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I can almost picture Styx and Sage having a deep and nuanced conversation... Styx: "So, what are some of your esoteric views? Which disciplines resonate with you? Any thoughts on Theosophy?" Sage: "Well, I like breadsticks and monster trucks. At Olive Garden. Does that count?" 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
🤣🤣🤣 You say I have technology in the wrong hands. What about esotericism in the wrong hands? 🤣🤣🤣💗

1) > in all honesty, i’d love to talk to diana - Why? 🤣 You two have nothing in common. I could be wrong but she never struck me as being remotely spiritual or interested in esoteric topics, poofy dresses, secret pics, BIG sunglasses or Black Metal. 🤣 Seems to be into movies which isn't your thing.

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I’ve heard so much about her and seems like I’m the only one that doesn’t know her. I feel left out. 🤣 The females I’ve made friends here with couldn’t be more different than me actually. Hell, Yeet is a deer hunter and she’s my Valentine. 🤣 Tiffany, Gianna… Nothing in common. Even most of the males here that I’ve talked to I have nothing in common with.
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. I’m very often asked about “magic”, and of course, true metaphysics is hyper logical and very much so rational, and movie-concept & ideas of magic are 99% nonsense entirely. There ARE however some genuine occurrences in our “real world” of aktual majik

Witchcraft, sorcery or magic relies on illusion. Control is established by exploiting weaknesses in the conscious experience through misdirection and manipulation. As such, the savvy illusionist can direct his will to produce a desired result but the mark must not be aware of the wizard's methods or aims. Yes, "magic" exists, but there are more appropriate designations for it. With respect to esoteric disciplines, ceremonial magic and related philosophical schools of thought, I would remind the initiate of Dr. LaVey's observations. Theatrics and Objectivist notions aside, this hyperbolic buzzard usually hit the target with greater accuracy than your average occultnik:
Im very often asked about magic and of course true metaphysics is hyper logical

Are you afraid of discovering that life is magical?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
I am more terrified of discovering that it's not. To my knowledge, there isn't an esoteric practitioner worth his salt who would make that diagnosis. Spiritual malpractice must be avoided. My internship has been restorative and enlightening. I cannot wait to establish my own practice but here's a trade secret straight from the wizard's infirmary: most patients can heal themselves without charms, spells, prayers, pills, potions or protocols which were specifically designed to keep them in a trance or dependent. I find it somewhat interesting that φαρμακεία / pharmakeíā (pharmacy) has a very well known definition but another which might be less common: witchcraft. What manner of sorcery is this? Whoever slapped this wicked hex on the unsuspecting public with such surgical precision was a formidable illusionist and a true master of deception. Touché. 👍

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Are you afraid of discovering that life is magical

How did you first learn about spirituality? How can we know whats real or not?

I started exploring as a teen. Began with Wicca… didn’t seem to fit after a while, read things on Buddhism and things began to start making more sense. Read other things here and there. Had a large collection of religious and spiritual books. Still I didn’t choose to label myself, as nothing truly fit 100%. In my mid twenties I began experimenting with altered states of consciousness and reading many things of that nature. That’s where it all fell into place. Later a person in my life at some point in our relationship got heavily into meditation, theosophy, esoteric occult knowledge. He tried forcing these things on me and it did not go well. Even though much of it resonated with me, I rejected being force fed which inevitably prolonged getting into some wisdom. But it made its way to me eventually. And more recently some old Norse/ Odinism has revealed some interesting things to me. It has all been a rather complicated journey but also very simple at the root. And each day reveals something new. It brings excitement, beauty and magic into daily life.

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How did you first learn about spirituality How can we know whats real or not

If you could have a large room stacked full of any one thing, what would you want in it? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ᴛᴇɴᴀᴄɪᴏᴜꜱ ᴛᴏᴍᴍᴀʏ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
✨ Se você pudesse ter uma grande sala cheia de qualquer coisa, o que você gostaria nela? 👍 😇
R: Esoteric Articles
R: Artigos esotéricos

I have these
Tipos esses que eu tenho
If you could have a large room stacked full of any one thing what would you want

Last book you read and why?

