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Why are so many people online against talking to children? I always see on here and other socials people with things like “adults only” “18+ only” “minors do not interact” “no minors” etc. In their bio. No, I’m not a child, I’m a whole adult. Just curious

"Death Of The Soul" by Alex (Part 1)
There are many reasons why adults are afraid to associate with young people and much of it relates to the numerous crimes and abuses that adults have perpetrated upon our youth over the years and centuries. The list is long so I will only mention a few:
- Priests molesting young people
- Teachers having sex with students
- Parents abusing their children
- Wealthy people like Jeffrey Epstein arranging for young girls to have sexual intercourse with politicians, millionaires/billionaires, businessmen and world leaders.
There are many more documented cases that I could list, but you get the point I am making. As a result, society has demanded that our children and young people be protected by law and that these laws be aggressively enforced and adult perverts be punished.
Other contributing factors are the "Me Too Movement," pervasive groupthink and victimhood movements, the LGBT+ ideology and a belief that whatever alleged victims say it must be true and therefore the alleged perpetrator is "guilty" and must prove his/her innocence. These combined forces have made many adults nervous and fearful of false allegations because we understand that if we are wrongly accused of a sex crime, it is likely that we will lose our family and friends, our employment and all of our assets. In addition, there is a high probablity that we would be found guilty and sent to prison.
A friend of mine who was a prosecutor and is now is a successful defense attorney specializing in sex crimes, told me that 80% of the men imprisoned for sex crimes in the state where he practices law are, in his opinion, innocent. And he also admits that the judicial system, our media and our society believe that if a man is accused of a sex crime, he is guilty and must prove his innocence.
I would challenge anyone reading this essay to talk to an innocent man who has been falsely accused of a sex crime and ask him if he was treated fairly and assumed innocent until proven guilty or if he was instead, treat like a criminal who must prove his innocence? I could provide more graphic detail of what I am talking about, but I have said enough and hopefully you understand the point I am making.
My son is a director of Music and Arts in a well known private high school and to protect himself from false allegations, he had the school install video cameras in his office and bandroom. Students are only allowed to meet with him if other adults and students are present and the doors are left open. In my private life, I teach guitar lessons and require that a parent be present at all times to protect myself from false allegations. And whenever I am in the presence of women (young or old) I always ask my wife or daughter to accompany me and if they cannot, I will not attend the event. (cont)

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Have you ever done accounting? Like being involved in profit and non profit organizations? If so, what's your view of that work?

Great question... but I am not sure you will like my answer. I perform basic accounting in my personal life in the sense that I balance the family budget and ensure all debits are paid in a timely manner. Also, I prepare my own taxes, although I loath doing so partly because I do not like counting beans and justifying my expenses and also the fact that I have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year to fund government programs I detest like Open Borders, Abortion and insane wars that deeply offend me. One last thought, out of all the courses I studied in college I disliked accounting the most because it required that I account and record every penny I spend which is not in my DNA. I enjoy living in the present moment too much to be worried about pennies spent having fun. /Alex
> "If you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves."
J. Paul Getty

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When you were a kid, what were some of your favorite home-cooked meals that you always looked forward to your family making? Have any of those turned into comfort foods you regularly eat now, as an adult? Have you ever attempted to make any of the recipes yourself? How did they turn out? 🤤

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I used to really love Sundays when I was a kid because I looked forward to my mom cooking our favorites like sinigang😄 Sinigang is a meat/seafood stew with sour fruits usually tamarind used as souring agent. It turned out to be one of my comfort food and I cook it myself sometimes since it's quick and easy.
Here’s a clip of my first time making it. It tastes okay considering there wasn’t much veggies, I only made do of what’s on my fridge😆
shaireen’s Video 173196769664

Numerologists claim that the wors age is 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 92.... Can you confirm it by some experience in your family or your own life? 🤔

