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What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
Karachi jaisa sheher warh🌲 warh🌲 ji Kaathi
Track shah faisal ka pull ho aur raat_1 ka paher ho hr koi darta ha bilawaja ki koi film nah galay parjye 😅
May mast apni bike uratay huway ja rha dekha aek family pedal jinko pta tha kisi ny madad nhe krni apni madad ap pedal hi pedal 'Scammer bhi hote ha petrol khtm hogya ya tyre punture hogia ya kehte loot liya paisy bhi le liye sb kch to paisay dedo aur bht kch"
Maine bhi cross mara thora agy gya phr pta nhe q dil mn khayal aya puch leta hun qk bacha bhi tha...to maine pucha Bhaijan ap pareshan lg rhy?
Usne btya petrol khtm hogia kafi dair khare rhy koi nhe ruk rha to pedal hi pedal nikal paray Korangi ki trf ja rhy thy...phir mere pass botel thi apni bike se nikala unko diya bht duayen de rhy thy..Wo ehsaas alag hi tha lafzon mn bayan nhe kr sakta.

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اپنی کوئ روداد سفر شیئر کرنا چاہیں تو کر سکتے ہیں😃

AroojA2020’s Profile Photoعروج
Let me share my road trip experience
Hyderabad to Naran
5 am of morning. I sat in car put ear phone in ears listen western music on Loud volume 3-4 hours then reached to Sukkur ate tasty break fast then sat in car back I used ask fm through out the journey sip pepsi tin and ate many lays salt chips,and orea biscuit . I saw the view of road by car window through out the journey and sat patiently calmly in car 12-13 hour reached to Multan 6 pm of evening we stayed in hotel 1 day , at night we went to Al Maida restaurant for eating pizza it was yum, purchased Sohan halwa .
Next day again I sat in car patiently 12-13 hours i moved to Islamabad stayed 1 day there ,tried street food biryani which was not tasty at all , we went to Fatima Jinnah park it was huge big park with lots of trees , I clicked zillion picture there , then I visited Faisal masjid it was Grand beautiful masjid then we went to Centaurus shopping mall I purchased 3-4 button down shirt , ate sweet corn in which salt pepper butter ,at night we stepped to Monal restaurant it's built at the top of Mountain I love the view ,we ordered chapli kabab ,seekh kabab karahi gosht etc we enjoyed dinner ,zillion picture
Next day again I sat patiently in car 12 hours ,clicked zillion nature pictures reached to Naran , love the hotel and green lush mountain , tall trees view 🙌 I sipped kashmiri tea and tried street food shawrma it was tasty
I visited saif ul mulook jheel it was heaven on earth ,full of green lush trees ,mountains and blue soothing sea .I collected saiful mulook jheel water as a memory ,clicked zillion picture ,moved to mountain clicked zillion picture there .at night we ate street food fish and karahi gosht it was yum 😋
Its one of bestest road trip i had .

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I'm in love with him or us se gunpoint pe shadi krna chahti hu!

zoyahere’s Profile Photozoyahere
it all feels so dramatic, until God forbid you experience something like this.
all bad guys out there don't have looks and abs like danish taimoor, nor they have ages between 18-28.
these dramas fantasize wrong side.
rich men are in between (48-60) with a round hairy belly, curled mustache, curly 2 ft long oily hair, and they wear gold watches + with black or white starched dresses.
and names are not arham to ab, hamza to huzi, they have names like goga gujjar, faisal dugu, akbar kana,
they dont force you on gun points to marry you, they rap* girls, & throw them off the buildings, cut them in pieces or burry them,
in reality villains dont look like handsome heros,
they are ugly. more dangerous and harmful, they may show no mercy. 🌚🥀

Anything u want to share💫💗

noorfatima7268’s Profile PhotoÑoorày
Yesterday I went to offer Jummah prayers in Faisal Mosque as it's very near to the hospital where I work. When I reached there, I asked many people about the time of Namaz but no one knew about the timing. Most of the guys were just wandering here and there while not even thinking to offer prayers. Many girls and women were not even wearing dopattas. And what's more pathetic than this, everyone was holding mobile phones in their hands and they were busy in taking selfies, photos and recording videos. One should think that where is he. One should think about the Taqaddus of Mosques. Taking pictures at every place is not necessary. We just go to good places just to take pictures. This is not the way. Atleast if you are in Mosque, you should offer prayers and girls should think that atleast they should wear dopattas in Mosques. May Allah Pak bless us with good mental health and Hidayat. Ameen.

