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Can anyone teach me english?

Some guys here have impressive English skills. It'd be awesome if they could help you out,I also learn a lot from their answers I wish I could tag them but the issue is their stubborn attitudes that's why I also keep myself distant from them wrna is se kafi help mil jati khair here you can learn easily from reading people's answers.

Jetzt, wo der Einsendeschluss unmittelbar bevorsteht, muss ich euch mit einer meiner Lieblingsfragen stören: Habt ihr Lust, eine kleine, natürlich anonyme "Statistik" zu den angekommenen Steckbriefen zu erstellen? Also z.B. wieviele der OCs sind verheiratet / haben Kinder / eine Allergie usw.?

buchwichtelprinz6667’s Profile Photobuchwichtelprinz
Zum Glück haben wir eine farb- und symbolkodierte Tabelle über jeden eingeschickten Charakter aufgestellt - perfekt für Statistiken xD
-Ganz simpel für den Überblick: 29 Anmeldungen, 17 davon sind angekommen
- Von den 17 kommen 7 über Soledad, 4 über Marpessa (1 Person über beide) und 5 random ins WV
-Vom Schulstatus her beurteilt, sind 6 beliebt, 2 im Durchschnitt und ganze 9 sind Außenseiter
-Wir haben 9 alteingesessene Familien, 3 bei denen ein Elternteil stadtfremd war und 5 die zugezogen sind
-6 Charaktere, deren Familie(nsituation) für Klatsch und Tratsch in der Kleinstadt gesorgt haben
-Wir haben 6 tote Eltern oder Elternfiguren und 11 Leute, die Probleme mit der Familie haben, die nicht von WV ausgelöst wurden
-10 Charaktere leiden an physischen Problemen oder psychischen Störungen, die nicht durch WV ausgelöst wurden - keine Dopplung bei ersterem, aber ADHS & Sucht teilen sich den 1. Platz bei letzterem
-15 von euch wollen die Liebe, wovon 6 eigene NCs haben und 9 sich was mit Leuten aus der Gruppe vorstellen können; 2 von euch haben nein gesagt
-Um mit all things romance weiterzumachen: 2 Charaktere sind momentan verheiratet, 1 Charakter ist sogar geschieden
-2 Charaktere haben Kinder
-Spanisch ist die häufigste Fremdsprache, aber die meisten sind schlecht darin lol
-2 Charaktere haben dieselbe Kombi an Geisteswissenschaften studiert: English Lit und Art history :D

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hi ryuk :P do you speak english?

Извините-простите кто не понимает 🤣
Well, hello there 🤪Yes, i do but to be fair i don't see a point to chat with you cuz all this anonymous sh-t is annoying 🤣So, if you do fancy to chitchat just do it without the anonymous icon. Cheerio 🤪

لسه بتاخدي course English online في شهاده معتمده يعني عايزه أخد course English بشهادة معتمدة و دورات كمبيوتر أعمل ايه أو لو أنتي مكاني هتعملي ايه

تؤ بطلت أخده بصي معظم الأماكن اللي بتدي شهادة معتمده الشرح فيها مش كويس أختي كانت قالتلي أقدم ع الكورس في مكان منه شهادة معتمده وأقدم عليه في مكان مفيش منه شهادة معتمده بس بيشرح كويس وفي الآخر امتحن في المكان اللي فيه شهادة معتمده فهماني 🥺

Anyone here who can speak multi language like Urdu/hindi English Arabic? أي شخص هنا يمكنه التحدث بلغات متعددة مثل الأردية / الهندية الإنجليزية العربية؟

Usama_gujjar’s Profile Photoا سے اسامہ گ سے گجر
بمناسبه اللغات والهند تحديدا ..
ف انا نفسي اوووي ازور الهند بجددددد بقاااا واجرب اكلات الشارع وازور الاماكن السياحيه واخد صور حلوة تذكاريه هناك ☹️♥️♥️♥️

my English teacher gave her breaks up to help kids with there schoolwork wit was fine but had a couple of embarrassing moments

lisaportman1506’s Profile Photolisa.portman
That's very good of her, you have bigger ramifications as a teacher than you think.
Small things make a big difference.
I work at a state school, it's a bit rough with fights and the like.
I walked a student home one day, he had a group wanting to beat him up. It's really hard some days.

