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If you had an unlimited budget to design the ULTIMATE home according to you, how'd you make it? What kinds of rooms would it have? 🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It would be made from a long sustainable material that I wouldn't have to replace often, such as cheap siding panels. I would have a big living room to host gatherings, with a nice entertainment area to watch movies or play games. I would have a kitchen that was big enough to cook a whole feast with plenty of cabinet space and counter space, I would also have a cozy dining room close by with booth style seating in a corner and a table against the window with a beautiful view. I would have a bathroom with all the necessities, but also with a nice big tub with jets, and a stand up shower attached. That bathroom would be attached to my master bedroom, which would have a king sized bed with plush pillows and blankets. There would also be a walk in closet to store my outfits and shoes. I'd also have hanging plants, lights, and candles. I'd have a library/collection room, full of books, comics, figurines, and plushies. I would have a crafting room where I could make any art I desire. I would have an office to use my computer, work, and write...I would also want a pool in the backyard, and a nice flower garden.

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What do you want for Christmas?

To be happy & spend quality time with my family & relatives. Watch Christmas movies. Visit Christmas markets & drink hot chocolate. Play board games and laugh till our tummy hurts 🙏🏻🎅🏼🤗 but also I want to volunteer in a homeless shelter to serve the homeless Christmas dinner 🙏🏻

Jogos, filmes e séries que contenham algum tipo de v1olência só influenciam na conduta da criança ou adolescente se os pais não comparecerem na educação deles a fim de evitar a má postura dos(as) seus(suas) filhos(filhas). Você concorda? Opine.

taisdn’s Profile PhotoTay ☽ ☆
Na minha opinião este tipo de conteúdo não influencia na conduta da pessoa, mesmo porque eu sempre assisti este conteúdo, joguei alguns games que tinha este conteúdo e hoje sou uma garota sem este tipo de problema. Agora, educação é sim preciso, mas em alguns casos quando a criança/adolescente começa a ter um nível fora do comum neste conteúdo, pode ate começar a ter um certo sentido. Porem, na minha humilde opinião não concordo que possa ter alguma relação.

Do you think it's fair to buy videogame currency with real money? Doesn't this give an advantage to the more privileged instead of the gamers who earn it by playing the game?

I don’t mind in game currencies, what I do mind is pay to win currencies in games. Those are indeed unfair and unhealthy in my opinion.
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Are there any films, shows, books or games you think are underrated and don't get the credit they deserve?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
🐉 The Dragonriders of Pern series of novels by Anne McCaffrey mostly written between the 1960s - 1980s and continuing into the 2000s written by her son.
🎥 They were big in their day, but a revival (e.g. a proper film) would be cool.
📚 I’ve just bought my niece a boxed set of one of the trilogies for Yule.

What are some characteristics of toxic people ?

They tend to call you toxic and never take the blame (even if they’re the ones at fault), ignore you while hanging out in groups and pretend like what you say doesn’t matter, deliberately trying to hurt your feelings, gaslighting you, always trying to prove you wrong/go against everything you say, never supporting you and even going as far as to downplay your accomplishments, talk behind your back or have the audacity to talk crap about you right in front of you, block and unblock you on social media (playing mind games), they love seeing you look defeated, and they only talk to you when they want something/when it’s convenient for them.

What were your highs and lows of 2023 so far?

— finally studying the course i've been eyeing off for ~5 years
— finishing that course (i'm just about there, anyway!)
— buying my first car
— finding a rental that has a room for my son
— attending australia's first ever knotfest
— two music festivals and two concerts (well, the second is this weekend)
— getting a new laptop for my birthday, so i can play my pc games again
— falling back in love with reading
— working more on trauma recovery and not backsliding
— seeing all of my son's progress and accomplishments
— getting closer to a friend i fell out with years ago and dearly missed
— still having @aclockworkbananna by my side ♡
— losing two friends who had meant a lot to me, but seeing with coloured glasses
— realising my doctor is useless, and i'm gonna struggle finding one that works for me
— having my first ever case of tonsillitis, so severe i had to go to the ER
— my wisdom teeth pain flaring up to such an extent that i find it painful to eat / drink (even water)
— joint pain after covid that has impacted my stamina when walking

