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What kind of modelling you do? And acting ?

I mostly do photoshoots, as I'm too short for most fashion shows. My photoshoots can be anything, from portraits and fashion to artistic nude or erotic. Same goes for acting!
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What kind of modelling you do And acting

Thank you for the explaining and I agree😉 I only want to note that it would be a honor to be the floor for you and your stilettos. Perhaps we can see on my body what shoes you really like😛 I would feel me so useful. And I agree with you that we need to be careful for the ask sensors

most welcome my friend,
a well utilised stiletto can lead to all manner of uber erotic activities,
I can wear my Docs for punishment and my Uggs for more sensual activities,
but when the stilettos are on then winkey is in trouble 😉
and I note that English is not your first language but you write brilliantly in English and that is why the ask " sensors" will be on to me...censors or sensors us Einsteins are carefully monitored by Ask!
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Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

this is a sensual and erotic treat that awaits me in a very mysterious Cornish quarry
but I may bring my bikini briefs just to be on the safe side,
who knows ...they may be slipped off and I will be ravished by the Donkey that never sleeps
and before Mrs Ask gets her knicks in a twist I mean Bob this is NOT an allusion to bestiality !!!

It would be so a nice feeling to be inside your stiletto for this many years. For the first time it would be new, but after a while I feel me like being a fixed part of your shoe. I think I know this body part. But I'm still shrunken and beg for mercy that you don't crush me with your stiletto heel.

yes indeed
you bend to the shape of the shoe and my will at the same time,
I am only interested in crushing one body part with my stiletto heel,
it would be exquisitely painful and erotic for you

Why are most people here? Meet new people? Find a date? Hook ups? Or just ask mostly silly questions?

The people using askfm that I enjoy the most are those who like meeting new people and who enjoy poetry, music, humor and having a good time. With that said, there are some people using askfm who are currently in a relationship but are looking for a clandestine relationship where they exchange salacious messages and erotic photographs. Those folks I block because I have no interest in that lifestyle or behavior.
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@shehitsback @ugottafriend why are these old women on here? They’re 40. Shouldnt they be worried about theyre husbands, kids, maybe grandkids? Ask.fm is for young ppl not hags

There are many middle aged women using askfm. Some simply use askfm to talk to their friends while meeting new people. And some use askfm to live out their sexual fantasies by flirting with young men pretending to fall in love and experience those wide ranging array of erotic emotions and unfulfilled dreams.

Why i do not receive second reply from any one on ask? they just comment and leave messages 🙄

I can only speak from my personal experience. There are essentially four types of personalities who utilize askfm: Troublemaker, Penpal, Romantic and Narcissistic Cheater.
1. The Troublemaker - this is the individual who thinks it is funny to insult people and to degrade and diminish other people in order to make themselves feel better. It is best to ignore and block the troublemaker.
2. The Penpal - these are folks who like to write and are looking to communicate with interesting people who also like to write and enjoy sharing hobbies, thoughts, poems, songs and ideas. Sometimes Penpals can even develop into long distance friendships. This is how I use askfm. I enjoy writing and I attempt to find other people who also enjoy writing. There is no romance, flirtations, sex or any other nefarious activity perpetrated by the Penpal. They are writers.
3. Romantic - These people join askfm looking to find a husband, wife or partner. In a sense, they treat askfm as a dating site where their goal is to fall in love and live happily ever after. Personally, I do not see askfm as an effective date site and I have seen very few long distance online relationships turn into successful marriages or partnerships; although, it does happen. Because these LDR's typically have no physical contact, they create a burden that is unsustainable, and that most healthy couples cannot tolerate.
4. Narcissistic Cheater - I spend much time researching and discussing this type of relationship because the Narcissistic Cheater is so prevalent among middle age couples between the age of 35 and 55, but also because they are ruthless people who are willing and able to destroy marriages, friendships and families in order to find sexual partners to satisfy their insatiable sexual needs. The Cheater spends most of their time in social networks looking for sex. Their primary motive is sexual in nature and involves roleplaying, sexting, sending erotic and suggestive text messages, nude photographs and porn clips where sex is explicitly stated and words like "adore, love, adventure, horny, infatuated, clandestine, hookup, erotic, orgasm, amorous, erogenous, massage, sensuous, sensual, attractive, lustful, dangerous, lust, lustful, horny, romantic, passionate, aroused, cherish, venerate, palatable, pleasurable, attractive, enticing, alluring, captivating, hypnotic, tempting, inviting, intriguing, angel, Guardian Angel, honey, dear, pretty, beautiful, riveting, tantalizing, cherish, worship, massage, stimulate, fondle, arouse, awaken, provoke, motivate, enflame, etc are used to attract and stimulate their targeted victim who are typically very young.
Several days ago someone asked me what angers me the most about social networks and I responded: the Narcissistic Cheater because they enjoy destroying marriages, relationships, families and friendships. The Narcissistic Cheaters are loathsome people who deserve our collective contempt and disdain. :D

