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what are best moments for you ?

They always suppport me. When I was be difficult situation. Time is so flies that shortly I would be seperated with them. I hope they always success and stay healthy also I can communicated and keep solidarity of friendship with them 👏🙏
Officially S.S 🥇🎉
what are best moments for you
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Anyone up for friendship??

eesha7’s Profile Photoع
i just wanna say that i am dying and i cant lift my self up no matter how much i try. I know im getting closer to the point of no return. If i dont come back here just know i tried but at the end i just couldnt take it anymore. i am no coward fk what people think and fk this so called life i am a rebel..

What if someone you like, asked u out?

asked me out for a date — s’yempre kikiligin, but if asked me out as their girl, i’ll be ✨ wise ✨ enough to assess my feelings and the situation/compatibility first. hindi naman kasi porque gusto ko s’ya and he asked me out, dapat oo agad. i’d hate naman for the both of us to waste time, energy, and efforts for each other tapos it won’t work out lang naman pala in the end.
saka may mga taong better off as friends na lang from the beginning. risking that friendship just to try things for the heck of it is scary and often leads to wreckage.
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Mention your first friend on ask and how your friendship began

Lol i can't mention him without his consent and in some decades he might has time to see this ans he's busiest person ever -_- . Whenever he shares quite alot of stuff in his life and i asks him okay let's be friends he always insulted me in quite a fun way k naa you are so smol for anything(btw it' just 2 yrs gap). He annoys be a bit sometimes but a nicest person by heart. And yeah began with ig when i sent shoutout once and nobody guessed my mood he guessed it right and same things happened and happening in our lives so it's kinda vibes matched moment and tadda . Well he's still not gonna accept that he's my friend XD.

What will you say to a person you really wanna be friends with but doesn't want to but you still insist to be friends with him/her pero ayaw nya talaga?

All my life I have been forcing my friendship on people, after years I realized, that being you is the best option, if someone doesn't want your friendship... Fine, don't force it, tbh, most people are boring.
It is better not to disrespect yourself, most people have no value tbh.

Why do you believe that a lot of men gave up on dating

bxbernie’s Profile PhotoBernard Clarke
Because for many men, dating is not worth their time or effort. I think most men understand that to achieve the result you desire, you must expend a certain amount of energy, time and effort. And this energy, time and effort must be proportional to the outcome you envision. The problem becomes when the amount of effort required to achieve a satisfactory outcome is disproportionate to the energy and time expended.
In todays Woke Cancel Culture driven by radical feminists, where men are perceived as supremacists, misogynists, pedophiles, abusers, mansplainers, sexual predators, and toxic masculinity, some men have simply lost interest and given up on women. In fact, I know many young men who would prefer to play video games then spend time with women. Think about that for a moment. Young men choose video games over women. Wow!!
The question is, whose fault is it?
My father used to say:
"if you kick a dog long enough, eventually the dog will bite you and then run away." Dad was correct.
* The attached quote by a radical feminist says it all and unfortunately demonstrates why some men prefer video games and prefer the friendship of other men over the company of women who insult, demean and denigrate men.

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Why do you believe that a lot of men gave up on dating
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Can men and women just be friends?

