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why parents are often too much controlling ?

waleedbutt465’s Profile PhotoWaleed.
Because they literally own you unlike any other person in the world. 🌚
Not all parents are alike. Some won’t say a word and let their child do whatever. Too much of love can spoil your child obviously. They need to know what is acceptable and what’s not, since a young age.
Other parents never realise the fact that their child is a living breathing human too and after childhood they can not impose their own likes and dislikes and choices on them. Once they’re an adult, they’ll have their own pattern of lifestyle which can be influenced by their upbringing but not by them anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I know what parents do is out of concern for their children but they too can go over board with it. Too much concern, too much possessiveness, even too much of love and care cuts out the breathing space for the other.
Nobody wants to write an essay of why they’re just feeling low. You’re human you’re allowed to have both happy and sad days. “Bas esy hi” needs to be enough you can’t always explain ku? Kis liye? The concept of “Personal space” does not exist within desis. Be it from parents side, be it from family, be it from siblings, be it for spouses. Let a person breatheeeee.
You can’t always possibly know what goes through someone else’s mind. It’s not possible so why tire yourself and them with the stupid questions?
Then comes the category of parents who can’t accept the fact that it’s their child who has to marry someone not them. So they don’t get to choose. Theak hai shit happens but where does it say shit won’t happen if your parents are picking someone for you? Ffs beauty and money isn’t everything. I’d never say it does not matter. Ofc it does but it’s not the sole criteria to settle down. Parents normally don’t give a shit about vibes and mental connection and I don’t think you can spend a lifetime with someone without it unless Ofc you just want to enjoy their status or literally only bow down to their looks which is more than common here. Pathetic honestly
The only problem parents and anyone who loves you have is not keeping a healthy balance.
If it’s control and possessiveness out of love it’s, over the board like the other person is an idiot and can’t live their life without it.
If it’s freedom and letting them have their space that too is overboard to the point they have children involved in all sort of evil and they still accept them. Just like women often stay back with cheating husbands lol.
They’re both stupid!
A healthy balance is needed which I don’t see anywhere honestly. It’s an absolute chaos out there. Crazy how you can be blinded by love to the point you’re hurting yourself or them.

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What was your latest achievement? Can be both big or small! How did it make you feel? 🏆 (Inspired by the fact I got my driver's license earlier today 🚘)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
These are all quite small achievements but I'm happy about them:
- I finally started therapy a few weeks ago, and I feel that it's going well and I'm feeling better already
- I received my feedback & grade for a uni assessment I was really worried about, and it was great
- I finished a 3000 word essay a few weeks ago that I had kept postponing for ages
- I'm gonna get promoted at work very soon
Btw, huge congrats on your driver's licence Todd!!

In school did you hate giving oral reports to the student body?

"The Biggest Smile" by Alex
Yes I did, because it was a requirement before graduating from high school. This reminds me of a funny but real experience. As a senior I had the great pleasure of having Miss Holmes, the department head, as my English teacher. On our first day of class, Ms. Holmes explained her course objectives and requirements. She also made it clear that if any of these requirements were not satisfied, we would not graduate. The thought of not graduating frightened me and at that precise moment I committed myself to achieving excellence in her class, which I did do.
Ms. Holmes taught us many important lessons that I still remember and practice to this day. Here are a few:
- Do the ends justify the means? I made the mistake of answering yes and boy... did I get an earful. lol
- Can the media be trusted? This is where I learned, back in 1970, what the media was really about. Ms. Holmes stated the following: "at least 50% of what you read or hear in the media is false." Wow! And for 16 years I had assumed that the media wrote the truth and nothing but the truth.
And we had to write research papers, essays, read literature and give oral presentations which was my greatest fear in the entire world. And oral presentation? Not gonna happen...no way.
Well a little background is necessary. I was Ms. Holmes paperboy for many years and there were many times I would show up to her house to collect money and it was either raining or snowing and I was either soaking wet or literally freezing. Well Ms. Holmes and her sister took pity on my pathetic state and would give me a towel to dry off and give me a hot drink. So you could say Ms. Holmes felt sorry for me.
Back to the story. So I told Ms. Holmes I can't get up to give an oral presentation and she sat me down and explained why it was necessary to do it in order to be successful in life. Ok...ok, I get it. But do I have too? Yes! (Damn, I thought to myself...that totally sucks!)
So the day that will live in infamy arrived and as I sat in her class I heard my name being called. I tentatively and reluctantly made my way to the podium. Oh, and least I forget, Ms. Holmes told me, the secret was to not look at your audience but to fix your eyes on a spot on the back wall. And so I picked my spot, opened my essay and just as I was about to begin, I saw the most beautiful young lady sitting in the first row right in front of me wearing a mini skirt with her legs open and her panties in full view. Her name was debbie, for those readers who are curious.
Now panic slowly took over. I thought should I stare at debbie, or should I stare at the spot on the back wall. I thought debbie or wall, debbie or wall, suddenly, Ms. Holmes once again rescued me when in a soft voice she said: "Alex, you can begin at any time." My mind quickly focused on the spot located on the back wall. And when I finished, I looked at debbie and she gave me the biggest smile.

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When did you realise you were fluent?

If you really want to learn, you have to stop using English. I was basically forced to abandon it; taking classes à la fac meant I couldn't take notes fast enough in English, so I had to use French and my listening and writing skills exploded. My host mother had folks over for dinner, and they'd practice their English while I practiced my French.
Maybe it's my self-esteem, but I'm not comfortable with saying I'm fluent. However, a few weeks ago, one of my exchange partners and I had a 30-40min discussion about political ideologies and philosophy. It was mostly in French. I stumbled here and there but I was amazed that I was able to participate in such an abstract conversation at all. Now I'm ok with saying that I "speak some French." :P
I found myself accidentally eaves dropping on people in a restaurant. They were t talking about anything particularly interesting, but I remember thinking how cool it was that I knew that this couple was going to a different town tomorrow and they had said it all in French.
If you really want to learn, you have to stop using English. I was basically forced to abandon it; taking classes à la fac meant I couldn't take notes fast enough in English, so I had to use French and my listening and writing skills exploded. My host mother had folks over for dinner, and they'd practice their English while I practiced my French. Interesting point. Yeah, I can definitely see myself faltering in that area, except for the most simple of jokes. It's a good way to look at it. I'm sure you don't need to hear it from me, but your English is really good by the way. I certainly wouldn't have guessed you weren't native.
As things are starting to click for me too, I see it, fluency, as my native language when I was like 10. I didn't know what so many ancillary words or specialized words were. I had to ask or look it up in a dictionary. Nor could i write an essay and sound educated. There is just so much polish we are able to put on our native language as we get older through education, reading, media, and just plain immersion around others. But being that way at that age didn't break my flow of conversation. And that to me is what fluency is...being fluid in being able to converse. Sometimes you hear something that makes you say "hmmm...what does that mean?" but you will get the context from the rest or just ignore it and move on. Instead of thinking, you are just doing.
A turning point for me is when I realized I could listen to the radio or watch some videos without missing (almost) anything. Also being able to speak naturally and understand others, as if it were your native language. When you can talk about the weather or have a great philosophical debate in the same conversation naturally!