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Why i do not receive second reply from any one on ask they just comment and

LOL again "open her petals" is a brilliant metaphor/euphemism and yeah Mistress/Master , I'll keep you guessing, make it even more erotic , who is this sexy guest I'm reading about ?

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
Keeping me guessing opens up two possible scenerios for me to fantasize on and both are wildly and equally erotic... My sexy guest is an old high school "friend".. we were pretty close but lost touch so it was quite a surprise when she called... she's only here for a couple of days and leaving tomorrow but we are making good use of what little time we have, Sir R would approve... Seraya is with my Mom sooo... lol

If you were a giant like the one from Jack and the beanstalk and you found someone sneaking inside your house, most likely to steal your goose that lays golden eggs, what'd you do? 🤔🥚

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
this question is tempting my mind to very erotic places lol
so .....
most lightly gently lead the intruder to the boudoir and see investigate what attributes we may have to work with through the night, and I'm sure there's a joke about my goose being cooked , in there somewhere lol
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Eman, wearing tiny clothes, will seduce men. Fact is Fact

Ughh why do y'all make me write long paragraphs.. 🤦
Oh k topmost & foremost SHUT UP, BE HONEST & TELL ME; how many girls you've seen in our country wearing tiny clothes? And also tell me one thing, WHY YOUR SEXUAL DESIRES ARE STRONGER THAN YOUR EMAAN?
I haven't seen any gangster's or any other powerful family's member getting raped even if they wear revealing outfits. Maybe because of the influence, power, money they have or the approach that the rapists don't have? YES! Dressing up a certain way isn't the reason why somebody's raped, psychopaths like rapists don't actually need a reason. But those criminals control their potency, lust & criminal tendencies in front of powerful people because they are aware of the consequences & horrifying actions that can be taken against them by them. Thence, having the fear & not having the fear makes the difference & changes the entire narrative. So don't bring religion & seduction here!
For example; The most famous, promiscuous & sultry Kim Kardashian was robbed by a gang but not raped, was she wearing a burqah? Or the robbers were religious or scarred by the money & power Kanye had & feared how America deals with rapists? Now pls don't say 'it's because of the society', just accept you're dirty minded.
Perverts, harassers, pedophiles & potential rapists don't need a reason, they can find a baby wearing a frock seductive, even their mother! Have you seen reports of how much porn & erotic content Pakistanis watch? Or are you gonna say that Pakistanis are desperate because they don't get to see woman in tiny clothes now? There was a boy who raped his khala & mother with his friends & Lahori teen boys who cruelly rapped a cat & do you know dead bodies get raped by psychopaths too?
Why are you so concerned with the lifestyle & choices of other people & not concerned about yourself? If the bold or modern people (who are seductive to you) & their parents don't have any problem with the way their children dress up then wth bothers you, why are you so obsessed with them? Are you a fashion police or a maulvi of sorts? Who gave you the license / right to aimlessly talk about & stare their bodies & dress?
What if others start taunting you on the way you are?
Let's suppose you're a perfect muslim ok? What if others are not from your religion, why is staring woman's body so important just to judge & shame them later? We impose our customs & Islamic code on others because giving 'the minorities' & every individual his / her rights & liberty would make us liberal & it will put our 'sacred' faith to test. Why do we have to hate & judge people in the name of religion?

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I apologize for bringing sir Bob to a premature elevated status. We colonists remain ignorant of the workings of royalty. It is true he has been my Jim and I his Nora however. Not only are those letters hardcore erotic but fun to read in other ways. I imagined being both the writer and the receiver.

