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Quel est ton meilleur souvenir de voyage ?

leloup9849’s Profile Photole loup
I always knew I wanted to travel, but my mom is terrified of flying so growing up we didn't exactly go very far on the rare occasion we did travel. When we were 19, my (now) wife and I saved up some money for a trip, and that first day is still like a fucking fairy tale in my mind. My first time flying, and I fucking loved it, 30,000 feet in the air, looking down at the clouds. Stepping off the plane at CDG and getting that feeling of "Holy fuck, I'm in fucking Paris". Checking into our hotel then taking a nice stroll down to the Eiffel Tower. I proposed to wife my at the Eiffel tower that day (I know, wicked fucking cheesy right?) Going to some bistro and getting a bottle of fancy French wine, some fancy French cheeses, trying some escargot. It was like all of these mystical things that I never really imagined I would be able to do and see all materializing in one day.
For my first year wedding anniversary a few years ago, we did a road trip across the UK. We started down south then up to Scotland before looping around and heading back down the other side. We only booked our accommodations a few days ahead so we could decide whether to stay somewhere for longer than our loose plan or shorter as we felt it. We also stayed at our first (and probably only) 5 star hotel that felt as big as our flat at that time. Was lovely and the only thing that would have made it better and even more memorable would be if I could've brought our pooch with us. Sitting beside a mountain stream, legs dipped in the ice cold water, blunts going around and the three of us breaking into songs. The fact that apart from travel tickets, we had nothing planned and just did whatever we felt like. That was special. One of my favorite memories is meeting an acquaintance of an acquaintance for literally 1 minute in Sydney. When I told him that i'd be visiting Melbourne, he said he'd show me around as he's from there. Unfortunately his flight back was delayed. Figured it was the end of that, but he ended up having a friend show me around instead, and through that friend I met some amazing people and ended up having the greatest day of my month long trip. Ended up feeling like this random group of people were lifelong friends.
The time I spent in Tokyo early this year. One night I stumbled upon a sake bar next to my hotel, and I was making small-talk with the owner/bartender. After a few minutes, it clicked for both of us, we knew each other already! In 2013, I went to a sake bar on the far west side of town and got friendly with the bartender. That night he gave me his business card and I took a photo of us. In 2016, out of all the bars in Tokyo, I found him again at his brand new self-owned shop in the northeast side of town, by pure dumb luck. We were so utterly stunned, that he, his partner, my newlywed wife, and I shared a bottle of his best sake, on the house!

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If you were hiring someone for a job, would you look for someone who has had a number of different jobs or someone who has only ever worked at one place?

illin_ahmed’s Profile Photo♡*:.。.ILLIN(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡
When we do hiring, it doesn’t really matter about how many places you’ve worked at. It matters how long you stayed at each job. If you’ve had 6 jobs but were at each of them for 4-5 years, then you’re not a flight risk. If you’ve had 6 jobs in the last year, it means that you might get hired and then quit soon after so many employers don’t like that chance. They’d rather hire someone who will stay.
One job is fine for the same thing. If you’ve had one job for the last 5 years, that’s fine. And then you just list your skills on the resume as some people accumulate them outside of work.

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What's your favorite country you've ever traveled to for vacation?

