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What would you do if you were alone and lost in the middle of the woods without food, water, a cell phone, a map, or a compass?

> food,
I can hunt, trap, fish, gather some edible plants / berries or anything that I may find. I've spent plenty of time outdoors and I'd know what to avoid. For personal reasons, animals would be my last resort.
> water,
Any body of water would suffice. I carry a portable filtration system is my truck, a basic survival kit, tools and some other odds and ends. Distilling water is relatively easy too. If no body of water is accessible, trees would be my option for water and syrup (maple is about 100 calories per ounce). Simply tap with a small tube (metal, pvc, etc.) and drain in a container. This takes time but I wouldn't have anything else to do and I could tap several while I'm waiting for help.
> a cell phone,
Smoke signals / flares / fire.
> a map, or a compass?
If I can see Polaris, the sunrise and sunset, etc., I can make a good determination on which direction I'm headed. Wild animals would present the greatest threat but I would be prepared for them too.

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What would you do if you were alone and lost in the middle of the woods without

A jakie polecilabys dramy które można obejrzeć na yt?

'Tale Of Thousand Stars', 'Dark Blue Kiss', 'Cutie Pie', '2gether The Series', 'Sotus The Series', 'Fish Upon The Sky', 'Tonhon Chonlatee', 'Bad Buddy', 'Not Me'.
Któraś z tych dram na pewno Ci się spodoba. 😊
A jakie polecilabys dramy które można obejrzeć na yt

If angler fish uses light to attract food, what’s your trick ?

demicorazon890’s Profile PhotoKaterina
10 лесни трика за "свалка" на жена във Фейсбук:
1. Пиши на латиница. И неграмотно. Мацките направо полудяват, когато им напишеш: "zdr ko pr as sam petar I sam ot h. dimitar obi4am da sl 4alga As sam elektro Enjineer i jiveya sam".
2. Още с първото изречение в чата се обърни към нея с "мило", "коте", "с*кси", "мацо", "кукло", "мечта моя", "слънце", "любов", или нещо също толкова интимно, без дори да я познаваш или пък да си правиш труда да провериш дали е обвързана.
3. Питай я как се казва. Дори и потребителското и име да е "Ваня Георгиева", питай я!
4. Изпращай и емотикони. Много. Всякакви. Разнообразни. Постоянно. Дори и да нямат връзка с това, което си пишете/мислиш/изпитваш.
5. След като и изпратиш безброй емотикони, идва ред и на безкрайните картинки - тук максимата е същата като при емотиконите - колкото повече, толкова повече. Изпращай и картинки на розички, сърчица, закусчици, петел, който сипва кафе, магаре с цветя и други подобни.
6. Притискай я! Пиши и постоянно. Нахалствай и не се отказвай изобщо. Дори и да не е видяла съобщенията ти, продължавай да и изпращаш нови. И я питай защо не ти отговоря и защо не ти обръща внимание! Адски възбуждащо е да показваш, че си супер отчаян и би направил всичко само и само някоя непозната да ти напише "zdr".
7. Ако горната точка не проработи и тя продължава да не ти пише - заплаши я! Първо, може да я заплашиш със следната фраза: "ako nemi pi6e6 dano dnes daneti varvi". А след това и кажи, че ще я махнеш от Фейсбук приятелите си, ако не ти пише незабавно. Това моментално ще я накара да ти пише дори и да има страшно много работа, учене, чистене, готвене, разхождане на кучета, гледане на деца и сапунени сериали.
8. Ако и след това не отговаря, просто и кажи, че е "надута".
9. След половин час и пиши пак.
10. Изпрати и твоя гола снимка.
Ако и след т.10 нещата не вървят, просто вината е в мацката. Ти си положил максимум усилия и тази жена просто не те заслужава.

