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how to make friends? especially at your workplace? 🙃

abunny98903’s Profile Photobunny
You must first notice the people around you are they good or bad then when you figure out that this person might be a good one or a good company in break ask him or her for a coffee or share your food once you did that next time that person will ask from you and start sharing your stuff specially start with like the problems you have faced so that person will try to figure out or ask him that is there anything I could help you with, so here your talking just started now just let it go but do remember that they are not friends just tag them with colleagues

When was the last time you had a new experience? Could be anything! What did you do? Did you enjoy it? 🤩

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Hmm, even if I have done a lot of fun stuff recently, most of it has been stuff I've already done before! Getting to lead the marketing team for the musical gave me a lot of experience! But at the same time, it was quite stressful and I felt a bit burnt out by the end! Yet it was rewarding at the same time with the praise I got! Tonight I'll be going to a big event with the musical, which I have been to before but this time I won't be in charge of filming it. So I can just sit back and enjoy the show, food and company 🤵🎭
When was the last time you had a new experience Could be anything What did you

Suppose I'm your Jin, What three wishes you have for me to do....!

CSBS12’s Profile PhotoValar Morghulis
Well, first is that you always have a steady supply of my favorite food on hand - cause let's be real, good food is one of life's greatest pleasures. Plus any time Iam stuck in traffic, the cars around me turn into singing and dancing performers to put on an impromptu musical number - cause if I have to be stuck somewhere, might as well make it entertaining and lastly if someone tries to argue with me or bring negativity into my life, they suddenly get transported into an alternate dimension. 😤

كيفية معالجة النسيان المستمر لأبسط الأمور

esraaelsayed735’s Profile Photoموجود علشان أسمعك (':
..اذكر الله
..استعمل to do list أو نوت بوك
..ترتيب الأولويات
..الإكثار من الفواكه والخضروات و البعد عن ال unhealthy food
..تناول الفيتامينات

Have you tried Thai food ? 🍲

Qatari999243’s Profile Photoآل ثاني
I've had Thai green curry lots of times, but other than that I'd not really tried the cuisine properly. My boyfriend and I recently went to a local Thai restaurant recently though, and it was delicious. Like seriously good. I had Tom Yum soup as a starter, which was genuinely the best soup I've ever had, so much flavour. I had a tofu jungle curry for my main course which was also amazing. Very spicy, too! I can't wait to go back.
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Do I sound like a Karen if I want to leave a negative review for this Greek restaurant for not liking the way their employee spoke to me? they weren't rude but their tone was. They sounded as if they didn't like me ordering. I mean, I am a customer, you only have a job because of me. I feed you.

I think that’s a really self centered way of thinking. I would cut them some slack since they may be going through something personally or they might be sick of their job but still do it because they need the money. As long as they didn’t directly insult you or the food wasn’t that bad, I wouldn’t complain and leave a bad review. If you do leave a bad review due to the tone of the employee, that would just make you look overly sensitive and would show a lack of understanding towards what they might be going through.

What’s your expression of Joy?

IAbiAnjum’s Profile PhotoᏗ Ᏸ Ꭵ ♾
I think my expression of joy varies depending on the situation – but generally speaking, Iam someone who wears their emotions pretty openly on their sleeve. Like if something makes me really happy or excited - like seeing a friend I haven't seen in ages or finishing a work that I have been working hard on - you might see me bouncing up and down with excitement, clapping my hands together, or maybe even doing a little dance. And honestly, it doesn't take much to put a smile on my face. Whether it is simple pleasures like enjoying some good food or spending time outside in nature or bigger moments like achieving a major goal or something. I try to savor each moment and appreciate all the little things that bring me happiness cause at the end of the day, life is too short not to celebrate every chance we get. 🌻

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What are two things you wish had the power to do but you can’t ?

brown_fox359’s Profile PhotoBrown_fox35
These are excellent questions! I’m quite impressed! I wish I had the power to show everyone that they are worthy of love. People are so undervalued regularly and the world is so fixated on false measurements of worth that individual identity tends to get drowned out.
I also wish I could make sure every child on the Earth had basic essential needs like food and clothing. If everyone even pitched in locally to help, the world would be a more cared for place. Instead people get caught up in acquiring their own material wealth and labels. Those things are never more important than bettering the world.
What are two things you wish had the power to do but you cant

When was the last time you had a full English breakfast ? 🍳

Qatari999243’s Profile Photoآل ثاني
I cooked one for myself and my fiance a couple of weekends ago! I figured it'd be a nice weekend treat. It's not something we do often since, y'know, that's an awful lot of fried food to be eating in one sitting... But it's nice every once in a while! 😋

If you workout or have lost a good amount of weight, what’s your routine / things that have worked best for you?