I loved Italy so much. All of it. I never wanted to leave. Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, and a day stop to go white water rafting in Vipiteno (this was on the way to Innsbruck, Austria and the drive alone was wonderful, incredibly beautiful). I went on a 10-country trip this past summer and loved them all, but every bit that I saw of Italy was amazing.
It depends on how much time you have and what you plan to do. Like you, I went over as a part of an overall trip to Australia, I had literally two and a half days in NZ (should have been a bit longer but there was an issue with a flight that had to turn back), stayed in Auckland but drove down to Matamata on one day and flew to Wellington for most of the next day. I got to see Hobbiton, the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, and do a full tour of Wellington in the time I was there. I'd say if you're limited for time but can spend even five days to a week in NZ it would be a nice trip. When I go back I would like to spend at least a month travelling through both islands of NZ, though at the moment I'm strongly considering getting a temporary visa and going there for a full year.
The Cayman Islands. It's much more expensive than Cancun, but very different. The beach/ocean were the most calm, clear, and beautiful I'd ever seen. The food was great and there was lots of historical and nature educational activities/tours to take.
Iceland. It was one of those places I'd always wanted to go, and everyone would look at me funny and ask why I wanted to go there of all places. But I'm SO glad I did! It was absolutely beautiful. The travel time wasn't ridiculous (only a 4.5 hour flight there from where I live), everyone was so nice, the geography is beautiful, there was so much more I wanted to do/see, and it just felt like I was on another planet sometimes.
I don't know if I could say it's my favourite country (because I love so many places I've been for vastly different reasons) but I always recommend Namibia to people. Nice people, amazing landscapes, amazing wildlife, has all the mod-cons but isn't too touristy. The only downside is the public transport isn't very convenient so you either have to hire a car or join a tour.
Singapore oddly enough. It's a great place to visit with a kid. Everywhere is clean, organised and pushchair friendly, there are a bunch of kiddie places to visit, shops and restaurants seem to be open all the time, completely safe to walk anywhere at all hours, don't need to haggle and no one seems to want to rip you off. Also, it's a small place so you don't feel the need to run round desperately and 'fit it all in.'

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Where is the furthest country you have traveled to?

Canada. Not big on the whole idea of going much further.
I took a plane to Chicago and then another one to Amsterdam where I boarded a cruise ship to St Petersburg and around the Baltic. The best part was mingling and meeting the locals. I was surprised at how many spoke English fluently. Experiencing their culture and having it explained in a way I could understand was fantastic. My favorite part was a music concert in Estonia. Fanfoogootastic. We did a roadtrip from Buenos Aires. That's where we left the car and took a flight to Perito Moreno Glacier. Honestly the best trip ever. Ushuaia makes you think about your perspective of the world. Everyone is on top of you (geographically) but you still feel you are enjoying it as you were "on the top of the world". Changed me.
Honestly I thought that part of Afghanistan was beautiful, down south when I got into the desert was a bit of a hole but still over all I really would love to visit again if the country ever became stable enough that it was some what safe to do so.

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How much have you traveled (abroad)?

I've been traveling back and forth between the US and China since I was 12 (most of my family is still in China). I've also been to Canada many times (yay for being in Michigan). Did a backpacking trip of Europe where we visited Germany, France, and Italy. Going back to France next week. Planning on being in Germany of Oktoberfest next year, and I'm supposed to visit a friend in Thailand next winter. Been trying to find time to hit Scandinavia soon.
Then especially after graduating people at least used to get an interrail ticket (3 weeks of going anywhere in Europe by train as you like for ~700 USD) or borrow their parent's car (you can't get a driver's license until 18 here and cars are completely and utterly prohibitively expensive for youngsters). That's in fact what my gf and I did after high school, her dad gave us her BMW 7e (my mind still boggles at that amount of trust) and we did a road trip through fennoscandia, the baltics, and so on.
As uni students, our travel was mostly concerned with single trips to continental European countries (France, Italy, Germany, Russia, etc), which are much easier to get to than overseas regions if you have a girlfriend with a fear of flying. Eventually we did a U.S. trip which is where I found out about her fear of flying and we ended up travelling back by ship, but that's a story for another day. Then I started a job in management and had to travel a lot. Yukraine, Siberia, China, U.S., U.K., Germany, bla bla bla, a pretty crazy travel schedule. Which I was really glad to get out of. These days, I'm much less interested in exploring, I just have places I like / would like to re-visit whenever we have the time - which is almost never - at the top of which is France, followed by the baltic states and Russia. Prague, the place I used to love most, has sadly been fucked up pretty badly by British stag tourists and it's better to just "visit" it in memory only. I’m from the US. Travel is a huge interest of mine, and I travel quite frequently. Been to Europe 7 times, Asia 5 times, 2 Latin American (Mexico and Colombia) countries, Australia once, the Caribbean once (Cayman islands) and Canada once. Most of my trips to Europe and Asia have been to multiple countries at a time. So far I have been to 38 countries. I have been lucky that the company I work at has given me an above average (for the US) amount of time off. I've been to New York and various parts of Spain, Italy, Scotland, England, Holland and Poland so far. To be fair it's cheap and a short flight from Ireland, or anywhere in Europe, to anywhere else in Europe. I'm spoilt. The trip.to NY cost a bomb. Otherwise I would travel to the USA more often. Probably part of the reason you haven't traveled so much yet. I don't think women are any more widely traveled than men over here. I find the differences in how people do things in other countries and how they relate to each other the interesting part of traveling.