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Mi volt a legkellemetlenebb sztori amit az autocorrect okozott? 🤨

KrisztianSzalontai’s Profile Photo`Dáviid :dd ✌
Sosem szerettem azt a funkciót, inkább írok ékezet nélkül vagy rontok egy egy betűt, mintsem egy teljesen oda nem illő random szót illesszek be. Még is x ideig használtam. A cérna részemről akkor szakadt el, mikor édesanyám születésnapi kiruccanását szervezve neki, a te és én helyett azt írtam le hogy tehén...😅🤦‍♀️ a mondat a következő lett volna: te és én akkor elmehetnénk a monster fish zooba. Helyettesítsd be.

If there is a god… Why do they allow so much suffering? Shouldn’t they be able to fix things and help people if they’re so powerful?

"Does God Exist" by Alex
> If there is a god… Why do they allow so much suffering? Shouldn’t they be able to fix things and help people if they’re so powerful?
I often ask the same question and the honest answer is that I do not know and I do not pretend to know God's will. However, the fact that God does not behave the way I expect him to behave or demand him to behave, does not mean that God doesn't exist. It just means that my understanding of the God's nature is imperfect, and that I have more work to do in my prayer life and contemplative studies.
There is no doubt in my mind that our universe and everything in it is part of a grand design that we barely comprehend, if at all. And it seems to me that most humans see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear; which, at best, results in an inaccurate picture and a distorted perception of the world that we live in. And yet, I believe the answer to our questions concerning the nature of God abound if only we can remove the shackles from the confines of our entrapped minds, our calcified hearts, and our emaciated and depraved souls.
The answer to all of our questions lie in plain sight, but we are too blind to see, too deaf to hear and too arrogant and stubborn to understand. It is in times like these, when my faith is being tested and my belief in God challenged, that I turn to nature in search of answers. Since God created all living things, perhaps the animal kingdom might offer us some insight into the nature of God. One might begin their search for truth by observing how the animals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles and mammals survive in their habitat. How do they live? What do they eat? How do they communicate? Is survival of the fittest real or simply a discredited theory? Do animals make decisions or is their behavior instinctive or perhaps a bit of both? How much of the behaviors that I observe are a result of nature verses nurture? Do animals have free will or is their behavior determined and therefore predestined? Do animals help one another? Do they reason? If ten wolfs attack a single deer, is that fair? Where is the sense of righteousness and justice? Why doesn't God intervene to save the deer? Does the strongest animal survive or is it the animal who has the ability to adapt more likely to survive?
There are so many questions and seemingly not enough answers and yet, I believe for every question there is at least one answer and potentially multiple answers or explanations to consider. Perhaps God does not directly intervene in human existence for the same reasons he does not interfere with the animal kingdom. Or maybe God lives within us and therefore we control our own destiny. One truth remains crystal clear, God's will be done. And whether or not humans understand God's will or not, will not change the outcome of our shared destiny.

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What is one of your favorite quotes?

Rosa_shanaz’s Profile PhotoRosa Shanaz
"If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid"
I tell myself this when I compare my abilities to others. Others may have other talents or have spent more time practicing things, or maybe they have less mental health struggles holding them back. So its important to only compare yourself to past you, so you can progress in life within your own abilities and strengths. Not someone elses.

How do you feel about being in and around water? Perhaps you have any favorite water based activities? 🏊‍♂️🏄‍♂️🚣‍♂️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
my favorite water activity is walking in the rain. If it's very hot, I can climb on the pier and dangle my feet in the water. I also get some pleasure from washing my hair.
everything else - naah.. Okay, I can still force myself to take a shower, but things like a bath sсare me corny. Especially such volumes of water when the feet do not reach the bottom... Although if there is no need to touch the water with the skin - a bathyscaphe, a boat, a ship, a diver's suit - I feel, ahem, like a fish in water. A paradox!
How do you feel about being in and around water Perhaps you have any favorite

Do you find extinct animals interesting? Would you ever want to see them brought back? 🦖🦕🦣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I wish we had terraformed planets (for example, Venus and Mars) where we could settle them cozy and they wouldn't be lonely.
I really love brush-finned fish and would like to see them in their native habitat. Mystical creatures they are.
Do you find extinct animals interesting Would you ever want to see them brought

[Colectiva.] Dime las 5 películas que más te gustan.

