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Kto je lepší človek? Ty alebo tvoj partner?

Myslím, že obaja sa snažíme byť tým najlepším "ja", ako dokážeme.
Keby ale mám povedať jedno meno, tak je to Walter. Keď vidí, že sa niekde v okolí niečo deje, nie je ľahostajný a zaujíma sa. Ak niekto potrebuje pomôcť, pomôže. Ak má v určitej oblasti znalosti a niekto požiada o radu a má na to priestor, venuje vám pozornosť a usiluje sa poradiť ako najlepšie vie. Na nikoho nepovie nič zlé (ak ho teda oprávnene nenaseriete, haha). Je inteligentný, gentleman, odvážny, starostlivý. Dokonca aj v jeho okolí je vidieť, že ho má každý rád a nedajú na neho dopustiť. 😁
Takže za mňa je definitívna odpoveď: môj partner.
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OMG, I heard it's somebody's birthday today! 🎉 Happy birthday, gentleman. I hope you get everything your heart desires and more 😊 Enjoy to the fullest 🥳

chachoualacreme’s Profile Photochachoualacreme
Thank you so much Chamelia !
I'm thrilled to celebrate with you. 🎉
Your kind words mean a lot 😊
Let's make today awesome! 🥳

No one talks poetry and life here. Y'all are boring, lame and mid.

I knew a guy from school, we weren’t exactly friends, but we did know each other well for two people living in the same residential area as well as having the same school.
He was a great guy, full of life, wasn’t like other typical school bois. We both used to play football and he was the most calm gentleman.
I just learned he got diagnosed with brain tumour this Ramadan, last stage. He has been given two weeks at most from Drs since the tumour wasn’t benign and because of surgery, it has spread in his whole body.
I’m sorry if I don’t feel like talking about life right now.

Do you watch daily vloggers crap stuff?

walimughal4041’s Profile PhotoWali MUGHAL
I recently started watching Rajab Butt's vlogs, and I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed. He recites Darood Shareef before going anywhere. I followed all of his Umrah vlogs, and I was moved to tears by how he took his parents to such a beautiful place and gave his mother a wonderful Mother's Day gift. I admire how he encourages others to grow, promotes other channels, and welcomes everyone into his home. Even without formal degrees, he is a true gentleman. The way he beautifully represents the Shia community is remarkable. I love how they remember every detail of our Imams. I am truly fond of this man and could write so much more about him. He is not like other vloggers; he stands out.

Best way to approach a girl

First you have to try getting close to them. Try making friends with their friends. Treat them good with respect, take care of her, notice her mood and buy her things. Make efforts and slowly work on your friendship, be a gentleman. Once she starts giving you hints, take the shot and ask her out.
You’ll get rejected and broken after this. Next time try being a fuck boi and fuk her mental health up. They love that shit, she’ll be crazy for you.

Living for the drama oder Selbstreflexion? Was wäre eine typische Radio-Message deines Fahrers?

wirbrauchenideen’s Profile Photofreeserenemind
Ganz viel "Whoops", " Oh fu*k" und "Come on, you guys!" – das beschreibt Bodhis Radio relativ gut auf der ersten Schicht.
Danach folgt noch ganz viel Banter mit seinem Renningenieur Pedro – die Beiden lieben sich und zeigen es auf ihre ganze besondere Weise 💖😂
P: *Some Info about the race, blah, blah, blah*
B: "Yes, Sir – Old Man-Sir!"
P: "Just say 'Copy' ... And don't f* it up, ya little shit."
P: "Well done! Another car ruined thanks to you, Greenhorn."
B: "Thanks, Pedro. I'm good by the way..."
Es gibt manchmal aber auch sehr ehrlich und anerkennende Momente zwischen ihnen:
P: "Good lap, Cowboy! Keep it up and you'll taste some sweet champagne!"
B: "Aw thanks. Tryin' my best not to yeet myself from the tracks."
P: "Please shut up."
B: "Okey-dokey!"
Wie gesagt manchmal.
Darüber hinaus ist Bodhi am Radio auch eine wahre One-Man-Show. Zwar ist er die erste Zeit höchst konzentriert und fast unheimlich still für seine durch-plappernde Verhältnisse, doch nur bis sich das Getümmel nach dem Start etwas geklärt hat, denn dann geht es mit einem "Ladys and Gentleman; the race is officially on!" zusammen mit den ersten Infos von seiner Seite los. Es folgen ziemlich viele ungefilterte Gedanken, die Pedro allesamt ignoriert oder nur sarkastisch kommentiert.
Gibt Bodhi auch ein "It's High-Noon, Dude!" von sich, sobald er sich mit einem anderen Fahrern beim Überholen anlegt – er lehnt sich selbst sehr in das Texas-Cowboy-Theme okay? 😂🤠

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Who is the next Benjamin Nicholas and where is he?