elley1234567’s Profile Photoella lon
I think on some level, I am always attracted to them, but it's not the same in any way as me having a crush on them. Your case is so far removed from my experiences with girls that are friends that I cant say too much. In my groups of friends we have a few guys and girls all lying around, watching TV, and we'll talk normally and they can ask us personal guy questions and we can ask them girl questions, but we're equal in the sense that we're all including eachother in the conversations. But that was just my group of friends.
Only if there's zero physical attraction between the two. Or better, if the woman is unattractive to me. If I like her enough to be friends with her then that means there's already a certain level of emotional attraction present. If I think she's attractive than the other half, physical attraction is covered as well. And chances are if I think a girl is physically attractive and I like her enough to consider her a friend I also consider her gf material and want more than friendship. So one of the two factors that are emotional and physical attraction have to be missing. If the emotional attraction is missing I won't want her as a friend, so it comes down to physical attraction or a lack thereof. Sounds like you don't want to just be friends with these guys. You want to be treated differently than the other guy friends because you're a girl. You're right though, it does have a lot to do with your age. You're fresh out of high school, where traditional gender roles are being crammed down your throat all day every day. As you get older (hopefully) this will get easier. In the mean time don't hang out with (and certainly don't have sex with) guys that "talk shit about women." Find cooler people.
Different type of friendships. Can we be friends? Absolutely! Can you be "one of the guys"? (brought up on another topic) No, nor would we want you to be and nor would you want to be. Just like how us (straight) guys can't/shouldn't be one of the girls. Sometimes, one hangs out with a mixed gender group, sometimes one hangs with just their own gender. Different social dynamics for each situation. You wouldn't want to hear our discussion regarding how nasty and smelly this monster shit was someone took yesterday just like I wouldn't want to hear about what happened in the latest episode of OC last night.
Yes. This gets asked a lot. I find it odd that women seem so unbelievably horrified at the idea that some of their guy friends might be attracted to them. I have some incredible female friends and at one point or another, I had wicked crushes on all of them. Fact of life. Does it mean platonic friendship is impossble? No. I never indicated my interest or asked them out because I saw that I would rather not act on my romantic feelings and risk our friendship than just be friends.

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if a friend is crossing a boundary and they don't stop even after you've kindly and respectfully told them to, because from their perspective they're not doing anything wrong, and you're just overexaggerating, do you end the friendship?

if they're doing it routinely, yes. you should ideally only have to tell a friend once that they're crossing boundaries, and they should take that boundary seriously. if they continue to do so on multiple occasions, then that would warrant ending the friendship.

What do you think makes some people enjoy life and others not?

"Mostly I think it's the beliefs.
What we believe to be life or happiness
Or what we supposedly "should have".
But I think it's the beliefs and not knowing what we have.
For example: there are people who believe that having money is happiness, not bad, but there are people with a lot of money who are not happy and would like to have a real love and those who, perhaps, do not have the money, have that real love.
But we get used to what we have and we overlook it.
The other day I was listening to a podcast and of course, we don't see people and if it weren't for the presenter who said that the guest had no arms, I would have just been thinking that she was a very optimistic person.
He did everything with his feet and made many funny references to it and it seemed incredible to me that someone who did not have what most of us have (and we are not grateful, by the way), could be heard more optimistic, with more desire to get ahead, with desire to continue, wanting to enjoy life as it was given.
Sure, we have bad times. It's our life. Why not feel sorry for ourselves for a moment? Necessary. Sometimes, sure. But it is dangerous because sometimes we stay in the character of "the eternal victim" where everything is wrong, there is nothing good to enjoy or to be thankful for, when even someone who has a lot of money and apparently has everything, could be envying the sincere relationship that we have with someone or that feeling of going out without fear of something or someone.
Task: stop to think about what we have right now, even if it's 5 minutes, and be thankful. (It can be an honest friendship, having a healthy body, freedom of time, freedom in making our decisions of what we want to do or have, or the support of someone).
Yes, there are screwed up things. Without hesitation, but also, there are wonderful things that we have and it is better to know that we have them before losing them and then, yes, realizing what we had." - Eduardo Rod @DustrexXx

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We always talk about the red flags in a relationship (romantic or not)... But, what about the green flags?! What are some good green flags you've encountered in your relationships? (This includes friendship relationships, not solely romantic, fyi)

Coolio247’s Profile PhotoJustine Coolioness
They are happy for you when something happens.
Make time to talk with you
Build you up instead of tearing down
Open communication
They don't trigger you, make you anxious or anything

Love or friendship. Which one is better option..?

rohailkiyani’s Profile PhotoRahul jacker
Rahul ne kaha tha na pyaar dosti hai. Samjho na uski. Although I hate Rahul because he misled Anjali, and the youth, by saying that pyaar dosti hai. Anjali got friendzoned first, and the youth of today is getting friendzoned still. And he also said, "pyaar ek baar hota hai, shadi bhi ek baar hoti hai" but still married Anjali, and ended up having 2 anjalis. 🥲 What is this behavior, Rahul?

