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Rq: I just stay in my room too long but I finally got a girlfriend, and she's the bomb. (Se non ha fidanzato/o o crush postate una gif triste)

i wrote to you
within a melody
if you decide to sing
would you sing it back to me?
sing it right through those crooked teeth
you rescued me when my mind was in a prison
you set me free when no one else would listen
now I finally feel complete
and I will follow you into the sea of eternity
collapse into my arms
i'll take care of your heart
though the distance grows between us girl
our love won't fall apart
i'll take care of your heart
no matter where we are
; l'ha scritta wil per venus @mercipourlevxnin 💗
Rq I just stay in my room too long but I finally got a girlfriend and shes the

My girlfriend got 200 boys in her insta and she dated 12 of them and she still talks to them i dont like 😔 can some girls drop there insta so i can follow them 😔 to make her possessive a little

Add her in your s**t list bro, do not try to change another person. If you are in a relationship with her who is not showing you the love you deserve, or who does not love the way you need to be loved, accept that you are incompatible. find the person who is capable of loving you for you. 🖤

She is with him when you’re asleep.

of course anonymous I know that such man…
like my fiery lion ….🕸❤️

he could have a
millions girls and women….in any country… in which he wishes
not just from where he 🕸❤️was born …. or where grow up….
and i’m not
i’m not Caligula
who brought his men, and ordered them to throw spears into the water….- because he wants to kill Poseidon
if you understand what i mean…
but love for me lies in the fact the existence of others disappears
i feel like this…. and only like this…
and you guys….who read and love me…not love like love
you understand…
i’ll tell one secret … how quickly to understand do you love your
if you are in relationship… or i don’t know just starting…
it’s only for man…
for all man…
just without telling anyone anything
check yourself…
if you wake up ( or go to sleep)
it’s most important moment …time…
because it’s start and over
of new day…
if you wake up in the morning and check
how another girl or others girls
woke up… some news from them…
it’s doesn’t mean that you love them…
it’s mean that you don’t love your girl …
because if you are really in love … you yourself will not notice that you will be interested in little or big , bad ,
or good things ( it depends on your girlfriend
what she is in ….
in that you are too
it’s your choice and your taste in women
)in the affairs of your beloved right off hook
it’s important moment…
even other
women are imposed a lot of ways of ignoring are exist….
and about you anonymous… and you guys….
it’s from general questions…
i used to answer general questions… because it was not visible that others were responding
and i was written by people why maybe didn’t really understand the ask and asked a general question
and think that it’s private question…
now i won’t answer on general questions
it’s somehow unpleasant
for me if someone writes i love you Inna and immediately other answers
who is Inna i’m not Inna and etc
ask a personal questions….
about you ….anonymous how do you live with heart like yours…(

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Hey Lex I'm Tiffany friends with your girlfriend Rachel, you both make a great couple:)

Hello Tiffany. It's very nice to meet you but just to be clear, Rachel and I are not involved. We're visiting your planet and studying human rituals. You earthlings intrigue us... 👽🤪🤣
For those of you who might be following me and sending questions or comments. My apologies, very busy time, I'll be back as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience... 👍
Hey Lex Im Tiffany friends with your girlfriend Rachel you both make a great

Have you ever witnessed the process of someone going crazy? If so, how was it?

I had a sleepover party for my birthday in 7th grade. I had all of my friends over an we went to sleep. This one guy, new to the group, Mike seemed normal. Quiet, mild-mannered, nothing out of the ordinary. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up to screams of pain from my friend. Apparently, Mike couldn't get to sleep because of this guy's snoring, so he grabbed a stapler and beat my friend in the face with it until we got him off. My parents dragged him upstairs and his parents came to take him home. Never hung out with him after that.
The most striking example was my boyfriend's late mother who had a dis-associative episode where she forgot most of her memories. She was having hallucinations and talking to them, a lot of the time what she said was "gibberish". 999 were called and couldn't do much. I sat down and talked to her for about 20 minutes and managed to talk her back to a lucid state (this had never happened before and I was the first person to ever do so)...Really the trick was realising that what she was saying wasn't "crazy", it wasn't without reason. I empathised and in that moment it made sense to me. It was raw primal emotion, confusion and fear. I spoke to her as a person, not as a mental patient. I communicated through tone rather than logic. Apart from that tragic case, though, there was a guy who moved to my station a couple of years ago who I got on with initially because he was ex-Royal Logistics Corps and we used to swap stories on watch. He seemed a bit odd, but harmlessly so, at first and I could hardly complain, being considered a bit mental by the other staff myself. His attitude to the work, though, was a bit slap-dash which there isn't much room for in SAR and he took longer to train on station-specific stuff than most people, but my boss was a good egg and I felt a sort of loyalty to the guy as he was an ex-soldier so we really tried to help him.
As he got to know us better he started to open up to us about his personal life, including his fights with his landlady, his rather creepy attempts to find a girlfriend by approaching waitresses at restaurants in town and a lot of other stuff that made me gradually less and less keen to talk to him. Manpower shortages meant there was a reshuffle of a few staff, though, and he got moved to a different watch whose boss was a bad-tempered old fart who'd spent thirty years shipping containers of 'rubber dogshit out of Hong Kong', as it were, and we just knew this wasn't going to go well. He started calling in sick all the time with really weird-sounding illnesses and he became increasingly aggressive. Eventually there was a stand up row in the ops room and he went off with stress. I didn't really hear from him again after that, apart from increasingly angry and incoherent posts on Facebook that I suspect indicated increasing alcohol consumption, drug use or something even more serious.