Zero clue.
The business has changed and now it's OnlyFans guys who are doing 'private' meetings.
The old school well-cultured escort is a thing of the past. The client base is still there, but the guys coming into this don't have the background, intellect or common sense to become the next anything.
You can buy an OnlyFans guy for a private meet, sure, but what he can't do is blend in well with different groups, talk about a wide variety of subjects and understand how not to embarass you when you're together in public.
The guys I see don't want someone to train... They want a gentleman who has his shit together, in and out of the bedroom.

Dokázal by mi někdo zajistit vztah s jednou holkou ? Nějakou formou rituálu nebo něčeho 100% co by vyšlo ? Na penězích se jistě dohodneme a nebude to malá částka, jsem ochotný pro to udělat vše abych tuhle holku získal. Pokud víš jak to provést a nejsi fake nebo nebudeš lhát odepiš díky !

zapusob na ni, ukaz ji, ze jsi gentleman, pozvi ji nekam na jidlo do nejake nerusne restaurace, a bud zcela uprimny, mily, laskavy, ukaz ji, ze u tebe se muze citit v bezpeci.

How has your Saturday been? Mine has been really pleasant. It's been really warm, the temp stayed in the 70s so I had dinner outside on the patio for the first time this spring, then enjoyed the golden hour with a glass of wine. Life is so truly beautiful when it's warm outside 🌞🌷💐✨

Very beautiful 💚🏻🤩
My Saturday was quiet, we spend some time in the garden enjoying the sunshine and then we had a nap to recover some lost nights around lunchtime. We woke up around 4pm and it was so warm and nice, we went grocery shopping and then cooked dinner and enjoyed The Gentleman series on Netflix 🤍
My toddler had an early night 😊
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Koji muški parfem ti oduzima moć kontrole nad sopstvenim telom?!? Koji te parfem naprosto obara s nogu?!?

E ne znam iskreno, u srednjoj sam ludjela za onim dezodoransom Axe chocolate, pa sam si ga kupila 🤣
Aaaa šta znaaam... Givenchy gentleman society se čini noiiiiice.
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اقوى لقطة تضحك فيا فبنات الجامعة يقعدو يتمشو لما يلقو ولد واقف يوقفو قريب منه تبو تنخطبو صار 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

معتقدش بيكونوا شايفين الولد هادا من الاساس الاغلب هو شايف روحه على الفاضي والاكيد لابس نضاره شمس مفكر روحه امير كراره وفمه السيجار وحرفيا البرفيوم ياللي بيكون حاطه بالنسبه لاغلب البنات معطر جو وهكي هو على اساس واااو gentleman و هو كان شبحاته امه الصبح انخلعت مته اصلا ومعتقدش انه الممثل
Vin Diesel مثلا او Jason Statham
ولا يعني هو محمد حماقي لا تامر حسني ولا وائل جسار باش يوقفوا اول مايشبحوه 😂
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А вам нравилась передача "Голые и смешные" ?

vkond94’s Profile PhotoИван Кондрашов
Ivan, are you a fan of Ukrainian television?
“Naked and Funny” is a hidden camera prank television show produced in Odessa. The show was created by the authors of the TV show “The Gentleman Show”. Produced since 2006. Premiere episodes are aired on the Ukrainian channel ICTV.
I live in the UK, they don't show this show on TV.
А вам нравилась передача Голые и смешные


ليه يوجين الاعظم دائما وابدا 🦥
اولا :يوجين اجمل راجل ف ديزني ده كدا كدا
ثانيا :تقبل هرمونات روبانزل وقعد ساكت لحد م خلصت صياح وهذا هو المطلوب
ثالثآ:لما وداها مطعم البطابيط حس بالذنب وهرب معاها بعد كده
رابعآ :صاحب الد اعداءه maximus عشان خاطر عيون الحلوه
خامسآ:هي الوحيده ال تعرف اسمه الحقيقي وقصته يعني ميزها عن كل العالم وهنحتاج ايه اكتر من كده اساسا
سادسآ:حققلها حلمها ووراها الفوانيس ال بتلمع ف السما يعني gentleman
سابعا:ضحي بنفسه عشانها ومكنش عنده اي مشكله يمو ت بس هي تبقي حره
ثامنآ والاهم:دمه خفيف 😂♥️

https://ask.fm/Cloud2k23/answers/173190107949 https://ask.fm/Cloud2k23/answers/173191616813 https://ask.fm/Cloud2k23/answers/173191617325

