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Hi. I am an army doctor. Graduated from AMC. I'm observing you for quite a long time and i like you very much. ❤️ I love your innocence🙈 . I want to send marriage proposal at your home. Please say "Yes". I can untick if you want. 💜

hi, i am mahnoor - just Mahnoor,
& i request you to keep your emotions organized..
its a mess, hard to understand.
that what you just said is WHAT?.
it starts with information about your personal, professional and educational background,
advertisment of your institute,
a flirty confession,
a desired proposal,
with a emphasis on call to action,
space to interact on will.
isn't it a lot to process in one go?🌚🥀

Something cool to share?

I have always expressed my concern about the flop, corrupt, expensive, inadequate and out dated system of education and teaching in Pakistan. Students are deprived of the real education that they need in their practical lives. Just covering some syllabus and solving some complex Math problems can not be called true education. It must be about our living, like how to live this life and maintain constant control over ourselves. But no, unfortunately that they are not interested and skilled to teach. I have always loved the teaching profession, it should be a rewarding job for those people who really put in their energies to help others through it by being a master of a skill. It has the capacity to shape one's life completely.
I can teach about a lot of things myself, but what I want to teach about is life. I can not pursue this career but I know that I can deliver a lot if only I get a chance to perform. It's like the core subject of all our educational career and afterwards the work life. It will be all about practical knowledge and no unproven theoretical concepts. Right now, I don't have a big platform, else probably I would have initiated the program via virtual learning tools. I have ideas about how to run this setup in a way which will not make it difficult for others to be a part of this. Course content can be prepared, timetable can be scheduled and the classes can commence in a week or two. It was in my mind, so I shared. This subject should be taught at all levels; it'll broaden the mind of confused masses.
#PracticalTraining #PracticalEducation #PracticalLearning #Pakistan #TeachingJobs #AdvanceEducation #AdvanceLearning

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Something cool to share

5/5: Does your hometown have a historical and cultural importance?

My hometown of Franklin Massachusetts is the birth place of Horace Mann.
Horace Mann was an American educational reformer, slavery abolitionist and Whig politician known for his commitment to promoting public education. In 1848, after public service as Secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education, Mann was elected to the United States House of Representatives.
May 4, 1796, Franklin, Massachusetts, U.S.
August 2, 1859, Yellow Springs, Ohio, U.S.
Resting place:
North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode Island,
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Psychological Fact: Introverts are best in creative, Marketing and Educational Field. Some of the introverts are: Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Emma Watson, Steve Jobs, JK Rowlings, Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Barack Obama.

sana_shafique’s Profile PhotoSana Shafique
I am an introvert and left handed person too like Bill gates, Obama, mark Zuckerberg، Einstein، Steve jobs، but the difference is they all are men and i am a woman۔ maybe that's why I am dumbo 😄 jk۔

What's a tv show worth binge-watching?

chexperi’s Profile Photochexperi
Boardwalk Empire is a good one, but not for the faint of heart. Nor is any hbo show though lol.
Grimm is a great show if you like fairytales or detective shows. It's on Amazon Prime.
Idk mostly I watch movies, anime, educational stuff, and a lot of old scifi/fantasy shows you'd have a hard time finding 😅

Are you outgoing or you fear rejection?

it depends really, like for me i tend to be an introverted person cuz i do feel more comfortable when focusing on my inner thoughts and anything that falls under the spiritual matters 😂, but like if someone invited me to attend a workshop or educational seminar things that go with meaningful discussion etc, i would never refuse. “Fear of rejection” i would say it’s something that must be fixed and i feel like a person should go out and get to know a lot of people. Like being withdrawn and uncommunicative it’s something bad 🙂

Do you think that children who cant study well can also have a bright future like children who can study well?

mahnoorshaykh’s Profile PhotoMS
Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. Our educational system only relies on Cramming nothing else. No concepts, no PBLs and stuff only Cramming. Those who are good at that they prosper and those who aren’t they lack. But obviously they can have a bright future as well they just need to discover their passion.

Какие языки учите? Английский, я так поняла, больше русским не понадобится...

