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Is it true you would get freak out if your date is talking about marriage and kids on the first date? 😂 Good way to stay single forever, right? 🤣

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
Yep, it would be a good reason for me to not get involved with them since I prefer getting to know each other more instead of thinking ahead and wanting to marry/have kids in the beginning stages of a relationship. I would think that we aren’t on the same page and would call it quits.

سُطور مِن ذكريات المَاضي❀

AbdulNasser706’s Profile PhotoĘŋġ ŋaŝşeŗ .. سگون
Great-grandfather's house in Dagestan. Summer holidays for Moscow children: mountains and a river right in front of the house, grandma bakes bread in a homemade clay oven, my brother and I are dirty because we were with our neighbors and played with their lambs 😂 We steal hot bread from grandma until she sees it, because my brother and I want to go feed the dogs 😂 Wonderful memories, I hope my children will also have such days, they remain in our memory forever and warm our souls in moments when we miss those who are no longer with us
سطور من ذكريات الماضي

Maybe it's your penance for a long past deal with the devil?

deeda_dahi’s Profile PhotoXalaam
Yesterday I visited the castle of devil 👉 as a Romanian history has Dracula 😱, Slovak history has Elisabeth Bathory - woman who from 1585 - 1610 tortured to death 600 girls by burning and cutting them, washing her face in their blood to stay looking young forever! 😱 Here is one of her killing ways - iron sculpture with needles 😱😱
Maybe its your penance for a long past deal with the devil

How to tell if a guy likes you? I have a family friend who acts like he kinda likes me in person; like he looks at me a lot, has a sly smirk while talking to me, flirts/teases me etc. but on text he seems a bit dry? He said he's a bad texter, but i'm still confused idk maybe he just playin bruh

Bad texters or bad communicators are forever a no for me because if they cannot communicate today, they won't be able to do so when life gets rough and things get serious.

I sent an email to someone (I had to use emails to be more formal) and the person emailed back and I'm so not mentally prepared to open it. I wish I hadn't sent it.

I’ve been there so many times. I had severe online social anxiety for so long. Still do in certain situations. I wait until I feel ready to open messages. In some cases, it may be forever. That’s how it used to be and I still reserve that right. Give yourself time.

Do you believe that some people are meant to be in your life forever like an invisible string?

I do, I also believe that even if it's not forever, that something they said even if you met them once can stick with you forever or that someone can change the trajectory of your life or make you think things and learn things you never thought were possible. Also that some relationships are meant to be for that little period of time. That friendship whatever was meant for when you needed it or it catapulted you into a different part of your life.

Do first impression matter? 🌸💕

Ayesha0a’s Profile PhotoAyesha0a
The word itself is self explanatory.
First Impressions do matter. Unless you make a good first impression, the chances that you'll be given more chances is slim. This doesn't necessarily mean that the first impression you made on someone will be their opinion of you forever. Impressions change - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Would you give your life willingly to save the life of the one you love?

Precious dove on sable wing
Endless cycle
Adorn of kings
Upon a thrown of gods high
Smile to shine as stars of night
Kept but not forgotten of the well
Endless cycle - the immortal hell
Darling dove what would he give?
-To end the dance forever kiss
Sweet dove on borrowed wing
Divinity lost & sorrows sing
Life for life eternally
Cast off my crown
Shred my wings
Break the cycle & awaken dreams
To take my life for sake of we
Lovely dove come and see
Sing for thee and dance no more
Throne of gods upon the floor
So what would he give to see her shine?
But crown of gods & wings divine 🕊️

that’s true that’s marriage but tbh you’re more sick than him haha. he’s constantly working, he never takes a break. you should treat him to something nice

It's wild how you think you know a thing
Jon does what Jon wants always and forever. That includes ample rest and entertainment. Please, please, please. Stop obsessing over my life

What's something you refuse to throw out and you love it so much, even though it's all used up and you can't replace it for many reasons, for example, you can't get another one?

