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Alle GYM Männer bevorzugen dünne

Kann halb zustimmen, als ich noch ins Fitness ging wurde ich damals viel von gebaute Männer und Fitness Junkies angesprochen, die halt echt sehr gut geformt waren bzw durchtrainiert und ich habe eher eine kurvige Figur und bin nicht sehr sehr „schlank“ und auch klein 1.54 also bin nicht ein Schönheitsideal hahahaha

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Muss man sport machen um jemanden zu gefallen?

Kommt drauf an, was für ein Mann du Datest, wenn er so ein Fitness Junkie ist und halt sehr auf deine eigene Figur achtet würde ich sagen ist es ihm selber wichtig, dass seine Freundin auch auf seine Figur achtet.
Aber sind nicht alle gleich gibt auch paar die auf ihre eigene Figur achten aber sie Frauen in jede Form sexy finden lol

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Physical fitness aside, what’re your hobbies? Go Hiking? Do you like to read? Any recommended trails or books?

Freffster’s Profile PhotoFreffster
Besides fitness I love traveling, learning, exploring, shopping, photography, music, dancing, and romance. Sí 😀 I love reading! I also go hiking and beach running.
I just finished the book Gifts of Imperfection and definitely recommend 👍

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Würdest du sagen, dass du viel Zeit an deinem Handy verbringst?

Biancaajasmin’s Profile PhotoRuhrpott Prinzessin
Sehr viel, manchmal überlege ich einfach mal alles für 3 Monate zu deaktivieren, anschließend ins Fitness Studio zu gehen, Kontakt zu mehren Leuten einzuschränken, mehr Wasser trinken, auch mal früher ins Bett gehen, und einfach mein Potential nicht sinnlos an Menschen zu verschwenden den was am Ende bleibt ist die Familie🍀

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bro was ich dich fragen wollte erzähl mal die geschichte wie du zum pumpen gekommen bist wie ist das alles passiert woher hast du die motivation da nicht irgend wie aufzuhören woher nimmst du die kraft es durchzuziehn

sissyg696969’s Profile PhotoThedude
Ich stehe jeden Tag vor dem Spiegel und denke mir junge du hast soviel Potenzial du kannst aus dir was machen. Ich hab im im Fitness mit 55 kg angefangen und wiege aktuell 77,6 kg
Aber aufzubauen ist nicht so anstrengend wie zu definieren.
Die harte Arbeit kommt richtig im Januar. Aber eins sollte man sich im Kopf einstellen dass man das ganze für sich macht und nicht für andere !!!
Zieht immer das durch was euch gefällt und hört nicht auf Meinung anderer.

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Twoje wspomnienia związane z zajęciami z wychowania fizycznego są głównie pozytywne czy przeważająco negatywne? Nie musisz się rozpisywać

ronylis8’s Profile PhotoRony “Michael” Lis
W podstawówce i gimnazjum lubiłam WF. W jego ramach jeździliśmy np. na basen, gdzie - w wieku 10 lat - nauczyłam się pływać, a zresztą pływanie sprawiało mi wielką przyjemność. W gimnazjum też jeździliśmy z klasą na basen. Lubiłam również biegi, w których byłam dobra, skok w dal, gimnastykę oraz wyjątkowo piłkę nożną. Za sport kami zespołowymi nie przepadałam. Wkurzała mnie siatkówka, koszykówka i inne tego typu rzeczy, więc jak coś takiego było, to się wykruszałam i nie ćwiczyłam, nie przebierałam, zresztą i tak mi się często nie chciało ćwiczyć. Czasem szliśmy też na siłownię i na halę fitness, akurat to mi pasowało. W liceum była głównie siatkówka i koszykówka, czyli po prostu jeden wielki shit, także więcej nie ćwiczyłam niż ćwiczyłam, a jeśli już miałam jakiś wybór, to szłam z dziewczynami na siłownię, na której nic nie robiłyśmy xD Ogólnie nie lubiłam WF, bo nie chciało mi się przebierać ani ćwiczyć, szczególnie w liceum. Wolałam posiedzieć na trybunach i się pouczyć. A poza tym przymuszanie do tego przedmiotu nie jest właściwe, uważam, że więcej by z tego było pożytku, gdyby WF był przedmiotem do wyboru, a nie narzuconym z góry. Jak ja się cieszę, że na studiach nie ma tego shitu xD

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رشحولي حد اتابع معاه رياضه لياقه من البيت Female

بنزل ال apps الموجوده في الستور احسن وبعمل معاها
و ممكن يوتيوب في فيديوز رهيبه سيرشي بس هتلاقي كتير سواء كارديو او مقاومه.
بردو انستا سيرشي كده على ال fitness و ال workout هتلاقي ناس جميله

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People who don't exercise, why? People who do exercise regularly, what advice can you give to those who want to change their fitness habits?