В конце игры Fran Bow одиннадцатилетняя главная героиня говорит замечательные слова: "I still don't know many things. But one thing I do know. That between guilt and fear, I choose happiness".
Мировое сообщество выражает негативное отношение не к России, а к мегаломании правительства РФ. В своих заявлениях ни Запад, ни Европа не отождествляют его с народом - это преднамеренно делает именно российская пропаганда. Их основанный на копирайтинге средней руки мифодизайн призван сводить экономические и политические провалы власти к теории заговора, тем самым снимая с неё всю ответственность. Но вместе с этим у россиян возникает ощущение враждебности окружающего мира, что ведёт их к исторической травме. Одним из её самых опасных долговременных последствий является поколенческая бедность.
When experiencing learned helplessness, the prospect of a financially independent and sustainable life does not seem achievable, and many people become unaware that they can improve their conditions. (...) When people experience poverty, they are less confident in their ability to succeed, often leading to decreased professional and educational attainment, depression, and anxiety. (...) As a consequence, people tend to view themselves as fundamentally flawed, so any achievement that they receive is neutralized by a lack of confidence and subconscious self-loathing.
(Из подготовленного для ЮНЕСКО и ООН в июле 2021 концептуального документа The Effects of Historical Trauma on Learned Helplessness and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy)
Английский является международным языком и тебя поймут в любой точке планеты. Ты сможешь на нём работать и при необходимости параллельно осваивать основной язык страны. Помимо этого, на английском публикуется новейший научно-образовательный материал, что бесценно для самоактуализации. Но твоё восприятие искажается интернализированным угнетением: "Мне нет смысла изучать английский, поскольку англоязычный мир презирает меня". Если позволишь сформироваться выученной беспомощности, то это повлечёт за собой снижение самоэффективности, токсичный стыд, депрессию, которые будут передаваться по наследству.
Не поддавайся пропаганде. Ты не несёшь ответственность за действия правительства, выбирающего само себя. Однако между виной и страхом ты можешь выбрать счастье. И это ответственный выбор, ведь оно важно не только для тебя лично, но и для России, и для мира.
(Художница Magda Proski)

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Какие языки учите Английский я так поняла больше русским не понадобится

If you could master one skill you don't already have, what would it be?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I would like to understand math, physics or other unpleasant subjects that are beneficial for my knowledge and therefore for my educational training.

By the time I realize…

UmeAbeha’s Profile PhotoUme Abeha کاظمی
nobody is yours!
everybody you know in this world plays some role in a part of your life story, willingly or unwillingly, known or unknown ...
they come, play a particular role and than they leave.
some are relations are connected to you by blood, by emotions, by social circle, by educational institutions, by work field.
they all color some place of your life. but than they fade and some one new catches your attention.
same like things, they "HUMANS" loose charm, they loose interest, they get bored, they start pretending etc.

What’s ur educational qualification

sathik_05’s Profile PhotoSathik
6 years of elementary school.
3 years on middle school.
3 years high school.
1 year prep.
4 years college.
1 year (2) diplomas.
And I'm long life learner, just finished a 2 courses this week.
Someday, I'd like to get my PhD in any area that I find myself in it.

Hi. How's your 2022 going? You may use this as a ❦ SPACE ❦ as well, to post anything you would like to share.

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ M i c k a ⚜️
Year 2022 is better than 2021. No more lockdowns, no new corona strain, educational institutions and markets are reopened.
This year, and the current month is best to complete the pending tasks.
Delays only prevent the best use of time.
There's a lot to improve, learn, and practice more patience.
2022 is a new beginning to do what was not done in 2021. 😇🙃
Hi Hows your 2022 going You may use this as a  SPACE  as well to post anything

💳 What is the best & worst purchases you’ve ever made?

CazOSX’s Profile Photo☠️ Cazzy. ☠️
It will be the same one.
It was an "educational" online course that was of exorbitant (and even more) price. I somewhat liked it, of course it was far from perfect... As well as overrated.
The girl who was the main there....not what she used to be before and during her sales (what a surprise).
After this course has finished, she showed herself on the other side.
It's been almost 1.5 years ago & I unfollowed her, as she kept showing a different terrible side of herself that I would never support.
So, the best thing here is that I have learned something new (though the price was clearly too high).
And the worst thing is that I supported that person with money and attention that she does not deserve.

