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With bordeline personality disorder can you get racing thoughts all day everyday, ur brain doesn’t shut off and when stressed or upset can’t stop being sad for hours and then okay in the end and the thoughts will make me emotional sometimes and euthoric

how do you know that's borderline personality? were you diagnosed? because those thoughts or feelings can be anxiety, overthinking or simply another disorder.

Hey Rachel, how did dready guy die? 🤔

Bearhead01’s Profile PhotoGilbert Thomas
Die? He’s still alive. We are friends online. He’s married and has a bunch of kids. Do you mean the relationship? We were together for two years off and on and then another year which was “unofficial.” Then he met the woman he married and we stopped being friends because I didn’t want to hang out with him and the chick because I still had feelings.

Share your feelings as its Jumma-tul-wida.

bellmona212’s Profile PhotoMona Bell
On one hand, things would go back to normal. Normal routine, a bit more free will, not much time restriction, and list goes on. But on the other hand, most people (me inclusive) feel a little sad that something is leaving us, something that was only for us, and we didn't take even a little advantage of it. Well, it's life that keeps going on. Have a good time ahead, mate.
Eid Mubarak in Advance :)

What's something you wish people knew more about when it comes to mental health?

H2o_o2H’s Profile Photoᴀʀᴄʜɪᴇ
That it’s not always visible, and that some folk prefer to keep their true emotions and feelings under wraps, for fear of judgement. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to pretend that everything is perfect lately, with knowing that so many folk are waiting for me to finally slip up and fail. Pretending that I don’t notice and increasingly becoming more depressed (whilst maintaining a happy demeanour at work) is becoming exhausting, aha.
Sorry aha, I’m just ranting really, because I’ve been acting as a manager for the last few months with no training, so it’s getting a bit much 😅

Do you agree that difficult discussions must be had in a relationship, and not saying things that need to be said, burying your feelings, will not make them go away but they'll surface later in an uglier manner?

Yes, I agree with that.
Therefore it’s so important that people know how to communicate in a respectful way AND how to listen respectfully.
It should always be you two v.s. the problem, not you v.s. your partner.
Do you agree that difficult discussions must be had in a relationship and not

How do you know en that's a "friend " ?

Sharing the same aura , vibes and feelings
ديما بيبقي في تشابه ف حاجات كتير حتي لو الشخصيات مختلفه يعني مرينا بظروف مخليانا نفهم بعض ، بيبقي في connection كدا مش مفهومه الي هو الشخص ده فاهم انت بتقول ايه و انت فاهمه و مفيش نيه للأذي

Don't forget to hurt men, no matter how innocent he is. Hurtttt!!!

You may hurt some desperate boys but you're REALLY underestimating what a man can do when there's no respect to defend, no memories to burn and no feelings to suppress. That's the version that traumatizes tf outta you, and then you take revenge from poor innocent boys. Boohoo! hahaha

Share an unpopular opinion you have!✨

yomummyyy’s Profile Photowicked.witch
I can share a common unpopular opinion among some people which is that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have a negative impact on mental health and wellbeing. While social media can be a useful tool forcommunication and networking, excessive use of these platforms can lead to feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.While not everyone may agree with this view, it is a common opinion that has gained more attention in recent years.

عارفين احساس ان فى خناقه شغاله جوا دماغك وانت good actor ممثل على كل اللى حواليك انك تمام وانك not interested بس انت بجد مش تمام والحاجه ال انت interested ليها مش عارف تعملها skipمن دمااااااغك ؟😫

اسوء حاجه تعمليها انك تضطري hide your feelings او انك تضطري تعملي دا مع الناس الي حوليكي ف انتي كدا بتاذي نفسك من جواكي ! لازم تطلعي الي تحسيه مع شخص قريب منك او بيفهمك او تكتبي دا ع ورق لكن متحبسيش ابدا حاجه انتي حساها مهما كانت النتيجه

I dare you to write someone a letter and send it anonymously.

i’ll just write it here hehe
To : You ,
I finally came in terms w letting a lot of stuff go. Including feelings, people, friendships, relationships, fears. Just everything. And I’m happy. It’s time for new beginnings, new chapters that brings happiness, love and endless memories ❣️. I may have not replied to your last msg but i wish nothing but happiness and good luck on your career path. Wherever you are, i’ll make sure my support reaches you… :)

Why do intelligent people tend to fall in love so deeply?

Intelligent people tend to have a greater awareness of themselves and their emotions, which can facilitate the experience of deeper and meaningful love. In addition, intelligent people tend to have more open-mindedness and curiosity, which can lead them to explore and deepen their love relationships. They tend to have a greater capacity for empathy and understanding of others, which can facilitate the emotional connection and the creation of deep connections with the partner. In addition, smart people tend to have more communication skills, which can help them express their feelings and have more meaningful conversations with their partner.💞

Have you ever had feelings for someone while they were taken? If yes, how did you cope with the situation?

