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do you have a garden? if so, what do you mostly grow? if not, do you think you'd have the knowledge and patience to tend to one, or do you have a brown thumb like me ?

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I have a lot of indoor houseplants but not a garden. Once I got a little grow your own strawberries kit & I took care of them per instructions but they still died.....I was kinda bummed lol

Have you ever looked at a house while you’re on a bus or driving and thought “I don’t have a chance having a place like that”? Obviously not your fault as you can’t find decent work or the costs of homes is too damn high these days. (If you have your own place, ignore 😅)

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Yep lol
I see so many really nice homes when I'm driving around and stuffs. There's an adorable cottage with a lovely garden for sale in my village... I'd love to live in a place like that!
But yeah can't afford it lol
Have you ever looked at a house while youre on a bus or driving and thought I

What do you think is needlessly expensive? 😒💲 (Try and come up with things that aren't expensive cause of world events, such as gas)

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Lactose free products. Being lactose intolerant is being normal. Every animal that drinks milk becomes lactose intolerant.
Anyway, lactose free products are often twice the price. Sucks.
WATER (specifically in denmark, water in latvia is in a reasonable price) Imagine spending 2 euros for a small water bottle? Nah no I'll take cola.
Vet bills. Vets in Latvia work the same job as vets in denmark but denmark has 10x bigger price for everything.
For example, neutering in dk 500 euros (more than that) and in latvia 70euros tops.
Basic foods like bread. It used to cost around 20 cents, but now it's above 1 euro.
Fruit/apples! I can get apples for free in lv, however dk sells 5 apples for nearly 3 euros. 10 strawberries? Nearly 5 euros. (I had a garden in LV, I got them for free- BTW one strawberry bush is like 0.20cents) basically people who can't grow their own pay abnormal price.
I'm going to the store, maybe I'll add more products to the list.

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У тебя сейчас дома есть свежие цветы в вазе, либо красивые в горшке? Го фото и сделаем цветочным этот пост 🌸☀️

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flowers should grow freely in nature, at least in a garden on a flower bed, all other options I consider a barbaric attitude to flora.

Какой сериал самый любимый?

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Хочу-хочу глянуть, что другие написали... А самого любимого у меня нет, но первое пришло в голову это:
Over the Garden Wall (За садовой оградой)
2014 ‧ Adventure ‧ 1 season
Пересматриваю часто... В Хэллоуин

If you were to be invisible ..the 1st person youre gonna check on is :

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Today my parents travelled to their summer house and garden so I would like to see how physically strong they are at doing things around house because when they are here at home they are sitting or laying only 🤔🙄 I hope they become little bit stronger after one week spent there in the village. 💪
If you were to be invisible the 1st person youre gonna check on is

What did you do today?

I went to a garden centre and bought some plants for my mom's birthday that's coming up.
Also got something for Father's day!
Did some shopping for essentials for myself. So toothpaste, shower gel etc. Also picked up a pretty decorative bottle!
Did a bit of gardening and watered the flowers.
Then watched a Midsomer Murders episode :)
What did you do today

اقتراح لفيلم انيمي يكون رايق مملش منه

Khaledlukaonlyone’s Profile Photoانسان حزين وبائس
- Akira.
- Spirited away.
- Wolf childrens.
- Grave of the fireflies.
- The wind rises.
- The girl who leapt through time.
- Garden of words.
- Howl's moving castle.
- From up on poppy Hill.
- Kiki's felivery service.
- When marnie was there.
- Your name.