If given the freedom to act ‘carte blanche’, what immediate change/s would you make in the society?

wajjehsajjad’s Profile PhotoThat guy
Society? 🙂 our society is rotten to the core. This will get long and infuriating. 🙂
But anyway, anyone and I mean anyone, who tries to impose something on literally anyone at all (blood or not) that they do not wanna do, gives up a quarter of their property as penalty of bothering another human being. We’d do that instead of taxation. 🙂 People who hurt animals for fun, get their fingers chopped. 🙂 People who molest others, get beheaded publicly. 🙂 People who consume drugs, would be locked in recovery centres like jails. 🙂 Drug dealers will be shot at sight. 🙂
No stupid police required, everyone can have their personal weapon and use it for their safety. 🙂 Anyone who harms anyone to (oppress them or out of spite) will be made bankrupt. 🙂 and oh free ice cream, medical and educational services for everyone who lives their life without bothering any another, in anyway. 🥰
And we plant a shit ton of trees so this place looks greeeeen and no owning of orchards. Everybody can take fruits from anywhere, be it humans or animals. 🥰

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What's your favorite animated movie? List a few reasons to why you think it's good ✏🏰🎬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I like Inside Out. As well as being very funny it's very educational for kids, teaching them about managing their emotions. Some adults could learn a thing or two as well.

Do you find it hard to ask questions sometimes?

I find it relatively simple to compose thoughtful questions. The primary reason that I do not ask questions is because the nature of my questions requires research, reflection and consideration that demands at least a one paragraph response or perhaps even 500 words and most folks respond with one word or less which quickly makes me lose interest. So mostly I post poems, music and provide thoughtful answers to questions that I perceive as interesting and potentially educational.

We only post the pretty s*it because no one likes the truth.

Capitalism is the reason why educational institutions are more profit motive and only focused on ripping students off, instead of providing education furthermore, producing more corporate slaves, who are given an unrealistic expectations of living a high quality life while they end up suffering with mid life crisis because in reality all the motivational crap they sell is just modern day slavery in disguise. There you go this is the truth. 🤡

Do you think star signs matter?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
Zodiac is something like celestial things. In Chinese culture, they are also have their own zodiac based by year they born. Me, I am boar/pig in chinese zodiac. In western zodiac, I am scorpio. Either way, the resembles of my traits are mostly 60% but 40% possibly from my environment. In my point of view, I see this as a mini educational to learn myself (my character) based on my birdate and year and my character. If it talks about prophecy, I rarely believe it but if it talks about my characteristic, I take it some and partially. I see it just for fun and to fill my boredom. My adage is: If it’s not science, it’s superstition. Also, I question your education. Was magical thinking and fortune telling any part of it? Can anyone show it works and how it works? Astrology is a first cousin to racism and sexism. There has never been any actual research done on astrology stereotyping. Why bother when enough people give it a religious like belief and don’t question. It’s myth based or just plain made. It is great to use for excuses and avoiding personal responsibility. Just blame a calendar date. Your birthday or someone’s else’s. They don't matter and have no correlation to anything but it's innocuous and gives people something to talk about
Nah, people are incompatible depending on their values, attitudes and interests but blaming the stars might be easier
Personally I think it's a load of nonsense but to each his own.
I'm sure I hold beliefs that some people feel that same way about.

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What role does art play in your life?

To me, it’s escapism, a comfort, educational (as in, I find it helpful to study and observe art as in turn, it helps me continually improve upon my own). I guess to summarise, it makes me happy and I find incredibly calming. Granted, this is in regards to classical art as opposed to contemporary, as that’s a completely different vibe, aha.
I find it encouraging to see, particularly as of late, where I genuinely have no time to do art, which can be disheartening at times. It gives me hope and reminds me of the joy and inner peace I’ll have when I start painting again. I guess it’s quite like mindfulness too in a way - observing all of the little details you see in works; the strokes of the brush, the colours they use, the story the artist is portraying, picking up on subtle symbols, etc.

Has any piece of art ever inspired you to change your life in some way?

jigsaw20216838’s Profile PhotoJigsaw
I don’t know about one piece of art per se, but I think art in general has definitely shaped my life. It’s informed my life path from a very young age, both from self expression and from exposure to art galleries as a child; it’s provided comfort, escapism from reality, it’s been educational - learning about different periods of history/culture/places around the world, etc. It’s the cornerstone of all of my main interests in life, so I truly couldn’t single out one piece. As corny as it sounds, but I know that it’s truly my calling and what I wish to pursue for my life’s work :)

بعيدا عن الناس اللي بتقول ده نقص وكده لكن مثلا ينفع دكتورة تتجوز حد متعلمش أو تعليم لحد اعدادي ومكملش؟ وياريت رد واقعي وموضوعي

it's her choice but if you want a realistic answer.. it's not a good choice, he'll feel inferior and she'll have to always adjust. So it's going to be tiresome and it probably won't work out and this applies to every girl who chooses someone who's not on the same wavelength , mental financial, educational level.

