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10 things about yourself. 1) Age 2) Zodiac sign 3) Height 4) Occupation 5) Fav food 5) Fav perfume 6) You live in a house or apartment 7) Location 8) Single/taken 9) S*xuality 10) Religious/atheist/other?

Gemini ♊️
5’9 5’10 (haven’t been measured in years) 🤷‍♂️
maintenance and gardening Curry 🍛 or fried chicken 🍗
Either mont blanc explorer or hugo boss
Council house 🏠 Manchester ❤️ single
Agnostic ✨
10 things about yourself 1 Age 2 Zodiac sign 3 Height 4 Occupation 5 Fav food 5

I feel so lost and out of place. I’ve tried to accept how things are but I want to live not just for others but for myself, this isn’t living. I just don’t know how? I keep telling myself people got it worse and I should be grateful but I’m only human.

kiwi_nights’s Profile PhotoClaire
I understand the feeling, I get that sometimes as well, Just need to find something you have a passion and love for to keep your mind off what your feeling🌸 nature and gardening helped me a lot❤️💙

If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be and why?

icepumpkincream’s Profile Photoicepumpkincream
Mastering Patissier🥹✨ Patissier is a dessert chef, it is often called a pastry chef, or, if you're fancy, a patissier. They are considered the dessert experts in the kitchen!.. 💫 I really fucking love baking and cooking and doing art crafts when it comes to baking 🎀🧁🍒🍭🍦🍩🍪⛄🎅🏼🎄☠️🎃👻⚰️🦴🕸️ like TLE kasi namin yan nung high school instead of gardening or cleaning nails and toes (lahat naman ata pina try samin pero omg‼️😭) nabihag ng puso ko pagiging pastry 🍰🎂 sadly ayaw nila ko pakuhain culinary since expensive. That's why I took TESDA in Miriam college, pa exam na kami nun and almost have finished our activities na like final exams nalang so we could get the certificate sadly dun nalaman and na diagnosed na I have tumor cancer sa throat after nun I stop going to school and wasn't able to finish my exam.. Yun tipong the next day exam na sana kaso nakagat ako ng aso nung gabi since iinom ako ng kape and I'm craving for Skyflakes eh naubusan na sa house so I went sa tindihan (ang shorts ko pa nun yellow na may faces ng dogs) eh na intriga yung aso sa butt ko saka sa suot kong short na may faces ng dog it bit me near sa butt leg 🦵🏻 after that nag pa erig dialysis tapos napansin ni mama my eyes are getting bigger (like lumuluwa) she ask my doctor if it's because of the vaccine I take (ERIG) but it says no tapos yun I have GRAVE'S DIESEAS. Tapos yung goiter pa nun sa loob tumutubo instead outside so mahal pag papa surgery and all of that kaya we prefer radiation therapy, ayaw nila mabutas or masira vocal cords ko they know how I love to sing~ or play instruments so blah blah unto this day dialysis palagi it's a lifetime medication na daw talaga.. idk nga bakit sa iba nag cure or hindi na nag maintenance maybe it's because hindi naman toxic yung goiter nila unlike me, kapag lumala or may nakain di kaaya aya nag sore yung throat then possible mag spread yung cancer kapag unhealthy yung intake or mga bawal 😒 at syempre kung ano masarap yun yung bawal 🥹💔😭

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What different activities you like to do which aren't found as common? 💫

zeldalink1’s Profile PhotoNavpreet
🌷 Cleaning / removing earwax from other people's ears👂Since I was around seven years old, I used to clean my younger brother's, my cousins', my aunties', my biological father's, my uncle's amd my late grandma's ears. Except my Mum's, she's too ticklish. I have this little metal spoon for cleaning the ears. And I also use a small torchlight. They used to joke around that it looks like I'm going to operate on their ears😄
To entertain myself, I like watching my shadow dance, most of the time just my hands. Sometimes, I make animal shapes and do a puppet show.
Recently - I like gardening at night, just repotting in the Patio where there's light. It's cooler and feels peaceful, especially under the moonlight🌙

No need to apologise 😌 you’ve been running already 😧 you probably should get some more sleep from what I have read it sounds like you’ll burn yourself out at this rate. Is it a proper game later or just training? I like gardening but don’t really have much of a garden 😂