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Good morning. The birds are singing.

MirandaGayle’s Profile PhotoMiranda
Good morning to you. Today is a great day. Going to pick up a homie from the airport. Like again I always say distance never wins. Nothing is impossible. He is coming down all the way from Seattle Washington. Probably around 2,000 miles. Through all the flights and delays it's about a 12-hour long flight. I've been knowing this person for about 10 years. He's very good friends with both me and my husband. Super excited! He is nearly Mississippi bound! Come on down bro! We ready for ya!

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Where do you think the Covid19 virus originated from? Do you think the virus came from bats or was it genetically engineered by humans to destroy economies while simultaneously reducing the elderly population thus saving money on medical costs and retirement benefits?

It absolutely originated from the P4 bioweapons lab in Wuhan.
The Chinese Communist Party will do everything in their power to deny that because they will be forced to pay every country in the world reparations in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. It will destroy the Chinese economy and lead to the overthrow of the CCP.
The CCP will move quickly to create a global geopolitical distraction to move the narrative off accepting blame for this act of war - and it is an act of war the CCP committed
Expect Taiwan to be invaded before February of 2022 if countries start pulling out of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The CCP will also kinetically attack the Philippines and Australia, as well as Malaysia and Japan.
There was no bat. No one from the 1000 mile flight path from the Laotian border to Wuhan got sick. No one. But the CCP closed every military college in China in November of 2019 because they knew the transmissibility of the bioweapon was high and they needed the military students to protect Beijing - not Wuhan.
China’s economy was failing starting in 2018. The CCP was putting hundreds of billions of Yuan into their banking system and stock markets to keep them solvent. The 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party is next month. “Losing face” in the Chinese culture is a fate far worse than death. The CCP could not allow their economy to fail at this time. But they could not stimulate it enough to keep it from failing. So they released their bioweapon to destroy the global economy. It’s simple misdirection.

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Why is the written word powerful?

The written word has more power than any weapon of mass destruction because it has the ability to persuade and change the hearts and minds of men and women. So my sword and my shield are forged with written words articulated in the stillness of the night, while darkness surrounds the silent sound and awakens at dawn like a bald eagle spreading its wings in flight, searching for his prey.
"Written Words" by Nico, Photography by Richard Lee

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Why is the written word powerful

What's your favorite way to travel? Why? What's the longest stretch you've travelledsaid way? 🚘🚄🚲🛳🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile Photoᛏᛟᛒᛒᚨ
Trains. The longest train journey I did was London to Tarragona, with stops in Paris and Barcelona.
I walk everywhere I go. Thanks to the lockdown I haven't left the neighborhood in a year and a half.
My favorite way is by bicycle, but it isn't always practical. Sometimes oceans get in the way. I think my least favorite thing is navigating around other people in the airport. Security itself doesn't bother me too much, I generally am able to pack light and I can get my shit organized very quickly. I hate it when other people are slow going through security or haven't prepared for it at all. I understand if you're doing something new for the first time, but there are signs and you can usually watch the people ahead of you for clues. There's also a lot of rudeness that comes out of people at the airport, especially when people are forced to change plans due to a missed connecting flight or bad weather or something. I hate seeing people take it out on the airline workers, who clearly can't just magic them onto a plane. My favorite part is getting to the hotel. There's something about the feeling that no one in the building knows me but they are all there specifically to have a place for me to sleep. Sometimes walking into the lobby makes me feel fancy too, especially if it's for work and I've got my black roll-aboard and a suit on. Danny Ocean over here.

