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Poproszę o 2 ciekawostki o każdym z chłopców 🤍

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS ᴹᵒʳᵉ
🥀 Uwielbia mleko migdałowe i jak sam twierdzi nie potrafi bez niego żyć.
🥀 Lubi śnieg, ale nie nawidzi deszczu.
🥀 Jego ulubionymi zwierzętami są psy rasy Welsh Corgi i pandy.
🥀 Jest fashionistą.
🥀 Lubi chleb czosnkowy.
🥀 Jego ulubioną porą roku jest wiosna.
🥀 Jest leworęczny.
🥀 Pierwsze co zamawia idąc do jakiejkolwiek restauracji to sok brzoskwiniowy.
Huening Kai:
🥀 Potrafi grać na: pianinie, perkusji, gitarze i flecie.
🥀 Boi się horrorów, ale i tak je ogląda.


InAnotherCxstle’s Profile Photo♡ R o u g e . ♡
"Fashionista? Sorry I am unfamiliar with the term. I've never heard of a fashion magazine before either..."
*he doesn't like that there's something out there he's completely unfamiliar with, this is also her first real hint that neither Vio nor Shadow are from this world*
"Perhaps it is something unique to your kingdom? I will have to look into this."
*for the moment he's put his bow back in his inventory, though he's ready to grab either it or his Four Sword should this Junko become an active threat*
"Well I am fairly sure it's safe to presume you didn't track us down just to talk about your past. No."
*he pauses for a moment, eyes closed, hand on his cheek, his elbow resting on his other arm, thinking*
"You want to spread despair, if you really can see everything that is going on in this city, you saw some of what we're capable of. You want to use us, though I'll be honest I think you want to use Shadow, he is capable of a lot more than I am. So you're here to find a way to persuade him to your side? Or are you going to go for blackmail."
*his eyes fly back open the cool violet orbs staring into Junko's pale blue ones without fear, even though he seems to know she wants to use him against @forgottenfifth *

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Are you a fashionist/-a?

nai269549’s Profile Photoʟᴇɪᴀɴ ♕
No, not at all. I wear what I like and what I feel is comfortable. Not what is in fashion.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Are you a fashionista

شفتى تريند بتاع white coat fashionista😂😂؟

ايوة يستى هموووت 😂😂😂بيقولك كل اللى طالبين عاوز عروسة بتنور اللى هو يعنى حضرتك م هتجيب كهربا فى البيت ولا ايه ثم شوف شكلك الاول وبعدين ابقى اطلب ناس فاضية والله تريند سخيف بجد😂

If you've the chance to fit in any of these groups, which one group would you prefer to be part of? •Beautiful •Wealthy •Famous •Athletic •Adventurous •Friendly •Leaders •Fashionista •Others(?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Definitely adventurous, there's so much to discover and experience on and out of this planet. After all, we leave for the next world with intangibles (deeds, memories, love, peace etc) . Chasing after materialism will always shortchange us.

If you've the chance to fit in any of these groups, which one group would you prefer to be part of? •Beautiful •Wealthy •Famous •Athletic •Adventurous •Friendly •Leaders •Fashionista •Others(?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
i'd fit w goth ppl, there's so many aspects of being goth like literature, music, history, philosophical ideologies, art i could write a whole essay

Te Consideras Fashionista? ✨🤓👀

DJCheChyTruxPeru’s Profile PhotoJulio Espinoza
No 😅
Me gusta comprar ropa que me haga sentir cómoda, si llego a comprar de "temporada" pero no es como que me muera si no utilizo "lo nuevo" o que me preocupe bastante la forma en que visto o los accesorios que utilizo 🤔🤔🤔
Simplemente me pongo lo que me hace sentir cómoda y bien 🤭🤭
✨Que tengas un lindo día ✨
Te Consideras Fashionista

Enserio? Que onda con la pregunta anónima "Pasa tu pack", 😳 - tus fotos son 🔥🔥 pero no pasa de morbo ya que eres modelo fashionista y actriz no de ese rubro