BiCarrie’s Profile PhotoSam (BFBO)
well at least you guys were first to kick the Brits out . Lords and Sirs are completely divorced from Royalty unless they marry in but of course they hang out with each other lol
hardcore erotic is a great description, that is so cool that you would imagine that , they both would approve

I can be a very naughty girl who needs to be chastised then cuddled you would be a sensual Domme 50/50 torment/sensuality

princessali6’s Profile PhotoMáire Ní Einstein
I know how to treat naughty girls.. punishment that has every nerve on edge and sensative to tender touches... an erotic mix of pain and pleasure that will bring on a shattering climax with the two collapsing in each others embrace.. each holding the others shaking body... gentle kisses and caresses end the session with the promise of more to cum.

Hey English woman! You know that lots of guys from other countries (you know who) are so obsessed with you British women and fantasize about you all the time. Milky white skin, round ass, boobs, big blue eyes, that erotic elegant English accent, everything about you is appealing to them! Achmed!

1. I have a name.
2. I'm not an object.
3. Don't try to act like anything you just said is even remotely appropriate.

i am not the same anon lmaooo. my statement is true though. 50 shades of grey were out of stock. women like dominance

i never said you were the same anon, lol. i didn't really think that either.
you're basing your assumption off of ... how well a series of erotic books were sold back in the day? that isn't really a logical or factual source of information.
+5 answers in: “do girls want aggressive guys or nice guys that are humble and care for them? i was a nice guy and my gf dumped me saying she wanted someone more assertive. but if you try being assertive girls say we are controlling.”

Przepraszam bardzo, ale są ecchi dla kobiet - to erotic shoujo. Dobre, lepsze, gorsze, ale są, tylko nikt u nas nie wydaje. Z dobrych to np. Momoiro heaven, a z tych mniej udanych to mangi Sakurakoji chociażby xD

SJG: No tak, oczywiście erotic shojo zawsze na plus - chyba "Herezja miłości" pod to podchodzi? :) Jakie są Wasze ulubione tytuły z tego gatunku? Podrzucajcie propozycje - w tym roku raczej nie ma szans, ale w przyszłości nie wykluczamy. Kto wie? Może umknął nam jakiś dobry tytuł tego rodzaju, który można by rozważyć. :)
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Aștept să fiu judecat. "Băiat rău" aici, înarmat cu multe chestii, da' în principiu... Creier, tată, creier. ? M-am săturat să fiu amenințat. Pe cât punem pariu că dacă trăiai ca mine... Renunțai? Nu poți cunoaște un om în trei zile, de-apăi într-o viață. Urmează chestii interesante pe pagină.

Un om care iartă uită greșelile celorlalți, căci iertarea e o formă de toleranță care a absorbit mizericordia și omul care iartă se transformă într-un samaritean ce empatizează compasiunea, altruismul, întrajutorarea și mila.
Omul care nu uită ce i s-a făcut și-a ostracizat iertarea în spațiile aversiunilor și adversităților gestionate de ura care pervertește, desparte și profanează.
Memoria gestionează amintirile și când acestea interferează apar confuzia și echivocul în mecanismele sale.Egoismul a înlăturat ceea ce reprezenta samariteanul pentru ceilalți și acesta e pe cale de dispariție, căci omenirea și-a mânjit iertarea cu interesele intolerante și egotiste, cu imoralitatea ce pervertește actul erotic apropiindu-l de rut.
Fără să iertăm ne lăsăm invadați de ura, adversități și resentimente, în schimb îngăduința a trimis egoismul în neant, căci a îngădui înseamnă a vedea calitățile și a percepe în defecte cauzele care le-au generat.
Intermundiul păstrează ca un artefact zeiesc teogonia având similitudini cu antropogeneza, iar specia umană urcă în prezent din primordial prin genealogii care se continuă și prelungesc prin filiații.

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What's the difference between affinity and love? And what's the difference between ordinary love and spiritual love?