Post a picture of your favourite meal this is mine 8 hour slow cooked beef on potato puree with caramelized vegetables

Not gonna lie, that looks pretty nice :)
This is a favourite if I eat out at the moment. I've been going to the garden centre to get plants, bit they do nice lunches!
So it's a tuna and melted cheddar panini with fresh salad, salted sun dried crisps, chunky chips and a strawberry & rhubarb drink :3
Post a picture of your favourite meal this is mine 8 hour slow cooked beef on

Do you have roses in your garden? We do, we have lots of them in different colors and they're in bloom now and they look so precious. Like, I know roses are like the most basic, common flowers one could have in their garden, but still! I wish I could enjoy nature's splendor more intense than that🌹

Hello. How are you today?
Sadly, I do not have any roses, but I do have several plants that do provide flowers. And for some strange reason my mango tree has it's mango's about one month early this year.
I did transplant a flowering plant into my front yard the other day but it is still in shock so I am pampering it back to life and I pray I am successful because I get sad whenever I move a plant and it dies. My house is surrounded by plants that I cannot remember there names but mostly I care that they are healthy and look attractive. So I am a bit lazy in that sense, but I do love my plants and various wild life that visit me from time to time such as the squirrel that follows me whenever I am working in the yard or the gecko's that stare at me like I'm the jolly green giant. :)
Do you have roses in your garden We do we have lots of them in different colors

Do you have roses in your garden? We do, we have lots of them in different colors and they're in bloom now and they look so precious. Like, I know roses are like the most basic, common flowers one could have in their garden, but still! I wish I could enjoy nature's splendor more intense than that🌹

I do!
They're mainly different hues of pink :) this one is a rose which I transplanted from my grandad's garden after he passed away.
It still blooms every year :3
Do you have roses in your garden We do we have lots of them in different colors

ever climbed a tree to spy on your neighbor?

Nope lol
Only time I purposely look into a neighbours garden, is when we've had a bad storm!
So just making sure neighbours are okay, not sustained much damage to their property etc
I also don't have a tree in my garden to climb xD
ever climbed a tree to spy on your neighbor

Who else wants to shutt of their phone,drive to the beach, forget everything,and just listen to the sound of the waves crashing

Once did that except the beach part. 😂
When I felt that it's been overused, then spent my time in my garden listening chirping of birds, watching squirrels play around and observing the voice of nature in winters. 😀💜
Who else wants to shutt of their phonedrive to the beach forget everythingand

What is the best thing or high point of your week so far? (even if it's something small like taking a bath etc).

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Well, once I'm done answering questions on here I'm gonna get ready for the bachelor's ceremony! Me and my classmates are gonna meet up in a park to then walk together to the ceremony which is held in the garden outside the building where we had classes together. It's still crazy to think that three years have gone by already 🥺🎓
What is the best thing or high point of your week so far even if its something

Were you inspired by the Jubilee Beacons so went outside and lit a candle in your garden? 🏡🕯️

I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been paying any attention to the Jubilee. I'm working throughout most of it lol
As for candles in my garden, because of Sooty, as well as the variety of other wildlife we get, we don't have candles etc.
It's likely any outdoor lighting would get damaged. Plus with our neighbour's freaking flood light, there's no point lol
Were you inspired by the Jubilee Beacons so went outside and lit a candle in

M.in. My Little Princess, Meteor Garden, Sweet Combat, The Rational Life, Well Intended Love. Te dwie ostatnie były nawet w porządku, więc może być coś podobnego do nich, albo jakieś mroczniejsze 🙈

ryujinpl1’s Profile Photo류진 Shin Ryujin | ITZY Poland
Z mroczniejszych na pewno 'Love Me If You Dare'.
A tak to polecam:
'Go Go Squid'
'Falling Into Your Smile'
'Love O2O'
'My Little Happiness'
'The World Owes Me a First Love'
Min My Little Princess Meteor Garden Sweet Combat The Rational Life Well

Helloooooo how are you doing

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How am I? I'm all about studying, my everyday life, everything is stressful. There is a week left, to put the squeeze on it and there will be freedom. There will be a rest, from everything, I'm wildly tired, exhausted. I really want to finally get some sleep and relax. Even after studying, if I choose to go to the botanical garden. I'm exhausted anyway. You just need a good sleep, and lots and lots of nature and tranquility.