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Do ya guys think that Covid comes from a lab accident or the Wuhan's market? And do you think we will ever know the truth?

The virus absolutely did not come from the wet market. Why did not one person between the China / Laotian border where the bat was said to come from not get sick in that 1,000 mile flight path?
The virus came from the lab. Lab workers started getting sick in November of 2019. This is a very dangerous time for the Chinese Communist Party. If the CCP is found to be complicit, every country in the world will take the CCP to the ICC - International Criminal Court in The Hague - and win. Plus there will be millions of individual lawsuits against the CCP. The economic consequences are staggering.
But the CCP will start a geopolitical catastrophe before they will allow themselves to be removed from power in China. That will come in the form of another bioweapon release or an outright war against Taiwan, the Philippines, or India.
The CCP does not recognize decisions made by the ICC and have ignored the ICC’s decision to grant the Philippines ownership of a substantial area in the South China Sea.
So the world is in for some very tough times unless the CCP is removed from power internally.

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Vervollständige den Satz 📝 Es knallte laut, erschreckend und erschütternd. Als er/sie sich umdrehte, sah er/sie...

mondscheingang’s Profile PhotoL U N A
___wie Ryan den zweiten Versuch startete den Tower zu verständigen.
„Nebraska Tower, hier Flug 6429. Mayday. Wir haben Probleme mit dem Triebwerk.“
Isla die sich nach Ausfall des Triebwerks I entspannt zurück lehnte und antwortete ‚wir haben ja noch drei funktionierende' war jetzt nicht mehr so entspannt. Denn wie Ryan verkündete, saßen sie in einem Flugzeug mit nur zwei Turbinen. Flugmodelle die für Langstreckenflüge wie diesen nicht vorgesehen waren, aber eingesetzt wurden um Kosten zu sparen.
„Flug 6429, wir hören Sie."
„Nebraska Tower, wir bitten um Landeerlaubnis auf der nächstmöglichen Inselgruppe.“
„Erlaubnis kann nicht erteilt werden, Captain. Es liegen keine Landeflächen vor. Befolgen Sie die Anweisungen." Auf dem Display das mittig zwischen Isla und dem Piloten abgebildet war, fuhr das defekte Triebwerk hinunter, in roten Buchstaben erschien ‚Flight Control' auf dem Display. Das bedeutete, dass das Triebwerk II für das Erste mit arbeitete, die Steuerflächen entgegenwirkten um die ausbleibende Leistung beim kaputten Triebwerk auszugleichen.
„Wir können nicht an Flughöhe gewinnen. Bitte um Landeerlaubnis und Position."
Die Worte verließen so gerade seine Lippen, da zeigte Triebwerk II ebenfalls eine Fehlermeldung auf.
„Mayday. Mayday!", schrie Ryan über Funk an den Tower. Hinter Mahé gab es keine Landemöglichkeiten und Somalia war 1500 Kilometer von ihnen entfernt.
„Kannst du drehen?", fragte Isla.
„Landeposition, Mahé - genehmigt", meldete sich der Tower zurück. Als Ryan unter Anspannung die Passagiere über den Rückflug informieren wollte, switchte das System ins ‚Flight Emergency Level'. Die Sauerstoffmasken klappten auf. Triebwerk II war ausgefallen. Der Flugpilot blockierte das System.
„Ryan? Ryan???“ Isla riss die Augen auf, spürte wie Kehle und Magen sich zusammenzogen.
„Wir schaffen den Rückflug nicht mehr! Ich brauche die Erlaubnis landen zu können!"
Isla war in ihrer Panik gar nicht sicher ob er mit ihr oder dem Tower sprach.
„Keine Landeposition in Sicht, Captain."
„Fxck. Fxck, fxck, fxck!"
„Ryan! Was heißt das? WAS HEIßT DAS?" Sein Blick war eiskalt als er sich mit seinem Gewicht gegen das Lenkrad und den Sitz presste weil der Autopilot nur noch im slow-down funktionierte.
„Das heißt das ich nur eine Möglichkeit habe. Entweder wir preschen gegen das Meer sobald wir im Sturzflug sind oder wir drehen das Flugzeug. Wie in der Nacherzählung der Hudson Geschichte."
Der Tower meldete sich zum letzten Mal zurück.
„Gott stehen Ihnen bei, Captain.“
{___in loving memory of Captain Ryan Evans}

