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wickedbrain’s Profile PhotoM.
PL: Wczoraj przyszły do mnie wyniki testu DIVA-5, czyli innymi słowy testu na ADHD.
To też jest trochę zabawne, psychologowie, którzy podobno znają się na mowie ciała, którzy znają wynik DIVY, którzy wiedzą, że jestem introwertykiem i nie lubię ludzi, dziwią się, że jak ja mogę siedzieć w domu, że co ja mogę robić, że przecież będę się nudzić.
Tymczasem ja mam do obejrzenia serial (kończę 1 sezon), mam całą ścianę książek, mam śmieci do wyrzucenia, mam zakupy do zrobienia, a o 18:00 mam pociąg i muszę się jeszcze spakować i zrobić sobie może coś do jedzenia na podróż...
Ale nieeee, muszę jechać na spotkanie z jakimiś ludźmi, których kompletnie nie znam, tylko dlatego, że to znajomi psychologa, z którym mieszkam...
A dajcie mi, k****, spokój...
ENG: Yesterday I received the results of the DIVA-5 test, or in other words the ADHD test.
And this is a bit funny, psychologists who supposedly know body language, who know the DIVA result, who know that I am an introvert and don't like people, are surprised that how can I sit in house, what can I do here, I'll be bored.
Meanwhile, I have a series to watch (I'm finishing season 1), I have a whole wall of books, I have garbage to take out, I have shopping to do, and at 6 p.m. I have a train and I still have to pack and maybe make myself something to eat for the train...
But nooooo, I have to go to meet some people I don't know at all, just because they are friends of the psychologist I live with...
Leave me the f*** alone...

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Isn't it difficult to use social media in adult life? 😥

Ahmednorthowed’s Profile PhotoAhmed Mac
🌷 No, I don't find social media to be difficult at all. Because I only use them whenever I want to unwind, do some photos or video editing, share or look for inspirations or funny posts, and to keep in touch with a few of my friends and relatives who lives overseas. But most of the time, my accounts are either deactivated / inactive or uninstalled anyway.
Besides, I rarely socialise online. I am picky with who I add. Though I have put the link of my personal social media accounts on my Bio here, it doesn't mean I want to have more people. I only put it there to show which accounts are genuinely mine. Because sadly, there are some copycats and imposters who got nothing better to do with their life.
My accounts my choice. I decide who I interact with or block. I don't need to unnecessary put myself in unpleasant situations which would just cause trouble in my life.
Even here on ASKfm, I've blocked so many Anonymous and Pseudonymous accounts already. I don't need to deal with their pettiness.

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Toto je ako normálne mi písať? Tu je dôkaz, že človek závidí aj chorobu. Och. Keď mi asi že lekár ukončí PN tak opäť pôjdem do roboty. To čo mám nakaziť hostí, personál? Ja pracujem.

janusiq158’s Profile PhotoЯ.Н.У.Ш.К.А
toto je inak funny.... žiadaš anonymné správy a potom chceš vedieť, kto ti ich píše :D správu dostaneš na insta a reaguješ na asku... ty si kúzelné stvorenie :D

Do you think people would be more reluctant to approach someone with social anxiety who looks on edge almost all the time or do you think that if a person genuinely wanted to talk to them, they would regardless of how anxious they might appear on the outside?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I get that been on both sides of that. You look like you're annoyed so people don't wanna bother you, and then if they have anxiety like you it's even worse for them to approach you. Then you feeling like people are avoiding you makes you more uneasy. 😂 It's funny in hindsight thinking about it now
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Have you ever watched or read something that at first you didn't like but on a rewatch /read you found you enjoyed? If so, what was it?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
There is a pommy tv show call Taskmaster that I thought was absolute 💩 but I have had to watch a few episodes at dads and I actually thought they were half decent and even funny 😂😂😂

Do you tend to take things personally or do you know when it's personal & when it's not? for example my friend was arguing with some woman and she said the woman in question "doesn't exist" b/c she has less than 500 followers on IG. That was the burn. I have less than 500. but I found that funny idk

It doesn't always matter if it's personal or not, if someone is insulting someone with something that also applies to me I will remind them of that, because people need to be aware of what they are actually saying, which is that this thing of yours is bad

Do you tend to take things personally or do you know when it's personal & when it's not? for example my friend was arguing with some woman and she said the woman in question "doesn't exist" b/c she has less than 500 followers on IG. That was the burn. I have less than 500. but I found that funny idk

I know it’s personal when they stare down at me and say something offensive or develop an argumentative tone while talking to me but if they’re a close friend that I’ve known for years, I’d probably brush it off as a joke and/or wouldn’t take them seriously. If you see other signs of that person trying to get on your nerves or speaking to you in a way that’s almost always sarcastic, then I’d take what they’re saying a little personally but that is, if I take them seriously to begin with. You shouldn’t and don’t have to be uncomfortable around anyone so remind yourself that it’s ok to speak up once in a while when you think someone is deliberately messing with you.