DJCheChyTruxPeru’s Profile PhotoJulio Espinoza
Haha 🖤 & eso que estoy de buenas & más calmada porque con esas preguntas suelo ser muy grosera pero la verdad estoy muy espiritual llena de paz .. armonía & es que los días que estuve ausente me sirvió para ser una mujer llena de paz & armonía entonces estoy tranquila .. feliz con mi trabajo .. mi familia & mi novio 🖤❄️ pues esas preguntas las tomo con humor e ignoro haha
Enserio Que onda con la pregunta anónima Pasa tu pack   tus fotos son  pero no

How much self control do you have when you're out shopping in general? Do discounts often make it easier for you to convince youurself to buy something? 🛒💸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I hate shopping. I can avoid screaming "Get me out of here!" for up to twenty minutes if I bring a list and stay focussed.
I don't care about free stuff or big discounts. I love to save money and stick it to big retail BUT if I buy something that I didn't need or even really want then I am the loser.
So nope. Not swayed by deals.
I am totally in control.
I have no self control when it comes to online shopping. I’ve made it a habit to not buy something I want the first time I see it. I keep a list of things I’d like to buy and revisit the list every few weeks to re-evaluate if that thing is a “need” or a “want”. More times than not, I decide I don’t actually need the thing I was going to buy. If you can keep yourself from impulse buying something you see, chances are the novelty of it will fade and you won’t feel as compelled to purchase it.
I have some disposable income at the end of each month that is better off in savings than spent so I had to put a limit. I now have pocket money like a small kid. And like a small kid you have to make decisions to make it last. If I want something I have to make it work with the money I give myself each week. Sometimes this means I can get it right away but then I might not be able to go out for coffee with my friend that week. Sometimes it means I have to save several weeks for it. Having to prioritise something over another thing when you have a set amount of money helps you put things into prespective. It might be a cute shirt but it's not worth being the only one without a drink on Friday. It might be a good movie but it's probably not worth such a large chunk from my weekly spending. and so on.
I also delay purchases for as long as possible. I know some people have a 24-hour rule, some have a 30-day rule etc. Usually it's enough to just walk out of the store without the item. Going back is usually not worth it.
Ironically, I almost go suckered into buying a new item to use for take out. But I realized I have a perfectly large reusable container I can use instead. Other times it’s a matter of “what’s the worst that can happen if I don’t buy this item?” I suppose it’s a variation of want vs. need. Usually, I end up realizing that I can make do without the item or can borrow it or find a cheaper way to acquire it. I am like this with books. The latter status-seeking reason I ask “Who am I buying this for?” I’m not a fashionista, but I sometimes think I need something when at the core is that I want to look a certain way for other people. For me, that is trying to look my age through wearing certain brands or styles. I don’t have the greatest of control when it comes to spending on others, but when it comes to making purchases for myself I have tremendous control…so much so that I often have to be talked into splurging on things I’ve been eyeballing for a while. Even with discounts, it takes a lot of convincing for me to pull the trigger.

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What are the most annoying questions you receive on ask?🤔

• rude and abusive ones
• name calling ones
• slut shaming ones
• body shaming ones
• asking for whatsapp ones
• telling me that i look more like the fashionista type not the law student type ones
• asking about religion ones
And when you don't entertain these sick people, they abuse you and your family!!
A whole new level of LOW.

Hey hola! 👋🏼😃 Hoy quiero conocer un poco de las personitas a las que sigo aquí en Ask, así que: ¿Me pondrías 10 cosas acerca de ti? 🌼 (Opcional: Puedes agregar una foto tuya en este momento o que te guste mucho de ti y yo te daré 5🔥)

• Tengo 22 años.✨
• Amo la naturaleza.💚
• Soy muy fashionista ✨👜
• Quiero viajar y conocer nuevos lugares.
• Soy Sagitario.🏹
• Soy de Tijuana, Baja California.🇲🇽
• Mi cumpleaños es el 20 de Diciembre.
• Me encanta el mundo del maquillaje.🌹
• Amo a Taylor Swift.🐍
• Quiero un Husky Siberiano.🐺❤️
Hey hola 
Hoy quiero conocer un poco de las personitas a las que sigo aquí en

? VOCÊ PREFERIRIA ? Ter um stylist fazendo seu cabelo e sua maquiagem todos os dias ou ter um fashionista escolhendo suas roupas todos os dias?

