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What do you think the meaning of life is?

Different for everyone.
I've had a hard life (rvpe, drugs, alcohol, bad marriages that ended in divorce) so God gave me money to help others out including charities. Live in luxury if I chose to. Have a bunch of houses and cars.
Entrepreneur and many other jobs. I stayed in school.
I have a large family. Hate the Cambridge curse , however, love the family I made.

want to be an entrepreneur but they want me to be an animator cause I'm good at drawing what should I pick entrepreneur or animator

damn. that's a good question, can you do both?
you can either study animation and then sell art (entrep stuff)
or study entrep and then do art related business
or study both hahaha Elon did this with Physics and Business (I think) — he studied both and then applied it

Gimana ya mulai bisnis tuh? Sharing ding

Here are some tips from me, Muda(h) Berbisnis :
a. First of all, harus punya motivasi & tekad yang kuat,
b. Miliki mindset entrepreneur yang benar, seperti :
• Modal bukanlah yang utama (jika belum punya modal yang cukup, kamu bisa memulainya dengan menjadi dropshipper, affiliate marketer, dll).
• Untuk bisnis perdana, jangan terlalu terfokus ke laba, tapi pengalaman, ilmu & trik² mendapatkan simpati konsumen & mempertahankan calon pelanggan. Untung & rugi juga hal yang biasa di bisnis & hal itu bersifat dinamis (artinya akan ada saat² dimana bisnis itu untung & ada saat² dimana bisnis itu rugi).
• Untuk bisnis perdana, disarankan fokus di satu bisnis dulu (misalnya, bisnis pakaian/kuliner/skincare/body care/dll) & akan lebih bagus kalau itu hal yang kamu sukai karna kamu cenderung memiliki wawasan tentang hal tersebut.
c. Tentukan lokasi yang strategis, lihat peluang bisnis & baca kekuatan + kelemahan pesaing, lalu jadikan itu sebagai kelebihan bisnis kamu (jadilah kreatif & inovatif)
d. Perluas relasi/"koneksi" & bangun personal branding yang tepat untuk memperkuat "kredensialmu" ketika melakukan personal selling & promosi, contohnya kamu berbisnis di bidang fashion, maka kamu harus tampil fashionable ➡️ ini termasuk personal branding, atau kamu berbisnis body care/skincare, maka kamu harus punya kulit yang sehat & glowing (glowing nggak melulu soal skin tone, tapi kulit yang sehat & terhidrasi dengan baik).
Banyak banget ya (?), intinya itu motivasi+tekad, mindset+ilmu & relasi. Good luck, buddy! 🐥

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How a writer would describe you if you were a character in a book?

A young entrepreneur who founded initiatives of millions. Someone who just blessed with exceptional things in an early age due to his vision and perspective about life. He always get success in every phase of life. When he was a student, he was the gold medalist of his batch. When he came to public, he transformed from a shy person to an influential public speaker. When he joined social work, he emerged as a Leader and Mentor. When he started business, He changed the definition of it. When he joined government work, He broke all the stereotypes.
My character is a non conventional personality, who doesn’t work to be the best but work to be the different. He doesn’t know any rules, because he define the rules. 💯

Adults, how would you describe yourself at the age of 16?

Basically a pathetic people pleaser with very little self control whose reality was largely shaped by his imagination, taking into deep account how others perceived him without putting importance where importance matters most (himself). He was optimistic, cocky, and very very loud.
I was a know it all but naive to what life truly is, he was a rising star, popular and well liked even in a school of nearly 4,000 kids. Had friends in the many different cliques in school from the popular and privilaged kids to the outcasts groups like ,skaters,emo,nerds. Was loud and outspoken in class. Always "in trouble" but not in any real trouble. He was a hustler, an entrepreneur in the making. Craved accomplishment. Craved adventure. Always skipped school but still somehow managed to pass.
I was going to graduate high school and get married and have a large family because that was what I thought I was supposed to do. I definitely wasn't going to go to college because that would be stupid, apparently. I was super insecure and a mighty strong know it all with the sass mouth to sass mouth all other sass mouths. I also had a lot of drive. I knew and I was an expert on everything.
I was the popular girl who got along with everyone but really only liked the nerds, was very much a rebel, had older friends, used to date older guys (still do) and would hang out with them and went on trips to different cities without my parents permission, yeah I was really bad but still managed to be top of the class, had lots of ambitions, knew what sixth form (pre university school in the UK) and university I wanted to go to, was very excited to be an adult and have a career.
Awfully gullible, self-loathing, depressed and overly emotional. But even though I hate a lot of the aspect of who I were at 16 I've kept my creativity, hard work ethics, ambition and easily connecting to others, but have moved from a Turbulent F to a Turbulent T which makes life much easier for me.
I was leading a charmed and fairly enviable life, with nothing but an intellectual understanding of misfortune.
Way too intelligent for my age, but sadly Knowing it and being really rude and in-your-face about it. An annoying know-it-all dick-nose. Dressed like a homeless guy, tried to outsmart everyone. Hung with the nerds and made fun of the jocks.
A self-loathing, hollowed-out scarecrow of a person with no social talents who indulged heavily in escapism through books and games. I'm approaching 30 now, and significantly better on all fronts. A funny, smart dude who tries to not take himself too seriously, but usually does anyways.
I am ambitious and driven. I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I'm not comfortable with settling, and I'm always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness. In my previous role, I was promoted three times in less than two years.