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
I have several stuffed animals that are VERY well used, some falling apart, but I absolutely refuse to part with them. All of them have sentimental meaning to me. For example, the one I’m most attached to is a stuffed horse my dad got for me during one of my hospitalizations as a child. I still have it on my bed now as an adult, and anytime I travel, it comes with me to the hotel room to be on that bed. Kinda can’t sleep without it at this point, it’s like a staple of mine. 😂
But yeah, whether the stuffed animals are now in storage, or like the horse I mentioned, on my bed, they will likely stay with me for a very, very long time. If not forever, unless something happens. Even if I lose the attachment to like needing them with me, I at least would like to know where they are. 😄
Whats something you refuse to throw out and you love it so much even though its

Do you think true love is worth it if it results in heartbreak?

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie the Clumsy
The impermanence of all things: Nothing lasts forever, and that includes relationships. Even perfect relationships can end for unforeseen reasons.
Ultimately, the decision of whether to pursue true love is up to you. But remember, even if heartbreak is a possibility, the potential rewards of love can be incredibly enriching.
That's a very mature outlook. Accepting the impermanence of things allows you to appreciate the beauty of love in the present moment, even if it doesn't last forever.
Do you think true love is worth it if it results in heartbreak

How would you feel if you found out your daughter had an abortion without telling you first? Would you support her choice? Would her age at the time she got the abortion change if you supported her choice?

I’d forever support her decisions.
Having an abortion isn’t the end of the world . I’d just let her also know not to use it as a form of birth control. I’d be disappointed she couldn’t come to me about that.

3 luxuries you can't live without in your life?

Arooshaa_4’s Profile PhotoAroosha
I am so pissed at FoodPanda. They have turned into a big nose greedy company kasam sy. They are literally charging so so much in the name of delivery fee, platform fee, packaging fee, ye fee wo fee phuppi fee. Ajeeb.
They take forever to deliver and no quality control whatsoever. I wish angle investors pump cash into cheetay and other competitors so that in khabeeso ki badmaashi khatam ho

what's something small on a first date that's a big deal to you?

I wouldn't know because I don't do dates.
But generally, when I meet a person for the first time, different things attract me to them. Sometimes it's how they can describe or tell a story, sometimes it's how they are respectful to others, sometimes it's how they are dressed, and sometimes it's how simply we can get each other. It's never the same thing. Nevertheless, you feel something towards them that tells you this person will be in your life forever.

Till Forever Falls Apart

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⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Oh, take me back to the night we met
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Till Forever Falls Apart

If my late grandma had a personality disorder, is it possible that I or other family members could have got it? We don't know her exact diagnosis, as these things were rarely discussed 50 years ago, but she might have been bipolar or schizoaffective. She committed s*cide when her kids were little.

It is possible but it depends on what kind of mutations you received through the ADN. 😊
I have read something very interesting that says “80% of your happiness and well-being depends on your parents and family. Bad moods, bad behaviour, and mental illness as simple as anxiety can be passed to us through genes. Also food habits. For example, if your parents used to eat a lot of fast food and are forever unhappy and complaining about their life, when you grow up as a kid you will start adopting the same behaviour”

Post something dark 🌚

minahilB46057’s Profile PhotoMinahil Baloch
*How do you know if you have the ‘eldest daughter syndrome’?
Pay attention to anyone you’ve ever liked or been into, were they the younger son? If yes, congratulations!
As an elder daughter, you naturally want to put others before you and take care of everything. It’s a viscous cycle and won’t end for as long as you’re even subconsciously choosing to look after the needs of other people before your own.
In reality, elder daughters are better off with the elder sons, cause for the first time in forever, someone can take care of them and everything else.*
^This is all true. 🤡

In his dreams, Vio finds himself at a place he hadn't been in some time ... A mountain he wished would simply vanish from the face of Hyrule forever ...

starmanslaughter’s Profile PhotoIᴛs⁻ᴀ ᴍᴇ
*Vio practically freezes when he sees he's in Death Mountain's Caldera, he looks out over the platform in the middle of the flowing lava where he and Green dueled a lifetime ago*
"How did I-"
*He turns around and sees the throne he and Shadow shared, a chill running up his spine, he **Knows** for a fact that ended up destroyed during his near execution, this isn't real... right?*
In his dreams Vio finds himself at a place he hadnt been in some time  A

Post something dark 🌚

minahilB46057’s Profile PhotoMinahil Baloch
If someone is ignoring you and it makes you sad, focus on your own tasks instead. Thinking about it too much or trying to get their attention will only make you feel worse. Find something better to do, and you'll feel better. Remember, nothing lasts forever and things will change. Some people just aren’t meant to stay in your life forever.😊

Сможешь назвать 5 своих любимых игр, если Симс, Ведьмак и Скайрим под запретом?)

