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If you could write down a shopping list of things you "need" right now, what would it entail?🛒🛍️😜 (Doesn't have to necessarily be things you physically "buy" either 😉)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
✍🏻 Another pair of my favourite leggings
✍🏻 A green tea and fluffy socks
✍🏻 All the blankets or a blanket fort
✍🏻 Cuddles, hair playing or back tickles
✍🏻 Reassurance
✍🏻 Stupid tiktoks or memes
✍🏻 My cat to improve over night and come home. I'm not ready to say goodbye to him just yet 🥺

If you have flown, what do you think of the general experience of flying? 🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
.... no... just no xD
I mean I like looking out the window! Clouds just look like huge fluffy cushions which is pretty! :3
But I am terrified of flying! Turbulence scares the living heck out of me... like really bad!
And they say flying is the safest form of travel... when you're thousands of feet up... in a metal box... floating... yeah no xD
If you have flown what do you think of the general experience of flying

University ja k tum log ko pyar Jaise milta hai? Mujhe toh marks b Nahi miltay 🙄

I_Johnny’s Profile Photo_.WahajMalik
University is not an option. My bed is sending out serious nap rays. I can't help myself. The fluffy pillows and warm comforter are more powerful than I am. I have no choice but to snuggle under the covers xD

How many pets do you have?

I have two dogs one male chihuahua, and one female Beagle/basset hound. Both are from local shelters found as strays so we have no idea on their age. Sheldon is an old grumpy man though and Millie Mae seems to be pretty young and funny still.
I have 1 dog named Podo (Poe-dough)! He’s an 8 year old pitbull, rescued him when he was 1.5 years. We had two cats Lenny & Otis for some time but Otis got feline leukemia & passed away & Lenny ran away :( Since then Podo has been any only child.
It's not hard, he gets to bathe under his lamps or run around the garden when the weather is nice. I wouldn't know how much on average but it's not cheap. He's still growing and becoming a big boy fast so he eats alot and his tank does use up some power! The cats are alot cheaper heh.
2 dogs. Molly is a little, fluffy, white, useless dog that my mum and sister found on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere up in the Yukon. Basil is a massive black bear of a dog we got to prevent Molly from being eaten by bears. He is the dumbest animal I've ever met. I love them both so much.
I'd be curious to know what he thought of her before he found out she had 3 cats. If he was feeling it (and he's on a second date, so I'm assuming he was) and then suddenly decided she was weird because she has 3 cats with long names, then maybe the issue is with him. At the end of the day though, you like what you like. If he can't get past the cat thing, it doesn't make him a bad person. Lots of people have dealbreakers that other people would consider weird.
I might get killed by cat owners, but I think so. There are always issues that can change this. But cats tend to be smaller and eat less and can basically be left alone for an entire day because of the litter box. As long as the litter box is cleaned and you have scratching under control, I would argue cats are less maintenance and less of a burden on your life day to day. If you have enough food left for them a cat could be just fine left in an empty house for more than a day.
That's not to say I'd consider this an instant deal breaker, but I'd consider more than a couple cats, or a cat and a dog somewhat concerning.
I have three dogs. The first one chose our house, it was winter he liked us and started to sleep in our garage, some time pass and one day he had a big fight with another dog, after that we kept him inside or in the backyard. That was like 6 years ago, the second one is a hyperactive dog, I met her one year ago in a adoptive event and after falling in love with her I brought her to our house, the first one and she had a bit hard time but a couple of week and some training classes improved their relationship. The last one and the little one, we met him in a park, my first dog doesn’t like other males so it was a big surprise seeing him not attacking one dog in the park, we saw him in that park for one week until one rainy day, we took a decision and went for him.

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Is there an animal that you find cute that most others probably wouldn't? 🥺 / 😱

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
i adore giraffes, mice, rаts, bats, frogs, snakes, some lizards, jellyfish (sometimes it seems to me that none of my friends likes them, but I have never had a vacation at sea, so I can safely love them),
tasmanian dеvils, piranhas, anglerfish, caterpillars (especially fluffy and colorful), worms, tardigrades (just look at their cute cheeks!), squids and octopuses, stingrays have always fascinated me too
Is there an animal that you find cute that most others probably wouldnt

The best decision you ever made?

My friend found a kitty cat. She doesn't have anywhere to put that poor soul so i think i will take him. He was possibly droped out of a car ;_; I think this might be a good decision, i will feel less alone with a kitty cat beside me. Even tho my apartment doesn't allow it and i am allergic to cats, i like to break rules and i like fluffy things.
The best decision you ever made

How'd you describe your style when it comes to home decoration? 🖼🛋

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
an oasis in the middle of the city. I love abandoned factory premises and attics with brick walls. Add a heating. A lot of plants, stоlen, bought on sale or taken out of pity - it's very good if there is a large window. No curtains. (possibly blinds if the windows are low). Furniture - with a history, from a flea market (a library chest with a thousand drawers) or made of pipes and wooden boxes, maybe from pallets. Something inexpensive from Ikea. Somethin blue -maybe a door or one of the walls. Floor: if wooden, then there are no carpets, but most often there is concrete and you can't do without a carpet here. And it should be fluffy and blue!
A couple of plaid blankets on the bed, some books and a suitcase under it. Small items are organized in cans and free wine boxes. Phosphorous constellations are painted above the bed and several models of planets are hanging.

