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Do you think Disney Is a Evil Company

Walt Disney himself isn't evil. He was a businessman with all the flaws of a businessman and all the creativity of an artist. People just disliked how popular he was, so they started to make up stories about how evil he is and how he's connected to the Nazis and pornography (when none of those have any basis of facts).
As a company, its a company. It doesn't have a soul or heart, so it can't be evil. The people running them are just there for profits, so they can be evil. Sometimes, they just have terrible work ethics. Disney as a corporate behaves just like every other corporates. So if Disney is evil, every corporate in this world are technically evil as well.
~ Walt wasn't motivated by money. Walt wasn't racist. Walt wasn't sexist. Walt wasn't homophobic. Walt wasn't anti-Jewish. Walt wasn’t anti-Muslim. Walt. Liked. People. Walt was like a big kid-- he liked people and wanted people to like him. Interviews with the Imagineers he worked with tell a lot about the man-- he entertained the “weird” ideas and made sure everyone he worked with felt welcome. Disney was a man who wanted people to be happy.
~ He created an entertainment company that tells compelling stories that move viewers to feel feels and think thoughts.
He also inspired people to take action on their own dreams. Doing accomplishes things. Dreaming of course accomplishes… nothing. Walt showed us the difference.
So no I don’t think Disney is a evil company ?!?!

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So, I bought a tv. What all else should I buy to go with it? A sound bar? A blu-ray player? Some movies? A Netflix subscription? I'm new to this. Mostly I just log on to my computer. Even now, I use my computer more than my tv. It's more of a showpiece than anything else if you ask me...

thecasualfanrises’s Profile Photocasual fan
A full size tv is better for video entertainment. You can mirror your computer to it or set it up as a 2nd monitor to watch computer stuff. It likely has a youtube app on it. A soundbar is good.
There are many streaming services. Netflix is just one of them. They focus more on serials. Their movies are so-so.

Any non popular opinion?

I hate apps like tiktok
And I hate the people who use it in public.
Theek hai ap ki zindagi ideal nahi hai. You have minor inconveniences. Stop romanticizing them.
There is a fine line between expressing yourself and letting your emotions get the best of you.
And you are not the only one, be thankful for what you have.
When I think about the bad influence of entertainment industry on myself, I feel sad.
And how materialistic can we get?
You are bound by religion, laws, commitments and universal ethics and if you cant respect that,
I have ZERO respect for you.

Посоветуйте фильм или сериал (посмотреть на вечер)?!

YarikTron’s Profile PhotoТронскай
Семья Чёрной Мафии (Black Mafia Family)
Этот криминальный сериал рассказывает историю по реальным событием, о создании двумя братьями целой преступной империи, занимающейся перевозкой наркотических веществ и отмыванием денежных средств, полученных разумеется незаконным путём. Эти парни создали одну из самых знаменитых преступных группировок в истории.
События происходят в конце 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣0️⃣-х годов братьями, Деметриусом и Терри Фленори, влиятельной преступной группировки, известной как, Чёрная мафиозная семья. Их криминальная организация в начале 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣-х органично вписалась в хип-хоп-бизнес и под маркой подставной звукозаписывающей компании "BMF Entertainment" занималась отмыванием денег, полученных от продажи наркотиков.
BMF была основана в 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣9️⃣ году в Детройте братьями Фленори и к 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ году наладила дистрибьюторские продажи кокаина по всей территории США.
Джабари Хейс, предполагаемый член BMF, который якобы служил их курьером и распространителем, написал книгу "Майлз в жизни". Любителям чтения книг стоит её найти и прочитать, она должна немного расширить ваше представление о мире в шкуре чёрного парня и жизни на самом дне.

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Посоветуйте фильм или сериал посмотреть на вечер

What's your favorite form of entertainment?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
🌸 Gaming
I really like chilled out games like minecraft, animal crossing, harvest moon, dreamlight valley, etc etc etc. (I do play less chilled games too lol)
🌸 Reading
Nothing is quite as satisfying as reading a good book and transporting my mind away into a realm of fantasy! :3
🌸 Explore
I love nature! So going out to beautiful gardens etc is super fun for me :3
Whats your favorite form of entertainment

is it easy for you to tell when someone genuinely wants to have a debate about something and when someone just wants to argue and be a troll on the internet for entertainment?

at this point, i just assume all anons who try to have a debate with me are trolling for their own amusement. it's very clear at this point that i don't care for drama or arguments.