~ fashionista para escolher a roupa.
~ gostou? curte ♥
~ não gostou? pede outro ♥
~ volte sempre. ♥
VOCÊ PREFERIRIA  Ter um stylist fazendo seu cabelo e sua maquiagem todos os dias

🍓 VOCÊ PREFERIRIA 🍓 Ter um stylist fazendo seu cabelo e sua maquiagem todos os dias ou ter um fashionista escolhendo suas roupas todos os dias?

Ter um stylist fazendo seu cabelo e sua maquiagem todos os dias. A preguiça é bem maior para esses dois UAHEUHAUEH
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If any foreigner visit visit ur country what restaurant ,clothing store places you will recommend him

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali baloucch
If NYC is the destination, it offers many different types of dining and shopping experiences - it would be rather difficult to make any recommendations without some knowledge of a person's culinary preferences, fashion tastes and of course, budget. I would not send a wealthy man to McDonald's, a vegan to a steakhouse or a "fashionista" to a thrift shop... ;-)
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Oui oui toutes les petites fashionistas d'insta elles lancent la mode mais y a rien de pire. C'est comme si tu faisais une cure de sébum sur ton visage ça t'obstruerait les pores fin c'est dégueulasse en plus

la fashionista d’insta que je suis est déçue mais également heureuse de finalement pouvoir se laver les cheveux. merci.
+4 answers in: “Tu fais quoi demain?”

What do you think of the color purple? Are you really not into that color much? or do you like that color?

Yes, I like purple 💜💜💜color...! one of the royal colors...✨
(in ancient times only monarchs 🌹👑can wear this color! )
I studied the history of the colors and fashion
and really
love fashion...!
and i
know the meanings of all colors
about purple and me...
was a time when I wore this color for a long time ...
but it is not my favorite colors ... I have another favorite colors ...!
( and i open one secret😌
... right now in this season... purple fashion color... but not in cloches... in
in the flowers! and in interior design... the dishes ...! 🌹💜💜💜
in clothes it can be accessories ...
or in combination with other colors! but if you are not a fashionista ... and love this color you can wear it...!
i wear this color many time ago... after purple back in fashion...
( it’s not write to say back in fashion becouse... this color always in fashion... i just say of seasons...
right now purple not fashion colors but it’s royalty color...!

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Yo guys. What are your thoughts on 'multiple bags' fashion? (Sorry, I had to do this. I've watched too many fashion shows lol)

Entendí que qué pienso sobre ser muy fashionista y tener muchas bolsas. Si eso dice, no me gusta, uso una pequeña para todo.
También yo veo desfiles de moda jaja.

ينهار ابيض ! يعنى عايزة تقولى ان ده العادى بتاعك ؟ ? الفستان ده و فورمة الشعر دى من غير مناسبة ! Baby Fashionista ? ??

يب دلوعة العيلة... ???
+8 answers in: “مش عارف ليه حاسس ان ضحكتك دى و انتى صغيرة كانت تحت التهديد ! ?? مش من قلبك خالص لأ ?”

انا عارفاكي اصلا من الجروب بتاع White coat fashionista 💜 عشان حاطة نفس صورة البروفايل هنا😂 هشتغل ف المخابرات قريب 😂 بجد زي القمر والله مش بجامل ⁦❤️⁩ف عايزة اعرف بتعملي ايه عشان بشرتك تبقي كدا مش بحسدك والله😂😂

ايه دا 🙄🙄الدنيا صغيرة اوي والله😂😂😂😂
طب انتي مكلمتنيش هناك ليه⁦❤️⁩ دا بعد ما نزلت البوست دا لقيت بقي كمية رسايل هو انتي ازاي بتلفي الخمار هو انتي دا وشك الطبيعي ولا حاطة مكياج وحاجه كدا كنت هموت م الضحك😂😂😂
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He consultado y oído a chicos/as decir que consideran a la moda un arte. ¿Qué representa para ti? ¿Qué opinas de la moda?

