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What are Americans best at aside of technology!?

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It is one of the things I admire in their culture. their research and development are employed pretty well. In my speciality I have seen them cutting hard steel with water! But anyways, aside from that, the people I mingled with were resilient, hard worker, and independent. At a glance, they might seem socially damaged, which is true to an extent, but on the other hand, they were family oriented. They were also fun-loving and easygoing. They keep their competitive advantage unreachable. The majority were raised on honesty. Their service econmical sector is so mature that customers live to high standards. Not to mix that with politics, but they have robust personal rights. One last thing to mention, everybody, mind his own business, which could be considered as a plus or minus depending on where and how they apply it.

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I have my first Christmas party tonight have you got any incoming parties leading up till Xmas ?

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Now that I'm self employed I don't get invited to work Christmas parties any more 😐. Some of my old university friends usually meet up for a drink and a meal but we've not actually arranged a date yet. In theory, I could arrange my own work Christmas party, only invite myself, and claim the cost back against tax 😛

what is best your experiences?

When I was visiting to my father office. To attend show with my mother. After the show had been completed. Employed intro me to big boss, general manager, and etc. They asked me to comment about office show with english, then I spoke english in front of boss fluently. it can train capable of public speaking me. That is best experience me during life. I didn't forget that moment.

When was a time you were dissatisfied with the service you got? 😡

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✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
We have a service at my university for all things that have to do with writing essays, so I was writing them asking if they could look over both my essays. My profs recommended me to do this and said they should look over grammatical and writing style etc. . So they replied to me that they don't look at papers grammatically. Then I thanked them for the information and said that I would then probably ask someone else to look over that and they replied just with: "That sounds like a BRILLIANT idea". This sounds to me a little bit like: "Thank you for not letting us do the work that we are employed for."

https://ask.fm/nebelung1717/answers/171337768430 - You're able to recognise that you're improving as time goes on 💪 I think it's fair to say that things can only get better for you at your job 👍 😌

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Thank you, I hope so. XD
I'm employed on a 3/4 time basis, but I want to work on full-time, so I have to be better and better. XD
Maybe I will be the manager some day... XD

During a busy work / study week, how do you usually like to spend your days off? 😌😴

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To be honest, I don't get busy during work/study week. The job I had was alright, and as for school, I'm the kind who doesn't take things seriously, but not to the point of failing on purpose.
However, on off days, like weekends, mostly I'd stay home. That's because on weekdays after work/school, I'd be out with friends. Now I'm neither employed and schooling, but if I am, I imagine that on some weekends I would be out fishing. 🎣

Hypothetically speaking: if your S.O. lacks passion/drive in figuring out their career, do you remain patient with them, or do you walk away? Do you think people are born with that spark/will to do something? Or... Does it just show up one day? 🤔

There is a difference between not having passion/drive and being lazy. If the S.O. is gainfully employed and competent at her job, that’s just fine.
There is a gender difference though. Women typically want drive in a man so he can be a better provider for the family. Men often don’t want a “big career” woman. Why? That’s less focus she has on him and the family. Men would rather not compete with her job for her attention and affection.

why would you brag about doing double shifts when employed? so sad, work smarter not harder babes

> why would you brag about doing double shifts when employed?
Brag? It was a simple answer to a simple question and in my former capacity, overtime hours = double pay, not the usual time + 1/2. I'd have to be an idiot not to take advantage of it, especially when I served at a supervisor level ("fancy" words for sitting on my a55 giving orders).
> so sad, work smarter not harder babes
What's sadder is that creatures like you opine on matters without knowing the dynamics of a given issue or situation.
What florescent color is your hair today, "babe?" Magenta?
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It has been almost half a year since I’ve been on here… what’s been happening in your life over the last 6 months? How were your holidays? How are you? Any big plans for this year?

AmericanLass’s Profile PhotoC.
I’m doing well, staying healthy. Took a little vacay to the Smokies in TN. Started to see live music again. Visited family/friends on the holidays.
Still employed. I like paychecks and health insurance.
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If you could switch careers right now, would you take that opportunity? What would you switch to?

