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Was trickle-down economics in a capitalistic society treated like communism is a realist society where the greed outfavors the need?

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If this is STAIF question (Sent To All I Follow) - I would really like to know what answers you have got from 15 - 25 y.o. children here 😂😂😂
Was trickledown economics in a capitalistic society treated like communism is a

What do you say about the political instability at the moment?

Funny how people who have varying degrees of knowledge regarding money have things to say, want to get rich through capitalist economics and free markets, but have extreme sympathies for price caps and other socialist policies. Humour

In the student musical I'm a part of there are several sections: Stage, dance, band, prop builders, PR (💙), cooks, makeup, sewing, sound / lights and party-fixers. Imagine you were gonna apply to join, which of those sections speak to you the most? Why? 🎭👨‍🍳📸🎺💃

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Prop building. . . I helped out in that department in high school as well as making costumes in Home economics, (sewing). . . That’s when they actually had that in school. In my opinion they definitely need to put something like that back into schools.I would just like to be able to help out any where I may be needed.
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If you could meet anyone in this world today, who would you meet? 🖤✨

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Me Economics teacher. And I’d beg her to allow me to give the exam because apparently my attendance is short and you cannot sit in exam with short attendance. Sab log dua karen. Tayari hogyi paper bhi dedu.
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Has there ever been a time when something so amazing or unexpected happened that it literally left you speechless for a time?💫

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I came back v v late from my cousin’s barat and I had economics ka quiz the very next at day 10 am. Not just this I was super tired and my routine was really messed up I would be sleeping at 7 in the morning. Well as usual I slept at 7 and when my alarm rang at 9:20 I said fuck the quiz my sleep is more important and I slept like a beghairat aur jab meri 2:49 pe ankh khuli Maine Dekha k 3 bje hoga quiz and that mam had internet issues in morning. I was amazed. I immediately woke up and gave the test. Got 8/10 and that day I was like how we plan and Allah plans. It was like the universe wanted me to get those marks and it was all done to facilitate me. The feeling and sense of reassurance I got that day is unmatchable.

Do you have a fear of public speaking?

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No....as long as I know the subject matter I actually enjoy public speaking. It's when I do not know what I am talking about that I prefer to remain silent, unlike most politicians who frequently talk about subjects (history, foreign policy, legislation, justice, ethics, economics, education, the constitution, bill of rights, healthcare, climate change, business, etc) they have little or no understanding of.

How can inflation be reversed? raising interest rates for the newly printed paper so that not many financiers would borrow? QE vs QT? Are we at a point where we can't really solve it?

> How can inflation be reversed?
Printing less fiat money might be a good start. Replacing the currency with a medium of exchange which is backed by something with an intrinsic value (gold, silver, etc.) would be another solution. Lowering energy costs (which drive up other costs) could be an option too. Spending fewer tax dollars on wasteful government bureaucracies and engaging in voodoo economics wouldn't be a terrible idea either. We have numerous paths toward a robust economy with sound fiscal policies but the witch doctor in the White House is too busy making monetary blood sacrifices to the Fed's idols.
> raising interest rates for the newly printed paper so that not many financiers would borrow?
Absolutely. I might raise the prime rate too - other interest rates would follow.
> QE vs QT?
Anything which may reduce the Fed's balance sheet should be considered. To ensure a gradual decline, the monthly amounts of securities that are permitted to mature and not be replaced should be capped but I would go a step further and not allow any amounts above those caps to be reinvested or left on the balance sheet. Complete removal. Think of it as quantitative easing on steroids...
> Are we at a point where we can't really solve it?
Not at all but it has to be done correctly. As long as a private central bank with no accountability or transparency (which is exactly what the "Federal" Reserve happens to be) is still permitted to operate so carelessly at our expense, we will face higher inflation with periods of orchestrated decline. It is unconstitutional, ill-conceived, alien and strictly against our Republic's interests.

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M.. O.. O.. D.. 🤍🌸

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هو كتاب اقتصادي ولكنه سلس وسهل الفهم وجميل جداً ويوجد منه نسخة مترجمة إلى العربية كذلك.
Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science
Book by Charles Wheelan

How can we foster the economic empowerment of women after the coronavirus crisis?