I hate exercise. I find it boring. Always have. A couple of months ago I got dragged to a Crossfit session with a friend and I loved it! I'm easily the most overweight and unfit person there and no one gives a shit. The others are deadlifting 50-60kg++++ weights and I'm using a broomstick to practice technique. There's always an extra trainer on and there is a massive focus on safety. We always warm up and practice the movements before getting into it. We fist-bump each other at the end of the session. It's a great community, I love it. TL:DR Find something you like doing and it wont feel like exercise. I found Crossfit
I used to never exercise because I was out of shape anyway and that initial hurdle is literal pain. Once your body starts producing endorphins it's not that bad. So it took me a terribly long time to find a mode of exercise which allows me to ease into a fitness lifestyle at my own pace. Walking. shitloads and shitloads of walking. It may be inefficient, but I feel better and look better.
What actually got me back into the gym the last few months (my work has a gym) is realising that I want to read more books. So my gym trip is 2 mins stretching, then alternating between free weights and sitting on the exercycle for 15 mins. I read while I bike.
I go either 6 or 7 times a week, depending on how I feel I've done that week. There are plenty of days that I want to skip or I'll get lazy with my reps/sets. I always catch myself and audibly ask myself, "WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? WHY DO YOU WANT TO WORK OUT?" in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. If I need extra fuel I just think of my ex and BOOM double my rep/set count haha also I go immediately after work. In my early days, if I went home first I wouldn't go to the gym. Nowadays it's so routine that a day without the gym feels empty, just like the rest of my life. Lifting gives me purpose, a sense of belonging to something, and a great outlet for frustration to be released productively.
I was always chubby but it never really bothered me until I fell in love with somebody. I always knew there was zero chance that person would ever love me back (for several reasons), but still I wanted to look good so they'd think the best about me. (I know this sounds stupid but I was 15 at the time.) And after Christmas when I felt like I just gained a lot of weight I mentioned to my aunt that I'd like to lose some weight. She recommended me a few videos and that's how I started. And yeah, at first it was really difficult but after a few weeks I actually started to enjoy those workouts and now I can't imagine not exercising.

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🍓Cosa faresti con 50 kg di fragole? 🍓

IoSonoBoris’s Profile PhotoIo_non_Sono_Boris
Quando andavo in cascina una volta con molte fragole ho fatto la marmellata ed era un piacere aver le mani rosse. Poi ti volevo dire che potrebbe anche essere che magari lavorando in cascina ti potresti comunque prendere molto di più rispetto a lavorare in fabbrica. Poi c'è ip fatto che ip facevo sopratutto le conserve con pe fregola e poi sai che vi erano le more e sai che si possono fare certi dolci da pasticceria. Con oe fragole invece puoi fare molte cose come anche frullare le fragole e poi lo bevi come bevanda fitness.

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There's been a lot of talk recently about who should become the next James Bond, what if YOU got chosen? Do you think the life of a secret service agent would've been something for you? 👨‍💼

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
If I was a secret agent it would be a disaster 🤣 Apart from lacking the physical fitness I am pretty sure I wouldn't cope well with the mental stress either!

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I got the house kind of to myself today. So cleaning and gaming will be done. What are your plans for today?

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Yesterday I did the usual stuff, then in the evening went for a drink with my boyfriend. We then met up with his friend and his girlfriend, and had a go at the Ninja Warrior UK course. It was so difficult, the kids there were better than us. 😅. I really need to work on my fitness, it was very embarrassing. After that, my boyfriend and I just went out for some cheap food then we went home to the dog. It was a nice day.

