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Why a girl should not look shia guy for marriage major reason?

Can't believe people are asking such questions here on Ask but some of the main reasons are:
1. Their flawed and twisted Aqeedha about Allah and how the Ahle bait have some magical powers of Allah that you don't have to go Allah for anything. Instead Ali R.A and his family will fulfill it for you.
2. Their practices resemble those of Hindus, going to temples, asking for Mannats, Zyarats, Self flagellation. None of this is proven from Islam nor did our Prophet or any of the sahaba did it.
3. They abuse and curse the sahaba especially Ayesha R.A, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and even Muwaiya R.A.
4. They have narrations which have been exposed as dubious and unreliable without any proper background or authenticity with lots of breaks in chains of reporting and people that haven't been heard of.
5. They will turn you against the Islam that Allah revealed on His Messenger and the one that the sahaba learned from him.
6. Your future generations and their aqeedha in Islam will be at stake.

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How did you become so rich?

I’m not rich but I am “rich enough” to be able to treat myself to a meal outside every once in a while but my family prefers I don’t eat out as much as I want to since it can be too expensive in the long term. I’m also using the same phone I got back when I was a freshman in high school so it’s been about 8 years since I’ve got it but I haven’t been begging my parents for a new phone since I’m ok with using it until it no longer works anymore. Someone really said, “I thought you were rich” when I disappointed them by saying I have an iPhone 7 but I couldn’t care less about what they think even tho sometimes, I do feel a little insecure about being seen with such an old phone when everyone seems to be updating theirs.
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Eid Mubarak to you and your Family! May Allah bless your life and fulfill all your wishes and Dua’s and fill your heart with joy, your home with warmth, and your life with prosperity 🌸 ✨️

AbdulRafaymr11’s Profile PhotoAbdul Rafay
Awe, khair mubarak and eid mubarak to you and your family as well. May your day be filled with love, joy, and the company of those you hold dear. Wishing you all the sweetness that this holiday brings - from delicious treats to heartwarming moments shared with loved ones. All the duas for you. 🌻✨️
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What hairstyle or shape (straight, wavy, or curly) suits you the most according to your close friends & family and do you agree with them?

I don’t ask anybody. I’ve been told when my hair is wavy it’s mermaid hair and I like that. It’s not really very wavy anymore though since I don’t bleach.
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Is UK a terrible place to live in? I’d like answers from both born and bred in the UK and those who migrated there please.

It’s like many places; it will largely depend upon your circumstances. Such as your wealth/income, your family circumstances (e.g. are you a carer or single parent) are you renting from a private landlord or do you own your home, are you disabled or need government support/benefits for another reason, and so on. Plus what’s your location/area, what’s it like for facilities both social and practical etc.

10/4/2024 EID MOBARAK♥️

mhmd_y_shaheen’s Profile PhotoМохамед Якут
جعل الله عيدكو نوراً
واعاده عليكم دهوراً
عيدكم مبارك
وكل عام وانتم بخير ♥️♥️
wishing you and your family and your friends a very Happy Eid 🌸♥️

In Egypt, we have a tradition to give all the women and kids in the family money on Eid. Do you have a tradition like that?

Ya_7abibi’s Profile PhotoDiaa
The only English religious money-giving ceremony I can think of is Maunday Thursday, where the Monarch gives both money in the form of ceremonial silver coins and alms to elderly people from various churches around the country.
Other than that individual religious organisations such as churches and Sikh temples etc may give money to the poor, and in a secular context is often a traditional gift on birthdays and sometimes Christmas.

Childfree is a lie...You just wanna to find profitable woman...I bless you..You will so...Listen to Maksim Verdcit...all videos...Don't forgive woman never...You find profitable woman,and she give birth so many childs for you...and she only your...blessings...don't be liar of gospel...blessings...