Almost forgot. The historical collusion between English Royalty and the "Grand Olde Party" is alive and well, I would think. Britain still dominates most of Europe and Canadian tax evaders still manipulate the free western press. No worries there or with those mobster Shanghayists.
Women's spending only accounts for roughly 70%. Probably a pay cut of about 20% will teach them real economics. I'm absolutely serious. and the sellout of the Democrats to the Republicans being as complete now as it seems, all the more reason to think that the Global Corporatization of the planet will continue at a brisk pace. Unless of course, something goes terribly wrong and people start to resent the admission of their revocation of unfettered elections over the past 50 years or so. Thx for the award.

Is psychology a good subject to study at university? Why?

If it was me, I would combine psychology with economics to put you in the field of Behavioural Economics.
“Behavioral economics studies the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural and social factors on the decisions of individuals and institutions and how those decisions vary from those implied by classical economic theory.”
I would suggest reading Think, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It is an excellent read for anyone with neither a background in psychology or economics. You will be very pleasantly surprised.

Do you like podcast ?

I have a number of podcasts I listen to daily. They include US political commentary, global political commentary, global intelligence reports, economics commentary, religious commentary, a Bible in a Year podcast, Dalai Lama podcasts, an English language Quran podcast, a sleep relaxation music podcast, a neuroscience podcast, and to show I am not a complete geek I have a chess podcast that is excellent. 🤪
We barely use 10% of our brain’s intellectual capacity. There is nothing written in stone that says we cannot at least try to bump that number up a tiny bit.

لو رجع بيك/ي الزمن تختاروا نفس الكلية اللي دخلتوها ؟!

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الأكيد انه نفس التخصص ، و لو اني كان حلمي ادرس في هارفارد او london school of economics و يمكن يتحقق في يوم ربنا كريم

ok competitive exams ki age limit hoti h jese fpsc ki age limit 28 years h is k elawa koi or competitive exam? me filhal kisi job k talash me hu qualification MA (Economics)

Diff age limit for diff jobs. 5y general relaxation in upper age limit usually hoti hai. Inspector FIA, Customs, preventive, Appraisal are good options for you. These jobs are going to announced pretty soon.

Drop your lowest marks with subject.

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There are things to be remembered and to be forgotten. And i always remember to forget marks 😂
But let me tell you the time when i felt scoring the lowest marks.
I got 51 out of 100 in Economics in 11th class. Why I felt lowest? Cause it was 2nd highest marks in the subject by all the sections🤣
And that's not even the worst part, the highest one had 52 marks😂😂😂
It's a lot of struggle to handle micro and macro economics simultaneously🤣
P.S.- Vo raat apun 2 baje tak piya😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Drop your lowest marks with subject

ايه مجالات تجاره و ايه احسن الاقسام (تجاره عربي) ،و هل ف فرق بين تجاره عربي و انجليزي ف المواد ؟

اولا بالنسبه للأقسام ف إنت هتدرس و تشوف نفسك ميال ل اي قسم ؟
مواد اقتصاد و جرافات Economics و بتاع 😂
ولا جمارك و Taxation
ولا محاسبه SAS و Cost accc
ولا اداره و تاخد Marketing و مواد نظري اكتر وحفظ
كل حاجه من دول ليهم زبونهم زي م بيقولوا 😅
ف انت ادرس و غالبا هترسي ع محاسبه عشان الشغل مع انك ممكن مش حاببها بس الاغلب بيخشها عشان الشغل 😅
و انا محاسبه عموما لنفس السبب 😅
اما الفرق بينهم اعتقد في فرق من رأيي
المواد تقريبا هي هي بس اللغه فرق بس

damn i hate it😂economics is love.wish i had an option of economics and accounting :( upar sa mara sath sab bacha hain and they treat me like im their age fellow aur mujha wo bacha lagta hain.aur masters wala jo mari age ka hain they treat me like bacha too.bad scenes chal rha hain😂😂😂🌚

hahahahaha nahi nahi just keep going with the flow. you are going good. btw which university?

