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How is your summer going so far ?

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
Oh I've been out of school for years. But did love summer vacation as all kids do. And totally understand people getting the blues in winter...just my wires got crossed and now I get 'em in summer. But a stroll through a cemetery on a cold gray day...gives me the cozies just thinking about. Plus I love long sleeves and sport coats. Stuff I can't really wear in summer. At least here in the southeast. 😄 Motorcycles have found their purpose once again. There's a very big forest near my house where people have made some interesting tracks for enduro bikes.
It's so boring to the point that I just want to go back to school. More productive than usual. Got a remote job paying $15/hr, working on drawing, and going to college soon!
Productive, lonely, and lazy all at the same time.
I went to go see Paramore and Foster the People last Friday and Zac said it was his favourite show in the entire tour. Also, my guy friends were testing the noise levels of the concert goers. I’m currently in the middle of a D&D campaign that a good friend of mine is DMing and my character (And my party )has almost died a few times. Another close friend is also hosting a D&D campaign called the Curse of Strahd, which is the perfect opportunity to add more depth to my character’a lore. And I've spent the majority of my graduation money on VHS tapes.
But next week is my birthday and in just three weeks I'll be leaving on a trip to Austria with all my friends for a whole week! We've been there last year already and it wad SO beautiful there, I'm looking forward to it.
Pretty awesome! I've been keeping super busy. Started the summer by seeing Janelle Monae last month (SO AMAZING). Went to Disneyland a couple of days later (for free!) to celebrate me and my partner's anniversary. My son's 6th birthday party was this past Saturday--he had a total blast. Went to Pride on Sunday and saw TLC. This Saturday is Comic Con (for free!) and then seeing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live that night. Finally winding down next month, only thing on my calendar is going to Disney's California Adventure (for free!).
It’s been kinda shitty. Sure, I got my first job, but the work has taken a toll on my back and legs, and they don’t have any resemblance of a steady schedule, and the pay is extra shitty because it’s minimum wage, except there’s also union dues, which cost me almost a quarter of what I make. And I havnt been able to get anything I wanted to do this summer done because any day I do have off I’m too tired and sore to do anything but play games. And my one and only big goal, the main reason I wanted a job in the first place, is looking less and less possible, not because of the money, but because my Mum. And also I got a concussion a few weeks ago which is still making me very dizzy some days. overall it’s just been shit.

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Twój Enduro to 4-suw czy 2-suw? Jeśli 4-suw, to wymienialas mu już olej?

4-suw, przy czym sprawami technicznymi zajmuje się mój starszy brat. Ostatnio właśnie przy niej majstrował i tam powymieniał parę rzeczy aby była gotowa na weekend jak wpadnę. Chociaż nie ukrywam, że raczej skupię się na jego Aprilii, ta z kolei jest 2-suwem i jest świetna, ale wolna i słaba. Jest to przerobiona 70tka. Jednak to na niej uczyłam się jeździć i w sumie jest też dużo lżejsza.
A i dlatego wszystko to robi brat bo motor jest u niego i ma najwięcej czasu + się na tym zna. Ja jeszcze coś bym popsuła.

A Twój się nadaje tak jeździć po drodze polnej?

Ta, ma zmienione opony na enduro. Poza tym preferuje tylko drogę polną, po ulicy to już w ostateczności. Wolę miejsca trudniej dostępne i samotne.

What is your favorite country and why?