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I have never in my life had one dream job or career. I’ve always gone for jobs that were enticing and fun to me, but none of my ideas felt more true to who I am than now. I’m a technician in a machineshop. I work in metal, wood, plastics and resins and am also part of the team employed in the design workshop doing research themes.
Work isn’t just a place I go to pay my bills, but the things that have always brought me the most joy have nothing to do with work. I think I’m decent at what I do and I do believe I have a gift with working with a variety of people and I don’t dread working with them 😉, so that’s the route I’ve taken. I reeeeally love my team too (have been at the same place for less than two years), so I currently have no plans to leave.

What was the most challenging part of studying a degree in Fine Art?

Oo, good question!
For me, because I didn’t have a Fine Art background (my BA and Foundation were Theatre Design based), it was really difficult at first wrapping my head around how much freedom I had, and not having to work to a detailed brief. Sure, I still had creativity there and in some ways, that helped propel me to naturally go outside the box, but with Fine Art, I could choose whatever I wanted to do! In theory that sounds great, but it was overwhelming at first! I eventually got around that by essentially setting my own brief and creating a narrative to explore.
The real kicker, and I’m not sure if you had this when you studied too/your current studies, is that art school doesn’t really prepare you for the business side of the career.
For example, how to do your taxes as an artist/self employed creative, how to claim for this or what not to do, how to approach galleries, how to price your art (this was a major issue), how to negotiate with clients or potential buyers, what is a residency, how to submit a proposal to a gallery, etc. I could go on!!
All of this I’ve researched outside of uni, but it would have been really helpful to have had at least one afternoon spent on campus to be given at least a heads up on it! I think this is an art school thing in general, unfortunately.
Those aspects were the most challenging things. That and finding my voice as an artist, and learning what contextual art is and how to portray that - my tutors didn’t really explain it to me till near the end of the degree, as they assumed everyone knew it as my peers had art backgrounds/were abstract or conceptual artists, so they didn’t need to know. As my art is quite realistic (or in the sense that, it’s definitely not abstract aha), I have to be super clear with what I’m trying to portray and basically spell it out through the painting, more so than other types of art. Who knew! I honestly didn’t, as my earlier artworks were too symbolic in meaning.
It’s why I need to revisit a lot of my paintings I did over those years to create a series out of all of them, to tie in the collective story 😅
(I’ve probably written too much, I’m sorry!! 😆) ✨

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What is your opinion on government new bill, (on changing bride marriage age 18 to 21)

azamgarhkavi’s Profile PhotoS YADAV
Ia think, it should be increased to 21. At least she can complete her graduation to that extent of time. And can be eligible for a job in any sector.Besides being educated and employed will increase her confidence to next level. No matter what life throws at her she can face it with sheer courage and determination.
People say that it's biological that women mature faster, but the reality is both complete their education in same age, they take job in equal age, then why to put biological reasons for that. The thing is it's all about fertility. Mental state can't be described. A girl starts menopause at age of 45. If she is married in young age she would be more fertile and sexuality compatible according to society. The women is considered as object.

What's the appropriate age for marriage..?

Ideally, after your studies are completed and you are gainfully employed - for most people, that would probably be under 30 but depending on one's situation / circumstances, any age could be appropriate.

How many jobs have you had?

17 according to this, though it doesn’t count the various jobs I had while training, nor the various co-curricular jobs I had such as national trainer, youth worker, regional training coordinator, training advisor, or conference organiser, while doing other work. If so we can probably bring that 17 to around 24.
👨‍🏭 Plastics factory worker (W/X) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Accounts trainee (F/T) Private Sector
👨🏻‍🌾 Farm worker (W/X) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Administrative Asst (F/T) Public Sector/Government
👨‍💻 Guarantee/Insurance Asst (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Financial Control Asst (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Credit Control Asst (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Insurance Administrator (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍💻 Purchase Accs Assistant (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍🏫 Training Administrator (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍🏫 Youth Development Manager (F/T) Charity Sector
👨‍🏫 Student CoOrdinator (F/T) Public Sector/Education
Asst Director Operations (F/T) Private Sector
👨‍🏫 Senior Training Advisor/Consultant (F/T) Public Sector/Education
👨‍🏫 English Teacher (P/T) Private Sector
👩🏻‍🎤 Musician (P/T) Self Employed
👩🏻‍🎤 Festival Organiser (S/V) Community Sector
P/T = Part Time work
F/T = Full Time work
W/X = Work Experience placement
S/V = Seasonal/Voluntary work

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How often do you lie?