matthewway’s Profile PhotoMatthew Way
No, childfree is not a lie! And yes, I want to find a benefit who, in spite of everything, loved a woman who I would love, and myself. Which is completely different from other girls who perceive relationships like an ATM. And marriage is like a loan that they won’t have to repay. And it’s better when they are also paid interest for using this man, firmly in a relationship with him. Because, in their opinion, a man without a woman ends up.
I need an independent woman who does not depend on her partner’s money. I am for partnerships. I don’t need a “common tick” woman who essentially brings nothing to the relationship.
Recently asking that question “What are the advantages for a man who lives with a woman?” Not a single girl was able to answer him clearly. And if something was answered, then she essentially does it for herself. After all, she used to take care of herself, wash, cook. Or maybe she walked around hungry, dirty and restless the whole time until she was in a relationship. And she does everything that is supposedly for the man, even when she is not in a relationship with someone, or they live separately.
Wait, everyone deserves forgiveness, but it must be earned. Maybe I'll find a worthy woman. Or maybe not. I will be without a relationship for the rest of my life, or in one that will not last long. No, I don't need children at all. I made this decision back in my school years and I will not give it up. Only over the years the number of reasons for this has increased significantly.
I don’t need my children, and especially not for me. Let lovers of divorced women with children be with them. I bless them for a long and happy life. It’s easier for them to take a dysfunctional family and complete it with themselves. They, like those lazy women, come into a relationship with everything ready. A supporter, a new father for a child and a lover for a woman.

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Childfree is a lieYou just wanna to find profitable womanI bless youYou will

كل سنة وانتي طيبة وعيد سعيد عليكي وعلي الأسرة الكريمة وتقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الأعمال 🌸🤍وبقبل عيدية عادي 🥳

zarouk042’s Profile Photo⚫AHMED..~ ⭐ ~.. ZarOuk⚫
Eid Mubarak may Allah accept your fasting and good deeds. I wish you and your family the mercy of Almighty and all best✨

How do you find balance between work, personal life and self care??

It’s a tough one. I used to be a full-time student, who used to work and hit the gym all at the same time.
But the past year has been exhausting, the gym part took the biggest hit even when I don’t have to worry about my studies anymore.
Finding the balance, for selfcare i.e gym, working out, you have to have consistency, more than motivation. 1 din gym jaa k don’t skip 4 days. What I did is just pay 3 months of your gym fees in advance, phir to apke daddy bhi jayen ge hxhx.
Regarding the personal life, you have to spend atleast 1 hours talking with your family. Its the best therapy one can have. Think of it as they need someone to talk as well, so do it for them. There are weekends as well, have chai with your boys, talk shit/business or whatever you want to. Sometimes you wont like going out, but trust me its worth it. 22-27 is the age of saying goodbyes. Most of my friends are leaving and we’re all scared. The best moments of my life has been with them, all we can do is maximise whatever we have left.
Yes, work is important, but so is your mental health. Paharon me jaa k thora time guzaro, sb yaheen rehe jana he.

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What do you mean by 'everyone seeks attention, it's normal'? that's a weird take haha. Can you explain, if you have time and mood

it's normal to seek out attention from people simply because it's human nature. we seek attention from friends, family, pets, colleagues, etc. it's a type of validation we all need.
the whole "attention seeking is bad" thing stems from ableism, and it only perpetuates stigma associated with neurodivergence because it makes people think that reaching out to others isn't good or is selfish. the only time attention seeking is bad is when it's detrimental to your or someone else's well-being.

Do you think the partner we choose reflects how much we love ourselves?

Ssars’s Profile PhotoSayed Sibtain Ali Rizvi
Yes, it does. And sometimes it doesn't. I know someone who was obsessed with themself. Someone who wanted to be worshipped in other words. But that person, that person married someone by their free will, even went against their family for that person. And now they are the one who have left their self-worth while doing everything their partner asks. No matter what it is, there's no sense of self-respect left in them.
For someone like that, I had hoped them to have some self-love, but even them getting taken for granted is kinda indigestible to be honest.

Larkay Shaadi kiun naahi karna chahte aur bas ek girl chahiye ha har surat!! commitment se darte hein? ye responsibility se?