Poproszę o zdjęcie w delikatnym makijażu lub bez makijażu. Dziękuję bardzo. 🍁🤍🍁

Santa_babyx’s Profile Photoselena gomez pl
FNC Entertainment poinformowało, że Seolhyun z AOA po 10 latach postanowiła opuścić wytwórnię.
Poproszę o zdjęcie w delikatnym makijażu lub bez makijażu Dziękuję bardzo

ღ w h i t e n o i s e ღ

lost_souls__’s Profile Photolost souls
White Noise (화이트 노이스), also stylized as WN, is a South Korean girl group under Mania Entertainment. The group consists of 11 members: Binna, Summer, Spring, Belle, Leewoo, Soleil, Spark, Nala, Punch, Kanae and Sooyun. They debuted on February 22, 2022 with their first mini album "Significance" with the title track "Dazzling".
b i n n a [kang solbin] by WeisesFrettchen | leader . main dancer . lead rapper . choreography leader
s u m m e r [song nara] by celestae | lead vocal . songwriter
s p r i n g [kang saebom] by Skotophobia | lead vocal . songwriting leader . composer
b e l l e [annabelle dupont] by -Nessaa- | main rapper . sub vocal . producing leader . songwriter
l e e w o o [lee woori] by solasta | main vocal . composing leader . songwriter
s o l e i l [ha yurim] by Eternal Daisy | lead dancer . lead vocal
n a l a [nam narae] by s e r a p h i c - | main vocal . sub rapper . visual
s p a r k [salonga tala] by BlueElixir | lead dancer . lead rapper . sub vocal . art director . choreographer
p u n c h [harada kaoru] by moonchildren | main rapper . choreographer . center . fotg
k a n a e [im kanae] by chaewon | lead dancer . sub vocal . visual
s o o y u n [hyun sooyun] by redamancy | main dancer . sub rapper . producer

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News ze świat k-popu?

🌼 | Biscuit Entertainment ujawniło członków swojego nowego boysbandu o nazwie HAWW. Grupa będzie składać się z 7 osób, mianowicie: Woo Seobin, Park Seonghoon, Yang Zuho, Jung Chanyoung, Kang Minyoung, Park Jeonggeun, Kim Jimin. Park Jeonggeun jest bratem Rocky'ego z zespołu ASTRO.
News ze świat kpopu

Would you rather live in the country or the city, and why?

in the city. I can't really explain it. I just love that there's always something going on in a big city. I love the ambiance. and I love watching city skylines at night. my ex boyfriend used to live in downtown Toronto and his apartment had such a beautiful view at night.
Moved from city to country 2 years ago and I'll never go back. No traffic, less ppl so stores are never busy. Stars and wildlife instead of noise and pollution
I grew up in the countryside; most of my childhood memories revolve around climbing up trees, getting lost in the mountain side, stealing my dad's car to speed down dirt roads and having no swimming skills whatsoever. I'm in my mid twenties now; I have been living in my country's capital for half a decade; I adapted to the city life quite easily. I am however faced with deciding whether to settle in this city or move back to the countryside. The city offers every needed service, proximity to the sea and a variety of personalities to explore and befriend. But knowing and remembering the countryside (despite its lack of commodities), it offers a level of serenity I could not find elsewhere anywhere else. But, on a day-to-day basis, more of my practical needs are satisfied in an urban environment. I have more greater variety of employers, food sources, and housing choices. I have more reliable utilities and communication. I have a shorter commute to work, school, errands, family, friends, library, post office, museums, entertainment venues, etc. I have better and faster access to emergency services (police, fire, hospitals). Literally everything I need is available, closer and easier, in an urban area. Overtime, if and when you have kids, when you age and need more medical attention and services, there is more available in an urban area.
I've since settled in the suburbs after meetingy wife. Im not sure your familiarity with suburbs but they are essentially town surrounding city with easy public transport access to the city yet just a short drive to the country side. I love being so close to both, and because of that I wouldn't change where I live, but I frankly hate the actual suburbs. Every house in every neighborhood looks the same, and the roads are packed like city roads but the scenery is nothing but Walmarts and Pep Boys. That last paragraph was probably more American centric, but if you have the option to rent and it is easier to do in the city, I would recommend renting and living the city life for a few years. At some point you will either decide to stick with it or settle in the country.
Country for sure. But somewhere near a large city for swifter access to hospitals and similar in case of an emergency. After having lived in both environments I've found I hate traffic, I'm not fond of having too many neighbors, and I like having acreage to grow a large garden and work on my other outdoor projects.