I try to avoid lying. I just don't say anything if I don't want to answer a question. Awkard I know, but I don't really care. Someone can ask how I'm doing and I'll just say hi, how ya doing? Apparently it's just a greeting here in the south and it doesn't require a response.
If I said frequently, I think it would be misleading...but like, example time, if someone if I'm not close to asks me if I'm okay. I will say I'm fine every time. It's more of a conversation ender, than an attempt to mislead.... Or like if someone I'm really not interested in is hitting on me, I will say that I am seeing someone or that I am not looking for a relationship. I found that while a lie, it is usually effective at getting people to leave you alone.
I am so used to lying because of past relationships. I have social anxiety and I used to lie a lot to get away from social situations such as meeting with friends. I also used to say that I was fine when I clearly wasn't. Nowadays I lie less often. I still do it sometimes to escape meeting with 'friends' whom I've realised make me uncomfortable. I'm learning to tell my partner and real friends how I'm really feeling instead of bottling it up and saying 'I'm fine'. It sickens me to lie. The only 'lying' I do is by neglect......neglecting to tell people what I really know about them and what they've done or said. I hate having to be silent about it, but it's not good for me to unveil all of that right now.
Important stuff or stuff that I'd have to lie more to cover, almost never. Not really to personal friends/family/etc other than sometimes by omission if telling them is gonna be a whole bunch of trouble for no benefit. Trivial shit at work like "oh yeah just putting the finishing touches on that report" that I haven't actually started, pretty often. If I'm going to get things in on time regardless I don't really want to hear about how I'm bad at time management.
Almost never, can't remember the last time but it was probably small, if anything I'm overly upfront and clear I've been called brutally honest but Its not to hurt feelings just because I value transparency and don't sugar coat things
Oh and I lie to men who try to chat me up, weirdos in my social circle who get too pushy, people who want to know too damn much about any subject I want to keep private. For example I am on disability payments right now and if someone asks me what I do I give one of maybe a dozen answers that range from "as little as possible" to "self employed" to "raising two kids" and a bunch of other things that are technically true but also deeply deceptive and do not lay my life open like a book for them precisely as they'd hoped when asking that question.

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What do you think of people living off of the government (unemployment) when they are highly capable of working? Jobs are literally everywhere

I'm sorry but you're literally the most annoying kind of person. 'jObS aRe EvErYwHeRe" what makes you just automatically assume that people on unemployment haven't tried getting a job? What makes you think that every single town, city, whatever in the US has a huge abundance of job openings? What makes you think you have the right to judge, when there's no way in hell you could possibly know every single person on unemployment's situation?
I've been steadily employed since I was in my teens and only stopped working bc I got lucky enough to have a man who's able & happy to support our family on his income alone. Even I know how hard it is to get a job, even in a major city. Stop judging people for something that's very likely out of their control.
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Sweetie I’m self-employed I make PhD doctor I don’t work for other people I am a consultant several parts of the psychiatry department

Is that why you can't form a correct sentence?
Also even if you're "self employed" or "private practice" you still are under the board of health lmao idiotic people
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Is "mentally stable" the same as "mentally healthy"? Why or why not?

For one thing, stable infers to me, just this side of unstable.. and may also connote lack of appreciable change, for better or worse.. change is needed for growth snd life.
Healthy on the other hand connotes living, changing, moving, meaningful and motivated. Zorba the Greek’s description: “the whole catastrophe” suddenly comes to mind for some reason... perhaps I associate that quip with life...
Finally, I’m sure that the different words employed for the two terms implies differences, both in dictionary meanings, and in the personal associations we imbue those phrases with. Why else would there be different words, if not different meanings.
As far as meanings goes then, mentally stable should not be the same as mentally healthy.
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ohh 🤭 HAHAHA edi parang minamaliit mo na din pala yung employed naman sa magagandang trabaho kahit di sila mahusay sa English. Para palang sinabi mo na kalevel lang ng driver o basurero yung mga yon HAHAHAHA.