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https://ask.fm/amycheetham09/answers/167010709814 - If you lived in America and were still in school, would you ever consider becoming one? 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo❆❆❆❆❆ ƬΣПΛᄃIӨЦƧ ƬӨMMΛY™ ❆❆❆❆❆
There's no way I would have been popular enough to be a cheerleader. I also didn't have the best physical fitness. In a high school in America, I probably would have just hung around with the nerds or goths. 🙃

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Was haltet ihr von folgenden Beispiel Beziehungen: Beide sind im gleichen Jahr geboren. Die eine Person am 2.x. und die andere ebenfalls am 2.x. oder am 22.x. Könnte eine solche Beziehung funktionieren, wenn beide die meisten Interessen teilen, aber nicht alle (zum Beispiel Fitness und Sport nicht)?

Ich verstehe die „Logik“ der Frage nicht. :) Es ist doch völlig egal an welchem Tag sie geboren wurden. Und ich finde es auch nicht dram*atisch, wenn sie nicht alle Interessen teilen. Es ist meiner Ansicht nach sogar ganz gut, wenn sie auch unterschiedliche Interessen haben. Dadurch bewahrt sich jeder auch einen gewissen Freiraum und sollte nicht darauf verzichten müssen. Man muss ja nicht 24/7 aufeinander kleben und alles gemeinsam machen.

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what are the things you wish to accomplish in upcoming month of october? 🗓🎃🍁🍂

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I don't really have any right now, but I know I want to dive deeper into my fitness routine. For the past 3 days I spent at least an hour on the stationary bike - which has never happened before. At most I spent 20-30 minutes total, then stopped. So I want to keep doing that (without breaking any joints of course) because it just makes me feel sooo good afterwards. Plus it can help with my stomach in hopes of losing a bit moer fat around there. I've always had stomach fat even when I was at my absolute lowest weight.
I also want to continue being productive throughout the day. It kinda hit me a few days ago that I am around technology all the time, and yet I don't use it to its full advantage. So instead of me spending an hour doing basically nothing, I can spend an hour learning something new, or expanding on my skillset. That way, I can feel better at the end of the day when I relax.

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Tea please give us tips on lifting. I’ve been doing cardio for a month but now I want to up my game and tone my body. Is it ok to lift three days a week? And what type of protein do you take? You’re goals 💪💕

Oh you are LOVELY.
Three days is perfect, and is suggest giving yourself a break in between days of possible! You'll get most bang for your buck if your muscles can repair in between lifting sessions. I'd recommend about an hour long session, with ten minutes of that being a cardio workout (if possible! If you don't have access to a gym, I'd recommend a skipping rope!)
Don't rush heavy. So many of my clients do this, in that they're in a rush to add weight. Make sure your lifts are almost at the boring stage before drastically upping the kilograms. You want to be able to lift those weights a slowly as possible - otherwise a lot of it can be momentum, and that doesn't achieve very much outside of injuries!
If something hurts, don't do it. It will just get worse - I've seen too many people try and force genetically weak wrists, etc, to lift things that just causes pain and no benefit. Isn't worth it!
Work out what works for you. Some people like working out in splits and do a legs, arms, back day. Some people prefer full body, it's entirely up to you. There really isn't a right way or a wrong way to do these things - you are doing an amazing job just by turning up for you!
You can do so much with bodyweight, and people don't always realise this. A simple plank will still be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal, a push up (done right!) is making you soft your bodyweight (whatever that is!) and will be more than a lot of dumbells, etc.
But the biggest tip is to cheer yourself on. You're doing an awesome job and should be so proud of yourself!
I don't take protein anymore because I couldn't be bothered, basically 😅 I personally never saw much benefit from taking it, either physically or in terms of energy. I used to take whey necause it was the only one I got on with and didn't taste like ass. If you don't mind a nice mouthful of ass, I'd recommend shopping around. Find out what works for you. It will very much depend on your fitness goals as well!