I've only been to Norway once but it was outstanding. Gorgeous nature and cities, incredibly kind (and beautiful) people, and also one of the most socially progressive and economically stable countries in the world.
However, I really enjoyed England when I visited London for a week several years ago. The people were very friendly and helpful, the Underground was easy and convenient. The food was amazing. I love London's steakhouses, and they also have really good Indian and Japanese restaurants as well. And the history was very fascinating. We stayed only a few blocks away from the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, so we crossed the bridge and toured the tower basically everyday. Back at home, my favorite state out of all 40 states I've visited so far, Minnesota is my favorite because that's where a lot of my family lives, but my second-favorite state has to be my home state of Colorado. I love that I'm less than an hour's drive away from the plains and the mountains. I like to hunt pronghorn antelope in the fall, so the plains hold a special place in my heart for that. Plus, it's always fun to take my dirtbike out and tear down the country roads as fast as those two wheels can take me, which is close to 80 mph. The mountains are awesome too! I participate in a sport called endurocross, AKA trail endurocross, AKA enduro. The mountains provide me with a beautiful challenge of riding my dirtbike up some of the most insane hills for the best views. America. We have a right to freedom of speech. We have the right to bear arms to prevent government tyranny. We're also "Capitalist pigs" who have a reasonable tax rate (this doesn't apply to California). We don't have universal healthcare, but I'll make do with corporate group insurance or a government job if it comes down to it.
Also yes, this is one of the few countries that give you the right to bear arms with the exclusive right to defend oneself from not only individuals trying to harm you or your property, but also a tyrannical government. This is rare as fuck because in the vast majority of countries you’re expected to wait until police arrive lol. We’re also one of the most environmentally diverse countries in the world, you can choose to live in the tropics of Puerto Rico to the cold urban city of New York to the deserts of Arizona.
Ireland. I love the culture, the traditional step dancing, the music and the food. Hell, I even took two semesters of Gaelic in college. Because of that I was tempted to take a few more Irish centered courses in order to get my "Celtic Studies" certificate but I didn't because it would've cut into my minor. Plus I'm half Irish.
Berlin is arguably the best capital city in Europe, imo. It's has the perfect blend of everything you'd want from a trip abroad. It's very multicultural and has amazing, vibrant night-life, but it's all set against the backdrop of incredible European history.

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Hey, kaufe dir am besten eine Sportler Maschine von KTM wie z.B. die Duke ,weil mit Supermoto/Enduro legt man sich viel zu schnell ab..😅 Aber kann dir KTM auf jeden Fall ans Herz legen wenn du ne gute Maschine willst☺️

bitchichbinclassic_’s Profile PhotoVanessa
Danke dafür 😊
Mal ganz ehrlich ne Enduro oder Supermoto ist doch absolut hässlich 🤔
Ich überlege entweder erstmal den 125er Schein zu machen danach den großen, als Motorrad falls ich den 125er machen sollte KTM 125 RC und falls ich den großen Schein machen sollte Honda CBR 600 RR 2021
Hey kaufe dir am besten eine Sportler Maschine von KTM wie zB die Duke weil mit
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Ah ho capito e come manutenzione ne ha, parecchia che mi piace il supermotard e in futuro mi piacerebbe averla ma son un po indeciso

pedo997’s Profile PhotoNicola Pedone
Dipende dall'utilizzo che ne fai.. Rispetto alle Enduro più piccole di cilindrata che richiedono manutenzione ogni tot ore, questa ne richiede molto meno, dato che fa manutenzione ogni tot km percorsi. Però se pensi di usarla come moto per viaggi lunghi, conviene prendere una bicilindrica o più e cambiare segmento di moto e passare ad una da travel
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Mahal ga ya kak beli sepedannya? Soalnya pengen juga gua tapi buat dijalan aja dah jangan ke medan susah gitu😂

Kalau sepeda gunung tipe XC harganya bervariatif sih, memang sudah melonjak, tapi kalau untuk kisaran minimal 2.5 jutaan, kayaknya masih ada. Biasanya kalau enggak Pasific ya Exotic, itu brand lokal dan lumayan bagus. Dan sepeda gunung untuk di jalanan normal tipenya yang XC, bukan trail, downhill, atau enduro
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je suis pas fan des enduro je trouve que ça a moins de gueule qu'une cross, mon débile de copain va passer sur une 2 temps je suis grave deg ??

Mais deux temps c’est beaucoup plus joueurs c’est ça qui hein bon !
Moi je rachèterai sûrement un cross mais plus tard je suis trop con pour l’instant ??

Wyobraź sobie, że zasypiasz we własnym łóżku, a budzisz się w wymarzonym miejscu. Co to za miejsce? :)

nienormalna27’s Profile Photohaayjk
Bezludna wyspa bez internetu z crossem, zapasem benzyny, pięknym domkiem i szopką z narzedziami xD
Albo mógłbym obudzić się po prostu na jakimś nowym enduro (>300ccm<) zaraz obok domu ? bo tu też mam piękne tereny, miejsce do pływania... Tylko z pogodą kiepsko ?