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Thoughts on current political situation!

messysrx’s Profile PhotoShoaib
I would like everyone to flip some pages of
the history and read about the assassination
of General Qaddafi, Mohammad
Morsi,Zulfiqar Bhutto, Saddam Hussain and
King Shah Faisal. Why they faced these
consequences after being awarded with
medals by America?
Rest of the plot you will understand then !

Jannat Ki Hor Kese Mile ghi...?

AsadRaXaShah’s Profile PhotoAsad Raza Shah
Qari sahab gave me this is beautiful engraved heavy leather jacket and asked to convey this to you. As per the further instructions you have to stand in front of Faisal Masjid and press this little shiny button and 80 hoors will be waiting for you on the other side with open arms.

Post something on your mind?

[Long Post]
It’s been a long time I have written something. Past few days were so hard for me, the incidents had my mind captivated. If we don't raise our voice for such horrendous acts then who will?
I don’t know from where to start. So many things happened. Noor Makhdoom happened. Faisal Mosque incident happened. Minar e Pakistan incident happened. Shameful. Horrific. Gruesome. I never thought of such things happening in Pakistan. An ISLAMIC, which is not relative anymore but a slap on our face.
People are busy discussing the problems of other countries while our country is shaking to the core. Why is it so hard to mind our own business? Afghanistan is separate country, not our state. LET THEM DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT. Shariah or not. It’s their country. We tremble even if we talk about shariah, following apart. 40 years. They fought for it. We helped. We killed. Ours died. We mourn for ours but not for theirs? Hypocrites. We were part of dirty politics, and God knows we still are. If we think America pulled out without any deal then we are the foolish here. A bigger one!
Things got worse in Pakistan. I condemn all of them. Violation of sanctity of Muharram-ul-haram, and the mosque. Tragic. Woman got butchered, and the guilty still unpunished. Inequity. Girl getting harassed in public. It’s not new, sadly. But, this time, 400. Horrific. Victim blaming and bashing has begun already. Call me anything you want to, I care the least. If you are justifying this act because she is a tiktoker, you are the problem here, your mindset, and your attitude. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS, not others’. Stop spitting venom.
Sinners are judging sinners for sinning differently. Pitiful! Have we forgotten the basic teachings of Islam? She doesn’t cover herself properly? She is asking for it? She is tempting? It is mentioned in the Quran that LOWER YOUR GAZE. We don’t want to follow our part. They don’t want to follow their part. Be ready for more, blame game. ”ہم خوار ہوئے تارکِ قرآں ہو کر”
The most disturbing thing I found is that even if she was wrong, it doesn't permit anyone to confront her. Molest her. Grope her. Harass her. Assault her. Torture her. She could be wrong. THEY WERE WORSE. Punish the culprits, even if they are on both sides. Yes, you read it right. It’s not the time to take sides, but to take the stand against evil. And before that, stop promoting indecent content. They sell what we buy!
We as a nation has failed. Instead of coming out of caves, once again, to counter the “ALL MEN” hashtag, and getting triggered, we should be ashamed of ourselves. The men. They are no one else, but from us. When we casually curse each other like it’s nothing, but a laughing stock, filth is born. Every single filth eats up the society. More or less, we have contributed to this. You can disagree if you want, as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Thinking is not a crime! Do it often.
May Allah guide us all. Allah rakha!

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Covering your hairs in Faisal mosque should be mandatory for girls.

Look, Larkion k qaber me ap nai jaien gy. na wo apki qaber me ayn gu then stop please , unko krna huwa dupata ker lien g wo why you guyz behave like this ?
theek hai ap ek bar suggest ker dety hain kafi hai agly ko sunena hai sun ly ga , apni qaber k tyari krien chor dien , werna yh mard or orat k jang jari h rhy g

‏یہ جاوید چودھری کیوں نواز شریف اور اسحاق ڈار کیخلاف ہوگیا ہے؟ کیا ش گروپ کیساتھ مل گیا ہے یا بڑے گھر میں بڑی ملاقات کے بعد واقعی سافٹ ویئر اپڈیٹ کیا گیا ہے؟

FaisalShafique’s Profile PhotoFaisal Shafique
Assalam o alaikum geo news k sath mein hu Faisal shafique sabse pehle geo headlines.