If you were a giant like the one from Jack and the beanstalk and you found someone sneaking inside your house, most likely to steal your goose that lays golden eggs, what'd you do? 🥾🥚

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, if I were a giant and found someone sneaking into my house to steal my golden egg-laying goose — I has probably use my giant-sized tickling pawers and give them a big, silly tickle attack and make them laugh so much that they forget all about stealing and just want to be friends instead. Who can resist a giant tickle? It is a cute and funny way to handle the situation, don't you think? 🌚😤.

Ur thoughts on zodian signs?

muhammbay’s Profile Photoسعد خٹک
Okay, here goes... (based on my experience/unbiased)
• Cancer: sensitive, has to be the victim in every situation, aggressive, caring, turns to personal attacks when triggered and sees the other person isn't affected, organized (will get things done on time), always wants to come off clean, and often forgets where they kept something
• Gemini: gets along with people but has a specific type, has a big heart if they got money, ruthless during arguments, and mostly good at everything except cooking
• Aries: funny, big heart, sometimes boring, sticks to one thing and doesn't try out other options (e.g, new restaurants, new style, etc), won't accept mistakes, keeps secrets, and wants things done their way
• Libra: flirtatious, and fun
• Pisces: always in their la la land when in love, likely to be jealous, dreamy eyes, will most likely talk behind people's backs, protective of family, and smart with money
• Sagittarius: selfish, adventurous, giving, egoistic, easily influenced, has anger issues, likely to be a good friend, and can easily make money
• Capricorn: double-faced, everyone's friend, can't say no, helpful, easily bored in relationships, likes going out, and polite
• Leo: very good at academics, funny, mostly respectful, irritating at times, happy with what they got, and likes to make people laugh
• Scorpio: secretive, funny, patient, loves to eat, needs their alone time, and hides emotions
• Virgo: neat & clean, expressive eyes, bossy, sensitive but won't show, good at everything, intuitive, thinks they know everything, can keep secrets, holds on to past events, and doesn't forgive easily
I don't really have much of an idea about the zodiac signs that I've not mentioned. Also, I'm sorry if I got the question wrong. This was fun! 😃

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Wren, how have you been?

Wren: Oh, well the usual. Dealing with my lovely other half.
Wren: Well, I told you, starting a fight with Nef would lead to this. You should of let go of the boba drink incident. He didn't mean to spill it on you. That was a legit accident.
Wren: I'm happy you are starting to see why everyone else are the true parasites.
Wren: I would.
Quinn: UGHRRRHH! *I walk away*