Drop your best piece of writing, English or urdu either way or it can be a meaningful line or two

Your Dreamland is a fiction, you can't base your reality on a fiction. It will only make your reality harsher for you. But if you base your fiction on your reality, that will help you contemplate your reality a little bit better a little bit easier.
(Not the best, but it is all I could think of or remember at the moment)

Why does truth often find resistance amidst the comforting allure of deception, weaving a tale of struggle akin to a fragile flame flickering against a gusty wind?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoZalaam
Your questions are like you choose random words from various pages of the English dictionary 😅. Tomorrow I will put it to google translator and I will try to answer. 😂
Why does truth often find resistance amidst the comforting allure of deception

My biggest flex 2 Saal h gae ab tk uni main koi dost nh bnaya mne 😂🙌

Haha good. I didn't make any friend in 4 years of my uni. Good terms with all the classmates, but friendship with none.
No Hangouts and partying meant I could spend more time on studies and that's how I maintained 3.5+ gpa in each semester (it was very difficult in English literature), and I also saved myself from a lot of snakes.
You do you girl. 🌻🌸

How did you first discover Ask.fm? And if you're a longtime user, what made you stay? 📱❔

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I was looking for some appropriate app for quizzes. Like, you know, with difficult questions, and not the plаtitudеs that most of these apps can offer. Spoiler: I'm still looking for this. It was back in those old days when ask didn't pretend to be
tinder, it sounds like from another life🤣
Stay... well, I disaррear from time to time. Nevertheless, I sometimes have bouts of grарhomania, and ask is a good substitute for twitter. It's better here than in the networks where my aquaintancies can find me. I also really miss communicating in english, and instagram does not particularly involve philosophizing.

Out of curiosity, see the water from the shower, is it okay to drink? Or is it more sensible to drink it from the kitchen sink?

hannahbethritchie’s Profile PhotoHannah Beth Ritchie
Not the best idea . . . .
There are many modes of operation & sources of water ; even if it is directly mains fed water. instant heat . . . . . the temperatures that you can tolerate , there is a risk of nasty pathogens being stimulated to lethal levels & potency .
But the risk is likely most remote with mains-instant , especially with Scottish water . . .
Privatised English water suppliers , in some areas especially , are ticking time-bombs for health disaster .
The shower below may have lots of diseases ~ dengue , cholera, typhoid, and bilharzia.
berry-berry , malaria . . . .
Out of curiosity see the water from the shower is it okay to drink Or is it more

Canada is literally made on English and French and Indigenous languages but it seems like Justin Trudeau is letting in people who type in handwriting.

Brooo i have been reading canadian history since grade 4 and i had history courses till grade 12.. Canadian culture only revolved around aboriginal ppl and first nation ppl.. which was lost decades back by British taking over and red Indians .. since than Canada has always been a multicultural country. Canada is known for its multicultural nationality. Canada doesn’t have his own culture or identity.. canada is made from different race and culture. First nation and aboriginal ppl still exist but rarely..

Not sure if you speak English, but based on your username, are you a fan of the band Venom, by chance?

gggssaq’s Profile Photouɐʇs ɥʇᴉʍ sǝɯʎɥɹ
Мой ник, означает название моей любимой группы которую я слушаю на протяжении 14 лет.
Слушай на здоровье, не благодари.
Not sure if you speak English but based on your username are you a fan of the

Howdy dude... I'm from Russia and i have to you quation about my eglish educate.. How he? How to practic and study him if i forgot all words that i stady... How my english from 0-10? Have a good day friend from UK!

🦊 ~ you've . . . .
Вы отключили свой аккаунт. . .
Это также делает вас анонимным.
Зачем вам это делать?
Если только вы не подделка. . . .
Попробуйте еще раз, пожалуйста. Если вы подлинный , я извиняюсь !
Howdy dude 
Im from Russia and i have to you quation about my eglish educate

If the N-word is racist and degratory, why is it widely used within the very community that condemns it?

AisyahIsHere2’s Profile PhotoAisyahpotated
I have observed that it's used mainly among friends. In this respect, it would be no different than using a word like "a55hole." Yes, it is offensive when directed at others but between people who know each other, it may not have the same negative interpretation. Some would suggest that it's a term of endearment. Certain apologists and Hip Hop artists have made that argument. Other times, it could be used as a poor substitute for a more appropriate term. Moreover, its usage within that community has been viewed as an endeavor to nullify it. I am skeptical but this has been attempted with other offensive words and tropes. If the stigma can be reduced or its meaning changed entirely, it could be worth the effort but I might question this approach. All things considered, I would make the argument that such words mustn't be used in any context. I am not advocating for censorship but the English language is rich and it offers plenty of superior tools to express one's thoughts and to communicate freely or effectively. With civility and without the risk of being offensive - unless of course, that is the aim. In my personal view, there is little reason to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Regardless of how or why the slur is used, it may always have negative connotations. If one is more discriminating in his choice of words, there is a good chance that he will be less likely to discriminate against others.