https://ask.fm/hassanjamal4/answers/165291414705/likes Do you agree with @Hassanjamal4 ? Is @mominaaay a better roaster then Ducky bhai? 😳

comparing her with ducky is like comparing shit with piss. this is what i call a najaiz olaad of zainab faisal & that kiran chick. & them 6th class wali gaalian doesn't make one a roaster. wo bhi shaklon ka mazaq ura ke ffs lmao. talk about being uncreative & a cunt.
and I can understand why this guy is simping for her. he knows women like her wouldn't think twice before giving their coochie away. look how free pussy has massacred the standards of my gender😔

Piet Klocke vs Olaf Schubert/ Rüdiger Hoffmann vs Maddin Schneider/ Carolin Kebekus vs Tahnee/ Abdelkarim vs Faisal Kawusi/ Benaisa Lamroubal vs Salim Samatou

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Piet Klocke
Rüdiger Hoffmann
Eigentlich mag ich Kabarettisten lieber, als die von dir genannten. Aber die, die ich weniger schlimm oder blöd finde, habe ich ausgesucht.
Die finde ich beide gut
Die beiden letzten sagen mir vom Namen her wenig. Drum kann ich nichts dazu sagen

Piet Klocke vs Olaf Schubert/ Rüdiger Hoffmann vs Maddin Schneider/ Carolin Kebekus vs Tahnee/ Abdelkarim vs Faisal Kawusi/ Benaisa Lamroubal vs Salim Samatou

irgendjemand29’s Profile PhotoDragon Warrior
Rüdiger Hoffmann und Carolin Kebekus. Alle anderen kenne ich nicht. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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هواية هواية اكو حوداث من هالنوع، صارت المهن الانسانية بعيدة كل البعد و لا تربطها أي صلة بالانسانية و لا بالاخلاق . كلش زين عندك كل هالمعلومات و بعدك مداخل المجال، اتمنالك التوفيق و تصير زميلنا بالمستقبل .

اتشرف بيكم التوفيق للجميع ان شاء الله ، و كنصيحة كل شخص يحب يعرف معلومات طبية على صعيد الحياة العامة خلي يتابع غزوان فيصل ، طبيب يدرس بالهند و دائماً ينزل ابحاث حديثة عن كل الأمراض الي تصيب الأنسان و حتى طرق الوقاية و العلاج Ghazwan Faisal ، و بعض الأحيان أبحاث عن ادوية دائماً العراقيين يتناولوها مثل الأسپرين و غيرها و آثارها الجانبية و شركات الادوية الخ ...
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+7 answers in: “انت هسة صيدلاني؟”

Wow i like it am really so excited for you , nice to meet you , am islam from mansoura but i live at faisal , call me about ur university or work ?

Iam a student in faculty of arts, engilsh dep.. Iam in a third year..i wish to be translator but my country do not have any companies..so my family wish to become a doctor in my collegeand i hate that but try to them and me😇
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خيروني' بين شغليتن' حسب شهر ميلادك♥ 1- ببسي ولا عصير♥ 2- شاورما ولا بيتزا💙 3- برشلونة ولا مدريد♥ 4- صداقة ولا حب💙 5- قراءة ولا كتابة♥ 6- فيس بوك ولا انستغرام 💙 7- بحر ولا جبل♥ 8- صيف ولا شتا💙 9- مدرسة ولا عطلة♥ 10- عمتگ ولا خالتگ💙 11- سفر ولا زواج❤ 12- التلفون ولا النوم💙

salsabeelzaidan’s Profile Photo♕ salsabeel ♕
omar faisal obeidat

Right My Dear Sweat Heart Ap bilkul si kah rhi hain Phly inssan ki Majburi ko Smjna Chaye bad min Faisal kia jay

Jafri672’s Profile PhotoSaqlain jafri
بلکل،کوئی بھی فیصلہ غصے میں نہیں کرنا چاہیے،کیونکہ غصہ ختم ہو جاتا ہے،لیکن غصے کی وجہ سے جو رشتہ ختم ہوتا وہ دوبارہ پہلے جیسا نہیں رہ سکتا،معافی مانگ بھی لی جائے تو۔
پہلے خود کو اس کی جگہ پربھی رکھ کر دیکھ لینا چاہیے۔کیا پتہ جن حالات میں وہ ہو،اس کی مجبوری ہو😊
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Listen to نهاية رحلة - بيتر جندري by Faisal َ on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/hf112233/5ss08atgugrw