> Last book you read
"The Magic Flute Unveiled: Esoteric Symbolism in Mozart's Masonic Opera" by Jacques Chailley.
> and why?
I "read" it years ago but I wasn't as well acquainted with the subject as I am now and at the time, I may have overlooked certain observations which became difficult too ignore after a second evaluation. . ' .
Last book you read and why

New age spirituality is demonic. You’re not woke, you’re lost.

Not to mention, greatly misunderstood. Many of the modern interpretations are perversions of Theosophy and esoteric disciplines which are alien to the average person. As they should be. The woke cult does not give a damn about any form of spirituality, "demonic" or otherwise. In case you did not notice, it worships The State and chastises any apostate who might embrace a different or higher power.
New age spirituality is demonic Youre not woke youre lost

Are you a freemason?

In light of the many negative connotations which surround "secret societies," fraternities and esoteric orders, I wouldn't want to fuel further speculation by revealing certain things publicly. With that said, I view the Scottish Rite and Masonic charities in a favorable light but *all* initiates and brothers are welcome to follow, share views, ask questions and lend me the benefit of their wisdom.
Are you a freemason

What is a common misconception that people have about you

Due to my ties / involvement with the Black Metal "scene," some have reached the conclusion that I might be a Theistic or Philosophical "Satanist." Nothing could be further from the truth and while I do enjoy studying esoteric disciplines, I have never had any desire to be either. Truth be told, there are many religious, spiritual and philosophical views within the genre and I have always held my own convictions. The devil is in the details...
What is a common misconception that people have about you

How to acquire knowledge from reading books and watching documentaries in a way that it retains ? I read so many books but I just keep forgetting what I read.

I believe that it might be much easier if you have a genuine or profound interest in a topic. If I were to read some sappy romance novel, it would put me in a coma and I would be lucky if I could retain the book's title. On the other hand, an interesting treatise might stick between my ears for a long time. Focus on topics which you enjoy and they may lead to others. To give you an example, I had practically no interest in esoteric disciplines and belief systems until I came across certain philosophical works. I hope that helps... =)
How to acquire knowledge from reading books and watching documentaries in a way

Sabazios said your an occultist like him and you just deny it can you explain why?

Saba and I have very nuanced interpretations of the term and while we share a mutual respect, we belong to distinct Orders, hold different degrees and our aims / beliefs are not the same. For the record, we still enjoy exchanging views (esoteric and otherwise), collaborating on music projects and, if it pleases you, slapping the occasional hex on one another because we value the importance of exorcising at home. 🤣
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-zkXydsFBMtalionislexx’s Video 169594961715 Y-zkXydsFBMtalionislexx’s Video 169594961715 Y-zkXydsFBM

Do you think it's okay to have a satanic after school group?

If one is familiar or deeply interested in philosophy or belief systems, I would not be opposed to a pragmatic evaluation of Philosophical Satanism, Theistic Satanism, Luciferianism or esoteric disciplines / orders. However, I do not believe that children possess the necessary patience or capacity to comprehend such complex topics and they might be better served if they study simpler subjects which could give them a firm foundation to evaluate more intricate motifs / notions when they are older and seasoned enough to do so. After school study groups / activities should be *age appropriate* and despite current trends in "education," they *must* meet with the full consent of parents / guardians.
Do you think its okay to have a satanic after school group

Mit welcher Hand rührt man am besten Tee im Glas um?

Warum sollte ich Tee umrühren ich würde nie etwas wie Zucker hineingeben. Und mit den Fingern würde ich sowieso nichts umrühren das ist unhygienisch und stillos. Allerdings wenn ich etwas habe was ich umrühren müsste würde ich einen Silberlöffel benutzen und linksherum rühren. Esoteric Knowledge halt wie ich es in jeder Art reichlich besitze. Und jeden Tag noch mehr.

Do you believe in the paranormal?