I can confirm that each of the ages offered can equal two and that arithmancy comes from "arithmós" which means "number" and "manteíā" which means "divination." I can also confirm that Greek music is criminally underrated, statistics are statistically flawed and New Age hippie nonsense is as interesting to me as an open-casket funeral with a missing corpse. Have you ever felt shortchanged? Yeah, exactly.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnSW6gHl8HAtalionislexx’s Video 171331535411 lnSW6gHl8HAtalionislexx’s Video 171331535411 lnSW6gHl8HA

Is happiness a choice, or is depression real?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
For some, there is hardly any difference. It would appear counterintuitive but there are plenty of people who choose to find pleasure in misery. It is familiar territory. A convenient crutch. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to garner sympathy. Yes, genuine depression exists but it can be addressed and it is important to remember that medication or therapy isn't required in every case. A very serious condition may require intervention but there are times when a positive mental attitude will suffice. Those who truly need help should seek it. There is no shame in doing so. If services aren't available or accessible, one could turn to friends, family, colleagues, mentors, spiritual advisors, etc. Merely talking with another person can do a world of good. Surrender is not an option. Joy can be found in simple things but we must be willing to find it. The cost is less than what I charge people to visit my page. Please deposit $0.00 in my Ask account and don't forget to smile. Often. 🙃

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Is happiness a choice or is depression real

How do you deal with stress?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
╰ I talk about it with friends and family - casually ranting about what's bugging me can be relieving x'D
╰ I nap a lot
╰ I eat good food to keep myself going and motivated
╰ I remind myself how much more time I have for things I love once this stressful situation passed
╰ just trying to keep me focused on the outcome and not stressing myself out over possibilities that did not happen yet

How soon is "too soon" to move in with a partner?

For me too soon would be when I do not really know my partner and have not met his family and friends and have not seen how they react under duress. For example, does your partner get hateful, angry and violent whenever they do not get what they want? Do they get violent or act out whenever you tell them no?
I believe that before you move in with your partner you should already have met their Mother, Father, siblings and friends. If your partner is hiding his family and friends from you or his career and hobbies, then it is premature to live with them and one should consider what else they are "hiding" from you. Living with another human is an important decision that must be taken seriously because your health, well being and finances could be at risk.
Take your time and do not be impulsive or fooled by transparent charm, good looks and the false appearance of integrity. Let them prove to you with their positive and kind behavior that they are ethical, moral and a person of good character. Until good character is beyond doubt, do not live with them.

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What was Christmas like for you growing up? Did your family have any specific traditions you always looked forward to? What would you typically have for Christmas dinner? Did you have a special dessert/treat of some sort that you now associate with the holidays? 🎄🎁✨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
@JoyouslyJoanna, @GlindaBells this also answers similar questions you two asked 😊
Christmas has always sorta been the same for me. As far as I know we haven't changed traditions really ever Haha 🎅
But I always looked forward to watching a certain Disney Christmas special featuring Christmas cards from different characters which tell of their various adventures, through clips from movies like The Jungle Book, Robin Hood etc. It's something many Swedish familes has as a tradition. Since it's aired on national TV at 3 pm, that's when we begin our celebrations, by watching it. When we watch said special we also drink mulled wine 📺🇸🇪
Soon followed is dinner, which features various traditional Swedish Christmas foods! I'll post a picture below but examples include meatballs, sausages, herring with various sauces, casserole, ham etc. 🐟🥔
After dinner we open presents, which of course was the biggest highlight growing up. For dessert afterwards, we have something called ris à la malta, which is sort of like a sweetened porridge 🎁
We end the day by playing a certain Christmas gift game where you take turns rolling dice. If you get a 1 or a 6 during the first round of rolls, you take a cheap gift from a pile. Once all gifts are taken, a timer is set for like 10 min or so and the second round begins. Then if you roll a 1 or a 6 you get to take a gift from someone else. The round ends when the timer rings and the presents you then have collected you get to keep. During both rounds, if you roll a 6 you get to roll again 🎲

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What was Christmas like for you growing up Did your family have any specific

