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Ever thought a food was gross just by the look of it but then tried it and actually liked it?

Kinda, I thought the idea of eating “brains” was gross (still do actually) but after eating some really nice white meat Pattie’s in New Guinea, I asked what the dish was and nearly fell off my chair when I was told it was crumbed brains 😳

Do you think that we could prevent deforestation if we just got lots of reverse woodpeckers?

Nathan Bunce
Now what do you think a "reverse woodpecker" would do ?
~ vomit & repossess eggs ? . . . . . un-fly, and drum backwards?
Despite the slightly misleading name, woodpeckers eat berries, seeds and small insects, not wood !

Why Woodpeckers Peck and How to Prevent Them from ...
They drum in order to find food, excavate areas for nesting, or mark their territory. If the birds are looking for insects, the holes will be small and irregular. Woodpeckers are particularly fond of the larvae of carpenter bees, leafcutter bees, and grass bagworms.
They greatly protect trees, by eating tree parasite
Do you think that we could prevent deforestation if we just got lots of reverse

Can you eat anything you want and still gain muscle/get abs?

I might be able to get away with it bc I’m really physically active daily but I don’t like putting a lot of junk in my system. Eating healthy makes my body feel better and deal with the physical beating it takes daily lol
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Post a picture(Pap) Holidays. Reply with a holiday current date & picture related to it|Publica una foto(Pap)Festividades. Responda con una fecha actual del festejo y una imagen relacionada timeanddatecom/holidays/fun/

iMaxGz’s Profile PhotoMx07z♎
Morning after Independence Day in Times Square. I did a pretty large photo shoot of these pigeons eating an egg. 🤣
Post a picturePap Holidays Reply with a holiday current date  picture related to

Ever experienced brain fog?

aaila_’s Profile PhotoAaila
Yes, I have experienced brain fog before. It can be really frustrating to feel like you're not able to think clearly or focus on anything. Some things that have helped me when I've experienced brain fog are taking a break and doing something relaxing, like going for a walk or taking a nap, and making sure I'm getting enough sleep and eating well. Have you experienced brain fog before?

What do you mean by R.I.P Hannah?

hannahbethritchie’s Profile PhotoHannah Beth Ritchie
You'll have heard of a 'Knighthood' ?
Well, this is a 'Dayhood'
It will be given by King Chukky at his coronation . . . . chicken.
Instead of tapping shoulder to shoulder with his sword saying "arise sir Hannah" , he just takes it right through the neck of his subject !
And you run around like a headless chicken !
And you become a member of the order of the
"Raging Incandescent Poussin"
Definitions of poussin
a chicken slain young for eating.)
What do you mean by RIP Hannah

Can anyone please guide me how to do best use of salary likw mine is 90k so how can i ise this in a very better way and how can i save the maximum amount? Please guide me on a serious note. I have to check and balance my whole home all alone.

To save more, start by makin a budget & sticking to it. Check out where u can cut down like eating out or shopping for things u don't need. Think bout saving some $ in a savings acc or investing it. It may be hard doing everything alone, but don't 4get to take care of urself too. Good luck!

Why do people seeking God so often distance themselves from sex?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Or from eating, except whatever is required to stay alive. And sleeping, except again, whatever is required to stay alive and functioning.
Almost as if, they won't indulge in desire but only the absolute necessity to keep their tongue moving and limbs working.

Say what's on your mind? ✨✨

Ничего такого, что хотела бы сказать и рассказать другим людям. У меня нет потребности делится, тем что происходит в моей жизни, что меня гложет, а что нет. Я проживаю всё в своём мире. И не считаю обязанной делится, тем более здесь в данной сети, тем что у меня на уме, в моих мыслях.
У меня давно пропало желание, что-то кому-то рассказать. Все заняты своей жизнью. Я своей, другие своей. И это абсолютно нормально. Чем меньше люди знают всё обо мне, тем лучше.
Nothing that I would like to say and tell other people. I have no need to share what is happening in my life, what is eating me and what is not. I live everything in my world. And I do not consider myself obliged to share, especially here in this network, what is on my mind, in my thoughts.
I have long lost the desire to tell someone something. Everyone is busy with their lives. I am mine, others are mine. And this is absolutely normal. The less people know everything about me, the better.

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Say whats on your mind

Try to avoid me because i am so much violent rn

Ohh so you exactly don't know how to make others stay away from you?
Are you still a kid?
When you are too good or too bad , just do this. Don't hurt anyone except yourself bcz you never count neither your feelings.
Your violence might turn into silence afterwards. You will feel something eating you inside but you can never figure out what it is exactly.
P.s- don't forget to say thanks 😊

Does mental illness run in your family and if so which ones?