شتحب تكول لشريك حياتكم المستقبلي / only funny answer needed 😹

أعتذر فأجابتي لن تكون مُضحِكة ..:
رُبما ستستغربين مِن شِرودي الدائم، وقد تخافين جفاءَ قلبٍ بِكِ يهتم بلا تعبٍ او مُقابِل ..
تتساءلين، تغضبين وتبكين .. تُراودُكِ عني كُل السنين..
يا عُمري ، كم تَعبت الأيامُ كي أصلكِ
وكم باعدتني عني أشتهاءُ لُقياكِ
غائبٌ أنا ، مُنذُ سنواتٍ طِوال
ما عدتُ واللهِ الا لأراكِ
رُبما الدُنيا ما ابتدت بشكلٍ ساحرٍ
ولم تكن رحلَتُها الا تاريخَ شقاء
لكنّها فُصلّت لتكون نهايةٍ لامعةً
وما أحلاكِ كمسكٍ للخِتام...
سايرتُ العُمرَ مخافَة أن ينتهي
او أن أُنادي أسمكِ سهوًا بين الأنام
أنتِ؟ ما أنتِ
وأيُّ أجابةٍ تكفي لأملأها
دون أن أُخيفَ-بغيابكِ-
طيور الحمام...
تُرى ..كيف ستفعلينها؟
كيفَ ستبرقُ عينيكِ ، كيفَ ستتزينين بأبتسامةٍ تشفي فيّ الحُطام؟
أعوامُ عُمري كانت باهتةً
وأتيتِ أنتِ لتُزهّر على أثارِكِ أعوامٌ سِقام ...
تُراني أعود يا حُلوتي ،
وينبضُ قلبي .... كما أعتاد قَبلَ السنواتِ الاولى .. قبل خِذلان ،
كُنتُ أُداعِبُ فيها حُلمي ، مُبتسمًا وبلا اثام ..
كَبرتُ وأكتحلَ سوادٌ فيَّ البياض
عجوزٌ غطت ملامحهُ الشباب ...
ولتعلمين حجم هاويتي ، أُنظري لتاريخي ، لكلِ تِلك الدماء ، تاريخٌ أسودٌ مُلأ حِقدًا على الحياة .. أُحِبّكِ رُغم كُرهي .. رُغم اسئلتي ، فأنتِ الجواب!
أنّي أُحِبُّكِ .. رُغم خسائري ، رُغم الهمِ المُلقى على عاتقي... رُغم الرحيل المتوّجِ على ذاكرتي .. رُغم الأسى ، رُغم الضياع وسُفني الغرقى لاشلاء...
لا تستغربي شُرودي فهذا أنا ... كيانٌ قادمٌ يملؤهُ فيّ الوجودِ ضياع ..
هذا أنا ، لا أملكُ الا نُدوبًا أتزيّنُ بِها ..
عُمرًا مِن الأسى كان يُحاك..
خُذيني .... أليكِ
او أتركيني ، هُنا لأموتَ فارغًا
صدقيني ؛ لن أكترثَ لرحيلٍ فيه خُطاك ... ذ
هذا أنا ، أعوامٌ مؤجلةٌ
أفي قلبكِ الفسيحُ أرضًا لتُعاش؟
أن كُنتِ تعلمين حجمَ المُعاناة ..
فأنا مِثلُكِ هربتُ قبل أعوامٍ مِني
لكن أين أذهب؟ الطرقُ كُلها حريقٌ
مُهاب ..
أسيرُ وخلفي أجنحتي ؛ تحترقُ
لن أخرج فهذهِ لعنتي ، أن لم تكوني تذكرةً فأغربي ..
أُهربي ، رُبما .. لا تعودي ... فالعودةُ أليَّ جحيمٌ مارق ،
لا أُريدُ أن يلمسني غير المُحترقِ ، تشجّع كُن المأزقَ فيَّ ! او لِتُفارِق ....

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This is funny. Some woman I went to school with from my town is a mum vlogger and she's pretty big. She literally posted an instagram reel of her giving her kid a bath. Like, girl... why... would you do that... I understand you're monetising off of your kid, but he can't consent to this sh*t.

that's absolutely disgusting. children should be allowed to live their lives in relative privacy, especially during their most private and vulnerable moments. i'm sure that woman would hate someone filming her in the bath without her consent and uploading it online, but she probably sees that as different.
just because a child isn't able to express their discomfort yet (appropriately, or at all) doesn't mean anyone gets to exploit them. including their parents. we parents don't "own" our children.
we really need child labor laws regarding the internet and social media in place. we've needed them for years, really.

Because I think you're a nice girl and I see how it suits you. Can I make a nice cmliment? Just be nice to you, you deserve that.

I'm not bein funny but I don't need your compliments or you bein nice to meet to make me feel good I can do that myself, it is appreciated if that that's what you're thinkin but you are literally spammin my ask beggin for photos

What is something that always makes you smile?

It feels funnier than usual when some serious person talks funny, happened with me, my eldest bro BarakAllah is quite serious and doesn't talk or joke much, today he cracked a joke and I was laughing bonkers xD
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Je tady někdo vegetarián? Popřípadě jaký máte na vegetariánství názor?

Reálně si dovedu představit, že bych jedla maso 2-3x týdně. Nic méně bych si to bez něj úplně nedokázala představit.
Ať si každý jí, jak uzná za vhodné, ale není dobré to ostatním vnucovat, když o to nemají zájem.
+Některé stránky na toto téma berou fotky ze slabších zemí a vydávají je za podmínky v ČR. Což není úplně v pořádku a byla bych ráda, kdyby začali udávat pravdivé informace.
Jednou jsem se bavila na toto téma holčiny, která byla semi-vegetarian (to je celkem funny, protože se u nás ty kuřata mají asi nejhůř, but whatever) a nedopadlo to úplně nejlépe. Byla hodně agresivní a dostaly jsme se do bodu, kdy vlastně naznačila, že jsme vůbec ty krávy neměli šlechtit a tím, jak se jim snažíme třeba trochu pomoct, tak je to týrání zvířat. Konkrétně jsme se bavily o tom, že se provádí díry až do bachoru, aby k tomu byl lepší přístup, protože přešlechtěné krávy mají problém s bachorovým obsahem a když to nastane, tak mohou i chcípnout. Mi teda určitě přijde lepší, jak pro veta, tak pro zvíře tato metoda, než aby tam museli píchat obří jehlou a vysát obsah bachoru. Jo jinak tento zákrok se provádí ve Švýcarsku a USA a u nás se provádí zřídka.
Jinak zajímám se na toto téma celkem hodně a z některými věcmi souhlasím. Některé už jsou prostě přes čáru.