Yikes, this touches on the different types of love. I should know these really well but I am not that certain of them.
If I recall there is love for God, the spiritual love that you speak of, which is the highest of all loves which is often called charity and is a theological virtue.
There is erotic love, which is conjugal love and reserved for marriage. Which might be the love that you contrast to affinity.
I think the two remaining loves are for family and friends and then the love that we have for everyone.
I cannot easily place the forms of love that you mention into this plan.
The ordinary love which you contrast to the spiritual love might be the love that we should have for everyone.
Perhaps I can place affinity as the love that we have for family and friends which is stronger than the love that we have for everyone but of course not the erotic love of marriage.
I hope this is of some value and that I have got the classical division of the types of love there are correct.
Many, many prayers and blessings!

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Fate un po' di compagnia a @FabioPagaz96 😔 non sa più a chi mettere i likes 😔 ora che la sua amica e sogno erotic Ludovica ha disattivato l'account 🤭🤭 ... sapete, lui non ha vita sociale e sta sempre su ask, bisogna capirlo 🤭🤭😔😔🤭🤭😔😔🤭🤭😔😔🤭🤭😔😔🤭🤭😔😔🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Noooooo mi dispiace tantissimo povero ragazzo
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Cum pot să sărut un băiat de care îmi place dar care nu mă vrea? Bunica mea ia somnifere, dacă îi bag băiatului într-o băutură o să meargă? O să mă înțeleagă? Nu îl rănesc, doar ma satisfac fără să își dea seama de nimic neobișnuit.

îl iei frumos de gât, ai grijă să stea locului, doamne fereşte, să nu se zbată
dacă nu, îl legi de un scaun, un copac, de ceea ce îți e la îndemână
îl ții tu cumva, rezolvi
şi tada
ai dreptul de a te manifesta erotic
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Why adam has one leaf on while Eve has three leaves :( .. I never understood why female nipples are considered erotic sexual zones while male nipples are not!! Some males have bigger nipples / breasts than some women anyways ;)

Yes, that's just a cartoon. I agree with you, why are women's nipples supposed to be covered, and not those of males. I follow the "free the nipple" movement on Twitter.
It's all part of the patriarchal attitudes that were inculcated by the monotheistic, Abrahamic faiths. This prudishness towards women's breasts, etc. 🤔
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No worsts this time, sorry. 😊 Pick one. 1. Pretend that you don't know who you are. 2. Perform erotic dance on the stage. 3. Ask someone to exchange their costume with you.

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said "no worsts"...
No worsts this time sorry  Pick one 1 Pretend that you dont know who you are 2
+1 answer in: “Let's spice things up with the game of truth or dare mixed with the uproaching event. Here are the basic rules, you pick truth or dare and nonnie gives you the task that you will have to do at the event. (If you pick dare you will have to do it at the event, same goes for the truth.)”

Кать у тебя в инсте в сторис музычка клевая играла) ты окно снимала и время раннее утро может помнишь) напиши плиз название песни)

Это?) Cafe Del Mar - Erotic dreams) У меня в аудиозаписях поищи вк)
KattyCher’s Video 148408986699

Turkey's snap election on Sunday was supposed to be boring, but the country's longest-serving modern leader could lose — and somehow erotic poetry and sex toys got involved. Bunu çevirebilir misiniz

Türkiye’nin pazar günü olan seçimlerinin sıkıcı olması gerekiyordu ama ülkenin en uzun süreli lideri kaybedebilirdi ve işe bir şekilde erotik şiir ve seks oyuncakları dahil oldu.
İnce’nin şiirinden ve yüzüklerin efendisinin alışveriş listesinden bahsediyor galiba nzsşsmlwsm
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Gaiss i need yr help. Aku ada follow satu acc ni. A guy. Dia buat game RT, like and so on dan pilih random ppl bagi duit raya. Alhamdulillah aku terpilih. After few days, aku dah nampak dia quote erotic things and aku slowly dah terjebak 😭 Padahal aku taknak terjebak lagi dan nak berhenti

begitulah shaytan cuba menarik-narik kita untuk terjerumus ke dalam lembah maksiat. sehingga Adam turut terjatuh mendekati pohon terlarang, begitulah juga cucu-cicit baginda — akan tetap jatuh dalam jerangkap dosa itu.
namun Allah itu Maha Pengampun dan Gemar Memberi Ampun, maka pintalah keampunan dari-Nya. terpekiklah shaytan-shaytan itu tatkala dosa yang kita bikin itu telah hilang diampun yang Maha Pemurah.