DarkerThanBlack_A’s Profile PhotoXion
No sé si las que más me gustan, porque ahí entran más, pero 5 que se me vienen a la cabeza son: "Blade runner", "Una historia del Bronx", "Big Fish", "Y si no, nos enfadamos" y "Alien: el octavo pasajero".

Why Pakistan doesn't have good ENT doctors

MuhammadAli191’s Profile PhotoMohammed Ali baloucch
I remember on 6 march fish thorn stucked in my throatI went to ENT they just saw my throat by light.I am lucky there was nothing in my throat.But if actually fish thorn stuck in my throat.what Doctors will do nothing.
I was seeing India YouTube video .they do endoscopy of throat and check if there is fish thorn stuck in throat or not 🙂 they have forceps by which they take out thorn

Say you got hungry when you had become a Kaiju, what'd you do? 🤔🍗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My first instinct would be to search for food in the wilderness! I would probably hunt for a forest with fruit trees, and eat those! Or I would go hunting for fish. I would avoid livestock and just farms in general because those belong to someone, and that "someone" probably wouldn't be too pleased if a kaiju came stomping along, ate all their cows or their potatoes or wheat or whatever, then left.

2 truths and a lie about yourself?

Mmmmmmm lets see 🤔
1. Had a pet gold fish called goldy
2. Wanted a tattoo on my 🍑 when I was a child & told my mother that I’m going it done when I’m older enough
3. Brought my mother a few cars over the years

Any Soundgarden fans? What’s your favorite song?

mexicanzebra5’s Profile PhotoLETS GO DODGERS!!
Typical response but “Black Hole Sun” is my favorite. But I remember it very clearly from my childhood watching the music video from it. Everything about it I loved except for the fish scene. As I grew older Chris Cornell’s first solo album became one of my all time favorites. Still consider him possibly the greatest rock vocalist of all time. Also wow what a gorgeous man he was. Definitely had a huge crush on him in my teens.

Welches Essen ist für Chile bekannt und würdest du mir das empfehlen? :)

ShortMan679’s Profile PhotoSergej Fährlich
Oooh you make such good questions! 🤩 This is gonna be long:
In Chile the most common dishes are either streetfood or home-cooked . It's usual to eat Empanadas de Pino (meat dumplings) which are normally eaten at home with the family for the national holidays. Completos are also common and loved, it's the chilean hot dog, it has the bun, the sausage, avocado paste (we call it palta) and tomatoes and you can buy it in almost every corner for around just 1 euro. But we also have different dishes that are broth based, like Paila Marina which is seafood with its broth or Cazuela de Vacuno which is a beef soup with different vegetables. But the most delicious thing for me besides our traditional lemon pie is the bread. The bread is very different but soooo good.
Also, an easy way to incorporate chilean food to your cooking is doing our traditional tomato salad, which is done with peeled tomatoes cut in quarters, onion, salt and oil. It's soo simple but sehr lecker. You can eat it with rice and fish or meat 😎
The End

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How do I accept that I can't be with someone who doesn't feel the same and believe that I'll find someone else😔?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
That's tough. I'm sure many of us have been there before. It's important to remember there are billions of people in the world that you have never met and you could find someone you like even more. With online dating becoming more commonplace, there are greater options than ever before. As the popular saying goes, "There are plenty of fish in the sea." Of course, quality ones are harder to find. I wish you luck though and I'm sure if you're meant to find a partner you will.

Happy now? I showed you the hell I lived and died, did you really want to see that? See my ages of suffering? After everything I have been through I deserve whatever it is that makes me happy. I'm happy with the family I have with Reaper. Death gave me a reason to Live.

