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What should developing countries do to quickly restore their economies from the impact of Covid-19?

KeepYourEyesPeeled’s Profile PhotoLucas
I think they should aim to get more financial aid - not loans. Loans will just cripple them. They need financial aid in the form of a grant. Like for example: give every developing nation a certain amount of money without having them to pay it back.

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Example: Let’s say you gave it all & yet it wasn’t enough, then WTF now? Where tf u gonna go from there? Don’t frickin’ start over again cause u know that’s dumb & a waste of time! Thoughts 💭?

You raise and interesting question that I suppose many people struggle with i.e. how do you set realistic goals? Since some of us have never been formally taught how to set goals, we tend to learn from experience what works and what doesn't. Said differently, you must learn to set "realistic goals." These goals should be based upon your interests, experience, education and support system (including mentors, financial resources).
Let's look at an example:
Musician: when I was young, I wanted to be a great guitarist, but I had a few obstacles to overcome: (a) Lessons: I studied guitar at an early age but my instructor was not a professional musician (mistake#1). (b) Experience: I played in local bands but we played by ear and mostly had no idea what we were playing (mistake#2). (c) Mentor: I had no mentors to guide me (mistake#3) (d) Music Degree: Yes I obtained one through persistence and a refusal to quit, but it's usefulness is questionable (e) Reality: at some point, life takes over and consumes you while obliterating your dreams and goals, if you allow it. This is probably the most discouraging aspect of what I am saying. Don’t quit, but be willing to negotiate with yourself to create reasonable goals for yourself.
My father gave me the best advice when he said: "son, play music for fun and because you love it." You see, being the best guitarist was not a realistic goal for me for reasons that I had little control over. Then add to that personal limitations, and you experience what you so aptly called a: "WTF” moment, where you wonder if all of your hard work was a gigantic waste of time, right?
These moments are life lessons and they occur to help us adjust our goals and the course that we must constantly navigate to reach our intended destination. My advice is to NEVER give up on those things (hobbies) that you love and are passionate about. Instead, learn to establish realistic goals based upon reasonable expectations along with your experience, education, talent, interest and financial resources.

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Example Lets say you gave it all  yet it wasnt enough then WTF now Where tf u

What age is best suited for someone to become a parent? When is someone the most fit for parenthood and for looking after their own child? Is there a specific age when someone is the prepared and ready to take on the responsibility of having a child and caring for them?

Well I kind of think of it like this. For me I didn't want to be to old when the kid's left the house.
I don't think there is a specific age necessarily. It's more about where they are at in life and if you have the capacity. Younger people probably have the energy but they are less settled in life usually. Older people have learned a lot (hopefully) over the years and can use their wisdom. Maturity and the ability to care and provide for the child are the most important thing. Some people are mature when they are young, some aren’t even at 30 years of age.
Age is not important. Evolution is. Once a guy and a girl have cemented a loyal relationship and have achieved some order to financial stability, they are ready to be parents. Some people are ready sooner than others. Some are never ready but bring multiple ones into this world anyway. Life is unpredictable.
And despite what any number of ‘Parental manuals’ might tell you, you never really know. I was 23. Married. Had my own home. Good job. So the time felt right for us. Not that we actually planned it of course !
And neither my former Wife nor I had what you might call conventional upbringings ourselves !
But it felt right at the time. Being a parent is still the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do.
Most of the time you act out of necessity rather than as part of something you may have wanted or planned.
Most of the time you’re acting on reaction or trying to cope with unforeseen circumstances and you learn a lot as you go. ‘Things’ test you all the time.
Usually at 2 in the morning when your head hasn’t even had a chance to hit a pillow ! People test you with their ‘non-parental-daft-decision-making’ that affects you and those close to you.
Some of us draw a sharp intake of breath and think. Some of us pull up our sleeves and clench our fists !
And ‘stupidity’ is everywhere ! And yet. Despite all the dramas and the headaches. It’s still feels the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

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What's the best country to move to, and why?

