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Księżniczka naszego uroczego Salem <3

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Najlepszy w swoim fachu - The Butcher Boy <3
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀👑 Cieszę się, że masz świadomość,
⠀⠀⠀⠀jak ważną pozycję zajmuję w hierarchii tego miasta.
⠀⠀⠀⠀‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🎃 https://justpaste.it/DUMB_DUMBER_00
⠀⠀⠀⠀‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Oh girls just wanna have fun...
Księżniczka naszego uroczego Salem 3

La pregunta que hice sobre los one-hit wonder fue todo un éxito: https://ask.fm/RvonLohengramm/answers/170539094746 Ahora comparte una o varias canciones que sean one-hit wonders que te gusten mucho... ¿Existen canciones que te hayan dejado de gustar porque las escuchaste demasiado?

TrollearNEF’s Profile PhotoT N E F
▪︎ The Rhythm of the Night - Corona.
▪︎ What Is Love - Haddaway.
▪︎ Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley.
▪︎ It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls.
▪︎ Take On Me - a-ha.
▪︎ Rude - Magic!
▪︎ Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye. 🦋
La pregunta que hice sobre los onehit wonder fue todo un éxito

I'm in love with him or us se gunpoint pe shadi krna chahti hu!

zoyahere’s Profile Photozoyahere
it all feels so dramatic, until God forbid you experience something like this.
all bad guys out there don't have looks and abs like danish taimoor, nor they have ages between 18-28.
these dramas fantasize wrong side.
rich men are in between (48-60) with a round hairy belly, curled mustache, curly 2 ft long oily hair, and they wear gold watches + with black or white starched dresses.
and names are not arham to ab, hamza to huzi, they have names like goga gujjar, faisal dugu, akbar kana,
they dont force you on gun points to marry you, they rap* girls, & throw them off the buildings, cut them in pieces or burry them,
in reality villains dont look like handsome heros,
they are ugly. more dangerous and harmful, they may show no mercy. 🌚🥀

A lot of girls raise their fist for equality but still expect guys to pay for their drinks food or whatever. What do you think?

I mean it's a guys choice if they want to pay or not. I personally can pay for my own things I was never the type to make a guy pay for anything for me. Of course when I would go to the bars it would happen naturally but .... I would never force it.

which character u used to act like,in ur childhood?

ksbee3’s Profile Photoks.bee
1. growing up I wanted to be a boy. I really made it my whole personality from my clothes to giving myself bob haircut on front while I had full length hair on back to my attitude towards girls. (haha.?)
2. I liked this girl in a serial who wore loose Kurtas and stone rings and had her hair down all the time. (Malang style). I tried looking like her but looked more like a guy.?
3. Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I liked her personality, her dressing sense, how she carried herself, how she spoke, and her jewellery. I tried copying her communication style and body language. Jewellery reh gayi for some reason. I specially liked her rings, the girl's in 2. too.
4. Angie Bolen from Desperate Housewives. I liked her attitude, her body language, how she spoke, her guts n her dressing sense. I tried looking like her too n I think i failed.

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🌈 Have you ever "come out"?

I came out to my mum as bisexual about two years ago, and she wasn't happy. Luckily due to my ECT, I don't really remember much. I just know it didn't go well and ended in an argument. My friends all know I'm bisexual, I never actually came out, I just think it was always obvious that I fancied girls, too. As for the rest of my family, I've never actually told them. I went to Pride recently though, with bisexual flags on my cheeks. So even though I've never told them, I haven't exactly hidden it either. I'm not sure how they feel about it. Nobody mentioned it the last time I saw them. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Have you ever come out

I am a loser girl, I have no good clothes no good food no good face or IQ, no future, I scored 70% in olevels after that my parents just indirectly telling me to not go any further and waste their money and energy, they show hate, im disheartened, I deserve to rid me of myself!

good clothes or good food or a good face doesn't take you anywhere. I've seen girls work their ass off and succeed not caring about all this shit and I've seen other girls judging them because of their "superior sense of style" and ending up in the pits.
Say a big SHUTUP to your parents and do something before it's too late

Do you feel it's hard to be loved?

I think that that it is so hard to be loved or to found my beloved. However, I always ask myself question why I can't find my beloved. I am so kind to everyone . I did have a lot of girls at the faculty,but I don't find my beloved. I will be patient . However, all obstacles I see I tried to be positive about my future.

