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Why do we miss toxic people after we terminate relationships with them?

Ayeman_Shabbir’s Profile PhotoAyeman
Ending a relationship doesn't always mean they were toxic. Sometimes its just you were not right for each other or maybe that wasn't the right time for you to be together. Khair Missing the people you once love is normal and its in our nature even the strongest ones still miss there ex partnered. There day to day memories are associated with them. Like eating something specific and suddenly it comes in your mind ka yar usa be ye pasand thi xD. Khair it is what it is.

What is the point of going out to eat if you have everything you need at home?

I like to eat out every now and then because I consider it as a fun activity to begin with.
I also enjoy eating food that is made by skilled people. Since I’m not so skilled at cooking yet myself, it’s nice to have something different every now and then in my opinion. 😄
It’s also a nice way to celebrate something with other people, like a birthday or graduation for example.
What is the point of going out to eat if you have everything you need at home

Are you a picky eater?

I haven’t counted but it would probably be around 30 as well. My food issues were a primary driving factor that made me realize I could be autistic, and I discussed them with my psychologist. Having an explanation makes it much easier for people to understand and respect my food tolerances and intolerances. For years, I would start with “I’m a vegetarian” and then get offered a full plate of vegetables that I couldn’t eat, and it was always awkward. I’ve switched to “I’m autistic and struggle with eating a variety of food. I’d be happy to eat before the gathering / bring something for everyone to share.” Much better.
Today I wrote a list of all the foods I will eat because I’ve been told I’m a picky eater and I wanted to find out if I actually am. I included things I make myself eat to stay healthy (like vegetables.) I broke down full dishes into their ingredients, but I counted pre-made things like chips or peanut butter as 1. In total my list has 33 things on it. I’m curious to know if anyone else has done this and how many foods do you eat? There are 3.1 things I refuse to eat. Kale cause it's bitter, Celery cause it's like trying to eat hair, Figs cause of the wormy texture, and the brown part of a banana because it looks gross.
I’m extremely picky and therefore eat extremely unhealthy since vegetable, some fruits and other healthy food are a big no-no from me❌ I used to be a really picky eater - everything had to be plain (no sauce or spice) no foods touching etc. I think that was a learnt trait though because white my parents were eating other foods later in the evening after work, my brother and I were fed by the babysitter 5 nights a week who made us plain pasta with tuna on the side or potatoes and fish fingers - those kinda meals.
I only have one food that's linked to a bad experience and that's yoghurt. Was made to eat it once by a teacher cause it was the only thing left in the canteen at lunchtime. Despite insisting I hated it, she forced me to - came home after school and puked up all night long. The thought of it and texture just make me want to puke to this day (this happened around 13 years or so ago). I'd say expose your child to as many flavours as you can and let them try your meals if you are eating something different. I gradually came around and now at 21 I'd say I like quite a wide variety of foods - mostly due to moving out and experimenting with what I want to cook. For me, I think it was lack of exposure to a variety of foods, and being forced to eat. My mom rotated the same 3 or 4 meals for dinner, and would always include something she knew I didn't like. To this day I despise sweet potatoes because she would force me to eat a pile of them at dinner. I didn't even have the option of going to bed hungry, which I think I gladly would have taken.

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*She will be purged by heaven's light*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
*This is peppermint description of
Neón (LV…)
-Is a parasite. Sci took a bit of Fresh’s parasite and it suddenly got life(?)
-Her name is written like that (Neón) but, for tagging purposes, I call her “Neon”.
-She named her parasite “Xenón”.
-Likes to bite everyting. Her fangs have a serum that paralyzes her victim. She eats souls. But don’t worry, she’s not dangerous(?)
-She doesn’t have a soul, but she can feel a few emotions thanks to mama Sci.
-She uses the “90′s slang” whe she gets mad.
-Loves papa Fresh and mama Sci.
-She's my little piranha
*Notice all the question marks and the piranha remark-she is more dangerous than they let on- also eating Souls..uh..yeah..so not dangerous
Nèon deserves to be purged xD*

I've seen a video where a person is letting a beetle type insect fall into hot water or oil. He records the video instead of saving it. A video where a dog rips off a cat and the person just records it. People can take a living being's life for content & money.