Thanks. It looks like identical subject matter - why people make the (financial) decisions they do using inherent and flawed biases. That is an extra scoop of 🍦for me. 🤓

Cuz we 're H.U.M.A.N.S😁 ..the cause of all intellectual disasters ...some of us ’re bound to be makin' some...let’s say suboptimal decisions...they 've systematic biases like psychologists have proven again and again that can get in the way of the best intentions...this 's particularly the case with💸💰🤑
Plus the weak and stupid governments haven't been inspired by behavioral economics any damn thing to help their citizens make better financial decisions...logic speaks 👇
A new conclusion away from the two books😉
And atriple scoop from me to u dude 🤗
+6 answers in: “What genre of book do you prefer? I’ve gotten quite an enjoyment from a new theme of books I’ve been reading.”

It seems like you would really enjoy Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Behavioural economics is deliciously yummy.

Add to the list [✓] 👍
Since ur preferences 're economic, try reading this one I guarantee u 'll enjoy it 😁
It seems like you would really enjoy Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
+6 answers in: “What genre of book do you prefer? I’ve gotten quite an enjoyment from a new theme of books I’ve been reading.”

Amazing menay be Finance parhi hai and Economics is my favorite subject. 2 courses he parhy thy lekin yeh subject mera favorite ban gaya tha

haan mujhy b pasand hai but mjhy maths sy nafrat ha mtlb bht zyada nafrat aur maths useless bhi ha
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equality as a guiding principle does not thereby imply adherence to a capitalist mode of production or slavery to the whims of the market.

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I take all of the points you made but Communism is nevertheless a thoroughly limiting system, both materialistically and metaphysically. It essentially serves as a mere *reaction* to liberal economics, so I don't see how it can possibly go further beyond the very system to which it is ostensibly opposed. Thus Communism and liberalism are two sides of the same coin - both fundamentally materialistic systems and philosophies primarily concerned with economic outcome and seemingly little else. In the grand scheme of things, I just don't believe economics is of *such* great importance.
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+6 answers in: “Foucault is interesting and the reason a lot of people hate him (besides the fact that they think he wrote pedophilia apologism, which isn’t the case, even if in his personal life he did questionable stuff) is bc his capillary account of power doesn’t center the human subject.”

Ofcourse and I will be in hawler in September I think because when the pandemic came to hawler a cameback to Jordan... I'm a medical student in faculty of medicine... Maybe you will be my freind in the college If you want to study with us🌸 اه صحيح نورت بوجودك 🌹

Yeahh when the pandemic came all of us went to our house and quarantine life started
Inshallah in September we’ll go back to our college’s
I’m a student at administration and economics
Accounting department
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لكل واحد رفع سعر اي ماده غذائية.. وأستغل حاجه الناس.. بكره لما تعدي الازمه ع خير.. رح نظل نتذكر إنك كنت مشم في وقت عزة النفس والرجولة.. وقت محنة الوطن...

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بكرة لما تعدى الأزمة انا هدرس اللى حصل ده فى economics مش كفايه انى محشورة ف برنامج الإصلاح 91 🙄🙄🙄

Lmao yeah ik balkay I’m sorry to disturb that thread....I’m pretty bad at that to crash at threads...I thought appki micro achi hogi sis😂🤷

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Meri achi hoti tou khud na bna leti😂😂😂btw i love economics aur maybe i can help you
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What is one thing that happened in your life that without it happening, you would never be where you are today?

I was supposed to continue my degree in Bachelor of Human Resource Economics after my A’levels. but then a few weeks before my orientation, I was called up by Insurance Islam TAIB. I didn’t apply for it but they saw my profile & education history on one of the websites & decided to offer me a position there. after further discussions with my parents, I decided to put aside my dreams of continuing my studies & help my parents since I’m the eldest & my other siblings are still in school. after a few months in Insurance Islam TAIB, my colleague told me there were a few opening positions in DST. so I decided to give it a try & applied for it. alhamdulillah, I got a position in DST (151 Call Centre). (before I continue, I applied for a government position after I finish my A’levels, just to secure my future) after going to many ujian bertulis & interviews for a government position, alhamdulillah.. a few months after being in DST, I finally got a permanent position in government. alhamdulillah for Allah’s blessing & my parents’ non stop doa & blessing as well. my journey was tough, I can tell you that. I worked at tamu, school’s canteen, gerai, my neighbor’s home business, Gong Cha, Jollibee, Insurance Islam TAIB, DST 151 Call Centre & now currently a government employee.. alhamdulillah. if I had continued my studies, I wouldn’t be able to get this permanent job. my dream is still there: to continue my studies until Master or PHD. but I gotta wait for 3 years until I can apply to study while working (LDP - Latihan Dalam Perkhidmatan). so guys.. no matter how hard it is or how you banar banar inda mau something, but sometimes you gotta think what’s best for you & your parents doa & blessings are everythinggggg. all the best to everyone who’s still waiting for a miracle, my prayers are with you ❤️