Neverthesamepage’s Profile Photo☻ ash ☻
Avoid fast food and food that contains fried oil and rely on healthy food and fruits, and after every exercise eat a daily meal that contains protein.

What is your definition of intimacy

tpoe16700’s Profile PhotoChinCheck
I believe it’s more than just physical. For me, it’s a connection and deeply experienced physically, mentally, and emotionally. For example, if it were just physical, you can satisfy hunger with fast food and destroy your body inside out. Your body suffers and so will all else. Rather, I believe in choosing something that requires more work and devotion to reach higher levels of engagement: one that satisfies body, mind, and spirit.
What is your definition of intimacy

What's one of your favorite things to cook? Feel free to include the recipe and / or a picture if you want! Am looking for some inspiration 🍳🍲

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I really love this food, it is called "fruit salad" it is a very simple recipe and it is worth giving it a try, they are fruits that combine with each other, such as papaya, strawberries, banana, melon, kiwi,Mango, pineapple, etc. are to taste without a specific quantity, add milk cream, with condensed milk, then a layer of low-salt cheese, and ice cream of your preference 😍🥰
Whats one of your favorite things to cook Feel free to include the recipe and
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If you could create any international holiday for whatever you wanted, what would it be and would be there celebratory festivities?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I would like to celebrate the day of spring, when winter recedes and it becomes much warmer. Food at the festival may include barbecue and french fries.
If you could create any international holiday for whatever you wanted what would

Do you making food by yourself or ordered

Makasimu’s Profile PhotoСум
All our food is farmed , delivered to shops & markets ; we then purchase, convey to home, store, cook (where appropriate) . . . . . and munch !
Вся наша еда выращивается на фермах и доставляется в магазины и рынки; затем мы покупаем, доставляем домой, храним, готовим (при необходимости). . . . . и жуй!
Do you making food by yourself or ordered

What do you do to try and keep a healthy diet? Like, to not cave into your cravings etc. 🍌🍏🥗

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That’s so wrong…
By demonizing food and believing that it’s gonna kill you/make you be fat you’ll never stop eating it.
The one and only way to eat healthier is to allow you to eat everything. But control how much of it you eat.
Otherwise, you will only develop an eating disorder.

Say you got to go on an all expenses paid dream vacation, where you could do do/see/experience anything you wanted… Describe it! Where would you go? What kinds of oppurtunities would you take advantage of, that maybe you wouldn’t if you had to pay for it? 🤩✈️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I know I want to travel more within Europe but that's quite attainable with my budget! If I truly got an all expenses paid vacation, I think I'd go to Hawaii, for the diving and nature! With stops on the US east and west coast to explore New York, Chicago and LA, with the theme parks in Anaheim! I would certainly take advantage of the paid expenses by trying out all kinds of theme park food that otherwise wouldn't be reasonable to pay for! And I'd take a few more paid trips out by boat to good diving spots than I would've if I had to pay for everything 🐠🇺🇸
Say you got to go on an all expenses paid dream vacation where you could do

Kogo ciekawego macie w tym roku na juwenaliach?