Para mí todo lo trendy, in, fashionista representa gastadera de dinero y estres por no saber qué vestir jaja.
Nunca ando a la moda pero a veces me gusta ver historias sobre diseñadores famosos o desfiles de moda. Sí considero que sea un tipo de arte aunque muy banal jaja.

Meron naman akong magandang trabaho eh hindi naman ako tambay 6 years & 7 month na ako sa pagiging data analysis sa work ko kaya wala na akong paki sa kanya single mom sya kaya mas pinili nya ang mayaman hahaha

Payong kaibigan try mong mag workout kong mag workout kana, try mong maging fashionista bili ka ng damit, sapatos jeans na bagay sayo kong fashionista kana, try mong mag inom ng mga vitamins para lagi kang blooming. Tapos mag antay kalang kahit di ka pogi o pogi kaman for sure madaming lalapit sayo. May trabaho ka, kahit di ka kagwapohan di nayan mababago pero pwde kang maging attractive kung maganda katawhan, maganda ang panonoot ng damit at good skin. Pwde gluta or kahit may-e try mo hahahha. Kaysa mag invest ka ng pera sa babae in return di ka susuklian ng pag mamahal. Mag invest ka sa sarili mo rin.
+2 answers in: “I don't care...sino ka ba ah. Bahala ka sa buhay mo ano paki ko kung mayaman yan bago mo atleas nalaman ko gold digger ka hahaha ulol.”

i'd rather make an impact on your heart than your eyes✼〚followed〛

*♕ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀oh, well. ⠀ ̶(̶e̶s̶m̶é̶r̶a̶l̶d̶a̶’̶s̶)̶ ⠀ karma’s a bish!
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀*゚&. (#)followedback.
‘️️️ why? scared i’ll fall for your looks? ’
indeed; valerie was a sight for sore eyes, BUT(!) her personality didn’t vibe really well with esméralda’s. literally, e v e r y o n e from school knew that, and they could feel that, as well. after all, ━━ THERE can be only one fashionista up in this bish, and that’s definitely NOT valerie!
‘️️️ sorry to disappoint you, princess. you already left a pretty bad and ̷d̷i̷s̷t̷a̷s̷t̷e̷f̷u̷l̷ ̷ impression em mim. ’
id rather make an impact on your heart than your eyesfollowed

انت بعد بودي دي سوحتني اقسم بالله ?? ياعم معمول بودي دي من اولي اعدادي ولا حاجه ضيعت هيبة الجمل ? هتقولي عرفت منين بقي اللي اتحدتني قالت انه Fashionista و موديل و حاجات عجيبه كده ??✌️

BoDiSaad681’s Profile PhotoAbdel-Rahman Saad
والله قاصد يا بودي وبالذات لما كنت قاعد ادور ع اعملك منشن والاقيك في الاخر بودي ????? .. اسد يا بودي في ايه !! ??
فاشيونيستا وموديل !! يا صاحبي دانتا الرشاش الي مبيفضاش بتقول ايه بس ! ?????
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‘️️️ just another case of a geek trying to imitate the popular people of the school and failing miserably. ’

florascent’s Profile Photo・ ♡ ˙ › ⠀⠀violet morgan. [sh]
≺ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ esméralda &. violet, 008.
growing up in gonzález household meant, ━━always look your best, dress as if you’re on joan rivers’s ‘️️️ fashion police ’ radar, and do NOT overdo your make up(!). always keep it simple, elegant and classy. a very useful advice, really. has helped esmé from making a fool ᴏᴜᴛ of herself, and becoming a self-proclaimed ‘️️️ fashionista ’ of north shore’s high.
she has given many fashion ᴀɴᴅ beauty tips, no matter who asks, and no matter from which clique they’re from. one person whom esmé would n e v e r in a millions years picture in a RED dress would be school’s biggest geek, aka, violet morgan. in god’s name, ━━ᴡʜᴀᴛ was she thinking? red dress? ᴛ ʜ ᴀ ᴛ was SO 2006!
' i guess THIS is just another case of a geek trying to imitate the popular people of the school and failing miserably. ' she fake-pouted, mentally making a note to search for a bleach after all of this is done. ' this just screams fashion disaster. '