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Do you have a favourite family recipe? If so, what is it? 🍝 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Chole Bhature | Channa Bhatura.
My mom used to make it and still I do since it's delicious 🤤 heart and tummy would be full after having this 😋 it's so yummy 😋 one of the most popular Punjabi dish liked almost all over India. Chole stands for a spiced tangy chickpea curry and Bhatura is a soft and fluffy fried leavened bread.
in a large bowl take 2 cup maida, 2 tbsp rava, 1 tsp sugar, ¼ tsp baking soda, 1 tsp sugar, ½ tsp salt and 2 tbsp oil. mix well.
now add ¼ cup curd and mix well making sure everything is well combined.
further, add water as required and knead the dough.
knead to the smooth and soft dough without putting much pressure.
grease the dough with oil, cover and rest for 2 hours
after 2 hours, knead the dough slightly.
pinch a ball sized dough and make a ball without andy cracks.
roll slightly thick, applying oil to prevent from sticking.
drop the rolled dough into the hot oil.
press until the bhature puffs up and splash oil to puff up fully.
flip over and fry until it turns golden brown.
finally, drain off the bhatura and is ready to enjoy with chole masala.
in a pressure cooker take soaked chana. i have soaked 1 cup chana in enough water for 8 hours.
cover and pressure cook for 5 whistles. keep aside after pressure released. in a large kadai, heat 2 tbsp oil, 1 bay leaf, 1 black cardamom, 2 pod cardamom, 1 inch cinnamon, 1 tsp cumin, ½ tsp kasuri methi. saute on low flame until the spices turn aromatic.
now add 1 onion, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste and saute until onions turn golden brown. add ¼ tsp turmeric, 1 tsp chilli powder, 1 tsp coriander powder, ½ tsp cumin powder, ½ tsp garam masala, and ¼ tsp salt. saute on low flame until the spices turn aromatic. further add 1½ cup tomato puree and saute until the oil separates. now add boiled chole and mix well. adjust consistency by adding water if required. cover and simmer for 10 minutes. finally, chole bhature is ready to enjoy with some onions.

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Do you have a favourite family recipe If so what is it

Christmas spam: Do you have any Christmas clothing or pyjamas? What’s on them?

BonjourCaptain’s Profile Photozar
I have a Christmas jumper that I love, with a cute reindeer face and red bobble nose, some Christmas socks that I never wear, and penguin fluffy bed socks that I wear throughout the year when it's cold.
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Wo liegt für dich die Grenze der moralischen Entscheidung comme il faut?

Schlagtot’s Profile PhotoBiggie Smells™
Ach Fluffy, philosophisch betrachtet, real-satirisch oder die bittere Wahrheit? Moral kommt in meinem Denken nur selten vor. Philosophie kann ich nicht gut, Satire würde im Moment in Zynismus ausufern, die bittere Wahrheit würde mir ne Sperre einbringen. Ok, Punkt 3, in ca. 4 Wochen? Wenn es ganz schlecht läuft, in 2.

Нам желательно что-то знать про космос?

Fluffy, Garfield, Socks, Whiskers and others.
Да. Пушистик, Гарфилд, Носочек и Усатик — имена сгустков материи, что были найдены стремительно кружащими вокруг Сатурна.
Спутник "Кассини" выполнил свою миссию длинною в две декады, и ушёл, торжественно сгорев в атмосфере шестого шарика от солнца.
Нам желательно чтото знать про космос

Quel est ton restaurant préféré?