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Happy Autumn/Fall 🍁😄 how are you doing?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I’m doing good! Yesterday me and my dormmates are gonna celebrate the birthday of one of us by having a Mario Kart night with tacos and cake, it was a lot of fun! Today I made a bunch of errands, like buying a new plant for my room and been preparing for what's to come! 😊
Tomorrow I’ll be going to a huge student ball! Have bought a tailcoat suit for it and similar events in the future and it’ll be my first time wearing one! We’ll be having a three course dinner, a dance, entertainment on stage and during the afterparty two big Swedish artists are gonna play, so I’m really hyped!! 🤵‍♂️
On Sunday, me and and a group of friends are gonna play Dungeons and Dragons 🐲🎲
Last but not least, the preparations for the student musical I’m a part of starts next week! These upcoming six weeks are honestly the highlight of the semester and I can’t wait, even though I’ll be busy. It’s gonna be interesting, since this semester is the first one where I’ll be part of a re-run of last semester’s musical! Cause we run with one newly written musical a year and I joined last fall. So I’m excited to see what’s been changed and how our work in the PR group is gonna differ 🎭

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Happy AutumnFall  how are you doing

Ждёшь обращение президента?

⚡️ Владимир Путин выступит с новой речью к народу России: "Сегодня нас атакуют танки, авиация, корабли. А знаете, где ещё есть танки, авиация и корабли? Конечно же, в War Thunder. War Thunder - это компьютерная многопользовательская онлайн-игра с элементами симулятора, посвящённая боевой авиации, бронетехнике и флоту довоенного периода, а также Второй мировой войны и послевоенного периода. Проект разрабатывается и издаётся компанией Gaijin Entertainment"

Any tips to help other women build up their self confidence?

As someone who has struggled a lot with mine... focus on what you like about yourself! Use that as a positive focal point!
Ignore what trolls etc say! They do it solely as entertainment. You are not a joke! You are stronger than you realise!
Remember that you have the power to change if you're truly not happy :)
Remember that you can empower yourself and even those around you!
I know it's hard, but you got this!
Any tips to help other women build up their self confidence
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What is your favorite Netflix show? I love Peaky Blinders:)

BrookeElizabethxo’s Profile PhotoBrooke Elizabeth Runyan
Same here. It was one of my favorite shows, somewhat reminiscent of HBO's Boardwalk Empire (same era but in the US). If you enjoyed Peaky, you'll probably like Boardwalk too. Just as dark and gritty with very similar themes (prohibition, organized crime, corrupt politics, etc.). Wholesome entertainment... 🤣
What is your favorite Netflix show I love Peaky Blinders

*she chuckles* "It's almost cute how desperate you are to sell me something, unfortunately I'm not gonna be buying anything Sans." *she just pats his skull, like one would pat a puppy, with a grin* "and don't worry, I'll make sure to dodge your 'boss'" *first hint she knows more than she should*

