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Hum boy he girls per karcha karty hai .. AJ tak koi larki ko karty Dekha nhi karcha larko per

ahmed0537297667’s Profile PhotoHarr_y
Yar boy srf apni baat krun na agr mai tw muje yh qubool hi nai k mery sath larki ho or wo bill pay kr dey...mtlb kasyyy....acha hi nai lagta...larky k hoty wy larki pay kryy🙂...or agr esi bat kr ry ho k larki kharcha nai krti tw esi bat bilkul bhi nai ha...wo srf itna bhi keh dey k ruko mai pay krti hun...us ka yh kehna hi bht ha mere liye

Do guys get butterflies on their first date or is it a girl thingy?

No. We boys are actually very tense & under pressure on the first date. Thought of having awkward silences + bundle of or sunao's + fear of losing humor under pressure+ fear of failing to impress + fear of not being able to order food confidently + fear of absence of vibe + leaving a poor first impression+ fear of getting food stuck on moustache, all of these thoughts are continuously jumping in the cache of brain on the table.
So, yeah girls should not judge on the first date rather go out 3-4 times atleast before making a final call.
But what can give us butterflies is telling him to order only one dessert we will share in single plate.

I need to lower a girls self esteem in order for her to date me because I’m not attractive and I have a huge ego

I see. That strategy will fail in spectacular fashion. 👍 Exude confidence and don't worry about your horrid appearance. As far as your ego is concerned, I can't help you...
I need to lower a girls self esteem in order for her to date me because Im not

Any thoughts lately? ☕

Bilalnadeem96’s Profile PhotoBilal Nadeem
Now a days especially for girls or women here unhy apny breast examination khud bh krni chahye
Breast cancer isn't a joke my late cousin died bcz of this and she was young 37 maximum age
If you feel any changes or lumps or swelling a little even it's due to hormonal changes go and consult a Dr ( just for your satisfaction )
Don't wait for a cancer to spread 😊

Jaki serial polecasz pooglądać jesienią, gdy wieczory będą już coraz krótsze ?

biology_and_chemistry’s Profile Photobiology_and_chemistry
🍂🥧 hmm jest kilka takich, daj znać jak obejrzysz któryś z nich :
❃ chilling adventures of sabrina
❃ gilmore girls
❃ meteor garden ( drama chińska )
❃ ranczo
❃ riverdale, ale tylko około pierwsze 3 sezony
Jaki serial polecasz pooglądać jesienią gdy wieczory będą już coraz krótsze

Howdy GT! You got much planned for this weekend?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
G’day DM, nah we have a bye in footy this weekend because we play in the second week of finals the week after so I’m taking mum shopping down in Hobart this morning and calling in to watch our girls team play in their night time grand final on the way home.
I hope you and yours have a nice stress free weekend too 😊

You morally filthy, indecent guys, for the streets May your daughter be treated the way you treat girls, can you say Ameen ❓

As a woman, I am ashamed to say you are of the same biology as me. I would never make such baddua for the daughter of my worst enemy yet you go around cursing other girls to the same miserable fate?

I've heard this from people " handsome men are never loyal and loyal men are not always handsome "

khan244’s Profile PhotoPoison
My cousin sister's husband is bald, medium to dark brown, normal looking average guy, with good income.
The truth is, in my life I've seen
Handsome men are usually lonely
Pretty girls face more problems.
Each human comes with a code, whoever gets to crack the code, wins the soul.
And when you know you have access to the soul there is no cheating.🌚🕊️

Опубликуй плей-лист на выходные 💖😻🌞

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀➳༻❀ ☕ ❀༺➳
• Мне безумно приятно видеть, что вам нравятся такие посты! Приятного прослушивания!🤗💕
💫 Саша Санта - «Рай один на двоих»
💫 Mary Gu - «Обожай»
💫 Amirchik - «Мысли в голове»
💫 Ольга Серябкина - «Не забывай»
💫 IOWA - «Миллионы путей»
💫 Artik & Asti - «Облака»
💫 JONY - «Воздушный Сарафан»
💫 Akmal - «Одинокая»
💫 Анна Седокова - «Пятый угол»
💫 Джоззи, T1One - «Это не любовь»
💫 Дима Пермяков - «Киндер»
💫 JONY - «omg»
💫 Елена Терлеева - «На твоих губах»
💫 Ваня Дмитриенко - «COSMOS girls - «Не забирай»
💫 Стас Пьеха - «До утра»
💫 Блестящие feat Жанна Фриске - «А на море белый песок»
💫 Ramil - «Под луной»
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀➳༻❀ ☕ ❀༺➳
Опубликуй плейлист на выходные