Без проблем. Из 255 пройденных игр есть что отметить. А «Sims» я бы и не назвал.
Как говорил ранее, я предпочитаю РПГ и шутеры, поэтому любимые игры в основном будут этих жанров.
Первое место я бы разделил между двумя играми (но так как «Ведьмак» исключается).
1)«RDR 2». В сентябре того года писал о впечатлениях насчёт данной игры - они запредельны. В этой игре есть всё, чего душа желает - и интереснейший сюжет, история, масса квестов, и прекрасная атмосфера природы и старых городов, графика, и некоторые элементы моих пристрастий, которые я особо ценю, но говорить напрямую не хочу, а вкупе - сочетание шутера и РПГ. Максимально погрузился в августе 2023. Реиграбельна, хотя отличающегося от хорошей концовки завершения я бы не хотел.
1.1) «Hogwarts: Legacy». Как истинный фанат «Гарри Поттер», с нетерпением ждал её. Купил по восхитительной, но соответствующей достоинству игры цене, и прошёл почти сразу с даты выхода. Было приятно погрузиться в любимую Вселенную. Надо бы посетить её ещё - я планировал прохождение не на раз, к тому же, я не открыл 3 уникальных квеста, соответствующих каждому факультету в Хогвартсе ( только «Последняя надежда Скроупа» прошёл, так как был на Слизерине).
Рядом с «Hogwarts: Legacy» хотелось бы оставить серию из 8 игр о «Гарри Поттер» (особенно выделил бы практикумы во 2 и 3 части, варку зелий в 6, и боевку в 8 - эх, запустить бы их сейчас) которые я (пере)проходил в далёком детстве, и которые были вообще первыми моими компьютерными играми. Нельзя не указать.
На втором месте - «Kingdom come: Deliverance». Тоже одна из любимых РПГшек. Жду 2 часть - обещают, что 2024 порадует ею. Трейлер недавно смотрел - выглядит многообещающе.
И, наконец, хочется упомянуть шутеры - лучшими сериями я считаю «Call of Duty» и «Sniper: Elite». Не все игры прошёл. В «Sniper: Elite» последняя часть откладывается из-за ценника и предпочтения таких игр, как «The inquisitor» или «Vampyr», например.
Вообще, я бы ещё много потрясающих игр мог назвать. Тот же «Sherlock» (особенно «Год I»), из жанра «гонки» - “NFS: Most wanted”, «Метро» (но не «Exodus» - менее понравилась, лучше классика), «DOOM 3» (одна из первых мною пройденных; дробовик forever), также вызывает интерес, например, «Assassin» и т.д., и т.д…

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Сможешь назвать 5 своих любимых игр если Симс Ведьмак и Скайрим под запретом

I feel so embarrassed & humiliated after being rejected? I want to move cities is this a normal feeling?

Yes, especially if you placed way too much importance on them and when you finally got the courage to approach them, they rejected you. Now you have realized that the person you had in mind didn’t see you the same way you saw them and you think that it’ll be awkward when/if you do come across them again. Just remember that as long as you didn’t do anything wrong and you weren’t acting obsessive over them, it’s all good. You’ll eventually get over the rejection and the embarrassment won’t last forever and, you should also remind yourself that you deserve to live in that city just them so try to make yourself feel comfortable. Rejection is a part of life but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely avoid the person who rejected you for the rest of your life.