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just another case of a geek trying to imitate the popular people of the school

Happy birthday sweety 🎉🎂🎁 I wish all the best for you ♥️ I wish you be the one of famous fashionista & models in the world 🌎 amazing friend Mashmsh 🍑

hmody_alazawi’s Profile Photo♛ Ahmed Xavi || الـعزاوي ♛
awoo thank uu 7amody so much for the wishes 🙈🙏🏼💜
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If your crush has fallen for someone uglier than you does that mean you have a less chance or more chance ?

No she won’t i’ll be uglier than him 😂
If that what it takes to make her fall for me but nah!
I guess no female would accept an ugly boyfriend
They want a blond tall guy with blue hair and some muscles gentle either
You know a fashionista guy 🤷‍♂️
But when you are ugly you will be replaced if they found a better person
So be smart from the start
Make sure to have ten girls
If Anyone of them left ,you will not feel a thing
Your heart must be like a tower
You know with many floors
You want to leave ? Ok hell ya you can go
And you will had a happy life 🤷‍♂️
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(سؤال للبنات) : لو في شخص من لاسك يبي يتزوجج ولكنه عنده طلب هو انه يبي يكلمج شهر في تلفون يتعرف عليج اكثر بعدين بروح حق اهلج يشوفج شوفه شرعيه ، هل بتوافقين ع طلبه ؟ (سؤال للرجال ) : ممكن تزوج وحده تكون بداية علاقتكم في لاسك و اذا اي شلون بطور علاقه ؟

Amj_BH’s Profile PhotoAMj_(استغفرالله)
OK no problem, this person should be have high ethic,cute, fashionista

Hey you seem to be tooo damn gorgeous...just love that cuteness and that superb mindset you tend to have though...so much of class and being that hot..yet having that perfect Humor and flamboyance.. seriously you slayyy dear..surely you'll be the best fashionista soon...on a page cover for sure ???

viraj08’s Profile PhotoViraj Karandikar
Aw!! Thank you so much for your kind words???. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ?. You are truly a very sweet person.❤️❤️ God bless.??
Hey you seem to be tooo damn gorgeousjust love that cuteness and that superb

C. Ken ya te extraño jaja:'(, eres una excelente persona y eres guapo jajajaj te quiero háblame Ken fashionista jaja

Valuuuu ? Tambien te extrañoooo ?, tu eres una persona maravillosa ?? fue bonito conocerte, que paso con la piscina personera? jaja :v, Te quiero mucho fashionista ?? jajaja

Likers get : 1. Cute ? , 2. Attractive ? , 3. Crazy ? , 4. Fun ? , 5. Comedian ? , 6. Fashionista ??❤ , 7. Gold Digger ? , 8. Work in Horror Movies ? , 9. Devil From Inside ? , 10. Like a Boss ? , 11. Secretive ? :-

Kia ha ye bakwas !!! ?

Likers get : 1. Cute 😊 , 2. Attractive 😍 , 3. Crazy 😝 , 4. Fun 😜 , 5. Comedian 😂 , 6. Fashionista 👗👠❤ , 7. Gold Digger 💰 , 8. Work in Horror Movies 👻 , 9. Devil From Inside 👿 , 10. Like a Boss 😏 , 11. Secretive 😉 :-

Bring it on
- Touch the Heart

😂😂😂 شيء من هذا القبيل.. حتى الدكتور نفسه ما كان فاهم شو الفكره، فِكرك ممكن ننكحش بكرا إذا ما عجبهم اللبس!! 😂

aaAlOmari’s Profile PhotoDanah
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 تخيلي !!! قال انت مش fashionista استنا بالباص لو سمحت

Anh Nam ơi, hôm qua em có xem 3 bộ đi Seoul FW của 1 anh trên VSSG. Cơ mà em thấy giờ người ta ăn mặc chán mà cứ nhận là Fashionista thế ạ ? Giờ làm Fashionista dễ lắm sao anh ?

làm Fashionista không dễ đâu em, muốn làm một fashionista trước hết em phải là phụ nữ cái đã.....