As it relates to psychological constructs, yes - anxiety, suggestion, locus of control, imagery, critical thinking, fantasy, creativity, spirituality, religiosity, etc. To my understanding (and based on my own personal research into the occult and esoteric disciplines), belief in the paranormal seems to correlate with cognitive factors, executive function and so forth. An interesting book on the topic:
Do you believe in the paranormal

Do you believe in the paranormal?

I remain open to paranormal phenomena but in my personal experiments and investigations, I have never come across anything which could not be explained. I've slept in places which were supposedly "haunted," conducted rituals, left "bait," consulted witnesses (some reputable, others not so much) and so forth. I am aware of events which others have reported / experienced but it wouldn't be proper for me to opine on those specific "encounters" because I did not have their experiences and to believe or dismiss without a proper investigation would not serve any purpose. Additionally, I possess some knowledge of the occult / esoteric disciplines but as an ardent skeptic, it takes a great deal to convince me. Reyn til Rûna. -l-

“I’m never bored” could you tell us about your secret ingredients?

Reading, writing, studying, occasional painting, some gaming (mostly modding), tinkering with electronics, very light programming (more of a hobby), building and maintaining PCs, mediating, hiking, working out, skiing, playing guitar, jamming with friends, collaborating with other artists (when my schedule allows), camping and outdoor activities, sh!tposting / memeing, esoteric pursuits and study, some woodworking, watching movies, charting market movements and analyzing business / investment opportunities, etc. How anyone has the bloody time to be "bored" is beyond me... ;-)

What genre of books do you mostly read?

History, military history, philosophy, business / investing, science and technology related, classic and classical literature / poetry, religion / mythology, esoteric / occult, art and music, etc.

↬What do you like to read? ♡

Books dealing with history and / or military history, business and investing, political and economic theories, philosophy, science, technology, art / music, the occult / religion / spirituality and esoteric disciplines and classic literature / poetry and classical literature. =)
What do you like to read

What’s the significance of using symbols and numbers in practicing magic?

It depends on the tradition or esoteric discipline - for example, certain forms may rely on numerology while others are primarily focused on symbolism in order to communicate, to influence or to distract. Understand, all "magic" is psychological warfare - for fun, folly, fame, fortune or formality. ?

Firstly congrats on passing your A-levels!🤗😇✌Sounds like you had a great day! The tarot cards has me intrigued!🙊😃 I've been going full-steam getting Halo CE achievements, since the Halo MCC has been gradually released on Steam! (Pun intended earlier😅) I am doing good thankyou!🤗

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✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Thank you, pal. It seems even now so unrealistic that I really pass. Still happy about this a lot. x'D
I'm quite a little esoteric soooo...I'm into astrology and white magic, so that's something I enjoy to learn more about.
Waaaw, then I wish you the best success with getting every achievement in your game. I don't have it but it does sound like a game I would play as well. I looked for it in steam and the recommendations of steam say it's somewhat similar to Half-Life or Black Mesa. Which I played and enjoyed very much. Also, I'm happy that you're doing fine! I hope your day continues in being awesome for you.
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🧠 What would happen to a society in which no one had to work, and everyone was provided enough food/water/shelter/healthcare for free?

zy_cv’s Profile PhotoManu
People would be free to indulge in creative activities, sports, homemaking, esoteric pursuits &c, and would also choose to work or contribute voluntarily in areas where they could get personal fulfilment and provide needed services.
As automation becomes a bigger factor in employment, I believe we need to look to a new economic model that ensures that a nation’s wealth is redistributed to everyone in the country, and I support the introduction of Universal Unconditional Basic Income for all.
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Hey! I have known for a while that the historical Jesus didn't exist. Yet, I find myself still valuing scriptures as sacred texts because of their original text/context being rooted in other sacred works. Am I delusional to still read scriptures from an esoteric point of view?

Delusional? Hell no.
My biggest influence for understanding this is Joseph Campbell, who wrote on the Hero's Journey. He showed how religious have many values in common and what that says about humanity. I'm all for viewing from wide points of view, and it sounds like that's what you're doing!