Как я? Я вся в учебе, мои будни, проходят все на стрессе. Осталась неделя, дожать её и будет свобода. Будет отдых от всего, я дико устала, вымоталась. Мне безумно хочется наконец-то выспаться и расслабиться. Даже после учебы, я если и выбираюсь в ботанический сад. Все равно я измотана. Просто нужен хороший сон, и много-много природы и спокойствия.🌿
Helloooooo how are you doing

Poleć jakieś tanie damskie perfumy z dobrym zapachem :)

Zależy co kryje się za słowem „tanie” jak chcesz perfumy, które są inspirowane tymi drogimi to idź do Zary. Tam tego pełno i osobiście mam jeden zapach „Garden” trzyma się super długo i jest inspirowany YSL Black Opium, które również posiadam i w kwestii trwałości i zapachu różnicy zbyt dużej nie widzę

☀️ do you like sunbathing? do you tend to tan or burn?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I can't remember, don't think the UK has actually seen the sun this year 🤔😂
When it's out, I don't tend to have the patience to just sit. I get fidgety after ten minutes. But I love being in the sun, so I'll garden or workout or something (and then read a book when the energy has gone!)
My nose burns, which sucks, but the rest of me tends to tan (but like I say, this is from memory 🙄😂)

Have you ever had any sport supplements like protein powder? If yes, what’s your favourite flavour? If no: what is your favourite milkshake or smoothie flavour? 🥤

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
I work, study on weekends, have my own house, large garden and recreational plot. I have so many activities that I do not need any extra effort in the gym and I do not need sports drinks as the exercise while working in the garden is enough for me

Do you have or have you had an allotment?

LouiseDooley’s Profile PhotoOrion The Huntress
I'm tempted, because I like growing fruit and veg but my own garden is full of mature shrubs and bushes and not suitable unless I dig it all up and start again. An allotment would therefore be ideal, but my nearest ones are just that little bit too far away that I'd have to cycle or drive, and so that makes it too much effort to look after regularly. If I ever move house, I'll try and get one with a more suitable garden.

las tres se estrenaron antes de 2005 como recientes ene xd

StrongerThanYou4’s Profile Photomstp.
No me se las epocas TT me fui a revisar y entonces
1 adventure time aunque a veces si me aburria especialmente cuando cambiaron el doblaje de jake
2 gumbal
3 regular show
mencion especial a clarence y over the gray garden que igual me gustaba verlas uwu mas stevan universo que tenia buenos momentos a veces y lapiz era piola tambien amatista menos cuando de ponia rabiosa porque decia ser un error

💫 what do you have planned for the upcoming week?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
I was at work 6am-12pm today! (It's 2:16pm now) so just gonna relax now and potentially have a bath later! Got a feeling I've sprained my ankle cuz it's swollen at the moment and hurts :s
I think tomorrow I'm gonna go to the garden centre with my mom. She wants some plants for the front garden.
As well as pick up some stuff for my brother as he's moving soon!
what do you have planned for the upcoming week
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☀️ do you like sunbathing? do you tend to tan or burn?

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
It's nice laying in the sun sometimes, if you're at the beach or in the garden. It's really warm and cosy. But I do burn real bad and I don't like getting too hot either haha. I also get bored laying there for ages too haha. I'll wear sun protection and then have breaks where I get out the sun.

PAP of the last beautiful bird you saw.

I don't really tend to take pics of birds, just cuz they fly off pretty quick lol
But the birds I've seen recently in the garden etc have been pigeons, sparrows, starlings, robins, black birds and crows :)
PAP of the last beautiful bird you saw
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O czym jest F4? Ta nazwa się jakoś rozwija? 😆

