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Du bist & bleibst Gaygirl ?? Bisch ja eig ganz a nette & hübsche! Haben friaga viel mehr Kontakt kapt als wie etz gar koan! Du warst echt oft für mi da & ja wenn halt mal willsch meldesch die mal ✌️

Danke alls zruck. Ja fix brauchsch di lei meldn wen telfs bisch Gaygirl 2.0 ✋❤
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He du Pisser? :-) Kanntesch du bitte Voula's & Vanessa's Leben in Ruah lassen? es isch ihr Sach was sie zu Valentinstag machen! @Gaygirl

Danke gaygirl ✋❤
ja na ebn es ish inser sach was mia tian ! I kannt zu valentinstag a in puff gien und es tat eich null angean ! :-)

just cause your sb girls and have no boys in yur skl yu beeeeeer jam with boys after skl huggin and lipsing WHAT A GAYGIRL MATE NOT EVEN MIXED SKL GIRLS ARE THAT SLAGS

I'm very sorry that the boys in ur skl don't want to chill with you ok:( but LOOOL wdf if ur gnna stalk me atleast get ur fuckin facts straight, we don't fuckin go round huggin and lipsing :L FFS
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to be honest ; you are gay. but cute . but very gaaay . & no one has made me smile as much as you have since the day I met you , & iloveyou more than anything ! & sometimes I don't text you first cuz I don't want to irritate you .. lol . this tbh is kinda gay , like youuu! haha loveyou gaaayboy❥

Myababes’s Profile PhotoMyaaaaa♡
At first i was like ohhh myas gone be mad at this... Then i realized you were the one asking the question... Anyway sometimes i don't text you first because i think you're mad at me.. Lol but you're gayer(: and definitly cuter<3 lol iloveyou gaygirl

Omg lemeese fuck all them ppple who are saying horrid stufff there just jelous cos u are a amazing friend, person and sole mate forever xxxxx Wallah whoever it is they got mee to deal with okkk xxx My Grgeouss Lemon Cake ;)))

Loooool! Love you gaygirl :* haha its okay xx
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daaats what i was aiming for gayb0y :) I know I take nothing seriously :L but i mean it when i say you can talk to me ;3 i am quite zeeee gud listenah ;) hahaha and i give le good advice if you know wot i mean gaygirl ;D im always here even though we're not close okay twit hehehehe xxxx

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I het the message tits :3 but like seriously , thank you . You totally made my night ! <3 I'm sure you give le gayness to gay frog :3 I'm always here even tho we ain't tight as well xxxx

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