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I’m a Decent guy who is struggling in life and doing hard work to get settled, I never date anyone in life but now wanted someone who support me and she become my support system if we both fall in love with each other she will be my future wife too. Wanted a decent girl just. Post that i’ll untick

Ufff itna long essay hai myself hehehhe anyways best of luck. Allah kary apko honest , loyal, sincere , caring future life partner mil jai jald he. Stay happy

Du schreibst einen Artikel mit dem Titel 'Das große Versagen'. Welche Thematik wählst du? Wo wirst du ihn veröffentlichen?

Um nicht immer auf diesen ganzen ernsten, traurigen, triggernden Themen herumzureiten: ich finde, das wäre mal was für die Schülerzeitung! Ein witziger Essay über das große Versagen in unseren Schulen. Egal ob es nun um die Auswahl der Schulfächer geht, unser Notensystem, die (fehlende) Vorbereitung auf relevante und lebenswichtige Themen, die Vermittlung des Schubladendenkens, der technische Standard der Schulgebäude/Geräte/Ausstattung - man könnte alle Themen mal ansprechen!
Es sollte unterhaltsam und witzig sein, aber dennoch zum Nachdenken anregen.
Ich würde am Ende noch einen Abschnitt über eine Wunsch- oder Traumschule einfügen. Dazu könnte man zum Beispiel eine Umfrage in der Schule machen und die Ergebnisse mit einfließen lassen. Ein Vorschlag wie man das große Versagen vielleicht beenden könnte oder zumindest alles nochmal überdenken. Denn nur weil etwas schon immer so war heißt das nicht, dass es auch am besten für alle ist und für immer genauso bleiben muss.

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Write an essay describing your involvement and participation in various out-group? What impact does it have on your thoughts, attitudes, values, and actions?

This answer is based on my personal experience, and I do not intend to judge or offend everyone who might see this answer.
I was in high school at that time when some of my friends invited me to participate in their Bible study after class. I'm a catholic, and they are Born Again Christians (if I'm not mistaken), and since I have free time and my friend will also be there, maybe out of curiosity, I joined.
Throughout the session, everyone was taking turns sharing their stories (stories about struggles, aspirations, desires, and prayers). I'm just observing and empathizing with them, and when it was my time to share, I refused to share my story, maybe because I'm afraid they would use it against me later on or when they find out my weakness, they'll perhaps tease and belittle me in some ways. So I keep saying no, it's okay, I'm just here to listen, and I don't have an interesting story to share anyway. But I ended up sharing my story because they asked me, not because I want so that they won't label me as a killjoy.
What impact does it have on your thoughts, Attitudes, values, and actions?
Thoughts and Attitudes:
At that time, it was evident to me that we were forced to do things out of curiosity, peer pressure, and the fear of being left behind. So we do things just to fit in and get along, and not because we want to, especially in this generation where everyone is craving attention and love to be in the spotlight. It is also an opportunity to explore, learn, and try new things we rarely do and experience.
Values and Action:
After that session, I'm thankful and relieved that I participated because It brought us closer together and somehow learned from them. We continue to do Bible Study after class, despite our religious differences. That scenario taught me that It's okay to do things out of your comfort zone that it's okay to live a little different from other people because your different views will somehow bind you as one who is honoring and glorifying God by all means.
Iha/Iho alam kong assignment mo 'to, wag mo sana gayahin kumuha ka lang ng idea as sagot ko at hindi to libre ha? Bayaran mo 'ko Cokefloat and Fries kasi nagutom ako. HAHAHA

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How do i tell someone i dont wannt be their friend nomore cause they fake

That is a great question and also a difficult/sensitive one to answer for a variety of reasons. I really do not want to write an essay explaining the various methods used to end relationships so I will simply ask you a question: do you have any feelings toward this person where if they never spoke to you again it would upset you?
If the answer is no, then I would simply disconnect from that relationship in the same way that you turn off a light switch or a water faucet.

Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sie. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Sehr gute Frage. In der Öffentlichkeit benutze ich oft Kopfhörer, weil sie Nebengeräusche unterdrücken. Es fällt mir leichter, mich auf das Ziel zu konzentrieren. Wenn ich nicht alleine bin, benutze ich es natürlich nicht.
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Is there a teacher that you’ll always remember? What makes them be so memorable?

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Ms. Holmes was my English teacher when I was a senior in High School. On the first day of school Ms. Holmes explained to us what her expectations were in order to graduate from High School and she also made it clear that if we did not meet her expectations and complete our assignments on time, we would not graduate. That demand that we take responsibility for our behavior caught my attention and I decided that I would work hard and do my absolute best.
Ms. Holmes taught us many critical skills such as:
- How to give an oral presentation.
- Reading comprehension.
- How to write an essay
- How to write a research paper
- How to interpret and appreciate literature and poems written by masters like William Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, Alfred Lord Tennyson, etc.
- How to appreciate and understand literature, poems and short stories
And most importantly, Ms. Holmes taught us about self-discipline, self-respect, perseverance, goal setting and common sense. She once asked the class: "How many students believe everything they read in the newspaper or hear on the radio or television? Most students raised their hands indicating that they believed everything they read and heard. Then Ms. Holmes looked directly at her students and challenged us by saying what I believe to be the most profound comment I have ever heard from a teacher. She said: “at least 50% of what you read and hear is not based upon objective truth but are mostly subjective opinions. So you must not believe everything you see or hear and must train yourself to question everything!”
Then Ms. Holmes asked us: "does the end justify the means?" Not fully comprehending the question I responded: "Yes, the end does justify the means" Ms. Holmes quickly took issue with my explanation and referenced several historical events that proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the ends often do not justify the means. There are many examples littered throughout history where citizens are abused or persecuted by dictators where the people must rise up and confront the tyranny or forever lose their Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.
For these reasons and more, Ms. Holmes is my favorite teacher and my personal hero. She dedicated her life to teaching students how to think critically, to observe and to question what they perceive and experience in their day to day life on this planet we call home. Thank You Ms. Holmes for caring.