Oh yeah. My kids don't stand a chance. They may not be in therapy right now, but they definitely will be in the future. Bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, prsonality, and eating disorders. As for the other mental illnesses my relatives struggle with, I believe they're caused by environment vs. genetics.

Suggest some effective ways of losing fat and increasing stamina.

HashimJaved447’s Profile PhotoHASH
Engage yourself in some physical activity, which gives you a feeling of refreshment and makes you feel fresh and energized.
Swimming, running, jogging, walking, gym, aerobics,yoga whatever suits your body, just do it. the key is to give at least 45 mins everyday to your body if you actually want to lose weight and build strength and stamina.
Pick any activity you like that you can do. Do it for as long as you can comfortably do it for a few days. It should start to get easier. Then you increase the time and intensity. Gradually. There are no shortcuts. You have to do the work consistently.
Eat in calorie deficit.
Never skip your meals.Dieting is the worst thing you can do to your body. Focus on mindful eating
Drink lots of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Start and end your day with water everyday.
Try to balance your food with all essential Vitamins,minerals,carbs and fats in your body.
Avoid junk food but that doesn’t mean you keep yourself so deprived, you can have some cheat days.

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What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
In the past, I did not understand the Christmas spirit due to the experiences I've made. It's my fiance who brought me close to the holiday and I always enjoy spending time with her, putting small traditions together from both our cultures. Eating well. Watching movies togehter. Of course, I try to gift all the people who've been good to me all over my life and the last few years. I think it's one of the best opportunities to show that you are grateful to everyone if you are able to. Of course, gifts are rather symbolic and one can show that in other ways the same.

Do you get to choose your food, or do you just eat whatever your parents bring to your room (like Genie Wiley)?

I make whatever I feel like eating at the time and if my mum or someone wants to make dinner for everyone then okay
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جماعه لو انتوا نازلين ديت ايه اروش اكله ممكن تاكلوها سوا ؟

السوال جاي personal ؟🤨
الواحد ميضايقش ان السوال جاله وهو سنجل قد ما اتضايق انه جاله وهو عنده eating disorders 😂😂
لايك مش بناكل جوا البيت عشان ناكل برا والله يعسل 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Life advice 101:- if the bait is obvious dont take it, unless u wanna hunt the hunter who placed the bait to begin with. Thats the only condition where u take the bait, eat the bait and then eat the hunter who baited u.🌚🌝 Fun eh?

*Mouse eating cheese from the bait, getting stuck, dying and then coming back to haunt to kill the one who placed the bait*

What's a habit others have that you can't bear? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
Hallo lieber Tommy. Da komme ich mal wieder zu deinen Fragen. 😉 Wenn man beim Essen schmatzt, das kennt glaub ich jeder. Ich kann vieles ertragen, nur bin ich froh dass es nicht meine Angewohnheit ist. 😅👍 Kennst du Leute die mit Kaugummi schmatzen, oder Nägel kauen, oder in der Nase bohren und dann, was weiß ich was machen.... 😵
Mein Sohn hat die Angewohnheit seine Füße überall hinzulegen 😅 Da möchte man zum Tisch, liegen die Füße schon auf deinem Stuhl. Möchtest du auf die Couch, möchte er die Beine am liebsten auf deinem Kopf ablegen 🤣
Hello dear Tommy. So I come back to your questions. 😉 If you smack your lips while eating, I think everyone knows that. I can endure a lot, but I'm glad it's not my habit. 😅👍 Do you know people who chew gum or bite their nails or pick their nose and then do whatever.... 😵
My son has the habit of putting his feet everywhere 😅 When you want to go to the table, your feet are already on your chair. If you want to go to the couch, he would like to put his legs on your head 🤣

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Crime has no connection with religion and eating habits. Hum Hindu aur muslim ek parivaar hain. Aur yeh Aditsa nafrat fela rahi hai. Foreign ma bhi log beef khaten hain wahan bhi crime hote hain, lekin Aditsa jaisi ladkiyan unke per chatengi aur yahan apne desh ma nafrat felayengi.