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..Damn it..*The fish sighs and heads over to where @GrimReapings is* Wanna lower the bones so I can free him? I don't agree with this AT ALL and I'm going against my better judgment here, I'm only letting him loose over what you just told me and what I just saw..I'm kicking his @$$ later though! *Weird how Geno actually managed to get through to Undyne..maybe it's because unlike Reaper, he actually got along with his..? This could have easily gone worse*
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*Geno's half melted skull is exposed as he walks over to Undyne to watch his life story with her* I still remember when my Undyne left to fight Frisk, she knew she wasn't going to return. . . Are you enjoying this Goddess of War? Witnessing the very first Genocide run from the eyes of a 'survivor'?

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..*The fish stares at Genos melted skull, there wasn't any lying about that, his skull just like in what she just saw* ..No..but..dammit.. *She let out a frustrated sigh and stares down at the ground* look, I'm sorry alright? You got dealt a real crappy deck of cards ..guess I shouldn't of thought you were lying..BUT ..HIM!? Falling in love or caring about anyone!? *She looks back at @GrimReapings * I don't believe it! I don't see how the heII you both ended up together AND I don't agree with our rules being broken! But if Asgore really approves of this..then as much as I want to punch Death in the face..I know I can't go against Asgores word.. I'll let him free from THAT only! I STILL believe he's involved in the murđer of one of our own though! *Rolling pins fall from the sky on top of Undyne-jk*

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*Hearing @DontcallmeSans voice helped Reaper focus a bit more, he couldn't make out what Geno said exactly but he still recognized him and looked over in his direction*

GrimReapings’s Profile PhotoReaper
..So you finally ready to talk or do we really need to go there and battle!? I am SO ready to kick your sorry @$$ ! SOMEONE. BETTER. SAY. SOMETHING. Or I'll beat it out of you! *the fish then tries to go around Genos blaster in order to face Reaper-*
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How is this Not my business, right you have no idea who I am, no one told you about us for this exact reason *A blaster appears between Undyne and the trapped Afterdeath family, and considering the glitch's eye light flared up red/blue when it appeared he summoned it* They're my family too Undyne

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
What the heII-!? *The fish Goddess stares wide eyed at the sudden blaster that was summoned..* You..your not among the deceased!? But those wounds..how are you alive!? How can you use magic and more importantly..DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO YOU HAVE THAT POINTED AT!? You wouldn't want to challenge me Sans! Not in that condition and especially not as a mortal! I command you to stand dow--did..did you just say family!?
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*A voice speaks from behind Undyne* What the actual fuuck!? *turning around the eternally injured half dead glitch is looking at the scene in front of him in horror*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Yeah good luck explaining this Undyne*
*The fish Goddess turns around when she hears the sudden voice* Sh-t! Did one of the guards--huh!? Who the heII are you!? And what's with--sh-t..did you come from Lifes? Nobody with those types of wounds can be alive.. look, this is no place for a lost Soul to wander into, you need to head back outside!
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Consider this Alphys knew about these kids and she kept that info from you. Is that grounds for being suspicious enough to attack her?

WHAT!? SHE KNOWS ABOUT THIS!? Are you SURE she knows about this!? *The fish Goddess stares at you* ..DON'T YOU DARE LIE TO ME!! Does Alphys really know about this!?
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If you could create a new planet, what would you name it? What would it be like (terrain, temperature, lifeforms, etc)?

LadySpiritWolf’s Profile PhotoKatherine
Obviously I'd just name it Vex Alpha, because I'm vain like that.
It would be a very small planet, with mountainous terrain, cool weather, and fresh rivers, springs & lakes, formed from snow runoff. A few species of easily hunted/trapped, tasty animals...fur & fowl...don't need fish. Plenty of fertile soil to grow fruits & vegetables that fit the climate. Plenty of hardwood trees for building, and a bunch of futuristic, state of the art power tools, so the work isn't backbreaking.
I'd be pretty much set, with that.