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When you’re feeling stressed, how do you typically cope? Anything specific you do to relax/take your mind off of things? 😅😮‍💨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
When I’m feeling stressed, I try to cope by talking about it to my boyfriend. He is a great listener.
Besides that, I try to think of things rather rational, I notice that it helps me calm my nerves.
I also try to take my mind off things by seeking joy in other things, such as walks, games and music.
When youre feeling stressed how do you typically cope Anything specific you do

Do you play video games? If so what is your favorite game 🎮

hussainaliraqe23’s Profile Photo3ra2y
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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Yeah, I do.
Currently, I play Assassins Creed Mirage.
But my favourite games are Dragon Age, Pokemon, Mass Effect, and Baldur's Gate...I love story-driven games in general. What are your favourite ones?

Are there any films, shows, books or games you think are underrated and don't get the credit they deserve?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I think The Lost World: Jurassic Park is very underrated! Is it as good as the first movie? No, but I very much applaud them for making a sequel that's very different in scope and feel to what was at the time the highest grossing movie of all time. Don't get me started on the trailer scene, it's arguably the most suspenseful in the entire series! The build-up with the injured T-Rex baby etc. *Chef's kiss* I absolutely love the score as well, it has more of a feral feel compared to the original. John Williams is always a win! 🤩🦖
Are there any films shows books or games you think are underrated and dont get

Say you could own one object from a video game of your choice… What game would you go with? What object would you pick? Why? (Feel free to ignore if you don’t play video games) 🤩🎮

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
Oooo, that's hard! I'd love to have a set of katarn-class commando armor from Star Wars: Republic Commando! Ideally with blue markings! But besides it looking very cool, I don't know how much use I'd get from it Haha I think something like the engineer's teleporter from Team Fortress 2 may be a bit more useful! 🌌🔧
Say you could own one object from a video game of your choice What game would

> if my old gaming laptop works i might check it out one day - Specs? III, San Andreas and Vice City should run on older hardware. IV, Episodes From Liberty City and V, it depends. By the time Rockstar releases VI, current specs won't matter. We'll be gaming on quantum computers. 🤣🤣🤣 💗

I have no idea. It’s really old and the screen is busted but I used to connect it to a tv after that happened. It’s probably pretty slow for new games. I’m waiting for hologram games and video. I’ve pictured it happening since I was a kid. 🤣🤣🤣💗

If you could only do one activity for the rest of your life (besides the normal day to day stuff you need to do like washing, cleaning, work etc) what would it be?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I don't know if I'd want to just do one activity for the rest of my life, I have so many interests! Haha D&D, swimming, diving, video games, student life stuff, moviemaking etc. etc! If I couldn't do all of that at least partially, I'd always feel like something was missing 😅
If you could only do one activity for the rest of your life besides the normal

Oh. i have played mario games !, Wich Mario games have you played?

Mostly originals from original Nintendo and N64. I have Mario Party and now RPG on my Switch. I can’t believe I haven’t bought Mario Kart yet. I’ve had Switch for over a year now. I need to slowly build my collection and get the subscription again too so I can okay my old favorites Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party 3.

When you’re feeling stressed, how do you typically cope? Anything specific you do to relax/take your mind off of things? 😅😮‍💨

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
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. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
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I talk it off my chest preferably with friends and family.
I look for distractions by e.g. playing games, drawing, reading, listening to music, singing, going outside and trying to calm myself.

Was ist dein lieblings Thema wo du gerne drüber redest

Ich glaub nicht, dass ich ein spezifisches Thema hab, über das ich besonders gern rede. Ich tausche mich gern über Games aus, die ich gespielt hab’, Filme oder unnütze Fakten.
Wusstest du übrigens, dass Kamele ein echt heftiges Temperament haben und immer wieder mal Menschen aus Rache töten?

What kind of things do you say into the mic?