What are your feelings on next gen (Sony specifically) pushing for SSDs and nearly unnoticed loading times. Has your wish been accomplished by hardware, or did you hope for a better loading times management on the software itself?

The problem definitely needs to be tackled from both ends. Jonathan Blow gave a good talk recently putting forward the stance that software has been getting worse over time and simply piggybacking off hardware improvements. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW-SOdj4KkkMatthewmatosis’s Video 155785093023 pW-SOdj4KkkMatthewmatosis’s Video 155785093023 pW-SOdj4Kkk
I'm glad the problem is getting more attention but no amount of hardware improvement guarantees that software will actually run better. This is why every time a new console comes out people look forward to a stable 60fps future only to be disappointed when developers prioritize higher resolution and better visual effects instead. AAA games tend to be optimized to insane degrees which is how they're able to have such impressive graphics but a similar tradeoff could be made with memory management. It could be used to create store more variables for artificial intelligence, more elaborate level layouts, more complex animations, allow for more objects in every scene or we could just quadruple the size of every texture.
Basically, hardware improvements are great news but it still comes down to how developers take advantage of them.
On a personal note I feel pretty fortunate that the most esoteric and seemingly petty complaint in the God of War video was vindicated so quickly. I expected it to take about a decade before it would really become obvious why it was justified to mention that problem but if what Sony have shown is any indication then they'll already be obsolete in just a couple of years.

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Matthewmatosis’s Video 155785093023 pW-SOdj4KkkMatthewmatosis’s Video 155785093023 pW-SOdj4Kkk

Do you have any favourite philosophers now? Favourite probs isn't the right word, but ones you thought were on the money.

There's not much controversy to this, really. The further back you go, the more you exclusively hear voices chosen for their ideological value. Socrates' life trajectory & lifestyle are basically identical to that of Jesus Christ, & they weren't too far apart chronologically. Neither wrote anything; they were teachers, whose lessons were recorded by others. By Plato, in Socrates' case. Some Socrates trivia for you teens, impress your teachers with that shit. Or just google "Socrates" & read for like, 25 seconds. Fucking $20000 degree lmao. Anyway.
Was Socrates "on the money?" I'll say his: his thought was the "origin story" of western rationalism. That's science, that's maths, that's democracy, logic, all of it. Like a lot of rationalists & also like Jesus, he was a very pious dude, tho ultimately history paints him less as a prophet & more a critic; the first rationalist.
Is any of that "true?" Fuck no, but that's not the point. It's about who's USEFUL, & to who'm, & why. That kind of thinking is your critical theory tradition, & is happening NOW - the exact opposite end of history to Socrates. Recent big names you should be familiar with: Derrida, Foucault, Deleuze & Guattari, probably Habermas I guess. My more obscure interests are Hans Jonas, Axel Honneth (not an obscure figure, very influential thinker), & Jean-Philippe Deranty, who I had the privilege of learning from one-on-one for a bit. Philosophy of work.
Maybe obscure to non-Americans but a worthy mention for on-the-money-ness: Alexis de Tocqueville. Early critic of the United States back when it was a shiny new slave colony, & painfully prescient.
There are lots of live, boring arguments now over ethics, language, death, even the nature of matter, but imo the real shit is social philosophy. As you'd expect it's closer to sociology & cultural studies than traditional philosophy-crossovers, main one being science, but linguistics was huge for ages, & psychology has always been a hotbed of philosophical implications.
I could go on & on, but really there's only one name you need to remember. Haters won't like it, but the REAL nerds from across the ideological spectrum will immediately recognise: Karl Marx. If you want "on the money," Marx did it metaphorically, theoretically, AND literally. He wrote the definitive critique of capitalism - which is no mean feat at all, just on its own. Many ppl alive NOW fully believe that capitalism is just...a perfect economic metaphor for the natural state of man. It's just REAL.
No. It's just shit some rich ppl made up, Marx figured it out & detailed its strengths & flaws pretty accurately like 150 years ago. Das Kapital. Check it out. As in google it, DO NOT try to read it. It is horrible & very esoteric & translated from Ye Olde Russian. It still, somehow, still POPS tho.
Lot of dumb bullshit in the history of philosophy, but Marx' works are still absolutely foundational. We would not have economics without Karl Marx.

