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Homeschooling, do you have an opinion on it?

Few parents have the educational background nor the talent or time to teach their children all the different subjects that a student needs to learn. Also, the interactions with other students and adults are extremely valuable for learning a plethora of skills and insights. There are only a small number of children who have situations that would benefit more from home schooling and I think that in general children should be enrolled in schools unless specific conditions are proven (medical or social diagnoses, etc.) that indicate they should stay home. In those cases, the parents should have to write exams that prove they are capable of teaching to a high enough standard that the child would receive a quality education. As a teacher, I think its awesome if parents and kids are dedicated and do it for the right reasons. It's not just an excuse to be lazy or keep your child from learning about 'real life' that happens in schools. The biggest issue is social, but in Australia, there is the opportunity to have sports days and other social occasions with other home-schooled kids. Imagine being able to go to a museum (for example) to cement your child's understanding of a concept. You could specifically tailor your child's education. I would do it if I could.
In order for homeschooling to be effective it takes a particular kind of child and a particular kind of parent. If the child is an average teenager who has a decent social life, does okay in school and is not super motivated then it is not (usually) a good fit. My reasoning is that the student will not have the learning environment that a school offers to push them to succeed.
However I've also worked in a facility that did truancy and I've seen parents who didn't want to go to jail because they didn't ever make their kid go to school and their kids were just left on their own during the day for the most part. These parents would "home school" but I wouldn't say anything was actually taught.
There are definitely some good programs out there, even if the parents aren't necessarily prepared to do all the teaching themselves, and I honestly believe that homeschooling can be done in a beneficial way. It can also be very isolating, painful, and result in a sheltered, unsociable semi-adolescent adult. There are plenty of comparable evils to the American public school system as well.
I went to public school for all 12 years, my siblings were in private school until grade 2 or home schooled. I honestly feel there has been no difference except they didn't waste time on bullshit and got things done quicker than I did. If I was homeschooled I probably would have only spent 3-4 hours a day on schoolwork opposed to 7. The only issue is my little brother is an entitled 10 year old who needs someone to pick on him to get him set right.

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If you could own a zoo or a restaurant which one would you want to own

recklesslover7110’s Profile PhotoSarah
If I could own a restaurant it would be a Cajun/Soul food restaurant. And a Zoo? I don't know if I would want to own a zoo exactly. Maybe just an intelligence zoo and only have animals that are donated to it. I would not go out in the wild and catch one and keep it in. So if I did on his do it would be a rescue facility and after we rescue them and take care of them and get them ready to go back into the wild that's what my facility would be for and people to come visit them and learn and help if they would like to and donate

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https://ask.fm/Heydar90/answers/168231889509 How about national bolshevism? Is it too tarnished with Marxism as well?

National Bolshevism is Marxism pure and simple, with the swastika replacing the hammer and sickle. Anyone who would still trust the government or centralized authorities with their life and livelihood, after all the Rona-related showdown, should reside in a secured facility 😆😆

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do you celebrate teachers’ day where you live? if yes, how did you show your appreciation/gratitude for the educators in your life? 🧑🏻‍🏫🏫📒

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I am a retired Network Engineer but work part time in my local High School as a Plant Operator. I show my appreciation to teachers by keeping their rooms clean, emptying trash, replacing broken desks, replacing defective light bulbs and ensuring that the education facility is in good working order.

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do you celebrate teachers day where you live if yes how did you show your

ʜᴇʏ-ʜᴏ! Сегодня мы с Вами отправимся в увлекательное путешествие, в Германию. × Что Вы знаете об этой стране? × Ваша задача рассказать об этой стране самые интересные факты. × Хотели бы ее посетить и почему? Жду Вашего ответа🌿