'F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers'
Drama jest oparta na japońskiej mandze “Hana Yori Dango” autorstwa Kamio Yako, tak samo jak chińskie 'Meteor Garden', z 2018 roku, które znajdziemy na Netflixie, czy koreańskie Boys Over Flowers z 2009 roku.
Tutaj opis ze strony Drama Online, gdzie można obejrzeć tę dramę:
"Gorya to prosta dziewczyna, która pracuje w kwiaciarni. Dziewczyna dostaje stypendium sportowe i zostaje przyjęta do prestiżowej i luksusowej szkoły, do której uczęszczają bogate dzieciaki. Szkołą rządzi elitarna klika znana jako F4, składająca się z 4 bogatych, przystojnych i rozpieszczonych chłopców (Thyme, Ren, Kavin i MJ). Gorya jest jedyną osobą, która przeciwstawia się ich znęcaniu się nad pozostałymi uczniami." Z czasem między Goryą, a Thyme pojawia się uczucie, które prowadzi do różnych zawirowań. Bohaterowie muszą zmierzyć się z mamą Thyme, która nie akceptuje ich związku i próbuje ich rozdzielić.
Osobiście nie jestem jakoś zachwycona tą dramą. Tu Tontawan jako Gorya do mnie nie przemawia, jej gra aktorska...no cóż, nie jest zachwycająca. Mimo tego, że zakończenie 'Meteor Garden' było przekombinowane, a dramę można było skrócić o kilka odcinków, to i tak przyjemniej mi się ją oglądało niż F4. Bright Vachirawit jako Thyme i Dew Jirawat jako Ren, to chyba największe plusy tej dramy haha

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O czym jest F4 Ta nazwa się jakoś rozwija

Jak to się stało że zainteresowałaś się chińskimi dramami?

Przygodę z chińskimi dramami zaczęłam od 'Meteor Garden, na które natrafiłam na Netflixie (myślę że wiele osób również zaczynało od tej dramy haha) no i potem wciągałam się w ten świat coraz bardziej. Znalazłam strony takie jak Drama Queen, Drama-Online, czy Viki Rakuten i masowo pochłaniałam inne produkcje. Znudziły mnie te wszystkie amerykańskie seriale na Netflixie i zaczęłam szukać czegoś innego, tak się to wszystko zaczęło. ✨
Jak to się stało że zainteresowałaś się chińskimi dramami

Have to ever bumped into someone you knew from a place quite far away? Where it made you feel the world was small. E.g. I bumped into an old school friend from this small village, yearssss later, in this very specific random place in London one day. They didn't even live there and were passing by.

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
Met @asgardarts in Covent Garden completely by accident!! Was just with @mystery246 at the time, and then suddenly, boom, Livi xD
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If you could choose a new "golden rule", what would it be? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Answering a bunch of questions)
Отвечаю еще на пачку вопросов)
1. hmm, interesting ... I will answer with the golden rule of mechanics: "how many times we win in strength, so many times we lose in distance"
хм, интересно... отвечу золотым правилом механики: "во сколько раз мы выигрываем в силе, во столько раз проигрываем в расстоянии"
2. I chose a mansion, sold it and bought a cozy house with a good patio, not large, a greenhouse not for a flower garden, but in order to have a good rest there in rainy weather, well, maybe I would start a couple of three orchids and leave them there for admiring
особняк выбрала, продала и купила уютный домик с хорошим патио не большим, оранжереей не для цветника, а чтобы в дождливую погоду там отдыхать добротная такая должна быть, ну возможно пару тройку орхидей завела бы и там оставила для любования
3. betrayal/предательство

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If you could choose a new golden rule what would it be

Jak ci się podobało F4?

Daję takie 4/10, ponieważ nawet tego nie dokończyłam. O ile początek zapowiadał się naprawdę fajnie, tak z każdym odcinkiem było co raz gorzej według mnie. Przedobrzyli & w ten sposób 16 odcinków to było zdecydowanie za mało, bo wciskali dużo wątków, które wyjaśniały się w ciągu pół epizodu, aby zdążyć z następnymi. No i główna para u mnie totalnie na nie. Ich cała historia to 99% kłótni & nieporozumień, naprawdę. O ile za chińską wersją "Meteor Garden" również nie przepadam, to tam chociaż mieli sporo fajnych momentów, w ogóle lepiej było to pokazane. Poza tym postać Goryi tak mnie wkurzała, że nawet tego nie komentuję. 👀
Jak ci się podobało F4

What's your plan for the weekend?

Well, it’s moms birthday on Monday and I still can’t play footy with my bung collar bone so I’m gonna build her the garden arbor she has asked for since I was an apprentice. I have all the climbing plants ready to go to make it look well established 🤗❤️

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