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If the Nword is racist and degratory why is it widely used within the very

Почему правильно говорить "на кухне"? Разве не должно быть "в" раз это помещение в квартире, а не какой-то балкон за фасадом?

NuThursday’s Profile PhotoNuThursday ️‍[18+]
I do not know how it is customary in Mordor, but in the English language it is customary to speak in the kitchen.
Почему правильно говорить на кухне Разве не должно быть в раз это помещение в

حلمك وانت صغير VS بقيت آي دلوقت ؟

Omar_yousif14’s Profile PhotoOMAR || مَــرْ؏ُ
انا كنت اول دفعة تدرس English من أولى ابتدائي و اول listening script سمعناه كان في الترم التاني و الفصل كله بيقول I want to be a doctor إلا أنا مني لله قلت I want to be a teacher
كبرت و بقيت teacher of English الحمد لله
رغبة اولى و الكل معترض بس مندمتش عمري ولا لحظة؛ الحمد لله ❤️

اي المصادر اللي نقدر نتعلم منها انجليزي اونلاين ؟؟ وازاي اقدر احدد مستوايا في اللغه

لو لسه مبتدأ أبدا مع ZAmerican english سواء سلسله الفيديوهات ع القناة اليوتيوب او البرنامج بتاعهم هيفيدك جدا وهتتعلم كتير + مجاني .

No English word has double o except the word book prove me wrong

This 's prOOf that preschOOl education is important in childhOOd and that chOOsing the right bOOks and tOOls to learn is more important than posing a fOOl challenge to pretend u're cOOl 😁

How many languages do you know? If you know more then 1, how did the others come about? Like.. what make you learn the 2nd or 3rd one?

Ice_Frozen_Vocals’s Profile PhotoŞωεεT† ɮȩ̷̠̝͙̎̑̆ℓℓล ♡♪
I know total of three languages. One is Hindi which is my native speech primarily spoken in North region of India (: Other is English which is good to learn as it's international so it's beneficial only to know.
I studied the third language due to my regional state. 😊
Thought of learning a new language but found it difficult at that time so didn't tried learning it very well 🙂

Do jakiego gatunku zaliczysz taką muzykę? https://youtu.be/AN1b4QZADug Uwaga: w pytaniu jest haczyk 😉

KubaGR571’s Profile PhotoKubaGR571
What genre would you classify this music as? https://youtu.be/AN1b4QZADugmagdamagdalena90’s Video 172670269811 AN1b4QZADugmagdamagdalena90’s Video 172670269811 AN1b4QZADug Note: there is a catch in the question
This is relaxing music from the world-renowned studio Alexmar. They sing mostly in English. As I can see, the Polish language is not foreign to them. The songs are classified as 432 Hz music therapy
To relaksująca muzyka ze światowej sławy studia Alexmar. Śpiewają głównie po angielsku. Jak widzę, język polski nie jest im obcy. Piosenki są klasyfikowane jako muzykoterapia 432 Hz

This app is getting very boring! I just get questions in languages that I don’t understand (Russian/Arabic) and the questions in English/Dutch are not even that interesting! Does it also happens to you?

And me I can understand English but Russian No
If you know how not to receive messages in the different language , tell me

Есть ли у Вас любимая песня??Бывало ли такое, что Вы переслушивали одну и туже песню весь день??Поделитесь списком любимых песен ✨

вот мои ульты мои лидеры по количеству прослушиваний лучшие создания человеческие эвер
sabaton — carolus rex
• а теперь представьте, что со мной было, когда я услышала её живьём; сказать, что я к xepaм copвала голос на строчке "i was chosen by heaven", — промолчать так же, как я после концерта две недели
stray kids — the tortoise and the hare
stray kids — slump (english ver.)
stray kids — stop
макsим — как летать
muse — space dementia
avatar — bloody angel
oneus — luna
annisokay — stfu
ateez — deja vu
atl — на щите
i prevail — bow down
asking alexandria — all due respect
disturbed — the night
oxxxymiron — нон-фикшн
звери — рома, извини

ممكن اطلب من حضرتك تساعدنى..انا مدرسة انجليزى ولسه بدأه ادى دروس ممكن حضرتك تساعدنى لو عندك حاجة فيها شرح لكل الجرامر ال فى الانجليش؟!

قناة Engvid على يوتيوب رائعة
وكمان قناة smrtEnglish جميلة اوي.
في كتاب اسمه English Grammar in Use لو بتحب الكتب

English urdu pashto sindhi kashmiri punjabi french spanish arabic turkish.

there is this one girl on twitter who is constantly ranting every minute about how much she hates studying for her embryology exam and now this upper limb lower limb chapter, mtlb agar medicine parhna itna hee zehr lagta hai tou why the f are u even doing it??? just effing DROPOUT lmao. there are hundreds of paki kids who are dying to be a doc, but aren't too privileged to become one.