Any scandinavian country is pretty decent for quality of life. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and I'm adding Canada, my country. Taxes are heavier but you get free health care, low crime rate and a general higher standard of living. If you plan on having a family these are probably the best countries for them to live in and set themselves up.
This might come as a surprise to some, especially considering the fiscal situation, but I have to say Spain. I lived there during the worst part of the recent financial crisis, and it was very tough. However, thanks to the cyclical nature of economic markets the country is on the upswing, and oh boy, what an upswing it's going to be, unless the lobbying for Catalan independence comes through. The quality of life was fantastic before the crisis and those days will be back. Consumption and purchases are on the rise, and it's a fantastically productive environment for foreign entrepreneurs, especially if you are going to be hiring Spaniards. You'll get national residency in a heartbeat. Living there is comparatively very cheap. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Madrid city, that's just over 100 sq. metres will put you down €1000 a month tops. Internet is affordable and very reliable, with marginal surveillance compared to other developed countries. Food, drink and social life is also very wallet-friendly. Canada. Healthcare, High standards of living, super friendly people, good jobs, minimal crime and hockey! Plus the federal government that recently got elected has promised to legalize marijuana. You can't go wrong with that. I love India... but it's prob not everyone's cup of tea. It's cheap, so you can travel way longer if you're on a budget. You know that whole saying "it's not the destination, it's the journey"? ... well that really applies here. Your daily experinces are just so far removed from my home country and thats exactly what makes it great. Italy. Great food, great coffee, great (cheap) rail network, great history/art/culture
France... to be fair I only went to Paris but I fell in love with the city. There isn't some McDonalds or Starbucks on every corner and you are not bombarded with advertising like in some places. Much of the west seems to be bowing to this consumerist, money driven ideology, but Paris was just Paris going about its business. I'm not someone who ever enjoyed studying history in school, but going to places that live and breathe war history really makes me enjoy places as there's so much to see. Therefore I'd recommend Germany (particularly Berlin) and Bosnia. Vietnam - its cities (particularly Hanoi) are very dynamic and vibrant, with lots of culture. Countryside, particularly up north around Sapa is incredible. Its also incredibly cheap and has IMHO the best cuisine in the world. (Honourable mention goes to Laos - if you're in Vietnam, take the time to visit Laos.... it's a fascinating country that runs at its own relaxed pace).

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What's the most interesting thing about creating Pixel Arts?

The fact that you are going to make someone else happy when they see it.
When I make a Build or a Pixel Art, I do not care whether I will have the chance to sell it or not. In other words, I do not concern myself with financial matters regarding this hobby of mine.
In other words: Entertainment. Happiness. Enjoyment.
That is all.

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Why do people have children?

I have my daughter and plan on having another because I've always felt that my life would not be complete without children (whether biological or otherwise). It's as simple as that. I feel fulfillment in it - seeing my daughter grow gives me pride. Knowing that I'm helping her develop into a little person who will then turn into an adult is just a great feeling. But beyond that, I think a lot of people just kinda suck at it, the way a lot of people kinda suck at a lot of things. They underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes or overestimate the amount they'll be able to put in. They've picked up a hodgepodge of stuff they were raised with and assume that's the only approach that can possibly work, so when it fails miserably they just stall out. I can't really answer this if you don't have a strong drive, because I have just always wanted to have children. I can't explain why that would be or justify it with any logic, it's simply something I wanted to do or experience, much like any other thing I have chosen to do in my life really. I can't even tell you why I'm pregnant now when my first and only child is nine. There is still really no more compelling reason than I still wanted to do it/wanted to do it again. And this is despite finding certain parts of parenting extremely hard/challenging. I can tell you what I enjoy about it, but I can't tell you why exactly. Nor why we are planning on having a third. I think we will stop after that for financial and space and workload reasons. If you really really really pushed me for a reason the only other thing I can come up with is "I wanted to know a person for their entire life". I think that's fascinating. I've always been interested in child development, and I'm always intrigued by a person's history/life before me knowing them, and if they're an important person to me sometimes I kind of feel like I missed out on their younger years, even when it's impossible (e.g. my own parents). I love having a younger sister. I guess I wanted to recreate that. Also seeing family resemblance is super cool - though not a good reason to procreate on its own! But it is fun to see how your children take after you and your partner, each of your families, etc, and how they develop as their own person as well. Mine was an unexpected and sudden urge, presumably hormonal. I'd never been fussed one way or another on the kid front before that moment but all of a sudden I felt like there was just too much love between me and my partner, like it was a volatile situation that we couldn't contain between the two of us and we just HAD to make a human to funnel all that love into, to stop us from exploding.