✨ Wolisz dawne dyskoteki szkolne czy teraźniejsze imprezy w klubie? ✨

Gab_riela_09’s Profile Photo✨ ɢᴀʙʀɪᴇʟᴀ ✨
Do you prefer school discos that took place in educational institutions or current club events?
I prefer club parties for adults, they let them in on presentation of ID, and the dance is always successful, calm and cultural. If it were otherwise, the owner of the club would be to blame
Wolę imprezy klubowe dla dorosłych, wpuszczają na nie za okazaniem dokumentu tożsamości i zabawa taneczna zawsze jest udana, spokojna odbywa się w kulturalny sposób. Jeżeli byłoby inaczej winę ponosiłby właściciel klubu

Drop a fact about your country. Preferably something I won’t find on Google!

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
Ok. I was really thinking about this question until today.
It's going to be a really horrible and upsetting fact.
Latvians are extremely homophobic.
Why you ask?
The answer is, sadly, very simple.
We used to be under russia. Yep.
There's a thing in latvia, which is PSRS a.k.a. soviet russian way of thinking. It's not only russian speaking residents of latvia. My "grandmother" actively posts hate on her facebook.. I pity her. She's 60 and she sucks. People like her is what keeps the homophobia alive. I hope one day things will change (when the PSRS people are long gone 🙃)
Maybe you know of the fact, that Russians are really really hateful towards people that are different.
Hope ask won't delete this, since it's educational. 🙄

Who’s ur inspiration

sathik_05’s Profile PhotoSathik
Everyone that I met and knew through reality or any virtual platforms ( social media). They always got something to amaze me; in terms of their educational background, motivation to pursue something, the way they think, their struggles and hurdles, their knowledge, their life tips, life experience especially, and more to list down.

What toys or games did you have as a child?

Oh sooo sooo many! I used to game and play a lot as a child. I had Lego’s, Playmobil, The Littlest Pet Shop, Barbie dolls, other dolls, figurines, plushies, clay, educational toys.
The games I usually played were:
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue.
Habbo Hotel.
Efteling: Pardoes de Tovernar.
The Sims.
Mario Kart.
Mario World.
Mario 64.
Mario and Luigi.
Lots of mini games on those big websites like spele.nl
Lots of Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance games.
Lots of Playstation 2 games.

If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?

constantineadonis41056’s Profile PhotoAdonis
This is a tough one because there are lots of great books written by great authors that are educational and tackles different issues. However, I would choose Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of the Crowd by Charles Mackay. The reason is that it is an easy read, informative, and a bit funny which I think is bearable for nonreaders, high schoolers out there. The book shows the horrors when people are simply following the "trend" without thinking rationally, which is pretty much still prevalent in today's society. It basically tells people are stupid in 16 different chapters haha. I mean, it's not entirely wrong as we never learn from history. Tho, there are some aspects of this book that I don't agree with, but for me it just adds to the beauty of reading this because it allows me to evaluate my own principles. :)

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Would you rather only to be able to watch Netflix or YouTube for the rest of your life?

litlikeamatch’s Profile Photolitlikeamatch
YouTube.. I'm not much of a movie watcher and YouTube has a good selction of DYI, educational, and instructional videos. Also I can paly Jazz or Blues for background music which Ilike to do when I am reading or studying. Those are just a few of the reasons

What is social media to you? How can we ensure that such tools benefit us (educate, entertain etc)?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
Social media is the main way in which I connect with everyone.
We improve it by ensuring that educational materials and knowledge are accessible to everyone, and not locked behind expensive academic journals, often meaning that the only exciting ‘knowledge’ on everything from science to the zeitgeist is bollocks peddled by disinformers.

Anyone else have such low self-esteem when it comes to their intelligence in an educational environment? I always think I'm the dumbest in the room, if put in groups I'm holding them back etc. And the thing is, if only I studied harder to combat this but I don't and continue this negative spiralHELP

It's been the same throughout my university and now I'm done with it. Tbh now it doesn't even matter.
You'll learn to hold your opinion once you step in professional jobs. The only thing is that the early on you start to be assertive of your opinions, the better it would be for you. So, try to be confident now rather than later, while it's safe (i.e without consequence).
In jobs and other places, learning these things has a cost. Sometimes learning costs you your job too. That's why, the sooner the better :)

what was the title of the last documentary you watched? was it good? do you recommend it? 📽💬

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I never actually watch documentaries! Whenever I have done, it was always for educational purposes, while at uni. Having said that, the last one I saw that I thoroughly recommend (though it is a hard watch at times), is McQueen. Alexander McQueen will always be my favourite fashion designer and he was a true visionary, it’s just so saddening the colossal amount of pressure he was under, with no one really being able to help or understand. He seemed like a really sweet soul. I highly recommend seeing it though, if you like his work! ✨
what was the title of the last documentary you watched was it good do you

What do you think could be improved in the educational system?