onryotatarigami’s Profile PhotoNova
Seems this customer was a hopeless case. Too bad, Fell had the habit of giving his new customers who bought something a bonus personal tour of the lovely Snowdin. It was a great trust-building activity given how precarious these parts could be. She didn’t deserve it. He’d most definitely give her a consumer rating of 1 out of 5. She didn’t even laugh at his terrible and very sh*tty scam jokes. At least she was direct about her disinterest so he’ll spare her a point.
Fell allowed her to pat his head. He’s had enough semi-fights for today. Edge could still work with this, he’d just have to cross out “customer” and jot her down as “entertainment” instead. Yeah… that sounded better.
Boss, huh? What now. Was this yet another “honored guest” that managed to befriend his brother? He doubted it. If Papyrus saw a human, he was sure he’d never be able to keep that a secret. Fell never recalled seeing this woman before either. He’d keep his questions as thoughts and play along anyway, “Well, my Boss ain’t around right now so dodging him can’t be that hard, superstar.”
Edge sighed, waving his arm around, “If you aren’t gonna’ buy anything... all I could do is wish you luck on your terrific journey. So ya’know… goodluck n’ sh*t. I’d move quickly. Think it’s Papyrus-Scold-O’clock and if you… know him… you know he’s a red rag.” He gave her a toothy grin. He’d need to keep an eye on her. After all, a few of his questions were about to be answered.
No matter where Nova advanced, the road was dangerous. She just needed to take a few steps to trigger a “puzzle”. In moments, a beartrap-looking gadget went off and snapped around one of her legs. Fell, amused with himself, whistled, “Sh*t! Guess you aren’t doing too good of a job of dodgin’ my boss.” The skeleton shook his shoulders, careful as he took a few steps, “Ya’know my deal is still on if you need a bandage or somethin’.”

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Where did you go on your last vacation and how much did it cost you? Was it worth it?

I went to Cornwall for a camping holiday for the week. The campsite had a private lake you could swim, row and fish in. We also went surfing, kayaking and coasteering. Detoured to the Eden Project on the way back. The most expensive thing was eating at Rick Stein's seafood restaurant where it was about £120 for two people. All together, including the petrol to drive the 300 miles there, I reckon we spent about £450 for two people.
Toronto! It was somewhere in the mid-hundreds for all 3 of us to go for a weekend. We drove there, visited the CN Tower and aquarium, walked to a food festival, and spent the evening playing in a park. The next day, we breakfasted in the Kensington Market area and spent the rest of the day walking and eating around Chinatown before driving home. It was absolutely worth it! I really enjoyed going without a full itinerary and staying in a relatively cheap hotel within walking distance of almost everything we wanted to explore. France and Belgium, staying in Amiens, Ypres, Brussels and Bruges. Travel and accommodation was probably £500 each I think. More was spent on food and good beer. My next holiday is going to be Cancun in October/November for a week. I’m going to the Beloved Playa Mujeres which is a properly fancy all inclusive, adults only resort. That cost £1500 each, including flights. It will be worth it. I plan to make the most of the all inclusive stuff!
Total 300€ per person for about a week in Malta in February. We had already visited Malta in August 2016 and still had a few things on our list that we didn't have time to do back then, plus I wanted to escape our harsh weather for a bit. It was worth it. Malta in February is much warmer than Germany, where I'm from, in February (though of course way too cold to swim in the sea or something). It didn't rain at all I think. There were relatively few tourists and the hotel was cheap because it was off season. All in all it was probably the best destination possible for the date and budget.
Las Vegas back in June. Between the two of us, probably $2000, most of which was spent on airfare (we live in a small city in the middle of nowhere and no close big cities), entertainment and food since EVERYTHING is marked up there. We had a lot of fun though so it was worth it. Split a room with my mom and aunt, but they paid for most of that since they wanted the fancy suite with two bedrooms. We saw Rod Stewart, the Michael Jackson One show, and spent a day going to the Grand Canyon. Not big on gambling, but we still had a blast.
Had a mini break in the National Forest for a couple of nights with Beard and Child. Paid minimal moneys for a YHA room, self catered on the cheap, visited an amazing outdoor activity centre on clubcard vouchers. Kiddo made friends, we sat around drinking cider in the sun. Including petrol and food we probably paid about £70 for the weekend. Cheapskate breaks are my favourite, we're hoping to have another one in a few weeks.