One of my rules is this: married women and women in committed relationships are off limits.
7th commandment - thou shalt not commit adultry.
9th commandment - you shall not covet.

- Do you think people can always control their feelings ?

Seymouroffice’s Profile PhotoS'sey MouR'r
ممكن بس هو صعب ، أصعب أنواع المقاومة عندما تقاوم نفسك ، عندما يريد قلبك شيئا وعقلك يمنعه ، عندما تكون لديك رغبة قوية في البكاء ولكنك تبتسم لتحمي كبريائك، عندما تشعر برغبة في الانفجار ولكنك تفضل أن تنفجر بأعمق أعماقك حتى لا يحس من حولك .

What is cheating in ur book?

erenyromany9’s Profile PhotoToot Barri
i have a story.
Sam is back after a long time in a mess and completely lost, He didn't know what was going on
He went to Tom's because it was the only house he knew He didn't speak at first, as if he had lost the meaning of words،
Tom asked what was the matter, Sam
But Sam didn't answer him, he just looked into Tom's eyes At that time, Tom realized that this was not the Sam he knew, so he approached him and tried to embrace him, but at that time, Sam let his feelings out and began to cry, and Tom's looks expressed the severity of the moment. Sam left Tom and went and he was going Tom asked him where are you going Sam and what is going on with you but Sam does not know what is going on with him too Sam left the house, and on the threshold of the house, Tom looked at him in complete astonishment, and once Sam disappeared, amidst Tom's astonishment and amazement. Tom hurried to the phone to call Sam, but his phone was switched off and he did not answer, then after a few moments someone called Tom and told him that your brother Sam died two weeks ago Tom was not believing what he was hearing, so he lost his feeling and became breaking and hitting everything in front of him, and when a mirror in front of him looked at him, he found Sam in front of him. He started talking to him like a madman, but Sam did not answer him, it was just a smile and goodbye After the passage of days and months, Tom realized the truth about the matter, Sam. He needed someone to show him the way. He was completely lost. The strange thing is that Tom knew nothing about his older brother, Sam. Time stole everything, portraying the importance of moments through a marginal link that narrates the events of change Sam loved Tom very much and Tom did too, but time intervened and made all the difference Sam was Tom and Tom was Sam, they are not two people but just one person.

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What are your thoughts on the concept of forgiveness?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
To me, forgiveness is wishing the person you are forgiving no ill will.
It does not mean the person occupies the same place in your life,nor does it imply that you carry on as if the transgression never happened.
You can, for example, forgive someone and resolve never to see them again. You don't distance yourself out of anger or spite but out of respect for yourself; out of a healthy need to set new boundaries.
Forgiving someone is not a gift to the person who hurt you but rather a gift to yourself.
The goal of forgiveness is freedom from resentment, bitterness, anger or hatred. Harboring these feelings cannot hurt another person but can cause you great harm. Better to let them go.

I have loved someone who never had any feelings about me and I never got much in return I was lied to and abused mentally I can’t shake this feeling n I’m the bad guy, im hated for nothing

If it is any consolation, I experienced the same thing when I was 18. The important thing is not what happens to us but how we react to it and whether or not we learn from these experiences.
I find it helpful to view these types of relationships as life lessons. In fact, I believe that everything that happens to us, whether good or bad, is a life lesson and an opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge, skill and success.
Good luck.
> "When a man is guided by the principles of reciprocity and consciousness, he is not far from the moral law. Whatever you don't wish for yourself don't do unto others."

Ano bang benefit sa inyo kapag sina-silet treatment nyo partner nyo?

Ako kasi para sa akin, ginagawa ko yan kapag kunwari may ginawang mali yung partner ko na ikina-inis or ikinagalit ko, tahimik lang talaga ako. That's my way to lessen or let go my inis or galit. Kasi ayoko naman makipag usap kapag galit ako kasi baka hindi maiiwasan may masabi ako na hindi maganda na makakasakit ng feelings niya.

Is it secure to give someone a second chance?

stellarrrrr’s Profile Photobrainiii
You can forgive someone and not give them a second chance.
Every relationship has its benefits and costs. You just need to decide if the benefits from the relationship outweigh the drawbacks. If they do, then just try to take it easy and enjoy the relationship (while of course setting boundaries).
Of course, keep in mind that some people are not worth giving a second chance. (Some people deserve a second chance, but others are high risk, repeat offenders) If they show no remorse, do not try to understand your feelings, and do not apologize in any way then it is probably best to move on.