So old sport, butter bei die fische; teil‘ mal den spears jedem einen pink floyd song zu c:

Hanna_Blub’s Profile Photohanna
I tried my very best!! PFs Diskografie ist umfangreich, aber well, es hat etwas Überlegung gebraucht:
Lance: Time
"Far away across the field / The tolling of the iron bell / Calls the faithful to their knees / To hear the softly spoken magic spells"
Heracles: Julia Dream
"Sunlight bright upon my pillow / Lighter than an eiderdown / Will she let the weeping willow wind his branches round / Julia dream, dreamboat queen, queen of all my dreams"
Graham: Fearless
"You say the hill′s too steep to climb / Chiding / You say you'd like to see me try / Climbing / You pick the place and I′ll choose the time / And I'll climb the hill in my own way"
Josiah: Young Lust
"Will some woman in this desert land / Make me feel like a real man? / Take this rock and roll refugee / Oh, baby set me free"
Camille: Matilda Mother
"For all the time spent in that room / The doll's house, darkness, old perfume / And fairy stories held me high on / Clouds of sunlight floating by / Oh mother, tell me more"
Tadgh: Shine On You Crazy Diamond
"Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun / Shine on you crazy diamond / Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky / Shine on you crazy diamond"
Virgil: Hey You
"Hey you, out there in the cold / Getting lonely, getting old / Can you feel me? / Hey you, standing in the aisles / With itchy feet and fading smiles / Can you feel me?"
Sidonie: Eclipse
"And all you destroy / And all that you do / And all that you say / And everyone you meet / And all that you slight / And everyone you fight / And all that is now / And all that is gone / And all that's to come / And everything under the sun is in tune / But the sun is eclipsed by the moon"
Oscar: Wish You Were Here
"How I wish, how I wish you were here / We're just two lost souls / Swimming in a fish bowl / Year after year / Running over the same old ground / What have we found? / The same old fears / Wish you were here"

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Вы уже удалились с русских социальных сетей и других сайтов? Те, которые с русским доменом ".ru", молчащие, антиукраинские и так далее..

bonice13’s Profile PhotoO
I'm wondering how Internet patriots like you live. Why do you talk about the war on the Internet, and do not go to war? It interests absolutely all adequate people. For example, I don’t go, because because of the person who beat me and mocked me, I began to fear society. And I was diagnosed with social phobia. That's why I don't have friends because I'm afraid to communicate.And there is no need to say now that Putin or Lukashenko is wrong. Because if you call people who live in Ukraine, call them obscenities and tell them how to live. And you say that it is the Russians who indicate.
The Kievites came to us in the city, not to our home, but to our city, and you know that it is they who tell us what to do. The Russians never told me anything. We arrived and sit chic, drink beer, eat red fish and tell us what to do. So calm down and don't tell, otherwise your Ukraine is not a country to blame for the fact that idiots live in it. You came to someone else's house, and indicate what to do and to whom? I think you should be ashamed.So my advice to you is:
1. First, learn at least one foreign language (at least English, all European countries know it), in order to at least seem like you are smart, otherwise you can see that you don’t really have it.
2. You don’t have to be a special patriot, because Ukrainians are not perfect either, and if Russians are not perfect in their own way, then Ukrainians are not ideal in theirs.
So just calm down - this is my answer to all your questions.
I do not support the war with Ukraine, but I do not support the Ukrainian people either, because you do not behave adequately at all. That's all!

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If you were a fish where would you live, sea lake or river?

outsidenowthiswar21’s Profile PhotoXhqjd
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I don't know if I would desire to live whether in a lake or a river, what counts would be that I'm close to my kind that I had enough food. I think that's what matters to a fish.

Do you prefer being single or in a relationship? Why?