Are you good with all kinds of people?

Of course or rather I try to be. I don't see any reason to behave one way with someone and differently with others...also because I still remember what Einstein said "I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university." Then, of course, respect brings respect if you behave badly to me you can't expect me to be nice.
However excuse me if my English is not perfect 😅😊ahaha

I would like to talk to you, in general hahaha. But I think english will be the only way :P

It's not the first time I've used a translator. Even under stressful conditions, I had to do it. I don't see this as a problem if you are not sometimes bothered by crooked translations.
I would like to talk to you in general hahaha But I think english will be the

English, Russian or German language? What do you prefer? Why?

tangzh’s Profile PhotoTan G Zh
Английски и немски.
За много хора може да е странно, защо харесвам немски, но това се дължи на факта, че текстовете на любимата ми група са на немски. Когато бях малка имах един канал Super RTL (май така се казваше) там даваха анимационни филми на немски, но аз не разбрах нито дума, но въпреки това го гледах! 🤣 В училище даже имахме опция да изберем немски или руски и аз без да се замисля избрах немски! 🤣 От една страна беше причината учителката по руски, но определено ми харесваше повече немският! 😍

English, Russian or German language? What do you prefer? Why?

tangzh’s Profile PhotoTan G Zh
Руски учих две години в гимназията и беше мъка заради преподавателката. Разбирах за какво иде реч докато чета нещо, но с граматиката бяхме на "вие". А немския просто не ми харесва, изкарах един онлайн курс за начинаещи, колкото да знам някоя друга дума и това беше.

What do you consider your best achievement this year?

This year, I made a dedicated effort to immerse myself in the study of English and to broaden my understanding of foreign cultures.
Through this process, I have honed my proficiency in the English language.
Further, my knowledge of various cultures and their histories has been significantly expanded, providing me with a more nuanced and informed perspective on the world and its intricate intercultural dynamics.
While the acquisition of knowledge often brings with it a deeper appreciation of the challenges and complexities that exist, it also affords the ability to approach and address such issues with greater insight and efficacy.
In sum, the pursuit of knowledge has been a rewarding and enriching experience that has facilitated personal growth and the potential to effect positive change.
Though I am continuously striving for self-improvement and the acquisition of knowledge, I am aware that there is no endpoint to the learning process.
Indeed, the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong endeavor that brings with it a sense of fulfillment and contentment.
As I continue to strive for excellence and to expand my understanding of the world, I take solace in the fact that the process of learning itself brings joy and happiness.
The intellectual curiosity that drives me to seek out new information and experiences is a source of ongoing satisfaction and fulfillment, and I am grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded to me to grow and learn.

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لو عايزة آخد كورس أنجلش ف مكان كويس اتعلم منة فعلا وبشهادة معتمدة أقدر آخد فين غير الجامعة الأمريكية ....ياريت لو حد عارف يفيدني🤍

الإنجلش مش مهم فيه الشهادة نهائي ، غير لو كانت ايلتس أو تويفل ، وده علي حسب مطلوبة ولا لاء في حاجة بتقدمي عليها
المهم إتقانك للغة ، أنا كنت باخد كورس بدون شهادة بس مع واحد أمريكي وحاليًا سافر أمريكا للأسف ، فأنتِ المهم معاكي المكان ، لو حابة أماكن أوف لاين ممكن إنجلش كابسولس
ولو أون لاين أبليكشن ZAmerican English
وشوفي القنوات دي علي التيك توك
حلوة أوي للنطق وانك تتكلمي كويس
Black screen English
والقناة دي حلوة قوي في القواعد بتاعة الإنجلش والجرامر

Hii do u speak English?, i love germany for the Vikings roots it has in her veins! I am Asatru ancient norse religion! If u want to speak with me of your beautiful land i will be more than Happy to chat with you! :)

grimaldia806’s Profile PhotoJohnny Silverhand
hello johnny... yea, i speak english. Nice to meet u... 😇👍 but my knowledge of the viking times is very limited... I think u could tell me more about that than I could tell u... 😅🙈

type "I miss" and let your keyboard continue.

Hijabshafaq’s Profile PhotoHijab,xx
I miss the fact I am going through a lot more and I don't want you more than one of us din ma and we can have better English than we can be designed for you and the number you can get satisfactory and we will also increase the cost to your order of both languages are you able for me and I will be able for you on Thursday evening as I will also increase the cost to me and I love the idea that I will also increase the cost....
It was so fucking funny 🤣🤣

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