GeorginaKeemcook’s Profile PhotoGeorgina
Geez, that gardening was like going to the dentist, even though you can hardly see where I’ve been there is a cost to it 😭 I can now see that I need to get more mulch now and do a pruning exercise before winter finishes, so this month 😩
Footy today is our third last game before the finals start, we are second and this week we play the top team so it’s a good measuring stick for us 🏈

ما تقولوا معلومة مفيدة في اي حاجة ...

whatafterthis321’s Profile Photoامممم
Exposure to natural light stimulates the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays a crucial role in regulating mood and promoting a sense of well-being.
Research suggests that regular engagement with nature improves attention span, memory retention, and problem-solving abilities.
Breathing in fresh air and soaking up natural sunlight contributes to vitamin D production, which is essential for bone health and immune system function.
Nature therapy often encourages social interaction and fosters a sense of community. Participating in group activities like guided nature walks, outdoor yoga sessions, or community gardening allows individuals to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, and build supportive relationships.
Nature can inspire awe, humility, and a sense of wonder, nurturing the spiritual aspect of self-care and promoting a greater sense of purpose and interconnectedness.

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Any tips to overcome depression? Except namaz....talawat

victoriaprincesssweet’s Profile PhotoAyesha
Travel somewhere, where you can see and feel nature, if not, meet some friends oftenly...
If both options aren't good, sleep alot, watch movies or dramas, do some hobbies like gardening, writing, googling, coloring, play some games, alot of things to do...
But to overcome a depression, you have to be strong for the very first... May you get out of it soon..

i work for my uncle he has diy business, we do gardening, carpentry, construction, and he has a hardware shop, go you that sounds interesting x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
That sound like a nice and honest job to do. Hope its more pleasant than stressful! :)
Thank you, I always wanted to do something creative as a job.

Do you act more like your mum or your dad? In what way? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ 1 DAY TO GO ▩ ♚ ☻
It's fairly equal!
I get my silver lining outlook from my mom, along with a bunch of hobbies like gardening, art and reading!
But then I get my sense of paranoia (yes I know it sounds bad lol) from my dad. So like the need to check security, that I have everything etc. Plus I get my nerdy side from him! So my like for robots, star trek, etc :3
Do you act more like your mum or your dad In what way

Auch wenn es eine Illusion ist, aber wie könnte eine gerechte Welt für alle aussehen und entstehen?

XxSuperwomenxX’s Profile PhotoEponomasie
Gerecht für wirklich alle ist unmöglich den manche haben den Traum das zu beherrschen was andere frei bleibend wollen das zu zerstören was andere mögen, das zu tun was anderen schadet. Eine harmonische Welt ist nur möglich wenn die dummen und dunklen weg sind ansonsten wird immer Disharmonie und Dystopie sein und irgendwer das nachsehn haben. Es gibt keine Welt wo Wölfe und Schafe gleichermassen glücklich sind und haben was sie wollen. Dafür sind die Menschen bei weitem zu unterschiedlich. Aber vorrausgesetzt die Zeit der dummen sturen unwissenden und ignoranten und die der Möchtegern Weltherrscher endet dann ist mindestens alles nötig was in der Utopie des Manifestes gelistet ist eher sogar alles was in meinem Schloß erst ist. Aber das Manifest ist das mindeste. BGE, Cradle to Cradle, Freie Energie, Permakultur, essbare Städte und Wälder, Vertical Farming und Gardening, Venus Projekt, Urzeitcode, alles von Tesla/Schauberger/Reich und Abertausende Dinge mehr die schon seit langer langer Zeit in den Schubladen und den Köpfen von Genies, Pionieren, Esos und Visionären und innovativen Profis existieren aber noch nie alle zusammengefügt und weiter perfektioniert wurden wie ich es im Schloß getan habe. Mehr als nur die Lösung aller bisherigen, heutigen und künftigen unnötigen Probleme dieser unterbelichteten Menschheit die unfähig ist hinzusehn und sich zu informieren da ihre Programmierung verhindert auch nur solche Videos anzusehn. Meinesgleichen oder besser Meinesähnlichen werfen seit Jahrzehnten bis Jahrtausenden Perlen vor die Säue die die Wölfe wegkehren ehe die Schafe überhaupt hingesehn haben.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YUeUyY-BvQDerUnsterbliche’s Video 172229016167 7YUeUyY-BvQDerUnsterbliche’s Video 172229016167 7YUeUyY-BvQ

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DerUnsterbliche’s Video 172229016167 7YUeUyY-BvQDerUnsterbliche’s Video 172229016167 7YUeUyY-BvQ

I am beyond words...