Ok so there was this guy who was trying his hard to be in relation with me. He hit me up by appreciating my poetry skills. Lol when I said no to his proposal he directly started to dislike my poetries and said “I WAS LYING THIS WHOLE TIME IN FACT YOUR POETRY SUCKS NIMAL” :”)😭

nimal_shah’s Profile PhotoNimal Shah
REALITY CHECK 101: 90% of the fan following that girls have which they think is because of their amazing skills and talent , is actually because that 90% are all men trying to be with you.

what makes someone mature

Let me give an example. I'm a woman and I believe that if we (girls) demand respect when wearing revealing outfits, then we shouldn't have a say if boys are topless when they're walking, eating, or doing something in front of us.
I'm a woman, but I believe that men are also victim of this society. In today's generation, independent women are appreciated and I'm aware na some girls are angry when men want to depend on them. But I believe it's because of what the society instilled to men before that they should be the provider in the family. Books, movies, and shows can attest to my statement. Imagine the burden for men for holding all the responsibility merely because they're men.
We wear clothes not to be objectified, but to express ourselves and be confident. And according to my guy friends and workmates, they prefer being topless when inside a house because it feels presko for them. Let me also add lang na hindi porke nilalapitan tayo ng opposite gender, automatic type na tayo agad. I just find it petty when someone is assuming too much. Not all people are looking for relationships.
P.S. not all men are trash.

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Have you ever attended an event/party that was a total disaster? If so, what happened? 😱

Mmhm. One time I was at a house party and there was this girl there who I'd not met before so, me being me, I decided to sit and talk with her for a while. We had a nice chat, she told me that she had just gotten out of a really bad relationship.
A couple of hours later, I was hanging out in the back garden with my partner and one of his friends when we heard yelling coming from inside. As it turns out, this girl's ex-boyfriend had found out where she was and decided to show up. He was in her face, screaming at her, saying she had only come to the party to try and cheat on him (even though they'd broken up??) and demanding she come home with him.
Thankfully he left when we threatened to phone the police on him, but the night kinda went downhill from that point onwards.

What makes women attractive to you or others?

A big one for me is dressing well. Outside of the gym, the women wearing leggings are low effort imo. I think they look like shit because of it. Same with those large distressed light denim that women seem to wear these days. A nice summer dress does for me every time.
I have news for you, if you think you’re kind of attractive, you’re probably attractive (most people don’t give themself enough credit in the looks dept), so guys are noticing you. I’ve had the thing happen where the girl I liked liked my friend and it sucks, but it doesn’t mean that other guys aren’t noticing you. Just put yourself out there and you should get some attention.
Personally, well kept hair, like you can tell she has taken care of it, well brushed, healthy, good hairstyled hair. Then other things, like she dressing femininely (not gonna lie), and the overall sensation that she takes care of herself. Clean hydrated skin, things like that. Then there are deal breakers that are like imbedded in me and I can't control, like being overweight or having unshaved legs, or a sensation that she is chaos, like having a huge ugly handbag full of junk, or dirty shoes. Idk why really, it just happens.
Good humour, intelligent, witty, pretty face, sorta between 110-150 lbs ish, boobs and butt, some guys like highly extraverted girls some like more introverted girls, most men find women who dress less provocatively more attractive although women who dress in a provocative manner get more attention it's usually with much shorter term "goals".
For me the first thing is the face. It can be one feature on the face (eyes, smile, dimples) but if it’s special that will pull my attention to examine further hopeful to find more things to pull me in further.
The way she types (I call it a “typing style”. It’s just the way they text you. A unique one is so fucking cute). The odd little passions and things she loves. Her way of expressing how much she cares. Loving things not because it makes her “quirky” but because she genuinely loves them. Doesn’t expect you to be as masculine as the doom slayer. Confidence, not so much that it’s over confidence but enough that they can try new things and aren’t afraid to fail a bit (which don’t worry, as someone with constant self esteem issues, I know how hard this one can be to achieve).

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Why guys don't accept chubby or healthy girls.. i mean it's not like we are aliens or something 😐

There are people called feeders who are addicted to feeding their partners and like chubby partners and it actually gets pretty toxic. Being chubby is bad for your health but being healthy is different and its actually a good thing.