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Would you mind if your boyfriend/girlfriend went out to party without you?

🙀 It might shock you but people in relationships are allowed to do things separately and should. It’s healthy to do your own thing or be with your friends without them. I am the kind of girlfriend that just wants a text to let me know you’re home safe or are crashing at your mates so my brain don’t worry you are passed out in a ditch 😅

How is Romeo’s girlfriend okay with you being so close with him when you’re exes?

First of all me and Romeo never actually dated. We were seeing each other for a while ages ago yes, but realised we are better off as best friends. I have such a great relationship with Romeo, his whole family and his girlfriend and honestly when you trust your partner you have no reason to control their friendships or be jealous of who they are friends with. I love Romeo and Mia together and me and Mia are such good friends ☺️

But I found a girlfriend would you like to see her picture? Are you jealous?

i answered you a lot of times….
i will answer with my thoughts about him….
like i answer him…. 🕸❤️about this….
on real i think it’s you are insanely jealous me….
and i course understand that a man will never be deceived by the fact …. that you are faithful to him….because men understand what they want from this or that girl….and if they don’t care about some … they can be honest…. even can cares about them …. but they don’t let them to be close with them….
and only in that moment when a man feels that he has fallen in real love….even more the girl completely unearthly….until she will be next to him…. in his arms …. he know that he has no rights ….and I can’t deceive him with any words about faith….
but ….anonymous…. from the first minute…. ( yes, i’m not with him yet ….) but …i’m loyal…. to him….🕸❤️
sometimes of course i feel he’s
jealous inside to himself….
but anonymous he must be “pleased “ millions are in love with
but i’ve never been with anyone…..
millions are in love with him….
i don’t feel anyone…. only him….🕸❤️
of course guys men…. read here about our fire ….
about our “mystical intoxication
with love….”
trying to make “me burn…. “
but his only his🕸❤️ fire our fire … win it’s not right word but “win” all others fires….
and i really don’t like to feel when he’s “turned off”- i can explain what is this i take it very badly…. because it’s not good for him…like i feel….
i know that i will be the one he trusts even more than himself…but i don’t want anyone to know about it… just us…because if someone or something ( it’s not all time only people do bad things )
want to hurt him…they take me a way from him…he needs to be able to deceive fate…or the course of life….and no one can take a way what he love most …really it may not even to be people…
to be in-absolutely extraterrestrial love all the time…not allowed to anyone…for some reason…it must always remembered….
and anonymous…. i definitely don’t want any jealousies….even don’t hear about….look at me anonymous
he doesn’t have enough life to love me….what kind of jealousy you are talk about…?!
about photos…he is so handsome🕸❤️…from
this year as I began to feel him…. we began to feel each other…. he turned into Apollo 🕸❤️
reason me…and our love….and i …i’m too…we are beautiful with him…
and you know anonymous i’m not and i don’t to be the girl who speaks badly about other girls….
in fact that girls who are “attributed “to him they are not
wow or super…they are just not old …they at in this moment….maybe talented no one knows what will come out …they are not ugly of course…just normal …
in him 🕸❤️…he has a rare beauty…and everything is collected…i have a lot of what i think about what he is…and he…(i’m sorry really ) but he is more beautiful that all these girls they are… not ugly of course…but not wow…super…
about us:i even don’t know which of us more beautiful…i think he’s …he thinks i’m
we are rare and beautiful combination
with him

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What is the ideal number of calls a couple should exchange in a day?

clairevalentine46’s Profile PhotoClaire Valentine
one is honestly enough. even for long distance.
ik y’all wanna talk to your little boyfriend / girlfriend, but give them space so they can focus on themselves and their friends & family too🤷🏻‍♀️
and if ur not long distance and even live together, lol do u really need to call at all😀
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why a 30-year-old man may never have had a girlfriend

Listen. I don't know what is compelling you to continue making so many accounts to ask the same questions over and over again, but it's really obsessive and unhealthy. Instead of worrying about getting these questions out there, maybe you need to focus on getting healthy. If you truly want another person to date you then you have to DO SOMETHING about all..... this. Not only is it unstable, it's extremely inconsiderate, since you give no one here the option to block your questions by making so many new accounts every day
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SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY. He spoke to me for one month straight. We bonded really well. Things were going good. And then one day (out of the blues) he apologizes for nothing and blocks me from everywhere the next day. What could’ve happened? :’)


This kind of freaked me out, I was talking with this girl getting to know her maybe in a relationship wise. I asked her what does she want in life she said she wants loads of kids and to be a stay at home, I wanna girlfriend who works too did I over react?