Beau_Abbs_Char’s Profile Photo♥️ Char ♥️
The hubby is spoiling me rotten today. First he ordered me a new signed CD of one of the best people (which I forgot that you can already pre-order it for when it's released the 16th). Then he orders one of my favorite take out meals, and he also orders an item for my gardening. (And of course, Abbs won't get to hear this CD untill she's of age for the content). Can't wait!
I am beyond words
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What did you do today?

I went to a garden centre and bought some plants for my mom's birthday that's coming up.
Also got something for Father's day!
Did some shopping for essentials for myself. So toothpaste, shower gel etc. Also picked up a pretty decorative bottle!
Did a bit of gardening and watered the flowers.
Then watched a Midsomer Murders episode :)
What did you do today

Have you had any experience of taking care of elderly people? Whether you worked in elderly care or in your personal life. How did / do you find it? 🧓

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Only my grandparents towards the ends of their lives.
My mom became their sole carer. She was there daily cleaning, helping cook, doing their shopping, their washing etc. So I'd go and help :)
I did their gardening and cleaning mostly!
Have you had any experience of taking care of elderly people Whether you worked

Ano ba ginagawa niyo pang-iwas sa socmed bukod sa app timer??? LOL

-> I literally just uninstall the app in my phone and just check it on my laptop when I really have to. (school/work shits, events, announcements)
-> I also use app timer haha but I always change the timer soooo it doesn't really work sometimes
-> you can also turn on "Focus Mode" on your phone, you can choose apps that you'll be able to access and then it locks all the other apps until you turn it off
-> you can also download a phone locker app, you set a time and then it locks your phone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tomka.lockmyphone
-> sometimes, I just leave my phone somewhere and do something else (gardening, cleaning, chores, hands-on activities)
There's always a way, if you wanna do it. And there's always a reason, if you don't want to. (Pag gusto may paraan, pag ayaw laging may dahilan.)

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Ano ba ginagawa niyo pangiwas sa socmed bukod sa app timer LOL

What was the last thing you bought to improve the place where you live? What do you think will be the next such thing you'll buy? Doesn't matter how big or small 💸🏠

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Bought a new bed and next thing will probably be gardening stuff to start making the garden look beautiful

If you could talk to the President/Menteri, what would you talk about?

Bila nak sampaikan kat semua orang yang they should start gardening?
Bila nak start use your power to remind everyone about deen?
Bila nak start including deen in your every decision making?
Since memerintah style barat is getting old & boring & cam tak dak hasil ngat, tak teringin ke nak memerintah style Islam pulak? I know everyone has the impression that its lame & etc but seeing the outcome of memerintah style barat ni, function sangat ke? Tak teringin ke nak tahu how it’ll be like, if we try follow memerintah style Islam for once.
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how do you release tension/stress? 🗯

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
🌷 I think and do things that would naturally boost the release of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin in my body😊

By staying active.... like doing some exercise, gardening, cooking, etc. Or just relax and rest.


How to cheer up when feel the lowest in life?

Songs, engaging in a hobby that would be good for health.
Talking with someone who can make you happy as the way you are. ❤️
Workout can also help!
Watch a comedy movie, gardening, going out for a walk, petting animals(if you like), having tasty food, joining music or dance class or just upgrading the skills by yourself, (It can be in your hobby also!)
Count your blessings, not your flaws! ✌️
Hope, answer can be useful to you. 💫🌟🌻
How to cheer up when feel the lowest in life

Hast du schon mal was vom Guerilla Gardening gehört? Wenn ja, was hältst du von dieser Aktion? Würdest du dort mit machen wollen? 🌞

Habe letztes Semester ein Seminar mit dem Titel "Urban Gardening" besucht und vieles über Guerilla Gardening gelernt! Finde es sehr sehr cool, würde gern auch bei so einer Aktion mitmachen 😼 vorallem das Moosgraffiti will ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren 😂

Is a drama-free internet community a utopia? It seems as though every where you go on the internet, whether it's ask/insta/fb/reddit/twitter, there's always some kind of drama in every existing community. Heck, even in the nature lovers community there's someone arguing about dandelions and leaves⚰️