Erotic love is kind of slang for sex, of the weirdest variety. But you were talking about Eros, which has a different definition today. Something like romantic love. That’s why you’ve been getting weird reactions, I think. You’re talking of two different things.

Okay, thanks for the help with how people understand different words. :-)
You are right of course in saying that I was speaking of eros. I did not want to use that term as I thought it might be a bit technical and I really don't know its strict use with much certainty. But I think now it is better that I use the terms eros and filia even while not understanding them that well at all.
About the term erotic love I think that it is a pity that erotic love should be seen as kinky as I do not think that it should be so at all. But it is good to know that people will think of it that way.
Romantic love is perhaps a good way to describe eros but thinking of it now it does not necessarily include the love which is found between spouses. Not so? Or am I going wrong here as I might be going wrong later on too? :-)
Let's assume that romantic love can be the love between people who are not having sex.
These musings of mine show a real problem I have in understanding the different forms of love i.e. the love of friendship (filia) which excludes sex and the love of marriage (eros) which includes it. There must be a point at which the love of friendship starts to change into a love which becomes that of marriage? Or do these loves "pile up" on one another? The filia between spouses continues while the eros is added to it? This seems more likely.
But even if this is the case, when a man and woman start to think of a friendship having the possibility of becoming a marriage, at some point, even while not married, is eros present? This even though the pair are not engaging in sex nor permitting sexual thoughts of one another? If this is the case then there ia a form of eros which excludes sexual relations or sexual. If so this would fit with how I have thought of romantic love which can either have a sexual component or not.
It would mean that your suggestion, Alyssia, of using romantic love for eros would be a very good one.
I really should try to read a bit to clear up some of my confusion. I hope these musings are of some value! Prayers and blessings!

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+1 answer in: “None of the questions were about ''erotic love'' (wtf is that even) if the first thing you think about is sex you're a perv.”

My nature is to be deep. Deep thought, deep emotion, deep sensuality. I hope there is a subtlety in what I post, so that it will require depth to see what I see in it. What areas of the erotic are you drawn to, Dimana, if I may ask?

I am drawn to the same - deep thought, deep emotion, deep sensual or even primal sexual experience. With time, I am more and more drawn to abandon, to total giving away to the feeling, to the partner. I want no restriction, I want partners to only respond to the call of their own and each other's bodies. I like it when you no longer need to think in order to feel deeply, and no longer need to try to caress the other or get closer to them, because you can't help it and it's already happening on its own.
I am drawn to the feeling of something deep inside your body, like a warm string, the string of a lyre or harp, that gets pulled. And with every emotion or movement or desire of your partner, he seems to touch and pull that string with a finger. And you follow that pull. It feels sweet and strong and it makes your body dance. It's as if someone is touching the insides of your body, your very spine and veins, and even without touching you.

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+14 answers in: “I love that tat, and those legs are to die for.”

Не е достатъчно злобен. :Д Моят е по-красноречив. Залъгваш се...сам 1 към 200 няма да остарееш сам...гледам ромче на предишната публикация, ако си навън да не преча...иначе колко erotic шамарчета си пляскал?? :Д

mihaelazh’s Profile PhotoBozadzhiyna
Не е достатъчно злобен. :Д Моят е по-красноречив.
- Не съм и опитвал да съм злобен на снимката. Ето ти една на която гледам по лошо, без даже да съм намръщил вежди :Д

Залъгваш се...сам 1 към 200 няма да остарееш сам...
- Изразих се грешно. Че няма да открия жената с която бих искал да остарея. Вероятно все ще намеря някаква.

гледам ромче на предишната публикация, ако си навън да не преча...
- вече не съм навън =)

иначе колко erotic шамарчета си пляскал??
- Много. Вероятно е да са повече от целувките, които съм давал. Ръката все ме влече натам.. :Д
Не е достатъчно злобен Д 
Моят е покрасноречив
Залъгваш сесам 1 към 200 няма да
+4 answers in: “Опишете погледа си? Като какъв го определяте за околните? Влияете ли се от нещо? Колко шамара сте удряли? Заслужавали ли са си? Имате ли страх? Какъв е той? Живеете ли в настоящето или повече си спомняте с тъга за миналото или сте устремени само и единствено в бъдещето? *привилегированият* *усмив*”

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