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What's harder? Believing in god or believing in yourself?

stormydazex6’s Profile Photostormydazex
Neither. God has been healing me. God has a plan for all of us. Whether your journey been beautiful or dark it was God's plan. I'm starting to abandon my dark memories. I have strength to talk about my past. God has been giving me energy. Therapy didn't help. What helped me was God. God is powerful.

I'm resending this coz it went as anonymous 😂 Dear all, last answer please (Reflection #33). You don't need to like or reward anything; just know that those words are truthfully meant for each and everyone of you. Stay safe wherever you are 🙏

aforamr’s Profile PhotoReflections ✍️
Thank you for taking the time to send this out. I truly do enjoy reading your reflections. I applaud you for doing such an amazing job! Stay safe as well and God bless you! ☺️

Do you believe in love?

Yes. God's love, family love, etc. A mother love is one of the most beautiful things in this world. I'm the only one out of my siblings who is unmarried, and without her own family. I know my mom prays for me. I know my mom prays for my happiness. I know my mom wants to finally see me happy and married. I know my mom have been feeling my pain all these years. A wonderful mother wishes nothing but the best for her daughter, and that's my mommy. I'm working really hard to become the person that God has always intended I to be.

God Allah created Adan and Eve not Adam @sasihk and Stephen @yonathegenderfluid6 💁‍♂️😡😡 🏳️‍🌈

Wo ist das problem? Liebe ist Liebe. 🤷‍♀️ Kann man sich nicht aussuchen. Dieser homophobe Mist geht mir tierisch auf den nerv..
Wenn du ein Problem damit hast dann sry aber Lasst die Leute doch in ruhe.
Mensch ist Mensch.. Aber bei dir könnte ich ne Krise bekommen bei deiner Aussage.
Die haben auch genug Sorgen nicht so genommen und akzeptiert zu werden. Denk mal bitte um und setz dich mal in die Lage von anderen.

*Goth then holds up a small bag of donuts after Hades dragged him into the Underworld* Uhh.. I'll give you these donuts if you stop holding my face! *XD I won't even ask what he thinks about Goth*

GothsOfDeath’s Profile Photo﴾G̤̈﴿﴾ö̤﴿﴾ẗ̤﴿﴾ḧ̤﴿

⠀⛓ ﹔⠀Beyond the depths, far from the world of the living, the Underworld existed. Before the sight of an innocent——not too innocent——living lay a shadowy, dark, terribly silent and lonely visage. Complex structures formed a sort of temple, as well as a rocky terrain being accompanied by that characteristic greenish river that extended in several directions. There were some signs of recent violence; weapons from mortals, rifles and pistols, broken wooden rafts, dried blood.
As if malevolence were not abundant.
Flames consumed the offered appetizers. The divine entity threw the descendant of Thanatos against scraggly rocks offering rough-handed treatment. Hades was not known for being so benevolent and approachable in front of those deemed dishonorable.
⠀ ❝Renounce that foolish childish attitude and make your name respected. The title you have been conceived is sacred, future God of Death.❞ ⠀Pair of greenish lights saw through the soul, demanding firmness. Clawed hands gesturing at the sides like an invitation.
⠀ ❝You are here for a purpose. Show me what it is you can do. What power awaits within you?❞

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Goth then holds up a small bag of donuts after Hades dragged him into the

You are a very beautiful and sweet girl. You have an amazing beauty. You are one of the most beautiful gifts from God. I admire you. I'm so lucky to see you. 👺 👻 👸 🦋 🐓 🔥 🍆 🚀

Thank you! Your compliment is really beautiful 💖👍... and now I am trying to resolve those emojis 😁😂
You are a very beautiful and sweet girl You have an amazing beauty You are one

I am Mature enough to realise “khuda ki mohobat k siwa har mohobat ko zawal hai”

aena80496’s Profile PhotoEsme
Let me tell you a funny story,
I used to believe the word love, Until i bumped into a human, as ordinary as one could be.
lost my track, disrupt my cycle of sleep, fu*ked up my mental and physical health.
In all that magical time travel, i walked up the road to moon, made so many crystal castles.
The roads that soon disappeared throwing me onto ground, and those castles crumbled.
In a blink of eye from EVERYTHING i was NOTHING.
so f**k humans, f**k love, affection and care.
All that matter is your connection to your GOD!
I am Mature enough to realise khuda ki mohobat k siwa har mohobat ko zawal hai

[مُحمد] أطلِق عِنانَ كلماتِك💕

DrDaliaMograbi98’s Profile PhotoDrDaliaMograbi98
We have only one thing to give up. Our dominion.
We don't own the world. We're not kings yet.
Not gods.
Can we give that up?
Too precious, all that control? Too tempting, being a god?