Lubisz blackpink, twice, gidle lub mamamoo wogole słuchasz gbandow jak tak to jakich?

me: z wymienionych gbandów słucham mamamoo, twice i blackpink, tak po za tym to ITZY są u mnie TOP 🤩 Jeżeli chodzi o gbandy to słucham to co poleci na playliście 😅 jestem typem osoby, która bardziej woli słuchać boysbandów niż gbandów
a wiem kiedyś przez Jina (ogólnie chłopców) miałm manie słuchania Girls’ Generation i Red Velvet, ale mi już przeszło 😅
polecacie jakieś gbandy? 😬

Aisa kun hota hai k app kisi se nikah ka sochen aur wo app ko chor ker kisi aur se nikah kar le just for the reason that Abba nai mante Even if u have everything that a girl need Money,Time,Love

maddyahmed’s Profile PhotoMahad Ahmed
Insan tu bs try kr skta hei lkin naseeb hr kisi ka apna apna hei koi usy change ni kr skta...R buht kam girls hein Jo apny parents k against jaein...so don't worry God do better for us ☺️

think girls are best flirters, i do not know if you flirt alot or not anon does lol tho 🤦‍♂️ but believe me your way better flirter then any boy

zactc’s Profile Photozack vaughan
I know you're trying to be nice here but honestly it's fine, I'm ok with the fact that I'm awkward, I don't need to be flirty or ought else

If your boyfriend comments on other girls Instagram posts saying how stunning and gorgeous they are, is it cheating?

It's not cheating to compliment someone else haha, they're allowed to still use their eyes. It could be disrespectful if it's continuously the same person and not just friendly in nature or if it's someone from their past etc but you should know where the boundaries are you in your specific relationship and know when it's appropriate and when it's not

Huwag mataray kung pango ang ilong ha

itsShanee’s Profile PhotoJay
wag kayo maniwala girls. magtaray kayo hanggang may mata at bibig kayo, walang kinalaman yung ilong niyo dyan. hindi yan ginagamit niyo sa pagirap at pagsigaw
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There is a girl on ask, whom I find really cute. Now the thing is, agar mjhay cute lgti he to baki larko ko bhi cute lgti hogi. Or if will ever try to talk to her, chances are high k respond na kre kyu k ab appreciation ka bht intake aa rha ho to kon serious leta h especially girls. Ab kia kiya jy ?

Kisi larki ko cute kehna appreciate karne ke bilkul barabar nahi hai 🤦🏻‍♀️
trust me girls are tired of such comments, try something different maybe? ☺️
Tbh personally for me, a guy who starts off with compliments like these is pretty much predatory behavior lol no offense

I don't trust hot girls

Demiuwu’s Profile PhotoDemi
जो भी मिन-जुम्ला-ए-अश्जार नहीं हो सकता
कुछ भी हो जाए मिरा यार नहीं हो सकता
इक मोहब्बत तो कई बार भी हो सकती है
एक ही शख़्स कई बार नहीं हो सकता
जिस से पूछें तिरे बारे में यही कहता है
ख़ूबसूरत है वफ़ादार नहीं हो सकता
Abbas Tavis

Relationship Status ♡

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Girls Taken ♡
Shin Ryu-jin ♡ Jackson Wang @forever6917
Ariella Barrier ♡ Joanna Gardner @pud3m_figo2
Hirai Momo ♡ Minatozaki Sana @goodnightngo17413
Sabrina Tullis ♡ Kei Nakamura @thbeatls
Jung Eun-Hye ♡ Choi Byungho @thbeatls
Angel Mitchell ♡ Ash Stymest @onesh00t9
Isabella Barett ♡ Mattheo Campbell @pyschobtw
Kim Hyung-Seo ♡ Son Na-Eun @pyschobtw
Choi Ye-na ♡ Kijikush @pyschobtw
Angelina Mitchell ♡ Adrien Maveríck @enigmathic
Angela Mitchell ♡ Emma Norton @kihndness
Boys Taken ♡
Lee Jae Hyeong ♡ Kim Woo-Sung @goodnightngo17413
Hong Jisoo ♡ Jung Eun-ha @Purple_he4rts
Anthony Krueger ♡ Zia @thbeatls
Johnny Sanders ♡ Alice Park @thbeatls
Ryan Wolfgang ♡ Natalia Dyer @onesh00t9
Alexander Owens ♡ Brandon Collins @pyschobtw
No Min Woo ♡ Park So-Dam @pyschobtw
Jung Heum Cho ♡ Paing Takhon @pyschobtw
Dylan O'donnel ♡ Kristall Monroe @enigmathic

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Relationship Status

It's 21st century and still some girls are using padded inner wears to get acceptance and attention. Just accept your body, you're beautiful being yourself. Don't live in deception.

Again stop forcing people to be your definition of confident and accepting if they feel nice wearing padded stuff let them if they feel good without it don't be all up in their business like "I'm so happy for you, you are so brave etc" Just let people be bro it's the 21st century

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