Cloud2k23’s Profile PhotoCloud Strife
*Notte lunga.
Notte intensa.
Notte che si era trasformata in giorno.
Giorno che portava con sé nuovi sapori e avventure.
Giorno che doveva essere iniziato con tutte le energie del mondo — badare bene però che Astrid era stata sottoposta ad una intensa attività fisica e che il suo stomaco era a digiuno da un numero ignoto di ore, quindi, direi che la sua reazione fu più che legittimata e per nulla esagerata.*
- c i b o ~
*Il formato zombie non subentrava da quella volta in cui Astrid aveva litigato con sua mamma e lei, per ripicca - ragazzina capricciosa! - si era messa a digiuno, scommettendo che sarebbe resistita e che avrebbe vinto lei, anche a costo di morire di fame. Un omicidiø c'era quasi stato! E anche questa volta stava succedendo, ignara delle sue azioni, la fame aveva preso il sopravvento, evocando il mostro che risiedeva in lei — altro che Sukuna!
S: ⟨⟨Qualcuno ha osato pronunciare il mio nome invano? Vi stermino tutti quanti, sudici insetti insignificanti⟩⟩
- nessuno stava parlando con te! *Linguaccia*
Evitato l'omicidio, Astrid rimase inerme nel letto, con la lingua fuori dalla bocca a penzoloni, gli occhi sgranati iniettati di sangue, le fauci secche e lo stomaco che intonava il borborigmo, in attesa di ricevere la pozione magica.
"È pronto" — veramente si aspetta che una come lei si alzi dal letto? In questo stato? Come minimo doveva portarle la colazione a letto: e invece no! Altro che gentleman, prima prende e poi manco dà! Quantomeno si era degnato di prepararle un banchetto coi fiocchi. A quella visione, Astrid non attese alcun permesso, e si rifocillò — buon sangue non mente, dopotutto è una Reonhato!
Tornata fresca e cristallina, eterea come una rosa, giovane fanciulla fatata e sorridente - come se nulla fosse - i due giovani cominciarono dovutamente la loro giornata — e cosa se non con una divertente mlmlmlmlml? No? Niente? Astrid aveva atteso abbastanza per ricevere la sua arma. Si incontrano con Zack e Tifa in città - sguardo ammiccante di lei, di chi ne sa una più del diavolo. Astrid imbarazzata dal suo sapere - tuttavia, passò poco che quel cielo sereno si ricoprisse di nuvole grigie e di cariche elettriche tempestose.*
- oh no, che peccato!
*Pigolò la giovane, portando gli occhi tristi al cielo. Ma perché mai due gocce d'acqua dovrebbero frenare il suo shopping sfegatato? Certo, due gocce di pioggia no, ma due mani senz'altro. Quelle scene alla spazio/tempo, tratte da film sci-fi e fantascientifici, che trattano quel magico mondo interdimensionale che tutto sa eccetto che di realtà; Astrid viveva in un mondo dove, effettivamente, le dimensioni esistevano e i due giovani che provenivano da mondi differenti ne erano una riprova. Ciò nonostante, essere sballottati improvvisamente è sempre uno shock e benché Astrid fosse tornata a casa, lo status confusionario le fu concesso. Ma alla visione di nonna Yuna, come si può non essere felici?*
- nooonninaaaa!!!~

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Midnight love poetry with good taste please anyone here

-For my Mom-
Hello! Hi! What's up my mom.
Ik I was always that hankie pankie tom.
Ik I kept sleeping in my room.
You cleaned it up & worked with that broom.
Once I was hungry & you made that pasta.
Yummyyyy! it felt like it is from Alaska.
Once fear was tinkling down my spine.
You tapped my back, "Honey it's all fine".
I woke up late for the school & was in a hurry.
You were there to remind me of my stationary.
Today I'm polished & that's my stage.
Remembering all those poor toys you broke while hitting me up in a rage.
Thanks from that toddler for holding him up.
Thanks from this gentleman for molding him up.
- TQ

Is it appropriate for a lady to rake the leaves? Where's a gentleman when you need one

It’s not appropriate for anyone to rake leaves. It is disruptive to nature and the natural process of the Earth.
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How can I ask if you're okay without asking everybody how can I talk to you and you know that it's me how can I talk and get a response back when you won't stay with me this is a waste of time isn't it everything has been a waste of time