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
i used to watch nat geo as a kid, that love for watching documentaries grew with time.
i had same issues, why would they let the loin tear a baby deer?
i came to know.. mechanisms of food chains are designed by almighty.
you can't let the loin die starving cuz you think eating a deer is unethical.
the number of dead / alive creatures, is planned. all WELL PLANNED.
we eat chicken have eaten trillions of them, they are still enough to feed non veg humans,
but the loins/elephants/giraffes they are not exceeding the numbers. they are still in controllable number on this planet.
so if he let if fell/ but not threw it in it. i don't mind filming it.
cats and dogs fight ... even if we don't record they do.
do not worry just try limiting the content you want or do not want to see.
good day.

I may send this out to everyone I follow but I genuinely want to catch up with everyone so: How have you been doing recently? Anything that's happened that you want to share? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
The past weeks weren't that easy for me, but it was in a good way, though? I had to increase my dose of the antidepressant I have to take and that caused a LOT of side effects to (re)appear while it was honestly already too late for that step and I had a lot of problems with my health at the same time. Everything together did some bad things to my immune system and my general state, but I've endured it, knowing it'll get better only this way. And it did, constantly, slowly. The past days were the first with a returning "normality" and it was worth every single day of pain and emptiness.
With me being unable to do really useful things in general, I tried my best to hold onto a few social contacts and spent my days enjoying some new opportunities. I took some small walks with my cat who enjoyed them apparently a lot, so I plan on keeping this as a habit if possible once or twice a week. I also tried my best to improve my eating habits and I think I did an okay job on it.
With nothing much that I was able to do, I wrote some of my daydreams down into stories and seriously consider to publish one or two of them. May they bring fun to others too. I also read a lot and I genuinely enjoyed that like I didn't do for years before. I've learned to appreciate sad stories and horror again, tried my best to face my inner demons and suppressed feelings, also with the help of those. Spent a lot of time on reflecting on my nightmares and made some huge improvements. Generally, I think I'm more stable now and able to face the next problems soon, like for example that I'm unable to cry for my own miseries.
One thing that keeps my mind wrapped around it were the elections on the Philippines last weeks. A good friend of mine lives there and we both had put a lot of hope in it. Now everything became so uncertain and while she slowly regains her fighting spirits, I on my side want to do everything I can to guarantee her a safe place to go to in case things turn even worse (the elected president is the son of the former dictator, so a lot of scenarios are possible). While I wish the best for the Filo people, I wish even more for my friend to be safe and it's really stressing me how we're so privileged in Europe while can't really do anything at all. But we have each other and I'm willing to put my strength into that.

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What do you hope never changes ?

samiaa_aaa’s Profile PhotoSamia
Some people might find this strange but I low-key wish the “Asian culture” we have, hope it never changes. And by that I mean all the good aspects of it, all over Asia. The way we respect our elders, the hospitality and little things like taking off your shoes when you enter your house, eating together as a family on the floor, giving money as gifts, having colourful weddings, respecting women, food and our traditions, favouring healthy diet, modesty and simplicity etc etc. All the things that Asians have in common gives me joy. Things are gradually changing and most people are happy to adapt to new ways of living. But I just love the simplicity and diversity of Asian people and their culture. It makes us unique and I hope it stays like this. Good things should always be cherished.
(the bad aspects need to be removed and replaced likewise)

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Cake in a plastic cup sounds anything but good. I wouldn't be caught dead eating something in a plastic anything. Ever heard of porcelain? You probably sit in plastic chairs at home too. What could be expected from someone so lowclass and rednecky yikes

Will you shut the fuck up. If you're so miserable that you spend 100% of your time obsessively watching my page just so you can cry & call names & act better than everyone else, you need therapy. And while you're at it, get a fucking education. You don't know what a redneck even is and i'm fucking sick of hearing it.
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يعطيك العافية دكتورة أنا عندي binge eating and sometimes bulimia كتير حاولت شغلات لحل المووع وآخر محاولة اني عملت كوتشينج وكنت فعلا جادة بالموضوع ونزل وزني ووي سيطرت بس من بعد رمضان رجع الوضع للبداية تماما ولا كإني عملت اشي. صارلي سنين بحاول ويذست معقول ما في حل للموضوع أو إرادتي ضعيفة لهالدرجة؟