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who in your life would you like to know better?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
People in my real life are either from my family or work or friends and I know them quite well! 😁 Maybe it would be funny and interesting if I could spend at least one real day with every person from other countries I have built some kind of friendship with via social sites! 🤩😁
who in your life would you like to know better

I find it funny u used to make fun of ppl for wearing makeup and now that’s what you do 🤣 hypocrite much

Soo??? Back then I was miserable and unhappy bc I was in a toxic and abusive relationship with my deadbeat baby dad bro people grow up and people can become happy and change their ways of thinking when they get out of that toxic relationship they were in at one point I’m not sorry for acting how I did it was a normal reaction from abuse I used to randomly attack others as well now I only do it if being attacked I do not randomly just bully / harass people for no reason I mean there was a reason but I’ve also recently stopped attacking back bc no matter what I say it’s going to get worse so I just block people now if I’m being attacked and start to ignore if people wanna go make posts and talk about me cool idc I’m done being apart of that clownery and miserableness I have no reason to say anything back bc a percentage of these people talking about me and making fun of me are jealous of me and always will be 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🙌🏼👌🏼🤙🏼💯🥰🏼

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"Cada vez me olvido más de ti, canté con MIlanés, grabé un disco en Madrid. Ya no te veo en cualquier cielo gris, ya diferencio colores. " ¿Qué cosas te ayudaron o te están ayudando a olvidarlo/a?

PinoRe’s Profile PhotoPINO RECALDE
TEAM IRONMAN VS TEAM SPIDER-MAN | Running Challenge (Funny Contest) - GTA V Mods #383 / DMProduction
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_agheuA2gAMkevincarrasquillo943751’s Video 174939607482 _agheuA2gAMkevincarrasquillo943751’s Video 174939607482 _agheuA2gAM
El Equipo De Ironman Vs El Equipo De Spiderman En El Gran Marathon De Grand Theft Auto Me Llama la Atención

Do you think cooking is an essential life skill? I don't agree with that. Perhaps unpopular opinion but you don't NEED to know how to cook. You could literally eat anything you want - have it delivered to your door. That's why food apps exist? it's 2024, not 1994. I don't want to cook after work.

It's like saying cleaning or doing your laundry is not essential when you can get someone to do the job. It's funny. 🤭

Some funny incidents of your students ..

Danyal_H’s Profile Photoدانیال
Two girls came with a complaint against a boy of their class (all in 3rd standard btw) that boy had tiny heart shaped stickers that he had put on his chest. He told the girls he liked them and pulled one from his chest and pasted it on their hand. He was literally giving those girls his ‘heart’.
Tbh i did not have the heart to scold that boy. It was so adorable i was kinda jealous of those girls! 😂 i felt bad the headmistress punished him. His ‘hearts’ were confiscated like contraband 😭

Hells greatest dad Hazbin hotel

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Hell’s Greatest Dad
Andrew Underberg, Sam Haft, Jeremy Jordan, Amir Talai, Erika Henningsen & Kimiko Glenn
Kicking off the second set of Hazbin Hotel episodes for the first season, “Hell’s Greatest Dad” is…
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Hell’s Greatest Dad Lyrics
Haha, looks like you could use some help
From the big boss of Hell himself
Check out daddy's glowing reviews on Yelp
Five stars! Flawless!Greater than great!
Oh, with the punch of a pentagram
I wap-bam-boom, alakazam
Usually, I charge a sacrificial lamb
But you get the family rate
Thanks, dad!
Noah Kahan 'Forever' Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified

Noah Kahan 'Forever' Official Lyrics & Meaning | Genius Verified
Who needs a busboy now that you've got the chef?(Woah-oh-oh)
Michelin-tasting menu, freeà la carte
I'll rig the game for you because I'm the ref
Champagne fountains, caviar mountains, that's just to start!
Who has been here since day one?
Who's been faithful as a nun?
Who makes you chuckle with an old-timey pun?
Your executive producer
That's true!
I'm your guy, your day-to-day
Your chum,your steadfast hotelier
Remember when I fixed that clog today?
I was stuck, thank you, sir!
Oh, you!
I'm truly honored that we've built such a bond
You're like the child that I wish that I had
Uh, what?
I care for you, just like a daughter I spawned
Hold on now!
It's a little funny, you could almost call me dad
[Instrumental Break]
They say when you're looking for assistance
It's smart to pick the path of least resistance
Others say that in your needy hour
There's no substitute for pure angelic power!
Who just happens to also be your blood!
Sadly, there are times a birth parent is a dud
They say the family you choose is better
What a bun