😂😂 when you say NO to them or disagree on something bx phr dramy shuru or agr yh keh do k apki behan ya ammi sy koi esy demand kry to sath hi keh den gy ni hmary ghr ki ortain boht shareef hain . Mtlb wo shareef hain to tm b usi ghr k ho konca hamsayoun k ho 😂bno tm b shareef ya baqio ko yh sb na bolo phr inki jal jati h swar k
Benefits chaiya bx effort put na krni pry zimydari na leni pry pr chasky sary chaiya inko iss liya.
Or galti sy shadi kr lain to family or wife balance ni hota in sy suffer krwaty dono sides ko

Lagta hai meri pyari phupho so rhi hain abhi tk 😭😭

My God. The obsession people have with their family members on Ask. Khair, mein kiya bolun. Mein tou khud one of them hun. 😂😂
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What fact amazes you every time you think about it? 🤩 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Zadziwia mnie, jak w dosłownie ułamku sekundy Twoje życie może z całkiem fajnego i do życia zmienić się w koszmar, który męczy Cię psychicznie każdego dnia i masz ochotę je zakończyć. 🤔
Ostatnio wydarzyła się pewna przykra sytuacja, o której nie chcę wspominać, ale o dziwo wierzę, że da się to wszystko jeszcze naprawić, nie poddam się.
Owszem, czuję się jak ciężar dla rodziny, ale wierzę, że pewnego dnia wszystko się ułoży.
ENG: It amazes me how in literally a split second your life can change from something quite nice and livable to a nightmare that torments you mentally every day and you feel like ending it. 🤔
Recently, a certain unpleasant situation happened that I don't want to talk about, but surprisingly I believe that it can all be fixed, I won't give up.
Yes, I feel like a burden to the family, but I believe that one day everything will work out.
https://youtu.be/hgn6py4QGDc?si=kbMszyXk6ddoObbAnebelung1717’s Video 174440518638 hgn6py4QGDcnebelung1717’s Video 174440518638 hgn6py4QGDc

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nebelung1717’s Video 174440518638 hgn6py4QGDcnebelung1717’s Video 174440518638 hgn6py4QGDc

Is it better to carefully observe from the beginning or to reflect afterwards to understand what leads to what?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
Yesterday my family was watching movie The Life of David Gale in TV and at the same time I personally was watching my favourite serie on laptop in the same room. Sometimes I stopped to watch serie, because movie seemed to be interesting ....... but in the end I was not sure about point, so in this case it would be better if Iwas observing it carefully from beginning - hahaha :))

Какая песня ассоциируется у вас с весной?

electro_v’s Profile PhotoChe V.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀📍Их несколько, в зависимости от настроения или состояния моей души. 🌸💋
🎧 Мари Краймбрери - «Апрель»
🎧 Юлия Савичева - «Надо быть сильной»
🎧 Клава Кока - «Май»
🎧 МакSим - «Весна»
🎧 Ваня Дмитриенко - «Дождь»
🎧 Демо - «Дождик»
🎧 Григорий Лепс, ELSEA - «Весна»
🎧 Дима Билан - «Острой бритвой»
🎧 Полина Гагарина - «Солнце взойдёт»
🎧 Максим Круженков - «Оттепель»
🎧 DJ SMASH - «Ландыши пахнут весной»
🎧 Артур Пирожков - «Девочка на танцах»
🎧 Ваня Дмитриенко - «31-я весна»
🎧 Юлия Савичева - «Майский дождь»
🎧 Градусы - «Научиться бы не париться»
🎧 25/17 - «Апрель»
🎧 Митя Фомин - «Быть собой»
🎧 Максим Свобода - «Март»
🎧 Мари Краймбрери - «Если устал»
🎧 Dabro - «Мой путь»
🎧 5sta family - «Тюльпаны»
🎧 Мохито - «Ловлю моменты»
🎧 Лёша Свик - «Сиреневый закат»
🎧 Ханна - «Весна»
🎧 Юлия Савичева - «Сияй»
🎧 Maia Reficco - «Tuya»
🎧 Алёна Ланская - «Папараць кветка»
🎧 Макс Барских - «Подруга-ночь»
🎧 Потап и Настя Каменских - «Чумачечая весна»
🎧 Монатик - «Кружит»
🎧 Тима Белорусских - «Незабудка»
🎧 Краски - «Весна»

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Какая песня ассоциируется у вас с весной

How to leave a toxic person when you are so emotionally attached to them ?

Cut them off, block them, block their friends, block every acquaintance, delete every screenshot and picture with them, and throw away every item related to them.

After you have successfully removed every trigger from your surroundings, work on healing yourself. Get used to being alone, spend time with your family and friends, pick new hobbies, start journaling everyday, visit new places. You could also start a blog, anonymously, to write your feelings down. That way you'll; 1) be able to vent in a different way, and 2) meet people who are on the same journey.