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Montre une image de toi qui te sent triste sans le montrer. ❓❗️

Long Answer: I recently started developing a crush that would never work out (First crush in almost 4 years, what a disaster). Also been thinking recently I might be autistic and that's kinda weighing on me as well. On top of this I have 2 exams coming up that I'm nowhere near prepared for. Couple that with my crippling fear of failure (to the point where I'm scared to ask someone how to use a new printer and have to hide in a toilet cubicle and end up having a panic attack in there.. over a fucking printer). Oh and the 30 or so rejections for part time jobs I've had in the last 5 or 6 months - I spent 3 years volunteering and as much as I would have loved to continue that I couldn't continue to give my time to unpaid work whilst barely having enough money for 3 meals a day as a student. I have a habit of over-thinking so whenever I feel down I stop to make sure I gather every reason why I'm sad and overwhelm myself with it, I always seem to fly to emotional extremes. Not being able to see my youngest granddaughter. Her mom is....terrible and we don't have contact. I can't even legally do anything because I am not actually blood related, but no matter what anyone says she is my granddaughter. I just hope her mom does not mess her up too much. I just wish I could see her.
I want to be an entrepreneur and novelist. Bottomline, I want a freedom, but I'm not sure yet if that's what I really want. Because in the past years I've been changing course from wanting to be a detective, a musician, an athlete, aaand more.
Plus, entrepreneur and writer are two hard things in my country. Entrepreneurs are started to be appreciated because the boom in tech startups and society has experienced the benefits from it. But writer? People labelled it as an underpaid job, some could even say "how will you feed your family?" if I'd say I'll be a writer. I know, a successful writer will get paid a lot. There are examples in my country for successful writers. But then, there are only few percentages of them. Plus, reading is not a big thing here. What's big here is when you are a person of high position in a company, or if you have a shitton of salary.
I have empathy for homeless people too. I acknowledge that often times they end up homeless from multiple circumstances that aren't always their fault. People assume all homeless people chose to be. It's not like that... unfortunate things happened to them. Now animals they are adopted/raised by their owner. It's no different than a homeless toddler. They're a near helpless product of their owners environment and they have no choice but to suffer with them unless they run off....

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https://ask.fm/PyschedelicBaby/answers/169491094726 - What was your first job? 😌

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I started as a business entrepreneur doing photography & editing for weddings. My business actually grew quite fast, within the first year of starting. I started getting attention on my own makeup & hair skills. It wasn't long before I was asked to start doing the makeup & hair of the bride & bridesmaids. Then my audience really grew & I began doing anything anybody would ask of my services. Maternity shoots, Engagements, Boudoirs, Memorials, Family gatherings, Quinceañera's anything you can think of. I even traveled 9 hours away to do an extremely big wedding @ 16. That got me honorably posted in the state newpaper along with my work :)

Share an impossible wish ?