وجدت نفسي في وسط أرضٍ محروثه، و فأسٌ في يدي، انظر من حولي ...
كيف اصبحت هنا!!..
رميت الفأس ارضاً، نظرت لـ كف يدي، فيه تعب الأيام.. و الشيب في لحيتي كما الثلج على الجبال.
نظرت للسماء، الشمس بين الغيوم على وشك الغروب..
في منزلي الخشبي امام النافذة، اخذت نفسا عميقا
ومن الداخل اقول "ماذا الان،و إلى أين؟"
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Mai madad kr sakta hn ghomane k leye if you are available hope k apko pasaand aye wo places like dhamne koh pheer sohawa monal faisal mosque f9 park jasmine garden ayub park many places if you want to visit i am available tomorrow is my off from office

Awww That’s so sweet of you,
Means alot
And No thankssssss
untick btw
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Why better plans? Why not this specific one? If something is not written in your fate, to ''Iska khyal bhi q dala gya dil mai?' Rayazat q qabool nahi hoti, kya kisi cheez me khot (lack) hota hai" "Hum Chah Bhi Nhi Saktay Agar Allah Na Chahay" Yhi hai na haqeeqat? Then whyyy?

is baare me , me sirf itna janta hu kh Allah hamre maazi, haal, or mustaqbil k bare me sab jaanta he. or is per har muslim ka yakeen he.
jo cheez insaan ko farishto se mukhtalif bnati he woh uska achay or bure kaam dono kerne ki slahiyat he.
agr ham ksi cheez ko pore dil se chahe, or har mumkin koshish k baad bhi woh hasil nah ho paye, to mere dost, zaroor woh cheez apkay lea behtar nahi hogi. keukh jis Rab se hamne woh cheez mangi he, woh 70 maao se ziada chahta he hame, ham apni maa se kuch bhi mange to woh jan waar ker bhi woh de sakti he. lekin yeh btaye kh agr aik chota bacha apni naadani me maa se kuch esa mange jo uskay lea theek nah ho to kia woh aik maa usko dene ko tyar hogi? ub chahe bacha kitna hi roye ya kitni baar hi woh cheez mange , aik maa kbhi koi esi cheez apnay bachay ko nahi degi.
isi trha insaan Allah k samne bhi jitna marzi girgiraye, roye, or har mumkin koshish kre, woh Rab hmare haal or mustaqbil ko dekhte hue hmare haq me behtar cheez hi likhe ga. ham insaan boht kam aqal rakhte he, ham sirf apni mehdood aqal or apne maazi or haal ko dekh k Rab se maangte he, magr hmara Rab hamare mustqbil se bhi waqif he, to isilea aksar oqaat uskay faislay hmari samjh me nahi aate, or ham is per us Rab se naraz bhi ho jate he or shikwa shikayat bhi kerte he kh hamne jo maanga tha woh keu nahi mila. to bas yehi yaad rakhe kh woh Rab apni hikmat se hmare lea behtar faisal hi kerta he. insaan k pas mehdood soch he, jis k hisaab se woh faislay kerta he, magr Khuda apni Lamehdood hikmat se or hmare mazi haal or mustaqbil ko dekh k faislay kerta he. woh janta he kh kia cheez hame aage chal k mushkil me daal sakti he or kia cheez hmare lea behtar hogi.or woh Rab e Raheem he.

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Another tweet by Wajahat Kazmi that says: "Karachi under threat. Blackout has started happening in several areas which has military installations & residences including Malir Cantt, PAF Faisal Base & PNS Karsaz. Pakistan Air Force is maintaining vigilance on the coastal & desert belt of Sindh to qua

Why are u dreading me at this hour
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Faisal tumhae nae pata yar. Ye banda na us bechara ko itna ignore kar ra tha ka pehla areesha ka pas chala gaya us na lift naae karai na toh wo mera pas faryad le ka aya ka waqar sa dosti karni mena. Dekho me masum bechari. Is ka bojh kab sa apna masum kandoun pa lia ghoom ri. Faisal tm to insaf kro

Judge aap dono Mulzimon ki safai ko madenazar rakhtay hue Waqar ko 2 saal ka ask say ban ka nateeja sunati hai. :3 The court is adjurned for now. xD
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Sahi aur galat ke beech faisla karna bahut aasaan hai ... lekin do sahi raasto mein se behtar chunana aur do galat raasto mein se munasif ... yahi hamari zindagi ke faisle karte hai

Yahi to imtehan hay. Wo rasta tab he insan samajh skta hay jab wo dono raston ko janta ho or wo dono raston ko tab tak ni jaan skta jab tak wo dono pay chal na lay. Aik bar chal gya to wo jaan gya. Or zindagi hamesha dosra moqa deti hay or usi moqay pay dobara wohi 2 rastey hon gay or humen aik pay jana ho ga or tab jo sahi Faisal kr gya woi kamyab hay.
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