vd_2018’s Profile Photoᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇ
H͠e͠l͠l͠o͠, София [ᴍɪʀᴀᴄʟᴇ].
В Германии насчитывается более 30 диалектов, которые делятся на три основных типа - верхненемецкий, нижненемецкий и средненемецкий. Их различие настолько сильно, что немцы с юга не могут понять немцев с севера.
Традиция на Рождество наряжать елку пришла из средневековой Германии.
В столице страны мостов в два раза больше, чем в знаменитой Венеции - около 900. В итальянском городке на воде, по последним данным, чуть более 400 мостов.
Германия известна своими средневековыми замками - их насчитывается более 2100.
Самая узкая улочка во всем мире расположена в немецком городе Ройтлинген. Ее ширина составляет всего 31 сантиметр, за что она попала в Книгу рекордов Гиннесса.
В Германии нет никакого наказания заключенным, которые совершили попытку побега из-под стражи. А все потому, что желание быть свободным в этой стране признано главным человеческим инстинктом.
Название "гамбургер" произошло от крупного немецкого города Гамбург, который является вторым по величине в стране. Скорее всего, в Америку оно попало вместе с немецкими эмигрантами. Слово служило для описания предметов или людей из Гамбурга.
Самое длинное слово на этом языке звучит так "Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft". Оно состоит из 79 букв. По-английски это слово звучит так "Danube steamboat shipping electricity main engine facility building sub clerk association".
Мне очень нравится культура Германии. Посетить эту страну - я только за!
T͠h͠a͠n͠k͠s͠ f͠o͠r͠ t͠h͠e͠ q͠u͠e͠s͠t͠i͠o͠n͠!
P.S. факты найдены на просторах интернета.

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ʜᴇʏʜᴏ Сегодня мы с Вами отправимся в увлекательное путешествие в Германию

with google help i am bilingual yes, but without it i only speak brazilian portuguese and i still write some wrong words. But I really admire those who have this gift and this facility to learn new languages ...

↬It's not that hard, only required time and effort. Watch movies and listen songs help a lot ♡

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+4 answers in: “oi prima sumida,como vc está??espero q esteja bem e q seus planos continuem a dar certo.lhe desejo uma ótima semana ;-) Bjs”

очень интересный аск, я подписался. тебе несложно было бы подписаться на мой паблик? ссылка, если что у меня на странице. когда будет 500 подписчиков я разыграю стикеры. счастья тебе и не забрасывай свой аск, пожалуйста)

baldeeeeeee’s Profile Photobaldeeeeeee
Absolutely no interest in your nonsense .
You have shown zero interest in my account
You haven't even noticed that I'm not a child
THIS , is what the 'block' facility is for

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очень интересный аск я подписался тебе несложно было бы подписаться на мой

Subject idea: what if Project Neo, the Technopath one, is responsible for helping the Facility create, upgrade and perform maintenance on Lyon?

BendyTheDancingDemon’s Profile PhotoHam Ham Jester
[[[not possible since Lyon was the first facility subject, Neo might have been brought in later to help upgrade Lyon's tech but he could not have created any of it. Lyon's augments are all human innovation, unethical human innovation]]

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So, does this mean you have worked in a hospital before? Yes, doctors and such will try to convince you that they are innocent and you're the problem! The more people who complain, the better, though. At least you speak out about it now instead of letting them do what they want.

YaoiMasterSadist’s Profile PhotoShenzo ❤ Sho
No I have never worked at any sort of facility like that. But I know what you mean. I guess I was just so traumatized by her that I just wanted to get away from it you know what I mean? But yeah if something like that happens to me again I'm going to try to do to better and try to complain about it instead. But as I said before I'm pretty sure that they most definitely got terminated shortly after that situation. Hopefully. I'm sure. But yeah I don't wish it on anyone. Sucked for reals.
It's okay tho. I'm good now. ??

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+7 answers in: “What job would you never want to have?”

Honestly, I haven't watched it lately since everything. I see some stuff on my FB feed and on Instagram

Yeah, well there’s been some crazy shit goin’ on lately. There was a sobriety test being conducted at a rally a few days ago in Atlanta. An Atlanta SWAT officer draws his gun and the police shooting death of another black citizen named Rayshard Brooks, who was killed in Atlanta. There was a second story that shocked the living crap out of me and that was a man named Robert Fuller, who was only 24 at the time of his death, was found hanging from a tree early Wednesday near a city hall in Palmdale, CA. Then the third story is that another man was found hanging from a tree on May 31st, in Victorville, a desert city 45 miles east of Palmdale. The man was named Malcolm Harsch. Authorities said that the death appeared to be a suicide, but an autopsy was planned. City officials said that there were no security cameras outside the facility that could’ve recorded it all. Fuller’s death was a tragedy and about 150 people protested outside the Wendy’s restaurant where Brooks was shot and killed. Both officers charged with murder, Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan were both fired. Both officers were white. So a lot of things have been happening lately.

