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What do you think everyone should do while in Singapore? 🇸🇬

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Places to visit
- Sentosa
- Flyer (but eh you can skip this)
- Gardens by the bay
- Harbourfront
- Clarke Quay
- Orchard (shopping for things you normally can't afford haha)
Things to eat
- Street food!! (Satay, mee goreng)
- Chicken rice
- $1 ice cream with bread (my cousin was so wowed by this)
- Chilli crab
- Durian (if you are up for a challenge)
- Breakfast Egg & Kaya set (when I came here I found it so unique and interesting)
- Milo (best would be if you found a free milo truck)

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Have you ever had to deal with entitled people? 🙄 Maybe share a memorable story of when you've had to do so? *Grabs popcorn* 🍿

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Well it’s quite simple, I have no patience for them, I have met many.
They’re usually your sore losers in sports, talk to their parents with utter disrespect and think the world owes them a living.
In life I never got anything unless I worked for it.
I used to clean an egg factory to pay for my train fares to college.
No one owed me that, I had to get up, go and get that.
Did my parents “owe” me that fare? No of course not, they raised me and I am the one who wants the education. 🤷‍♂️
Anyone that’s self entitled never gets to enter my book, it’s as simple as that.
No one is that special that they can skip the “Work hard” part.
I can’t have respect for someone who cannot demonstrate that they want to put the work in to get the rewards out.
So that’s why I keep my friendship circle to a minimum with only the right people in it.

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eu quero, manda u.u hahahaha, a leonzinho, não tenho preferencia de gênero em anime, qualquer um que seja bom, estou assistindo! então se quiser pode me indicar um monte ai y.y

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É esse o texto > https://periodicos.utfpr.edu.br/actio/article/view/7672/5280
Os animes <3
1-Sexy Pistol;
2-Saezuru tori wa Habatakanai;
3-Number 24;
4-Hybrid Childe;
5-Spirit Pact;
5-Akame ga Kill;
6-Yurin Bitch Bu;
8-Cowboy bepop;
9-Devilman crybaby;
10-Wu Shan Wu Xing;
11-Wonder egg priority;
12-Great pretender;
13-1Yubisaki Kara No Honki No Netsujou: Osananajimi Wa Shouboushi
Tem alguns Hamines e Donghuas no meios também :D

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If it would be the last time you hear about me, what would you want to tell me before I'm gone forever? What are you ready to risk?

Burgundy341’s Profile PhotoSadness
I would like to tell you that my english is not the yellow from the egg and that you can speak Deutsch with me before I schubs you the Treppe runter so that you fall through the Haustür over the Street right into the gulli where I do the Deckel druff.
With me is not good cheery eating, I tell you. So you should not expect any last words from someone who doesnt even kenn you richtig.

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Mi volt az utolsó film/sorozat/anime amit láttál? Mi róla a véleményed? Ha esetleg valamilyen más világot jelenít meg, élnél benne?

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Wonder Egg Priority. Totális agyfasz az egész. Ez amikor a mangaka nem tudja eldönteni, hogy kislányoknak szóló kalandos, fantasy sztorit akar írni,vagy valami pszichológiai horror izét.
Nem élnék a világában. Fene se akar álmában megpurcanni, azért harcolva, hogy feltámasszon egy számára fontos személyt, aki öngyilkos lett a valóéletben. De azért a karakterek cukik.

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Mi volt az utolsó filmsorozatanime amit láttál Mi róla a véleményed Ha esetleg

What is your favorite food for breakfast? I love eggs with liquid yolk, and you? 🍳

Not a huge breakfast fan. I usually just have coffee, lots of coffee. I generally only ever have eggs if someone else makes it or suggests getting breakfast, I'm like eh.. ok what ever and I'm not that fussed on how it comes out. I'm just like, ok it's an egg, that's it. 🤣 - if I need breakfast before going somewhere which is rare, it will be the easiest thing like a banana, minimal effort... Boom. Done. Or milk, boom... Done 🤣

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¿Usted ha visto Wonder Egg Priority? Me sigue causando algo de gracia puesto que, hasta ahora quedé nadando porque no comprendí del todo el capítulo doce, aunque ansioso por el episodio que darán a fines de junio que supuestamente esclarecerá la historia.

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Quedé exactamente igual. Hicieron una introducción magnífica para la «villana» de la serie, pero no explicaron nada a partir de eso. Indican que ellos tienen responsabilidad en los suicidios de las niñas, pero ¿cómo? ¿por qué? ¿a qué se debe? Tampoco muestran si las personas por quienes luchaban volvieron en verdad a la vida. Son muchas dudas y, aunque quiero ser positivo al respecto, dudo que puedan aclararlas con solo un episodio :-(.