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What have you sacrificed to make someone else happy? Was it worth it ?

alunif’s Profile Photoalunif
I've sacrificed many things, including but not limited to: my personal and financial freedom, my autonomy, my health and wellbeing, my opinions and sense of self. Only 2 of the 4 scenarios I can think of were ever ab*sive, but I continued the behavioural/thought patterns I picked up from the ab*sive situations, which wreaked havoc on my interpersonal relationships as well as my mental health. I only discovered the extent of those toxic cycles this year, which is when I decided I need to break them.
No, those sacrifices were never worth it, not even when I told myself it was because "at least I'm choosing to do this rather than being forced into it". You don't happily or even consciously choose to do something that is part of a toxic cycle; that behaviour was ingrained within you by trauma, and decisions made via trauma do not serve you in the long run.
I shouldn't have to sacrifice major parts of myself to make someone happy or prove my love to them, and I no longer allow people to make me feel like I have to. I'd rather do without them than continue to engage in cycles that disrespect and endanger me.

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What qualities are needed to achieve your goals?

dodoBluz’s Profile PhotoI am Jack's Amygdala
So I don’t really have specific goals or fixed aspirations. It’s more just directions.
So I guess creativity, because that’s a strength I lean on for a lot of things.
Financial responsibility, because I like having all of that in order and no matter where I get end up I would like to be successful in that area.
Honesty and kindness, because I want to impact people in a positive way.
Quick thinking and good stress management because it always comes in handy

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(9) EnglishwithLatte

foreveryoung_2020’s Profile PhotoLanguagewithLatte
1. to let the cat out of the bag (to reveal a secret).
Ex: Don't let the cat out of the bag because the party is a surprise!
2. to make a long story short (used to indicate that u are providing just basic facts and information in order to reduce the length of a story).
Ex: To make a long story short, I cancelled the party because of financial problems.
3. to miss the boat (to be too slow to take advantage of an opportunity).
Ex: I waited too long for the house prices to drop, and I missed the boat.
4. neck of the woods (the area where s.o comes from, or the area where you're).
Ex: I'm surprised to see u in this neck of the woods.
5. no pain, no gain (suffering is necessary in order to achieve sth).
Ex: I've been going to the gym twice a day and my muscles ache - but no pain no gain.

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9 EnglishwithLatte

Tita, generally confident naman ako sa meron ako. I'm 30ish, single, I have some savings, my assets are at the lower 7 digit bracket. But I don't have land/condo/car. I want a land or condo but I can't pay full in cash and don't want debt. Can you give me some perspective please? Nagmamadali ba ako?

Congratulations on being on track in your financial goals! That's quite a feat at your age. And to have such significant savings too. As for the other properties, I first have to remove the car from that group as a car is never an investment but a liability. It depreciates as soon as you buy it. Unless your car payment is less than your transportation costs (commuter fares/ride share/cab, or opportunity cost of travel), I would advise against owning one unless you really have a surplus of cash. Next is real estate. Unless you really make tons of money, it's unlikely for you to save enough to purchase real estate, so you will have to rely on loans. You have to study mortgages, interest rates, common charges (for condo), to see if you can afford it and if it's sustainable. Since you're debt-averse (very smart), you can choose a loan that you can pay off quickly so you're not tied to it. You also have to be wise in choosing that land or property that it's in a good location and will appreciate in time. Will it replace your primary housing, or is it an added cost? Is it land you're not going to use in the near future or ever? Then it has to definitely be in a prime spot so you can dispose of it if you don't want it. There are many options and ways to do this. Nagmamadali ka ba? As long as you secured your emergency fund you are free to do with the remainder as you wish as long as you decide wisely. I'd rather you invest in real estate which is more familiar, than give your money to a financial advisor for investments you don't understand. It's never too soon to secure your future. Basta be wise in your decisions. There are so many resources online about what you want to do. Congratulations again on your initiative! I'm proud of you.

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You always care about others not having a job. Like u can’t even save up enough to move out.

shuuttt uuupppp.
i don’t give a rats fucking ass what any judgemental c*nt on this app thinks.
i work, i cook my own meals, so my own laundry, pay my own bills and EXTRA bills because let’s me honest my inlaws couldn’t afford to live without us.
i do everything for myself and so does my husband. my inlaws in now way do ANYTHING FOR US other than offer a roof over our heads which after three -4 years of emptying out our bank accounts to support them and dig them out of financial hell because they’re irresponsible, is the LEAST they can do for us.
so i highly recommend shutting the FUCK up and finding a new ducking insult because it’s getting really old and it’s not even effective.
just because you have your own place doesn’t make you grown. i know plenty of people with their own place but their parents are still paying all their bills. i know people who have their own place and still live off others because the don’t want to work and are lazy.
having a house means shit if you can’t BUILD a home and take care of your family and home.
sorry not sorry. go to hell with this repeated damn statement every damn day like that’s the only thing you have on me.
how lame. i’ll fucking move out when my inlaws no longer need us and they pay us back the THOUSANDS they owe us. simple.