For real! The gardening community constantly one ups the other! Any time there’s a new plant to be sold, there’s always those people who are waiting in line like it’s Black Friday and you can bet they’re posting on Facebook by noon showing it off and giving pointless how to tips. 😂

What is your favorite and least favorite about every season? 🌷☀️🍁❄

🌷- my favorite thing about spring has to be the sprouting of the trees and flowers. I also get to do some gardening, nothing major though just some flowers and veggies. It’s pleasing to watch plants grow, they’re like my children. My least favorite thing about spring are the frequent rainfalls and overcasts.
☀️- my favorite thing about the summer are the longer days, my birthday lol , the sun is out more so I get to soak in that vitamin D. This is actually my least favorite season out of all of them, I dislike the heat, ugh and the emergence of various bugs ( especially those mosquitos ).
🍁- fall is my favorite season, I looovvveee the colors of the leaves , so vibrant and pretty. I get to wear my cozy sweaters, and boots. Oh and the temperature is just right. The only things a I dislike about this season is the shorter days, and the overcasts.
❄️- my favorite thing about this season has to be the first snow fall, snowflakes are precious little things. I am still awestruck at the fact that each snowflake have their own unique structure.. so amazing. Definitely cuddling weather🥰. Least favorite thing has to be those frigid days, it can be a bit too much.

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For the gardeners here. What got you into gardening? For me, it was purchasing a very dead looking Callistemon from a garden centre. I didn't know if it would live. 6 years on and it's thriving and rewards me with a beautiful display every Summer.

Jonathan6889’s Profile PhotoJonathan
My gardening passion came direct from my grandad on my mum side :) he would plant his seeds in his garden and watch as his flowers would grow. Absolutely Stunning to witness!!
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When and how do you listen to music? In what situations do you listen? How long do you listen? What do you do while listening? Are you concentrated on the music? Are there any friends with you? ...? In general: what are some of your listening expieriences?

When I'm walking the dog. I walk her about 2 hours a day in 30 - 45 min periods, so I will generally download an album from Spotify before I go. I find during these walks I can concentrate on the music a bit more, which I like as I don't really have time these days to just sit and listen.
I usually toss a record on when I get home no matter what I’m doing. My idea of “vegging out,” is listening to music while reading, painting, gardening, or doing logic puzzles instead of watching television or shopping or something along those lines. A lot of times I’ll just sit there listening to the music and looking at the album art and reading through liner notes. HOW: Vinyl. I’ve been collecting for most of my life and I think started because what I was interested in was either in my parents record collection or it was easier for me to track down on vinyl than CD or MP3 at that point. I have always been awestruck by this entire curated piece of art that I was able to own. I really appreciate that an entire album was conceptualized as this experience to engage all senses and is presented as a complete piece of cohesive, thoughtful art. I really only listen to CDs or digital downloads when I’m driving. FINDING NEW MUSIC: This is going to sound absurd, but I basically just make friends with men at least twice my age and pick their brains. That demographic seems to “get” what I’m really lusting after in an auditory experience and can somehow always pull together some bizarre and obscure gem from the periphery to broaden my horizons. I’m a younger woman who is obsessed with the weird & wonderful and I really take the time to appreciate what’s out there. I grew up with a musician father and spent my childhood around great and substantial music, and I did not really get an introduction into popularly marketed commercial music. With that being said, it’s hard to find new music when you’ve spent your entire life with the privilege of hearing such a wide variety of spectacular music so most of my free time is spent gaining insight into the sources of inspiration for the pieces of work I really value most. It’s a lot of reading and talking to people who know better than I do. Weird, I know.
How: These days, primarily through Spotify. I first started listening to music seriously as a teenager, I would say. Both my parents were big music people, but by the time I was at that age, my dad mostly pirated stuff so it's not like we had a lot of CDs laying around. Though I do know they had a lot of cassette tapes back in the day. A lot of my early music taste was formed by the stuff my parents listened to, which was a lot of classic rock and pop and stuff from the 70's to the 90's. But even then, it was rarely in the way of full-length albums, as opposed to playlists and things of that nature.