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Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sie. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Also der Annahme -sagen wir etwas moderner mal schlichtweg Kopfhörer- zur akustischen Isolation zu nutzen, stimme ich zu. Ich habe auf meinem täglichen Arbeitsweg, den ich mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln zurück legen muss, immer geladene Kopfhörer dabei. Und nahezu täglich nutze ich diese auch. Meist höre ich Musik, seltener Podcasts.
Nun, zum einen ist Musik eine mir sehr zugängliche Kunstform. Ich schätze das Geschaffene, ich genieße sie, vermutlich macht sie mich ein Stück weit glücklich.
Zum anderen bin ich fast eine Stunde unterwegs, wenn man sich irgendwie beschäftigt, vergeht die Zeit schneller. Oft lese ich auch oder schreibe. Manchmal sitze ich nur so da und schaue nach draußen, versinke in Gedanken oder beobachte die anderen Fahrgäste. Damit möchte ich es aber nicht übertreiben, da ich immer befürchte, das könnte für die anderen Menschen irgendwie unangenehm sein. (Leuten ist ja immer alles irgendwie unangenehm.)
Oft ist es so, dass ich mit einem Lied im Ohr aus dem Haus gehe und mir vornehme das, und oft das dazu gehörige Album, gleich während der Fahrt zu hören, wenn ich dann aber eingestiegen bin, habe ich da gar keine Lust mehr drauf, sondern sitze lieber einfach so, nachdenklich da.
Keine Ahnung, wieso das so ist.
Natürlich schirme ich mich mit Kopfhörern irgendwie von der Außenwelt ab, aber ich mag es damit niemals so weit treiben, dass ich von dem um mich herum nichts mehr mit bekomme. Deswegen hasse ich auch noise cancelling. Damit kann ich überhaupt nichts anfangen und auch Leute, die auf so hoher Lautstärke hören, dass man es neben ihnen wahrnehmen kann, waren mir immer schon suspekt.
Ich persönlich würde mich einfach unwohl dabei fühlen, wenn ich gar nichts mehr mitbekommen würde, was um mich herum passiert. Ich höre da eher verhältnismäßig leise Musik.
Der Punkt mit der Einsamkeit in Großstädten trotz der Menschenmassen, ja mei… ich weiß nicht, ob nur das Nicht-mehr-Musikhören daran viel verändern würde. Wir trauen uns ja trotzdem nicht, jemand Fremdes einfach anzusprechen. Wir wollen das vielleicht selber nicht (angesprochen werden) und dadurch fehlen manchen dann soziale Kontakte, aber dieses Problem dürfte etwas weitreichender sein, als dass man es durch ein Kopfhörerverbot beheben könnte… naja.

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Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sie. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Es ist lange her, als auch ich mal mit Kopfhörern durch die City lief. Ich finde, dass Musik eine sehr private Sache sein kann...da sie ein Stimmungs- wenn nicht Seelenspiegel ist. Entscheide ich mich bewusst dazu, Musik laut in der Öffentlichkeit zu hören, so gebe ich damit auch immer einen Teil meines Selbsts preis. Verstecke ich meine Lieder aber hinter Kopfhörern, so bleiben sie bei mir. Letztendlich veränderten sie draußen, über Kopfhörer gehört, auch mein Bewusstsein, mit dem ich das Außen wahrnahm. Zum einen durch die Musik selbst, aber auch durch die Weise, wie ich mich mit ihr verband, wie ich mich darauf konzentrierte.
Als ich früher Musik öffentlich mit 'nem Walkman hörte, gab mir das auch ein Stück weit das Gefühl von Isolation bzw. Teilabkopplung von der Außenwelt. Jedoch war das nicht mein Hauptgrund, draußen, für mich allein, Musik zu hören. Eher die Freude an meinem damals neuen Walkman und ein Ausprobieren bzw. Experimentieren mit dieser großartigen Möglichkeit, Musik überall bei mir haben zu können, womit beiläufig aber meist auch die 'schlechter klingende' Realität etwas aufgepeppt werden konnte.

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Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sie. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Ja bei mir ist es bewusste Strategie in der Tat ich bin in der Stadt schon viel zuvielen negativen Impulsen ausgesetzt da will ich wenigstens ein paar positive mitbringen. Die Musik ist aber keine Musik sondern heilende Subliminals, Mantren, Frequenzen usw und auch nicht laut sondern gerade hörbar aber sie halten bisschen den disharmonischen Lärm von aussen ab bzw reduzieren ihn schon allein wegen der Kopfhörer. Der Smalltalk mit den Stadtmenschen bringt mir nicht viel und wenn ich ein Gespräch will geht es auch so da der Ton sehr viel leiser ist als die Stadtgeräusche. Auch reicht meine Achtsamkeit und Gegenwärtigkeit und Intuition bei weitem damit ich wegen sowas wie Kopfhörern keinen Unfall habe. Ich sehe es als positiver unbewusster Impuls plus teilweise Ohrenschutz der eh so leise das es keine Nachteile hat. Ich kann die Zeit in der hässlichen negativen giftigen Stadt eh nur mit meinen kleinen Tricks und inneren Energiequellen ertragen. Wie eben Sublis im Ohr, Mantra im Kopf, visualisieren im Geist Zeit weise, Mudras in der Jackentasche und mein Schutzschmuck natürlich. Und Zunge am Gaumen hehe. Durch all diese esoterischen Techniken verliere ich in der Stadt weniger Energie als andere und doch hält es sich die Waage da alte sensitive Seelen dort mehr leiden. Vielleicht verliere ich also in der End Bilanz doch genauso viel wie die unbewussten aber zumindest auch nicht mehr wie es ohne all das für mich wär.

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Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sei. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Das, was die mobile Begleitung einer musikalischen Untermalung so besonders macht, ist der permanente Zugang derselbigen - zu jeder Zeit und an jedem Ort, was die entsprechenden Rückzugsmöglichkeiten immerwährend erscheinen lässt. Vor der Zeit der tragbaren Abspielgeräte gab es nur stationäre Möglichkeiten, Musik zu hören, was in gewisser Hinsicht auch einen determinierten Raum angeboten hat. Man konnte sich nicht frei durch Kulissen bewegen, sondern war stets an das entsprechende Medium gebunden.
Nehmen wir als Beispiel das Grammophon: Ein archaischer Tonträger der besonderen Art. Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass irgendjemand dieses Gerät unter den Arm geklemmt hat und damit unbeschwert über eine Straße in der Öffentlichkeit gelaufen ist. Tonträger dieser Art sind also starr auf eine spezifische Umgebung reduziert und die Akustik verteilt sich entsprechend über diesen spezifischen Raum. Man ist also zwangsläufig an eine gewisse Nähe gebunden, weil mit zunehmender Entfernung die Klangfarbe und Lautstärke anders wahrgenommen wird; entweder besonders ausgeprägt oder aber leise und kaum merklich. Bei mobilen Tonträgern ist dieser Bewegungsfaktor nicht zwingend gegeben. Die Lautstärke lässt sich beliebig modifizieren, sodass ich mich frei und ungebunden bewegen kann; es ändert nichts an der Zugänglichkeit des Mediums. Zudem ist es möglich, schnell zwischen verschiedenen Interpreten zu wechseln, was eine zusätzliche Autonomie in die Wege leitet.
Die These des Walkmaneffekts, eine akustische Isolation zu erzeugen, ist für mich sehr naheliegend, da ein direkter Zugang zu meinen auditiven Sinneseindrücken gelegt wird. Wenn wir In-Ear-Kopfhörer einmal außen vorlassen und uns Noise Cancelling On-Ear Exemplare vergegenwärtigen, ist bereits beim alleinigen Aufsetzen eine gewisse Distanz zu den Umgebungslauten garantiert. Wenn ich dann noch über die Lautstärke der abgespielten Tonmedien verfüge, kann ich mich und meine Umwelt zu großen Teilen ausblenden und mich intrinsisch zurückziehen. Die auditive Wahrnehmung ist, besonders bei reizüberflutenden Einwirkungen, ausgesprochen beeinflussend, was die eigene Stimmungsgrundlage anbelangt.
Ich selbst höre Musik im öffentlichen Raum, sei es aus Genuss, Langeweile, Tagtraumfantasie oder bewusste Rückzugsstrategie. Meine Wahrnehmung mit der Ausblendung der tatsächlichen Geräusche kreiert in gewisser Hinsicht eine entrückte, surreale Wahrnehmung der Umgebung, weil sie durch die Klangfarbe der eigenen Musik verändert wird. Dadurch wird in gewisser Hinsicht die Realität ummodelliert, zugunsten meines eigenen Wohlfühlempfindens oder meiner psychischen Sensibilität auf die tatsächliche, gegenwärtige Akustik. Es desensibilisiert in gewisser Hinsicht, erzeugt aber paradoxerweise eine ebenso prägnante Empfindlichkeit. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass wenn ich meine Kopfhörer nicht eingepackt habe, sich auch manchmal eine latente Unruhe anbahnt, zum Teil überfordernden Geräuschen ausgesetzt zu sein.