Numerologists claim that the wors age is 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74, 83, 92.... Can you confirm it by some experience in your family or your own life? 🤔

The worst age can be when a person gets diagnosed with a serious illness. The disease or health issues which makes them suffer in life. So, there's probably not a certain fixed worst age according to my perception. Some old people in 60's and 80's and maybe above these ages are doing well and are happy with their lives.
Old age can become worse when the person is not very healthy.
Numerologists claim that the wors age is 20 29 38 47 56 65 74 83 92 Can you

How can I remove bad thoughts

Keep yourself busy like studying, talking, music, reading, and sometimes going out to watch movies with family or friends.
Watching Murmuration where many birds fly together in the sky in a pattern that can make people feel lucky to have witnessed it.
Enjoy tourism of different places like doing a safari or a place where you can get pictures clicked with birds, beautiful scenery, going on a trek. Playing games. :)
Moreover, just start connecting with nature, yourself and reflect on your thoughts that what action needs to be done to overcome such worries.
How can I remove bad thoughts

هل يمكنك وصف شكل حياتك المثالية ؟

I need to first to be financially stable and financially independent.
My dream life is to have a family of my own. I’m a person who love children and i love to spend time with them. Teaching them, telling them stories, see them laugh and play. I’m that kind of person.
The love I have for children can be proven of a moment I had yesterday. All of us were chilling until the daughter of my cousin appeared I started giving her attention more than the people around me.
I want to see them grow up and I pray with all my heart that they are from the good who know their religion well and have a high sense of manner and responsibility.

Imagine you are on a 1st/2nd date and he/she asks if you think he/she should check him/herself into a mental hospital, how do you react?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoHombre Salvaje
Yikes, that’s a lot of oversharing for a beginning date. Did she give reasons for thinking she qualified for the mental hospital? Regardless, that’s too dark for a first or second date. I would encourage her to ask her family doctor, and then I wouldn’t call her again. It’s not like she’s a friend yet, so no need to get wrapped up in someone else’s business if you don’t have to.

What memory of yours has the most love or happiness attached to it?

inktomy_pen_’s Profile Photopeanut
"Adoption" by Alex
Oh there are so many. I would say it was the adoption of our daughter. We started the adoption process before our daughter was born in 2006. We were notified of her birth and given 24 hours to make our decision. For the next 7 months she was cared for by a beautiful foster family who we still maintain contact with.
So in July 2007 we flew to Guatemala City to meet our daughter, the care givers and the lawyer and social worker. I remember it as though it were yesterday. My wife and I were staying at the hotel and received a call informing us that our daughter was waiting for us in the lobby. For me, it was love at first sight. We met everyone involved in this process, signed the necessary paperwork and brought our daughter back to our room.
Since my wife was not feeling well, I had the honor and privilege of caring for our baby until the plane departed the following day. As one can imagine, she was upset, crying and I would say traumatized from the uncertainty and drastic change to her environment. Every time I put the baby into the crib to sleep she started crying and would only stop when I held her. So for the next 24 hours I held her in my arms and when we awoke in the morning, I noticed a change in her demeanor. She stopped crying and started to smile and laugh because a bond, based upon mutual love and trust, had begun to form.
I could talk for hours and days about this experience because for me it completely changed my life for the better, for she is the apple of my eye. We do everything together which includes: performing music together, playing golf, tennis, helping her with homework (science, math, reading). She also likes to challenge me and debate me. She fondly calls me an old man and a geek because to her friends I am old enough to be her grandpa and because of my passion for music and poetry. There are times, for example, when her friends visit and hear me wailing away on my guitar or bass in my studio and I suppose they are not exposed to that type of behavior. Too funny, right? The best part is that whenever she is with her friends and they are giggling and behaving like teens, when I walk into the room, it becomes dead silent as though a loved one died and we are showing respect at their funeral service.
So... I have to say the adoption of our daughter and our time together are my favorite memories and the memories that give my life it's greatest meaning and purpose.

