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Tbh - you absolutely crazy thingg .... My favourite baby ❤️ Forever hungry xP the cutest thing evaaa :* Love you so freaking much and miss you mann ....... :(

Hahahaha, ForeverHungry :")
Annaa baby, miss you even more.
Meet me jaldi se, I have to tell you so much. Call asap, I've to tell you vo wali story.
Love you the most babyy ♥

10) you enjoy making people happy. 11) you are improving in 3D drawings. 12) u would like to be with a girl who likes or love soccer. 13) plays guitar. 14) enjoys playing electric guitar even though u say that u are not really good at. 15) always hungry. 16) loves to take selfies with his bro

hahahahahahahahah wlk sooo trueeeeee 5a9a ForeverHungry :P (Y)

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