katja_krist’s Profile PhotoKATJA KRIST
Juwenalia są obchodzone na studiach dziennych, niemniej studenci kierunków dla pracujących również mogą uczestniczyć w juwenaliach. Cytuję z programu juwenaliów:
"Line-up Juwenaliów UEK 2024
Na scenie Koncertu Głównego Juwenaliów UEK będziemy mieli okazję zobaczyć Video, VINAI, Topic, Otsochodzi, braci Kacperczyk i Żabsona. Poza ogromną dawką muzycznych doznań, organizatorzy zapewniają także niesamowitą atmosferę, która zapewni niezapomniane wrażenia. Juwenalia UEK zapewniają nie tylko świetną rozrywkę muzyczną, ale także różnorodne wydarzenia i atrakcje dla studentów. Od wydarzeń związanych z modą, sportem i e-sportem, po kino plenerowe, stand-up i koncert muzyki rockowej! To doskonała okazja do spędzenia czasu razem.
Juwenalia UEK 2024
Juwenalia UEK już trwają. W najbliższych dniach zapraszamy na nadchodzące wydarzenia:
06.05 - UEK Gaming Stage
07.05 - Stand-up Stage UEK
08.05 - Silent Party UEK
09.05 - Noc Kinowe UEK & Festiwal Food Trucków
10.05 - Koncert Główny"
https://youtu.be/HFoZyXsHu4kKubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4kKubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4k Video - Szminki róż

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KubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4kKubaGR571’s Video 173278376933 HFoZyXsHu4k

Well, imagine being well into your adulthood and still expecting your parents to pay for your food, housing, bills and fvck knows what else. 🤣 I know plenty of people back home in Europe who feel exactly as I do. Anon is just looking for pretexts to bash Americans... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

Yep, you’re right. I paid rent and all my own crap when I lived there in my very early 20s. That’s slightly different but still.
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What’s your best fancy dining experience? If you wish to share, what restaurant did you go to? What kind of food did you get? 🍽️

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I honestly can't remember too many super fancy places I've went to! I did enjoy going to a local restaurant last year to celebrate me getting my bachelor's degree over a three course meal! I had some crayfish soup, then I got "plank roast", which is a Swedish version of Fatányéros, a Hungarian dish. It's a steak served on a plank with duchess potatoes! Then I had some ice cream for dessert! What made that experience nice was not just the food but also the feeling of finality! To have finally achieved what I had worked for three years of my life for 🎓
Whats your best fancy dining experience If you wish to share what restaurant did

Do you eat your meals in front of the television? 🍕 📺 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ₜₑₙₐcᵢₒᵤₛ ₜₒₘₘₐy™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Yes, we do. At my house at least. Unless there is food that can’t be eaten on the couch.
At my boyfriend’s place we always eat at the dinner table. It’s actually what I prefer. We talk without interrupting the television or each other and it’s healthier.

Какие блюда вы не любите в горячем виде, но предпочитаете есть в холодном? What meal do you not like hot but enjoy eating when cold?

Morgen_muffel’s Profile PhotoMorgen_muffel
Pizza or any other food like rice, quinoa, chicken, etc. because I almost always burn my mouth when I have it hot since I clearly have no self control and don’t have the patience to wait for it too cool for a few minutes before diving in 😋🍽

Has it ever happened that you swallowed something you were not supposed to? 😶

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Once I ate a can of cat food lmao. I figured it was a can of canned chicken cause I was very hungry and I ate half the can and almost puked. I looked at the Label and did not see the small print. "cat food". 🤧😤

How often do you eat outside of your house (fast food or a fancy restaurant)? Do you ever have picnics? + If you do, what's something you take with you for a picnic? 🍕🥪

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I often order a salad from a place next door to where I live which makes really good and cheap ones 😋 Then I sometimes endulge in a pizza or kebab roll from another place next door! I don't have picnics often! But a sandwich of some kind is a go to for hikes, trips etc.! Like for the long train trip I took up north this weekend for a swim competition!
How often do you eat outside of your house fast food or a fancy restaurant Do

What does your diet typically consist of? Do you consider yourself healthy?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Curiosity
I used to eat healthier and was in better shape physically but at some point I stopped caring about my health and am now currently more interested in eating sweets and junk food compared to healthy foods. Even tho I’m not as healthy, I still eat salads whenever I can (meaning when there’s ready to eat pre-washed lettuce in the fridge due to being too lazy to wash them myself), meat, rice every so often, and of course, lots of sweets/sugary beverages. I go through periods of losing some weight and gaining them right back as a result of living a sedentary lifestyle and my love for sugar.

Gimme a recipe for something you think you cook the best, baghair chuss maaray pls :)

Okay... But tell me first what type of food you love to make. Curries, gravies, rice, meats, veggies, lentils or grams, deserts, salads, grill, skew etc. I'll let you know about some recipe that you would love to make and people would love to try.

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