Well, like everyone i've tons of wishes / plans which may seem unprobable to others too & here are a few of them!
•My first goal is to establish my brand, my business empire all over the globe. (I'll be an entrepreneur inshallah!)
•The travel the world.. (I'll travel solo & go with a travel group for sure.)
• I've a wish to adopt kids & be able to help everyone in need. I've a huge desire to become Pakistan's UNICEF goodwill ambassador.. I aspire to be an active humanitarian / philanthropist.
And my wish-list goes on! 🙆💭

[Fake Edition] Warst du jemals in einer Dating App oder Website registriert? Warum? Oder warum nicht? Was sind die Vor- bzw. Nachteile? Liebste Grüße, Claire ♡

HeyClairefromWashington’s Profile PhotoClaire O'Malley
YES - schuldig im Sinne der Anklage.
Das war eine Phase nach meinem Studiumsabbruch🔚, heftiger Trennung💔 und kurz vor Eröffnung🛎 meines geliebten 'Odd's &End's'.
Die Entrepreneur Claire, die den ganzen Tag Destinys Child 'Independant Woman Pt. 1' hörte...und keine Ahnung hatte das knapp 8. Monate später die Welt vollkommen anders aussehen würde.
Unter Anderem pleite... 💸
Fake Edition Warst du jemals in einer Dating App oder Website registriert Warum

Salut Luna j’espère que tu vas bien, je m’appelle Frade entrepreneur investisseur et également étudiant je voulais absolument te parler d’une opportunité d’affaires dis moi simplement si tu est disponible ? Pour justement assister a une présentation en ligne

Bonjour, je vais bien et toi? Je ne suis pas intéressé, bonne journée.

(lanjutan) udah gt, aku yakin banget dia bisa jadi guru entrepreneur buat aku gt. terlepas dia waktu itu pernah nyakitin dan masalah gak enak sehingga kita lost contact. kira2 menurut kalian, aku ngajak dia ? atau gak usah ajak dia ? temenku yang jago jualan udah diambil sama orang :””))). Sedih aku

Mas/mbak anon yang terhormat. Kalo kamu ngeask lewat shoutout itu nggak bisa bersambung wkwk. Soalnya pertanyaan kamu bakal kesebarnya random.
Contoh nih, aku aja cuma dapet pertanyaan yang terakhir, gatau dah yang pertama nyampek kemana. Mungkin user lain bisa dapet yang sebaliknya wkwk.
Jadi aku gatau harus jawab apa, karena nggak ngerti sama pertanyaannya, ehe. :)

Full Name ? ? Battery Percentage ? ? Favourite colour ? ⭕ Favourite song ? ? Favourite movie ? ? City ? ? Birthday ? ? Age ? ? Goals ? ? Relationship status (STAIF)

•Atif azhar
•All colors are fvrt(I'm colour full person)?????
•8parche & ek mulakat & bella ciao nowadays
• Mission impossible , fast and furious, batman all series, Iron man and avengers.
• April 10, 1998
• Want to be a good entrepreneur
• Single.

Sai hai yr...larke bare he hine chaheye thore or tm ho bi zara ziada mature....to larke ka bi bara hina zaruri hai ka sahi handle kr ske...p.s. ye krte kia hai i mean knsi degree wagera

Mujh se do saal bara banda bachelor nai hoga to kya entrepreneur hoga.
You know me well enough. He's way too mature for his age. Maybe that's why he can handle me. Anyhow, this was predestined or smth. I have no idea how I came to be where I am, but I like it here.
+3 answers in: “Bg areej😍😍hope so he is best for u😍khush raho hamesha”

What is something that you feel like should be discussed but hasn’t been? Why do you think this? Why do you think we don’t talk about it as much as we should?

chevarnegeorge’s Profile PhotoChevarneGeorge
I think that the topic of failure is something we don’t discuss much and it would be beneficial if we talked about it openly. I became aware of this issue when I started a business and realized that failure is part of the daily landscape when you’re an entrepreneur but there weren’t many forums where I could talk about my mistakes in a way that felt empathic and constructive. I think failure (suicide and depression are similar topics) is one that requires moderation so that it doesn’t lapse into helplessness and blame. My desire is to keep the conversation open and constructive. It’s challenging to discuss failure when you’re in the middle of it and when you come out at the other end, it’s human nature to begin to forget the worst pain. Failure is also a topic that isn’t sexy unless you are talking about failure from the perspective of bouncing back from failure.