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Do you think prince Harry has sold his family out??

horneyman77’s Profile PhotoStan Matthews .
For someone who left to stay out public eye He not really doing great job I don't feel sorry for him you don't make it public got problem with your family do it in privacy don't see the king or his brother doing live interviews slagging him of tickle me when he says he wants apologise of them and want relationship with them I don't think going on live TV and writing a book about them will ever made amends I think he has sick of seeing him over the news he boring me with his sob story now

Does mental illness run in your family and if so which ones?

Oh yeah. My kids don't stand a chance. They may not be in therapy right now, but they definitely will be in the future. Bipolar, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, prsonality, and eating disorders. As for the other mental illnesses my relatives struggle with, I believe they're caused by environment vs. genetics.

Are you close with your family or are you distant?

CourtneyThomas63561’s Profile PhotoC.
I have nothing to do with my dead beat father or on my father side I have half siblings I have nothing to do with my brother that lives in Philippines I will never see him I'm close to my mum side of the family well I've cut my toxic cousin out of my life that about it
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All I have ever wanted was to have my own family. It doesn’t matter what I do because when girls look at me and see a f***boi. I just want a genuine connection with someone. I’m in my 30s now and idk what to do.

Live your life doing those things that give you satisfaction and stop worrying about what females say or do. Also, you need to know the attributes that you are looking for in a woman. If you want to meet a woman who is kind, humble and giving, you might consider working with disabled children or a homeless shelter or some other work where people actually care about those among us who are less fortunate.
When I completed college at age 25, that is precisely what I did. I worked at a state run hospital for the disabled and an angel appeared. And the truth is that I wasn't even looking. I simply started a Music Therapy program and scheduled music programs for the young adults.
So I encourage you to simply live your life and become a "good deed" doer and eventually, when the stars align, you will meet a woman who is compassionate, giving and who truly understands the meaning of love. Be patient and passionate with your work and hobbies.

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Should I do meetup from a person who became friend from askfm and we chat on Instagram and I know about his family too. But its awkward for me to him. I'm confused because he also likes me. Also I have negative thoughts for no reason at all. Suggestions needed

Trust your gut if you feel anything negative don't meet him. But maybe if you really want to take a friend along with you. But if it makes you uncomfortable don't do it. It's not worth the risk

Should I do meetup from a person who became friend from askfm and we chat on Instagram and I know about his family too. But its awkward for me to him. I'm confused because he also likes me. Also I have negative thoughts for no reason at all. Suggestions needed

Slightest of the negative thoughts or feels, stop right there. That's your zameer, your intrinsic, your inner voice trying to protect you and stop you from doing wrong deeds. Don't do it.
(Plus, you knowing about his family and HIS FAMILY KNOWING ABOUT YOU, these are two completely different things! :) May ALLAH bless you ✨

Should I do meetup from a person who became friend from askfm and we chat on Instagram and I know about his family too. But its awkward for me to him. I'm confused because he also likes me. Also I have negative thoughts for no reason at all. Suggestions needed

If you have negative thoughts then its for some reason and your sixth sense is always right so i suggest don’t meet such person. And its better to not get so close with such person. Honest opinion

Should I do meetup from a person who became friend from askfm and we chat on Instagram and I know about his family too. But its awkward for me to him. I'm confused because he also likes me. Also I have negative thoughts for no reason at all. Suggestions needed

Just don't sister and a piece of advice for girls that knowing about his family and his family knowing about you is nothing special don't feel special. Sorry but it's just a trap

How much time do you spend with your family? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
A lot. My husband is really close with his sister and his mom, and we are moving to the house I grew up in march, where my parents and my uncle live. So I am going to be surrounded by my family all the time. Before we are moving we are, of course, going to be a lot in our new apartment for checking it´s progress.