ErenYeager03’s Profile PhotoS T E i N™
Wala akong sinabing ganyan.
+12 answers in: “Meron akong dalawang pills kung papapiliin ka anong pipiliin mo? 💊 - maging mahusay sa english pero papangit ka 💊 - magiging bobo ka sa english pero gaganda/gagwapo ka naman.”

AsSalam Alaykom Mr. Jarrar ^^ jazzakAllahu Khair for taking the time to answer these messages Questions regarding Islamic Finance: 1. How does a muslim build his credit in Canada 2. What is this 5% permissibility I see in haram investments in halal portfolios? 3. Is Koho/Manzil Visa legit? JAK!

Alaikum assalam.
1. There are some options that are 100% halal, and some have some Haram that you can get but avoid the Haram part.
A. You can lease a car (any car lease in Canada is 100% halal, 100% of time.)
B. Having a phone line on a regular plan (or getting a phone on a plan) also shows on your credit report, is 100% halal.
C. You can apply for one of these no interest financing cards like the ones from big box stores (Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Brick etc). While these contain a prohibition because they would charge interest if you're late, if you need it, and buy something on 0% interest on installments, and are certain you can pay the required monthly payment without missing payment and this incurring interest, then, and only then, it would be permissible, although discouraged to do so.
D. Last is to get a credit card, only use it when you can pay the full amount in full within the grace period. Or better yet, get the credit card and cut it in half or lock it in a safe only to be used in emergencies. The fact that you have a credit that you're not utilizing will give you a boost to your credit score.
2. You're responsible for earning 100% halal, and spending 100% halal. But the people you buy or sell to, their entire income doesn't need to be 100% halal. The scholars say it's ok to trade with someone, or be employed under, or invest your money with, as long as:
A. The contract between you and them is 100% halal.
B. At least 67% of their earnings are halal.
The 5% is an arbitrary figure that scholars have decided on with regards to point B, not A, to push people as much as possible from working or investing with companies that have a significant minority of Haram income.
3. They're legit, I wrote a guide about them - without their knowledge or consultation, feel free to PM me on Facebook and I'll send it to you.

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Do you think people employed in mental healthcare have more rewarding interpersonal relationships than those with no formal knowledge of the inner workings of human mind? Why?

ᵀʰᵉ ᵐᶤᶰᵈ ᶤˢ ᵒᶰˡʸ ᵃ ᵈᵒᵒʳ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᵒᵘˡ, ᵃ ᵖᵉʳᶜᵉᵖᵗᶤᵒᶰ ᵒᶠ ᶤᵗ.
ᴱᵛᵉʳʸᵗʰᶤᶰᵍ ʷᵒʳᵏˢ ʷᶤᵗʰᶤᶰ ᶤᵗ.
ᵂᶤᵗʰᵒᵘᵗ ᶤᵗ, ʸᵒᵘ ᵃʳᵉ ᵒᶰˡʸ ᵃ ᵐᵃᶜʰᶤᶰᵉ ᶤᶰ ᵃ ʰᵘᵐᵃᶰ ᶠᵒʳᵐ.
Do you think people employed in mental healthcare have more rewarding

Have you ever done something morally questionable to get something you wanted? Be honest

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
Yes. Some years ago when I was employed at a "normal" job, we had a potential jumper and due to his emotional state, it was imperative to persuade him to come down without making a mess on the bloody sidewalk. My supervisor would've been displeased and I would have been buried up to my neck in paperwork. The idea was to distract the EDP with a grossly exaggerated and meandering tale until he was too bored (or intrigued?) to do anything stupid. Surprisingly, my ploy worked and the sidewalk remained clean. A tidy city is a happy city. <3
TL;DR - For purely selfish motives, I lied my a55 off until the nut came down. 👍
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I've also done BS IT bro Haven't a great experience but came toxknow that BBIT degree And whished that I might could have done this. Cz IT is more Business related field As mostly we are self employed and freelancers.

ansarkhanswati’s Profile Photoانصر سواتی
Maybe you are right.
But It fields should be for those who have the knowledge of IT or at least have some interest in IT.