I dunno if you over reacted as you didn't say what you replied to what she said. I don't think there's anything wrong with not having compatible life goals, it's better to find that out earlier on rather than later when feelings are involved. That's why we get to know people before entering relationships right?

He love me but he say he hate love. He cares for me he respects me he is so true and genuine and loyal to me. But he never confess. He say we are best friends. And he want us to be together forever. What is this behaviour boys?? Please elaborate.

This behavior is called manipulation and gaslighting. He's wanting to be with you, but without any commitments and solid relationship/marriage with you. The care and respect=he's supposed to be caring, he's not doing something extra! Everybody is supposed to be caring and kind.
My suggestion would be to keep him a friend, don't cross limits. Don't give him wife benefits in a 'bestfriend or girlfriend' membership.

This kind of freaked me out, I was talking with this girl getting to know her maybe in a relationship wise. I asked her what does she want in life she said she wants loads of kids and to be a stay at home, I wanna girlfriend who works too did I over react?

You're allowed to feel that way :)
But she's also allowed to want that in her life. So if it bothers you that much, best go separate ways :)
You didn't actually say how you reacted lol so can't say whether you over reacted or not lol
This kind of freaked me out I was talking with this girl getting to know her
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This kind of freaked me out, I was talking with this girl getting to know her maybe in a relationship wise. I asked her what does she want in life she said she wants loads of kids and to be a stay at home, I wanna girlfriend who works too did I over react?

i don't think it warrants you freaking out. people want different things out of life. obviously you two aren't compatible.

This kind of freaked me out, I was talking with this girl getting to know her maybe in a relationship wise. I asked her what does she want in life she said she wants loads of kids and to be a stay at home, I wanna girlfriend who works too did I over react?

I mean there's nothing wrong with working but there's also nothing wrong with being a stay at home mum either

Haha there's a reason why I'm 27 and have never had a girlfriend before 😂 not even a kiss 😂

ma perché mi stai parlando in inglese se mi capisci ohhhhhhhhhh in italy we say “scansati”, that means that ti devi levare perché ktm e te pareva se non eri l’ennesimo depravato di turno, GOODBYE
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aww, did the exams go okay sending hugs, im okay ty busy last few days chilling today thanksgiving x

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Thank you, that's kind of you! :3
Sadly I did not receive my grade on that exam so far, some profs take their time, and sometimes I get to know my grade when my next semester begins. x'D But I guess it's because our profs have lots of exams on their plate, so...I just wait.
Nice, I hope you have a relaxed holiday! And lots of good food for you and your girlfriend :)

What are your 6 strongest qualities as a girlfriend and potential wife?

•I’m loyal.
•I’m supportive.
•When I love, I love deep.
•I’m compassionate.
•I’m a 🔥 cook.
•I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make sure we make it, and that we’re happy.
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My girlfriend of a few years cheated on me, idk what to do. Can you help?

Break up and move on. Clearly she doesn't respect nor love you. So it's time for you to love and respect yourself and put the trash out.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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My girlfriend of a few years cheated on me idk what to do Can you help

I'm going to expose this fake justin once. I already said be careful he says a lot of bad things, then he comes out complaining about everything

he fake @itzrickthesizzler_ he said a lot of things then he taught conversations. once again he said that his supposed girlfriend katie said he was going to lose his house
I tried to calm down but then those two came out being a farce, there are many crazy people today.
and in top stalker that fake justin spoke to me first well saying things about his alleged girlfriend katie. She sent messages that she is very bad, very bad, she forced me to talk to her, then she said things that didn't make any sense, and then she kept saying that we are the bad ones, she told us to keep talking, but I didn't imagine that the fake Justin would come so low is a bit of a man and you don't have the balls to go around tearing us apart, girls be careful of that fake justin.
and then they call themselves the artist what a shame and a total farce
the real artists are them. point :

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What has a 0 percent chance of happening?