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Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sei. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Näh hab ich keinen Bock drauf. Je mehr Menschen um mich herum "verschwinden", jedenfalls nicht mehr für andere präsent sind, desto eher ist es wichtig für mich, selbst und für andere präsent zu sein. Die Umgebung aufzusaugen, akustisch wie visuell, und meine Mitmenschen zu beobachten, eventuell zu interagieren, durch Augenkontakt, freundliche Mimik, paar Worte. Aufmerksam zu sein im gegenwärtigen Moment. Falls etwas diese Aufmerksamkeit von wenigstens einem Menschen bedarf. Oder falls sich jemand genauso einsam fühlt wie ich. Weil eben alle "verschwunden" sind, Untóte sind. Da sind, aber doch in dieser Welt nichts wahrnehmen können/wollen. Es macht mich schon manchmal traurig, dass das so gekommen ist. Ich habe Menschen gern, sie setzen umgekehrt alles dran mich nicht wahrnehmen zu müssen. Und wehe du sprichst wen an, ob er kurz zur Seite treten kann, weil du denkst der Mensch ist gerade "da", der aber in Wahrheit unsichtbare Kopfhörer drin hat und dich nun angiftet, weil man ihn gestört hätte und er für einen Augenblick gezwungen wurde, wieder präsent zu sein und O.M.G wie nervt die Welt...

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Der Musikwissenschaftler Shuhei Hosokawa spricht in seinem Essay über den Walkmaneffekt davon, dass das Musikhören mit Kopfhörern im öffentlichen Raum eine Art urbane Strategie der akustischen Isolation sei. Hörst du Musik im öffentlichen Raum? Warum? Was macht das mit deiner Wahrnehmung?

Ja, da gehe ich ganz d'accord. Ich bin kein Freund von dieser Praxis mehr; natürlich nicht ausschließlich, aber wenn das die Norm ist, schadet das der Gesellschaft (und tut es auch). Davon bin ich überzeugt. Nenn mich Steppenwolf, aber dieses ständige Hören von Playlists, Durchskippen, und dabei alle anderen Umweltgeräusche ausblenden, das ist auf eine komische Art und Weise krank.
Früher habe ich das gemacht. Morgens rein, Schulstart raus. In den Pausen, nach der Schule. Unterwegs halt. Dann auch zuhause. War auch schön, intim irgendwie, aber es war vor allem auch ein Coping-Mechanismus für meine verdammte Einsamkeit und damals überwältigende Sozialphobie.
Klar, lange Fahrt mal, oder einfach mal Bock, ab und zu was zu hören. Aber was passiert in dieser Welt, wo jeder immer Kopfhörer aufhat und eh schon so tut, als wären alle Umstehenden inexistent, während doch jeder zweite sich wünscht, mehr mit coolen Menschen verbunden zu sein, jeder dritte einfach Angst davor hat. (don't google these stats)
Es mutet so an, als wäre die neue Religion des Westens der "unfreiwillige Solipsismus". Das ist eine fiese Spirale in die Einsamkeit, und natürlich ist Musik per se nicht der Übeltäter, sondern dicke Konglomerate, die uns den mobilen Pleasure-Knopf der Ratten gesteckt haben in Form von Smartphones (und Trash-Essen).
Lass mich gar nicht erst von dieser Zombie-Reizflutssucht anfangen, der sich so viele unterwerfen und dabei noch deep fühlen. Da verspüre ich keine Romantik. "Ich liebe Musik so sehr, sie ist ein Teil von mir." Ja, ich auch, genau deshalb höre ich sie nicht mehr ununterbrochen, schon gar nicht immer so passiv. Manchmal, wie gesagt, ja ja ja ja, IMMER manchmal, aber wenn du dich umsiehst, siehst du Menschen, die ihre Blase mit Stahl verstärkt haben, eine Gesellschaft, in der Leute dich IGNORIEREN, schnell wegguckst, wenn du ihnen noch beim Vorbeigehen bei zufälligem Blickkontakt zulächelst. Kann man nicht mal festhalten, wie abgefvckt das ist? Wie kann man nachhause gehen und sich denken, dass heute nichts Ungewöhnliches passiert ist?
Ich mache immer alles mal zu viel. Musik war keine Ausnahme, manchmal kommt's auch noch vor, da ich halt ein unzufriedener semiimpulsiver Lappen sein kann. Aber meine neue Musik ist auch der Wind, das manchmal fast schon lustige Gesinge der Krähen am Bahnhof, Freunde im Gespräch, ein weinendes Kind und die Blätter, auf die ich trete. Oft ist die schönste Musik die Ruhe, in der nichts zu hören ist außer das Flüstern der Bäume im Wind. Seitdem habe ich nicht nur mit dem Hören, sondern auch mit allen anderen Sinnen einen viel größeren Zugang zur Welt bekommen. Natürlich bin ich aber eine Anomalie, eine unwillkommene Aufdringlichkeit, da ich die Existenz anderer nicht nur anerkenne, sondern mir auch noch wünsche, dass sie dem gleichtun. Mikroaktivismus - Leute wahrnehmen. Da ist der mir ähnlichste fiktive Charakter Elliot von Mr. Robot, und gleichzeitig bin ich sein komplettes Gegenteil. Passt wohl.

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Why Wokeism? --Part 1--

(This will be my final post. Consider the content of this essay carefully)
Why Wokeism? --Part 1--
Last Monday, Hollywood celebrity Whoopi Goldberg said on “The View” that Hitler’s mass murder of Jews during World War II was “not about race.” She repeated this to Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.”
Whoopi was immediately denounced as stupid and anti-Semitic. Although she made numerous public apologies, she was suspended from “The View” for two weeks.
However, Whoopi’s statements perfectly reflect the narrative of the “woke” black history and Critical Race Theory that saturates our public schools, colleges, media, and Hollywood/TV entertainment.
That narrative goes like this.: until about 600 years ago, most people in the world lived peaceful, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable lives.
Then, in the 1400s, a bunch of white men in Europe went crazy. While abusing their women, they built ships and weapons to attack and exploit the rest of the world. These crazy white men exterminated Native Americans, enslaved black Africans, and impoverished Asians. They also started wars and polluted the planet to cause the catastrophic “climate crisis” we have today.
That is why today’s “woke” Democrats call for a “final solution” to put these crazy white people in their place. That is why they demand mass migration, an anti-family/pro-abortion culture, harsh climate laws, and “reparations” to destroy their wealth and power.
Whoopi’s comments make a lot of sense to those who agree that skin color is the most important factor in human relations and history. To them, the Holocaust is just another example of toxic “white people doing it to white people.”
Of course, Whoopi was dead wrong, as is anyone who believes that “woke” narrative. The world was not happy and peaceful before the rise of Western Europe and America. Native Americans fought wars of extermination against each other. They sacrificed captives from other tribes to their gods long before Europeans arrived. Arabs captured and sold so many black Africans as slaves that “abeed,” their word for slave, now also means black African. It was normal for thousands of people around the world to die each year from war, hunger, and disease.
Western Europe and America changed all that in just a few hundred years. We made our core Bible values based on “Love thy neighbor as thyself” the norm. We ended slavery in most of the world. Our constitutional governments protected the life, liberty, and property of individuals so they were free to make enormous advances in science, technology, industry, and farming. This ended famine, controlled most diseases, and created machines to do the work that once made slaves and serfs necessary.
However, those stories are rarely told in America today. Only stories with a “woke” narrative are permitted. Ironically, that “woke” narrative is very similar to what most Germans believed in the years before Hitler.

