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Do you eat food and still do not seem to gain weight 😂

I used to have a really high metabolism; but over time it started to slow down.
I think the last time I was able to eat anything without gaining weight was my senior year of high school. 6 years later, I am trying to manage my weight. Lol

Assalam o alaikum !how are you doing? Life update!?

dictator_1059’s Profile Photokiddo headshrinker
Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can't cry it away or eat it away or stave it away or walk it away or punch it away or therapy it away. Its just there and you have to survive it. You have to endure it. You have to live through it and love it and move on and be better for it and run as far away as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to heal. Therapists and friends can help you along the way but the healing, the genuine real healing, the real deal, down on your knees in the mud change is entirely and absolutely up to you.

Is there any food that's absolutely irresistable to you? Like if someone wanted to persuade you with food, what should they offer? 🤤

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Hmmmm people can always bribe me with well made Indian food. 😍
Lately I’ve started to eat more healthy. I increased my protein intake and it has made me feel so full! It also helped me not crave for food as much as I used to! 😊 so if you asked me this a couple of weeks ago, I’d have definitely said ‘desserts with added caramel!’ But atm? Nah 😊
Is there any food thats absolutely irresistable to you Like if someone wanted to

I'm going to bed soon. I'm going to do something right crazy before -big time crazy-, eat one mini baby bell. i'm not hungry, it's for science purposes only. What sort of dreams will i have?

Math_Blink’s Profile Photomath
You will dream you are buried alive . . . . in your coffin !
But no worries, you've got one of those Victorian bells , attached to your toe by a cord, so you can alert a passerby that you're still alive & get dug up !
Only thing, it's a mini baby bell . . . . & it has no clapper . . . so it can't ring . . . .
Im going to bed soon Im going to do something right crazy before big time crazy

Tip for glowing skin

Grate potato, grate frozen tomatoes lemon juice flour 15 tbs sugar ,salt some water mix it apply on face for 15 minutes
Apart from this eat vitamin c fruits Kiwi ,pineapple !!!! 😊
Take jug of water squeeze 8 lemon juice drink it through out the day 🤗
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When you get upset..do you tend to throw something,kick a can, get quiet/stop talking,glare at the person,scream at the person, bring up dates and times (even if it occurred several years prior to), eat, start cleaning, ignore the person by reading, go for walk, get in your car, or something else?

I tend to go quiet, sometimes I organise stuff when I get sad, I might walk away from whatever or whoever it is or I might sleep. Depends if the reason is a “me” issue or if something happened that was out of my control. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do you think gene-edited vegetables are safe for consumption? Would you eat vegetables if you knew they gene-edited?

I would, yeah. They are researching into making crops have a longer shelf life to reduce post-harvest waste, which I'm all for because seriously it goes off so quickly that it gets wasted. There's also research being done to up the nutritional value of some veggies which, given the current situation with most soil being largely depleted and therefor our veggies having much less goodness in them, is definitely important

Do you think gene-edited vegetables are safe for consumption? Would you eat vegetables if you knew they gene-edited?

I don’t think they’re as healthy as normal vegetables.
I wouldn’t eat gene edited vegetables, because it has a bigger negative effect on the environment, the economy and for me there’s nothing wrong with natural vegetables. 🥕🌽🥦
Do you think geneedited vegetables are safe for consumption Would you eat

What is the point of going out to eat if you have everything you need at home?

I like to eat out every now and then because I consider it as a fun activity to begin with.
I also enjoy eating food that is made by skilled people. Since I’m not so skilled at cooking yet myself, it’s nice to have something different every now and then in my opinion. 😄
It’s also a nice way to celebrate something with other people, like a birthday or graduation for example.
What is the point of going out to eat if you have everything you need at home

What do you think about sport supplements?

gewoon_romy’s Profile PhotoRomy
I think it's unnecessary. Move enough, drink a lot of water and eat healthy should be enough.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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What do you think about sport supplements