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Heading to sh!tty work for another sh!tty day to talk about the fked up coronavirus... hope the rest of your day is better my favourite devil 🖤☠🌹

askamanz5506’s Profile PhotoRock Chick
The whole fuckin COVID-19 thing's a fuckin leaked experiment from the fuckin Wuhan bio research facility though. Good for em fuckin Chinese bitches, fuckin create a motherfuckin bio weapon that only kills the elderly and infirm. Has a fuckin low mortality rate and fuckin majority of fucked up people r fuckin asymptomatic !!!. Pretty shitty bio weapon u see ... All it's doin is creating a fuckin financial crises throughout the fuckin fockery u people call " world " Have a good motherfuckin day, devil's favourite human ... Grab fuckin life by the fuckin horns and never let go of it !!!. ☆☆☆ ...

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I know everyone needs to calm down, I have been being extra careful washing my hands a lot more during the day

Jademusicgirl’s Profile PhotoMiranda G
Yeah. I regularly probably wash my hands around 12-15 times a day and now I'm doing it even more. 20 to 30 times. And even after I wash my hands I try not to touch my face too much. Considering its pollen season as well here.
Definitely try not to touch your face or get in anyone's face for the next couple of months. Try to keep a distance of 4 to 6 feet or more from someone unless you're in a car of course. I would not get into a enclosed facility with alot of people really for too long.... if you're in a car with a few people especially people you don't know or see a lot maybe ride with the windows down. For the next few months... These are the kind of things we need to watch out for...
People are traveling and going to different places. They don't understand when they go a few miles away from where they are used to and their environment, their body has to adapt to it. Especially if they go almost a hundred or two hundred or even more miles away from their original used to environment.... That is one thing that can make you sick is if your immune system is not at a key with the new environment you are in.
Atm.. people just need to kind of be chilling at home and try not spread bacteria around person to person especially.
But people do not need to go in the stores and buy everything. They need to share these items. You only need one or two I saw cans of Lysol in your house. I have seen people grab 10 are more cans. That is selfish. Then other people can't get a can if they need it. Especially people that are dealing with sicknesses and their houses. Or maybe people that just want to clean their house. Or people that just use Lysol cans on a daily basis. They can't get a can because you decide to take them all for just yourself. Especially if it's just you you only need one can. Not 10 not 20 not all of them.
Same as any other item. We need to share these items. Not buy them all for ourselves. Help others be safe and prepare.

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•❈• black widow; https://ask.fm/reddishwarrior/answers/155743904541 & https://ask.fm/reddishwarrior/answers/155750706973

reddishwarrior’s Profile Photo* • . вlack widow ! ɴatasha
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⌠ Thread, 003. ⌡
⠀⠀⠀In the history of Poison Ivy, never had ever Pamela Isley been caught. Living the dangerous life of an antagonist came with its pros and cons, but our favorite supervillain and eco-terrorist always managed to save her own ass. Well, NOT this time, though. This time the UNIVERSE had OTHER plans for Pamela, ━━Belle Reve, a prison facility for metahumans and highly classified criminals. How did she get caught you may wonder? It was a MISSION GONE WRONG, that proved Pamela, a g a i n, how disappointing the male species are.
⠀⠀⠀No one, in their right state of mind, will risk their lives and come rescue her. If you choose this lifestyle, then you are on your own, baby. Everyone for themselves, right? Although, a part of Ivy, a teeny tiny part, HOPED that through those highly secured doors will come her Harleen, covered in dust and someone else’s blood, and save her. How naive and absurd of Ivy to think such childish thoughts? Harleen, better known as Harley Quinn, was probably doing her usual BATSHIT crazy business, dancing by Joker’s notes, and being helplessly in love with that green-haired JOKE.
⠀⠀⠀Well, at least the time she spent in here, locked up in chains, both arms, and neck covered in needles, that slowly drained her from THE GIFT (her superpowers, that she received in a freak accident) didn’t hurt as bad as being in one-sided love. Yes, the infamous Poison Ivy DOES have a heart and feelings. It’s just, that sometimes she shuts her emotions off. That way she can get her work done, easy peasy. Honestly, how would YOU feel after everything that Pamela has been through, huh? Exactly.
⠀⠀⠀Head leaning softly against the carbon steel cell bars; fingers lazily braiding long, red locks, Pamela hummed a soft tune to herself, ━━a lullaby, that her late mother used to sing to baby Pammy before bed, or in any stressful situation the young girl faced. It was Ivy’s safety blanket. Her ears perked up by the faint sounds of men shouting and bombs blasting. Could it be? Could it be Harley coming to Pamela’s rescue? With newfound strength, heart beating fast against her ribcage, Ivy stood up from her spot on the floor, grinning like a Cheshire cat.
⠀⠀⠀Yes! She knew Harley wouldn’t leave Ivy to rot in here, nah. Harley DOES care about Pamela. Wait, ━━that’s not Harley. Who the fuck is this chick? ❝You’re not her.❞ Voicing her thoughts out loud, Ivy, being in a state of disappointment and shock, took a step back from the cell. ❝I didn’t ask for your name nor to be rescued! I am NOT going anywhere. Have a nice day, miss Widow.❞ Taking a seat on her bunker bed, Pamela faced the redhead with a false smile plastered on her full lips.