How much should someone spend on a wedding ring? 💍

princessxbunnii_’s Profile Photoprincessxbunnii
A wedding ring is a symbol for both that they're married, and it doesn't matter how expensive it is. I say, a lot of people are concerned about the price and want their wedding ring to have expensive stones or to cost a lot, but it's really not important. The important thing is that both people start a family, and a ring is just a thing 😊

Full time dad during 6-8 am to 4:30- 5pm drive to work, work starts 6:30pm get home around 1-3 am. 6 nights a week. Is it fair I asked my partner if I can have 4-6 hrs to my self one day a week ?

oof, that's rough buddy. you have my sympathies.
i mean, if your partner gets a lot more free time than you do, it's absolutely fair to ask to even that out; they're being selfish otherwise, if not straight up controlling.
i understand that might not be the case, though, as you may both work long hours. if so, you need to look into alternatives for your kid/s, at least once a week: daycare, family, friends, etc. it'll do wonders for both of you (especially you) and your relationship, as well as for the kids. if you can't afford a daycare centre, there may be less expensive options available in your area, like family daycare.
good luck! ♡

Why did you have children?

The first one wasn't by choice, and the second one was. I wanted to start a family with my ex fiancée. It was something we both talked about for years, and eventually, it felt like the right time to start. My kids are my absolute everything and are a blessing. They're one of the best teachers a parent can have.

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!😆 🎆

Thank you very much for your congratulations and wishes! Happy New Year to you too!🎄 A lot of joy, happiness, good health and good people around⚘
Happy New Year to you I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!

Thank you for your congratulations.May all your wishes and dreams come true.I wish you happiness and health!
Happy New Year!😊⛄🎄🍾🥂

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!😆 🎆

Happy New Year to you too 🥂 I wish everything double, may it be a better year, full of joy, good health, peace, may God continue to bless your life and the life of your family, a prosperous year and full of good things for you 🧡

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!😆 🎆

A very welcome message . . .
Thank you
Peace will come . . . . but Ask Adim will never understand , they don't want to.
*My Vikka, My Hat!*
Happy New Year to you I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!😆 🎆

Спасибо большое Jennie 🥰 (хотела по привычке написать Mona 🤭)
Счастья тебе огромного, здоровья крепкого, благополучия, и всего самого наилучшего в Новом году 🤗❣️
Пусть у тебя всё будет хорошо ✨
Happy New Year to you I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!

"New Year's 2023" by Alex
Thankyou Jennie for your kind thoughts. New Year’s Eve is a time to reflect upon the past year. To take inventory of our achievements and our failures. It is a time to pray for those loved ones we have lost and for those who have survived. Mostly... it is a reminder to us all that life is both a gift and our greatest blessing. It is therefore incumbent upon each one of us to appreciate and acknowledge that if humanity wants a better and more peaceful world, this outcome can only occur if all the people living on this planet believe that love and life are worth fighting for and consequently, that they must be willing to express those beliefs in their thoughts, words and actions, knowing that whenever good people are silent or indifferent, evil wins. ❤️
Happy New Year to you I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!😆 🎆

Thank you! But from my family, only I have a husband and distant relatives.
Much happiness, love and success to you too!☺️
Дякую! Але з родини лише в мене є чоловік та далекі родичі.
Вам теж багато щастя, кохання та успіху!☺️
Happy New Year to you I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and

Happy New Year to you, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and your dreams come true.❤️ Happy New Year to you, your family and your loved ones!

Thank you, my dear ♥
Happy New Year with a new happiness🎉
I wish you to always be on top, enjoy life and appreciate what you have 💜
Happy New Year to you I wish you a lot of joy and happiness in the new year and