You have a day off and the weather outside is really nice, what do you do? ☀️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
So much I love to do when the weather is nice, that includes things like hiking/biking/running having picnics/bbqs hanging with family and friends just generally being outside ☀️☀️☀️

Que animes tte gustta?

ttellevoconmigoo’s Profile PhotoVanezzaCHarun
/Tuve mi temporada de ver mucho anime, ahora solo veo uno que otro cuando tengo mi día libre. Sin más dejaré los que llegué a ver por ahí en mis 2012 al 2014, y agregaré algunos actuales que me encantaron: Tokyo ghoul, Akame ga kill, Beastars, Elfen lied, Code geass, Kimi ni todoke, Toradora, Fate series, Sukitte Ii na yo, Mahou tsukai no yome, Tokyo revengers, Masamune-kun no revenger, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Ao haru ride, Kaichou wa maid-sama!, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Noragami, My dress-up darling, To love-Ru, Highschool of the dead, Rurouni Kenshin, One punch-man, Vampire knight, No game no life, Mirai Nikki, Jujutsu kaisen, Owari no seraph, Ao no exorcist, Yofukashi no uta, Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, Deadman wonderland, Fire force, Kimetsu no yaiba, Spy × Family, Fullmetal alchemist, Magi: The labyrinth of magic, Kuroshitsuji, Inu x Boku SS, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Los caballeros del zodiac, Shaman king, Kamisama Hajimemashita, Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Tasogare Otome × Amnesia, Sankarea, Durarara!!, Komi-san wa, komyushō desu.

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Do you feel like you are not good enough

sagetoriola53’s Profile Photosagetoriola53
All the time and I’m regularly reminded that I’m not good enough by choosing to remain the way I currently am by my family members. They think I need to start putting more effort into my classes, losing weight, and when it comes to socializing.
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why is it easier talkin to strangers about how u feel than to someone yk?

Because we have insecurities that this person who knows you will make my fun someday or reveal my secret and the person we don't know is like an empty room and you talking to yourself... because you know that he don't know anyone from my family and friends and after telling you can just vanish maybe thats the reason
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Why are people talking about the same topic everyday

I do that with my family members because the issues don’t go away and I know that what I’m doing isn’t helping anyone but it does release some of the frustration I feel due to the way my life is like right now.

so my ‘friends’ n i went out on the weekend, they said they were ‘broke’ so i willingly paid for the WHOLE night asking for them to pay me back the next day, it’s been 4 days and still nothing.. ignoring calls/texts.. i’ve messaged family members, what do i do? it’s a fair bit of money

if they’re ignoring you then i think you know what’s up. cut your losses and learn from this. don’t let them try weasel their way back in either.🙅‍♀️

How was your Easter and what did you do?

I personally don’t celebrate easter, I celebrate Ostara, but this weekend I did have an easter breakfast at my boyfriends house and we did go out for dinner in the evening. On the second day of easter (yesterday) I went home to my family and we had gourmet. 😊
How was your Easter and what did you do

And reality is that___?

ayesha32009’s Profile Photo_doctormirror
Friends are so important in life. They remind you of who you are when you get lost in life. They cheer you up when life gets you down. They recall the memories that make your heart smile. They make life a little less heavy when things get too tough. They make you believe that you can be loved with any reason. Friends are your chosen family. Choose them wisely, because they are a part of who you are...

Прекрасный профиль, +1)

mismoodivoitlustmolema’s Profile PhotoMismoodi Võitlust Mõlema
Welcome to my world
Молодой человек, вы мне завидуете. А если не завидуете, то льстите. Я лесть на 100 метров вперёд чую).
Но если это все true, то так и быть. Welcome to the family 🙌
And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so
Thank you and Goodbye. I hope we meet again
Date: 04/02/24
Time: 16:45
Прекрасный профиль 1

Should a guy earning 1 lakh per month, has no car, living in a rented house, think about getting married? He has no other expenses or responsibilities towards parents or siblings. Getting married is expensive as hell these days.

1 lac is not enough anymore if you are a middle class family person. Most of the families want to marry their daughters off to a wealthy bank rather than someone genuine. It's the truth. On one side, there's the concept of dowry (Haram). On the other side, there's this; not giving their daughter's hand to someone struggling or not having enough. You need millions to get married today, unless you are stubborn enough to stand against society and do it the right way.

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