GlindaBells’s Profile PhotoGlinda Is Entertained
A gorgeous young woman under 30 wanting to be my girlfriend merely because she is attracted to me.
That situation would likely only happen because she wants financial stability.
Of course, you and @Applepop would say “Just open that creaky wallet and find yourself a sugar baby.”
*looks into wallet*
*insufficient funds for sugar*

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

Islam is about reality. When it comes to real life, man’s first need from a woman is about emotional and sexual needs, same as need for food, clothes, shelter and other necessities of life.Since marriage is the only institute in Islam to combine man and woman and since also marriage forming a family is the basis of a society while a society is a basis for a whole nation, marriage has got to made to last as long as possible, not like a one-night stand or a brief relation with too many switching options that ends up with mankind to a degraded animal loose life, there is no place for something like a boy’s girlfriend or a girl’s boyfriend. Islam views any relationship outside marriage as a waste of time and emotions, Islam sees it as a threat to virginity/loyalty and a gate leading to reckless acts that ends up with generations loosely attached to their roots . I mentioned it at the very beginning here, Islam is about reality, what lies in our minds and we see as human nature, not what scholars, liberal activists and other categories of protestors say in public, deep down inside their own minds and hearts they view the opposite sex as the ultimate wish and target , at least wars had proved it to be so, that sexual desires top all ambitions and goals and are the dominant feelings.
2-Women are allowed to wear perfume if its at home or with a gathering of other women. Wearing outside can cause undue attention from men and it is from the wisdom of Allah to ensure the safety of women.
3-Islam forbids everything that is harmful
Though tobacco or smoking in general is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran or hadith, contemporary scholars have condemned it as potentially harmful, and have at times prohibited smoking outright (declared it haram) as a result of the severe health damage that it causes.

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Should a woman keep her self attractive to keep her man interested in her?

Any man who would 'lose interest' if a woman didn't have her hair and makeup done all the time or who didn't constantly have some tight little outfit on, doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend in the first place🤷🏻‍♀️ I've never been with a man who had an issue with me looking like a bum lmao.

Würdet ihr in einer Beziehung eurem Partner euer Handy anvertrauen oder nicht? Z.b dürfte er/sie einfach überall rein gehen und gucken was ihr so am Handy habt?

Mein Verlobter war schon öfter einfach so an meinem Handy. Wir sind beide sehr neugierige Menschen, die gern in den Angelegenheiten ihrer Liebsten herumstöbern, und mir macht das absolut nichts aus. Die Vertrauensbasis ist definitiv gegeben und er fragt jedes Mal, ob ich comfortable damit bin; das funktioniert aber nur, weil ich weiß, dass sowas in unserer Beziehung nie aus Kontrollzwang, Eifersucht o.ä. passieren würde und dass er es selbst auch nicht machen wollen würde, wenn irgendwas dergleichen dahinterstünde.
Bei meinem Girlfriend kam das in der Form noch nicht vor, aber ihr würde ich mein Handy auch anvertrauen. Alles entspannt.

Co moja dziewczyna ma ubrać na imprezę?

What should my girlfriend wear to the party?
If this is your girlfriend, then she's not your wife yet. In that case, she should wear a mini skirt and she will have a good time at the party. Since it's only a girl and not a wife, you shouldn't be jealous that he's having a good time, and maybe it will motivate you to get married?
Jeśli to twoja dziewczyna, to jeszcze nie jest twoją żoną. W takim przypadku powinna założyć mini spódniczkę i będzie się dobrze bawić na imprezie. Skoro to tylko dziewczyna, a nie żona, nie powinieneś być zazdrosny, że dobrze się bawi, a może to zmotywuje Cię do małżeństwa?
Co moja dziewczyna ma ubrać na imprezę

Ask ko lang. Huwag sana majudge. Mahal ko pa ex ko and may bago na syang gf. Nilet go ko sya kasi sabi niya mahal niya pero inaaya nya ako sa sex. Marupok ba ako kapag bumigay ako? Okay lang bang umasa na pwede pa kami magkabalikan? Aware naman akong katangahan kaso pinangungunahan ako ng puso ko.

Kittiwin_’s Profile PhotoScarlet
Hmmm, may gf kamo siya! unang una kawawa naman yung girlfriend niya now, kaya dapat huwag kana pumayag na may mangyari pa sainyo, kasi kung kaya niyang lokohin yung current gf niya, what do you think would be the difference kung magkakabalikan kayo? 🤷🏼‍♀️

What should I do if my girlfriend does not answer me for a week, but is still online? Does that mean she doesn't care about me?

Hm, sometimes people get in a headspace where they do not want to talk to anyone but might still mindlessly scroll online. If that’s the case wouldn’t take much on her hand to send a quick message to let you know. A week isn’t great to go with no reply, I personally find that rude

I have this crush na laging on and off with her girlfriend tapos kapag nag-aaway sila ako lagi niyang nakakachat tapos aware pa siya na may gusto ako sakanya, pero kapag nagkakabalikan sila hindi na siya ulit nagpaparamdam sa'kin. Dapat ko pa ba ulit siyang i entertain if ever na mag chat ulit siya?

Hindi. If inenertentain mo kahit alam mong mali, that's just pure stupidity. Mark my words. Been on your shoes and I regretted my actions A LOT :>

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