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Opowiesz więcej o okolicznościach styczności Kima z agencją SM Entertainment, jak agencja na niego trafiła i dlaczego Kim odmówił współpracy?

Fashion_Poland’s Profile PhotoFashion Poland
💎| SeokJin spotkał agenta SM na ulicy (mężczyzna wpadł na Jina "przypadkiem" na ulicy), jednak Jin nie przyjął propozycji debiutu w zespole (jak się okazuje jakby Jin przyjął propozycję byłby aktualnie członkiem EXO), ponieważ stwoerdził, że jest to oszust 😅

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170840955888

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
Cross-legged and sipping on Damon’s bourbon, Katherine found entertainment in their conversation. Ever since Damon started convincing himself that he was in love with Elena, Katherine missed him more. It wasn’t much to do with her jealousy of Elena basically taking her place with a Salvatore on each arm, although that was definitely there, Katherine missed him because he became different, less himself in a way and now seeing him like this, not only with herself but also with Elena, it felt like she was getting a taste of her old Damon back, the same crazy impulsive vampire that spent a century and half obsessed with her.
Katherine couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her doppelganger’s accusations. She was right in one thing though, they did need to find Stefan. Revealing a bit of the truth to Damon didn’t change Katerina’s feelings for the younger Salvatore which she found surprising, considering she hadn’t thought of him once while in Damon’s arms upstairs. She found herself smiling silently as she recalled the moment. Damn Elena and her righteousness.
She could hear elena’s steps down the stairs, she must have relented eventually, Katherine thought. Or many just thought better than to mess with an emotionally unstable Damon, a mistake that Katherine did almost too often that night. “you need to let him be, Elena.” Katherine suggested in between sips, not even bothering to look at Elena, still, she could feel the girl’s gaze burning into her. “You can’t change him and if you loved him you wouldn’t really want to.” Katherine explained, casting a look at a teary-eyed Elena. “He was better, he could be better, it’s just you that ruins him.” The younger Petrova spat between gritted teeth. “I just remind him of who he is and between you and me, Damon doesn’t like playing pretend.” Her scrunched up noes added the natural provocation that came with almost everything Katherine says.
Elena wasn’t going to argue any further. There was no point, plus the longer she argued with her, Elena became almost convinced of her words. She left, letting the door slam behind her.
Katherine thought about heading back upstairs, if she had any luck, Damon wouldn’t have gotten to get dressed yet, but she thought against it. “I’m getting bored, Damon. if you don’t come indulge me, I might raid your fridge.” She called out playfully as she got up.
“Or maybe just leave without you.” She teased some more, anticipating a reaction as she allowed the little chair she'd just taken a seat on to spin her around. It hadn’t been 30 minutes and she had somewhat missed him and she couldn’t help but hate herself a little for it. so instead katherine convinced herself she was simply bored. knowing that this upcoming roadtrip is only gonna make it harder to deny her emotions for much longer but as for now, she wasn't ready nor willing to face any of it just yet.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmdasalvatorebrothersanswers170840955888

Ignore the anon! They're just a pos. ❤

celestialswansong’s Profile PhotoTrin.
Already out of my mind xD
I get that they're bored and looking for entertainment, but yeesh, they need to stop with the immaturity :)
Ah well! Before I know it, I'm gonna have to go get ready for work... really don't want to go today cuz of being in pain, but meh lol
Ignore the anon Theyre just a pos

What's your dream house?