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black widow  httpsaskfmreddishwarrioranswers155743904541

Warum muss heute eigentlich jede Berufsbezeichnung und auch immer mehr anderer Begriffe auf englisch sein?

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Weil wir mit Anglizismen einen Beruf nach mehr aussehen lassen können, als er ist.
Hier brüstete sich mal jemand, dass ihr Mann Facility Manager ist und umschrieb blumig und mit vielen supertollen Fremdwörtern seine Aufgaben... Früher hätte man dazu Hausmeister gesagt ?
Aber das klingt ja nicht wichtig genug. Lieber wirft man mit Fremdwörtern rum, um etwas zu pimpen. ?‍♀️

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Kak Iza. A sick friend of mine is getting suicidal again. He's in stage 3 of leukimea. As one of his trusted friends, I'm doing everything that I can, but it doesn't help him much. I need your advices 😞

Hi Mira! How are you? How's your friend? Is he still having suicidal thoughts? Don't leave him alone! Talk to him about your concern. Let him know that you care for him and would like to help him. Listen to him without judging, arguing, threatening or yelling. Don’t assume that he'll get better without help or that he'll seek help on his own. Encourage him to see a mental health professional, help locate a treatment facility or take him to a doctor’s appointment. Try to call Befrienders Suicide Helpline at 603-79568145. They're available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They don't charge anything for the consultation. It's free and strictly confidential.
I hope your friend will be better sooner or later. May Allah ease everything for him and may Allah always bless him. 🙏
I have a friend who has a stage 4 brain cancer. She was diagnosed with brain cancer since she was a kid. Despite doctors said she won't last long, she's still breathing till now. She is same age like me. She went to a coma few times, even stroked and paralyzed half body, hospitalized for far too many times but she still hasn't give up her life... I always have to hold myself from crying whenever I see her. She just wants people to listen to her and nothing more. So just listen to your friend, try to be there when he needs someone. Let him talk, let him vent whatever he want, stay with him. What I mean is always keep in touch with him. Make sure he's ok, safe and loved...
Listen to the people who love you. Believe that they are worth living for even when you don’t believe it. Seek out the memories depression takes away and project them into the future. Be brave; be strong; take your pills. Exercise because it’s good for you even if every step weighs a thousand pounds. Eat when food itself disgusts you. Reason with yourself when you have lost your reason. – Andrew Solomon

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Kak Iza A sick friend of mine is getting suicidal again Hes in stage 3 of

I hate my life 😪I have to take care of my 91 year old grandfather at age 21 because no one In my family is willing to help and he lives with me and my mom and she always is at work and I’m expect to cook for him clean and help him get up and to bed on top of work and school! I’m stressed out😪

If he has a good medical insurance normally you can get home healthcare which is where a nurse that's certified will come to the house and take care of them on certain daysm you can even get assisted living or a facility that can care for him

