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┇Vιєrиєs ∂є Pαтαтα (ง ͡ ͡° 3 ͡ ͡°)ว┇Buenas tardes, shiquitos♡ ⇨C⇦ ¿Te gustan las reuniones sociales? ¿Haces amigos con facilidad? ¿Qué tan tarde llegaste a casa? D:「❀ ¡Buen finde, patateros! ❀」[P.D. Pensé que hoy era jueves, asdfgh v':] (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆ Aттє.

pattyfiorella’s Profile Photo⊱↜ Pᴀᴛᴀᴛᴀ ⁽hiatus⁾ ↝⊰
Domingo de patata >:3, buenas mañanas shiquita estoy respondiendo a las 3:41 de la mañana ._.
1.en verdad…no :'v es un poco incomodo por decir…
2.si xD osea yo conozco mucha gente a lo cual le gusta eddsworld y overwatch y mas xD son buena onda.... Decimos hola me gusta un tal juego y nos hacemos amigos :v
3.bueno como a las 8 de la tarde por ver una pelicula o ir una convencion de aime a lo cual yo me disfrazo de cual manga xD
Buen finde tambien∩˙▿˙∩
Pd:yo tambien :'v pero se supone que es sabado pero como son las 3:41 de la mañana y es domingo :v
Vιєrиєs є Pαтαтα ง   3  วBuenas tardes shiquitos C Te gustan las reuniones

🌿Otra pregunta por que se me antojo. ¿Has hecho cosplay? Si es así, una foto, por favor. Si no has hecho. ¿Te gustaría hacerlo y cual personaje? (Lo se, algunos contactos si hacen. Pero son bonitos sus cosplays) si no quieres contestar. »espacio libre« 🌿🌸

KimberlyRava’s Profile Photo†∞a_jump_in_time∞†
Sip, mis "intentos" de cosplay
Pongo sólo dos por que son esos los que más me han gustado :^)
Primero cosplay:
Tord Larsson de Eddsworld
Segundo cosplay:
Ichimatsu Matsuno de Osomatsu-san
Otra pregunta por que se me antojo Has hecho cosplay Si es así una foto por

ShadBad I really love all your movesets their all amazing and Interesting and I would really would like to know Who's your Favorite Character or Characters out of All the Characters in Beatdown amd Why and also I really loved the Dan Backslide CONFOUND THOSE LAWLER BOYS!!!

GamerBoyJR’s Profile PhotoJules Reynolds
Hey thanks!
In the current revealed roster, my personal favorite characters (outside their moveset) in Beatdown are Matt (IMO has my favorite personaity of the Eddsworld gang), Dan Backslide (His antics and hamminess), John Egbert (a huge relatable nerd) and Umbridge (hilarious different take on one of the most despised villains in fiction)

no sere pendejo pero...............PUDIERAS DEJA ODIAR LAS COSAS Y PERSONAS QUE NOS GUSTAN GERMAN, SEÑOR PELO , EDDSWORLD , ECT ECT la cagaste de todo la cagaste :'(

crisx284’s Profile PhotoCristóbal Andrés Ortiz Sepulve
a mi no me importa, minimo yo soy sincero y criterio propio como para decirles porque unos usuarios me parecen malos, ese es el problema principal con mi publico, me comparten cualquier pendejada, creyendo que le voy a tirar flores a cada usuario que me comparten, no es nada personal con ellos, simplemente no me gustan sus videos. porque crees que no mamo undertale por mas que me estuvieron spameando? por tanta mamadera que le dan, me asquea, al grado de no querer jugarlo, si no hasta que su fandom se muera casi por completo.
con el botman ahi si que la cagaste en grande, quien puede defender a semejante pedazo de mierda? no se le entiende una mierda lo que dice por lo rapido que habla, y siendo chileno es peor. sus chistes son repetitivos y forzados como los del werevertumorro, y hace videos de gameplays pedorros. aparte de hacer videos de puras estupideces, arruino el doblaje de era de hielo 5, aunque tampoco fue una gran tragedia por semejante basura de pelicula.

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From the franchises already represented in your Lawl, which other characters would be interesting to see as movesets? At least one per franchise or a similar character if there isn't.

AitorMolinaMovies’s Profile PhotoAitor Molina
Okay, this is gonna be a hefty list. Like Skap's answer, I wouldn't treat most of these as actual future characters, but in some cases... keep your eyes peeled.
-Homestar Runner: In terms of interesting, Coach Z and his creepy/weird sports tendencies would make a funny/amusing moveset.
-Homestuck: Like Skap said, Rose and Dave have as much potential as John and Jade, so they should definitely get GOOD movesets.
-Eddsworld: Obviously Tord. But since I'm gonna be doing him, the only Eddsworld character that comes to mind that MIGHT work would be Zanta Claws- basing him off the Christmas Specials.
-Markiplier: Obviously another Lets Player he associates with. While Bob and/or Wade could work, JackSepticEye has the more potential out of the two.
-A Very Potter Musical: AVP Voldemort, for also being played by the same actor as Umbridge (Joe Walker) has magic and his Death Eaters. Harry Freakin Potter also has magic, and his ego and guitar.
-GFOE: Really nobody else from GFOR- the closest idea I can think of is Angry Grandpa, but unlike Psycho Dad he doesn't really bring much new to the table tbh.
-To the Moon: Perhaps the unnamed protagonist of "A Bird's Story", a short game in the same universe that acts as a prequel to the upcoming TtM sequel.
-Undertale: Really any other Undertale main character could work, but special brownie points go to Mettaton, for his two forms and his pleas to be a star.
-Dover Boys: I'd have to go to a Warner Bros source for this one... so I guess Buggs Bunny or Daffy Duck for their historical value.
-The Witch's House: For this game specifically, Ellen, although once Viola's moveset comes out it will be apparent why she can't work. So I'd have to go with Aki from Misao, a game in the same universe as Mad Father. So many deaths for moves.
-The Psycho Series: Jesse "Psycho Kid/McJuggernuggets", the main character and anti-hero of the series. Could have enough I guess to differentiate from Stephen/his father, but I wouldn't count it too much.

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This is a really dark question, but Eddsworld is ending with a fanfilm and I'm curious about what should fans do with The Frollo Show and Lawl if something bad happens to you?

AitorMolinaMovies’s Profile PhotoAitor Molina
Very dark, but I do have given some thought to it.
If I ever take such issue with enough seriousness, I'd write future scripts for TFS/Leet Fighters and plans for Lawl. Pass them on to close friends that can have a better clue as to what I wanted to do, that I also consider great content makers, and trust them which other people could join production should they see it fit.
I'm quite sure that won't be needed tho ^^

I've been watching eddsworld since the first Zanta Clause hit the YouTube home page, since then I was hooked, I actually cried when I watched the r.i.p video :/ But yeah, I animate as well (:

MasonRonan’s Profile PhotoMason
Wow awesome!
And i know it's sad... ;/
And erm i think Zanta was the first one i watch too but the earliest one that was made when i started wathing him was i think WTFuture :3

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