As much as anyone may say "A big house", I can't stand the idea of cleaning and maintenence. I'd rather have a small cozy house, out in the middle of no where that observes all seasons. Though Electricity, Water, Cable/Internet is a must. Lots of land. Many fireplaces. MANY MANY FIREPLACES. Meh, other than that it can look like anything as long as it fits SO, Son and I cozy with maybe two more rooms for guests.
Lake front, preferably with some of my friends living there with me, Entourage style if I can choose the guests. Weight room downstairs, sauna, steam room, basketball court. My room would be on the first floor but I'd have lofted ceiling and glass roof to see the stars at night. Large room, Huge bed, plenty of room for activities. My own fucking bathroom, with one of those showers where water hits you from everywhere. Lots of trees around the house. I like shade. House is connected to a dock with boats and stuff I guess. Massive kitchen where I could cook anything basically. Big entertainment room with a large TV, game systems, big comfy couches, pool table, ping pong, Foosball.
A stone cottage with lush greenery and a beautiful front porch. Stone walls inside, modern amenities (remodeled kitchen/bathrooms), a big fireplace in the living room and master bedroom, and big windows.
I want it to be two stories but the second story is like a big loft that could be a playroom. I'd also put a half bath up there. I want it to be rustic, think log cabin type of home. Lots of cedar, I love cedar. The master bedroom will have two bathrooms off of it. One for me and one for my husband. I want five bedrooms. A master, two kids rooms, a craft room, and a game room. I also want the outlets to have built in USB port things. I want 3.5 bathrooms. Two for the master, one for the other bedrooms, and a half bath upstairs. I want the master on one side of the house and the other bedrooms on the other side.
I want a pretty stone fireplace that's gas or butane. Not wood burning. I want to be able to turn it on with a switch!

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Videochat-ul e ilegal in Romania? toate videochatistele pe care le cunosc, si plus persoane inner spun ca ele au pe contractul de munca altceva gen secretara. De ce, nu e legal sa scrie acolo "prestez servicii sexuale"?

Videochat nu e un serviciu sexual.
Adult entertainment mai merge ca si descriere daca chiar esti interesat de subiect :)))

What's something u dislike about your hobby/passion? E.g. the community, expense, lack of exposure etc.

smugcobra’s Profile PhotoSmugCobra™
Well, with gaming you have the preconcieved notions that many people have of the ones who play video games. In my mind it's no different to like people watching TV for example. Heck, it can be a lot more social and it challenges you in many ways that more passive types of entertainment can't! Also, you can't really escape the fact that it's very expensive in many ways too! 🎮
Whats something u dislike about your hobbypassion Eg the community expense lack

* opening the exit she spreads her wings taking flight once his aura seemed to be weaker .Her wings begin to glow as she begins teleport away in the air very dangerous yes but she wanted to make sure it was hard to reach her.*

AnarchySkeleton’s Profile PhotoAnarchy | Ana
*At the moment the King seems to have no interest in her, but she'll always need to be aware, a cerulean eye light shall now ever be watching her, for reconnaissance, for premeditation, but mainly for his entertainment*
opening the exit she spreads her wings taking flight once his aura seemed to be
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Czy brali udział w jakimś skandalu?

kpopoland’s Profile PhotoKpop Poland
Takim najgłośniejszym skandalem był ten związany z Hyunjinem. Otóż w lutym 2021 roku został oskarżony przez anonimową osobę (kolega ze szkoły) o werbalną obraźliwość wobec kolegów ze szkoły. Po przeprowadzeniu dochodzenia i wywiadów z byłymi nauczycielami i kolegami ze szkoły Hyunjina przez JYP Entertainment, jego agencja poinformowała, że piosenkarz spotkał się z oskarżycielem i osobiście przeprosił za swoje wcześniejsze czyny. Hyunjin opublikował również długie odręczne przeprosiny na Instagramie - „Nieważne, czy było to zamierzone, czy nie, nie sądzę, abym w ogóle mógł mi wybaczyć zadawanie komuś niezapomnianego bólu” (fragment). W związku z tym na 4 miesiące został zawieszony i nie brał udziału w żadnych wydarzeniach, w tym także zaprzestał brania udziału w programie „Kingdom: Legendary War” oraz nie udzielał się publicznie.