Heh.. maybe meeting Life itself and Geno really has made me soft.. *Reaper then shyly pokes his own cheek* But.. that aside.. what do ya mean? Did I slack off that much that there's a serious imbalance now? *he tilts his head slightly*

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⠀⛓ ﹔⠀ Hades was about to resume speaking before realizing that there was no privacy for discussion. In that case, he would simply shake his head.
⠀❝Feel free to pay me a visit anytime you wish, in the Underworld, if you are interested in finding out exactly what is and will be about to happen.❞⠀
Dense greenish smoke would manifest, bringing the interruption to a close and giving way to the disappearance of the god who would return to where he belonged.

لِـ هذا المســـاء.. ✍🏻

anonastar9559’s Profile Photoرؤى..
"اللهُمَ لا تحرمني طموحًا أسعى لأجله، ربي أنزل على أيامي القادمة توفيقك ورضاك ويَسر لي أموري يا اللّٰه."
- Oh God, don't deprive me of the ambition I seek, and bless my days with your blissness and satisfaction and make my life more happier.
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Abused harrased beaten at home at school at clg now on ask I don't deserv to live after so much abuse overflowing and still it's not stopping no limits I have cried to death prayed to death to stop all this unwanted abuse from everyone but none Guess this is god way of telling me to sucide

That sounds awful but it's not something you should give up over. People in Gaza, who I'm sure we can agree, suffered way more than we can imagine. Yet they chose to put their faith in Allah and carry on no matter what. That's the kind of faith we should aspire to have. Think of this as a test, it all comes down to how you respond to it.

domanda di oggi: in quale favola ti piacerebbe vivere?🧚‍♀️

we are all go through oblivion…
it’s about
why we are on earth…
because if u start thinking about meaning of life u can go mad in bad meaning…
and when someone which we love so much dies…
and u are crying… screaming… inside and out sometimes…
i will not i can’t live without…i will never forget…
“follows and speaks… “ u will
forget… u will live…
and if it’s time of death…
u continue live…
u not forget but u forget …
and it showers u with sheets of oblivion ….
and about ur question
of course i love fairytales…
but i would like live in fairytale
but without knowing that i living in fairytale… not remembering all other lives or that i chose to live in which i want to live…
just i was born and live in fairytale.
and interesting moment about tales
and zodiac signs…
yesterday i see
in which Princes of tales
i ‘m moon child…
i’m cancer ♋️🌹
❤️and god Prince of Snow White…
leo+ cancer
from ‘Snow White and seven dwarfs’
and Prince of Aurora…
from ‘Sleeping Beauty’
cancer +cancer.❤️
two Princess which i’ve been called
but in finale
me+ who…?! = ❤️happy end❤️
and ❤️happy start ❤️
to be together…❤️❤️
we will see…
u will see guys…!

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domanda di oggi 

in quale favola ti piacerebbe vivere

What is the worst thing a child has ever said to you?

u know guys… babies love beautiful girls…
and kids love me… very very much…
for them , i’m some kind of fairytale princess… or the source of some beautiful inspiration…
when lil girls take photo with me..
or like i want something like Inna have…
but literally yesterday… a very … very fun story happened to me…
spring in the air… and the weather is beautiful these days…
yesterday, i went out in the evening to buy pastries…
i’m going… and baby boy lil
near two i think years
is coming… towards me… not coming towards me… they are on walk
( he and his daddy … probably mom was with them but i saw only dad…)
and he coming towards me…
and so we almost met… and he stopped next to me … look at me a lot started laughing… i smiled at him… and god come with me
goes tells me something on his own language…
he was so cute… really guys…
laughs and suddenly i see his dad noticed that his kid is already with me…
and we were far away
because i even don’t think just talk with him…
then i stopped…to wait his dad
dad came up and u know started talking with his son
liked the girl… ?!want go with her…
and guys… what happened after
when his dad tried to take his hand and take him away
baby boy quickly made sure to fall and sat down on the sidewalk and then when his dad tried to pick him up and pick him up
and baby boy saw that i was leaving… he threw a tantrum… started crying…
his dad was so embarrassed
and i say bye see u next time
couldn’t let him cry
and u know i have a million stories
with children…
and this one…
⏬️ too

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What is the worst thing a child has ever said to you

Do you have positive or negative views when it comes to religion and who or what do you think made you view religion that way?

I have positive views on spirituality, but I struggle with religious legalism and how judgmental people tend to be. I believe in God and the Bible. There are people who misrepresent these two all the time. I would like to be someone that reconciles these misconceptions. God is love and desires a relationship, not separation and condemnation.