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do you have a hobby that you miss doing? 🎨🎶📝🎭

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
Fly tying, and model building. But I'm too busy painting my house inside and out to get involved in anything else.🙁
Existing without headaches/migraines.
I miss being able to hang out with my friends. Especially my girlfriend. We had just started dating a few weeks before schools got shut down, and I can't drive yet to go meet her somewhere. I just wish I could have the ability to see her at school, but she is still doing online school until the second semester.
Going to the movies. Eating shitty popcorn and overpriced drinks. People noisily munching away at their refreshments but who cares? it’s all part of the experience. Some random kids sneaking in to a 15+ movie and then being dragged out by members of staff. Wonderful.
Duck hunting. If you have never done it, there is no rush like it. It takes real skill to navigate a river/lake/swamp in the pitch black, set up decoys, call in ducks, shoot them, and then have a properly trained dog to fetch them. If you ever have the opportunity to go, take it, you will be hooked.
I have two main hobbies now; motorcycling and playing the guitar. I have some other things I like doing but I'm not sure I consider them hobbies as I dont think about them when I'm not doing them. Things like playing video games, going walking, that sort of thing. My wife doesnt have any hobbies, and I've tried to encourage her to get into something but she just doesnt seem to make that push, to get so invested in something. She does have interests though, like fitness and cooking. I feel bad sometimes because I wan to just devote a couple of hours to learning a peice of music, or go out for a long ride, and she doesnt have anything to do. I just have this image she;s sitting doing whatever she can until enough time has passed that she has something important to do (like sleep, or go to work).
I have a couple that I partake in, but I usually dedicate more time to some opposed to others. For example, my most ardent hobby is collecting and shooting guns. I am always at the shooting range at least once every single day.
Honestly I have several hobbies but they aren't all things I keep up on constantly. I draw, I do makeup, I read, I play video games. I usually obsess over one for a few months then move on to another to obsess on for a few months. If I worked on all of my hobbies every single day I would never have any time to work or do anything I have to do.
I have a lot of hobbies that I feel invested in and I'd like to keep up with. From who I've talked to, however, it seems like it's normal to not have a hobby or to only have one or two. People who I've talked to that have multiple hobbies also don't seem that invested or have easily manageable hobbies. I'm wondering how many hobbies is normal.

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Was machst du nicht gerne?

Rahimrpg’s Profile PhotoJägers Eintopf
Alleine sein
Hatte gehofft mit einer Weibl. Person heute Abends in Kino zu gehen
Einfach mal nett Begleitung haben.
Aber ich hab heute den Tagesablauf geändert
Folgendes ist passiert
- Fitness Studio (tat echt gut)
- Baldeney See die Aussicht genießen und etwas laufen
- Eis essen (siehe Foto)
Und heute Abend gehe ich mit der Person die ich lieben sollte ins Kino.
Mit mir
Werde mir Saw Spiral ansehen
Ich habe in der letzten Zeit viele Fehler gemacht.
Meine Einsamkeit weil ich seit dem 8.7 nur zu Hause bzw. im Krankenhaus war tat mir nicht gut. Im Gegenteil.
Hab mich mal wieder mit mehreren Menschen Ausserhalb meines Jobs unterhalten können.
Papa ist im Krankenhaus weil es ihm richtig schlecht geht Gesundheitlich
Jeden dem ich hier auf den Keks gegangen bin darf versichert sein das es mit leid tut
Ansonsten genießt das letzte Sommer Wochenende

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Was machst du nicht gerne

What are you doing for your fitness and health?

OneFinalTime_Maybe’s Profile PhotoAhmed Imran Hashmi
When you try your best but you dont succeed
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you cant sleep
Stuck in reverse
And tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you cant replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And i will try to fix you
#myownlilconcert lol

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What are you doing for your fitness and health

Hola Dani ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Deseo que tengas un bonito día, con tus seres queridos y amistades. Que tengas regalos y esas cosas, procura no comer demasiado, sé feliz 🎂🎉

salquial’s Profile PhotoSalvador ★ σωτήρας
Salvador, linda noche. ☄
Espero estés de maravilla. 🍃
Primero, disculpa la demora en contestar y segundo, muchísimas gracias por tus buenos deseos y sí, tuve un excelente día en compañía de los míos, disfrute muchísimo no te lo niego, por cierto, comer fue lo que más hice puesto que desde que entre al mundo fitness me he privado en cuestión de comida pero claro está, comí moderadamente ese día, de todo un poquito. 🍒
Cuídate, mantente saludable. 🌾

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Hola Dani Feliz cumpleaños Deseo que tengas un bonito día con tus seres queridos