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جماعه بجد اي حد ف ٣ث ممكن يقولي ازاكر الاانجلش ازاي لاني مفيش الا بحفظ كلمات اليونتس لدرس وبزاكر الجرامر واحل عليهم وخلاص ومش بزاكره كتير ممكن محدش يفوت الكيو خليناا نساعد بعض ❤️

استمري ف حفظ كلمات اليونتس وافهمي الجرامر كويس مع ال language notes و الأسكيلز مهمة جدا ومتنسيش تذاكري ال types of essay و مهارات ال Writing

The defect of equality is that we only desire it with our superiors-Mst of us think the superiors r those ppl who hv rights or abilities to control ppl or events, but in real life, it's more complicated. Like, someone's born to be rich others don't. I was always wondering what's the real equality?

no_doubt_question’s Profile Photono_doubt_question
Several days ago I posted an essay on my askfm account concerning equality verses equal outcomes. I recommend that you take a look at it because it addresses some of the relevant issues that you raise.

Can you write me the first thing that comes to mind when you see this image? http://houraney.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/madison-tyranny.jpg

"Many of the greatest horrors in human history owe their occurrence solely to the establishment and social application of a false reality. With gratitude to the Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper and his landmark 1970 essay" Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power "for the term and the idea, we can refer to these alternative realities as ideological pseudo-realities.
Pseudo-realities, being false and unreal, will always generate tragedy and evil on a scale at least proportional to the extent of their control over power, which is their main interest, be it social, cultural, economic, political or (particularly) a combination. of several or all of them. So important to the development and tragedies of societies are these pseudo-realities as they arise and take root that it is worth outlining their basic properties and structure so that they can be properly identified and resisted before they result in socio-political calamities, up to and including war. . , genocide and even the collapse of civilization, all of which can cost many millions of lives and ruin many millions more in the vain pursuit of a fiction whose believers are, or have been made.

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Revenge or forgiveness?

manwaar’s Profile PhotoM O N O
Even if you’re not a peace-lover and even if you’re heartbroken af you should choose Forgiveness over something as shallow as taking revenge.
If you value your mental peace then you’d forgive even without an apology and move on with your life but if you don’t then you’ll look for ways to defame that person, call him names and what not.
Secondly, Karma is better than revenge and since Allah is the best of Planners, He will do justice and take your revenge if that’s all you want.
Allah says in Surah Maryam, “ And your Lord isn’t Forgetful”. If the Creator of this Universe and everything within it, is there for you then why do you need to even worry about such thing? Today when I was talking to my bff and she asked me “ tumhe badla lene ka khayal nahi aya kiunke mujhe ata hai” and I told her the exact same thing then I succeeded in changing her perspective regarding all this.
You should spend your energy, time and resources in something positive and something that’s actually meaningful. Try out meditation for beginners to calm your monkey mind.
Lastly If a person has realised his/ her mistake and you feel that person is sincerely apologetic matlab dil se sorry then you should definitely forgive and forget. It takes a lot of inner work to realise your shortcomings and it takes even more courage to actually say the word sorry and apologise in a convincing manner so I believe one should choose to be a bigger person and forgive. Aise hi rishte nibhaye jate hain and there’s nothing more important to me than my relationship with my family, friends, fellows and closed ones. Baatain hoti rehti hain un kuch second ki baato k liye you shouldn’t lose a lifelong bond. There was a famous quote about forgiveness which I remember I was told by my friend and then I penned it down in my English essay back in O-levels “ To err is human but to forgive is Devine. “

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داخل الامتحانات معتمد على ايه ؟

ف آخر ترم ف الكلية قبل امتحان ال nutrition and immunity وبعد ما ذاكرت المادة اكتر من مرتين وبرضو لقيت نفسي ولا فاهم اي حاجة و الامتحان خلاص الصبح و انا قاعد والله بخبط دماغي ف المكتب، كعادة اي امتحان اتصلت بأصحابي فيديو كول عشان نراجع ولقيتهم برضو زيي و انيل، قولتلهم انا هنام و نتقابل ع القهوة الصبح و يحلها الحلال، روحت الساعة ٨ و الامتحان ١٢ و انا ولا كأني ذاكرت و من التوتر نسيت كل حاجة، روحت لقيتهم جايبين فطير مشلتت و عسل و طحينة عشان طبعا اهم حاجة تغذية البطن عشان نعرف نشغل العقل😂، واحد قال انا معايا امتحان الدفعة اللي فاتت هنشوفوه، شوفت الامتحان و حفظت الاسئلة بالاجابات لإني خلاص كنت نسيت و ذاكرت كام سؤال essay وقولت زي ما تيجي تيجي بقى مفيش ب ايدي حاجة اعملها،، دخلت الامتحان وشايف المعيد جاي بيوزع الورق و انا هموت م التوتر و قلبي هينط من مكانه م الخوف، اخدت الورقة قولت بسم الله و قرأت كام سورة وكتبت اسمي و فتحت على الصح و الغلط لقيته هو هو بتاع امتحان السنة اللي فاتت، جبت الاختر لقيت الاسئلة مش متغيره و الاختيارات هي هي بالترتيب،، كنت هموت بقى وقتها م الفرحة وخلصت الامتحان وخرجنا احنا ال٤ في غاية السعادة والله ومحدش كان يعرف اللي حصل غير بعد ما خلصنا و لما الدفعة عرفت الحمد لله دعوا علينا😂😂
يلا الحمد لله على كل حال ويخربيت الزهق اللي يخليني اكتب كل ده🏃🏼‍♂️

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Does your sense of style align with your personality?