Speak your heart out. 🌝

Hate it when people are shy of introducing their poor relatives to their rich friends or rich people around them, why? They are humans !! don't you think they also have heart, they also want to be good, wear good, eat good. Don't you know, "Allah ney jiska risk jitna likha hota hai usko utna he milta hai chahe kuch karley" toh yeh difference kiu? Yeh baat kiu bhool jate hou. Unka role yehi hai life mai. And you all this kinda people are really lacking of some islamic knowledge. Just don't show your degrees here, learn some islamic knowlege also. Treat them well show your real richness (kindness, love). Aur han yeh jou tum loug jinse chupate hou na unhe, unke bhi kuch gareeb relatives hote hain kabhi tum lougon ki waja se phir woh bh chupa dete hain aur kuch tum lougon se zarf mai agay hote hain aur yeh sab ghatiya souch tmhri tarah nae rakhtay. Just know tum Insan nae hou tum lougon ka zameer mara hua hota hai. Idky i got serious writing this but its damn true saw this kinda behaviour somewhere and can't resist myself to write.

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Minęło 7 lat, odkąd ujrzeliśmy pierwszy filmik EatJin - oryginalną serię Jina, która niezaprzeczalnie przyniosła komfort i szczęście wielu ludziom, na które Jin po prostu jadł i spędzał czas z ARMY 💜
Szczęśliwej 7 rocznicy EatJin 🤍!

Any signs of @onryotatarigami ?

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱
⠀⠀❝I... I cant find her...❞ He muttered, desperate, still in the middle of an empty street.
After a few hours, he managed to clear traffic in various areas of the city in search of that red-haired woman, but did not have any kind of clue in the surroundings. Nobody knew anything, nobody gave any indication that it was the fault of a known enemy, absolutely nothing.
He wondered plenty of times what the hell had happened, how she had disappeared like this, and why.
Majima felt real frustration and worry eat away at him. Seeing from alley to alley, up into the sky and anywhere he was able to see...
But nothing.
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Are you a picky eater?

I haven’t counted but it would probably be around 30 as well. My food issues were a primary driving factor that made me realize I could be autistic, and I discussed them with my psychologist. Having an explanation makes it much easier for people to understand and respect my food tolerances and intolerances. For years, I would start with “I’m a vegetarian” and then get offered a full plate of vegetables that I couldn’t eat, and it was always awkward. I’ve switched to “I’m autistic and struggle with eating a variety of food. I’d be happy to eat before the gathering / bring something for everyone to share.” Much better.
Today I wrote a list of all the foods I will eat because I’ve been told I’m a picky eater and I wanted to find out if I actually am. I included things I make myself eat to stay healthy (like vegetables.) I broke down full dishes into their ingredients, but I counted pre-made things like chips or peanut butter as 1. In total my list has 33 things on it. I’m curious to know if anyone else has done this and how many foods do you eat? There are 3.1 things I refuse to eat. Kale cause it's bitter, Celery cause it's like trying to eat hair, Figs cause of the wormy texture, and the brown part of a banana because it looks gross.
I’m extremely picky and therefore eat extremely unhealthy since vegetable, some fruits and other healthy food are a big no-no from me❌ I used to be a really picky eater - everything had to be plain (no sauce or spice) no foods touching etc. I think that was a learnt trait though because white my parents were eating other foods later in the evening after work, my brother and I were fed by the babysitter 5 nights a week who made us plain pasta with tuna on the side or potatoes and fish fingers - those kinda meals.
I only have one food that's linked to a bad experience and that's yoghurt. Was made to eat it once by a teacher cause it was the only thing left in the canteen at lunchtime. Despite insisting I hated it, she forced me to - came home after school and puked up all night long. The thought of it and texture just make me want to puke to this day (this happened around 13 years or so ago). I'd say expose your child to as many flavours as you can and let them try your meals if you are eating something different. I gradually came around and now at 21 I'd say I like quite a wide variety of foods - mostly due to moving out and experimenting with what I want to cook. For me, I think it was lack of exposure to a variety of foods, and being forced to eat. My mom rotated the same 3 or 4 meals for dinner, and would always include something she knew I didn't like. To this day I despise sweet potatoes because she would force me to eat a pile of them at dinner. I didn't even have the option of going to bed hungry, which I think I gladly would have taken.

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What do you eat when you wake up in the middle of the night?

I eat nothing when I wake up in the middle of the night.
I do wake up a couple of times, but I never make sure to actually get out of bed (unless I have to pee) because I’m scared it will wake me up too much and I’ll have trouble sleeping for the rest of the night.
I also never feel hungry at night too, at least, it’s not something I notice or crave for. 😊
What do you eat when you wake up in the middle of the night

There goes the fat ones sexualizing themselves again. We are all embarrassed.