Personne de Belgique ?

franckmaquet26’s Profile PhotoFranck Maquet
"Could you have a real friendship if some part of you was always expecting betrayal?"
"Everyone had been so much more entertaining then. What had happened? Age, he guessed. And with it: Jobs. Money. Children. The things to forestall death, the things to ensure one’s relevance, the things to comfort and provide context and content. The march forward, one dictated by biology and convention, that not even the most irreverent mind could withstand. But those were his peers. What he really wanted to know was when his friends had become so conventional, and why he hadn’t noticed earlier."
“And if we are being philosophical—which we today are—we can say that life itself is the axiom of the empty set. It begins in zero and ends in zero. We know that both states exist, but we will not be conscious of either experience: they are states that are necessary parts of life, even as they cannot be experienced as life. We assume the concept of nothingness, but we cannot prove it. But it must exist. So I prefer to think that Walter has not died but has instead proven for himself the axiom of the empty set, that he has proven the concept of zero. I know nothing else would have made him happier. An elegant mind wants elegant endings, and Walter had the most elegant mind. So I wish him goodbye; I wish him the answer to the axiom he so loved.”
"Sometimes he wonders whether this very idea of loneliness is something he would feel at all had he not been awakened to the fact that he should be feeling lonely, that there is something strange and unacceptable about the life he has."
"But don’t you understand, Amy? You’re wrong. Relationships never provide you with everything. They provide you with some things. You take all the things you want from a person—sexual chemistry, let’s say, or good conversation, or financial support, or intellectual compatibility, or niceness, or loyalty—and you get to pick three of those things. Three—that’s it. Maybe four, if you’re very lucky. The rest you have to look for elsewhere. It’s only in the movies that you find someone who gives you all of those things. But this isn’t the movies. In the real world, you have to identify which three qualities you want to spend the rest of your life with, and then you look for those qualities in another person. That’s real life. Don’t you see it’s a trap? If you keep trying to find everything, you’ll wind up with nothing."

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Personne de Belgique

If I talk nicely that doesn’t mean I’m interested in you bro friend zone bhi tau koi cheez hai🤦🏻‍♀️

nimal_shah’s Profile PhotoNimal Shah
Why to destroy the thing called “FRIENDSHIP”?
It’s beautiful.
Don’t ruin it by giving that tag to an ordinary person.
Your politeness is at your own place but saying everyone your FRIEND is so UNETHICALLY DESTRUCTIVE to a relationship called “FRIENDSHIP”.
I won’t even say a simple/unknown person my friend, eventhough I talk to them politely.
Talking in a good way is included in my own MANNERS and ETHICS, taught by ISLAMIC TEACHING AND MY PARENTS.

I feel like Dead inside and i always feel like i want to end my life. Do you all feel so?

YouDontknowme42’s Profile PhotoJust me
First of all please seek some help the internet is not the right place to ask these questions talk to your family or a mental health professional these thoughts are not normal and just so you know We all have different things going on in our lives. Not everyone has a perfect life we all have our ups and downs. In different stages of life we have to sacrifice our friendship, love, job, studies, passion etc. It's all a part of growing up it's basically life. What makes you think you should give up on life? The thing which upsets you is it more important than you or your loved ones?

Свободный пост для ваших мыслей 💜

whitelila’s Profile PhotoЛилия Белая
Ты можешь быть связан крепчайшими узами дружбы с человеком и все-таки с ним не соглашаться. Если вы действительно близки, то разногласия не изменят этих отношений, и вы останетесь друзьями.
Ричард Брэнсон
"К чёрту всё! Берись и делай!"
You can be bound by the strongest bonds of friendship with a person and still disagree with him. If you are really close, then disagreements will not change this relationship, and you will remain friends.
Richard Branson
"To hell with everything! Take it and do it!"
Свободный пост для ваших мыслей

I need opinion. I berkawan dgn someone last year. Tp I rasa “lemas” sbb byk sgt benda jd. I told him I need some time for awhile, so I nk stop mesej sekejap tp dia push I utk cerita. I wasn’t ready nak share problem I, then I diamkan diri. Lpstu kitorg dh tak msj. Was it my fault?