What hurts the most ?:(

neeha01’s Profile PhotoNeha
George Stinney Jr. was the youngest person sentenced to death in the 20th century in the United States.He was only 14 when he was executed by electric chair.During his trial, until the day of his execution, he always carried a bible in his hands, claiming for innocence.
He was accused of killing two white girls, Betty of 11 years old and Mary of 7, the bodies were found near the house where the teenager resided with his parents.
At that time all the jurors were white. The trial lasted only 2 hours and the sentence was handed down 10 minutes later.
The child's parents were threatened and prevented from giving him gifts in the courtroom and then expelling them from that city.
Before the execution, George spent 81 days without being able to see his parents.
He was trapped in a solitary cell, 80 km from his city. He was heard alone without the presence of his parents or a lawyer.
He was electrocuted with 5,380 volts in the head.
70 years later, his innocence was finally proven by a judge in South Carolina. The beam with which the two girls were killed, weighed more than 19.07 kilograms. Therefore, it was impossible for Stinney to be able to lift it, let alone be able to hit hard enough to kill the two girls. The child was innocent, someone put everything together to blame him just for being black.

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What hurts the most

What do you think of the extra genders being made by gay people?

DenisaKoskova’s Profile Photodeniiss
I think boys have penises and girls got vaginas and so far there haven't been lot's of cases of other hybrid genders coming out the female genitalia. If you do, please let me know because I'm not sure. I think I came out of my mums pussy. I'm not sure. I never asked my mum. Kinda awkward. But yeah I don't have any problem with trans people. They don't bother me. I don't really look around at people or talk much though. I'm busy looking at the ground and my shoes when I walk. Social anxiety and all that.

My girlfriend got 200 boys in her insta and she dated 12 of them and she still talks to them i dont like 😔 can some girls drop there insta so i can follow them 😔 to make her possessive a little

Add her in your s**t list bro, do not try to change another person. If you are in a relationship with her who is not showing you the love you deserve, or who does not love the way you need to be loved, accept that you are incompatible. find the person who is capable of loving you for you. 🖤

She is with him when you’re asleep.

of course anonymous I know that such man…
like my fiery lion ….🕸❤️

he could have a
millions girls and women….in any country… in which he wishes
not just from where he 🕸❤️was born …. or where grow up….
and i’m not
i’m not Caligula
who brought his men, and ordered them to throw spears into the water….- because he wants to kill Poseidon
if you understand what i mean…
but love for me lies in the fact the existence of others disappears
i feel like this…. and only like this…
and you guys….who read and love me…not love like love
you understand…
i’ll tell one secret … how quickly to understand do you love your
if you are in relationship… or i don’t know just starting…
it’s only for man…
for all man…
just without telling anyone anything
check yourself…
if you wake up ( or go to sleep)
it’s most important moment …time…
because it’s start and over
of new day…
if you wake up in the morning and check
how another girl or others girls
woke up… some news from them…
it’s doesn’t mean that you love them…
it’s mean that you don’t love your girl …
because if you are really in love … you yourself will not notice that you will be interested in little or big , bad ,
or good things ( it depends on your girlfriend
what she is in ….
in that you are too
it’s your choice and your taste in women
)in the affairs of your beloved right off hook
it’s important moment…
even other
women are imposed a lot of ways of ignoring are exist….
and about you anonymous… and you guys….
it’s from general questions…
i used to answer general questions… because it was not visible that others were responding
and i was written by people why maybe didn’t really understand the ask and asked a general question
and think that it’s private question…
now i won’t answer on general questions
it’s somehow unpleasant
for me if someone writes i love you Inna and immediately other answers
who is Inna i’m not Inna and etc
ask a personal questions….
about you ….anonymous how do you live with heart like yours…(

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Ich glaube, so eine Frage gab's noch nicht 😄 - was sind die größten Red Flags deines Witch Valley Charakters? 🚩🚩🚩 (Gern weiterleiten, an die, die ich nicht erwischt habe).