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Czy brali udział w jakimś skandalu

「 ᴋ-ᴘᴏᴘ ᴄʜᴀʟʟᴀɴɢᴇ 」 • › ⧼ Любимая k-pop группа ⧽ ‹ • Составьте свой топ-5 любимых групп.

l_ll_l_ll_l’s Profile Photoʍσσηrΐse
1. Stray Kids 🌼 Это моя первая и пока что единственная группа, у которой я слушаю абсолютно все песни) И как же сложно быть стэнкой от8... Я их всех люблю 😩😩 Большинство фоток в моей галерее с Хёнджином, Феликсом и Бан Чаном: да-да, от8 ахах 😹😹 Но я действительно не могу выбрать кого-то одного в список моего биаса, поэтому всё-таки считаю себя от8 🙂🙂
Про остальные группы ничего такого не могу сказать, т.к. просто слушаю их музыку, либо кто-то определённый нравится, слежу за ними не так часто, как за скизами 🙂
2. BTS 🌼 Ну как же не любить бтс? 😁 Мне довольно много их песен нравится по звучанию и вокалу, ещё одна группа, которая устраивает в музыкальном плане. Я слушаю их песни как групповые, так и сольные.
Последняя песня Хоси - отвал всего... Сначала она мне не зашла от слова совсем, а сейчас находится в моём плейлисте 🙂🙂 Но так как это не моя ульт группа, многие песни мне не заходят, например, тоже их последняя песня - Yet to come. Но я всё же слушаю ребят, поэтому они занимают почётное 2-е место в моём списке.
3. Ateez 🌼 Ну, я только недавно стала стэнить эйтиз, поэтому с их творчеством особо не знакома и только начала узнавать мемберов поближе. Хонджун моя любовь ахах 😹😹 Решила я почитать про него интересные факты, а их всего 2 на вики 🙂🙂🙂 Концепт клипов, вокал и хоряга очень даже зашла, ребята тоже талантливые, поэтому они в моём списочке на 3-м месте.
4. Itzy 🌼 Застэнила девочек скорее из-за красоты и того факта, что они от того же агенства, что и скизы - JYP Entertainment, моя любимка - Йеджи, но с творчеством девочек тоже не особо знакома, т.к. недавно начала следить за ними. Меня покорило видео Йеджи на Артист месяца, движения очень плавные и приятные, а также недавно вышел клип у той же студии Choom, где я, кажется, потеряла челюсть 😹😹 Ну чего они такие все красивые и прекрасные 😩🤧
5. Enhypen 🌼 Ещё даже до скизов я добавила 2 их песни к себе в плейлист, но не познакомилась с исполнителями)) Только когда стала слушать кей-поп, узнала про этот факт и немного офигела 😹 Но до сих пор не могу нормально выучить мемберов и всех запомнить, люблю Чонвона и Джея 💕💕

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ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ᴄʜᴀʟʟᴀɴɢᴇ     Любимая kpop группа    Составьте свой топ5 любимых групп

Alina, lately am inceput sa ma uit la Keeping up with the Kardashians. Toti anii astia am incercat sa ignor existenta alora, insa m-am uitat la niste clipuri si am vaz. ca-i pe netflix si-am zis sa give it a try. =))) This is stupidly addictive, the pop drama... help... I'm embarrassed.

You remind me of one of my besties. A inceput sa se uite acu vreo cateva luni si tot acelasi lucru a zis si ea:))) Cheap entertainment poate fi addictive ce i drept

Poproszę 5 ciekawostek rodzinnych.

natiix2231’s Profile Photonatalia
1. Jej siostra Solange wyszła za mąż oraz urodziła syna w wieku 17 lat.
2. Jej ojciec, Mathew zdradził jej matkę Tinę i po blisko 30 latach małżeństwa rozwiedli się.
Tina złożyła pozew o rozwód w 2009 roku, jednym z powodów były oskarżenia aktorki Alexandry Wright o to, że Mathew jest ojcem dziecka. Test na ojcostwo wyszedł pozytywnie i Mathew płaci alimenty. Z tego czego kojarzę, to Mathew ma jeszcze jedną córkę, Koi która ma 12 lat... Wychodzi na to, że Beyoncé ma dwójkę roodzeństwa przyrodniego wieku 12 lat, dzielą ich zaledwie cztery miesiące 😬 Beyoncé nie utrzymuje z nimi kontaktu.
3. Beyoncé utrzymuje bliski kontakt ze swoją kuzynką Angie Beyince. Angie pomagała/pomaga Beyoncé w pisaniu wielu tekstów do piosenek. Jest/była wiceprezesem do spraw operacyjnych w firmie Beyoncé Parkwood Entertainment Beyonce.
4. Nagrała jedną piosenkę ze swoją siostrą, Solange o tytule: ,,Naive", która znalazła się na debiutanckim albumie Solange.
5. Czasami Beyoncé mówi na Blue ,,Baba". W filmie Homecoming możemy usłyszeć, jak Bey nazywa tak Blue. 0:39 - https://youtu.be/w0Iz952mp28BeyonceFansPolland’s Video 172485013190 w0Iz952mp28BeyonceFansPolland’s Video 172485013190 w0Iz952mp28
Na zdjęciu Beyoncé ze swoją kuzynką, Angie.