What skill would you like to master? 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ₜₑₙₐcᵢₒᵤₛ ₜₒₘₘₐy™ ▩ ♚ ☻
To stop losing focus. I have to finish writing my life book to help all the women who are going through the exact same things I once did in my life. God creates a new life. I didn't die. I'm here for a purpose, and that's to spread how powerful and good God is.

It's not that he needs a babysitter it's that- how do I even explain this. Death has no one, the other gods hate him, mortals fear him. Being alone for so long, it does things to you, I know cause I went through it. It's enough to drive a man mad, or even drive a god mad.

DontcallmeSans’s Profile Photo⟥G▫e▫n▫o⟤

⠀⛓ ﹔⠀ Hades didn't look surprised, nor did he look like he intended to protest. The personification of death was always going to have disapproving popular opinion no matter how many speeches or soft acts were made. It was an obligatory burden to carry.
He merely nodded in understanding, hiding the true reaction behind that mask. The green hue was dull.
⠀❝It's... understandable,❞⠀he said,⠀❝Just remind him not to forget his job, if you'll be the one to lend him a hand.❞

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Seamarks - Frontier
All That Remains - Criticism and self-realization
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"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with the passing of strange aeons even death may die." *Vio looks up from a book at the God of Death* "Is your ending written?"

Stoicviolet’s Profile PhotoVio

⠀⛓ ﹔⠀If the entity's face were visible, his eyes would roll back in his head. ❝No need to force a good impression with mortal nonsense, thank you.❞
⠀❝And yes, my end is imminent too. How and why? That information you do not need.❞

Yo, chill... that anon is just blabbering shit & doesn't know anything, he is just trying to say dumb things so people would react. You are not like Rikzah at all & she is a pretty cool person so it's kind of a compliment even if you ever... Anyway, have fun, stay happy & keep ignoring such question

- Tumhare kehne ka matlub mei pretty cool person nehi hu? xD
- JK. I know, mann. Just receiving the same questions from people despite blocking them repeatedly puts you under significant stress. I didn't do anything wrong phir bhee peeche hee per gaye hain.
- Baji, Rizkah, some other girls. I don't even know who they are. It's kinda stressful but I'm all good. Thank you for especially taking out the time and leaving this message my way. :') I appreciate the effort. God bless. :')

Men don’t like independent women but when we are dependent they can’t provide

They fear a daughter of God. Indeed, fear the children of God as God is powerful. You're right to fear me. When you hurt a child of God, you'll make God angry. When you make God angry, it'll be the end of you.
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Do you think you've suffered more or less than the average person does in their lifetime?

People of God suffer the most. This is how we secure our spot in paradise. Doing good, and not seeking revenge in a world so wicked. Leave everything to God.
1 Peter 4:12-19
When You Suffer, You Are Blessed.
Matthew 5:10-12
Blessed are those who suffer for doing what is right. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them. “Blessed are you when people make fun of you and hurt you because of me. You are also blessed when they tell all kinds of evil lies about you because of me.
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How many kids do you have/want

I have zero and am not married to anyone because I made a personal promise to God years ago 🙏 💯 I just want to follow the perfect example 😌 Okay, I'd rather die alone; this world is not my home. And I'm not depressed or sad at all; it's just that I might be persecuted for my faith, nothing new really. I ain't scared of death; I already have victory in the name of Yahushua the Messiah and the blood of the Lamb. HalleluYah.
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بمناسبة التاريخ المميز وكده حصلك حاجه مميزة النهارده ؟😂

والله ما في حاجه مميزة غير خيبتي ومعاناتي التي لا تنتهي..
بسthanls god عندي اجازة بكره من الشغل🧑‍🦯

Трек що крутиться у голові?

I died for this bitch
Dont ever question my wisdom
This empire goes down
When i step up to the kingdom
This ain't your business
You can't fathom my vision
This generation calls me god for a reason
I died for this bitch
Dont ever question my wisdom
This empire goes down
When i step up to the kingdom
This ain't your business
You can't fathom my vision
This generation calls me god for a reason
This generation calls me god for a reason
This generation calls me god for a reason
That was Mozart
I died for this bitch
Dont ever question my wisdom
This empire goes down
When i step up to the kingdom
This ain't your business
You can't fathom my vision
This generation calls me god for a reason
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I died for this bitch
Dont ever question my wisdom
This empire goes down
When i step up to the kingdom
This ain't your business
You can't fathom my vision
This generation calls me god for a reason
This generation calls me god for a reason
This generation calls me god for a reason
That was Mozart

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Трек що крутиться у голові

What is a perfect wife in your opinion?