I don't think is neither of anyone's fault. U tk ready utk bercerita, so u kept quiet. Tht is ur right, ur privacy. U dont hv to share if u dont feel like sharing. As for ur friend tu, maybe dia feel tht u need ur own time n space, jd dia pun bck off.
Now tht u r better, if u still cherish tht friendship of urs, u cn hit them up n told them wht happen and try to reconnect with them agn. Tht, if only u want to explain. Rmb u dont owe anyone any explanation of wht happen in ur life (unless tht person is important to u, tht is a different story ;) )

Do you fight for your friendships or are you quick to cut people off?

a_suomynona’s Profile PhotoWFT
It depends upon whether or not trust has been violated or not. What good is a "friendship" without trust? For me, all serious relationships are built upon trust and loyalty and in the absence of those virtues I quickly lose interest.

I don’t understand why guys will follow you for years on Instagram, watch your stories, but never talk to you.

CrazyVirgo88_36DDDs’s Profile PhotoCrazyVirgo88_36DDDs
That's simple: they are not interested in developing an intimate friendship or romance and essentially they do not want to get involved. For many men, like me, social networks are a distraction and entertainment. It is a place where we can come to anonymously read posts, look at photographs and perhaps vent or post things that interest us without dealing with the complexities of human interaction and relationships. Plus, many of us men are either married or have girlfriends, so there is that small detail that we ignore at our own peril. :)
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Tell me about your last friendship break up? Go into details If you would like :)

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
My last friendship breakup took place a little under three years ago now, I quietly cut ties with a girl I was friends with after I'd witnessed just how horrible and manipulative she was, mostly towards the men in her life. She had always had a tumultuous love life and went through a lot of messy breakups, and before I knew the truth, I just thought she had bad luck in love...
Then I saw how she actually treated these guys and I couldn't in good conscience stay friends with her. Even though she was always perfectly nice to me, I felt as though, by remaining her friend, I was endorsing/enabling her behaviour.
So I distanced myself from her. Our friendship died off pretty quickly after that. She didn't try and contact me, or ask me why I had stopped speaking to her, or argue her side, instead she just blocked me (and my partner) on all her socials.
I think she knew that we knew what kinda person she was.

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Tell me about your last friendship break up? Go into details If you would like :)

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
An online friend, Our "friendship" consisted mostly of me trying to support him with his mh issues and social isolation while he often talked down to or objectified me. Pulled the "I saw you first" card when I got with fella 😂. Eventually I got tired of being spoken to the way he had been, especially as it got worse after I got with fella, so I called him out on it, to which he accused me of being an ableist bully, a bad mum and threatened me with the police 😂 blocked all of his accounts and happier without his so called friendship.

Can a woman and man be truly just friends?

keeryon’s Profile Photokeeryon
If both people only want friendship and support without any attraction to one another, they can be great friends.
They can respect, love, and support one another (in a platonic way), still there won't be any "romantic feelings" between them.

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you meet them? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I am quite lucky in that I actually have three best friends! Their names are Katie, Kate, and Robyn and I absolutely adore them. I met Katie first, over a decade ago now. I'd just enrolled in art college (I was studying a programme in interactive media and digital art) and Katie was one of my coursemates. We hit it off immediately and were practically inseparable throughout our college years... So much so, in fact, that a lot of people assumed we were actually dating, haha!
I met Kate at around about the same time, but online. We met on tumblr, to be exact. We both ran similar aesthetic blogs and had been mutual followers for over a year before we began to talk to each other. Funnily enough, our first interaction was an argument! Actually, argument may be too strong a word, it was more of a 'spirited debate'. Anyway, from that conversation we wound up chatting more and turns out, we actually had a lot in common... Not only that, but we lived within walking distance of each other!
So one fine summer day, we decided to meet in person.
And the rest is history.
And finally, there is Robyn. Much like Katie, I met Robyn while I was studying in art college. Unlike Katie, our friendship wasn't instantaneous. We were part of the same circle of friends and we hung out sometimes as a group, but it wasn't until college ended that we started to became close.
I am so glad it panned out that way, because I genuinely could not imagine my life without Robyn in it now! She is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest people I've ever known.
And those are my best friends! Sorry this answer got a little long and rambly but these women mean the absolute world to me and there was no way I could talk about them, and how we met, without things getting long. Even then, there are important details which I had to omit from these stories... Because, as it turns out, Ask actually has a word limit to their answers! Who knew!