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Have you ever played OUIJA BOARD? - If you were invited to meet with a small group of friends, you arrive, they are sitting around an Ouija Board, they say: "ah, we were waiting for you, now we can start!" - Do you enter into the spirit of things? Or what do you do and say?

igotamatch’s Profile Photo~written~IN~chrome~
Hmm .. it's quite interesting for me. But if it is going on with a certain facility and can be harmful to me, I will not participate.

ha! I *did* think that your gran would consider him too prized a possession to allow him to "toil" with house labour.

he's Skeletor, man, without the muscles, it's a health hazard to make him move, and admittedly, my grandmother is a doormat in her relationships, which we've had many rows about, she supports her men financially, makes sure all their needs are satisfied and doesn't make them do anything. She treats them better than me.
One time I ate some of the food he had bought because it was 3 a.m. and there was nothing else in the fridge, and when my grandmother learnt about it, she made this huge deal out of it, like I had crossed the final boundary. She's super unaware of how to have a healthy relationship. How to be respected in relationships in the first place. Obviously doesn't know how to raise children either. And at one point she had the idea to apply for being a baby sitter so she had something to do, obviously she was too old for it, but i point blank told her she doesn't need to traumatize any more children than the two she already did (my mum and me).
Oh, and just like she gave up on my mother without any sense of guilt, now that I've been to a mental health facility twice, she's changed the way she treats me too. I am subhuman. I recognize I might have never loved her, but she doesn't love me anymore either , indeed.

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ha I did think that your gran would consider him too prized a possession to
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The darker side of captive exotic wildlife encounters for tourists l Nightline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOObQ5px9Mg

This is too heartbreaking to watch
Remind me of this panther of a facility I once visited
They put the panther in a tiny cage that’s barely the size of 3 XL dog kennels in width and the height was the size of a regular house fence.
The panther was left sleeping on hard concrete for 18 years and then died. It’s sad how they treat animals
I know circuses are banned but why are animals still left to suffer like this? They’re innocent, it breaks my heart. Even if they have a shorter lifespan in the wild it’s better than being tortured or mistreated in captivity

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Wird in Deutschland zu viel englisch gesprochen? Welche aus dem englischen stammende Wörter die in Deutschland genutzt werden, findet ihr überflüssig? Zu einem Meeting kann man z.B. ja auch Treffen sagen.

DummeTagesfragenerhalten3’s Profile PhotoDummeFragen
Es gibt genug englische Ausdrücke. Besonders bei den Stellenangeboten klingt alles so hochtabend englisch.
Dabei ist z.B. ein Facility Manager nichts anderes als ein Hausmeister. Auch wenn es hier jemand gibt, die mit der Stellenbeschreibung ihres Göttergatten angibt, als hätte er den wichtigsten und einflussreichsten Posten der Welt >.<
Statt sich da auf englisch auszutoben, sollte auf die normalen deutschen Bezeichnungen zurück gewechselt werden. Ein Job wird nicht toller, nur weil er besser klingt. :)

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I know I know but this doesn't sound right. At all !!! U say u decided this at a very young age, well, u weren't mature enough to decide ur relationship so why did u do that?! Besides, ur words aren't some sacred lines in a Holy book, so it's changeable.

Neither of us are Christian so it doesn't really matter about some stupid book written by some idiotic human or Ashkenazi and each person matures at different times, both myself and Anja were very mature when we were kids and so were every other kid that we grew up around at the facility we were raised at so it really doesn't matter what age we were as age is just a number, Not a status and quite frankly we both knew what we wanted from a very young age and we both are still in agreement that we had had chosen then correct choice...

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I know I know but this doesnt sound right At all 
U say u decided this at a very
+5 answers in: “Will you date a woman/man 10 yrs younger than you?”

Anyone dressing up for halloween? I'm going as a zombie retail manager 0_0 going to pour a bucket of blood all over me and haunt arklow after work. ??☠?