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Aku lagi belajar bisnis nih mulai dari cemilan, stand jus, sampai jual pakaian juga. Terus ada aja yg suka nyinyir kata nya dapat uang darimana. Terus aku ada bekingan om gitu. Padahal kan aku entrepreneur yg padat karya bukan modal. Ga enak tau diomongin dibelakang hal yg ga benar. Aku harus gimana

Erlina Anwar
Kita hidup dimanaa jari manusia lebih kejam dari pada fitnah

Aku lagi belajar bisnis nih mulai dari cemilan, stand jus, sampai jual pakaian juga. Terus ada aja yg suka nyinyir kata nya dapat uang darimana. Terus aku ada bekingan om gitu. Padahal kan aku entrepreneur yg padat karya bukan modal. Ga enak tau diomongin dibelakang hal yg ga benar. Aku harus gimana

Erlina Anwar
Tetap semangat maju terus,mendengarkan omongan orang mah gk akan habisnya.

Bonsoir à tous ! Comment allez-vous ? Pour cette première QG je voudrais simplement que vous vous présentiez. Qui êtes-vous ? Que faites-vous dans la vie ? Quelles sont vos passions ? Présentez-vous ! Désolée pour la question tardive et excellente nuit à vous !

Hello, je vais tenter de m'appliquer pour ta toute première QG.
Alors je m'appelle Olivier, j'ai longtemps été animateur radio ; j'ai démarré par une radio associative, j'ai ensuite rejoint le réseau d'un grand groupe, qui m'a fait confiance pour des missions plus ou moins longues dans diverses régions françaises. Ensuite, j'ai changé de cap et me suis réorienté vers une radio commerciale de Perpignan. Nos studios étaient basés en bord de mer et en animant, je tournais la tête vers la droite et je voyais la mer. J'ai terminé "ma carrière" en tant que directeur d'antenne d'une radio dans le Doubs (25). En tout, j'ai totalisé 25000 heures d'antenne, et ce en 24 ans (Oh, un vieux con sur ask :p )
Pendant ces années, j'ai été confronté à diverses activités, toutes liées au micro, que ce soit DJ en boite, dans des mariages, fêtes locales ; animateur commercial et aussi entrepreneur du spectacle. Ceci aura été un gros moment de ma vie, lorsque je mettais en place des concerts et spectacles, mon plus beau souvenir ayant été d'organiser en 2010 une des dates de la première tournée de Joyce Jonathan.
Voilà, ça c'est pour le boulot d'avant.
À ce jour, même si je reconnais être très en manque de micro, j'ai totalement lâche ce milieu et suis devenu pizzaiolo ! Bientôt un an que je fous les mains dans la farine et je me régale !
Mes passions sont liées à mon précédent métier : L'animation et la musique. Je joue de la batterie. J'en ai une autre c'est l'aviation (vous comprenez mieux mon pseudo ?) et principalement la lutte aérienne anti incendies, ce que le grand public appelle "Les Canadair" (sans S car c'est un nom propre)
Voilà, sinon, je vais super bien, je suis heureux dans ma vie actuelle. Bises à toi et bonne chance pour tes futures QG

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Tantangan generasi milenial dalam menghadapi revolusi industri 4.0 dan cara menghadapinya menurut sudut pandang kamu harus seperti apa?

Dinora Andrian
Ku mungkin hanya orang awam yang belum mengerti banyak tentang ini…
Revolusi industri era 4.0 memang yang ku tau lagi up banget diperbincangkan, pas aku wisuda kemarin juga bertema tentang itu. Intinya Indonesia diharpakan mampu mengikuti perkembangan yang terjadi secara besar besaran ini, terlebih Indonesia merupakan negara dengan perekonomian terendah di Asian bahkan di bawah dari negara terdekat Malaysia. Nah kita sebagai fresh graduated biasanya berfikir setelah lulus yang penting kerja kantoran menjadi staff atau dapat gaji besar dsb. Padah di era ini, sebagai penerus bangsa yang baik kita diharapkan bisa membuka peluang menjadi seorang entrepreneur bukan hanya bergantung pada instansi perusahaan negeri atau swasta milik orang lain. Anak muda indonesia diharapkan mampu menghasilkan produk produk baru karya anak bangsa (lokal), sehingga meminimalisir terjadinya konsumsi barang impor. Mungkin sederhana, tapi efeknya cukup besar bagi perekonomian Indonesia. Salah satunya kita tetap mempertahankan lapangan pekerjaan yang sudah ada dan mungkin makin banyak dan berkembang lapangan pekerjaan baru dengan adanya pengusaha baru di Indonesia. Well, intinya ku harap Indonesia bisa terus berjuang dan bertahan di kerasnya perekonomian dunia ini, perubahan perubahan yang terjadi diharapkan mampu menggerakan perekonomian Indonesia jauh lebih baik lagi.. dan yang paling kita semua harapkan dengan era baru ini suatu saat kita INDONESIA bisa jadi NEGARA MAJU!