يعطيكِ الأمل و الصحة و الصحبة اللي تقدري بيها تستعيدي علاقتك بجسمك
انا اشتغلت جروبات لتنظيم الأكل العاطفي و الحقيقه انها من اصعب انواع الاضطرابات ، التحكم في حاجة زي الأكل حلال و متاحة حقيقي محتاج عناصر كتير
كوتشنج و أصحاب و طريقة استمتاع بالحياة مختلفة
الخبر الكويس ان التدرب بيفرق في شخصيتك في الرحلة دي
عشان توصلي للوزن دا هتحتاجي الأول تتعلمي تصاحبي جسمك و تتعلمي الصبر و ان ما يفرقش معاك ( رأيك في نفسك ) ( ولأ رأي الناس فيكِ )
هتتحرري من الآراء و دا إنجاز عظيم
مهارات تنظيم المشاعر في العلاج الجدلي السلوكي مهمه جدا جدا
الاهتمام بالذات و رعاية النفس و تعلم الدلع من حتت تانيه غير الأكل هيفرق اوى

They do look good! But I know you refrained from eating because of your cookie eating ban! :P Does yours have the day wrong?? WHAT YEAR IS IT No scorpions! Just Elk! We say.. Saguaro, Petrified Forest, and Grand Canyon national parks.. lower antelope canyon, horseshoe bend, montezuma well!

gingerbreadguy2’s Profile PhotoGingy
Ermmm... Rigggght...😬🤣 *hurriedly brushes off the crumbs on my face* lolol
I'm not sure?? I'll have to double check! Currently on my phone... Don't have a great view/perspective of the time, lol also, just a grandma when it comes to technology lol 🧓
Ooh good!! The elk are friendly! Or... So they seem, haha 🦌
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{ 7 شوال 1443 هـ} اتعلمت ايه جديد انهاردة؟ *متنسوش صيام بكرة ( ٦ ايام من شوال) *

كنت بقرأ عن ال stress والثيرابيست قال إنه السبب الحقيقي ليه هو سبب داخلي مش خارجي زي ما الناس معتقدة زي إمتحان أو شغل أو فلوس ..إلى آخره.
وضرب أمثلة ع كدا بالشخص الخائف مثلاً. إنه خوفه دا بيعتمد ع كمية منشطات الخوف اللي جواه وكل ما زادت المنشطات دي كل ما هيكون العالم بالنسباله مكان بشع ومخيف.
ومثال بالشخص الغاضب اللي برضو هيشوف كل حاجة عبارة عن chaos of frustration and vexation والشخص المحمل بالذنب دايمًا هيشوف العالم مليان temptation and sin
وفي الآخر قال جملة فيها الخلاصة
What we are holding inside colors our world.

If I have just one advice to anyone, it will be let go ..
stress is eating my health and at some point u’ll discover that it becomes a part of you which is the worst.. let go while u’ve the ability.
بالمناسبة شكرًا.
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I have been feeling low for the past 3 days I keep crying at nights in front of Allah things are not getting better In terms of practicality of life everything is fine Life is smooth it's just my mental condition which is getting worse and worse for no fucking reason

1.Try to read
Surah rehman
Surah taghban
Surah yaseen
Surah waqia
Surah mulk
2. Try to talk with somebody close to you.
3. Do things which make you happy like it could be anything. Shopping, talking, laughing, reading books etc
4. Exercise or do a 1 hour walk.
5. If you can't talk to anybody, talk to yourself. And try to answer your questions.
6. Give some sadqa or charity sort of thing. Passing a smile is a sadqa too.
7. Read astagfirullah Astagfirullah a lot like a lot.
8. Must do the subh sham k adhkar.
9. Try to learn something new like new language or new skill.
10. Make yourself happy by eating your fav food.
11. Try to understand Quran.
12. Do things which you love and don't care what other people are saying about you. Cz kuch th logh kahin gy
13. If you think somebody is hurting you then either avoid them or or munh p ja k chand Mar do( slap them)
These tips are helpful to me and these will be helpful to you. In shaa Allah ❤

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🌱 Is it ok for people to try to convert others to be vegan?