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Vervollständige den Satz  Es knallte laut erschreckend und erschütternd Als

‏ازاي تقلل من الـ Overthinking ؟ ‏--- ‏شوف الـ Thread

Bluur1’s Profile PhotoBluur1
‏١- أهم سبب للـ overthinking هو طريقة استجابتك للأفكار اللي في دماغك ، و عشان تتحكم في المشكلة دي لازم تكون واعي للتفكير عشان متدخلش في دوامة تفكير ، ابسطها تكتب افكارك و تحللها و تشوف ايه سببها ، كل ما كنت واعي لدماغك هتقدر تتحكم في التفكير اكتر
‏٢- دور على مُشتت : وقت ما تلاقي دماغك هتسوحك ، دور على حاجة تعملها متقعدش فاضي ، التفكير بيحب الفراغ ، اتعلم الطبخ ، نظف البيت ، اقرأ ، اجري ، اتفرج على فيلم ...
‏- احيانا الـ overthinking بيجي وقت النوم فتفضل ساعتين في السرير دماغك مسوحاك ، وقت ما تلاقي نفسك كدا قوم من على السرير عشان كدا كدا مش هتنام ، و عن تجربه احسن حل لده تنزل تجري نص ساعه او تعمل اي مجهود بدني و هتروح تنام زي الفسيخة
‏٣- اليوجا و التنفس العميق : تمرين التنفس العميق واحد من اكتر التمارين العبقريه اللي الانسان ممكن يتعود عليها ، خد نفس براحه و خرجه براحه لان ده بيقلل من ألية الكر و الفر fight and flight ، اليوجا كمان بتساعدك على ده لو بتعرف تمارسها
‏٤- دايماً خلي عينك على المشاكل الكبيرة : كل ما كان ال overthinking على مشاكل صغيرة احتمال كبير جداً المشاكل دي تكبر و تسببلك ازمات لانك هتكبرها بمرور الوقت بسبب تفكيرك فيها ، متخليش انك كنت نازل السوبر ماركت بهدوم البيت و حد شافك تسببلك ازمة
‏٥- هل جزاء الاحسان الا الاحسان : الإحسان للناس اللي حواليك و انك تتطوع في اي عمل خيري ، ده بيقلل من الافكار السلبيه عندك و بيزود من الشعور بالاستحقاق ، حاول تعمل كل بوم حاجة فيها احسان للناس اللي حواليك ، ساعدهم و ادعمهم
‏٦- حقق نجاحات صغيرة : ابسطها انك ترتب سريرك كل يوم ، على الاقل لو يومك وحش هتروح بيتك و تلاقي سريرك مترتب فدماغك متزودش المشاكل عليك
‏٧- لو حسيت بأفكار سلبيه ، هات ورقه و اكتب فيها حاجات كويسه انت عملتها في الفترة الاخيرة ، و هتلاقي نفسك تلقائياً شعورك بالاستحقاق بيزيد ، و هتتصدم انك عملت الحاجات دي ، و ده هيخلي الافكار الايجابيه تزيد و تقلل من السلبيه
‏٨- غير طريقة تفكيرك و دي هعمل عنها ثريد قريب ، بس هقتبس جملة انيس منصور [ شئ عجيب ،كأن العالم الخارجى ليست له ألوان, وأن هذه الألوان تخرج من عيوننا, فالسعيد يجعل الدنيا حوله سعيدة والشقى يجعلها كذلك ]
‏٩- خد موقف : احياناً الافكار السلبيه اللي بتسببلك overthinking بتكون بسبب انك سلبي و مخدتش موقف ، لما حد يأذيك دور على السبب و حلل اللي حصل كويس عشان تتعلم من اللي حصل و تاخد موقف من ده في المواقف اللي بعد كدا
‏١٠- بلاش تكون قاسي على نفسك ، حاول تزود شعورك بالاستحقاق لان ده هيخليك تتخلص من الافكار السلبيه وبس كدا