11 years with NAMJOON 💜

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS ⁷
Lider 💜 Osoba, która zawsze była dla Bangtanów, która się Nimi opiekowała, która była dla Nich w najcięższych chwilach, ukrywając swoje ciężki chwile 💜 NamJoon nie wiem jak bardzo Ci za tą opiekę podziękować, nie tylko za opiekę nad Bangtanami, ale też Nami - ARMY 💜 najlepszy lider, który nie waha się walczyć ze wszystkimi o dobre imię BTS 💜 forever..
11 years with NAMJOON

11 years with J-HOPE 💜

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS ⁷
Our happiness, our sun, OUR HOPE 💜 nigdy w życiu nie poznałam tak bardzo szczęśliwej osoby jak Hoseok 💜 Hoseok, która swoją aurą uszczęśliwia każdego 💜 wiemy dobrze, że za tym szczęściem istatnieje Twoja ciemna strona, dziękujęmy Ci za to, że mimo wszystko możemy nazywać Cię Nadzieją BTS 💜 dziękuję, że dbasz o chłopców i dajesz Im szczęście każdego dnia 💜 jesteś niesamowitym artystą, producentem, raperem a jeszcze lepszym performers 💜 forever..
11 years with JHOPE

How often do you procrastinate? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ †êñå¢ï𵧠†ðmm奙 ▩ ♚ ☻
I did a witty & entertaining , and highly informative, well thought out reply . . . . yes, with lots of, lashings of humour .
Nothing offensive at all ~ yet it was unceremoniously REMOVED . . . . . no warning , no threats ~ proving it was unoffensive . . . .
But , under the mysterious ways of asker . . . . it was removed , meaning a certain person with learning difficulties whined . . . . .
How did you , READER , (as well as the asker) feel ? - Did it frighten YOOO ? ! (if you saw it!)
Yes, it had some typos , but nothing too complicated . . .
So, I leave you with the ultimate PROCRASTINATION ~ you will now have to wait forever , forever . . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHcIkzT42sUigotamatch’s Video 174214546554 XHcIkzT42sUigotamatch’s Video 174214546554 XHcIkzT42sU

⠀♡⠀ @The___Real___Symphony

⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀the moment you wonder if you love someone
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ you have stopped loving them forever
⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀❝⠀ https://justpaste.it/Mehmed_x_Mahperi_03

11 years with SEOKJIN 💜

kimseokjinpolishfans6052’s Profile PhotoKIM SEOKJIN | BTS ⁷
Tutaj na prawdę nie wiem co napisać, napisanie, że jestem dumna to za mało..
SeokJin jakbyś Ty wiedział i dla mnie zrobiłeś, nie jestem w stanie w żaden sposób Ci za to podziękować 💜 Dziękuję za to, że dzięki Tobie poznałam niesamowitych 7 artystów, którzy pomogli odnaleźć mi drogę 💜 Nigdy się poddałeś i zawsze nawet w tych ciężkich chwilach byłeś 💜 Jesteś moją ucieczką w chwilach zwątpienia, chwilach radosnych i tych smutnych, w tych najcięższych chwilach 💜 Niesamowite jest to, że 11 lat później nadal jesteś przy mnie, a ja nadal stoję murem za Tobą 💜 Mam milion słów jakie chce Ci przekazać, ale żadne nie są w stanie określić to za co Ci jestem wdzięczna 💜 Dziękuję 💜 forever..
11 years with SEOKJIN

How has hatred affected your relationships with others, whether personal or professional?

zaidwali915’s Profile PhotoZaid Wali
There is no place for hatred in my life. 💀 One either matters enough to be considered, or they just don't. Consideration just means I love or care about them enough to mold my life a little bit according to their expectations. And I can do that forever if the other person is doing the same for me, too.
The opposite of love for me is indifference. I don't go out of my way to express hatred. So, yeah, hatred has never been a problem for me. Even if I am making someone's life hell, it's not because I hate them. It's just because they hurt me to the point that I had no option but to strike back. I am no weakling. 💀

My life is hopeless. I lack the will to keep going

jamaljennings9’s Profile PhotoJamal E Jennings
No, Jamal. I'm sick of that devil trying to take good souls. This world is hell. Life will knock you TF down, but you have the strength to make it to the finish line. If it's not working out, you keep on going on. If you see your cups empty... you put them outside, and let it rain. It can't stay empty forever. The storm will clear. Nothing stays the same.

If you were to repeat one day in your life forever, which day would you choose?

waleedelsayed20’s Profile PhotoWaleed Elsayed
مش فاكرة اى ايام مميزة او واو هحب انها تتكرر تانى
بس ممكن اليوم الهادى اللى بيعدى من غير ما الانسان يقصر فى حاجة .. اليوم اللى يبقى مفيهوش حاجة مميزة بس مفيهوش نكد و مشاكل

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