I'll wear something pretty loud like a tie-dye shirt from time to time, but mostly I prefer more minimalist, understated clothes, and I just recently had the realization that this goes pretty hand in hand with my personality: I'm a pretty understated guy; calm; easygoing and not too much phases me, and I think my clothing is starting to reflect that. This turned into kind of a personal essay, but what I'd like to ask and discuss with all of you is do you feel like you wear clothes that match your personality? Would you say your clothes are in some way an extension and a '[book] cover,' per se, of who you are? And, if not, what would you say they reflect? For me personally, I've realized that my job has a huge influence on my style. Almost to the exclusion of personal expression, I think. I work in a male dominated field where I need to dress professionally but I also need to be able to climb on a roof at a moments notice. It's a very difficult line to tread as a woman. When I worked in an office I wore a lot of dresses and skirts because they were easy and more comfortable than most women's business appropriate acrylic pants. Now, I can't wear any of that and it's also in general hard to find professional wear that is functional as a woman. Someone should do something about that. I'm also younger, and I run into a lot of opposition in my role if I dress too feminine or too youthful. I had already been trending towards few/simple patterns in my field anyway, but now I pretty much avoid them. I'm not a fan of blazers, but I have several because that along with my clipboard seem to be some kind of badge of authority and give me more legitimacy in the eyes of the old men who want to argue with me. Don't even get me started on shoes. There are zero women's shoes that are professional and functional for getting on roofs or walking metal shops. I'm seriously considering looking at men's shoes because I have to carry two pairs of shoes with me to work. In fact, if anyone has any recommendations please share.
I’m 47 and don’t even know what is meant by “personal style” - I think it’s a vague and misleading term. If I’m going to work I am going to dress entirely differently than if I am going on a date or to the gym. My usual wardrobe is gym clothes- so is my personal style “athletic?” Even tho I consider myself a business woman? I've always wondered this myself. Early on in my career I used clothes to signal maturity. I'm 100% WFH now and I've suddenly realized that I really do like dressing up and I do dress for myself. That means 4 days I week I'm edgier and bolder than before -- I have a much bigger range than I thought. I've always worn a ton of dresses and skirts -- still do but it so many different silhouettes and patterns. The other 3 days I am in black leggings and a comfy sweater. However, I think when I return to the office I'll still dress for the job I want, but after work change back into my Doc Martins.

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If you've the chance to fit in any of these groups, which one group would you prefer to be part of? •Beautiful •Wealthy •Famous •Athletic •Adventurous •Friendly •Leaders •Fashionista •Others(?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
i'd fit w goth ppl, there's so many aspects of being goth like literature, music, history, philosophical ideologies, art i could write a whole essay

Someone asked this woman a question and they called her a "girl" and she got mad and corrected them "I am not a GIRL! I AM A WOMAN" 💀💀💀💀 is it that deep tho lmao i swear people get pressed about the stupidest and most futile things ever💀💀who hurt em

It’s apparently deep enough to write an essay about the matter and send it to everyone. I’m sure you feel better for that.

Have you ever had a teacher/professor/peer ruin a subject for you? How did they ruin it?

We always kind of clashed personalities. I would provoke him every day and he would do the same. Apparently when I told him to shove his essay up his ass it was the final straw. He moved me to another French class and I reported him for bullying. He tried to deny it and I produced an mp3 player that had a sound recording of him losing it at me.
Hell yes. I think having the wrong teacher can really turn an otherwise interesting subject into a chore, and having the right teacher can turn an otherwise boring subject into something really fun. For me, it was German in college. I was also taking French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and ASL, but the guy who taught my German class was at the best of times boring, and at the worst, hypercritical and just mean.
English has always been my favorite subject but quite literally every teach I ever had for it was astonishingly bad/an asswipe. Every year it was someone terrible, it became a running joke in my family. One openly admitted she didn't like girls, one had a personal vendetta against me because I quit a play she was putting on (it was shit), one was pretending to be disabled (mobility scooter and everything) and made the class answer her phone and heat up her soup because she "couldn't walk" but would then be sighted at the weekends jogging down the street, one was a barely-concealed pervert. But I graduated with an upper 2:1 BA Hons in English Lit this year, so it didn't quite get ruined entirely!
I don't know if this counts but my high school soccer coach ruined the sport for me. At the time I had taken a few years off because of family issues and was looking to get back in. The coach knew I was good enough to start on varsity but wouldn't play me and instead put me on JV. He told me it was because I wasn't good enough but it was really because he was a terrible and biased coach, or racist towards white kids trying to play a sport he thought was only for Portuguese and Brazilians. He was Portuguese himself. So one day at practice after telling me and some other kids we were terrible players. He went onto the other team and played with the starters against us. I took the ball from him schooled the defense and put the ball past the goalie. He was amazed and asked why I hadn't played like that all year. I then told him what I thought of him as a coach and walked off the field. He didn't know that I had been scouted by and made it onto the US JR Olympic team prior to quitting soccer previously. I wish every day that I never quit.
Yes, two in particular. One was my French teacher, who pinned me up against the wall by my throat. The other was my Visual Basic teacher, her voice was shrill like a banshee and her method of 'teaching' was to write the code on the interactive whiteboard and not actually explain it thoroughly. Rather than learning we were just following along.

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How many ask notifications do you tend to have whenever you go online? Do you ever have any problems keeping up?❗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
When I log in I typically have between 50 and 100 ask notifications. I do not have trouble keeping up because I prioritize my followers based upon their writing ability. So that reduces the amount of what I call "users of interest" into a manageable number of less than 10. Once I review my top ten, if I have time, I will take a look at my top 20.
What is important to me is writing, first and foremost. What prompts me to write are thoughtful questions that provoke an immediate response where my fingers start typing until whatever I have to say, whether it be a poem, essay or some long winded diatribe, appears as text.
So, no... I do not have difficulty keeping up.
How many ask notifications do you tend to have whenever you go online Do you

Midnight thoughts 💭

AwaisSahil’s Profile PhotoAwais Abbasi
25% is better than 0%. trying a little is better than not trying at all. eating a protein bar is better than nothing.cleaning one section of your room or house is better than not cleaning any of it. writing a paragraph of your essay is better than not starting it. whatever you can manage today is okay. you can try again tomorrow. little steps are to be proud of.
Midnight thoughts

Quel destination aimeriez vous allez pour vos futurs vacances ?

Autello’s Profile PhotoKevin TELLO
Those three ideas are always floating around, but I just need time to actually go. As for my next trip, I have no idea. If it's not a long, multi-week trip, it's very spontaneous. I may decide to take a trip to French Polynesia out of the blue one day, and you'll catch me on the next flight out. I actually do this semi-frequently, as whenever I need to focus on an important essay for one of my classes, I'll leave town for a few days to focus. Small <1 week trips are always spontaneous and I go wherever I feel like. It's the bigger trips that require planning and lots of time.
Before I watched the video series in Vietnam though I really wanted to travel to Italy and explore the country in depth. So I was also in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Italy (both of these trips would be over a year away because I just recently booked a flight to Lisbon to start a 5 month solo trip already).
So now I’m just planning over a year in advance honestly. I’m thinking when I get around to my next trip I would do 2 months in Vietnam on a motorbike, a month in Taiwan, 2 and a half months in Italy and finish off with 2 weeks in Malta. (again I only really thought of Taiwan from posts on this subreddit, and then from lurking in google maps I saw popular tourist attractions that looked beautiful, so I thought taiwan would be cool to visit)
Money is a big factor for me and skyscanner has been a life saver with its wide search options. I can look at worldwide prices for a given month. They have some results from iffy sites though so you have to be smart but I’ve booked most of my vacations because of deals found there. I do more nature/dive trips (done lots of the Caribbean) now while I’m relatively young but sometimes I feel like I’m missing out on European cities but hopefully I’ll live long enough and see those when I’m a bit older and not as keen on scuba diving and hiking all the time. Thailand and Cambodia is my top dream trip though and I’ve decided to do it next fall regardless of the cost.
For example - I was looking for a place to go to. fiddling about on a flights site. Hmm Ireland maybe? I could split the time with Scotland? oh wait these are some seriously cheap rides to Istanbul...hell yes Istanbul it is! Do I know anything about Istanbul? no....nothing more than what Ive come across in passing...Well lets go find out. In another case its more planned. My GF is finishing nursing school (seriously bad ass) and we have talked for a long time about going to Morocco. She was there with her family when she was young. And I love me some middle eastern stuff. So Ive always kept that destination on hold as "our thing". So I was fiddling about again with flights and I was seriously considering Spain. The idea of roaming Spain by train had serious pull for me. And my GF says "I think Im going to take a break between degrees this spring" well hey girlfriend, can I take you to Morocco?