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Fun Question 😃 Let’s say you have been chosen by ask.FM, you won 3 ticket to go on a trip,they allowed you to take 2 person on ASKfm with you, Who would you take? Where would you go? What would you spend your time doing? What’s your agenda?

QJLJJJ’s Profile PhotoC E R A H
I really really really really like this question😍.
I would definitely select adventurous people around here!.
I know two adventurous people here, I am worried if I violate their privacy? But one person his name is mishari and the other ghost
And ofc you’ll be joining us on this adventure of a lifetime.
To make it fair: it’s gonna be two men and two women
But, everyone is free to do whatever they want and ofc it will be the adventure of a life time you won’t forget it.
I will take you guys with me to Australia 🇦🇺 😍
Australia, the land down under, here we come!!
I need you all to imagine this with me.
1-we 4 get on a private jet 🛩 and don’t worry, everyone has it’s own privacy.
2-we land in Brisbane, lease a car and drive all the way to our hotel ( everyone has it’s own room obviously) our hotel is W Brisbane the top
3-the first day will be our day off day because of the 14 hour flight and our waiting and check in the hotel etc which all together will presumably exceed 21 hours.
4-the second day we will all meet up in the lobby at 9 am sharply. We will all be in one team no one stays left behind idc we are all friends and we support one another nothing more and respect each other alot.
5-our first destination will be exploring Brisbane. We will get to the streets and walk and get inside the store 7/11 and get some colorful slushy and enjoy out times in the park
6-we will go to their famous and biggest open area mall
7-after a week in Brisbane, we will travel by ca to GoldCoast Only 5 hours away.
8-we will turn the Bluetooth on and have so much fun and food is allowed in the car dw 😂we will chat and have a blast and laugh
9-we will arrive at Q1 hotel in Goaldcoast the best hotel ever. We will take care of our luggages and we will take a rest then, I will book tickets for whalewatching! Then, I will book tickets for the 360 skypoint and we will observe the beautiful scenery of the ocean for above level 77 and have our lunch and coffee and cafe
10-the next day will be filled with excitement, I am really buzzing with happiness rn😂we will go to warner bros amusement park and then the koala sanctuary, we will get to encounter real koalas and kangaroos as well as feeding them roo food + Australia zoo Steve Irwin and watching the crocodile show
11-we will go to the famous beach in Australia called “surfers paradise” we will see the surfers surfing and get to chat with some locals and laugh and walk on the squeaky golden sand
12- we will encounter some native aboriginal people here and get to learn about their past and their music
13-at night, we will take the famous gold coast ferris wheel. Later have a luxurious lunch and we will stay in Gold Coast only for 7 days
14-we will take a private jet to Sydney
15-we will explore the famous Opera house and take a fairy ship to Toronga zoo we will stay in Sydney for only 3 days
والله الود ودي يتحقق الحلم و لكن أحلام اليقظه نسافر مع بعض😂

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What's the force that propels us far from the comfort of all that is familiar and makes us face challenges, even though we know that the glory of the world will pass away?