Me apna parivar khud decide krta hu- nobody tells me! Tumhe jisko parivar maan na hai maan lo. But "no human in this world" can change my hatred towards muslims.
Foreign me crime ho ya chudai-karyakram, mujhe usse ghanta farak ni pdta! I only care about "my people." Either talk about Indians (except muslims) or kindly fk off!
Tujhe kisne bataya ki foreign me beef khane walo ko me psnd krta hu??!! I worship cows. Aur mujhe koi bhi wo insaan ni psnd jo beef khata hai.
Tumhara bf Hindu ho ya muslim ho mujhe usse ghanta farak ni pdta! I hate muslims- that's final! Nobody can change my perspective. Exceptions har jagah hote hai. Shah Rukh is a good muslim husband (wife is Hindu). Kalam is a brilliant multi-talented muslim. I admire them both. But in general I hate muslims (except few special people and some friends).

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Never eat it raw Throwing it out once prepared What is it?

Gyrlikas’s Profile PhotoRevi Wing
Bay leaf
If it is fresh & succulent , I do eat it . . . .

Or , at least chew it . . . . then surreptitiously return it (well chewed) to spoon (if eating 'out')
Though rarely found whole in restaurants)
~ IN THE UK ~ not to be confused with common LAUREL , which is toxic . . . . there is a plethora of americant shyte on the inter-nonsense-net
The culinary Bay Leaf , in Europe including UK is a Mediterranean tree called the bay tree ; LAURUS NOBILIS

It is most certain that Caesar's 'Laurel Wreath' was BAY .
*Prunus laurocerasus, common laurel, cherry laurel, English laurel, leaves and berries*
Never eat it raw 
Throwing it out once prepared
What is it

Do you think human ethics are learned or natural? Do we have an innate sense of right and wrong or do we learn everything from parents, friends, society etc. etc.?

vane0432’s Profile PhotoᏉ.
I don't think there's a black and white answer, I think there's an inherent ethic that we are born with, such as not causing pain to the innocent, or helping an innocent that's hurt. Tho I think the environment can change the human ethics that we are born with, I imagine, if there's a socity where stealing and cashing harm to the weak is the way of life, an individual's ethics will also mold to that of the socity. There's also something called universal ethics, where we all agree if something is bad or good, such as stealing, and what not. Tho there are many ethics that one would feel should be universal but are not, so. There's some natural ethics but they mostly societies frame, shape and change them. Tho not everyone's ethics change and their natural ethics remain intact and so they disapprove of the societal ethics. Or maybe they aren't influenced by the socity they live in, but by a foreign socity. An example would be eating meat, my community feels it is wrong to cause pain to a living creature with emotinal bandwith for food, when there are other food options with little emotional bandwidth, I think it should be a universal ethic, but surprisingly not. I also believe it's a natural ethic, but the socity people live in has changed that.

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Thank you, I guess. But do you understand my answers? 😅

milamson’s Profile PhotoAnna Vetrova
You are very welcome . . . .
But do I understand ? - ie comprehend . . . . interpretation !
I guess you refer to understand RUSSIAN !
Well as well as my wife, VIKI, being Russian ; my OS is google chrome which has instant entire page language identification, & translation ~ it works fairly well with Russian , and Latin based languages , but some others no at all.
It's usually comprehensible , but can be hilariously out at times . . . .
I see you're born UA & reside Israel , but type Russian ..... your heritage ?
Here's a sample ;
Do you eat canned stew?
December 13, 2022
It reminded me how in 2012 we went to the river with tents with the team with which I was engaged in MMA and the coach.
Just imagine, a couple of people, 4 tents, a fire until late at night ... and training from the very rise to sunset 😂😂
So. From food, we had different cereals and stew with us, but I practically don’t eat meat (very rarely and only what I saw how it was cooked). And then we are all hungry, we are waiting for the lunch that the coach was preparing (and before that it was just an unrealistically tough workout) and he pours me stew on top of the porridge and is like “oh, I forgot, let me pour you into another plate”, but I was so tired, hungry, that my only reaction was: “yes, it doesn’t matter, let it be” 😂
By the way, this was the first time (and the last) when I tried stew 😂
Eating canned stew
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I ordered a smartphone for $ 95 6/128 memory, what do you think is the norm?
December 13, 2022
What about the type of memory?
CPU? CPU frequency? Number of Cores? Screen ticker? Number of colors on screen? Permission? f/r cameras? Matrix type? Number of megapixels? Data transfer standard? Charging speed? Wireless charging capabilities? Internet speed? Battery capacity? Is there stereo sound?
And, most importantly, did you take a case? 😊
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So, of course, I want to caress your neck! 🥰😍😋
December 11, 2022
Do not gnaw - and thanks for that.
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What is your favorite... flavor?) lapochka66321's Profile Photo
December 11, 2022
The best?
• Bean salad (beans in tomato sauce, spinach, tomatoes, olive oil).
• White grapes are sweet.
• Tangerines.
• Pastry with orange jam.
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The most common mistake .... in your life?) lapochka66321's Profile Photo
December 11, 2022
Don't bet on those people.
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Why do guys like kissing girls on the neck so much when they get fra