I’m actually doing it right now. While he games cause he wears headphones he will set up one of his microphones (he makes music for fun so he has a music studio) so I can talk to him while in game and I’ll just ramble. Right now I am rambling about things I am answering on ask 😂

سؤال لأي شخص عنده خبرة ف ألعاب البي سي: انا منزلة لعبة ع لابي بس تعلق و بطييئة وايد.. هل السبب اني يالسة العب ع لابتوب و مش بي سي؟ مع اني لعبت لعبة ثانية ع اللاب و اشتغلت عادي.. افيدونا.

KyuHyukGirl’s Profile Photo~.بنت الوهيبي.~
Is it a laptop?
If so, laptops are always a bad choice to play games with.
Especially if it’s a mac, that’s a big no no for games.
The reason that is, laptops do not have sufficient power nor sufficient air flow. Another reason that is, some games which are heavy will run in low effort to save your laptop energy. Try connecting your laptop to a charger to fix that issue.
If you have a full pc as a set up, you will need to check on numerous things.
Your operating system, your RAM, your graphic card. Also, your computer setting can affect the gameplay overall.
This is just a brief of what I assume the problem may be, more details from your side will result in a better answer.

Hello girls (literal female children excluded) and boys. This is ask fm terms and conditions police. Despite the fact that ask advertises that the app can be used for chat purposes, you're only allowed to ask questions. Failure to comply will result in me BLOCKING and REPORTING YOU.

Emmaginary_main_character’s Profile PhotoEmmaginary_main_character
You know, I spent 4 months with my uncle in Australia, and he has a family there, 2 beautiful daughters and one son. He tells me that his children are always on all sorts of applications, and only on the phone. And they most often play computer games. And you can’t even drag them away by the ears to cook them at home. My son is 12 years old and in 6th grade. The girls are 16 and 19 years old. They all moved to Australia from Crimea at a fairly young age after 2014.
Now please explain to me this privacy policy applies to everyone or only to UK residents? because I use a VPN service, so I communicate with people from different countries. I also adore Portugal, I go there very often..

Es brennt, aber du hast genug Zeit, die wichtigsten Dinge zu retten. Sind deine Konsole und einzelne Spiele dabei?

Da ich fast alles an Games nur digital hab', muss ich mir da keine Sorgen machen. Konsole hab’ ich aktuell nur die Switch, die nehm’ ich ohne Probleme mit. Mein PC, an dem ich spiele, wird schwieriger. Selbst mit genug Zeit ist der ziemlich unhandlich und schwer, vor allem mit Bildschirmen und externer Festplatte etc...

If you play mobile games, which one(s) are your favorite? What makes them so good according to you?📱

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I currently have Skip-Bo on my phone... It's good for keeping my brain in tact with more number strategies 🤪👍
I have other games that I've had on my phone foeeerever... Don't play them, anymore, but if I'm bored enough... I may return to them? 🤷‍♀️😝😛
- RUA2 Robot Unicorn
- Geometry Dash
- Words with Friends
- Songpop
- Tetris
- Crossy Road
- Trivia Crack
- Draw Something 2

ПД від Капелюшника: «Іноді люди, які нібито нічого з себе не представляють - творять дивовижні речі» Як ти думаєш – це дійсно так? Можливо це стосується про людей яких ми бачимо кожного дня, але ніяк не помічаємо їх таланти? Можливо ти знаєш таку людину? Ти можеш створити шось дивовижне?