Why, probably honestly just for the hushpuppies themselves- deep fried cornmeal dough, absolutely delicious and hushpuppies the restaurant has some of the best, crispy brown outsides and amazingly fluffy insides, not as spicy as some others I've had- but still wonderful things- I've had meals consisting nothing but the all you can eat hushpuppies and had to take home my actual meal in a doggy bag when I was a kid and had less inpuse control but it still remains my favorite restaurant- the seafood is all very good there- best place I've had it. Though I've shied away from trying the alligator tail.
I used to love the teriyaki chicken noodle box from the Noodle Bar & Bubble Tea company here in Peterborough. Sadly they closed over a year ago and I have not found anything comparable since. I still have a bunch of free orders that will go forever unclaimed.
It's a local food truck here in Puerto Rico called Sentellas. I love it because they give you an abhorrent amount of food for 6.50. you can NEVER leave that place hungry. Plus their sauce is addictively good, and I didn't even like other versions of the sauce until I had the Sentellas version. If I can, I'll snap a pic of the food they give next time I go there.
Lots of USA in this thread! UK chiming in: I like Wetherspoons for quick and easy cause there are tons of options, an entire dairy free menu for suckers like me, it's reasonably priced, and the quality is ehh but basically the same in every single pub across the entire country so I'm very rarely disappointed. For nicer places, Yo Sushi is okay for a light meal (couple of small plates and I'm done), Las Iguanas if I'm feeling indulgent (expensive but fairly healthy and delicious), and TGI Fridays is great if I want to go all-out gluttonous.
Sit down restaurant I will shamelessly say Olive Garden. As someone with a very large Italian heritage this is probably blasphemy but my god those bread sticks, that salad, that choose your own pasta plate (the cucina mia), the zeppolis for dessert. I'm such a cheap date seriously. Want to impress me and give me a good time just take me there. Don't bring me to some fancy shit place where there's candles and I need to dress up and pay ass loads of money for the food with loud ass romantic piano music when I'm only going to buy the cheeseburger or spaghetti anyways. I want Olive Garden now.
UK here. MeatLiquor is probably my favourite chain, I've been going to them since they were just serving burgers out a street food cart under a bridge (MeatWagon) and I'm so pleased to see them have so much success. They've rolled out to loads of different locations now and each place I've been to is totally unique yet retains their awesome food. I've never had a burger that comes close.

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Random thoughts🙌🏻🌸

Aitisam2429’s Profile Photoاعتصام۔
Just want crazy amount of stars on night sky and lots of fluffy clouds in the morning with occasional drizzles and the power of telekinesis.
But majorly, a rainforest! right outside my heavenly residence. Filled with beaming fire flies, lots of waterfalls and all sort of exotic animals (especially Dinosaurs) that don’t attack, aren’t vicious or dangerous rather calm, friendly and herbivores and oh flowers of all kind! Especially our dearly beloved, black roses. 🥲

🏆 What do you think there should be a new Award created for? 🏆 And who, or what, would be on your shortlist of potential recipients?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
"What do you think there should be a new Award created for?"
a gratitude award that consists of not only a medal/certificate, but also money/vouchers and other goodies like tasty food, fluffy pillows, and clean clothes. 🏅
"And who, or what, would be on your shortlist of potential recipients?"
the underrated frontliners of this pandemic: nurses, teachers, deliverymen, drivers, cleaners, chefs, reporters, journalists, and parents!
What do you think there should be a new Award created for       

 And who or

czyżby powrót fluffy hair taehyunga? strasznie się cieszę, że znowu zapuszcza włosy, gdyby tak jeszcze zaszalał i zrobił messy bun or smth to 🥵😅 odpadam

Przekonałaś mnie tym messy man bun. Ja wiem, że Tae związywał włosy w kucyk, gdy miał wtedy mullet, ale nie mieliśmy okazji zobaczyć tej fryzury z bliska. Jeśli wraca do mulletu, to może wreszcie będzie jakaś sposobność ;)
czyżby powrót fluffy hair taehyunga strasznie się cieszę że znowu zapuszcza
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🏆 What do you think there should be a new Award created for? 🏆 And who, or what, would be on your shortlist of potential recipients?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Best lockdown idea. Nominees include the person who invented suit PJ's for zoom calls, the dude who had to show pics of his negative test every week so dressed up in various costumes to entertain his boss, and the two old geezers who couldn't have their daily tea together (there's a travel distance restriction here and they live too far apart) so set up a couple of distanced tables at the halfway point.
All these people coming up with ideas that would never have occurred to anyone before, giving covid a giant fuck you (in a responsible way) and having a bit of fun. They deserve an award, one that is wearing a suit up top and boxer shorts with fluffy slippers below desk height.
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🗝 So, you’re going to hang some decorations on a tree (any tree, doesn’t have to be a traditional, festival-based, or religious, etc, installation). 💿🗡🎀🔱 What three items that you think represent you in some way would you add to the decorations? 🎈⚙️💎🕹

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
This is a really cool question!!! Hmmm..
One item would have to be a musical note bauble dusted in gold glitter to represent my musical journey 🎶✨
A small greenstone koru that represents my culture and heritage 💚
And a large fluffy green tinsel that wraps around the tree to represent my love or nature, as well as my family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

What kind of small items or things appeal to the different senses? (scented candles for smell, chocolate for taste, ...)