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What americans daily eat ? I heard pasta lasagne pizza 🍕 like pakistan eat chicken gravy with rice or spicy chicken rice 🙂

Whoever told you this is incorrect. Americans get a bad reputation for eating junk food! Some Americans may eat these foods daily, but that is not really what i eat every day! I enjoy those foods but not every day. Many Americans eat hamburgers (I don't) and fish too.🍔🐟 We do eat lots of potatoes mashed, boiled, fried or baked.🥔 Personally, I eat fruits and vegetables every day!🍇🍎🍌🍍🍓🥬🌽 lots of salads.🥗 Chicken rice sounds delicious! I liked fried rice with egg too.🥚 I eat lots of yogurt and cheese.🐄🐃🐂🧀 Bagels, omelets, pancakes and waffles are eaten in the morning.🧇🥞🥯🍳
Occasionally, I will have dessert like chocolate or ice cream.🍨🍦🍰🍪🍫
I have some healthy habits, like hardly ever drinking soda and going for walks. I don't eat red meat.

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What americans daily eat  I heard pasta lasagne pizza  like pakistan eat chicken

How do you arrange the items in your fridge? Does everything have a set place or does stuff just pile in randomly?

jigsaw20216838’s Profile PhotoJigsaw
Well the heads are usually at the bottom cos they take up the most space, naturally. Then hands above and feet at the very top. Fingers go in the door and the eyes go in the egg holders.
Who’s coming for tea? 😂😂😂😂😂

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Is knowing how to cook a requirement for girls? Bcs I l dont know how to cook. I can only fry egg but can't even do it well, and someone told me i should learn how to cook bcs I am a girl.

No. Cooking is not a gender role but the whole society will judge a woman who doesn't know how to cook. Sickening. But it should apply to both genders, saying that you should know how to cook cause you are a girl is like an old tradition or saying. You should know how to cook to survive daily life, especially if you are living alone cause we can't always have our parents on our side, we shouldn't always depend on other people so you should know how to cook for yourself, And its so sokay even if you are not good at it but its a basic life skill to survive. It is something everyone should learn at some point. 🌻

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Oh and and annnd I'm sorry for being annoying and ANDD What do you mean by consider? Like "I consider you to be okay" Wat dat mean?

It means I sense a few... iffy things from your energy, but not enough to put you in the bad egg pile. Lol. Everyone has their own bad qualities. Some more than others. When I consider someone to be okay or alright, the red flags are not raised.
- Angels

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+3 answers in: “Angie! Angel! How do you know if you have psychic? Does the energy have their own signs? Like colors shapes animals or whatever.. Or or! Does the soul represent something??”

I'm approaching my 30s. Is it too late to go abroad, take a second degree there, and change careers? It's a little depressing to see programs for study abroad with the age 30 limit. It makes me feel like I'm too late to try and swap.

It's never too late! And that decision is going to change your life for the better. You will learn so many things. And um, any program that has an age limit is a bad school. There are no limits to education. It's nice to see a second degree and a new career as a plan, but first you need to figure out your logistics. How will you go abroad, and using what visa (if required)? How will you support yourself? You may want to establish yourself first and get a job before starting school, as juggling the two will be very difficult if you don't have a huge nest egg to finance the change. Create a budget with your plan. Anything is possible with the right planning and motivation. Congratulations! Come back when you've made the move!

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What's a relatively easy chicken recipe? I feel I do the same thing with chicken all the time! Help a gal out thanks x

NicoleTehLlama’s Profile PhotoNicóle Catherine-Mae
I can do pretty good chicken nuggets.
Take some small chunks of chicken, cover them in flour mixed with cayenne pepper and garlic, then place them into bowl with raw egg mixed with milk, after egg bath cover them in bread crumbs and deep fry them in temperature from 180 to 200 degrees till they will be golden/slightly brown.
Use any sauce you like to them, and best to eat with with chips or fries as well!
Enjoy! ^^

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Hi, tita! I'm almost five months into my new job (which is at my dream company). I've been learning everyday, but I can't avoid beating myself up for not being able to do my tasks as perfectly as I want. Huhu. I don't even know what I want to hear from you but just putting this out there. :(

It's called anxiety, because you haven't failed. Try failing in little ways (don't answer an email right away, or forget a task) and you'll see that the sky won't fall and you won't get fired. Once you see that you're not walking on egg shells, you won't be so anxious and you'll be able to do your job without fear of failing, because you know you'll be fine if you do fail. Emergency fund though. Or else you're not truly protected.

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I know what is it , we have sth like that in Greece without the egg , anyway is not a greek food but Turkish and there is known as pide . In Greece it is called Peinirli , it is really yummy. 👌👌

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wow, very interesting thank you very much, I will definitely try)
also, I always thought that khachapuri is Georgian cuisine))

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+2 answers in: “What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?”

That moment when you're so stoned that when you hear your mother go in the bathroom, you go into the kitchen, get a beautiful egg sandwich, then quickly run back into the bedroom before she finishes so that she doesnt possibly see you high :P

Pookeo9’s Profile PhotoEh?
& once you get back to your room you feel like a badass and starts to think you should consider looking into being a spy or a ninja.

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