,,Gdy zakładam kask… Zaczynam patrzeć inaczej na świat...'' ❤ #LwG 🤚 Podzielasz pasje motocyklistów czy jednak wolisz innego rodzaju pasje? 😇👌

Oczywiście, że podzielam pasje motocyklistów, bo sama jestem ich wielką fanką ❤️ Lubię bardzo adrenalinę, wiatr we włosach i tą prędkość 😍
Sama może nie mam jeszcze mojego motoru, ale kto wie, może niedługo zostanę godną posiadaczką tej maszyny 😍
A co do pytania to w poniedziałek przyszła moja bluza z enduro 😍 Jest na prawdę mega! 💗
Gdy zakładam kask Zaczynam patrzeć inaczej na świat  LwG  Podzielasz pasje

Premetto che ti scrivo qui che non ho più il tuo numero. Meglio cr 125 2t da cross, oppure swm 125 4t enduro?

Dai dammi qualche indizio su cui sei.... comunque il cr da cross è ovvio che va più del swm, ma dato che è cross (quindi da gara) non POTRESTI usarlo per la strada, mentre l'swm enduro sì, comunque se vuoi fare enduro ti sconsiglio un 4t dato che non ti tira un cazzo
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Ora uso un 125, 4t purtroppo.. 😓. É un telaio spagnolo, si chiama Rieju, monto il motore del Wr X con la coppia maggiorata e alleggerito. Tra 6 mesi devo prendere il K 690 smc, ma mi piace troppo anche la husqvarna 610 Sm. Dovrò vedere

Io facevo enduro con il beta 125 4t fino a qualche mese fa ora ho il k300 one

Secondo me l’enduro per andare su strada non va bene perché ha le gomme tassellate e quindi rischi di scivolare quando c’è un minimo di bagnato sull asfalto io ti avrei consigliato un hard

Infatti ho consigliato motard, però se leggi puoi notare che l’anonimo era indeciso tra enduro e trial dato che va su sterrato ho detto enduro.

Per ora no .. ho preferito prendere il defender per sterrato ahahaa ma comunque sto aspettando di aver tempo per andare a trovarmi una bella moto da trial ( secondo te meglio trial o enduro?)

Va a gusti, dipende dall’utilizzo, però un bel enduro non è affatto male

Ti stimo... È anche la mia passione... C'è l'ho da quando ero piccola e infatti l'anno prossimo mi faccio il patentino per il 125... Mi potresti consigliare qualche moto?!😁❤️

Io lo faccio quest'anno.....allora come moto da consigliare che sono ottime c'è: il Tm,lo husqvarna,e il fantic (però sarebbe meglio il modello del 2014 che è ancora 2t ora lo fanno solo 4t 125)e queste moto sono ottime anche enduro oltre che motard (io ad esempio come moto prendo il fantic)....ovviamente sono moto abbastanza costose magari spendi di meno con il fantic perché essendo un modello vecchio (2t) lo trovi usato a €2000 mentre le altre nuove costano €8000 SPERO DI AVERTI AIUTATO SE HAI ANCORA BISOGNO DI CONSIGLI CHIEDI PURE!!!❤😉🚵

1. Alter ? 2. Verliebt ? 3. Hobby ? 4. Letzter Chat ? (Anfangsbuchstabe) 5. Schuhgröße ? 6. Körpergröße ? 7. Zuhause: Eher Socken oder barfuss ? 8. Lieblingszahl ? 9. Lieblingssportler ? 10. Wie kitzelig (Skala 1-10)? 11. Wo am meisten kitzlig? 12. Insta-Account? 13. Jldf? 😂

1. 20
2. Nein
3. Fitness & Enduro fahren
4. A
5. 44
6. 1,89m
7. Socken :D
8. 11
9. Reus & Yarmolenko
10. 7 haha :D
11. Rücken :D
12. maaaxi_1909
13. Ja
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Mam bardzo życiowy problem. -.- Od dawna podobają mi się motocykle, do tej pory tylko patrzyłam ale teraz chciałabym też sobie pojeździć. Jak powiedziałam rodzicom że chcę sobie kupić jakieś fajne enduro to powiedzieli mi tylko że nie ma mowy bo to nie jest dla dziewczyn -.- jak ich przekonać?