itzmanu_’s Profile PhotoManu
For smell I'd include a candle. Just make sure that you know who lives with them because if you burn certain scented things around dogs, cats, rodents etc. they can get very sick. Also make sure it's a soy candle if they're vegan or vegetarian and don't use things made from non-human animals. Wax melts and oil burners tend to be more dangerous around kids and incense are bad for asthma so I'd go with the candle or else a potted herb plant which is scented but can also be eaten like basil or you could give them a mint plant for smell as they smell quite strong and then they can add it to my next answer below.
For taste I'd put in a mug with some hot chocolate, mint essence and a candy cane so they can make mint hot chocolate. If you wanted overlap, you could choose a mug with a bumpy pattern in it's clay and say it's the touch gift too.
For touch I'd give a scarf, beanie hat or a teddy bear. They're all comforting things in the cold Winter that are nice to touch. For an extra bonus you could choose fluffy ones.
For hearing, a voucher for audible or spotify. You could give them in ear headphones which tend to be better quality for a lower price than a headset. But I feel like an audible or spotify voucher would be best as most folks already have headphones.
For sight, a kaleidoscope would be a fun novelty gift. I feel like all the other gifts I listed are very useful and practical so a novelty gifts wouldn't be too unreasonable. If you want a more practical gift, this time of year there are often night lights than shine stars on the ceiling and can rotate to make them move. I think those are super pretty and fun. My partner and I are in our twenties but we have one so they're not just for kids.😄
I hope you have fun buying the gifts!

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Self love 7: What's something that you do to love and care for yourself that is rather unique to you? (for example I make sure to take my insulin to keep myself physically well and dye my hair neon green to cheer myself up mentally)

I make my all time favorite meal, cover up in my all time favorite blanket with my all time favorite fluffy pillows and watch my all time favorite episodes, movies, youtube videos etc depends on my mood and I burn my favorite candle scents.
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[♥️] Frase ❥「Tal vez no estaré mucho tiempo contigo; pero espero convertirme en un recuerdo que te haga sonreír...」 ¿Hay alguna persona en el pasado que haya marcado tu vida, por qué razón ya no está? ¿Hay alguien en que te haga sonreír cuando lo/los recuerdas? 🍬 Ten una linda noche ⭐

no...!if you talk about love i don’t have any memories... about anyone...becouse i never was been in relationship... yet...!
if you talk about friends... girls boys...with whome i don’t speak and don’t see a lot of time ...
i just sometimes looks of thoses pages ... rare really rare ...just to know how are they...! how they are lives...!and i want think righ now about this frase we are young... !!!and you think that someone can be like this frase...?! yes when people’s really young till 17-18 it’s frase can be possible to be...!of corse all people different’s...all situations in love are different’s...!but you know a lot of people when they decide ....to part... very often all happens with scandals and if also the husband with the wife
then the division of the property of trauma for children who and what should ...man begins to hate his old wife because he has new love and he wants to be “clean and start new life ( it’s impossible becouse past... if you have past it’s part of your life...)and does not want any relationship with the old wife ...!
Sometimes the husband wants to stay with his wife friends but who will allow to be friends with another woman ...to his man ...?!
no one...! If a woman leaves a man she also want to be white and fluffy before new man...! or sometimes yes i was good he is bad or not his bad we don’t have a future or smf becouse she is of course dirty but she want to be clean for the new...(((at least luggage of the past oh... and it's all so rubbish...!
and from the “old husband “ ( not about ages...)snatch as much money as possible ... ! i don’t have any experience and i proud about...!
but i read a lot of story’s
about bad woman’s bad mans ...!
want to get married once of the my beautiful man🦋 who lives in my heart❤️ and I have a feeling that he will make me 🦢🌙🌹 the happiest in the world...! And I will make him most happiest man in the world ...! You know when
cleanliness enters your house ⚜️🏰⚜️ it's magic when a girl gives you her first time is the best gift 🎁 for the man...! Purity - it’s most beautiful...and life will be
always illuminated by light that cleanness you know how much purity brings and pure in every way the pure wife ...!many smart man love and choices only clean girls ( not about age) small more that small young but “clean” i mean pure when she haven’t any mans before only you ...!!! and love you it’s best gift for the man wife it’s best gift for the real man...!!!it rare when love like i say come but i feel and believe in love like this only for only one
and we ❤️❤️can do in in bedroom everything that we want... with my beautiful man 🦋who live in my heart ❤️and he never will think this
whore lies me ... can deceive me...!
becouse if woman whore ( and have a mans ... husbands in the past ...)
someday man will see her real terrible face it’s true becouse i’m never been in relationship and you know about heart calm ( inside) for the man it’s important

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Do you use any words or phrases that only you and your inner circle use and understand? What are they? For example I refuse to use the S word, I call it fluffy rain and those that know me well enough know what I'm babbling about.

RidgeBackRogue’s Profile PhotoRidgeBack Rogue
my high school friends, use a word “boss” until now (it had a double meaning only us understands) they also used to call me “superior apg” , back then i was the leader of my class section 🤗
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