Lionheart773’s Profile PhotoLionheart
Das ist ja mal ne geile Frage 😍
🚩 Die offensichtlichste red flag ist die Tatsache, dass Ada auf dem Friedhof aufgewachsen ist. Also nicht direkt, „nur“ im Bestattungsinstitut ihrer Familie. Aber für den Weirdness-Faktor reicht das allemal.
🚩 Anknüpfend an Punkt 1 ist die Tatsache, dass Ada schon als Kind nicht die geringsten Berührungsängste Toten gegenüber hatte.
🚩 Irgendwie hat es Ada durch die komplette Schulzeit geschafft, ohne jemals wirklich Freunde zu haben. Gerade in einer so kleinen Stadt, wo man quasi zusammen aufwächst und fast schon gezwungen ist, zumindest ab und zu gemeinsam abzuhängen, ist das ziemlich suspekt.
🚩 Zumindest die Teenie-Version von Ada ist nOt LiKe OtHeR gIrLs. Mag stimmen, ist aber gewissermassen auch eine etwas engstirnige Sichtweise.
🚩 Ada ist Weltmeisterin im prokrastinieren und hat ihren armen Dad seit Wochen nicht zurückgerufen. Ups…
🚩 Ihre Arbeitskollegen finden es höchst wunderlich, dass Ada mit „fast 30“ anscheinend noch nie einen Mann mit nach Hause gebracht hat und nicht mal interessiert an nett gemeinten Verkupplungsversuchen scheint.
Bestimmt gibt es noch einen Haufen mehr, Ada ist definitiv nicht perfekt 😅

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شنو نوع الأفلام ألي تفضّلوها بِالعادة؟!.. +أقترحوا فلم عَ حسب النوع ألي تفضّلونه♥️..

Zezo_429244’s Profile Photoزُبَيْدَة.
Crime & Mystery & Horror & Drama / Thriller
- Black Swan || Drama | Thriller
- After shock || Drama
- Truth or Dare || Thriller | Horror
- The Sadness || Horror
- I am All girls || crime | mystery
- Blood Dimond || Adventure |

Пацаны в моем дворе снова слушают киша

Сочувствую. Вот тебе что-то более вдохновляющее. Только музыка и вытаскивает в последнее время из бестолковых мыслей.
Powerwolf - Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend
https://youtu.be/jhK2ev_O-pczloi_fizik’s Video 173279526634 jhK2ev_O-pczloi_fizik’s Video 173279526634 jhK2ev_O-pc
Пацаны в моем дворе снова слушают киша

Girl's Consent (in marriage) should be sought from their Fathers. And silence, is their consent! Holy PROPHET صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم (Nahjul Fasaha)

Well, the correct hadith is
Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) that states: “The woman is not to be married until her consent has been sought.” They said: “O Messenger of Allah! What is her consent?” He replied: “Her silence means consent.” And in another wording: “And regarding the woman, her father seeks her consent and her consent is her silence.”
Now if you see, the constitution of Pakistan amd islamic shariah says that if a guardian gives the girl in marriage without her consent, if she has not appointed him "wakeel" to anyone, that nikah/ marriage is not permissible and she can leave the man and marry anyone of her choice without officially getting divorce and that won't be illegal and won't be considered as "nikah on nikah" which is haram. So, when you want to spread any information kindly have knowledge about it.
In 2004, the Criminal Law Act was enacted under which section 310(a) penalizes badal-e-sulh, under which girls/women cannot be given in marriage as compensation for someone else’s crime. It directly deals with all forms of “marriage as compensation” carried out under different names, such as swara, wani, sang chatt and irjaee. Recently, according to the Prevention of Anti-Women practices (criminal law amendment) act 2011, anyone imposing a forced marriage on a woman would face imprisonment which may extend to ten years but not less than three years and shall also be liable to fine of 500,000 rupees. For marriage with the holy quran, badla-e-sulh, wanni or swara the imprisonment ranges from three to seven years and the perpetrator may be fined 5000, details here.
Islam gives women the right to choose and reject or accept the marriage proposals even against their parents will. The Qur’an states “o you who have believed, it is not lawful for you to inherit women by compulsion…” (4:19).

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Why girls love money?

itxhamzioo7’s Profile PhotoItx HamXii
ugh boys and their obsession with calling out girls for that! hear me out.. you're not Elon Musk so don't ya worry about this much.. let's be lil realistic my brother in heaven! we all need money to survive. People are not gonna provide ya anything except jus beatin ya a** for free.. so there's nothing wrong in choosing stability over broke a** love! gd day🌻

https://ask.fm/kandydevil/answers/171849074939 - You just did on your previous reply 🙀 They pick stunners so they'll soon get noticed as a show, which they clearly did 🤣

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo✞ ☮ ♫ ɬɛŋąƈıơųʂ ɬơɱɱąყ™ ☀ ♚ ツ
🤣 I need to practice. It’s still not familiar to us. 🤣
The men though are just average looking. And then since it’s made in relation to Jersey Shore, I wonder why they didn’t choose super attractive people for that. The girls were cute back in the day before plastic surgery but not gorgeous. The men were also average. 🤷🏻‍♀️