I'll make it very easy for you. Just copy pasta the following and send it to me:
[PM]: Hello Lex! You're looking very handsome today! I just wanted you to know how much I've missed you. It's me (insert your name here). But you probably knew that. I don't know how you do it! Anyway, is there another app or site where we can speak privately? I would like your input on a few matters. I value your opinions and keen intellect. You'll stay with me for a few moments, won't you? I know that you are a fine gentleman and you will never purposely waste my time or yours. (This last part is optional but greatly encouraged). I have a confession to make, Lex. I am madly in love with you. Always have been. I am so jealous of that Kandy girl, I could spit fire! 🔥 Please respond back asap. I love you, Lex! (Mention your name again at the end and please include a heart emoji like this one): 💗

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How can I ask if youre okay without asking everybody how can I talk to you and

‏هل لسة فيه فئة من البنات بتحب الباد بويز ؟يعني هل لسة الطبقة دي متواجدة،يعني مين ممكن يبقى قصاده gentleman محترم و طموح و بيقدر و well dressed و يروح يحب سرسجي و بيقل ادبه عليها و لسانه طويل و حشاش و بصباص؟ اتمني الموضه دي تنتهي بقي ويبقي كل الحب والتقدير لاي شخص محترم وابن ناس.

الحمد لله مشوفتش حد اعرفه كده لكن فعلا ف بنات تفكيرهم عقيم كده وللاسف برده اللي هيضر اولادهم بسبب التربيه اللي هيتلقوها من اهل زي دول 🤷‍♀️

اخر مانسخت يلزمني حتى لو كان غريباً 📜🖤✨

هل لسة فيه فئة من البنات بتحب الباد بويز ؟ يعني هل لسة الطبقة دي متواجدة -بعيداً عن الاندر ايدج- ، يعني مين ممكن يبقى قصاده gentleman محترم و طموح و بيقدر و well dressed و يروح يحب سرسجي و بيقل ادبه عليها و لسانه طويل و حشاش و بصباص ؟
اتمني الموضه دي تنتهي بقي ويبقي كل الحب والتقدير لاي شخص محترم وابن ناس.

Hello Alex. Would it be possible for us to speak on the phone or through email?

Alex? As flattered as I am, I hate to disappoint you. I'm a very different gentleman. Slightly younger. Terrible at golf. Unfortunately, I don't have a phone. Somebody here at the homeless shelter was kind enough to lend me his laptop. It must be nice to have that kind of money. 💰 I don't have an email account either. That's for those fancy people who live uptown. Might I be of some assistance on ASK? Unburden yourself... ❤️
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYhQVrXBgxUtalionislexx’s Video 172145487667 OYhQVrXBgxUtalionislexx’s Video 172145487667 OYhQVrXBgxU

Würdest du auf ein Rammstein Konzert derzeit gehen?