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ليه حضرتك مفتحتش شركه لحد حالا يعني بخبره حضرتك دي كلها اكيد هتبقي الشركه تقدر تنافس ولو ليك وجه نظر تانيه ياريت اعرفها اللي هو امتي اقرر افتح شركه ؟

انك تدير بيزنس ده مهارة تانية خالص عن انك تبقى مهندس, يعني مش معنى انك مهندس شاطر انك بالتالي Entrepreneur شاطر, و أنا مش مستعد للحياة دي خالص الصراحة

Jd entrepreneur bukannya sibuk jg ya hrs ngurusin ini itu jg kayaknya waktu buat di rumah tuh gak ada

Iya betul bakal ngurusin ini itu tp ga setiap hari ya kan?mungkin hanya 1 minggu 2 kali buat nge cek atau ada yg hrs di omongin sama karyawan. Aduh omonganku kaya udh kejadian aja ya:" maaf ya... untuk skrng aku msh jd mahasiswi yg msh pgn kerja jg, jd entrepreneur salah satu target/mimpi/cita2 aku di masa depan,doain aja semoga semua di perlancar
+1 answer in: “Apa di masa depan kamu ingin menjadi wanita karir, merubah dunia & mengabdi pada perusahaan?”

working in office/become entrepreneur is more important than keep friendship with old friend? true/false. working become priority than chat with old friend. just ask : "how are you"? but they don't reply. because they working 8/9 hours in office. meeting with client,prepare for presentation,etc

Sorry late report and now I answer your question. Yes I think I'm turning back to individuals, wants to work in an office or I think you ll have your own priority, if you're ignorant means you're not a part of her priority

If you're man is a busy entrepreneur always making movies and part of that is what attracted you to him. Do u have a right to demand his attn or that he not be on his phone all the time? He says I knew this about him when I got with him. No?

You do. He knew when he committed to a relationship that he would be expected to pay attention and invest time in one.
That said, both of y’all have expectations of each other that are off. Have a conversation about what you want, need, expect from him. He may not be willing to be what you need.

A friend is entrepreneur hosting women empowerment events. Every time she has one it's hands on deck and she expects it bc we e her friends and that's how friends show support. I'm ready to fall bk from her bc I say this isnt requires, am I a bad friend?

No. Expecting it every time is a bit much. Asking if folks can help would probably go over better. I’m gonna guess she doesn’t return the favor when it comes to helping you out on your projects?

Ada yg berkata kalau generasi 90, yg sekarang sedang memasuki dunia kerja atau sudah bekerja, adalah generasi manja, generasi adua, generasi lemah mental. Terlalu dini gak sih untuk menilainya???

septiana nugraha
Dont judge everyone same. jangan cepat menilai generasi 90 lemah mental,manja, heii coba lihat masih banyak generasi 90 yang berprestasi yg menginspirasi. dan you know lah sekarang banyak bgt entrepreneur di Indonesia dan mayoritas berasal dari generasi 90. generasi 90 tuh mandiri. sekarang indonesia cari kerja aja sulit tp mereka tetep berusaha sekuat tenaga. dulu mah gampang saingan ga terlalu banyak. belum ada yg namanya pasar kerja global. sekarang generasi 90 mau kerja aja saingannya juga berat2. mantap gatuh? persaingan semakin ketat. tp generasi 90 keep never give up! masih bisa generasi 90 dibilang manja? tidak. coba jgn terlalu cepat menilai, sebelum kamu tau yg sebenarnya. this is just my opinion.

Apa pendapatmu ttg org2 yg hidup nya lurus2 aja. conth: dosen(tp yg sy maksd dosen ui,ugm,itb). Mereka fokus k jmlah publikasi, & puncaknya adlh menjadi profesor dgn gaji sekitar 50jt/bln. Padahal mereka punya kemampuan utk menjadi pebisnis sukses. Tp pbisnis sukses blm tentu punya kemampuan jd prof

