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Desc: tania gembel,anaknye nur wkwkwk,doinye DONI hahahah,baik,alay wkwkwk*engga deng,cantik,raja selfie*sama saya jugaaaaa,best freands ye wkwkwk yg pentik lopyuhhhhhhh. Imp: luthfiiiiiiiiiiii Main ga? Ngaji ga? Kasti ga? Baper! Kek gembel lo Bsk cfd yuks Gaya lo Pinjem hp dong

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siapa yg nyuruh desc + imprs, nyettt:v
yaudh thankss yaa nyett:v 💞👍😍😘

Привет:3 Как дела? Го топ-5 сериалов; Топ-5 песен; Топ-5 фильмов. Если леньки, я пойму:D Добра тебе:3

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Ну думаю это не весь список того чего я люблю и добра тебе милун :дд
-доктор кто
-доктор хаус
-placebo Hold on to me
-imagine dragons Demons
-black veil brides In the end
-placebo Too many Freands
-Mcr Famous last words
-мальчик в пижаме
-помни меня
-Алиса в зазеркалье

I like this guy like a lot like I love him and he use to like me back but a month ago he finally said to my face that he doesn't like me anymore and I still love him but now he doesn't even talk to me just to like be freands and now I always see him talking and flirting with my friend plz help

Well if he said to your face he doesn't love you, then there's not much you can do. But if you really love him, an he isn't with anyone currently, then you shouldn't give up. Stay friends with him, and maybe he will like you. People are always changing, you never know what the future may hold, so stay strong. I know exactly how you feel. I have been through it all.

Koren word .. @K_arabic كوريااا هناااااااا روحو انتحلوا شخصيااتكم اللي تحبووهم ماتبغوا×× I LOVE YOU MY FREANDS

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تامريييين يالحب ❤️❤️❤️تابعناهم ..~! We love you too <3333 noona!
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Koren word .. @K_arabic كوريااا هناااااااا روحو انتحلوا شخصيااتكم اللي تحبووهم ماتبغوا×× I LOVE YOU MY FREANDS

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حيتثههثثخثحينيخيخيتتبخيخثنصيهخيننينيحسكزستشهخجكي - نفس عميق شهيق و زفير -
لقد وقعنا بحبكك - تسوي قلب و حبتين و بوينغ بوينغ و كيومي XD -
Koren word  Karabic
كوريااا هناااااااا روحو انتحلوا شخصيااتكم اللي تحبووهم

Priveķikk ' Ūmmm. Es ļoti ceru ka Tev nau apnikuši mani Q ( ja ir tad tā arī pasaki :o ) , bet Q - Kas , tavuprāt , ir īsta un patiesa draudzība ? / J . K . S . / ♡

tas kad vari palauties viens uz otru noslepumi kas ir zinami tikai best freands un uzticiba paveikt lietas ko citi nezin bet paliek starp viniem bet ir ari ta kad viens otru pievil bet tam ir reals iemesls,bet draudziba jau neizgaist!!!;)

Ты думаешь если уже скорешилась с ним, и он тебя не кинет?? деточка ты глубоко ошибаешься, мне плевать что вы the bist freands

Ахах "милый аноним" завидуй молча))ахах и да, что у тебя было по английскому?? пишется "the bEst frIEnds" усекла??

O well yay4u but ma day was vewwi BOWRENG bcz mi dad maid me go 2 the stor3 with him and den I had 2 do chorss in mi houze and then walk mEh freands doge it waz so mach work LolZJk but then I stawted eeting f00d and had oreosz & melk nd pretzalz lolwat so all in all I had a pretty gr8 dey1x)

ur day sound so fun bcuz u had Oreos melk nd pretzils!!1!

des stimmt aber i han ero ou nix ingredot as ischt fo ero selbor ku das si gseit hat i moas mit eam redo und genau des isch das schöne dra :D i´m so happy :D

jo i freands guad das sie mr na a chance git
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yo frend alandra is lame she has no freands she a thot sle look lyke a fuckin hoe with those tight ass pnts all the time arial smell like shyte with thag ugly ass hair dou mariah lok like a dam penguin all the tyme wit haer not mtchin ass har hair look lyke a fuckin wig

Ohh.. Is there anything else you gotta say? I'm just wondering why your telling me this on anonymous? Are you scared? Before you point at others, make sure your hands are clean. But I'm not going to sit here and waste my time talking to bitches like you..so GoodNight booch.!

Hey tay! I really miss u we usedto be best freands and now it looks like u haave a new bff lol kariena? Idk goq to spell any way txt me 785-512-9086

Ya I'm friends with Karina Harper and Cole now. Who is this?
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You also have a tendencey of forgetting your real freands so dumb so arrogant so nieave so immature so blind just remember this do not take this as an insult but as advice don't be blinded for what you really think you are because there are some girls who are just fake and I know your not one of the


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