Why did you want his attention so bad?

do you know anonymous
what means to want attention….?!
this is when being chased everywhere….
in social networks….
from the left pages….information is always found out everywhere…. trying to be in places where he is imposed….
but unobtrusively as it were….!
and etc … etc…. etc….
every day
and it’s not about
it’s a hunter type of girls and women…
rich or famous…. or not beautiful or ugly
about me
i’m on the other side of the world….❤️🌎❤️
and i’m not doing anything of this….and i won’t
i’m a girl…. his magical girl….
everything from his ….🕸❤️side….
again some kind of misinterpretation….!!!!!
it’s not about i want his …🕸❤️attention…
or he want mine….
it’s about love.
and :
all beautiful feelings are present in love….!
who is not in love will never understand that….
why you don’t understand…. the lover …. and the one who is not in love ….
it’s two absolutely different peoples!!!

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What are the reasons relationship now a days don't work out?

usmanaay1’s Profile PhotoUsman
There are two answers, both related.
People are becoming more self-centered and narcissistic. And it’s because people are selfish, that they tend to do relationships wrong.
For one thing, girls give themselves away to men, without marriage. Without marriage, the guy has no reason to commit.
Many people are mind-screwed by media and pop culture, and Hollywood, that relationships are all about these romantic encounters and love nonsense.
In reality, the primary reason a man gets married, is to have sex. When women give themselves away without marriage, a man has no reason to get married. Thus the relationship rarely ever lasts.
Additionally, people are just flat out selfish. They simply don’t believe they have to stick together with someone they don’t have some sort of magical mystical ‘feeling’ for.
Well any life long married couple will tell you that months, even years, they sometimes don’t have those ‘feelings’ for the other person. Sometimes marriage is tough. Sometimes life is rough. Sometimes you don’t want to be nice, and loving… but you do so anyway because it is right. And because of that you end up with that deep loving relationship that you want.
People never get there, because as soon as they don’t ‘feel’ it, then they break up, divorce, and move on.

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От какой песни у тебя мурашки по коже?

leraimn’s Profile PhotoВалерия
Не одна😄
1. Fourth Of July - Fall Out Boy
2. Mr. Kitty - After Dark
3. Andy Panda - Sun
4. Parachute Yout - Runaway
5. BONES, Lyson - PeaseAndQuiet (прям особенно мурашки выступают)
6. Килджо - No Feelings
7. Thomas Mraz - Болью
8. Маленький ярче - Каждый раз

What single event has had the biggest impact on who you are?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoZargham
In my early teen hood years everyone including my parents were against me for something I didn't even do until the day everyone got to know the truth
Those 2 years changed me alot
Became so insecure till this day
I have alot trust issues
Lost all my confidence
Became an introvert
I lost myself that day
Don't get me wrong till this day my family is guilty for what they did to me or made me do infront of everyone... but what's done is done
No hard feelings....

I keep screaming, but God won't answer

Allah is very near to us. He knows our innermost feelings. He loves to answer our prayers.If our prayers are not being answered in the way we want, when we want, it may be because we are allowing forbidden things into our lives.But, it may also be because we’re not working on our end to use the means available to us.

What to do when you do something wrong and you’re sorry but the other person is not forgiving you but you want them in your life and you will do anything to make things okay again. What to do to win someone’s heart again and trust too

Ye to bas bahany hoty hain, chorny waly chor k hi dam lete hain. Ghaltiyan to roz nayi hojati hain, wo kabhi kisi or ghalti ko jawaz banaa ly ga agar ispy maaf b krdy to.
If his feelings didn't convince him to stick to you, nothing will. If he doesn't have irresistible lust and desire for everything you are and can be for him, you chasing him or asking for forgiveness will never work.
Chasing a guy never works. Guys chasing women, that shit works VERY often though. Because all women want is to be chased, not the same case with men though. It doesn't flatter them, and that's not naturally very appealing for them.

I don’t understand how to meditate do you just sit there and do nothing?

It may seem like nothing but that’s certainly not the case. Sit and observe. Be the witness to any thoughts, feelings and let them pass. Once in a deeper state you may begin to experience “things.” For me personally, I can see colors, fractals, moving scenes, tunnels, etc. Can sense energies/presences of specific people and animals. Can sometimes smell things. Hearing can become different.
I suppose it can be a very different experience for others. And over time it will change. I perceive things in normal consciousness rather strangely to begin with so I don’t know how my experience can compare to others. I don’t know many people that meditate but the ones that I have spoken to a bit seem to understand where I’m coming from with some of my stuff.
I dont understand how to meditate do you just sit there and do nothing

How do I get in touch with her if she blocked me on everything? 🥺

What did you do that made her block you? She blocked you on everything because she's basically telling you to move on, stop having feelings for her anymore. I know it's hard to let go of someone you have absolute passion and love for and to not think about them anymore, but you need to learn how to move on with your life, you messed up your chance and now she's moving on to other things, other guys that don't screw up people's lives.

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