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Libor Milian in Art/Culture 7 No.1 and 22 Charts.New Songs Wounded Heart.

EniTimar’s Profile PhotoLibor Milian Estonia
Libor Milian-Art/Culture
7 No.1 and 22 Charts.New Songs Wounded Heart.
New songs from the Artist Libor Milian will bring not only a new style of music, but also a change of personality. This Artist has achieved worldwide success in the world and became famous for his songs. But he also collects success in Gastronomy as we see in some magazines.The entire CD Album Wounded Heart will be attached to this song.The SONGS will contain new songs by the Artist Libor Milian.An artist like Libor Milian in the category with Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood is also written about in other news, magazines and radio stations in World.As we learned, the new fashion brand from Libor Milian will be named Wounded Heart.As we have informed you in the magazine about more articles about this Personality.
Libor Milian-Art/Culture More Articles Libor Milian
Artist Libor Milian Charts 7 No.1 and 22 Charts
Libor Milian on a snowboard with his love who skied with her friend.
In 2014, the Artist Libor Milian was attacked in Prague by a sick person with a severely mental.
Libor Milian took a photo on the slope with a young Polish fan who asked him in glasses with her fri.
New Products in E Shops with Libor Milian.
Art / Culture was produced by Entertainment in Norway together with a TV program in 2021

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Libor Milian in ArtCulture

Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?

♨️🙃 Hi. Good Afternoon / Evening - How are you I hope extraordinary. 1. Sleeping= It can not subtract (fail) so it is docile way I do it by rest. 2. Cook= I love this ingenuity; 8 years ago I challenged myself preparing various (local) dishes. Sometimes I was unsuccessful, however it encouraged me to continue in the world of gastronomy. 3. Physical activity= Aerobic exercise (jogging - walking - running - recreational cycling) 4. Volunteer= In the last few weeks I have started with this activity. Other short & long-term activities= I would love to paint- draw- write- read- play golf- tennis- hike- river raft- spa day- do puzzles- plan vacations- watch netflix- shop. 🏪💈By the way I want to spend a wonderful Sunday and start of phenomenal week + full of prosperity😀💫
Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time

This is my first YouTube video! If you want you can watch it and if you like to give a thumbs up, as well as subscribe to my channel! https://youtu.be/tWY-KH8UUVc

seasonscan’s Profile Photo˗ˏ` Aɴᴅ ɴᴏ ᴍᴀᴛᴛᴇʀ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴᴅ! ❜
Hello, the landscapes and gastronomy are very beautiful. I liked.🍝🌴🍁🌻👏☺

Kak milk, you're my living gastronomy library, what restaurant that makes the best italian pizza in jakarta? (Please don't recommend me to fitsa hats ?)

dionisiuskusuma’s Profile PhotoDio
Hahaha fitsahats mitlover dong! LOOOL
Kidding kidding, i love pizza barboni in kemang and bastardo pizza in PIK!
Bastardo is my fave tho, idk if you can eat pork but if you can, try rocky balboa, honey glazed pork with scrambled egg pizza!??? buns and meat also serves thin pizza, my fave is chasiu pizza!?

ka thaliaa itu yang di snapchat tuh di restoran manaa?kayanya unik gitu deh makanan2nyaa!! Jawabb yaa kaak hihi❤️❤️

hahahaha omg banyak bgt ya yang kepo 😋 ituu di namaaz private dining, di gunawarman... lucu ya makanannya! dia kayak molecular gastronomy gitu makanya makanannya unik2! kalo utk harga dll buka websitenya aja yah www.namaazdining.com 😀😀

Why do people love drinking? It doesn't even make sense to me. Alcohol doesn't taste good and too much is bad for your health. (& yes, I have tasted it, & not only once). Hope I get an answer. Thank you before & have a perfect day.

I like it that you picked two measuring variables to make your point.
Now, let me help you:
1) You can't and shouldn't taste alcohol. It's a compound, not a beverage. If you're referring to the medical alcohol, you're doing it wrong. If you're referring to some liquor you can't recall, you're also doing it wrong.
Your palate is pre-defined and pre-conditioned but it's manipulable. It can acquire taste. There are too many variations of alcoholic beverages that there will always be one that will suit your liking. Your gateway shouldn't be hard liquor. It's an acquired taste and most people are doing it for the kick, not the taste. if it's taste that you seek, try something paired and flavorful. Try cocktails. Try martini or caipiroska. Try fruit-paired ones like Midori or Cointreau. Try creme-paired ones like Kilkenny or Baileys. Or try champagne.
2) The thing with gastronomy is that everything is poison to the clueless. If you cook a confit with the wrong combination of spice and the wrong heat, you might end up poisoning yourself. (Eka Kurniawan once wrote a short story on the use of cooking as a lethal weapon). There are ways to hasten intoxication and there are ways to delay it. There are ways to cure hangover and there are ways to prolong it.
3) Again, drinking is a complex activity. It isn't about people liking what's on their glass. In some cases, drinking is temperature control. In other cases, drinking is a social lubricant, a therapy, potion of bravery, or an escapade.

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Mz jadi sebenernya saya kira 'chef' itu cuman nama di askfm doang... Ternyata beneran chef... Gw jadi malu kemaren pas fun talkshow udah sotoy abis ttg makanan, eh ternyata ada yang beneran pro :''

Helo kak niza
Saya nggk pro kok ka niza :')
Saya hanya bercanda
Pas nanyain tentang resto namaaz
Kirain udh pernah hahaha
Molecular Gastronomy namaaz keren keren juga
Boleh di coba ka makan di sana
Dan siap siap kantong kering ya ka :')
Dan terkadang aku bingung
Di namaaz knp ad jual cabe nya
Untung bukan cabe cabe an :'))
Mz jadi sebenernya saya kira chef itu cuman nama di askfm doang Ternyata beneran

Big congrats on Chef of the Week and yr awesome Gingerbread house. Who are your cooking role models/mentors?

aw thank you! Heston Blumenthal is definitrly one of my icons! he creates amazing dishes with molecular gastronomy (something i love) and creative flavorsome foods !

Ci, I will go to KL this month. Ada saran tpt shopping dan tpt makan yg oke ga ci? Thx before cc cuakep :*

Shopping yah cuman daerah bukit bintang sana.
Kalo makan,
- daerah bangsar (byk tmpt utk makanan brunch2 gitu). Try Antipodean, inside scoop, nosh.
- italiannies yg di empire subang
- kurtos (foodcourt pavilion)
- fiq's gastronomy (ss19/1 subang jaya)
- urbano e fresco (publika)
- al-andalus (for arabic cuisine)
- bar b q plaza

cała tw klasa jest zalosna jak sie na was patrze to tylko zdechnac bo to jest jedo wielkie wies party i ból dupy, gastronomy jebane co tylko jakis gówna "gotują". tyle w temacie =___=

o kurde , czyli mamy przejebane jednym słowem , pozdro 200 :>

If you were stuck in an elevator with a sweaty igikia and the bears from Mt Everest were calling out "LATOILET" from the caves and your dad was eating icecream, would you experiment with molecular gastronomy or clean your pu finally after 18 years? -Parker <3

HAHAHAHAHAHA PARKER you blardy beeeeetch gap it with your molecular shizz & F.Y.I my pu is clean k so kissmybum kk haha.

lol im from Paris , city of gastronomy !at worst i can go to the restaurant nd eat the best food ever looool

djamiluxe’s Profile Photodjami
Cool! I've been to Paris about 3 times in my life. Honestly, I don't like the crowded part of the city. If we really wanna talk about gastronomy, Dubai would take that title (City of gastronomy) :p

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