Kata siapa punya kemampuan untuk jadi pebisnis sukses?
Ga semua pebisnis bagus jadi dosen.
Ga semua dosen bisa berbisnis.
Kamu saya sarankan baca bukunya Robert T. Kiyosaki yang judulnya Cashflow Quadrant deh. Disitu dijelaskan, dalam mendapatkan nafkah, manusia dibagi menjadi 4 golongan.
Dan dari keempat itu, selain kecerdasan finansial, MINDSET paling berpengaruh. Ga semua orang punya mindset menjdi seorang entrepreneur. Entrepreneur itu berani mengkalkulasi risiko, berani melangkah, ga takut gagal.
Sedangkan bagi akademisi, kegagalan itu aib. Bagi entrepreneur, kegagalan itu jalan menuju kesuksesan.
Oh iya, baca bukunya Robert Kiyosaki juga yang judulnya “Why A Students Work for C Students”
Anak-anak bernilai A itu jadi akademisi atau dosen.
Anak2 B jadi Birokrat.
Justru anak2 C yang jadi Capitalis.
Kenapa? Mindset.

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I already got the answer for this myself. I would like to know what are your thoughts about it. Are we or are we not prisoners of what we are taught to be the norms in the society? If your answer is yes, how do you think one can break from it?

akciMMicka’s Profile Photo⚜️ m o n i c a ⚜️
This is a very complex question to answer. But I'll just say a little about what I think. First of all, calling this a prison is pretty complicated. See how life is in Venezuela and North Korea. The life in society in these countries cited have much more difficult norms to feel free within them. We here in Brazil have a much greater freedom than in the countries I have mentioned. However, this does not happen when comparing Brazil and the USA. For example, it is very difficult to start a business and employ people if I want to develop myself as an entrepreneur here because it is a country full of unnecessary bureaucracy and with enough obstacles for any entrepreneur that does not exist in the USA. Here the state tries to grow much and average of everything. They say we have the right to vote. But we are forced to vote. Then come the question: how can this be a right, if I am obliged? It does not strike me as such a free society. But if we speak of demoracria, we can admit that we have much more freedom in democracy than in a dictatorship or a monarchy. However, we could also say that democracy is dictated by 50% + 1. Still, I have the freedom to express my opinion without being dead or dead, even having to admit of corruption that occurs without having the power to change, since the great Most people in Brazil do not care about studying politics, history, geopolitics, philosophy and sociology with the depth necessary to avoid falling into the corrupt promises that we have to admit in power. Even though I do not have enough power and freedom to change all that, I can very well live my life, earn my money, express my opinions (as I am doing now) without the worry of being tortured, imprisoned or killed for that alone. Henry David Thoreau said in one of his works that in a world of injustice, it is only natural that the place of the righteous be in prison. Just as Gandhi stated, when he was in prison, that there were free people in prison and people arrested at the "freedom" of coming and going on the streets. That this is a matter of conscience. And yes, in that sense I agree with both. Freedom is not just a point to do whatever we want. But if what we do will affect the life of another or other people in an unfair, negative way to the point of being cruel. Which is unacceptable. So to live in what we call "society" you have to have limits to not harm another person and other people should have limits to not harm yours. Since we are not all capable of doing this without imposition, we need these social norms, of course I am talking about the laws, for examples to be given and we can create a society with the clear message: if you do not behave civilized in a society called civilized, will be punished and used as an example to the others. Not wanting to go too far talking about Discipline and Punish, in which Foucault describes how these examples were implacable and cruel before and how they have changed until today.

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Friend going thru messy public divorce. I'm new entrepreneur and her soon to be ex bro in law approached me with some work. I took it and have occasionally double dated with him and his wife. My friend is pissed. Says I'm not loyal. Am I wrong?

Wait. The BNL is married? I’m confused. If he’s single, eh, it’s a bit messy, but you’re not in the wrong.
You don’t have to shun the hub’s whole family. You just can’t be buddy-buddy with ex-hubs and you can’t discuss your friend with his brother and not ex-hubs. And you can’t be a go between, well, between your friend’s family and her ex’s family. Assure her that it’s not about her and she doesn’t come up.
She’s going thru a divorce. Picking up and abandonment issue and being hyper-sensitive about loyalty is par for the course. She’s being extra, but be easy on her. It’s a rough time.

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Would you rather be very successful professionally with only a tolerable private life, or have a great private life but an uninspiring professional one? If you feel your private life is more important to you, do your priorities reflect this? If not, why not?

I'd rather be an entrepreneur because it doesn't interfere with my personal life because I really don't like someone too on what I did maybe I'm not talented to be a famous or I'd much rather work in the back of the stage (if you know, I have panic disorder) and that bothers me.

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