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today' news from here(?) that 150.000 Hungarians asked for settled status in the UK. I heard that some of the applicants are pestered by the authorities: raids, house-searchings etc. Would it be the way to persuade them to leave? ehh. What do u think of Thatcher's gov? I know u didnt live that time

well Orbán and his followers have fascist tendencies so perhaps not wanting to go back there
well with the current wave of xenophobia gripping England
I wouldn't be at all surprised,
I study politics/history/ philosophy so I'm familiar with Thatcher's government.
She has to be looked at in the context of the time with a failing economy and industrial strife, her approach was radical and imo wrong she had foreign policy success re the Cold War and failures re Ireland but hey it would take an essay not an answer to explore all that, she certainly wrecked the ideological consensus that had obtained in the UK since WW2

Exactly that! Our instincts within to guide us through right and wrong. God gave us a brain and this all reminds me of Solomon and wisdom. ☺️

bombdiggityboo’s Profile PhotoPerson
I wrote this a few years ago as part of an much longer essay on Free Will.
Here is our dilemma, as humans attempting to navigate this chaotic and dysfunctional world we live in.
(1) Birth - We were born and this event occurred without our expressed consent.
(2) Life - We live in a complex world that on the one hand claims that all life is equal but then creates laws that favor one group over another group and intentionally discriminates based upon race, color, gender, education, intellect, physical attributes, religion, ethnicity, etc. In fact, these ideological groups are so dysfunctional that they cannot even agree when life begins, so they create and justify arbitrary laws that punish and eliminate certain groups of people while simultaneously justifying their ambiguity and disingenuous set of beliefs. But…there is another group of individuals comprised of thoughtful people who are logical and analytical in their reasoning and ability to solve problems, whether technical, mechanical or human. We call these individuals: doctors, physicists, engineers, philosophers, scientists, etc. The difference between a politician and a scientist is that a true scientist makes decisions based upon scientific evidence and not emotion or politics; while a politician makes decisions, forms opinions, and passes laws based upon emotion, politics, power, money, greed and self-interest.
(3) Death – As we are born, so too will we experience death. Said differently, death awaits us all.
This is why I believe in God. How could we truly live or learn to appreciate life without the knowledge that death awaits us? Does death not provide a sense of urgency or perhaps provide some of us with a motivation to create, to contribute, and to love ourselves, while also taking the risk to love others? For without death, life would be meaningless. And so death, gives life meaning in the same way that silence gives music meaning.
So, the next time you are wondering why you exist, or whether or not life is worth living, try reversing the question, and contemplate why you die, and if death is worth living for. Then ask this question: What choice do I have?
I believe in God because of his unconditional love for his creation, and because he sent his son Jesus to educate us, and to suffer and die to save us from our own sins; but, I also believe that God’s greatest gift to humankind, is Free Will. It is almost incomprehensible to imagine the love that a father has for his children, where he would give them the free will necessary to make their own choices in life, knowing full well that these life choices could result in injury or even death. And yet, GOD gave his children free will so that they might learn from their experiences.
Remember, no matter what happens in your life, or how impossible or difficult your life experience may be, GOD has given you Free Will so that you can make your own choices and learn from your personal experience

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Exactly that Our instincts within to guide us through right and wrong God gave

I'm getting a ton of questions from those that have not posted anything...ever....what's going on? It seems odd?

Bocepous’s Profile PhotoRobin Hood
I personally really dont like majority of the accounts/pages that dont post anything but just talk to people instead.
I prefer people who make this platform more into their blog because then it becomes a more interactive blog setting - its cool.
Thats why pages that people just post, “yes” “no” “thanks” - basically just one worded answers but then when they want to start drama they somehow know how to write an essay - REALLY piss me off. I think i might hate these types of pages more than people who dont post at all 😂

عاوز أتقن الإنجليزي في أسرع وقت ومفيش وقت آخد كورس أعمل ايه؟

أحسن حاجة ممكن تتفرج على أفلام وأسمع أغانى ممكن مثلاً فى الأول تسمع من غير subtitles ولا lyrics وتكتب ال بتسمعه وبعدين تشوف ال subtitles وتقارن ب ال انت سمعته صح و غلط وحتى خلى ال speed بطيئة فى الأول اللغة عمتاً مش عايزة أستعجال لأنها عايزة إتقان .. وممكن تتعرف على ناس من أى chats وتتكلم معاهم ب ال english حتى لو غلط فا هما مايعرفكش ولا بينتقضوا زى ما هنا بيحصل 😀 وحاول تكتب مثلاً كذا essay ب ال english وأعمل search على Pinterest تعلم ال إينجليزية فيه basics او كلام مهم أكتبه فى ورقة برا وأستخدمه ودول ال Apps ال كنت بستخدمها وأنا بحفظ vocab وكل حاجة هتفيدك ماتستهونش حتى بكلمة أنت عارفها❤️❤️
عاوز أتقن الإنجليزي في أسرع وقت ومفيش وقت آخد كورس 
أعمل ايه

Have you story of vacation

Yes it's . Actually I did these vacation and write story as long 4 month ago before Emergency PPKM.
Today. I getting up at 12.15 Pm. I'm not forget to pray to God as the most grateful to God. Then I take a bath at bathroom. Afterwards I Prepared to meeting with dean , and students of stiba college. I buy a fried chiken and rice . Before I meet on zoom meeting. Don't forget I have pray dzuhur. Already I meet to dean and friend on zoom meeting from 01. PM until 02.30. Dean explain of online system learning and how to use it. like spada , siakad , siadmin, and e library. The meeting has been complete. I arranged to went kota tua. I walking from house until kramat station so far 1 km. Then I arrived at kemayoran station. However I should be waited train as long 1 hour. I play mobile phone and read vocabulary. To improve my skill and English knowledge . At least My train arrive arround 03. 15 PM. I go to jakarta kota station. I should be move to train served bekasi-jakarta kota at jatinegara station. Before I continue the trip. fist I pray ashar at jatinegara station. Already I continued the trip. To waiting train arround 15 minutes. At least The train arrive at jatinegara station. I went to kota tua. I see a lot of good view . Like monas , mnc tower , Istiqlal mosque , Has a lot of tree. Finally I arrive At kota tua. However I fell dissapointed. because It has not opened. Eventhough It closed. I visited ancient building to see spot photo. When I was arriving at kota tua area. Because have a lot of police was patroly to put in order area from small traders. I go to jembatan intan to saw a bridges. It already exist since age of netherland. I found ancient building to became spot photo. It has a value of history. Because it already exist since 100 years ago. I take a picture a part of ancient building like house unique , jembatan Intan and Mercury hotel. After I take a picture. I visited kedai to bought a beverage and cigarete. Afterwards I went to jakarta station . I arrive jakarta kota station. I waiting train on 8 track to Mangarai station. I arrive at kampung Bandan station. To transited train jatinegara bogor on 2 track to go Mangarai station. I see a lot of people house during railway from gedong panjang until tanah abang. The area very crowded. Commuter line was through Angke , duri , Tanah Abang , Karet , Sudirman station.Finally I arrived at Mangarai station. I pray isya at Mangarai mousque. Afterthat I prepare to went to my house. I waiting train from 19.30 Until 20.05 PM a Mangarai station. Finally I went to house. That all of my essay. If I have mistake from grammar and spelling in essay. I forgive to it.

