmured words of understanding, not AGREEMENT. he felt happily STUCK in that moment.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️. . .until something CRASHES against a desk, rattling it so violently that a photo frame TOPPLES over────── scarlet had never been a GRACEFUL apparater. eyes dart to the familiar RED, laying an awoken alenia back against his broad shoulder. no elladora, he noticed. " sorry, scarlet, for calling you so LATE. " or early, depending on her schedule right now.
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️" but this is IMPORTANT. " was she settled in? was she still STUMBLING? she must have been more TIRED now with THOMAS than he thought; max counted himself LUCKY for alenia then, who'd already began drifting back to sleep. " cass was here. " or SOMEONE was, at least. " ──────and they took nina. " brows furrow. " . . .something BIG is about to happen. "
️ ️
️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️️AND IT WAS GOING TO BE BAD, HE KNEW.
️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️" ───────THEY LEFT BEHIND A NOTE. "
️️ ️ ️ ️

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