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https://youtu.be/o5xxIciBSME Ironically, All the screens and processers used on Apple products are made by Samsung.Samsung benefits no matter what.Anyway, your arguments are still as logical as ever 😅 and I don't think it is interesting (not to you atleast) t go any deeper into the economics of it.

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We're talking about smartphone sales not parts, the public doesn't care who made their screens as long as it has the apple on the back :'D not to say apple phones are worthless again I believe they are high quality but too expensive.
What's interesting is that such economic dysfunctional marriages as described in the video is so similar to the relationship between USA and china, as economies, they are at war yet they have massive mutual trade benefits.
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Han adventurous to hai :’) now I’m being sad. Koi preparation nahe hai and I’m getting drowned into guilt now.

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Today I have got a motivation. Crash batch Ke bache Abhi aaye hein, they have started 5th chapter of economics where 1st chapter is still pending and I'm thinking we can easily do it still now. There in RISE in crash batch of Accounting, there have just been almost 3 chapters completed i.e. Books of prime entries, double book keeping system and BRS. So it's easier to do that as well. Baaqi Law Mein ne bhi shuru karna hai, so I think I can do it 😅 Thus we can still do it :)

As 2020 opens with greater uncertainty from geopolitical tensions and rising oil prices, can global growth recover from the lows it reached at the close of the last decade?

Yes. In the US, and UK now free of the EU,, things will get better.
Not a straight line up, but increasingly improving as the dead hand of government is brought back to proper size.
In the EU, less so. Brexit means the hacks in Brussels lose a major net contributor and tax payer, so it will be harder to keep up all the subsidies and welfare. In China, the issue hinges on whether Xi can stop aggression and loosen the totalitarian grip. Seems doubtful, even though he sees the prosperity of Taiwan, and South Korea. He also has the example of the softer authoritarian Singapore, where the markets are a bit freer than the people, quite rich despite no natural resources. Just imagine what a less-totalitarian ruler could do with China! No.
Overall consumption will continue to wane forcing science and technological solutions to the forefront of human development.
Economics is destructive (consumption) while nature is constructive (production). Economics is a horribly failed social science that relies on real & fake value inequality, real & fake value(wealth), inefficiency & wasteful destructive consumption to benefit the few over the many. I call it the tyranny of the minority. Nature must be repaired, restored and expanded as the only source of REAL life sustaining value on the planet.
To sustain all life failed economics must and will inevitably be replaced by natures real value, real time value system with or without the human species (mammal).

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anh ơi mình có thể theo một lúc 2 ngành bên Yale hay nhiều trường khác bên ấy ạ? Tức là em có thể vừa học IR vừa học Economics được không ạ? Và họ có yêu cầu mình phải chọn một ngành nhất định để theo đuổi hay trong suốt 4 năm ĐH mình có thể học đồng thời 2 hay nhiều ngành ạ?

Có, học được cả hai ngành và max 2. Không liên quan cũng được, không được trùng nhau quá (max 2 course overlap) và em chỉ được tốt nghiệp chịh thức 1 bằng thôi

Mujy apka ni pta but im from lower middle family but i know economics accounts tax jahil tareen team hy es ki log be roz gar ho rhy investor bhag rhy ajeeb soch samj se bahir hy k ye bnda oxford me b parh skta hy

Beragharaq or dia hy IK NY is mulk ka 400 institutions n councils bnd kra ra ye had hoti hy beghairti ki
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My roomates didnt know this for example. So no, this IS news to some. Glad to know you know wussup. HAGD?

then your roommates shoulda paid attention took in school because this was taught in every economics class i ever took lmao
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+4 answers in: “Did you know that false opposition was a thing? Like for example, pepsi and coke, are actually made by the same people, so even though you may shit on pepsi, and drink coke, you still buying their product. So whose the dumbass now? Dont believe me? Then belive this, the elites ARE smarter than you”

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