﹅⠀ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ⠀︰⠀♡﹒ ﹙ author ﹚ulubione zdjęcie Twojej postaci

REVERIE__ARCANE’s Profile Photo♡﹒lvcif
❛ just a proud auntie
of two incredible girls.
⠀⠀⠀⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀.⠀ . ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀. ⠀.
ʟᴠᴄɪꜰ  author ulubione zdjęcie Twojej postaci

Поделитесь музыкой, приятной на ваш выбор

♫ даниэлла — перемен (кавер виктор цой).
♫ sakura — unlock.
♫ yung mories — leave me.
♫ polnalyubvi — кометы.
♫ fergie — big girl`s don`t cry
Поделитесь музыкой приятной на ваш выбор

Or wo larki kabhi bhi sacha pyar nhi kar skhti Jisko har larke se baat krne ka shouq ho..🖐️

S_fatik_F’s Profile Photosyed fatik
Araay sir sir... Kya Hogaya ha. Why are you behind girls ? As you must have heard that all 5 fingers are not equal then why are you judging every girl in a same manner ? Calm down yar. Things happen in life. Just tackle them in a smart way 😉

I don't understand everyone is getting married but not with their boyfriend.

S_fatik_F’s Profile Photosyed fatik
Not everyone in a relationship is looking to tie the knot. Girls use makeup to conceal flaws, while some men's insecurity about their physical appearance and negative personality traits leads them to seek women who can provide validation and boost their self-esteem bs itna enough hota phr dono apny apny khandan mai shadi krlete 🤣

Ya gf ki izat ha 😂😂

Baat to sai boli hai bhai us ne. Apka bheja hi chota hai jo isay process nahi kr paa rha. It's not like girls don't get hit on by guys. But if she's loyal, she won't respond ya. Ja k kro usay ptanay ki kohshish. Agr pat gyi to disloyal bndi choot jaye gi. Na pti to loyalty prove ho jaegi. It's a win-win. Ab tumhari izzat ki def mukhtalif hai, to jo tumhay bhayo tum woh kro

Which country has the nicest people? Which country is your favourite that you have travelled? Which country has the best looking citizens? And which accent makes you instantly want to take them home for the night?

auscan2020_’s Profile Photoauscan2020
I haven’t travelled to enough countries to be a fair judge but the girls in Sept Iles in Canada are typically gorgeous with that touch of French tang to drool for (Seven Islands) so they are my pick for this one 😂

is 5 1 heigt is short in girls

oh noo honey you are just great the way you are, you don't need nobodys approval, you sLaY!
-the kinds of words im never gonna use.
broo who you askin? allah knows what he created, he has a reason for everything he did. we should rather be grateful that we are not physically disable and are healthier than so many other people on the earth

☞If you're single it's probably because you're so attractive people don't ask you out in fear of rejection.👀

sanaqamar00’s Profile Photo⊱E̴N̴O̴L̴A̴⊰
Damn true. Tho everyone has crush on handsome guys but dare not to approach them due to the fear of refusal, which means the fear of losing self respect by getting rejected is higher than that of losing a handsome guy. Suppose, If there are two friends one is so handsome and the other one is below average then the later one will even get more proposals from girls than the former one because people presumes about handsome guys that they must be committed to someone or they have lot more better options to select among girls, but in reality most handsome guys remain single due to other's preconceptions about them or they just seek to the people according to their level.😅

Do you believe that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

no…. absolutely no….
this statement
ugly people ‘amuse ‘
my beautiful mom used to say that you can fall in love with everyone
if you are know those stories….
i’ve been reading recently …. that in him 🕸❤️… he
have a such thoughts
a little bit the same thoughts
i want to say …. i don’t
have such thoughts….
i won’t even learn the stories
if i don’t like ….
quickly bye…
but i’m magical girl anonymous
it’s easy for
me ….
and you know anonymous
why everyone likes…. loves models
from the past …
and not only models ?!….
because before
was beauty ( because usually beautiful girls wasn’t rich)
+ money
sometimes if they was have beautiful hurts
it was wow….
absolutely beauty….
now it’s just about money only ….
or mom help…. dad help…
or they are mistresses….
and that’s why almost a lot of not beautiful….
as a representative of rare beauty….
✨beauty always beauty….✨
it’s about forever….
you mean that you can fall in love with every i don’t argue….
but don’t agree
no i’m not say we need back to past….
i’m about that ‘real beauty is real beauty….
and you quickly feel that

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