What were some of your best moments of 2022?🎆

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
🎨 Finally finishing my Horseman painting! (I just need to do some minuscule touch ups and photograph it again, but it’s 95+ percent done!
☕️ Being offered a promotion and being handpicked by the area manager at work
🌿 Working at the RHS Shows - both Chelsea and Hampton Court - they were both really lovely for different reasons, and there’s such good energy at the shows!
🎄 Running a Christmas show by myself for three days, which was pretty unusual as the majority traders had numerous folk on hand! It showed to me at least, that I’m good at working under pressure in a really busy environment! Aside from that, it was quite electric and upbeat in terms of atmosphere, and it was lovely to see some familiar faces and meet new people!
🐾 Codes will always be such a colossal loss as he was my best friend and it brings me peace to continue talking about him at home, but I’m also very grateful for gaining Woody this year. He’s a very mischievous but loving pup, and he’s incredibly sweet!
⛸️ ice skating with my pals from work was a riot; it was a really good team building exercise! I was happy to make a fool of myself to make the others laugh (not that I tried hard at all, since I can’t skate to save my life 😆).
💗 I’ve been slowly curating a gift box full of various trinkets and items (and other things that are a surprise!) for @nurbzee and whilst I’m incredibly sorry she’s had to wait so long, I truly hope it’ll be worth the wait! I just need to write my letter and wait for the mail strikes to end, and I’ll be sending it asap! Trekking around London finding items that I think she’ll (hopefully) like has been such a joy ✨
🙏🏻 It’s not necessarily a happy moment, but this past year I’ve really dedicated to healing and self development, and I finally feel that I’m so close to achieving my goal, of processing a lot of heaviness from my past. I know healing isn’t linear, but I’m also tonnes better compared to this time last year! It’s been unpleasant, painful and gruelling with the pain physically manifesting in my body, but finally having that inner peace will be such a blessing.
🌊 Last but not least, my family holiday to Devon. It was a much needed respite and we truly lucked out with the weather. Being by the sea is so good for the soul, and I wish I lived closer to there tbh! 🐚

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What single event has had the biggest impact on who you are?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
In my early teen hood years everyone including my parents were against me for something I didn't even do until the day everyone got to know the truth
Those 2 years changed me alot
Became so insecure till this day
I have alot trust issues
Lost all my confidence
Became an introvert
I lost myself that day
Don't get me wrong till this day my family is guilty for what they did to me or made me do infront of everyone... but what's done is done
No hard feelings....

Лучшая песня что ты слышал(а) в 2022?

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀➥ Только одну песню выделить я не могу, так как их достаточно много. Каждая из них покорила моё сердечко.💞
🎶 Нюта - «Незнакомка»
🎶 Макс Барских - «Before We Say Goodbye»
🎶 RASA, DASHI - «Не хочу домой»
🎶 DJ SMASH, Artik&Asti - «CO2»
🎶 Lx24 - «Шаг вперёд два назад»
🎶 Мохито, Кирилл Скрипник - «Зима холода»
🎶 Dante - «Нафиг любовь»
🎶 Стас Костюшкин - «Вот-вот Новый год»
🎶 Lx24 - «Летай со мной»
🎶 Денис Rider - «Оставаться людьми»
🎶 Filativ&Karas - «Движ»
🎶 Саша Дарвин - «Светофоры»
🎶 Lx24 - «Дай мне спасти тебя»
🎶 Karol Sevilla, Pipe Bueno - «La Musica»
🎶 Митя Фомин - «Быть собой»
🎶 Dante - «По губам»
🎶 Karol Sevilla, Pipe Bueno - «La Explicacion»
🎶 Мот - «Тряпки от кутюр»
🎶 Винтаж - «Лети за солнцем»
🎶 Dabro - «Давай запоём»
🎶 Lx24 - «Всё в тебе мой мир»
🎶 Now United - «Like Me»
🎶 Now United - «It's Your Birthday»
🎶 Юлия Савичева - «Майский дождь»
🎶 Dante - «По тонкому льду»
🎶 Burito - «Холод»
🎶 Karol Sevilla - «Siempre Fui Yo»
🎶 Катя Адушкина - «Паранойя»
🎶 Иванушки International - «Две звезды»
🎶 Миша Майер - «Тем временем»
🎶 Клава Кока - «Не со мной»
🎶 Вирус - «Футболка»
🎶 Filativ&Karas, Burito - «Возьми моё сердце»
🎶 Alex Hoyer - «GRUDA»
🎶 Maia Reficco - «Rapido y Furioso»
🎶 Maia Reficco - «Miss life»
🎶 Нюта - «Переживём»
🎶 Мари Краймбрери - «Танцевальный медляк»
🎶 Нюта - «Спеши любить»
🎶 Мари Краймбрери - «Одинокий таксист»
🎶 5sta Family - «Дистанция»
🎶 Денис Rider - «В океанах»
🎶 Доминик Джокер - «На паузе лето»
🎶 Хабиб, Иванушки International - «Тучи круче»
🎶 Ольга Бузова - «Baby Tonight»
🎶 Idris & Leos - «Кто она»
🎶 Karol Sevilla - «Dime Dime»
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Date: 27. 12. 2022
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Time: 20 : 30