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I think we should have mental health and life skills classes. We spend all this time and energy learning things that for the vast majority of us never come up again, but we don't even TOUCH on mental health issues that will affect most people in some way,or raising kids, or balancing a budget or running a house

Homeschooling, do you have an opinion on it? 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I have nothing against it when it's done properly, with proper attention for curriculums, learning goals, and the child's educational needs.
One thing I come across more often lately is parents who claim to homeschool their child, when in reality they spend zero time teaching their child things and are somehow proud of it.

Homeschooling, do you have an opinion on it?

Few parents have the educational background nor the talent or time to teach their children all the different subjects that a student needs to learn. Also, the interactions with other students and adults are extremely valuable for learning a plethora of skills and insights. There are only a small number of children who have situations that would benefit more from home schooling and I think that in general children should be enrolled in schools unless specific conditions are proven (medical or social diagnoses, etc.) that indicate they should stay home. In those cases, the parents should have to write exams that prove they are capable of teaching to a high enough standard that the child would receive a quality education. As a teacher, I think its awesome if parents and kids are dedicated and do it for the right reasons. It's not just an excuse to be lazy or keep your child from learning about 'real life' that happens in schools. The biggest issue is social, but in Australia, there is the opportunity to have sports days and other social occasions with other home-schooled kids. Imagine being able to go to a museum (for example) to cement your child's understanding of a concept. You could specifically tailor your child's education. I would do it if I could.
In order for homeschooling to be effective it takes a particular kind of child and a particular kind of parent. If the child is an average teenager who has a decent social life, does okay in school and is not super motivated then it is not (usually) a good fit. My reasoning is that the student will not have the learning environment that a school offers to push them to succeed.
However I've also worked in a facility that did truancy and I've seen parents who didn't want to go to jail because they didn't ever make their kid go to school and their kids were just left on their own during the day for the most part. These parents would "home school" but I wouldn't say anything was actually taught.
There are definitely some good programs out there, even if the parents aren't necessarily prepared to do all the teaching themselves, and I honestly believe that homeschooling can be done in a beneficial way. It can also be very isolating, painful, and result in a sheltered, unsociable semi-adolescent adult. There are plenty of comparable evils to the American public school system as well.
I went to public school for all 12 years, my siblings were in private school until grade 2 or home schooled. I honestly feel there has been no difference except they didn't waste time on bullshit and got things done quicker than I did. If I was homeschooled I probably would have only spent 3-4 hours a day on schoolwork opposed to 7. The only issue is my little brother is an entitled 10 year old who needs someone to pick on him to get him set right.

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What's always in your bag?

Mostly I don't carry a bag everywhere, I go ☺️, if I require then maybe it's for studies purpose while going to a educational institution, or at times when I really need to carry something, (:
And it consists, money, keys, handkerchief and phone for sure (:

What makes a person rich?

There are limits to the real wealth that any individual can consume… We cannot drive four cars at once, live simultaneously in six homes, take three tours at the same time, or devour 12 roasts of beef at one meal.
So I always ask the question, ‘what would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?’ Well, it’s so amazing as a result of our kind of educational system, crowds of students say well, we’d like to be painters, we’d like to be poets, we’d like to be writers, but as everybody knows you can’t earn any money that way…
Let’s go through with it. What do you want to do? When we finally got down to something, which the individual says he really wants to do, I will say to him, you do that and forget the money, because, if you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your life completely wasting your time… To structure your existence with an objective of monetary gain is to spend a lifetime chasing an abstraction.
Money is a way of measuring wealth but is not wealth in itself. A chest of gold coins or a fat wallet of bills is of no use whatsoever to a wrecked sailor alone on a raft. He needs real wealth, in the form of a fishing rod, a compass, an outboard motor with gas, and a female companion.
What wasn’t understood then, and still isn’t really understood today, is that the reality of money is of the same type as the reality of centimeters, grams, hours, or lines of longitude. Money is a way of measuring wealth but is not wealth in itself.

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People who used to have crippling low self-esteem, how did you get over it?