What exactly is so embarrassing about people being confident in their own bodies? If anything is embarrassing, it’s the narrow-mindedness that comes with body shaming. As if every fat person is a perpetual stereotype, and they just sit around and eat all day. Honestly, it’s funny to me that you’re spending so much time worrying about other people’s weight… Especially when it seems you have a very black and white perception of what it means to be “fat.” It’s not a bad word, and it’s not always a negative thing.
Also, as surprising as it might be, thinness isn’t the end all be all to sexuality, or beauty, and it definitely doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Just saying.

I was out eat ice cream and it start to rain so it got destory 😂 So we play in the water i just got home and mom is mad because i am late 🙄 I am almost teenager she need to chill 😎

Oh dear haha. Poor ice cream 😅
And you might almost be a teenager but you're still her baby - always will be. The world can be a scary place, she gives you a time to be home cause she wants to keep you as safe as she can whilst still letting you have fun :)
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What does "eat your cake and have it" mean?

When someone gets all the benefits of something and none of the bad parts.
Like if someone was in a relationship and had a secret person on the side. They get the 'benefit' of having two people at one time, with none of the repercussions or punishment for it. (provided they don't get caught obviously)

i just wanna be happy..

You can be. Start doing lil things that make u happy like take a walk, go to ur fav coffee shop, eat your fav food or put on ur fav song sing n dance to the beat.
Happiness doesnt hv to be from something big to celebrate about. It can derive frm simple things like these. You just have to feel it 😌

I've seen a video where a person is letting a beetle type insect fall into hot water or oil. He records the video instead of saving it. A video where a dog rips off a cat and the person just records it. People can take a living being's life for content & money.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
i used to watch nat geo as a kid, that love for watching documentaries grew with time.
i had same issues, why would they let the loin tear a baby deer?
i came to know.. mechanisms of food chains are designed by almighty.
you can't let the loin die starving cuz you think eating a deer is unethical.
the number of dead / alive creatures, is planned. all WELL PLANNED.
we eat chicken have eaten trillions of them, they are still enough to feed non veg humans,
but the loins/elephants/giraffes they are not exceeding the numbers. they are still in controllable number on this planet.
so if he let if fell/ but not threw it in it. i don't mind filming it.
cats and dogs fight ... even if we don't record they do.
do not worry just try limiting the content you want or do not want to see.
good day.

you seem happy bubbly type

that's because maybe i am happy as fck like i am frecking HIGH on happiness like there aint no mtherfckr alive to mek me feel any other thing. or. just hear me out. OR. maybe, maybe. i am just a spectre, a speck from another dimension, a giant orb of dark depressing thoughts, negative energy, a black hole ready to eat all your happy thoughts & leave you empty of every single drop of happy juice. guess we'll never know.

Who was innocent:😀 Tom or jerry? I am not asking for your sympathy was with whom.i mean who was actually innocent?😅😄

Tom is innocent !!! 😊 I mean lion always hunt animals ,eat them .
So like ways so cat eats mouse .
He is not villain 😊😊😊

What do snowmen eat for breakfast?

BradJones427’s Profile PhotoBrad
Snow flakes with milk, cold soup for breakfast❄☃️
Сhampion breakfast canceled🍧
Снежные хлопья с молоком, холодный суп на завтрак❄☃️
Завтрак чемпиона отменяется🍧
What do snowmen eat for breakfast

What is some of your favorite food to bring with you when you're gonna eat outdoors? Like for a picnic? 🥪🧃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I haven't had a picnic in foreverrrr.
Sandwiches, chips, some beverages, maybe a cute little dessert of some kind, etc.

I don’t enjoy clubbing- is that ok?