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Wow.. that was the last thing i expected from you. Lol! You're full of surprises, i like it. Now i'm curious: What's the total opposite (of this song) you're listening to? Just take the last one. :)

thank you very much. these are jp-game/anime related songs so i hope you'll at least take a peek and listen to it.
don't know anymore since i dozed off, but it was one of those three:
yonder voice (himmel) - carnation
https://youtu.be/nA8Dv7tboycAdeljina’s Video 147039944952 nA8Dv7tboycAdeljina’s Video 147039944952 nA8Dv7tboyc
yonder voice (himmel) - song of the wind
https://youtu.be/iPUOZq65WYQAdeljina’s Video 147039944952 iPUOZq65WYQAdeljina’s Video 147039944952 iPUOZq65WYQ
touhou kinema-kan: touhou daydream [sanae]
https://youtu.be/oxCMsS3zUv0Adeljina’s Video 147039944952 oxCMsS3zUv0Adeljina’s Video 147039944952 oxCMsS3zUv0
i'm an old fan of 2hu and i really like to wait for fan-animated touhou series like "the sealed esoteric history" or "fantasy kaleidoscope", the episodes were getting updated every year and now every quartal. beautiful to see how energetic and how much passion the giant fandom has for 2hu, just look up the fan-animations on youtube, the quality is insane compared to studios.
Wow that was the last thing i expected from you Lol Youre full of surprises i
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Your rants are where your best stuff is imo, and anyone who flat out refuses to read them because it 'takes too long' is only doing themselves a disservice.

Tatsinda’s Profile PhotoTatsinda Linden
Let's be fair: they're also doing me a disservice.
Anyone who refuses to read them because they're "too long" or "emotionally exhausting" or "filled with esoteric jargon & needlessly elaborate abuse" or "I don't care about any of this" is probably justified in their decision. What's questionable, for me, is the motive to *tell me* they aren't bothering with it.
I guess it's good to have feedback, & I should be glad to get any since I basically never...make much effort to adapt to it at all, & generally insult ppl for offering it anyway. That said, feedback invites feedback of its own, & I'm gonna call a neg a neg. Also "this is too long" is kind of meaningless when none of these answers really *need* to exist at all. All I'm really doing is hearing about one specific anon's attention span. Not a lot to go on, BUT still better than nothing.
Ultimately tho, I guess "my best stuff" just isn't good enough for some of these folks. No accounting for taste I suppose.

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There are a number of feminists, on here too, who say "Feminism is no longer all about women". I may be an uneducated male but I thought that was the whole point of feminism. To focus on women. Now before you say "I'm not a woman/feminist cant speak for them" etc, just wamna know what you make of it

Feminism was never "all about women." It foregrounds women's interests, which isn't the same thing.
If someone says to you, "please step aside so I can pass," that request isn't entirely about them. It's also about you, because you're being called upon to do something. It affects you as well. It foregrounds their interests: they need to go somewhere, you need to stop what you're doing (not your interests) & do something else (move aside) so they can realise their own interests (move past you).
I hope this cumbersome analogy highlights what I think the confusion here is. I could be misunderstanding what this alleged "number of feminists" are getting at, but that's the risk you've explicitly asked me to take by commenting on this.
Hopefully you can also see how it's not only possible, but necessary, for feminism to "focus on women" but also not be "all about women." Women don't exist in a vacuum. If anything, feminism is ultimately about men, as all things within patriarchy must be. If the reason women are disempowered is men, then empowering women must necessarily involve men. You can't just create power out of nothing: it always comes from someone.
What I make of this misunderstanding, frankly, is that men go out of their way to turn into total fucking dumbasses when presented w/ even simple feminist ideas. Masculinity isn't exactly SIMPLE, guys. There's all sorts of esoteric dumb political shit that men apply to each other, & especially to women. EVERY identity category is like this, everyone has specific needs & problems they're reacting to.
So tbh I find this "IS FEMINSM ABOUT WOMEN OR NOT?? I'M CONFUSE, LADIES HURT HEAD TOO COMPLOCATED" stuff pretty suspect, but that might just be a result of the...environment I'm writing in. Maybe I also have the benefit of a lot of experience that others don't have, so I'm being unfairly suspicious. Either way, see if this answers your question to your satisfaction. If not you can let me know.