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Лучшая песня что ты слышала в 2022

Merry Christmas! Merry ba Christmas mo?

Kahit sobrang nakakapagod from Christmas shopping and grocery to celebration super worth it! Nag Taytay din kami ng family ko since sa Antipolo kami nagcelebrate ng Christmas. Sobrang dami talagang mabibili dun na mura. ❤ Walang pasok since 24 kaya talagang sulit. Bukas pa magback to work. Nagcelebrate din ako with my partner kahapon hanggang ngayon. Kauwi lang namin. Daming gifta from loved ones.
Merry Christmas Merry ba Christmas mo

how does it feel when you go against everyone in your family just for him and ake your life miserable but doesn't even bother to ask how m i doing, m i alove or not???? it literally feels like a bullet inside heart and a block of tears on throat. 💔

U need to leave that person jis din kisi k lye depression hone lag jae us din smjh jana k kuch acha hasil ni hoga is se mazeed kharab krne se acha h k izzat bacha k nikal lo or atleast u have your family hold on to them don't take them for granted

Askfm py account to bna lia but don't know how to use this shit🤧

farihaamalik’s Profile PhotoFariha
Hello Fariha,
Hope you are having agood time here!
I am Shahab & I work at ACSD (Ask
Customer service department).On behalf of them i welcome you here on becoming part of this amazing family. I have been appointed by our customer services department to help you out in getting started & show you key features of this platform.I have been assigned to show you around,
get to know you & become friends with you here so you don't get bored initially.
Please reply in this thread with your
Instagram username in order to receive further details.
I will reach out to you personally & explain everything you need to know.
Many thanks,

Who is that one person you despise the most?

My ex best friend Rommeh. She threatened to kill me, said a bunch of racist things about me and my family, called me vulgar names, told me to go kill myself. For the threatening to kill me part she either said "I will run you over with my car and watch as the ground feeds on your blood" OR "I'm gonna bash your skull in with a hammer and watch as the ground feeds on your blood". Either way I despise her.

Do you have any unique or unusual Christmas traditions? If you don't celebrate Christmas feel free to skip this one! 🎄

JoyouslyJoanna’s Profile PhotoOh hello, it's Jo.
I don’t think we have currently any unique or unusual Christmas traditions ( for some reason I read Christmas decorations originally ) . 🤔🎄
- Bonus picture of beautiful bear family for you Jo. 🐻🤩
Do you have any unique or unusual Christmas traditions If you dont celebrate

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? ⛄ 🎄 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
Just spending it with my family and loved ones :3
Opening presents together, having dinner together... then totally ignoring each other cuz of being so full xD
What is your favourite thing about Christmas

Respect is a mutual effort so what do you give and what do you expect?

EzraB99’s Profile PhotoEzra Batool
Ugh me and these two friends of mine. We’re together since college days and we’re pretty dang close thou one thing sets the two apart, for me. One always makes time, legit travels from another city and accommodates even if there are family commitments and I’m the same. The third one however, only shows up when she has free time. If she has work or any other commitment, she’ll act John Cena. Such a small difference and adults are suppose to get it right? But because of this one thing, these two would never be equal. I obviously have more love for the former one.

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