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do you like gardening? 🌻🌷

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I live in a small dorm room, I wouldn't have been able to do gardening on a regular basis even if I wanted to 😆 But I have at times taken care of the plants that my dormmates own at times when they've been away and I think that's garnered me a reputation of having greener fingers than I actually have lol This is the closest thing to a garden I have but I like it nonetheless 😊
do you like gardening

do you like gardening? 🌻🌷

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I’ve never had a garden, but I’ve always wanted one. I absolutely love plants and it would be thrilling to watch them grow from seeds to sprouts to flowers and vegetables. I know there’s a lot of work involved in gardening properly, but I’m okay with that. Bring it on.

do you like gardening? 🌻🌷

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I don’t know, really. I don’t mind helping out when my parents ask, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying I enjoy it! Probably because the jobs I do often entail pulling out weeds from between the concrete slabs of our patio, which is surprisingly strenuous work, as they’re so deep rooted!
Maybe it was more enjoyable jobs such as planting seeds etc, I’d like it a lot more! 🌸🌿
do you like gardening

do you like gardening? 🌻🌷

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
🌱 I like the idea of it, but I don’t know much about it, and other than some chillis, and an avocado tree, I’ve not had much success with the plants I’ve had - even a cactus died on me!
🌳 Plus I like things a bit mature, lush, and overgrown … so I’m a little out of sync with the neatly-trimmed and prunephile gardeners here!
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do you like gardening? 🌻🌷

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
I do! I'm terrible at it though! Bought tons of flowers and vegetable plants this summer and they all have died. 🤣
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do you like gardening

Are your parents still alive?

My Mom passed 26 years ago, Dad passed 5 years ago. I admire them a great deal and am proud to have been able to call them Mom and Dad. My parents both worked hard, dad had 2 jobs. I have no memories of when they weren't there for me, riding a bike, graduation, buying my first home. Mom taught me acceptance and how to treat everyone equally. Dad taught me how to always be there for family and how to fix things and make things. I'm pretty handy as a result. I try and parent similar to how I was raised. I am just doing the best I can. I feel lucky that I have great examples to follow. My husband's parents are the polar opposite of mine. We have been estranged from them for many, many years. I think they both passed on at this point. He got over the guilt and obligation to keep them in our lives a long time ago.
My mom is still around and she is a pretty wonderful person. She never gave up on me even when she should have. I have spent the last several years trying to get to know her as a person, not just my mom. I take her places and try to get her to tell me stories of her and my dads lives. I want to hear all about what it was like growing up during the depression and WW2, what it was like to live on a farm with no running water or electricity. And what it was like to be newly married in the early 50's and living in the mid west. At first it was like pulling teeth getting her to talk about that stuff because she thought it was so boring. But once she became convinced I was truly interested she began to open up. I have heard some great stories. If your folks are still alive I recommend trying to get them to tell you stories of their lives.
I was an only child, and an unwanted one (Mum was 37 when I was born; she had given up on having children and was enjoying the party life of a childless housewife; furthermore, if she were going to have a child, she wanted a girl, which I obviously was not). They did not do a great job of bringing me up. Dad worked shifts and, when he wasn't at work, he spent his time gardening or down the allotment. Mum was exceptionally house-proud, and a messy child was a nuisance; I was banned to my room most of the time.
Parents living, but very elderly. Still love my mom to the moon - she is a very loving and forgiving person, even though she made lots of mistakes, mostly by omission rather than comission. My dad, otoh, is kind of an asshole that drank his way through his depression, and couldn't wait for all of us to move out so he could have his house to himself. Half of us kids still visit him once in a while in the nursing home since he has very bad dementia. He is always so happy to see us! It's the love that he responds to. I'm still working my way through my feelings about him, as memories surface that are not pleasant, trying to understand things from his point of view (WW2 vet, strict moral values, raised us with the stick more than the carrot). It seems to be working - I still love him even with his faults.

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but you speak like one. no women who isn't a gardening implement would say $300 isn't enough and my husband brings in more. She wouldn't even mention that regardless of her financial status. A proper woman would just rule out the idea completely, not mention stipulations.

you act like i literally gave you guys an exact amount he brings home lmaooo.
just shut up and stop bitching about everything i post .

Do you like gardening and mowing?

My love of the garden and of flowers and now my PUMPKINS OH MY GOD is so all encompassing that my mum made my birthday cake based all around it. What you can't see here, because we only had multicoloured sprinkles, is that there is actually a pond with a water feature, a brook, a flagstone path, a wild flower meadow AND an area of silver birch.
You need a little imagination, but it works.
Do you like gardening and mowing

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