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Hey! What kind of novels do you like to read?

I like to read many sorts of books. When I want to escape, my favourites are fantasy literature, including children's books, and murder mysteries. However, I also like to read non-fiction, about subjects which interest me such as Egyptology, Jungian psychology, mythology and other fairly esoteric matters. I read "serious" literature and classics as well, although tend not to read too many classics as I find some of them dry. I absolutely cannot abide chick lit, romance and "hard" science fiction about space ships with lots of techno-talk in them. I enjoy reading thriller and mystery books the most.

Hey guys! :) Here your question: Do you think most peoples are spiritual attuned or spiritual ignorant? If you want go into details.

I imagine many view themselves as spiritually attuned.
Spirituality is a farce - a new-age mental crutch to lean on when there is an intellectual vacuum created by a waning faith or a rejection of organised religion. In many ways, it is becoming a belief to rival organised religion, born of our innate need for comfort, reflection, ethics & awe. It is based on the idea that one may be connected to the universe in some deep, esoteric way, when there is simply no evidence to reinforce that notion.

What are your interests (hobbies,profession etc)? It would be nice to have an insight about the topics we could talk about.

I work at an oxfam charity book shop in my local town. I love books on subjects such as history, philosophy, the paranormal and esoteric knowledge so make sure I take advantage on my lunch break of being surrounded by so many books.
I love pool, bowling, table tennis, football, badminton and xbox one related stuff.

Fiecare are un înger păzitor? Imaginează-ti că al tău te privește apoi pune-te in locul lui♠ Ce intrebare ți-ai adresa dacă ai fii pentru o clipă îngerul tăutau?♠(baga un mic monolog interior)? Seară buna?

blacksoul30’s Profile PhotoBlack Soul☆
"Sufletul pune distanțe între el și corp, pentru ca atunci când se sustrage realității, să-și deschidă portaluri în care să se teleporteze pe tărâmuri uluitoare, și orice sustragere sparge o oglindă și cioburile ei provoacă răni sufletului, vindecate însă de imanență. Drumul de la suflet la corp este drumul de la sensibilitate și esoteric la teluric și materie, așa cum drumul de la zi la noapte indică drumul de la activități la inerția somnului, și drumul nopții către oniric e drumul subconștientului prin tărâmurile irealului.
Timpul vizualizează viața ca o cinematecă, așa cum poemul își vizualizează lumina și își exhibă intensitatea, așa cum o viață sensibilă, diafană și flexibilă, având ca sistem de referință compasiunea și iertarea, înnobilând omul, vizualizează sufletul, care, față de corp, e ca aristocratul față de sclav.
Îngerul nu poate coborî decât în suflet, și nu altundeva, pentru a-i grefa divinul, sufletul nu are nevoie de iluminare, căci el rafinează lumina, epurând-o de impurități, până obține lumină pură și concentrată, pe care o împarte altruist cu sinele și imanența."

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Fiecare are un înger păzitor Imagineazăti că al tău te privește apoi punete in

Hey Abhiii! I love your answers! I want some advice from you. I feel like my relationship is losing the charm and lacking the interest which was there initially. So do you think at this point, it would be better to end the relationship?