I was a social wreck growing up with a lower middle-class family in a big city. I went to school with all the rich kids there without having special talents or anything. I used to feel very shy and had incredibly low self-esteem. But when I was 13, my father moved to a second-tier city. There I was enrolled in a mediocre school. I had a fresh start so I pretended to be very social and confident. I lied about myself all the time and had people looking up to me in no time. Sounds shitty but what do you expect from a 13yo? Fast forward to a year later. I have ample self-esteem and am a pretty popular guy at school. My father has to move again, but this time to a third-tier city. The school I was enrolled in was not as good as my first one but significantly better than my second. I again had a chance at a fresh start. This time I chose not to lie. I was completely honest about myself and my self-esteem from earlier stayed with me. I kind of built more confidence over that and now I'm a 19yo with excellent social skills and public speaking. I learnt how to set boundaries, say no, and be firm about it. I had to learn to put myself first and realize that my needs and wants are important too. I had to learn that it is ok to upset people, especially when you don't want to do something for them. And that people being upset with you is normal. I also read a lot of books on confidence and self-esteem. Most my self-esteem problems came from middle school (my name is a great basis for small penis jokes). And they went away in High School. Until my senior year when it came back. And it came back a lot worse. Anyway I will try to get back into internet communities. I had a very rough childhood - some sprinkles of physical abuse (not from family members) but daily does of educational neglect and emotional torture. I was raised to believe that God "don't make no mistakes" so I concluded (and still believe deeply to this day) that I was either being punished or prepped for something. I had the experiences I had because God wanted me to have them.
I suffer from chronically low self-esteem. I've found myself compulsively assuming the worst in social situations, despite being aware that it's completely illogical: if someone doesn't respond immediately on Facebook I can't shake the feeling that they hate me, despite no evidence to suggest that. If they laugh at my jokes or like my ideas they're just doing it to humor me, despite unprovoked reassurances. If I'm in a relationship, I fear they hate me and can't bring themselves to end it. If I'm just hooking up, I'm confident that they are too embarrassed by being around me to be anything.
Logically, I have no reason to feel this way: I'm the best I've ever been in my life, but I can't shake the overwhelmingly compulsive belief that everyone hates me and I am a shitty shitty person, no matter how inaccurate I know it is.

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When it came to choosing a career path, did you consider the jobs you dreamt of as a kid?

H2o_o2H’s Profile PhotoArchie
Well I didn’t end up working at NASA (which was a childhood dream, of being an astronaut!), but I have pursued being an artist! I’m glad I have. Despite the numerous setbacks and stress over the years in regards to my educational years of pursuing art, I have no regrets, and it was very much the right choice for me :)

What’s so bad about basing your self worth on grades?

My personal thoughts are that grades don't define who you are as a person, they simply restrain your intelligence to a certain letter or number average. A real person is so much more intriguing than the thing you see on that piece of paper/report card. A person has dreams, desires, opportunities, and basing your self worth on grades is stooping yourself down to a low level of what the honestly messed up school system says you can be, rather than trying to achieve the things you want and love. It is a toxic mindset to put yourself down like that and it is much healthier to give yourself a chance rather than confine yourself to the laws of society.
But things won’t always be great on that front. Especially in the workplace. The economy might suck. You will work for and with difficult people. Performance and progression is not as clear cut as it is in school. You will inevitably feel stagnant or stunted or disrespected or devalued, no matter how much success you have. That’s not me being cynical. It’s a part of life. You may have a 4.0, but one day, your career will look less than perfect.
When that day comes it is incredibly healthy to have a sense of meaning that goes beyond work. Family. Friends. Hobbies. Spirituality, if that’s your thing. Civic involvement. A healthy balance is necessary for happiness. It’s like diversifying your portfolio, and if you don’t hedge your well-being against career uncertainty, you will find yourself unhappy one day.
Generally, some people may have an easier path in life up to some point and think themselves to be much better than they actually are. And when they need to show how good they are in front of an average challenge, some fail spectacularly. For example, I don't think I've ever had below 9/10 on any programming related subject since secondary school up to Uni. I'm a shitty programmer. If I would advertise myself that as a good one because of those grades, I would be embarassed when meeting industry standards.
Circumstances outside of your control can cause you to lose whatever it is that’s making you get good grades (natural ability, motivation, resources, etc), so if your self worth is based on your grades you’ll suffer. That’s what I was like, then I moved from northern Virginia to Idaho halfway through high school and had to change my entire educational course and ended up super behind because of how different the school systems were. Tried to kill myself not long after my grades started to suffer as a result of the move. Not saying that’ll happen to you, just saying that sometimes life is fucked so you should just find things to love about yourself that don’t require external validation.

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