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Why do you choose mouth-squeak instead hand-squeak? and you don't you think that would be better if we had many Áris around the world? :3

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A squeaker in the mouth gives you a lot more control over the sounds you can make, whereas a paw squeaker only gives you one noise you can use and there's very little control over it =x Not to say it can't be used well because I've seen it used really well in the past. It's just that I prefer the control that a mouth squeaker gives me ^_^ As for having many Áris, I don't think this is a good thing D= I think people should have their own original characters so that every suit is unique and can do their bit for making people happy in their own way; if that's what they're fursuiting for of course. Not everyone fursuits to make other people happy like I do o.o

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