It depends on what you mean by trying to "convert" someone, I have seen that term used to describe folks who demean and insult non-vegans in an effort to bully them into veganism just as many times as I have seen it used towards vegans who are simply trying to educate and share facts.
Anyway, I think the former is incredibly rude. What somebody chooses to eat is nobody else's business, and especially not a total stranger. That person could have a medical condition that stops them from going fully vegan, they might have an eating disorder. Either way, it is no one's business to pry, and no one's business to police their food choices.
However, I don't think there is anything wrong with giving someone the straight facts about meat, animal agriculture, and veganism. Especially if the other person asked the question first. If someone asks about veganism and then gets upset at the facts they are presented with, then that's a sign that they might have some self-reflection to do. The person who gave them the information has done no wrong.

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What do you hate about social media?

Photo editing that promotes distorted perceptions of how people actually look in real life. It's causing young people to feel like they should look a certain way in order to be viewed as beautiful. It's triggering a rise in body dysmorphia, eating disorders and cosmetic surgery. There was roughly 5.5 million procedures done in the US alone in 2020. 🥺

🍔 Will it help to combat obesity in society if people become more aware of what they consume?

It could work for some, others could care less. It could create an obsession with food, calories and weight and end up with a larger population suffering with eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. I think it's important to note some people who're obese have binge eating disorder, comfort eat cause of other health/mental problems or their living situation, aren't good at taking care of themselves so just order every day instead etc. I think a better approach would be teaching life skills, keeping busy (cause boredom eating is definitely a problem) and offer coping strategies for people who're struggling and turning to food.

Ap kya observe krte rehte hein ?🌝

Basim6031’s Profile PhotoSyed Basim Ali Abdullah
Now I feel like Im in my thirties and feed myself only with fruits and simple food like roti or chawal.
There are no more cravings to eat fastfood. Eating fried food looks like a sin to me. I ate just fruits in this Ramadan along with roti. I ate chawal like a month ago because I can't allow my stomach to hurt me more like people are enough na. I don't want to go outside to eat some food and my friends think that I am saving money; I just can't see people starving in the streets. I can't afford to go with those who fight for 200 rupees fare and pay 10k while eating food or getting some branded clothes or items.

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
There are a lot but this is what I do when I feel happy and just makes me feel great😊
Listening to songs while driving to my university town (The drive is so beautiful)❤️
Sitting at a corner of beach at sunset with peace and tranquillity ❤️
Eating the food especially that hits home🍽
Meeting your parents after several years😢
Eid up Fitr fun (People should be lucky they can spend Eid in their home country abroad people have literally nowhere and not a lot of people to celebrate it with I have literally a final exam on eid)😊
Hitting a last ball six or saving an almost unstoppable goal🙌🐐
PS Have more but these look enough 🙌😂

في مره اتخدت ،، قرار في حياتك وندمت ،، عليه ؟

boo9941300’s Profile Photoboo99
Was at the mall choosing a mini bag for my stuff and there was this cute navy blue & sushi themed one that looked so perfect but as someone who ordered sushi two days before and had a hard time eating it I was debating wether I buy it or go for a red one with chicken burgers. I hate the color red so much but the burgers are like my second favorite meal.. so I ended up buying the red one so people won’t judge me for buying a sushi themed bag & hating sushi at the same time. And now four years later I regret it so much who cares about what others think I want the blue bag

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Most certainly, all of the above options could be considered as great feelings. However, the ones I would like to highlight are as below:
1. When someone appreciates beyond bodies and genuinely compliments things other than just appearance.
2. Able to sleep a tad extra on an off-day when you worked hard the entire week to achieve your goals.
3. Taking off your shoes after a long hectic day or that first gulp of water after walking home on a hot day. Sometimes, moments of relaxation are the moments of happiness.
4. Peeling the plastic sticker off electronic gadgets which you just bought. With own money? More sweet.
5. Successfully moving on from toxic relationship and feeling the freedom within.
6. Reading your favourite novel on a rainy day, while sitting in the balcony and holding a cup of tea/coffee.
7. Unexpectedly meeting old friends and end up living your childhood once more.
8. Witnessing your parents smile and talk about you with pride in their eyes.
9. From being a part of the crowd to being the reason for a good crowd.
10. And sometimes, even the tiniest of things like "Cashback" and "Out for delivery".