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Say what youve been trying to say all this time! 💕

It's insane how i get hit by the truck of anxiety, sadness & melancholy out of nowhere. Anytime & anywhere.
How confident & clear I'm about my future but i can still get really indecisive about everything & seldom battle with self-doubt.
How sweet, positive / optimistic i am in general, i still can get really bitter & negative / pessimistic sometimes, do bad things & commit mistakes that can make me look like a very bad terrible person in the eyes of people too. (WHEN JUDGED!)
Once in a blue moon i do feel unloved, lonely, irrelevant, unwanted, extremely worthless & purposeless, been suicidal & wished i should be dead too even when I'm self-aware & know all my strengths, my skills / talents & capability and the one who's praised & credited always, i feel privileged at times & know that I'm loved by many people. as well.
It doesn't really matter how strong / tough, gifted / blessed, insensitive / cold blooded, thick skinned, physically healthy you are or what your financial status is, you still can get depressed & glum at times! TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT IT'S ABSOLUTELY OKAY. I'M ONLY HUMAN, SO ARE YOU AND OTHERS. WE AREN'T ROBOTS.
Our mind (our maybe just mind) is free of discrimination, racism, it doesn't matter what your caste, creed, age or religion is. It's that douche that can take a massive toll on you irrespective of your mood, personality & condition. It doesn't need any consent to go wrong just like life.
I just wanna say that please take care of yourself and esp your brain y'all because it's your part of body, responsibility and problem. Wanting others to feel what you're feeling & feel for you is actually very selfish. It's really toxic of you to want other people to cope & juggle with your ever-so changing, exploding & bipolar-ish hormones / your mood swings and use others only to entertain or fix you too!
So i feel it's wayyy better to isolate yourself from the world & take a break from everything when you lose control over your body, revive yourself, work on yourself, connect with your god, contemplate about life & have your detoxifying dose of solitude rather than spending time with snake and feeling alone, detached or unimportant amidst 50 zombies! 💌☁️

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What is the most money you have ever held in your hand?

ddrr0910’s Profile Photo❀ Dαɳα Bҽʅʅα ღ
Yeah princess 💚
It is a Sum of No More Than a Thousand Pounds
I Quote a Sentence Between You and Me:
"Young People On My Land Need Hundreds of Thousands to Get Married"
And Some of Them love the girl sincerely
And His Financial Circumstances
are Not Able to Advance to Her 😔
These Girls Have a Special Place in My Heart
Because I Know how Much Pain they can bear 🖤
I Love Them So Much 😔❤️
This is how You
Understood Me 🙂
Deep Freedom "Sad" 😔🖤

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How long have you been living in Germany? Why did you move here?

Necrontyr’s Profile PhotoNecrontyr
good question.
My first arrival was in July 2016.
I stayed here as a guest for two months and because a serious reason I returned to Lithuania.
My second arrival was in November 2017.
I arrived at the beginning because I found a second half who worked here in Germany.
and finally I stayed here for financial stability. In Lithuania, my monthly income was very low, I lived in poverty. I had to choose 🥲

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What is a random thing that gives you anxiety? 🥵

sahar_khanzada’s Profile PhotoSahar
You know a lot of people do this, crave for things they don't have yet for financial reasons, but like the best advice i can give is do not wait to "have things" in the future that will make you happy. Just make the most of what you have around you.
For example, how long has it been since you had a pillow fight with your cousins or friends? xD

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nipunkams143’s Profile PhotoNipun Kamerkar
-Travel around the world
-Watch a World Cup in person
-Watch the Olympics in person
-Watch the Maple Leafs play in person
-Be financially independent
-Have health in all aspects of my life (physical, mental, etc)
-Have abundance in all aspects of my life (financial, love, friends, etc)
-See Christ the Redeemer in person
-Go to Italy with my mother
Just to name some.

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