We, simply do not lose interest. Interest is not like a slab of butter that turns all funny with age or a mothball that slowly evaporates.
We lose interest when we choose to lose interest. Problem is, we make that choice without even knowing we're making a choice.
You lose interest in your partner when you make choices that turn away i.e when you do or perform things that do not include your partner and it doesn't even occur to you that this activity required you to include your partner. As a result of this, a feeling of "taking for granted" develops in the partner and with time, this becomes contagious and comes back at you.
You keep the spark alive when you make choices to engage with your partner, when you continue to make investments in seeing your partner and helping your partner to feel loved and understood.
Imagine planting a beautiful flower garden, and when you finally have it the way you perfectly like it, you go spend time enjoying it, but over time you notice it doesn't seem as great as it once did. Some of the flowers are dying, and there are weeds taking over. You then start losing interest and stop going to the garden.
The garden could have still been enjoyed and kept vibrant forever. Sure, flowers would die and weeds would grow, but you were supposed to continually work on your garden, making it fruitful and healthy.
Good relationships take a lot of work. The work is worth it. The members are able to enjoy each other’s company and are able to grow together. But anything good takes work. This is no secret esoteric knowledge, no deep mystery for the ages.

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Kat von D megvádolta a Makeup Revolution-t, hogy egy az egyben lemásolták az egyik palettáját. Én csak ennyit tudok, de szerintem teljesen jogosan mondta, tényleg ugyanolyan a 2 paletta.

Kozben utananeztem. Igazabol mellette js vagyok meg kicsit ellene is. Valoban nagyon hasonlo a ket paletta ha nem egy az egyben ugyan az, viszont egy olyan nagy markanak mint amit ot birtokol szamolnia kell azzal hogy lesznek olyanok akik majd masoljak a termekeit. Ilyenek mindig vannak. Masik az hogy nem biztos hogy mindenki megengedheti maganak hogy olyan draga termekeket vegyen mint amilyeneket o gyart, viszont a makeup revolution az arahoz kelest eleg jo minosegu, neztem swatchokat mindkettorol es nem sok a kukonbseg az arnyalatokban. Szoval ez meg mundig jobb mint egy fake kinai kat von d palettat megvenni. Viszobt jogos, biztosan rengeteg munkaja volt a szinek osszeallitasaban, az elrendezesukben, es abban hogy minel jobb minoseguek legyenek. Tehat abszolut megertem a felhaborodasat de ezzel szamolni lehetett, csak nem feltetlen a makeup revolution reszerol. Masik meg az hogy jo megoldas annak akik szeretne egy fasza palettat de nem szeretne sokat kolteni :) de amugy az is erdekes hogy mondjuk vannak mas markak is pl a morphe es a queen esoteric (most kaptam toluk egy palettat) ami majdnem egy az egyben ugyan az mint az egyik morphe es meg dragabb is nala de minosegeben nem jott, meg sem lett belole nagy ugy csinalva. Van egy kulon instagram oldal ahol legfokepp ruzsokrol tesznek ki kepet egy dragabb es egy olcsobb markatol de szinte teljesen ugyan azt az arnyalatot, es ez az elso hogy ilyen balherol hallok 😃 szoval nem fogom senki partjat, mindkettot megertem 😃

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Hi. I'm having a hard time with this one question. Do you know? Before Seven Year's War... What areas did France claim as theirs? :(

Or just use google ffs. If you're gonna ask someone, ask someone you actually know & thus might have some reason to want to help you w/ your homework. & might know the answers to these ridiculously specific & esoteric questions.

I wonder why when you're about to give up on something ie abusive relationship, substance abuse, ciggarette etc. you always want it even more? How to cope w/ this probs?

To want or not want, it doesn't matter. Just bear in mind that either way, you're fucked. Only when you let go, you gain.
This is not even a Zen esoteric wisdom or other bullshits. It's common sense.

i think people get the impression you're s """a genius"""" because you're heavily opinionated on so many topics and you're confident in your beliefs.