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What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
-If I choose option2, whenever i find the Quaid e azam from the washed clothes ammi says “MEREY HE HUNGAY”. Toh Computer jee 3 par tala lagaya jaye.

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Itnay achey naseeb kis ky hein? Hamary tou Ac ka pani leak hota 🥲 paisy jaty milty nai humea 🥲 cuddle? Miss karwao idhar wo itni safai sy kaat gai apko apni pati howi 🥲

Do you enjoy being in your own company or does it make you uncomfortable?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I love being alone and doing everything on my own time. I actually have 0 problems with going out, eating, shopping or doing anything by myself. I truly enjoy my own company I be vibin😹🚶🏻‍♀️
(But people be staring at me like I'm an alien makes me anxious a bit)

What are some of the best feelings? •Walking into a warm place from cold or Air conditioned room from hot •Finding money you forgot somewhere •Cuddling upto someone after a bad day •Seeing your friends after a long time •Finishing a workout •Eating food you've been waiting all day •Others (?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Closing your eyes a little too long while a fresh breeze of air flows through, and the wind's lightly howling.

What can turn you off?

To have food sex with someone with an eating disorder.
That moment when she has swallowed, and she puts two fucking fingers down her throat and throws that shit right back up in your face.
And then she's the one feeling sorry for herself because she's the one going through a hard time here.
Excuse my fucking existence!

Being fat is a choice. Stop eating. Simple! :-) I wish people would stop comparing "fatphobia" with racism. People can't help being a race. Also, it's racist in itself and highly disrespectful for poc and indigenous people to compare their struggles throughout history with "fatphobia".

Your oversimplification and use of logical fallacies tells me you're grossly informed.
As for the white knighting, there is plenty of work by fat BIPOC that speak to the struggles of being both fat and black and/or indigenous in a world that discriminates against both. Intersectionality is a thing. I'd recommend listening to them before using them as a weapon to justify your - drumroll please - fatphobia. *gasp*

Say whatever is in your heart

Saw this and reminded me of my mamu's funeral where the males in the family had gone for his burial and those who came for condolences apparently felt too hungry to not wait for men to come back from graveyard.
My other mamu, who was bearing the loss of his only brother leaving had to come back from the graveyard to get the roti. And you know what's the most heart breaking part? It wasn't people from our street or acquaintances who were complaining, it was the extended family.
Hate this culture of eating at someone's funeral!!!!!
Say whatever is in your heart

Do you think, long distance relationship will work?

kiranmallick5’s Profile PhotoKiran Kumar Mallick
Ofcourse it'll work
People often think long-distance relationships will never work. It may be discouraged by your family, and some of your best friends may tell you not to take it too seriously in case you end up heartbroken.
Many things are not possible due to the extra distance – no one can promise it will be easy. Things could get complicated, and you might feel lonely and sad at times.
However, the extra distance also makes the simplest things the sweetest. Being able to hold the other person’s hand, eating together at the same table, feeling each other’s touch, taking a walk together, smelling each other’s hair… these small wishes could suddenly mean so much more in a long-distance relationship.
Long-distance relationships may be tough, but they have their own surprises too.
“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous

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Do you think long distance relationship will work

If you workout, do you have a pre / post workout routine? Like, do you warm up, stretch, have anything special to eat afterwards etc.? 🤸‍♂️🍌

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
No, not really. If I feel like shaking my bones, it usually happens on weekends - when I don't have to go anywhere and I can afford the joy of not eating until I want to. Usually my whole workout consists of turns and stretches (just with different amplitudes) while watching some TV series or YouTube. Sometimes I do step warmup or dansin, but not often - I hate sweating.

Do people learn more through their experiences or by age?🤔

noorulhudakashif3’s Profile PhotoNoorulhuda kashif
Obviously experience.
What learning would've been administered even by a 30 year old man if he sat at home all day infront of a televison screen eating junk, all his life ?
Age is just a number. There are people younger than me who know more than me because they've had more exposure.

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