Nie wiem czy Ci pomoge bo tak sie składa ze mam ten sam problem :). Jestem na kupnie 125 jakiegos motocykla ale co chwile slysze od rodzicow czy rodziny zebym sobie rower kupil a nie motocykle bo to niebezpieczne itd. Po czesci ich rozumiem.ze moga sie martwic ale ja i tak bede dalej w tej pasji siedzial i nie zostawie tego od tak bo to za duzo dla mnie znaczy 😂😂 niby takie motury ale to uzaleznia serio xd a jak masz taki problem to rob to co ja. Nie odpuszczaj i wmawiaj ze bedziesz jezdzila wolno czy cos xddd ale powodzenia 💪💪💪

[QG] Vous êtes de plus en plus a recevoir mes questions et je vous connais moins. Pouvez vous vous (re)presenter? (T'es pas obligé de repondre à tout) Prénom? Age? Qualités? Défauts? Région? Ce que tu fais à la rentrée? Passions? Hetero/bi/gay? En couple? Depuis combien de temps? Une photo?

~ Line ~
-27 ans
-Je suis en certificat jusque novembre minimum donc pas grand chose
-Muscu, enduro

Is ja eh deine Sache aber eindeutig die 2te! Und warum Stollenreifen? Mit ana 50ccm kannst froh sein wennst über paar Hügel kommst. Da san SuperMoto reifen besser. Aber Geschmack haste. Die erste sieht bissl zu viel nach Enduro aus. Machst sie auf?

I was eh no nd ob i Stollenreifen aufi dua i hob da nur amal a Bild gschickt wies ausschaut. Aber wahrscheinlich dua i eh normale Reifen aufi.Am Anfang no ned aba an Sportauspuff kaf i ma glei dazua

1. Alter ? 2. Verliebt ? 3. Hobby ? 4. Letzter Chat ? (Anfangsbuchstabe) 5. Schuhgröße ? 6. Körpergröße ? 7. Zuhause: Eher Socken oder barfuss ? 8. Lieblingszahl ? 9. Lieblingssportler ? 10. Wie kitzelig (Skala 1-10)? 11. Wo am meisten kitzlig? 12. Insta-Account? 13. Jldf? ?

1. 17 ?
2. Na
3. Enduro und Trial ??
4. P
5. 43 ?
6. 1.74 odaso ?
7. Ka ?
8. 88 ??
9. Jonny Walker ?
10. 4.59310 ?
11. Finds ausa ?
12. Dennis_Feil300

Che differenza c'è tra motard, cross e enduro? Ho fatto una ricerca su google ma niente chiariva i miei dubbi. Grazie Edo, sei un grande! 🔝

1) Le gomme: quelle da motard sono lisce (puoi piegare molto in curva senza problemi).
Quelle da enduro sono semi/tassellate (non puoi piegare però puoi andare nello sterrato senza slittare).
Quelle da cross (non puoi piegare ma puoi andare dove vuoi).
2) I rapporti: i rapporti su una moto da motard di norma sono lunghi (ci metti tanto ad arrivare in sesta e quando ci arrivi sei a velocità alte).
In una moto da enduro/cross i rapporti sono molto corti (cambi subito marcia ma in allungo non sei veloce, questo aiuta nelle salite ripide).
3) Le sospensioni: normalmente le sospensioni dei motard dalle altre modo sono regolate in modo diverso.

Eh lo so che slittano però prendi Jannone! Uno di Bergamo come noi due! Eppure lui usa l' enduro su strada come se niente fosse.... Comunque sempre orientato verso KTM come 125?

Jannone non spinge come spingo io. Senza offesa per lui.
Con un 125 enduro durerei poco sull'asfalto. E soprattutto le gomme le consumerei facilmente. D'inverno ci stanno perchè la userei solo per quello. Ma d'estate mi diverto ad aprire in curva

Contesta:?Me Llamo:?Me Dicen:?Soltera O Relación:?Nombre De Mi Ex:?Cantante fav:?Canción Favorita:Cumpleaños:?Quien me gusta:? Mejor amiga: ? Mejor amigo: ?Fumo: ?Tomo:?Celos : ?Algo que te vuelve loc@:Signo: ⚽️Deporte fav: Fecha inolvidable: ?Frase: ?Foto que mas te guste:

Sheyki , Shaki
No tengo
@Alandrina02 y @Lupi02_ ❤❤
@Nacho_Blanco ?
Musica, enduro y deporte?
Me gustan muchos pero natación el que mas.
5/07/2013 y 7/05/2013
?ղҽѵҽɾ ցíѵҽ վԹ?

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