Do you think people employed in law enforcement should be more mindful on what they share online than civilians? Why?

Anyone employed in a profession such as EMS, Fire-Rescue, Law Enforcement, and other medical professionals (Nurses, Physicians, and patient technicians etc) should ALL be extremely careful in what they post openly to the public. I would say Judges fall into this category too.
We are here to serve the People. Not certain people. Not some people. ALL people.
Any kind of discriminatory, xenophobic, homophobic, racist type remarks impact not just their image, but the professions they represent and thus making harder for people to access the help they need out of fear of antagonistic treatment by those with authority and power.
We are Keepers of the Peace, Protectors of Justice and the Laws of the Land.
If we wish for this country to remain free and just we must be willing to defend those ideals dearly.

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Do you think people employed in law enforcement should be more mindful on what they share online than civilians? Why?

Yes, as they are representing a public service. There are even laws which say that certain individuals in key government organizations are held under higher scrutiny. Before anyone says it.. no that's not a violation of rights.
why? Because you willingly signed that away. You almost certainly agreed in writing to represent a government body or public service at all times. To conduct yourself accordingly. Knowing full well you could be held to a higher standard. I know I applied and was accepted into my state's department of corrections as a corrections officer. I obviously didn't take the job for personal reasons, but I went through the whole process. They very clearly explained this to me!
Politicians, law enforcement, and military are subject to different laws regarding free speech. They have to be as their opinions will hold weight to average citizens. If you've got a cop or someone in government undermining laws or outright encouraging them to be broken other people will go along with it.

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If you’re employed , does your place have a workplace snitch? If you’re in school is there a class or school snitch?

Probably but they spend 99% of the time of candy crush while I answer the buzzers in the ward ontop of my own.
Thankfully becoming recently a mother and covid happening I can avoid lazy ass people that upset me but don’t have the heart to approach:

I am currently employed and planning to resign bc of toxic environment and not happy anymore. I got an offer from another company with the package of 45k. My current employer is giving me a 65k para hindi ako magresign. What to do po? Stay with 65k or with 45k with new environment and knowledge?

The rule of thumb is to not resign until your decision is final. Don't use resignation as a negotiation method because your reasons were already so severe that you decided to resign. Even if you accept the offer, the situation won't change and you'll still be unhappy, PLUS you'll be in the shit list of your employer to fire abruptly as soon as they can find a replacement. Everything you do going forward is also going to be suspect because you already wanted to leave. That being said, money talks. Most people take more shit with more money. Weigh your options but only look out for yourself. Your company only has their welfare in mind.
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How effective would you be employed as a ghost? Indonesia is hiring ghosts to scare people off the streets.

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
I think I'd be pretty effective as I'm good in knowing how to affect people and I can find many creative ways of performing it.
I wish them best of luck.

How effective would you be employed as a ghost? Indonesia is hiring ghosts to scare people off the streets.

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
I mean, I am smol and spoopy/edgy so I think I would do decently as a ghost?
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If you're currently employed (or were until this pandemic) is this what you thought you'd be doing for a career at this stage in your life? If you're not employed, what career field would you like to belong to?

youcuntx’s Profile PhotoJ.
I‘m self employed and it’s the perfect career for me. ☺️

Aye, who doesn't love pizza and pasta? When Italians are the cooks, you can't go wrong, so many countries have employed them to teach them how to make pizza ?

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Ͳҽղąçìօմʂ Ͳօʍʍąվ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Now as an add for something sweet after dinner. I am now having something called cake in a cup. ?
Can't get any more American then that. ? The sh- that they come up with here.
Aye who doesnt love pizza and pasta When Italians are the cooks you cant go
+18 answers in: “"What do you like to spend money on"? At the moment, only the necessities.”

hello po tita. for years, ive been trying to figure out what i want to do with my future. i think ive narrowed it down to genetics/med or humanities, but i cant really see myself doing jobs related to them. i just want to study (but not conduct research). i cant really see me doing anything...