Em thấy bạn gì đó nói chị mặt to béo là sai rồi:(( nhưng em muốn hỏi chị một điều. Ngày trc em thấy chị làm đúng những gì là chị rất dễ thương (marketing, sách...). Giờ chị cứ gồng mình để thành Fashionista trọng khi cái đó đâu tự phong đc, và chị ăn mặc thì rất bt và rất gắng gượng.

Ừ chị biết chị mặc đồ BÌNH DÂN lắm em ơi chị ko TỰ nhận mình là fashionista tất cả mọi người biết chị biết điều đó! Nhưng chị tự tin vì ngay cả với những món đồ bình thường ấy chị vẫn tạo ra được phong cách riêng của chị, đó là điều chị muốn thể hiện và muốn nhấn mạnh với mọi người xung quanh - bọn chị ăn mặc như một niềm vui hài hoà với cuộc sống của bọn chị chứ ko CỐ ĐỂ TRỞ THÀNH MỘT FASHIONISTA HAY GÌ, và chị chia sẻ với những người tin tưởng chị những điều hữu ích vui vẻ thôi em ạ! Và nêú em thực sự tìm hiểu thì chị đến với thời trang và giữ thói quen chụp OOTD từ cách đây 5 năm rồi, và đó là thứ chị chia sẻ trên FB chị NHIỀU NHẤT, hơn là marketing và sách em nha!!!

Menurut kalian, Rp. 499.000 untuk sebuah baju basic seperti Zara, H&M, Pull & Bear, dll itu murah nggak sih? Apa sepadan sama kualitas baju tersebut? Atau itu semata-mata cuman biar "kelas sosial" nya naik karena membeli baju di brand tersebut?

mahal sih kalo menurut gue karena gue selalu beli baju yang murah wkwkwkwkwk tapi bagi para fashionista itu baju kayak zara, h&m itu sampah karena kualitasnya gak bagus dan mereka biasa beli baju yang jutaan sampe puluhan juta

Streetstyle đẹp phải ko Quỳnh, lại còn Ok, xấu làm sao đc. Lần sao em sẽ thay đổi cách phong cách của chị, nghịch ngợm và sexygirl ?? @tuanphong2308 trông, chăm sóc, để ý cẩn thận, có chuyện gì bố hỏi m, nhớ đấy con zai ??

Hoangminh1175’s Profile PhotoMinh
Ok em, muốn trở thành fashionista giống em, dạy ko Công thì học, dạy lấy tiền và đồ ăn vặt thì thôi nghỉ luôn.
Rảnh thì sang nhá, cho đủ quân số, bao giờ tụ họp đc nhỉ??? ???
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Ok tối anh đón, ngủ thêm 1 giấc nữa đi. Ra ngoài nhớ mặc áo khoác ko lạnh lắm đấy ?. Lần sau ko đc mặc áo croptop, anh ko thích em mặc kiểu như thế, nó làm sao??? ????

Tuần Phong
Em có mang áo rồi.
Minh tư vấn cho em, em thấy đẹp lắm mà, ko xấu cho lắm, lại còn xinh còn nhà gái nên em Ok luôn.
Với lại em mặc quần cạp cao nên ko lo hở, còn áo khoác nên style này Ok :))))
Em yêu Minh biết bao, fashionista lòng em :))))

Like = Tbh : tbh your one of the most gentle boy's I ever met , best dressing * you can be a fashionista 😂 * , your such a kind person devoted to your cause ( If you want something you work hard to get it ) you have a pretty soul , you love your parents God bless you my friend

Amenah💜💜, you're so sweet. Thank you so much💜💜.

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