TheChaosBringer’s Profile PhotoThe Kind Of Trouble You Enjoy
There were nearly buckets of blood . . . .
~ after 2 hours shopping ; upstart thought he could deny use of the "why don't you try it on" facility . . . .
(some other shoppers appreciated my efforts also)
*Viki 'dresses up' in Scottish Borderland*

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Anyone dressing up for halloween Im going as a zombie retail manager 00 going to

Ein deutsches Telekommunikationsunternehmen wirbt jetzt um neue Azubis und Studenten mit der Strategie, aufzuzeigen, wer sich nicht bewerben solle, z.B. etwa: "Du sammelst lieber Likes statt Erfahrungen? - Don't Apply". Wie findest du diese Strategie? Zu offensiv oder mittlerweile sogar notwendig?

Inzwischen sind die Stellenanzeigen etwas kreativer geworden. Meine Tochter sucht ja im Raum Nürnberg nach Stellen als Mediendesigner. Da sind auch ganz witzige Annoncen dabei.
Ich finde das gerade für junge Leute ganz gut. Das ist nicht so trocken und, soweit ich mir das denken kann, suchen diese Firmen auch Leute, die ebenso kreativ sind, wie die Annoncen und erwarten eine dementsprechende Bewerbung eines potentiellen Mitarbeiters.
Das geht natürlich nur im begrenzten Rahmen. Seriöse Unternehmen werden für einen sehr anspruchsvollen, seriösen Job bestimmt eher eine f.urztrockene, mit Anglizismen gespickte Anzeige schalten. Dass sogar Hausmeister inzwischen Facility Manager genannt werden, nur dass das interessanter aussieht, finde ich total bescheuert.
Aber in Jobs, bei denen Kreativität gefragt ist, ist das inzwischen völlig legitim. Da sieht man gleich, dass in der Firma Leute sind, die nicht mit dem Stock im Hintern geboren sind. So macht arbeiten u.U. dann mehr Spaß, wenn man Kollegen hat, die geistreich sind und nicht nur streng nach Vorschrift, in Anzug, Kostüm und Dutt verknöchert an ihren Schreibtischen sitzen.
Ich glaube, dieser Trend kam mal wieder aus Amerika rübergeschwappt. Mal etwas, das ich ausnahmsweise ganz gut finde.
Nur "wir Alten", die sich nicht mehr so oft bewerben, müssen uns da ganz schön umstellen, um noch eine Chance bekommen, so einen Job zu ergattern. Die Jungen sind da sehr im Vorteil.

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Exactly! Something fishy is definitely going on. I have trust issues with the government ever since I watched their sinister activities in Bohemian Grove. It is highly possible they might be hiding some sort of facility for weapons or may be for super soldiers.

Haider_Bangash’s Profile PhotoHaider
Besides Bohemian grove i have read about so many mysterious activities like project blue beam and project garden plot . Then things like chemtrails and side effects of flouride blah blah messes with my mind. You have heard about the pineal gland?

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question iz yh kea ha baghi ? etne smjh tu moje i ha sufism ke bat hoe ha lekn es ke sufism mae kea link ha aur tm esko etna highly q rate kerte hu aur allah se manguu es ke dr pe dastk kiyo yh koe wali ha aulia ha? sarkar ha? peer ha? tmri sarkar ne es ki bat kiyo manee ha?

You have no idea what are you talking about... hahahaha
He is a person who just walks a different line. I am neither asking for him of any help, guidance or blessings neither can he or any other mortal in his/her full capacity can grant me with. He is a god knows what i am just a humble man with a kind face and who smokes hashish. I am neither a sufi nor a spiritualist. I am just a humble man with a strange mind and some off the grid faiths. A dear friend of mine is sick and psychologically challenged and is under treatment... he is my school time bud my best mate. He is so bad that sometime he can not recognises me and even refuses to see me. I am his guardian in that rehab facility he is admitted in. I am so much worried about him and it makes me feel uncomfortable and i cry. Because i love that dude of mine for the sake of Allah's love and forgiveness and its since we were kids. I have always tried to protect him from the shit he likes to get involved with in all the possible ways i can. Now it was all about that. But as some people talk differently it confuses others... and it does to you... @Baaghiiii talked about a ruqah and that was not for him it was meant as a pure dua a prayer for me and my "malko" my friend... and you just started taking things in quite the conventional way like literally... it is not necessary if someone kinda sounds weird or un-understandable he must be wrong somewhere or wrong all the way, it might be us taking it all in a weird way, it could be us seeing it all from a different scope... and i neither judge people nor rate them at all, cuz if i do, i must say you are a sorry ass dumb sick paycho fuck but tell me have i ever said it... no... and i wont say it...