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g00d day What's happening

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Good morning Stephi. I am well today and have several projects to work on: repair pool cage, repair vacuum cleaner, help Faith with her violin lesson and hopefully play my guitar.
I posted a political essay entitled "Bitcoin Cyber Attack." I NEVER discuss politics on this site, for obvious reasons; but, I could not resist making a statement concerning the recent cyber attack and the lame attempt to blame Russia. I am 100% certain the askfm dictators will remove the post within one hour. lol
How are you today? Did you enjoy the July 4th celebrations?
g00d day Whats happening

Sejalan tapi ga sepemikiran bisa?

Bisa lah buktinya ada institusi pendidikan yang namanya sekolah, disitu ada mata pelajaran salah satunya ppkn. Kalo beropini pas kerjain essay ga sepemikiran kan? Tapi sejalan dong sama sama ppkn dan ngerjain soal yang sama.

هو انا معرفش كل البرانشات..بس اللي معانا nephro و haematology وكان في جينرال بس اسبوعين ونص ف الاول..في جينرال ف اسبوعين ونص !. 🥲

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بالنسبالى اسبوعين و نص كويسين
انا الترم دا معايا 7 برانشات ( Neurology & Nephrology & Endocrine & Rheumatology & Hematology & Dermatology & Psychiatric ) خدناهم فى حوالى 3 شهور
المهم فى دلوقتى حاجتين لو نظام الجامعة الامتحان بيبقى فى اسئلة مقالية (essay) احسن واحد بيلم الحاجات دى هو الدكتور احمد موافى و كتبه موجودة فى كل حته فى مصر و اكيد هتلاقى كتبه جنب الجامعة بتاعتك اين كانت فين و دا حلو جدا و مختصر للوقت و الريكودات بتاعتة برضوا متوافرة
بس لو حابة فى الدكتور شريف الهواري و دا احسن من موافى بس طويل جدا و الريكوردات بتاعته كتير و برضوا متوافرة و كذلك كتبه متوافرة
شوفى الوقت المتاح قدامك لو فى وقت اسمعى الهوارى لو الوقت مزنوق اسمى موافى

دا قالنا الامتحان هيكون essay وروحنا لقيناه mcq الدكتور : مفاجأة مش كدا

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ياربى😂😂😂لو كان العكس وروحتوا لقيتوه essay بدل mcq يبقى فيها heart attack دى ف اتسترت الحمد لله😂😂
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Xin chào, bạn ổn chứ? Lâu ngày quay lại dùng ask, chăm chỉ rep và nhận được cả trăm shoutout =]] mà hong ai hồi âm. Câu hỏi chủ yếu xoay quanh tình yêu, buồn chán... Vì thế mong câu hỏi shoutout này lan toả chút hơi ấm, sự yêu thương đến mọi người. Tối an nhé, ngày mai điều tuyệt vời sẽ đến 💐✨

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Xin chào.
Đúng thật là đã lâu rồi tớ không vào ask, đọc được những lời đáng yêu của cậu cảm thấy rất thoải mái luôn ấy, cảm ơn nhé. >w<
Thế cho tớ hỏi là: cậu ơi, bây giờ tớ trả lời câu hỏi này, cậu có thể cho tớ một lời hồi âm được không?
Hôm nay tớ rất buồn.
Tớ đi thi vòng loại để lên tỉnh ấy, nhưng bài buổi chiều tớ làm không kịp, phần đọc hiểu với điền từ hầu như tớ đều không làm kĩ, đến chỗ viết essay thì tớ lại không hiểu đề, viết hoàn toàn lạc đề luôn. Tớ thất vọng về bản thân rất nhiều. Để tới được vòng này tớ đã viết note vào gần như ba cuốn sổ nhỏ để dễ lấy ra học, vậy mà giờ lại như thế sao?
Vốn có thể làm tốt hơn, nhưng tớ, lại chưa đủ năng lực, chưa đủ cố gắng.
Còn nữa, tớ nhận ra tớ và bạn thân hình như chẳng còn một điểm chung nào nữa, tớ thấy cậu ấy giống bạn thân cũ của tớ? Và tớ cảm thấy như tớ, một mình níu giữ mối quan hệ này. Thậm chí, tớ không hiểu rốt cuộc cậu ấy... nghĩ về tớ thế nào nữa rồi. Đôi khi tớ cũng tự hỏi liệu bản thân có phải quá ích kỉ không? Bởi do tớ... suy nghĩ là đặt yêu cầu quá cao cho cậu ấy về cách đối xử với tớ, hay do tớ cảm thấy không công bằng vì tự nghĩ mình đối với cậu ấy quá tốt, còn cậu ấy thì không?
Hơn hết, tớ cảm thấy chính mình thật rất hậu đậu, vụng về, tớ, như con hề, mà tớ, lại chẳng thể nào thay đổi được điều ấy.
Tớ buồn lắm, tớ thật ngu ngốc.

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Lâu ngày quay lại dùng ask chăm chỉ rep và nhận được cả trăm
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جماعه اذاكر الانجليزي ازاى ومحدش يتجاهل.🙂

soozzx’s Profile Photosara mohamed
بصي انا بالنسبالي الانجليزي مش مذاكره انا بعتبرو تطيبق عشان كدا بحبو جدا يعني مثلا دلوقتي ورايا مذاكره ماده كالرياضه او فيزياء عاوزه حل بحط جمبهم 30كلمه انجلش حتي لو عشره في اسبوع هتكوني حافظه 70كلمه وهيساعدوكي سواء في كتابه essay. لو انتي في ثانوي او email او ترجمه المهم يبقا شئ اساسي فيومك بالنسبه للجرامر تركزي في شرحو كويس سواء من المدرس او من علي النت ولو عاوزه اسماء مدرسين يوتيوبر انجليش كويسين هقولك عليهم وتحلي كتير جرامر ابدأي بمستوي ضعيف لمتوسط كدا وانتي طالعه لحد ماتتمكني منه المهم لو مصممه علي حاجه هتوصلليها معلش طولت عليكي ويارب اكون افدتك بحاجه 🌚💜💜💜
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