Based on my current relationship and my most recent previous one, I like being in a relationship better. I'm an introvert so I really love having someone to connect with on a deep level. As long as the relationship is healthy I think that there's something comforting about it and it's also really fun when you have someone that shares interests.
When things are hard, improvement is real. My experience regarding relationships is that is about getting your shit together and share the best of you not only with your SO but with everyone. Take responsability on the most that impact your life and find new ways of doing it effectively. When you say you spent your time daydreaming, you were ignoring other aspects of your life and using your relationship as an excuse. You can daydream, be in love, work on yourself, trust your partner but more important yourself and continue to moving forward.
I spent ages 15-25 in constant relationships (one lasted 2 years, the second 2.5 years, the third 4 years, and the fourth 1 year) and was rarely single in between. Now I'm 26 and single for the first time in my life and its AMAZING. It's not just the fact that I can have sex with anyone I like (benefit which I use very often) but rather that I can plan my day/week/weekend all by myself. I can change plans spontaneously. Sometimes I leave my house to go for a hike and then end up surfing instead! Its a complete and total ownership of my time, my resources, and my body and its absolutely wonderful. It's also a great way to learn what you really like in life- how do YOU spend your time and money when you're alone and not have to compromise with anyone? It's a fantastic experience and I'd recommend everyone to spend at least 1 full year (but preferably more) been single. =)
I prefer being in this relationship. It's got the good things of being single (freedom, time on my own, time spent with my best friend, not worrying about how I interact with others) plus the good things of being in a relationship (spending time with someone who makes me happy, that little jolt of happiness when they come home from work and smile to see you, someone who is for some reason willing to take care of me when I'm sick).
At the moment I have a preference towards singledom that is entirely an emotional response to other factors in my life. I currently have agoraphobia (I have it on/off and this year is 'on' apparently), so I feel I have much bigger fish to fry. I would first like to feel comfortable outside and to have my freedom back. I would also like to be happier with other things in my life first too. I don't agree that one should be "totally happy with everything in their lives before dating" because that is a nonsense. We always have problems and that time will not come. When it comes to LSE, there's nothing wrong with dating while you have LSE. LSE is notoriously rigid, it's unlikely to change, it is more that you learn to mitigate it.

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What pets do you have and how did you get them?

Meanwhile, fish...I'm getting better but oh man the fish are the hardest I think aside from the one that jumped out of the tank a couple months ago I think at least one of mine is close to 1-2 years old I'm not a good fish mom but I'm getting better.
Last year, I went to volunteer at an animal shelter because I was still feeling suicidal, this poor sad dog had been brought there twice because of health issues, I can afford to give him the life he deserves, he needs me...a few months after bringing him home I began to need less medication and now we take care of each other, and we both love my boyfriend too. New dove...ok now a tragedy, I was adjusting a perch in the cage, both doves got out, the first dove knows I've got her so she just waits on top of the cage and lets me put her back. The other one was less tame, she fled from me in the panic and got behind the dining table and she was tired and fell down and the dog got her before I could. He's a terrier it wasn't his fault. My boyfriend told me it was an accident don't blame myself. She died in my hand. The surviving dove was cooing all night for a week, my dog was upset because I was upset, but when my boyfriend saw for himself my bird was grieving we went and picked out a new mate for her. And they are very happy together. The new one is not tame but the first one still loves pets from me when I reach in with my arm, they do not get out ever when the dog is loose, and I always put them in their carrier when I work on the cage and I will never let that happen again. Two cats, a pair of sisters just over a year old. I got them not quite three weeks ago when I went to one of the local rescues to “look” because I had just lost my 12 year old ginger kitty and my apartment was as dismal as a tomb. I had already sorted of rejected this pair based on their online pictures and profiles, but when they reached out through their cage as I walked past I couldn’t resist them. Found out later they had never had a home, they grew up in foster and spent their entire lives in rescues and foster homes except for one week when someone adopted then returned them because she “couldn’t cope” with them. They are super sweet and well behaved (for cats) and playful which is just what I needed after losing my previous cat so unexpectedly.
I had a Shi-tsu (dunno how to spell that.) that we got from a local in our town when I was roughly 11 years old. Loved him dearly for almost 14-15 years before he died from something we couldn't figure out. (there's no vets in my area, and we were VERY tight on money, so sadly, we couldn't get him the help he needed; he had a bad leg so we assume he passed from infection.)
Cat 2 - Friend asked if I wanted a kitten, I said maybe. Ended up seeing her, she has two hearts on her fur and ended up taking her because the people were going to drown her and the rest of the litter, after they decided kittens were just too much. She was a week and a half at the time.

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