RehabImtiaz’s Profile PhotoRehab Imtiaz
NASA has a poster hanging with bees that reads:
"Aerodynamically a bee's body is not made to fly; the good thing is that the bee doesn't know ".
The law of physics says that a bee cannot fly, the aerodynamic principle says that the breadth of its wings is too small to keep its huge body in flight, but a bee doesn’t know, it doesn’t know anything about physics or its logic and flies anyway.
This is what we can all do, fly and prevail in every moment in the face of any difficulty and in any circumstance despite what they say.
Let us be bees, no matter the size of our wings, we take flight and enjoy the pollen of life."

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Whats the force that propels us far from the comfort of all that is familiar and

So does the mean that Future Gwen uses her natural flight ability and then if she’s low on power (that is if her natural flight depends on that) she uses the Charm?

animepopbubble’s Profile PhotoBrandy
Maybe they work in concert, I’m not sure. Maybe she learns how through the stone

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+1 answer in: “Does Gwen ever learn how to naturally fly in her human form between OV and Ben 10,000 or does she just keep using the Charm of Telekinesis?”

If you had only one day to live, what would you NOT do? And, there has to be a giraffe involved in the story. 😂

bombdiggityboo’s Profile Photo•Stephi•
I would definitely NOT go to the African savanna, and try to ride a giraffe. Mainly because the flight would take up too much time. Instead, I'd go up to The Oregon Zoo, in Portland...and explain the situation to the handlers, and ride one of those, instead. 🦒

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If you're from the UK how do you feel about the exit plan that Boris has set out? If you're from somewhere different, are you facing any restrictions or are in lockdown right now? How do you feel?

PlanetShelby’s Profile PhotoShelby
😷 I think Johnson has a wrong-headed attitude towards the whole thing.
🦠 He’s intimated that he personally believes in an almost eugenics-based model that if we just let the virus do its thing it will kill off the weak, the vulnerable and those dependant upon the state and immunise everyone else automatically, thus killing off the virus and saving the country money to boot. There is no science to back this up.
😷 Thankfully though we still live in a democracy, despite Michael Gove not liking scientists and experts, and Matt Hancock giving billions of Covid PPE contracts to friends’ and party donors’ hastily set-up companies, and then discovering much of it was unusable or the wrong type or stored for too long or the companies couldn’t deliver, and was a waste of everyone’s money.
🦠 Anyway, this means we have lockdowns, however they’re not proper lockdowns as Johnson is trying to keep the various so-called “freedom” “anti lockdown” and “eugenics” parties as happy as possible by leaving as much business open as possible, not even quarantining international flight passengers until recently, and in the early days letting huge events ho ahead, and relaxing lockdowns when they get angry.
So what we’re left with is a cycle of weak lockdowns and relaxations which will perpetuate the virus until sufficient people are immunised against it.
😷 We should have done what New Zealand and the other Zero-Covid-Plan countries did, and lick down hard and fully, not relax measures half-way through with a government “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme.
But there you go.

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Have you been to Japan? If so, where did you go and what did you think of it? If not, anywhere or anything in Japan that you particularly want to see?

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Yes I have been to Japan I went got my 21st birthday and my dad's 50th, I was on a 13 hour flight on my actual birthday and I was poorly as anything so when we landed in Japan we went straight to the hotel had a alchohlic lilt from the vending machine outside our room and went to bed to explore the world of Japan, but alcoholic lilt never heard of it it was great and it was like 75p! I went to Tokoyo, and Kyototo, I went to shibuya, I went to akhibara, I went to the studio ghibli museum I went to akhibara, I went to askusabashi, I went on a bullet train I did so much I can't even remember it all, 😂 I only went for 11 days my plans this yeat was to go April - July for 90 days with my partner but covid 19 and lockdown happend so I am just waiting for the goverment to say we can travel and for Japan to open there borders so I can go for 90 days 😂
I've attached a collage of pictures 💙💜❤️

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Have you been to Japan If so where did you go and what did you think of it If
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Everything appears to merge into thin air when you are around, The clock starts to grab its tickle, holding it for a little long, The moons wish to be a little closer, the way I'm The paradise made a star shoot, you know what I asked for?

I asked for a flight out of here 😂
And no I don’t care what u asked for 😏

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