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It’s funny that you'll forever have to live with the fact that your man wanted maigua first, and that if she'd wanted him back, you wouldn’t even be a couple

Oh no, Devon used to like other women before he met me? How will I ever continue to live? 😂 probably the same way EVERYONE lives with the fact that their significant other liked or dated other people before them. I'll be fine. At least devon isn't telling other women he wants to bang them while he's with me. 😬😬

dude, it's a joke. it's not meant to be taken literally. stop being so pedantic. you sound like a boomer who doesn't understand humour lol

Which post are you referring to? Unfortunately ask has a lot of anons who think they're funny when they aren't so it's hard to tell who's who
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Where do you prefer to go whenever going out? 😸 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
PL: Dzisiaj gdzieś, gdzie nie ma ludzi, ale jest zimno i wszędzie jest pełno ludzi, dlatego chyba idę do domu, mam dość świata, jestem przebodźcowana i ludzie od samego rana wku****ją mnie, dzwoniąc do mnie, pisząc i trując mi d**ę.
Mam serdecznie dość ludzi i świata, błagam, dajcie mi bilet do Włoch w jedną stronę i hajs, żeby się tam utrzymać...
Tommy, chodź, lecimy razem, śmiesznie będzie.
ENG: Today somewhere where are no people, but it's cold and there are people everywhere, that's why I think I'm going home, I'm fed up with the world, I'm overstimulated and people have been pi**ing me off since the morning, calling me, texting me and poisoning my a**.
I'm so fed up with people and the world, I'm begging, somebody give me a one-way ticket to Italy and money to live there...
Tommy, come on, let's go together, it'll be funny.

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Is it weird if men are on here pretending to be women and little girls even though they tell their friends and family that they are heterosexuals? Do you think some of their friends talked them into doing this? Do you think they think it's funny? What do you think?

I don’t think anyone in their right minds can convince someone who’s also sane to pretend being a woman or a little girl on here (which is creepy asl). I don’t think anyone who’d do that would do it because they think it’s funny but they might do it if they’re a predator or someone who’s not right in the head. I’m only here to answer questions so even if someone were to do such a thing, I’d probably not even realize unless we’re having an intimate conversation and they start confusing me with the things they’d say.

Who’s having issues with the tax refund?

Here's the next part. She claims she has 10+ screenshots of proof, but I've never seen it. It's funny how she's telling all this to some "random person" and even saying she'll meet them in person to show them the "proof." She was that desperate to have people believe her. Yet, she claimed this number was harassing her. She had a while conversation that lasted a few days.
Whos having issues with the tax refund

Currently looking for a new ceiling lamp, so am curious, what does the one(s) you have look like? 💡

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
We have crystal ceiling lamps because I like their shining 🤩✨, but when we were looking for one for my daughter in 2021, I liked this ball, it was possible by pulling of string to spread its parts away from each other and back, it was funny 😁👍
Currently looking for a new ceiling lamp so am curious what does the ones you

حاول ما تجاوبش على حد اليومين دول بـ"آه"، أو "إيه" الدنيا لبش ومفيش وقت للشرح.

mahmoud_mohy’s Profile Photomahmoud
الموضوع بقى سخيف اوي بجد. يعني تكون بتتكلم ف موضوع جد وتلاقي مره واحده الموضوع راح في مسار تاني خالص والمشكله بقى ان الكلمه not funny خالص دي كلمه بايخه اوي بجد

Hola 😊 pregunta chiste: Está Jaimito en la escuela y le pregunta la profesora, "A ver Jaimito, dime una palabra que tenga la letra 'i' cinco veces." Y Jaimito le responde, "Pero profesora, eso es dificilísimo." "Muy bien Jaimito, muy bien." Sino quieres responderla es opcional responder esp libre

Amorcupi’s Profile Photooscargamarrarodriguez.com
TEAM IRONMAN VS TEAM SPIDER-MAN | Running Challenge (Funny Contest) - GTA V Mods / DMProduction
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXDTJpCCTPYkevincarrasquillo943751’s Video 174868347322 lXDTJpCCTPYkevincarrasquillo943751’s Video 174868347322 lXDTJpCCTPY
Este espacio que logro escoger es Team Ironman Vs Team Spider-man Running Challenge (Funny Contest)

Language: English