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kal mere maths sir bhi yhi kh rahay thy 1 trf khadim Hussain Rizwi jahil aur soodri trf keh rhy thy k Islamic courts mei faisla ho.c'mon kon sa so called Alim yahan 100% thek hai sab apnay firqy k goalkeeper hain.jo thek scholars kehskty thy jinhe wo nikaal diye gy mulq se.javed Ahmed zakir naik etc

The thing is if I say k ye alim theek he ye ni he then I feel a bit scared because I am not a scholar. Is dharna party k baray me I am sure that's why I am saying it's wrong because it's too obvious 😂 I mean hr tra ka scholar bula k jinko apnay apnay log mantay hein whether it's Shia , sunni or anyone. There are people who oppose peacefully even agar unk beliefs match ni krtay hamaray concepts say. To avoid any kind of dharna they should discuss it with them before taking any decision . Jab sab bethain gay to is tra ni hoga. Chief justice is saying we know about Islam too etc etc. No doubt, we know and no one is perfect but still a person who has ilm and enough knowledge , who is peaceful we should invite them all and discuss this matter. Although I do listen to Dr Zakir because he speaks with logic but many people have an issue with him. So, I don't say that your scholar says this , this and this. Islam is about peace. It will create more fasad. If your sir said this. I agree with him but there are students of all types with different beliefs in a class. Maybe they didn't speak at that time infront of him but from inside they would be feeling bad and unka mind b phr esa hojae. Sometimes little things have a great impact. That's why its better to present your point in a way k peace na khraab ho. This is the only solution by which we can control this.

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+21 answers in: “Everyone will have their opinion about you; who you are and what you stand for. None of these opinions matter because the Almighty Allah is the only one who knows the real YOU. Work hard at being the best possible version of yourself. Don't be distracted. -Ismail Menk”

ربنا يوفقك يارب ويحققلك كل الي تتمناه ويبعد عنك اي حاجه تضرك ويقربلك الي فيه الخير واتعب كده حبه عشان توصل للي انت عاوزه وتبقا احسن goalkeeper في مصر او العالم كله وابقا فخوره بيك اكتر 💜

اللهم امين يارب متشكر جدا لحضرتك فرحتيني جدا والله

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(Dokoncz zdania lub odpowiedź na nie) Good Morning 😂 Can you speak English ? 😂 I'm.... I can .... I can't ... I from .... I like ... I love ... I have ... How old are you ? How are you ? Thank you 😂.

gabi2380’s Profile Photo♪Lajla ♪→ #Lxa
Good morning! :D Well, if you want to find out, then go ahead and read my answers ;)
...5'9'' goalkeeper in a woman football team, also a student in LO and a singer in my church xd
...forgive people, who let me down numerous times and this is very unique skill, from what I see xp
...have a small talk with boys, that does not involve mentioning some of my body parts ;c
*I am from... ;) ...a small vilage in Małopolska, I grew up there and since my parents built a house there, I had no choice, other than staying there for somehow extended period of time *.*
...listening to music, bodybuilding, drawing, dancing, ice skating, shopping, cooking, chatting with my friend and reading 'The Holy Bible' ^^
...Poland, my friends, my family, Jesus and my followers on Ask.fm xd
...odd ideas, original perspective and attitude xp It does not give me many friends, but at least I am honest and always myself ^^
I am 18, as my description states xd
I feel alright, but there are many things, that annoyed me and I could be received as somewhat perplexed by my surrounding xd
You're welcome, Lajla ^^

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"I'm not surprised if he doesn't. People say you need to forgive and forget, but that's wrong," she spoke and sighed, wagging her head as she slid her finger down the screen. "What about him ?" Yelena asked and pointed at Manuel.

tobemydarling’s Profile PhotoMiss Romanoff (Hiatus)
"Manu? Oh he is a perfect person and Philipp, the one who stays with him is even more perfect! Yeah, you'll definitely have to go with them! " he said as he pressed the button on his phone sending the goalkeeper a message.

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However knuckling the ball is impressive, don't you think that curling the ball just put of reach of the goalkeeper is much more satisfying to score?

No. Curve shot is prone to prediction , due to the lesser velocity that it has and predictive flight pattern towards the net. The knuckle shot however has a higher velocity and due to it's dipping nature , it is almost impossible to predict the flight pattern. Then the zic zac movement in mid-air , is quite the icing on the cake.