Y'know that most people around my age I know are opinionated on as many topics as I am, yet don't have a single argument to prove their point, because they have little to no knowledge on anything except, I guess, personal drama or the morals their parents slammed into their heads in the beginning of their lives?
The whole Mars in Sagittarius generation can kill a bitch if they don't agree with our opinions, especially when it comes to morals, intelligence, political views or esoteric stuff, but very few of us actually have the ability to convince people to believe anything.

hi Mr.Ghostcrawler, what was the most ( or one of many) interesting discovery you researched on as an oceanographer?

All of the discoveries or research I did would be pretty esoteric unless you were pretty deep into that field yourself. For me the highlights were things like:
Seeing the water glow on still nights when bioluminescent organisms would rise high in the water column.
Having dolphins come up to a small boat when the engine was off. (Their breath is awful.)
Catching about 10,000 crabs in one single trawl.
Showing up at a Shoney's buffet in South Florida covered in mud from head to toe from a day in the salt marsh.
I've been lucky enough to see both a blue whale and a great white shark in the wild.
Finding the octopus nursery, where every single snail shell or beer bottle had a baby octopus in it.
The day I caught (and released!) at least 100 speckled trout.
The first time I saw a kinorhynch.
Helping release rehabilitated sea turtles into the Gulf of Mexico.
Keeping a mantis shrimp in my lab's "pet tank."
Running a crab line in Chesapeake Bay, watching swans try to take off (badly).
Tagging fish with Texas Parks and Wildlife researchers in a hypersaline estuary.
Meeting people from around the world who all had at least this one shared interest.
And the most ridiculous thing I've ever done... catching live, radioactive alligators.
I have a lot of amazing memories, but I'd still say in the end (for me at least), it makes a better hobby than a profession. I've seen even more amazing stuff on vacations. :)

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Here's a tricky subject to talk about without offending anybody: why are men's rights (MRAs, etc) not as important as others (at the current moment)?

Challenge accepted! I'll most likely fail, but I'll give it a go.
Let's say that simultaneously you're overdrawn by 100 with the bank and that your house is also on fire. Now, the overdraft is very important, this can affect your credit rating which can have a huge knock on effect towards your purchasing power in the future. However, as important as that is, it's MORE important to deal with the fact that your house is on fire. Without a house, you'll have nowhere to live and that's pretty much the foundation of a person's day-to-day life.
Now, society is "patriarchal". If you look at that etymology of the word it means "rule of fathers". Specifically this references a system whereby wealth and power are handed down from father to son, and when that son becomes a father he hands that power and wealth down to his son, ad infinitum.
The term has now come to be a little more esoteric and refers to how power and influence (and wealth) is specifically shared between men (which if you look at the wealthiest people in the world and top 10 business owners in almost any given country you will see are predominantly men). Social structures which harm both men and women without power and influence.
Currently, the damage toward women and ethnic minorities in a patriarchal system that's predominantly geared towards white men (most religious leaders, politicians, etc) is far higher than the damage towards men.
That isn't to say that men aren't affected, or don't have pressing issues, it's that you deal with risk on a high level basis first. This is what any risk-management course worth its salt will tell you.
I think the further issue with MRA's is that they're blaming their issues on a non-existent matriarchy, rather than the actual patriarchy. Let's take father's rights as an example.
By father's continually being denied parenting rights in various incarnations this reinforces TWO things: 1) That women should be primary caregivers because women and 2) that men shouldn't be primary caregivers because men. Often this is regardless of social situation since most judges are old and male and therefore have pre-conceived notions of masculinity and femininity.
Alimony as another example is also a sexist issue that affects both men and women unfairly. Men who have to pay alimony are only expected to do so because it is recognised (but not dealt with) that women (as a whole) have less earning potential than men. I don't see that being a matriarchal fault, but a patriarchal one. If women were treated equally to men and had the same earning potential, there'd be no need for alimony. Simple.
I don't necessarily think I've succeeded in not offending anyone, but I hope I've given some people some food for thought that maybe "men" and "women" aren't to blame, but a system set up in a way that negatively affects both IS.

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