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Can we get a part 3? MTL - Cry during sad movies: - Get food poisoning from eating expired products: - Get catfished: - Communiate with aliens: - Start a cult: - Get a face tattoo:

of course, wir haben echt spaß dabei solche fragen zu bearbeiten - und steigern uns da vielleicht auch teilweise zu sehr rein xD
» cry during sad movies
yurim . sooyun . nara . saebom . kanae . kaoru . woori . narae . tala . solbin . belle
» get food poisoning from eating expired products
nara . tala . kaoru . woori . belle . sooyun . narae . saebom . solbin . kanae . yurim
» get catfished
nara . kanae . saebom . yurim . kaoru . tala . narae . sooyun . belle . solbin . woori
» communciate with aliens
sooyun . nara . kaoru . kanae . saebom . solbin . narae . tala . belle . yurim . woori
» start a cult
narae . sooyun . tala . solbin & belle . nara . kaoru . kanae . woori . saebom . yurim
» get a face tattoo
narae . tala . kaoru . woori . sooyun . nara . solbin . belle . yurim . saebom . kanae

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You got all these people constantly crying and complaining about how the world sucks. Crying on their couch while eating a box of cookies or ice cream. Seriously stfu there are people who have been raped and children are starving. Don't you agree?

Let's not invalidate others emotions just because "someone has it worse" someone has it worse than everyone out there, people are allowed to be emotional.

I was watching foreign doctors and weight loss teainer video on youtube

They were promoting grass fed butter it's good for weight loss
Use tbs in bullet proof coffee
I was thinking cow, goat only eat grass , green stuff unless you forcefully fed them sweet corns etc weird things for eating.
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🍫 Junk food should not be banned in schools. Agree or disagree?

I somewhat agree, I know it has been banned in many schools but I don’t like the notion of foods that are “good” or “bad” being taught to impressionable children, those who have already got body image issues being told it’s bad for them rather than teaching moderation is going to promote disordered and harmful eating habits. There’s going to be more eating disorders at young ages with this approach.

Say you were gonna go on a first date with someone, how'd it ideally look like? 🍱🎡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
First dates ideally should be something that promotes talking and getting to know each other, I think dinner dates must be awkward because you're eating not talking 😂 me n fella already knew each other pretty well but for our first proper date we visited a castle and chatted the entire day and it was awesome!

Best skin care routine from inside (eating) and outside (applying products)...for even skin tone...i am from rawalpindi pakistan 🇵🇰

smartabdulhanan221’s Profile PhotoAbdul Hanan
Drink alot of water 6 litres a day eat healthy fruits specially and run a little everyday and also some good multivitamins skin k lye b mil jati hn

December 5, 2022 Any thoughts for today?

It was a hard day.
I think it's easy for people to mistakenly credit me with all sorts of resilience I just don't have. I am literally disabled, physically and mentally. Today, I was in pain so bad I couldn't really do anything but lay in bed. I'm feeling better this evening, marginally, so I am excited to try eating something and maybe doing some knitting.

Commercials can sometimes be annoying but do you have a favorite one? Which? 📺🍕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes, this is cute, actual for Christmas time 👇😂 (short translating):
Father : if you can stand not eating until evening, you will see a golden pig!
Daughter: Daddy? Can that pig be bigger me?
Father: Of course !!!!
Daughter: Daddy? And will that pig have a large teeth curved upwards?
Father: Of course!!! When you will stand not eating, pig will have such teeth too !
Daughter : So, I dont have to !!! I can already see him!!! 😁
https://youtu.be/Eh3quzIY32ELarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 172916407963 Eh3quzIY32ELarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 172916407963 Eh3quzIY32E

to khun mew, It’s almost year since we first known each other i wish you happy every day hope you are loved by everyone i hope you live well pls don’t forget to drink lots of water and eat delicious food every day

thank you kub khun :🎄) last december we had good memories together but this year we’ll have wonderful memories on our own. I hope you are healthy, enjoy eating, sleep well and find new songs. You deserve happiness.
everything get be all right, don’t worry. you are the coolest ever.
ปล. มิวกล้าพิมพ์ภาษาอังกฤษขึ้นแล้วนะ ขอบคุณสำหรับที่ผ่านมาค่ะ

What do you think of hunting? Are you against it?

hunting and actually eating the meat is fine but people that just k*ll (hunt) animals for fun are f*cking weird.
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