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However knuckling the ball is impressive dont you think that curling the ball

Laux pascal Linda friedl Laura gsödl Sascha ihle Johannes greipel Alex kelch Simone sammer Hannah brandl Marlene utz Franz richter Dominik pfeiffer

Geht vielleicht na mehr ?
Laux: Oane von de besten
Linda: kenn i scha ewig und mogs a gern
Gsödl: Verträgt ned moi a Goaßmaß? na spaß is a guade Haut
Greippe: is a Hoizfuaß oba is a cooler Typ ?
Hannah Brandl: kenn i ned wiagle oba is hübsch
Richter: Unser Goalkeeper und Berufsalkoholiker
Pfeiffer: Kann bei Partys meistens nur bis um 22:00 ?

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1.Pomoct s časy: Napíšu ti různý věty co jsme tam doplňovali s různými časy (velkými písmeny bude to co jsme doplňovali a takhle jsme ty věty dostali) DOES your sister sometimes GET (get) angry with you? They WON'T ANSWER (not answer) the phone after six o'clock Ok, I WILL CALL (call) them tomorrow

2. Our goalkeeper ISN'T PLAYING (not play) Very well ať the moment Sorry, I HAVEN'T MADE (not make) anything for dinner yet Yes, I'M GOING TO SEL (sell) in the month How DID they GET (get) home Last night? They GOT (get) a taxi I HAVE just SEEN (see) the new film. When I WAS WALKKNG (walk) in the..
◾️Does your sister sometimes get angry with you? ➡️ Přítomný čas prostý [Present Simple]
◽️They won't answet the phone after six o'clock ➡️ Budoucí čas [Future Tense]
◾️Ok, I will call them tomorrow. ➡️ Budoucí čas [Future tense]
◽️Our goalkeeper isn't playing very well at the moment. ➡️ Přítomný čas průběhový [Present Continuous]
◾️Sorry, I haven't made anything for dinner yet ➡️ Předpřítomný čas prostý [Present Perfect Simple]
◽️Yes, I'm going to sell in the month ➡️ Budoucí čas [Future Tense]
◾️How did they get home last night? ➡️ Minulý čas prostý [Past Simple]
◽️They got a taxi ➡️ Minulý čas prostý [Past Simple]
◾️I have just seen the new film. ➡️ Předpřítomný čas prostý [Present Perfect]
◽️When I was walking in the.. ➡️ Minulý čas průběhový [Past Continuous]
🔹 Přítomný čas prostý [Present Simple] ➡️ https://thatawkwardgirlarizona.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/a-cup-of-english-present-simple-pritomny-cas-prosty/
🔸 Přítomný čas průběhový [Present Continuous] ➡️ https://thatawkwardgirlarizona.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/a-cup-of-english-present-continuous-pritomny-cas-prubehovy/
🔹 Minulý čas prostý [Past Simple] ➡️ https://thatawkwardgirlarizona.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/a-cup-of-english-past-simple-minuly-cas-prosty/
🔸 Minulý čas průběhový [Past Continuous] ➡️ https://thatawkwardgirlarizona.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/a-cup-of-english-past-continuous-minuly-cas-prubehovy/
🔹 Budoucí čas [Future Tense] ➡️ https://thatawkwardgirlarizona.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/a-cup-of-english-budouci-cas/
🔸 Předpřítomný čas prostý [Present Perfect] ➡️ https://thatawkwardgirlarizona.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/a-cup-of-english-present-perfect-predpritomny-cas-prosty/
Hodně štěstí! 🍀

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1Pomoct s časy
Napíšu ti různý věty co jsme tam doplňovali s různými časy

Ich habe mir gestern ein älteres deiner RL Videos angesehen und ich bekam Angst, als ich deine Skills gesehen habe D: Wie schaffst du es den Ball so gut in der Luft zu treffen ;-;?

Cool :3
Das ist reine Übung und Konzentration's Sache.
Am besten du übst im Training als Goalkeeper oder so, oder einfach am besten bei ganz normalen Matches, das braucht einfach seine Zeit und man sieht auch, dass ich recht viel Zeit in dieses Spiel investiere, vor allem weil es einfach spass macht dies mit Freunden zu spielen :3
Spielst du es auf der PS4 oder auf dem PC? :o

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Ich habe mir gestern ein älteres deiner RL Videos angesehen und ich bekam Angst