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How do you get friends on here I don't even have any in real life. How pathetic am I???

lanaaaleaaa’s Profile PhotoLana Lea
I am not sure I would use the word "friend" to describe relationships on askfm or any social network. I tend to use the word "followers" because most people on askfm either follow you because they enjoy your writing and thought process or they are not interested and do not follow.
Also, I do not think you are pathetic because you do not have any friends. I happen to believe that forming genuine friendships is the most difficult task that humans attempt to undertake, You are lucky, and I mean this most sincerely, if you are able to develop one meaningful friendship in your entire life. I know...I know, we all know people who have one hundred friends who they adore and consider essential, right? But watch how many of these "friends" step to the plate when you are diagnosed with kidney failure to offer to donate their kidney to save your (their best friends) life. Let me perform a quick mathematical computation i.e. 1+1=0
How is this possible? Because the "friendship" assumption was false and the proof is that when your life is at risk and you need an organ transplant, your "friends" will disappear like cockroaches. How do I know this? From personal experience. My son is a well know sax player in Los Angeles who claimed to have over 100 "friends." And Facebook indicates that he has over 2,000 "friends" and "fans." Yet when he was near death from kidney failure none of his "friends" offered to help him. He is alive today because his father donated one of his kidneys.
I like to use this example to demonstrate that the hundreds of "friends" that popular people claim to have is nothing but a hoax, an illusion and a cruel deception. The measure of a genuine friend is determined not when you are healthy and life is going well, but when you have hit rock bottom and are confronted with death. It is then when your true friends will carry you to safety and nurse you back to health.
And so I would advise you to not worry about not having fair weather "friends." If you are fortunate, you will have one true friend sometime in your life. I had such a friend for 50 years but unfortunately he died on February 21, 2021 from cancer. He was my only true friend and although I would love to have another friend, I do not expect such good fortune will befall me, but that is ok because I have my family, my dog, my writing and my music to keep me company and comfort me.
p.s. If you ever need to talk you can always give me a shout or ask a question. /Alex

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Do you think it’s possible to have a friend that you end up in bed with remain a friend after the sensuality has lost its thrill?A lifetime friend with a here and there sexual exchange. Or does the sex screw up the friendship in the end ?

lovinlife89261’s Profile Photolovinlife
Well everybody is different it might work out for some people and others it wouldn’t ( depends on your feelings for that person) I would think it would cause some conflict,personally I wouldn’t mix friendship with to much pleasure 😂
Do you think its possible to have a friend that you end up in bed with remain  a

Eid Mubarak text ...is the best way to have a convo with your long lost friends ♥️ with whom you were hesitant to interact with for a long time ...thanks to Allah Almighty for blessing us with this gift ✨

dictator_1059’s Profile Photoshafique
But the saddest part is that we can't apply this rule to every long lost friendship or relationship? 🥲
And specially when it comes to those who left this world?
I'm sorry I just miss my grandparents, it's like every Eid there is this huge gap that can never be filled.🥀

What makes a good friend?

klonetron’s Profile PhotoHalbery Jones
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I can't even tell if someone is friends with me after several years passed and a person is still in my life. I'll be like: "Are we friends?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Most of the time I can't tell if someone wants my genuine friendship. I feel disconnected from myself and lots of people around me.
Well, to me "good friends" are those people, who listen without judging you, who show up in times of need. Be loyal even behind your back. Laugh with you. Cry with you. Be emotionally responsible for what they do or say. Overall understanding people who got your back.

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