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Push ko lang ba cosplaying hobby ko? Hahaha

Jayseon’s Profile PhotoJayson Anastacio
Don't bother, cause when you're seeking others' opinion towards pursuing a hobby, it means you're not that into it and would most likely only do so not for your sole entertainment but for recognition/validation. It wouldn't help that you ask people for approval to get into the hobby, it gets old, and can be discouraging. What ever happened to fun? Nothing kills interest faster than trying to force it.

Jak to się stało, że dziewczyny zadebiutowali? Od czego to wszystko się zaczęło?

wszystkowopisie’s Profile PhotoPytania, Quizy, Loterie | All
🔸Najpierw, żeby zadebiutować musiały dostać się do wytwórni i zostać trainee, dlatego każda z nich poszła na przesłuchanie do wytwórni, a kiedy już się dostały rozpoczęły treningi. W 2017 roku z kilkunastu trainees zostały stworzone dwie grupy projektowe ( żeńska i męska ) na potrzeby reality show Mnet'u. Grupa, która wygra miała zadebiutować. Niestety drużyna dziewczyn, do której zaliczały się wtedy Yeji, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Yuna, Sunmin, Yejin i Mashiro przegrała. Dziewczyny trenowały dalej, w międzyczasie niektóre z nich brały udział w programach survivalowych. Rok później do debiutu szykował się nowy zespół złożony z Yeji, Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Lii i Somi. To miał być już ostateczny skład, jednak niedługo przed planowanym debiutem Somi z niewiadomych przyczyn opuściła wytwórnie, a jej miejsce zajęła Yuna. 21 stycznia 2019 JYP Entertainment ogłosiło, że zadebiutuje nowa grupa dziewczęca, po raz pierwszy od debiutu Twice w 2015 roku. Tego samego dnia utworzono oficjalne konto grupy na YouTube, a oficjalny kanał wytwórni udostępnił zwiastun przedstawiający pięć członkiń - Yeji, Lię, Ryujin, Chaeryeong oraz Yunę.

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Jak to się stało że dziewczyny zadebiutowali Od czego to wszystko się zaczęło

What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ m o n i c a ⚜️
Dad and Mom used to hang out with us every evening after 7 till 9 when we were kids... They used to read us stories and tell us about things we must know to live our lives ahead... When we grew up it gradually kept on changing but us time never ended until we were grownups... A lot of information and i must say a lot of authentic information was delivered to me during my childhood by my mum and now when i look back i feel relieved that thank god i had my mum who had been my friend, my teacher and my guide throughout her life until the day she has departed...

Do you think the easy access to entertainment through modern technology is holding you back when it comes to social interactions?

Perhaps. In fact, it is unlikely that the reason is so simple, most likely, the pace of life, social expectations, and standardization of work are also involved in this.
Have you had it like this when you come home and don't have the power to get together with friends and go somewhere else? Maximum to watch utube or scroll the feed, nothing more.

What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ m o n i c a ⚜️
When I was young I used to make the whole family laugh with my jokes.🤣
I think today I'm a little bad with life.‼️ 🖤🥀😯

What kind of entertainment did you do with your family when you were young? Do you think it has contributed to who you are today?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ m o n i c a ⚜️
My parents are always busy. I spent my childhood time with my siblings. We played and created activities together. Somehow it contributes me to always finding my own idea to do something and always thinking about the bad and good as well as the consequences of doing something 😂. And that habit has stuck with me till now.

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