TW: se.xuelle Gewalt
Unser Menschenbild according to social media (paraphrasiert + plakativ):
«Frage für einen Freund: Unschuldsvermutung gilt nicht mehr?»
«Lol wie sich wieder alle aufregen. Wer auf eine Aftershowparty geht, braucht sich nicht zu wundern. Glaubt ihr echt, dass da Apfelschorle gereicht wird?»
(Алёна:) «Do you wanna meet with Till? He is such a gentleman.»
«Habt ihr euch mal angeguckt, wie die sich da auf dem Konzert anziehen? Kann mir doch keiner erzählen, dass die das nicht alle gewollt haben.»
(Artikel in «Der Spiegel», sinngemäß zitiert:) «Innerhalb der Crew wurde der Gang von der After-Show-Party zur After-After-Show-Party die 'Schlam.penparade' genannt.»
«Wo sind die Beweise? Ich glaube das, wenn es ein Urteil gibt!»
(Алёна:) «Do you wanna meet with Till? He is such a gentleman.»
«Hier ist ein alter Bericht darüber, dass Cher auch junge 20jährige Männer auf Konzerten zu sich bringen lässt.» - «Hier ist ein langer Thread, in dem ich dir erkläre, dass es keine Machtungleichgewicht zu Ungunsten eines Mannes geben kann, weil: Patriarchat. Dass man euch Männern auch alles immer erklären muss. Und an alle, die jetzt #notallmen grölen – ihr habt nichts verstanden.» - «Also glaubst du, dass zwischen einem 20jährigen Studenten und einem Star mit Milliardenumsatz, Musikimperium und Entouragen aus Anwälten kein Machtungleichgewicht besteht?» - «Halt die Schnau.ze, du Incel!»
«Hey, es geht nicht um S.ex, es geht um den Vorwurf, dass Leute zu bedrogt waren, um ihr Einverständnis zu geben.»
(Алёна:) «Do you wanna meet with Till? He is such a gentleman.»
«Warum ist Lindemann nicht schon längst im Knast? Bei Wasser und Brot?» - «Nene, der ist gerade bei seinem Medienanwalt wegen der Unterlassungsklagen.» - «Ok, na dann.»
(Sido:) «Höhö, ich such' mir jetzt noch eine aus, die mir gleich unter der Bühne einen bl.asen muss.» - «Nein, nicht Sido!» - «Ich LIEBE Sido!» - «Kennst du noch Aggro Berlin?» - «Halt die Fr.esse, ey!»
(Алёна:) «Do you wanna meet with Till? He is such a gentleman.» (Wenn ich noch einmal das Wort «gentleman» lese, drehe ich durch).
(Ex-Piratenpartei-, jetzt «Linke»-Politikerin): «Kein Wunder, dass Frauen zwischen 18 und 25 das Ziel sind. Ich habe mal in einem Artikel, der auf Studien basierte, die der Autor nicht verstanden hat, gelesen, dass das Gehirn mit unter 25 noch gar nicht entwickelt ist.» (Hier Sid, das Faultier einfügen: «Hey, ihr 20jährigen, ihr habt so winzig kleine Gehirne. Das ist 'ne Tatsache, nicht böse gemeint. Ach, ihr wisst wahrscheinlich gar nicht, wovon ich rede. Hehe.»)
(Change.org:) *Petition für die Volljährigkeit erst ab 26. Und zwar JETZT!*
(Süddeutsche Zeitung:) «33 Prozent der befragten Männer im Alter von 18 bis 35 Jahren gaben an, es "akzeptabel" zu finden, wenn ihnen im Streit mit der Partnerin gelegentlich "die Hand ausrutscht".»
(Алёна:) «Why haven't you answered yet? Don't you wanna meet Till? He is such a -»
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKFD0m7Xi8gnormanz9761’s Video 173183670043 zKFD0m7Xi8gnormanz9761’s Video 173183670043 zKFD0m7Xi8g

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normanz9761’s Video 173183670043 zKFD0m7Xi8gnormanz9761’s Video 173183670043 zKFD0m7Xi8g

Naexperience nyo na ba talian ng shoelace ng partner nyo? Sakin kasi kulang sa tamis eh. Need mo pa pakain ng sweets. Hahahahahahaha. Nakisuyo ako kanina kasi may hawak ako ang kinuha yung hawak ko. 🙄🤠

Yes, magsintas ng shoelace, magpunas ng paa ko kapag umuulan, magsuot ng sapatos sakin. One of the traits I like from him. Kasi sobrang gentleman niya. Lalo kapag nakashorts ako tapos umuulan. Lagi ako natatalsikan sa binti dahil sa way ng paglakad ko. Talagang pahihintuin niya ako tapos pupunasan niya. Yang napicturan ko siya umulan ng malakas tapos binaunan niya ako ng slippers. Bago niya isuot shoes ko pinunasan niya paa ko. 👠 #SKL
Naexperience nyo na ba talian ng shoelace ng partner nyo Sakin kasi kulang sa

شن أفضل أنواع العطور النسائية والرجالة بما أنك خبيرة عطور ☺️

لا لا نحبهم بس مش اكتر😅
النسائية :
-Libre Yves Saint Laurent
-Idole Lancome
-Delina Exclusif Parfums de Marly
-Hypnotic Poison Dior
-Magnifique Lancome ( مش معروف و مش متوفر قاعده ندور عليه)
-Gris Dior Dior
الرجالية : هلبا هما😅
-Dior Homme Intense
-Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male
هذا ينرش قبل الطلعه بساعه عشان يخف السويت فيه 😅
-Bleu de Chanel
‎‏-Y ‏Yves Saint Lauren
-YSL LA Nuit DE L Homme
للجنسين : و المفضلات عندي .
-Angels' Share By Kilian( فخم)
-Supreme Bouquet YSL ( فخم و جميل نسائي اكتر )
-Tuxedo Yves Saint Laurent ( جميل جداً مكوناته فخمة شريته و اكتشفت انه يميل للرجالي اكثر)
-Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait Maison Francis Kurkdjian ( نسائي اكتر )
-Black Orchid Tom Ford ( لطيف)
-Erba Pura Xerjoff ( نسائي اكتر)

De ce bărbații trebuie sa fie gentlemani cu femeile?