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+10 answers in: “bc yh bnda koun ha baghi officer ha ? koun sa kam keraya ha es ne tera kon sa rouqah koun sa bat”

Ok I have followed your recent conversations here and I'am convinced of Islam and I would like to convert to Islam But 🙂 There is a problem I have idea that dog breeding is not allowed in Islam and I can't abandon them They are ma babies 🙂

Masha'Allah, Pleasent news :))
You got that right, The issue of dog breeding in Islam is firm.
As a rule in Islam, Allah says in the Qur'an: (God intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties).
This means that the rules and teachings of Islam are the best for our own benefits, even if they appear hard-to-do or disadvantageous.
Having said that, I know that dogs get closer to you day by day, especially if you have raised them since they were young, so why doesn't Islam allow keeping dogs as pets ?!
The basic rule in Islam is the permissibility of keeping dogs for hunting and guarding. Still, the exception to the rule is: excessiveness must be avoided as much as possible.
The care and concern for your prayers and virtues should take higher priority over the care of animals, and the reward for that is greater.
And raising a dog in the Islamic conception lowers the virtues of the people, and affects one's ablution (Wudu'), therefore they are not allowed to be kept at homes.
Still, and to be honest, some muslim scholars regard the issue in different approach, and have a broader margin of allowing the dog raising.
And Allah knows best.

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The redhead raised her brows slowly. She had made the long way to this facility and now she encountered a crime scene. That was talent. "That's terrible," she mumbled, shifting her gaze back to Connor. "My name is Natalie Rushman. But I think I will," she shrugged. "Come back another time."

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❖❛Natasha & Connor❜❖
Despite her words, Hank walked closer, Connor still running scans in his database “No, please. You came for something from far away. Tell us what it is and we might be able to help you” he said, surprisingly warm for someone like Hank.
Connor spoke again, trying to understand “I'm scanning people with that name but, I find nothing. I don't understand.” he muttered, talking to Hank who turned towards her before walking back to Connor “Weird...”

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The redhead raised her brows slowly She had made the long way to this facility

If you were wrongfully put into an insane asylum, how would you convince them that you’re actually sane and not just pretending to be sane? 🙃🙃🙃

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Lmao if I'm in an asylum I can assure you it's not gonna be a mistake, I'm not gonna get released.
Side note, unless you're clinically/criminally insane you can't be checked into a facility without your consent, and you can check out at as long as you're not a danger to yourself or society at any given time even against your doctor's recommendation.

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so if you happenned to go a restuarant or takeaway where you ordered by numbers what do you think 96 is on the menu?

In my experience ; it's only old-fashioned , down-market Chinese 'restaurants' with a take-away facility that used to number their menu LOL!!
~ this was to avoid 'accidents' with their unpaid immigrant 'chefs' , who spoke no English !
~ oops , no numbers nowadays ~

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so if you happenned to go a restuarant or takeaway where you ordered by numbers
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Natasha looked the displayed building up and down. Things were only half as hard with a pass card, so she no longer had to worry about that as he handed her that. "Merci," she hummed, but then raised her eyes to look at the call notification. "I'll be quiet."

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Tony took a deep breath and took his phone before standing up and picking up the call. He stood by the window as Pepper started talking and he just heard what she had to say, obviously she was upset he was spending too much time at the facility and he sighed. "Listen, Pep. This is not a good time." He said with another sigh and ran his hand through his hair. "I got some things to do." He replied to her question. "No, I-" He stopped and sighed again when Pepper hang up.
The man walked back to his chair and slid his phone on the table. "That went well."

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working part time as a nanny where you can take your baby along at work...you have it so easy. if you werent lazy or obsessive you could make it work. i wish i had that facility to work part time and take my baby with me too.

When I go back to work at 12 weeks it will be full time. I have the luxury to not have to leave my child and I’m going to use it to my advantage. Lots of moms don’t want to leave their child in their first year of life. That’s normal.

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What do believe are the most reliable news outlets in today's media? (Vox, MSN, Huffington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera, New York Times, Syrian News Network, Wiki, etc.)