There I no such thing as a perfect spouse. She has to be a woman of God and that speaks volumes. Love her for who she is and as the woman God created her to be. Be my peace and safe space cause that's going to go along way with me. Honestly being a Godly woman says a lot on what a wife should be and what I seek. Although, I don't expect my wife to bear children or stay at home to cook and clean. We all going to learn those basic skills. She is free to do as she please as long as she remains loyal to me.

As a believer, do you have atheist friends and if so, does it seem like you have a lot in common with them other than your obvious religious differences/beliefs?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I need people in my life who push me closer to God, not further away. I need people who can hold me accountable and also correct me.
As it says that iron sh*rpens iron. I will remain dull if the environment I surround myself with isn’t pushing me towards righteousness.

Would you prefer dogs or cats

okay ✅ let’s talk about guys…
as u know guys…
i love all animals…
but i associated my future life with Andrew…
now he is … in such a quagmire… and the swamp…
but this his life … his choice… he is not young man… he adult man
I can only be the only one in a man’s life … and all depends from him.
ok not about .
Andrew is allergic… and i’ve been thinking about our life all the time
i’ve read a lot … i studied allergies…
yes, i’m like that i want my man be happy with me… if he my man .
and as u know guys
or maybe don’t know
pets are a strong allergens…
and i decided that we wouldn’t have any pets .
and that why i inside decided that we would not have pets.
and one month near one month
u know the type of evil women with bad look …( it doesn’t depend from age)
i happened to be in elevator… with woman like that
and of course i say hello
to her
and u know she looked at me with such envy that i was scared
she had a little dog with her
… guys u know a don’t love
from word absolutely little dogs
i adore big dogs …
but this dog so jumped at me so want play with me … no i not playing
and god, i come home
and i was bitten by tick dog tick
from that dog…it fell off by itself
but u understand what it was mean
and pets usually even if u are super rich … pets climb in different places …
and therefore i’m afraid them
especially on streets avoid them
although i dreamed of a big dogs always …
and pets really love me
i have such many love stories from my childhood about cats and me … about dogs and me
about a lot of animals…
something like this
if u look my old answers u will see what kind of cats or dogs i was liked
still like , still love but
need to careful

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Can jinns hear our thoughts?

No they can't... Nobody can hear nobody's thoughts unless they are expressed verbally or literally... Only The God can do that... A person can only assume, speculate or think, based on his observations, understandings and beliefs... No djin can't hear your thoughts, don't worry... Only The God can... The devil will try making believe that he too can hear your thoughts but remember, he is a liar first... Try to learn to spot his lies and he will never mess with you again... The devil...

I think that the followers of the islam are beautiful and committed. I myself can’t find myself in the religion. I can’t find believe in religions that only believe in one god

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
Sometimes I admire you because on certain issues you speak as if you were enlightened by a higher intelligence coming not even from the planet Earth but from the entire Milky Way galaxy. Have you wondered if there is life only on Earth or if there can be intelligent life on other planets?


Uśmiechnięty aparatczyk globalistów z ramienia koalicji 13 grudnia, zadłuża nas na miliony euro, debatując jednocześnie na temat nierówności społecznych rosnących na świecie tak? Patrząc na jego intelektualne oblicze, przepełnione nie tylko mądrością ale i zamysłem strategicznym na miarę Platona, już wiem że zostanę ubogacony ,,zielonym ładem", i innymi fantasmagoriami brukselskich guślarzy i szamanów, według których ziemia płonie! Widać to u mnie na termometrach, zwłaszcza rano, koniec kwietnia się zbliża a u mnie mrozy po -4 stopnie, dobrze że ekolodzy i lewica nie biegają rankami z wiadrami wody by gasić te pożary, bo woda by zwyczajnie zamarzła! Co do nierówności społecznych, panie Domański, może nakłoni pan kolegów z Ameryki, dokładnie z koncernu Lockheed Martin, by ten podzielił się z biednymi! Przez ostatnie dwa lata zarobili rekordowe 6,9 biliona dolarów, 10% tej kwoty wystarczy by zlikwidować głód w Afryce i na świecie! Wy wszyscy poprawni i niosacy miłość, weźcie sobie w końcu ten cytat z Biblii, który widnieje w gmachu ONZ-tu, który brzmi ,,A swoje miecze przekłują na lemiesze i nie będą się więcej zaprawiać do wojny"! Tak niewiele potrzeba do szczęścia! Z panem bogiem!

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Why god is selective

God's selectiveness is rooted in His wisdom, mercy, and justice. He chooses individuals based on their sincerity, faith, and deeds. This selectiveness serves as a test for believers, encouraging them to strive for righteousness and humility. Additionally, God's selectiveness ensures that His guidance reaches those who are receptive to it, ultimately leading to the fulfillment of His divine plan.

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