You didn't say how old you were or if you're still in school but the best way to find out if an industry or field of study is good for you is to take a volunteer job or internship in that field and see if it's something you enjoy. Also we don't always know what we want to do but that doesn't mean we should do nothing. I don't know what I want to do but I've been gainfully employed since I finished school. Your source of income doesn't always equate to your passion, and sometimes that's a good thing, because you don't have to make a living from something you love and just do it when you want to and not because you have to.

knp org indonesia baru dibilang “kerja” kalo kerja nya kantoran dr senin-jumat pagi sampe sore. Pdhl kerja kan ga mesti dr kantor, work from home juga bs ngehasilin duit. Gue sering dikatain pengangguran sm temen gue krn ga kerja kantoran wkwk pdhl kan gue self employed ? waktu nya jg flexible ?

Gk ush d dengrin.. yng pentng hidpmu bahgia, gk nyusahin orng lain, kerjaanmu halal.. kn it sh budaya sebnrnya mau kerja kantorn tp dia kerjany gk bahgiaa, atau gk halal, atau mash jd bebn orng tua mislkan.. y buat ap?? Sm aj kn

Why is euthanasia considered legal in some countries whilst suicide is illegal in all? Aren't they both a result of the individual's own decision-making? It can be debated that one is not in a clear state of mind but both think they're incapable of living. Who's to decide what's best but themselves?

I'll be talking about India first. Suicide isn't illegal if the person who attempts suicide is not in the right state of mind. Since it can be argued that none of the people who attempt to take their own lives would be in the right state of mind, they are rehabilitated as opposed to being jailed or fined.
Anyway, back to your question. Euthanasia is mercy killing; it is only employed if someone has crossed that point of no return, if dying is a better alternative than the physical ordeal of staying alive. Many a times, persons being euthanized are those who cannot even give their own consent.
Suicide, on the other hand. I would like to believe that there is a way forward for those who attempt it, with the right counselling and help. It's because of this small chance at life that suicide prevention is given such emphasis.

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Is it possible to have high economic growth with high inflation, and having the economy work properly?

High economic growth, particularlu in the short run, often goes hand in hand with inflation. Short run growth usually refers to the level of demand, or more precisely aggregate demand, in an economy. You see, if the economy is booming, there’s lots of investment in your economy, so lots of labour is required to go with that investment, so more people are employed and wage rates rise. This means that more people have a disposable income to spend and that disposable income is higher than before on average. So this means people want to buy more things with their higher incomes and so business raise prices to balance supply and demand. In other words inflation. In the long run, economic growth is usually referred to as an increase in an economy’s productive potential. Which focuses more on the supply side of things. An increase in supply, or what is called aggregate supply in the larger scale of the whole economy, tends to cause prices to fall as each individual firm lowers its prices to get you to buy their product instead of someone else’s. So yes it is entirely possible for a country to experience economic growth and inflation. In fact, this is often the case in the short run. A likelihood of depreciation and depletion, both natural aspects of a correctly working economy inducing areas of reduced inflation amid simultaneous increases in these spectrums. And of course it's always a matter of how large the increases and for how long. Long periods of market growth inactivity can also induce large and small migrating fluctuations as well. When these bunch up along market pathways these can be difficult to decipher as well. The price of oil goes up when the factories are humming, that causes inflation because energy increases, gasoline and transportation increases, etc. The U.S. had such a decade, 1971 to 1890 although with too much volatility to be quite proper. Real GDP ten year growth was wonderful, 3.16%, but over the ten years the dollar lost 57% of its 1970 buying power. In President Carter’s four years U.S. real GDP growth averaged 3.24% and he had 4% pretty much in the bag, but he brought in Paul Volker to “whip inflation” with very high interest rates (12%), causing recession in 1980. The principal problem of high inflation was its impact on pensioners and others not “indexed.” Widening indexing “solved” the current year problem, but at the price of increasing the inflation rate. There were assorted hidden costs: one of the more complicated analytic programs I wrote for a contracting organization was a price increase evaluate model - if the vendor asked for a 6% cost driven increase, did the relevant indices support 6%. it was a grading on a scale decade - if an employee underperformed just give him or her a raise of $1,000 (in real terms, minus 500). There has never been much enthusiasm for reliving that decade even though slow growth 2009 through 2018 was vastly inferior to the Carter years.

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