So i’m 19 and everyone is out clubbing. I just really don’t enjoy it. I suffer with bad anxiety and i can’t think of anything worse than a loud space, dancing, being approached by people. I’m more than happy to go for drinks or food but i hate how i’m made to feel not “normal” because i don’t go out out. Is it ok that i prefer to go out when it’s quieter and more chilled. I also have a history of sexual assault so i’m very wary on drunk men and spiking ect. I’d prefer to stay away.
I feel similarly. I’m in my 30s now and did my fair share of clubbing because I enjoy dancing. I’m also male, so I have less fear attached to things like that. But now I enjoy talking and having real conversations over drinks. It’s more enjoyable and safe and it feeds my soul more. You’re just ahead of your friends. Just don’t shame them for wanting to go out and invite them to more intimate gatherings when you can. You’re good.
Some of my friends used to look at me weirdly whenever I’d say that. I’m the same age as you and honestly I hate clubbing and loud crowded spaces just because I’m a quiet person. Nothing wrong with not liking any of that. My friends don’t bother asking me anymore just because they know I feel out of place since I don’t drink or smoke. I prefer chill quiet places too
I’m much older but when I was your age I always had much older friends and all the friends that I did have (Gf, etc) always wanted to club but I was much more mature and somehow passed that phase. You ain’t missing nothing. You do you and be proud that you are saving money by not participating.
Yep! I’m 24 and I’ve been clubbing once and hated it so much. It was hard when I turned 21 (I live in the US) and it was all my friends wanted to do, but you’re not alone and you should be able to find friends who want to do things that aren’t clubbing. And if your friends do enjoy clubbing you can obviously still be friends, maybe just suggest some other activities every once in a while and communicate your concerns if it seems like clubbing is all they want to do.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You are perfectly normal. I grew up in one of the "clubbing capitals of the world" so from age 18 to 21 I'd hit the club every week. I thought that's what I was "supposed" to be doing but never really liked it. Smelly, sweaty, drunk people all around you....also hated how girls degraded themselves for a cheap bottle.
I hate clubbing. I’m more of a sit at a bar type to eat and chat peacefully without loud music blaring directly in my delicate ears. I did try it a few times for a night-out with the girls due to a friends bad breakup but guys kept interrupting our time just dancing together. One even snuck behind me without warning and proceeded to rub himself. Like stranger please, you didn’t ask to dance and helped yourself to get handsy around my parts.

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Am I the only one who likes partying but is introverted?

The worst thing to become popularized in the last decade is the concept of extrovert and introvert. These things are not exclusive to each other and most people are not just one or the other. It's a spectrum that were pointed in and most importantly its a spectrum that can change due to a plorthea of circumstances.
Yip. I'm super introverted and love my alone time. But I'm also a massive party animal. I DJed at clubs/festivals for years as well. But I legit hate performing, especially in front of big crowds.
I always have fun with my friends from back home no matter what we’re doing. I also have fun with my brothers like we can talk and do random stuff (without alcohol) for hours and still have a good time. I’ve also realised that after COVID I’ve become much more family oriented compared to what I was before, not sure why. Yeahh, that makes sense. I feel like as I’m getting older, I’ve begun to love my ‘me time’. When I was in my first year at uni, I practically spent every single minute of everyday with friends. I only came to my room to sleep. I would NEVER do that now.
Even when I'm dancing I prefer to find a spot for myself so I'm not in a crowd. I'm usually the one on a speaker or something.
So I’m 24 and I loveee partying, clubbing, drinking, etc. When friends make plans to go partying, I’m always in. When I go for night outs, I genuinely have so much fun. You know when friends wanna leave the club early? I never do cuz I’m always wanting to stay till the end. However, I’m also an introvert. After a long day I legit fantasize about watching Netflix and chilling by myself in my PJs. So basically, I don’t really enjoy regular hangouts with my friends,as in going out to eat and stuff like that. If I’m doing something non party related, all I wanna do is leave so I can be alone doing my own thing. But while clubbing, I’m the opposite. Am I super weird for being an introvert that’s likes to party? It is absolutely ok. No one should feel forced to do something they don't want to do. There is a reason people go to clubs in a group so they can look out for each other. I think the biggest challenge for us as introverts is not how to avoid everything we don't like turning us into hermits. The challenge is to make sure we take the steps necessary to overcome these situations in a safe and fun way. Clubs too loud? Find a quieter public place. Dancing? Could that be just a insecurity? Find a way to dance home alone to build confidence. Approached by people.. Find a group with common interests that you can ease into. You are going to have to take baby steps to not only get over your trauma but to protect yourself from further problems. As a hermit myself I regret almost every day not taking a more proactive role in my life.

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