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Answer Part 1
It’s a difficult one. In my country (this answer is from a UK POV)there’s been a noticeable diminishing of proper investigative journalism in recent years. A broad variety of reading and watching of different media is probably preferable, the problem is with people working long hours they’re often stuck with grabbing 30 minutes of headline news from a station with a particular bias. Here’s my rundown of stuff I read or have seen:
📡 BBC - UK state broadcaster funded through public money. News channel is broadly pro- government of the day, but other programming isn’t, so you’ll get government oppositional themes in some drama programmes for example, but the news programmes will (usually, but not always) go fairly easy on the incumbent administration.
📡Channel 4 News - part state funded, part funded through advertising. More likely to tackle difficult issues regarding the government than the BBC. Has some good news reports, its anchors are very visible on Twitter, it has a fact-check facility to test the truth and validity of news stories.
📡Sky News - a Murdoch (News International) venture, so you won’t often find his uber-capitalist tax-dodging etc interests challenged. Other than that, coverage can be reasonable depending on the presenter and subject matter.
📡Fox News - another Murdoch (News International) venture, but this time broadcast directly out of the arse of Donald Trump, the NRA and the Evangelical Christian Right of America. Output ranges from disingenuous to pure bullshit.
📡The Daily Mail / MailOnline - a product of Lord Harmsworth, The Viscount Rothermere. The paper has been owned by the Rothermeres for generations. It came out in support of the Nazis in the 1930s, and has had an anti-Europe, anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, racist, sexist, homophobic, extreme right wing position ever since. The current Viscount Rothermere is domiciled abroad so he doesn’t have to pay tax into things like education, hospitals, the NHS etc that he hates. He wants out of the EU so he doesn’t get hit by their anti-tax-dodgers legislation coming in in 2020. Its editor, Paul Dacre, is by all accounts one of the worst humans ever.
📡The Daily Express - property of pornographer Richard “Dirty” Desmond, the Express loves Princess Diana who you will often still see on their front page by virtue of yet more secret diaries or tapes or letters they keep finding, and hates most of the things the Daily Heil hates (see previous). However while the Mail is a Tory rag, the Express supports UKIP.
📡The Independent - owned by a Russian oligarch, the Indy was once a bastion of quality investigative journalism but in recent years its online incarnation has embraced clickbait and lots of frivolous news, and I don’t take it quite as seriously as I once did, though it still produces good articles from time to time.

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I would like to be you. you are beautiful, smart, you have friends, talents, you have a future, you have people who love and believe in you

Being me means having a functioning level so low that everything little thing is a struggle, even basic things like eating and showering.
Being me is being unable to maintain hobbies and interests and skills because nothing interests you or brings you joy.
Being me is having so much anxiety that you can't even find the confidence to use a microwave or a coffee machine without help.
Being me means having no formal education besides primary school and probably never being able to get one.
Being me means not being able to trust your own brain, memories and perceptions.
Being me means losing control over your mind and body and doing things you had no intention of doing, often destructive and dangerous or embarrassing things.
Being me means dealing with the untreated trauma of 30+ sexual assaults of various degrees.
Being me means being one of the lost causes of psychiatry who'll be placed in some supported living facility for good because there's nothing the doctors can do to fix you.
Being me means not being able to work and having to rely on welfare benefits and the charity of others.
Are you still interested?

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I’m from Rotterdam, 22 years old, I have studied in the past namely: catering assistant 1 year, and facility services 2 years, but a few weeks ago I studied logistics team leader/supervisor, but I didn’t made it because it was too hard for me I have even a blackout moment so I stopped.

wow!) open your profile, I'll sign) I love interesting people ..

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Ignore this if you feel it’s intrusive, but how are the staff where you are? I follow someone on Twitter who is in a facility in the UK and it sounds a bit hellish. Are you pretty free and unmonitored or can it be a bit oppressive?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
The staff is okay. I try to focus on the other patients instead of focusing on the people who's in an authority position. I do struggle with people being in control of my life and telling me what to do, so I try to place my focus elsewhere. Try to forget that I'm totally at the mercy of nurses and psychiatrists and that I'm not allowed to leave the facilities.

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