Pentru inceput trebuie să cunoști semnificația cuvântului gentleman iar apoi o să iți dai seama că e o alegere și nu trebuie neapărat. Nu toate femeile merită atenția, protecția și timpul unui bărbat..

Ang hirap pag ang jowa mo maganda. May nag bbigay ng gifts sa kanya. Ako dito nganga? 🙁 Parang nag compete ako sa ibang boys para sa kanya ah. Any thoughts? 🤔

Being happy and there for her bcos she's appreciated by a lot of ppl (may it be your fellow gentleman or not), doesn't erase the fact that she's your girl. Instead of feeling self pity about the situation, show her as to why you deserved that space/spot (bf) in her life! Wag mong hayaan magkalat ang relasyon niyo dahil lang sa insecurities or kung ano pa man na maari namang pag usapan nang maayos. Hope it helps! :>

If you are having a crush on someone, what about him/her/them that makes you like him/her/them?

He's a gentleman in every sense - respectful, faithful, accepting, patient, forgiving, loving and so on. And since my crush is my boyfriend, his willingness to make our relationship work is a plus point.

ماهي اهم مواصفات gentleman في رأيك.

يكون من أولوياته دينه بعده يجي كل شي، مداير حدود مع الناس، أخلاقه كويسة، مثقف دينياً وعلمياً، فاهم الصح من الغلط كويس، ومايسكرش راسه على حاجات عن جهل


Prosimy Olę o jedno, małe zdjęcie? Dziś byłem trochę zajęty u dentysty. Poznałem w poczekalni małą panią prezydentową haha. Laska jakieś 163 cm wzrostu, malutka, ładnie ubrana brunetka, z zadziornym głosem wparowała i zaczęła ustawiać kolejkę haha na co mówię, szefowa, ale ja byłem na 9 jako pierwszy 🤪 to mi zajebała tekstem że gentleman powinien ustąpić dziewczynie ahhahahaha, na co odpowiedziałem, a co spieszy się pani do chłopaka?🤪 Zapytała skąd wiem czy ma chłopaka, więc poslodziłem, że wątpię żeby taka laska była singielką hah🤪 dała mi numer, Lubię takie pyskate😏

Bist du eher ein Gentleman oder einer dieser Modernen Männer die auch Mal die Frau bezahlen lassen

Die Definition eines Gentleman auf das Bezahlen zu reduzieren, ist mMn ein relativ limitierter Gedanke. Man(n) kann gerne ein gemeinsames Ausgehen bezahlen wollen und dennoch muss es nicht immer der Fall sein.
Ich sehe es eher als sehr angenehm an, wenn die Frau entgegen des Vorschlags zu zahlen, selbst auch mal 'ausgleichen' möchte. Wandel ist normal und wir leben in einer Zeit, in denen Frauen oft auch Vollverdienerinnen sind, von denen sicher auch ein großer Teil eine gewisse Selbstständigkeit beibehalten möchte
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Bist du eher ein Gentleman oder einer dieser Modernen Männer die auch Mal die Frau bezahlen lassen

In welchem Jahrzehnt bist du denn hängengeblieben?
Ein "Gentleman" ist ein Mann mit Manieren und Anstand.
Eine Frau nicht zu bevormunden und sich auf Augenhöhe über die Bezahlung zu einigen gehört dazu. Das Gegenüber mal einzuladen ist eine nette Geste. Aber dauerhaft darauf zu bestehen sicher nicht.

Bist du eher ein Gentleman oder einer dieser Modernen Männer die auch Mal die Frau bezahlen lassen

Moderner Mann mit Hang zu Ordnung und Anstand. Gentleman kann ich sein. Passt aber nicht zu jeder Situation. Außerdem betrachte ich eine Frau nicht als "Heilige Kuh" 🐮😄. Diven haben es bei mir ebenfalls schwer. Wer möglichst normal ist hat das Zeug bei mir zu landen.

What would a gentleman appreciate as a gift? Photo collage? Letter? A poem something handmade or should I buy something I think it’s more meaningful to memorize a 2 minute poem just for him but he is kinda crazy I feel he might like anything I do for him but I need advice.

A gentleman would appreciate any effort but anything that you create would probably be more meaningful. You don't need advice on this. Follow your instinct and proceed. Good luck. 👍
What would a gentleman appreciate as a gift Photo collage Letter A poem

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