SnakeAis’s Profile PhotoКапелюшник
Let me talk to you
Слышали ли вы про такие компании как "Mad Head Games", "Artifex Mundi" или "4 Friends Games" ? Нет? Тогда скорее всего, вы слышали никакие названия как "Охотники за тайнами" (они же Mystery Trackers") или "Лабиринты мира" ("Labyrinth of the Worlds") тоже нет?)
На самом деле, выше перечисленные компании и названия относятся к жанру игр Hidden object" или "Квест в стиле поиск предметов/ я ищу", которые стали популярной среди определенной аудитории. И если кто-то играет в эти игры, то почему бы им не существовать?)
Теперь что касается ответа (сверху была предыстория или вступление). Мы каждый день смотрим фильмы/сериалы, слушаем музыку (как альбомы так и сборники). Но знаешь что я тебе скажу, то что эти люди среди нас. Они существуют. Взять для примера DJ David Guetta, он не сразу нашел себя. Экспериментировал со стилями, и в итоге мы имеем DJ number one в мире. Талантливый человек, талантлив во всем. Сегодня ты рисуешь маленькую картину каракулями, а завтра твой шедевр будет висеть в лучших картинных галереях мира. Сегодня написал маленькое произведение, завтра тебя читает весь мир. То есть по мере развития своего таланта, человек переходит из уровня на уровень, подобно рыцарю в RPG (ролевых играх).
Что касается "создать"... Знаешь, создать можно, но нужно 2 вещи: время и вдохновение. Ведь без первого нету второго, а без второго - первое не может существовать.
Date: 05/11/23
Time: 18:39

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ПД від Капелюшника Іноді люди які нібито нічого з себе не представляють  творять

This guy used to like me a lot, he'd always message me, would always reply to my stories, compliment me loads etc. I kind of liked him too, but I didn't wanna show it, I acted uninterested and one day he just stopped talking to me. Why'd he do that? I miss him a bit.

You didn’t want to show that you liked him + played uninterested and are now “confused” why he moved on? People aren’t going to wait around for someone that doesn’t reciprocate feelings, it’s a waste of their time. It’s rather childish to play games. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Personaggio preferito di film/serie tv/libri/videogiochi?🌱

federicartemide’s Profile PhotoCiliegio
Cerco di pescare qualcosina:
-Il mio personaggio preferito di un film è il cattivo Hans Gruber di "Trappola di cristallo" (1988), con Bruce Willis e Alan Rickman. Il cattivo Hans Gruber è un personaggio affascinante e carismatico. Ha un piano geniale e si prende il tempo per godersi quello che fa. Ha una presenza scenica incredibile, e ogni volta che entra in scena c'è sempre un'energia particolare, una sorta di tensione che ci fa attendere quel che sta per fare.
-Il mio personaggio preferito di una serie TV è il personaggio di Dr. Gregory House dall'omonima serie House MD. Dr. House è un personaggio affascinante, arguto e divertente che mi attira molto. È un personaggio che ha una sua moralità e un suo senso di giustizia, ma che è anche molto critico e cinico. House è un detective medico che risolve casi medico complicati, e il modo in cui lo fa è davvero unico e affascinante. Il suo atteggiamento ironico e sarcastico mi fa ridere e mi tiene incollata allo schermo.
-Dalla serie: "gira che ti rigira", tra tutti i libri che ho letto...io banalmente torno sempre alle origini. Il mio personaggio preferito all'interno di un libro è il protagonista di "Il piccolo principe" di Antoine de Exupéry. Il piccolo principe trasmette un senso grande di saggezza e di comprensione dei sentimenti umani, e ha una grande capacità di vedere il bello e l'essenza delle cose. È un personaggio molto affascinante e con una grande energia, che mi fa sempre piacere tornare a leggere.
-Il mio personaggio preferito all'interno di un videogioco è Arthur Morgan, il protagonista di "Red Dead Redemption 2" di Rockstar Games. Arthur è un personaggio che mi affascina per la sua profonda umanità e per la sua complessa personalità. È un personaggio che si evolve durante la storia e che impara dal suo passato, e mi piace molto seguirlo nella sua avventura. Ha una personalità forte e con una grande forza di volontà, e la sua interazione con gli altri personaggi è sempre interessante, profondo.

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Personaggio preferito di filmserie tvlibrivideogiochi

Do boardgames ruin relationships?

I don’t know, they shouldn’t at least.
You have so many different kinds of board games, more competitive, but also cooperative ones! If competitive board games make you go into arguments, try cooperative ones, or ones that allow you to play side to side at least.

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